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CIVIL LIBERTIES 13.03.2003 22:44
Multnomah Democrats Endorse PBoRDC Resolution
From the open publishing newswire: At their meeting this evening, the Multnomah County Democratic Central Committee endorsed our proposed civil liberties resolution via the following adopted text:

Whereas we believe that all of the factors that are noted in "A Resolution Regarding the USA PATRIOT Act and the Protection of Civil Rights and Liberties" as resolved by the Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee are correct;

We resolve to support the noted resolution and allow the Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee to use our name concerning this resolution and to notify the following parties ourselves of our support:

• Mayor Vera Katz
• Portland City Council Members
• Multnomah County Commissioners
• State Legislators from Multnomah County
• U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer
• U.S. Senator Ron Wyden
• U.S. Senator Gordon Smith
• Oregon State Democratic Party

We thank the MCDCC for their endorsement, and note that the resolution's endorsements now include Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, and Socialists.
[ Here is the current list of organizational endorsements: ]

PRISONER SUPPORT 13.03.2003 22:36
Stickers for anarchist prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers
From the open publishing newswire: Hello friends of Free,

We have just recieved 5,000 'Free Jeff Luers' stickers and want to distribute them to as many people as possible. The sticker is 4 x 2.75 inches, permanent and has an excellent design with Jeff's address and website on it as well. The stickers are an excellent way to publicize Free's case and his appeal by directing people to his site as well as encouraging people to write him while he is imprisoned.

Please let me know if you would like any to distribute in your community. All we ask in return is that you put them up in highly visible places and request only the amount you need. If you want to make a donation, we recomend Free's legal defense fund. You can make a secure online donation on http://www.freefreenow.org The Paypal secure donation button is on the left side of the screen. Thanks for your support.
[ Read More... ]

Mar 17th Rally - Stop Bonneville Power from desecrating sacred Modoc-Pitt land!
From the open publishing newswire: Come Monday's Rally To Protest the Medicine Lake Geothermal Project at Bonneville Power Administration headquarters on Monday March 17 at 1 p.m!

The Medicine Lake Geothermal Project will open up National Forest roadless areas near Mt. Shasta to "green" energy exploration. Portland residents will be using some of the energy produced from this project. Sacred First Nations sites will be desecrated by the project, while recreation opportunities will be limited and large tracts will become off-limits to the public. This project was originally denied, but the Bush administration recently reversed that decision. Calpine corporation is the ENRON-associated entity backing the project, but won't go ahead without the Bonneville Power Administration's final approval. Monday afternoon is the day to tell the BPA how we feel about this project - and having the energy generated from such projects flowing into our homes! The Bonneville Power Administration is now deciding whether to approve the Medicine Lake Geothermal Project. A rally might be just the thing to get them to cancel this project. The Rally will be held at the BPA headquarters at 905 NE 11th near the Lloyd Center at 1 p.m. Monday March 17th. For more information go to www.cascadiasummer.org or call (503) 957-5572, or (503) 2414-4879.
[ Read More... ]

STOP WAR 13.03.2003 22:06
Will Portland ACT to stop the war?
From the open publishing newswire: San Francisco has a plan to shut down the city if bombs start dropping in Iraq. They plan to inflict real economic and political costs by blocking 12 key intersections in the city thru mass nonviolent direct action. We have seen how easy it is for Bush to ignore protest marches. How easy would it be to ignore the financial machine disabled on entire West coast? We in Portland need to look at San Fran's plan and join them!

San Francisco has a plan to shut down the city if bombs start dropping in Iraq. They plan to inflict real economic and political costs by blocking 12 key intersections in the city thru mass nonviolent direct action. We have seen how easy it is for Bush to ignore protest marches. How easy would it be to ignore the financial machine disabled on entire West coast? We in Portland need to look at San Fran's plan and join them!

National Call to Action
Direct Action to Stop the War (San Francisco Bay Area) call on other cities to organize widespread noncooperation; Instead of going to work or school, we call on everyone to resist this war by particpating in or supporting mass nonviolent direct action, particularly focussed on the corporations, financial districts and other institutions involved in the war. actagainstwar.org
[ Read More... ]

Full size and quarter sheet Flyers for the March 15th action in Eugene

MONITARY DEALINGS 12.03.2003 16:40
Paypal Cancels Antiwar Account, Holds Donations for 6 Months
From the open publishing newswire: Paypal has cancelled the account of well-known antiwar site What Really Happened, and has frozen their funds for 6 months without explanation. Paypal has cancelled the account of well-known antiwar site What Really Happened, and has frozen their funds for 6 months without explanation.
Those who value free speech and a free exchange of opinion will not value Paypal's censorship. There are many alternatives to Paypal, and many complaints about Paypal, some of which can be found at Alternatives. This should be a warning to Indymedia web sites, as well as antiwar web sites, to switch to an alternative Payment processing service. To complain, write: customercare@paypal.com
[ Read More... ], [WRH]

From the open publishing newswire: March 15th (2PM)is the date set for the next large anti war mobilization here in Portland. ACA Community Childcare is offering free childcare as an option for parents and children. We have secured the New Day School in Southeast Portland for the day. We will be providing food, activities, art, fun, and an opportunity for childrens voices about what is going on to be heard in a fun creative and collective environment. We are asking parents to register their children by the 13th of March. References of all caretakers are available upon request, and any and all inquiries are answered. Please contact us. set@dontmesswithtexas.com [subject Childcare] Alissa (503) 335-3193 (ask to call back and leave message if not home)
[ Read More... ]

First Hand Account of Monday's Civil Resistance Action
From the open publishing newswire: I was arrested Monday as part of a group of seven people acting to shut down the Portland federal building in an attempt to interrupt the US government's ability to conduct and immoral, illegal and unnecessary war against the people of Iraq. I want to share a little of my experience, in hopes that it will encourage other folks to think about strategic ways to escalate their resistance to the war crimes about to be committed by our government. I engaged in this act of civil resistance because I feel it is my right and my obligation to try and prevent my government from committing war crimes. This action was taken in the context of massive global resistance: folks all over the world are engaged in nonviolent civil resistance--from blocking trains carrying munitions to dismantling air force runways to sitting down in the way of the war crime machinery and refusing to move.

The action I was involved in was pretty simple: seven people entered the federal building, explained to the security guards and any folks in the area that we were there to shut down the building in order to prevent the US government from perpetuating war crimes, crimes against peace, and crimes against humanity, and that we were about to engage in an act of nonviolent civil resistance. We then linked arms and sat down blocking the metal detector. We stayed there, chanting and singing, while supporters passed out fliers to the public explaining our actions and our demands. After about an hour, federal police pried us apart, arrested us, took us downstairs to a federal booking facility, booked us, and held us until the building closed. We were then released with three federal violations (which is the lowest level of charges--below a misdemeanor).
[ Read More... ][ An Earlier Article ] [ On the Scene | Video! courtesy of Philosopher Seed | Photos | Corporate Media Twists Truth ] [ Another Story ]

EVENTS 12.03.2003 11:02
Surveillance Camera Players in Portland
From the open publishing newswire: The Surveillance Camera Players (New York) will be in Portland this week. See presentation: 10 am, Thursday 13 March 2003, Theater 3, Laurelhurst Theater, Portland, Oregon. Offered as part of I.A.E. (International Arts Group Expo.) 2003 SCP activities to include (other than above-mentioned talk and video presentation) mapping of public camera locations in Portland. Results to be published here when available.
[ Read More... ], [Website Info]

FASCISM 12.03.2003 10:42
American Gestapo Perform Raid at the University of Idaho
From the open publishing newswire: Well, yesterday was an exciting day in my small town. The FBI flew in 120 agents, fully armed in riot gear, on two C-17 military aircraft (Ithink -- they were BIG planes) to Moscow Idaho (population 17,000 +/-) to arrest one Saudi graduate student for visa fraud. The raid went down in University of Idaho student housing at 4:30 a.m. in the morning, terrorizing not only the suspect's family (he lived in student housing with his wife and three elementary school age children) but also the families of neighboring students who were awakened by the shouting and lights and were required to remain in their homes until after 8:30 a.m.
The INS and FBI are working together using Gestapo tactics to question the students -- threatening their immigration status (and hence their education) if they don't answer questions which are really aimed at the criminal investigation. They have also threatened their partners and spouses with perjury charges if they don't talk.
[ Read More... ]

CLASS STRUGGLE 11.03.2003 00:02
Building a Working Class Anti-War Movement
From the open publishing newswire: A workshop will be held this week to explore building a working class anti-war movement. Subjects for discussion include: What are the real causes of the present war; what a community-based working class anti-war movement would look like; and the need for internationalism. Well look as well at successful historical working class resistences to war.

Thursday March 13th 7PM at IWW Union Hall, 616 E Burnside a small donation will be requested to cover Hall rent.
[ Read More... ]?

General Strike Against The War
From the open publishing newswire: Don't go to work on the day the war starts. If you're already there when you first hear about it, walk out.

It looks as though the Bush Administration will not be deterred in their drive for war by the huge, unprecedented rallies and marches held all over the nation and the world. They have total confidence in the military power at their disposal and the sycophantic corporate media. This all reminds me of what Gen Al Haig, Ronald Reagan's National Security Advisor, said of the popular anti-nuclear movement of the 1980's:

"Let them march all they want, just so long as they continue to pay their taxes."

Gen Haig was reminding us that the basis of power in capitalist society is economic. It is our own productive capacities that are turned against us. Our sweat and blood built this society, and recreates it every day.

But what if the engine of that machine stopped? Refused to move without a change of direction? The work we do, paid and unpaid, taxable or not, recreates this monstrous machine every day. If we stop, it stops. We have the most powerful tool in the world in our hip pockets, if we dare to use it.

[ Read More... ]

Civilian Weapons Inspectors Blockade Federal Building

well they certainly didn't make it easy to take pictures...

Seven Portland citizens acting as Civilian Weapons Inspectors shut down the Federal Building in downtown Portland, Oregon this afternoon in opposition to a war in Iraq. They are blocking the entrance and attempting to shut down the building in order to interrupt the US government's ability to conduct an immoral, illegal, and unnecessary war against the people of Iraq. This civil resistance action is part of an international popular effort against a war in Iraq. People have been blocking trains transporting US military equipment in Italy and the Netherlands, disabling US military planes in Ireland on their way to the Middle East, and blockading the doors of a military recruiting station in San Francisco.

The Nuremberg Tribunal, which convened after World War II, ruled that when a government commits War Crimes, Crimes against Peace, or Crimes against Humanity, citizens are required to end their complicity in those crimes by acting to prevent them. The offices of several military agencies including the Marine Corps and the Defense Contract Management Agency operate in this building and are actively working to build the United States government's war effort. The IRS, which collects taxes that pay for war, is also in this building. "If the U.S. government will not listen as the world boldly declares 'NO WAR IN IRAQ', we as citizens must engage in civil resistance to prevent this illegal, unjust and unnecessary war," said participant Tamara Wallace. [ Read More... ] [ On the Scene | Video! courtesy of Philosopher Seed | Photos | Corporate Media Twists Truth ]

Portland protestors released after blockade of Federal Building

Update as of 5:30pm: All seven protestors who were arrested in downtown Portland, Oregon today have been released. The seven, who attempted to enter the U.S. Federal Building, which houses agencies which are involved in planning the war against the Iraqi people, were arrested and ticketed. The seven anti-war protestors who successfully shut down the Federal Building in downtown Portland, Oregon were released shortly after 5 PM today. The seven, who were arrested, held inside the building, given tickets (equivalent to a traffic citation and not subject to a jury trial) had minor bruises during the arrest process, but did not have pepper spray or mace used against them. Statements from the protestors will be released later.
[ Latest Update ]

Oregon Indymedia activist arrested in Ashland
From the open publishing newswire: A member of the new Southern Oregon Independent Media (Rogue Indymedia) was arrested in Ashland, Oregon this last week. He was arrested after photographing activists being beaten by Southern Oregon police and sherriff's office. Below is a communication from Wes. Wes Brain is a long-time labor activist and community organizer. He is well known in Ashland and Southern Oregon as well as the Pacific Northwest. Wes has been active in posting Southern Oregon and Northern California stories and information to the Portland Indymedia website. As the truth starts breaking through the corporate media wall of propaganda in Oregon, we will see more harrassment of media activists. It is time or us to work in solidarity before we all lose our rights to speak our truth! The corporate media in many towns and cities of Oregon are owned by one corporation, who until Indymedia, had total control of what would be reported. When hundreds of students and towns people took to the streets during a recent "Books not bombs" protest, the corporate media said little about the action. Nor did they show local police shoving and beating protestors. Rogue IMC media activists including Wes, were there to document police brutality and harrassment. Below is a link to the immerging Southern Oregon IMC (Rogue IMC) and Wes's communication about his arrest.

[ Read More... ], [Rogue Valley IMC story]

Alternative media/peaceworker event
From the open publishing newswire:

Spread the word!

From Northern California to Olympia the people of Southern Cascadia say NO to War! Join us for an afternoon of discussion about how alternative media and peaceworkers of the region can collaborate together to stop the war.

Come join the Alternative Media and Peaceworker Convergence.

When: Sunday, March 16th, (the day after the next big rally for Peace in Portland)
Where: Portland State University, Smith Center ballroom (room 355) 1825 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon
Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
Free and open to the public

The idea behind this gathering is to bring together alternative media and Peace groups in SW Cascadia to have some face-to-face discussions about logistics and networking issues. We want people to meet each other. We want people to network. We want participants to learn to speak to each other in a non-competitive, cooperative way to allow for better flow of information. There will, I am sure, be other important discussions.

We will be inviting almost 200 peace groups from Oregon and SW Washington. We will be inviting almost 100 alternative media organizations. We will be introducing participants to each other, indentifying peaceworkers and alternative media in the region. We will be asking five questions and capturing their answers into a summary.

This is a major networking event for participants!

I am including a link to a pdf. of the flyer. Please print it out and post it somewhere. Please send this information to everyone you know!
[ Read More... ][ Downloadable flyer for event ]

PRISON ACTIVISM 09.03.2003 18:04
AUDIO FILE: Portland Break the Chains Political Support Forum
From the open publishing newswire: This audio file is the first 16 minutes of a speaker featured by the Anarchist Prisoner Legal Aid Network (APLAN)at Disjecta in Portland Oregon.

The first speaker was Ed Mead, a former political prisoner, co-founder of Prison Legal News, organizer of Men Against Sexism (a group that militantly opposed sexism, racism, homophobia and rape) inside the walls of the Washington State Penitentiary at Walla Walla, and the creator of the Prison Art Project . He spoke on the formation of Seattle's George Jackson Brigade[ Read More... ]

You can also watch the entire presentation on local Community Television.
Channel 11:
Sunday, March 23 at 9 pm
Channel 21:
Monday, March 10 at 11 pm and Thursday, March 13 at 8 pm and Monday, March 17 at 4 pm

The link provided takes you to a page where this and other audio files are located.www.PhilosopherSeed.org/audio.htm

Portland Police Officer Threatens to Confiscate Equipment, Arrest Speakers if PPRC Friday Rally Continues Legal Practice of Megaphone Use
From the open publishing newswire: Peace protestors expressed disgust and surprise at the Portland Police Department's decision to change a long-standing policy of recognizing the PPRC's legal right to use hand-held amplified sound in their Friday peace rallies. "For well over a year now we've been out peacefully and legally rallying against war on Friday evenings on Pioneer Courthouse Square, and each week we have been using a low-powered megaphone so that our speakers can be heard," said Will Seaman, a volunteer with the PPRC. "Three weeks ago, the police started showing up in greater numbers, and last night one of them, Lt. Bill Haunsperger, threatened our people with arrest if they did what they've been doing every week since November 2001."

Seaman said that he explained to Lt. Haunsperger that the law expressly forbids sound amplification only if it exceeds a certain audible range, and that for over a year the Portland Police Department has recognized that the Friday rallies have the legal right to use megaphones. "In spite of this clear precedent, the Portland Police Department, through their representative, Lt. Haunsperger, have once again inexplicably decided to escalate tensions with the peace and justice community through this unnecessary and provocative belligerent behavior," said Seaman.
[ Read More... ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 08.03.2003 23:41
Bush Will Kill Ancient Sequoias
From the open publishing newswire: The largest trees on the planet, giant sequoias live more than 3,000 years and grow in just 75 groves on the western slopes of California's Sierra Nevada mountain range. Wildlife that frequent the groves and nearby forestlands include some of the rarest and most imperiled creatures in California... But the U.S. Forest Service has released a draft management plan for this unique and precious resource that would resurrect widespread commercial logging in the monument. Among other things, the Forest Service proposal would allow the logging of more than 21.4 million cubic feet of wood (enough to fill over 3,000 logging trucks) every year. Some of this wood would come from large, old trees (up to 30 inches in diameter and more than a hundred years old). Worst of all, the Forest Service would even permit logging the sequoias themselves. [ Read More... ]

The Forest Service must accept public comment on its draft management plan through March 17th.

What to do:
Send a message to the Forest Service before the March 17th comment deadline demanding that the agency abandon the most harmful provisions of its proposed management plan, and adopt a plan that would truly protect the monument.

Use this page to act now!

Bush wants the Alaskan Wilderness too!
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is not the only Alaskan wilderness endangered by President Bush's "drain America first" energy plan. Right now, the Bush administration is pushing a scheme to promote oil development in Alaska's Western Arctic, a sprawling land of snow-clad peaks, glacial valleys, rolling tundra meadows, and unsurpassed wildlife populations. [ Read More... ]

Please register your opposition to this destructive plan today by going [here].

ANTI-WAR 08.03.2003 23:35
Student feeder march planned for March 15th!
From the open publishing newswire: Northwest Campuses for Peace and Justice is planning a student, faculty, and staff feeder march for March 15th. Gather at 1:00 in the South Park Blocks next to Portland State University (SW 8th/9th and Harrison). At 1:30, we'll march down to the waterfront to join the main rally. Bring drums, chants, and lots of spirit. Education, not war! Contact Northwest Campuses for Peace and Justice at nwcpc@yahoo.com or visit our website at http://brunslo.com/peace/
[ Read More... ]

[ more events listed at your guide to march 15 events ]

COMMUNITY BUILDING 08.03.2003 23:31
Calls for brewing and carpentry anarchist collectives
From the open publishing newswire: I am starting an Anarchist Brewing Collective. This is an opportunity for people to get together, make beer, and build community. I have all the equipment. If you are interested in gaining a knowlege of home brewing and getting together with friends to make delicious brew that is cheaper than Pabst, give me a call at (503) 471-8340. [ Read More... ]

Some folks want to organize an Anarchist Carpentry Collective This is a call to (A)rt for the media we'll be doin to organize this collective. Here's the lowdown: A number of folks have approached me about the rumor that I'd like ta organize for this collective. At least one person has tentitivly agreed to sponsor it with tools. We've got a good space and some power tools.

THE BASIC IDEA- Start a collective space where people can learn and teach carpentry in a non hierarchical fashion. Explore (A) craftsmanship as a tactic against capitalist industrialism. Take donations for trade of works we craft. Use this to get tools, and to fund yer A.C.T. fund. Work to meet carpentry needs of the Anarchist community. Empower folks to explore Anarchist/DIY ideas. Promote the dual strategy against nations and global industry.

HOW YOU CAN HELP- We need art that expresses the love and craftsmanship we Anarchists are gonna put into our works. Art that expresses the value of mutual aid, and the free thought behind the D.I.Y. carpentry politic yo! Bieng able to express ideas is critical to our success- and art is a powerfull way to do this. Any help ya give would be much appreciated. Call 503-774-9253 or Email us @ mbthink@hotmail.com [ Read More... ]

ECONOMIC LIBERATION 08.03.2003 12:29
Education Workers Unite! IWW open-house Sunday 1pm
From the open publishing newswire: Every second sunday @ 1pm, the IWW Industrial Union Branch 620, Campus and Educational Workers Industrial Union, holds an open-house. All students and workers @ educational institutions are welcome.
These events are meant to be fun social gatherings where educational workers can discuss organizing, their jobs, our vision for the education industry, industrial unionism, and unions generally. Come enjoy tasty snacks, coffee, tea, beer, and lunch at the collectively owned union Cafe next door to the IWW union hall.

The meeting takes place at the IWW union hall @
616 E Burnside
Portland 97214
[IWW], [ Read More...]

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