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F*** THE CORPORATE MEDIA 21.03.2003 12:02
Eugene corporate media lies to hide rage against war
From the open publishing newswire: "On the first full day of war, the spectrum of Eugene protesers took to the streets, for planned and impromptu demonstrations that were, by turns, solemn, ear=splitting, maddening and quirky." blared the front page story in the local daily, the Register Guard. The citizens of Eugene, overwhelmingly condemning Bush bloody Blietzkeig, might use the papers own vagaries "maddening and quirky" to describe the papers "beat around the bush (no pun intended)" coverage.

Dietz znd Wright's extensive story threaded in several not so vague threats to the people of Eugene. "Homeland Security Department officer Thomas Keedy watched from the edge of the crowd," the paper warns "I have witnessed arrestable offenses, but we're not doing anything right now," warns Sgt. Tom Eichhorn, presumably under guidance of Rumsfield's "psych-op" propaganda front. (Will the "massive air attack" of Eugene activists come later?) The anti-war protesters are giving aid and comfort to the enemy say the paper, attributing the sentiment to counter-demonstrator Bruce Watson but without quoting him. [ Read More... ]

Protests to regroup 12NOON and 4PM at Federal Building, 8th and Oak


PHOTOS: [ MORE EUGENE FLAG BURNING PHOTOS | "Photos from Eugene Peace Rally 3/20/2003": 1 | 2 (more) | 3 ]

Portland: Channel 12 stops war coverage when effects of "Shock and Awe" shown
Chanel 12 suddenly pulls Fox News 24 hour coverage of the war, as interview with reporter on the ground in Baghdad reveals his grief when discovering that some 100 targets were to be hit. He had just finished stating that the bombing was very awful, especially because of the civilians. [ Read More... ]

Corporate media Whining
Had to stay home with the kids but lots of good shots of protest signs and slogan shouting making it on the air. Also some nice photos of peaceful ocupation. The talking heads on free TV can't get enough of this stuff. Although they do spend a fair amount of their air time whining about how mean the protestors are to them and trying to discredit the protestors as being "out there just to be out there"

Fuck the Corporate Media !!! Go Portland Indy
[ Read More... ]

Portland Press begins it's condescend
First it was a "violent" reaction to the media pawns and now it is "just a party" of young people who don't know the facts beyond "sound bites" . I don't know the name of the big-haired blonde reporter who was down on the scene but here bias is sadly obvious. I cannot believe the gall of these reporters. [ Read More... ]

Another point of view: "Deconstruct the Corporate Media"
The slogan "Fuck the Corporate Media" is doing the movement harm. Putting up our hands to block the cameras, swearing, spitting, and provoking the corporate whores might be fun, but it makes us look bad. Why should we make it easy for them to misrepresent us? [ Read More... ]

Media's Glass Fixation Neurosis
Leaving PPRC this evening, driving up NE Broadway, i passed a bizarre scene. There, beneath umbrellas, were a reporter & a camera person, doing a remote, or whatever they call it, from across the street from McShit's, where a window was busted by a protester, yesterday! I wanted to go back 'round to catch which station, but what's the diff. I cannot believe the window-glass fixation the media have. [ Read More... ]

Open Letter to KGW Newsman
Hey KGW Newsman... To the lame sounding, sound bite cliched, on the scene late, security men touting, whiny "my microphone got damaged" by an agressive protester; KGW news channel 8 reporter reporting on March 20, 2003 on the anti-war protest in Portland, Oregon. Why aren't you more articulate than Colin Cowherd a sportscaster? Remember for next time things might be just a little more complicated than what a series of short sound bites might be able to convey to your audience. Oh yeah, I think most of us who have lived on this planet for a little while realize the importance of building bridges of understanding between people. So if you are still wondering why your microphone got broke check out IndyMedia if you have been humbled or been drawn to contemplate these events on this opening day of war in Iraq. Shoot, it doesn't even have to be Indymedia just about any Internet blog will probably do it maybe even someone from American history perhaps Mark Twain might be able to shed some reflection for you with his famous "War Prayer". [ Read More... ]

Another point of view: Deconstruct the Media/Part Two/What is Jamming
Instead of fucking ourselves over when we aim to fuck up/subvert the corporate media, we should think of new approaches to accomplish the same goal. Here's one suggestion. Take it or leave it. (Although I think you really out to take it.) [ Read More... ]

[ see also: Nationalism on KATU ]

DAY OF WAR PROTESTS 21.03.2003 09:07
Thousands protest in Portland; Civil disobedience blooms across downtown

Reports, photos and video from the Newswire:
Video from blocking of I-5 on M20
3 photos from I-84 shutdown
Cop car almost runs over protester.
geocities M 20 photo gallery
bridges, freeways and pigs
Anti-Peace Driver Attacks Crowd --Incident Report
plate #'s for critical mass hit and runs
woman who lost bike when pepper sprayed on 2nd & Burnside
Steel Bridge photos
Initial shots of March 20, 2003 Protest
Shutting Down I-5
rivertext.com photos of I-5 blockade, rally, march & IMC videographer
rivertext "lying down on I-5" sequential photos
rivertext.com Rally photos
Tear It All Down nighttime photos
ritual communion sacrament and symbolic blood-spilling in front of Federal Building
One Surreal Photo of Some Riot(ing) Cops
Radio Free Santa Cruz sends thanks
Bacon Greece
Eugene Corporate Media Lies
KATU corporate crap and photo sequence of Burnside FreeState circle dispersal"
Black Cross Health Collective offers ongoing support for injured protesters

Reports from the Street:
11:59 People are still sitting at 2nd and Burnside getting arrested. One woman on 3rd street was thrown down to the ground and was pretty shaken. "The cops were being pretty brutal, pointing their guns right at people and shit." The crowd took her off and helped her out.
11:53 From SW 4th and Main, the crowd has almost completely dispersed, riot cops have stopped advancing.
11:27 pm People have regrouped and are going down 3rd Ave w/ Riot cops following behind. A group has split off onto Ash.
11:12 pm "These cops are fucking lunatics... There were around 60 people who sat down and they pushed the rest of us back so we couldn't see what was going on. They fired concussion grenades, rubber bullets and pepperspray. There was a guy on the ground after being peppersprayed and a cop drew his rubber bullet gun on him and was going to shoot at him!" The guy couldn't even see. It appears as though the person being taken away by the ambulance had some respiratory problems. It is thought that when he caught some pepper spray he ended up flat out immobilized. Then the ambulance was called. Those who sat down are thought to have all been arrested.
11:07 pm The crowd has been dispersed. Reports of "beanbags or pellets or some shit" being fired on the crowd and pepperspray. Not any crowd left in the street at this point, some 30 or so have gathered at SW 2nd and Everett, but most have been dispersed down SW 2nd St. 50-100 cops are walking down 2nd. A guy is laying on the ground and an ambulance is preparing to take him away.
10:53 pm off the newswire: Amazing Critical Mass Report French Bicycle Symbolically Run Over By American Monster Truck" Cops beat critical mass riders
10:47 pm The crowd is surrounded on 3 sides and being closed in on. Something was said over a loudspeaker... unintelligible.
10:38 pm The cops appear to be moving in. No report of any warning heard. "They just started going after people."
10:35 pm More than 80 cops , and now more horse cops are arriving. And cars have started arriving. It looks like they are forming into some sort of formation...
10:32 pm Over 60 riot cops at SW 3rd and Ankeny have gathered. There is also an empty bus nearby...
10:25 pm Lots of Riot cops, motorcycle cops, vans, undercovers very close to the protesters at 2nd and Burnside from the west.
9:20 pm About 10 Critical Mass riders were seen being arrested by I-405. from the Newswire: Cops beat critical mass riders
9:02 pm Callout for support from those at the Free State occupation: Folks want to stay the night at the newly created Free State and are asking for people to come down to 2nd and W. Burnside and bring blankets, food and water and sleeping bags to help make this possible! They are calling for folks to come down and join in the fun!
8:50 pm 2nd & Burnside FreeState drum circle and candlelight vigil is still going strong! Numbers of people remain about the same.
8:40 pm from the newswire, photos
8:25 pm: Newswire post at 7:50 pm: "Cops cornered bike riders on Morrison bridge and threw them on the ground and beat them. Cops are becoming more violent. They cornered critical mass riders coming back from the i-405 liberation and beat the crap out of several riders. The cops have the riders tied up, face down on the bridge waiting to take them away."
8:20 pm The bicycle cops have retreated from 2nd and Burnside. Riot cops have amassed and are standing midway across the Burnside Bridge.
8:18 pm The marches have joined together at the 2nd and Burnside FreeState. This diverse group is sitting in the road and milling around. Three times today people have been physically assaulted by corporate media for attempting to block their cameras. Nobody ever touched the cameras, people were only standing in front of them to block them from filming.
8:04 pm The group of around a thousand on Grand St has liberated the Broadway Bridge and are heading south toward Burnside.
7:57 pm From the 2nd & Burnside FreeState. Hundreds are still at this intersection. A very diverse group of people are sitting in the intersection have surrounded a few who are locked down in the center. They are determined to sit there all night or until they are arrested. Riot cops dispersed after one of their vans hit a 13yr old girl. Black Cross jumped in and protected her from the other cops who were pushing and shoving people and treated the other who was peppersprayed. Now riot cops are approaching that intersection coming from the east over the Burnside Bridge.
7:49 pm KBOO: I - 405 is now shut down! Newswire Post: "Critical Mass has blocked the diverted 1-5 traffic. I-5 traffic was diverted to 1-405. Critical mass blocked the diversion and have stopped traffic on I-5 South bound and I-405. Critcal Mass rocks!"
7:41 pm KBOO: Critical Mass has stopped traffic... somewhere...Candlelight vigil has started at 3rd and W. Burnside..... Morrison and Burnside Bridges are completely shut down!
7:26 pm From Burnside Bridge above I-5. East end is blocked. Around 1/2 hour ago, first the entrance, then the entire Southbound lane of I-5 was blocked by around 80 people at it's peak. When police arrived many left, but 8 sat down and refused to leave. 3 are still sitting cross-legged in the middle island, not clear why. Police were rough with 3 of them. People were on the Esplanade watching through the fence and the police fired 2 pellets upward toward the onlookers. About 50 people are watching the arrests now. One activist was hit by a car that went speeding through the line of people. The activist was knocked to the ground and was sitting very shaken when the reporter talked with him. He seemed okay a minute later, but very shaken. Activists on the scene got the license plate of the speeding car.
7:22 pm I-84 is cleared, there were no arrests, just pushed people off the highway. That/those groups are walking north on Grand now. Rumours that people are being arrested on Burnside Bridge now.
7:16 pm posted to the newswire:"There are two groups of people on I-84 - outbound lanes of the freeway. People sitting down on the freeway. People in their cars are getting out of their cars and walking toward the liberators. Cops are trying to drag people off the freeway. The traffic is stopped on I-84 and very slow on I-5. Another group of liberators are walking up Grand Ave going North on Grand. Cops are diverting all traffic on I-5 South bound diverted to I-405 to isolate the liberators. One liberator hit by car as Morrison bridge enters I-84."
7:13 pm KBOO: At the I-5 Esplanade around 35 riot crops holding 6-8 protesters. 5-6 shots of tear gas were shot, 50-60 protesters remian on Esplanade, around 100 on Bridge above,
7:06 pm riot cops have arrived at the I-84 on-ramp.
7:05 pm Another report that I-5 S was stopped for 20 minutes and that the riot cops have arrived and have arrested around 10 there so far. Not clear whether anyone was hurt there yet.
7:02 p.m. The march reached Grand St. and I-84 and a couple hundred people are blocking the on ramp. no police in sight.
7 pm An ambulance has pulled up to the area on I-5 that was blocked. not clear if anyone has been hurt.
6:59 pm I-5 has been cleared, more and more people are gathering on the Esplanade!
6: 56 pm KBOO report 75-100 people and more heading down East side of Esplanade below Burnside Bridge jumping fence separating the Esplanade and I-5. All of I-5 S is BLOCKED! people sitting down... Riot cops dispersing people ..
6:53 pm Front of the march has turned north after leaving Burnside Bridge heading up Grand St.
6:51 pm KBOO report: people have taken down police barricades on the east side of the Burnside bridge. The barricades are now blocking MLK. "It looked like there was some police violence earlier, but that seems to have settled down." People are now walking calmly off the Burnside bridge across MLK.
6 41 pm KBOO report: 2 people are standing on the Max Tracks stopping the train waving the peace sign...left when they were asked to move off the tracks.
6: 38 pm Marchers are going east over the Burnside bridge.
6:35 pm There's a "really groovy" sit-in with drumming still going on at the intersection of SW 2nd and Burnside. A truck driver was very upset that he couldn't get through. People tried to calm him down, and a few video cameras were on him. One Indymedia volunteer told the truck driver he was videotaping and to chill out... After that, the truck driver rammed his truck into people and drove away quickly. That license number will be posted later.
6:27 pm Around 80 cops have dispersed the crowd and the march is around 4 blocks away now.
6:23 pm Someone on the Steel Bridge says that cops started beating people with their sticks and the people started fighting back, with the result of one cop having a bloody face. Cops broke out the pepperspray, started pushing people off the ramp, when 25-30 people sat down on the ramp for around 10 minutes, and now are gone.
6:20 pm KBOO reports that Ch 2 news reported that SWAT team was deployed from East side of Steele Bridge.
6:18 pm Looking at the Steele Bridge from the Waterfront, protesters are leaving the onramps to the Steele Bridge and seem to be regrouping and marching away. Lots of people were peppersprayed and the cops were hitting protesters through their banner, and there were some hitting them back! A sad sight of a deaf man who started screaming and who was then peppersprayed.
6:14 pm KBOO report SW 1st & Everett near the Steele Bridge. "A couple hundred are trying to cross the bridge" and 50-100 cops are trying to prevent this. The smell of pepperspray is in the air. Sights of people who have been sprayed... A fire truck has obstructed the view. Much of the crowd is now heading toward the waterfront
6:05 pm Around 12 horse cops and 16-18 riot cops are advancing on the smaller crowd.
6:03 pm At the Steel Bridge 75-100 protestors are being cut off by police from the rest of the march.
5:42 pm KBOO reporter saying there is a group of around 200-300 who stopped in the intersection of SW 2nd and Burnside, blocking traffic in all directions. 20-30 are now sitting down, and the larger crowd is dispersing to join the rest of the march, heading up SW 3rd. No sign of police nearby.
5:25 pm KBOO reporter says there are 20-30 riot cops waiting at the west end of the Morrison Bridge and the tail end of the unpermitted march has crossed SW 2nd and SW Washington. She reports there are 3 airplanes overhead and 5 helecopters.
5:02 pm: The entire crowd (reportedly around 7,000- 10,000) has left the Park with the feeder march and is heading north on 4th toward the 1st blockade
4:30 pm: Thousands have gathered in Terry Shrunk Park and speakers voice their opposition to war in Iraq

SOUTHERN SOLIDARITY 21.03.2003 02:07
Thank You from South Carolina, Keep it Up!
From the open publishing newswire: To the Courageous Citizens of Portland-
My name is Jenni and I attend a small university in Rock Hill,SC. It has been a long week of protesting here. Sometimes I am the only person to show up (but, then, no one ever shows up to formally protest in support of the war.)Fortunately, I am beginning to find some solidarity with my close neighbors in Charlotte, NC. Still our numbers are small in comparison to other parts of the country and as I talked to many of my new friends tonight as we gathered on a sidewalk in downtown Charlotte, I found that we all have often felt discouraged by low turnouts and lack of interest in organization. But then I thought about Portland and I told them of my visit to the city last week (specifically March 15.) To talk about holding down a bridge, blocking traffic, or being able to view marches for blocks and blocks ahead and behind, enlivened us all.
[ Read More... ]

FIRST ARREST STORY 21.03.2003 01:22
Do I Win the Prize for Earliest and Most Absurd Arrest?
From the open publishing newswire:
Do I Win the Prize for Earliest and Most Absurd Arrest?

I was cycling along NE Broadway about 4:30 toward downtown PLANNING to ride Critical Mass. As I passed the military recruiting office (war pimps), I hopped onto the sidewalk to look in the window at their vast array of beautiful propaganda. One of the war pimps had apparently gone to subway for a sammy and walked back toward me. "How's it goin'?" I asked (seriously). Noticing the bullhorn strapped across my back, he apparently knew where I was heading and shot me an evil look as he walked into the building.

Thinking he was rude, I flipped him off through the window as well as the other war pimps inside right as a cop pulled up beside me in the street. The chickenhawk war pimp gestured to the cop, giving me a smug look, and I flipped him off again.

Apparently the war pimps got their feelings hurt and I was arrested for harassment. [ Read More... ]

Downtown Ashland Shut Down!
Following the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, Ashlanders gathered in the plaza downtown to express their sorrow and rage and to stand in solidarity with anti-war activists across the globe.

A street theater performance at an Exxon gas station drew the condemnation of Ashland Mayor Alan DeBoer, who attempted to disrupt the expression of dissent in his community. Earlier in the day, many activists received an e-mail from DeBoer, encouraging Ashlanders to gather in the park and "pray for the world in this controversial time."

After holding an intersection adjacent to the Exxon for about 30 minutes, the crowd moved back into downtown, and held another intersection for nearly 2 hours. Police diverted all traffic around downtown, causing backups and confusion for motorists. Under the watchful eye of the Mayor and APD, armed with digital cameras, drummers and skateboarders, children and teens, city councilors and anarchists, street performers and artists, business owners and concerned citizens convened a meeting to discuss future actions against the invasion in Iraq, in the middle of Main Street.

A call has been made to continue to build momentum in Ashland. The Women in Black are inviting all to their vigil in the Plaza, Friday at 12:00 noon. A vigil is planned for Senator Smith's office in Medford, Friday from 3:00 to 7:00 pm. People are encouraged to organize into affinity groups to plan civil disobedience until this war ends.

For updates and more reporting, check out www.rogueimc.org

Mixed 1000 congregate at Federal Building for afternoon rally, demo continues (as of 8:30 PM) with candles and lanterns. Although no sign of current demo ending, other protestors call for return to Federal Building Friday 12NOON and 4PM

At the U.S. Federal Building in Eugene, OR, a 4PM rally to stop the invasion swelled to some 1000 persons by 5:30PM (including one counter-demonstrator, a man whose sign attacking treason and sedition was ambiguous...motorists gave him peace sign thinking he was refering to Bush!) Demonstrators, cosmopolitan and including persons in tie-die holding candles, persons wearing black block, and persons in suits and dresses getting off of work, occupied all four sides of the intersection and united to urge the rush hour motorists to stop the war and impeach Bush. Anti-war speakers and local singing groups again took the stage and urged fortitude for a long struggle, as well as expressing sadness for the lost of life to date. [ Full Story ]

Eugene Black Bloc and Peacers in Streets, County and Federal Buildings Closed Down
From the open publishing newswire: Several U.S. flags were burned, one at a time, as some 400 Eugene activists and citizens continued to reject the illicit Bush regime invasion of Iraq. The crowds include several dozen black-blocks, dozens of local peace activists, as well as outraged citizens from 2 years old to 82.

In one case riot police prevented the return of a U.S. flag to its owner after a right-wing counter demonstrator grabed it and attempted to steal it, and others insisted it go back to its rightful owner, who was attempting a political protest protected by the United States Supreme Court. Instead, an EPD member pocketed the flag himself as a memento.

But several others flags were burned, as 4 lanes of Eugene motorists passed the major intersection of 8th and Oak in front of the Federal Building, overwhelmingly expressing their support with short horn honks, clenched fists, peace signs, and thumbs up.

A woman with both her and her 2 year old baby, both soaked in what appeared to be blood, repeatedly crossed the crosswalks in front of traffic...
[ Read More... ]

Photos: [ flag burning | crowd | flags | signs ]

1000 still demonstrating

STAYING INFORMED 20.03.2003 12:17
Receive live tactical information about today's protest to your cell phone/pager
From the open publishing newswire: I have set up a service allowing people to send and recieve tactical information about what direct actions are occuring, police movements, etc. from cell phones, pagers, or other wireless devices. Go to http://protest.cocksalad.com/ to sign up. [ Details ]

Eugene: All-night vigil; 7:00 a.m. crosswalk bodies greet commuters
From the open publishing newswire: Three Eugene Women, identified as Becky, Sarah, and Sue (Sue not shown below) maintained an all night candlelight vigil/protest commencing 7:30PM Wednesday, the time of Bush "tame the homefront" speech, through rush hour traffic Thursday morning. The all night protest was at the U.S. Federal Building plaza, 7th and Oak Street Eugene.

In other Eugene action against the "loose canon" and internationally condemned war, a group of Eugene students staged a roving "die in" commencing 7PM Thursday morning. The "die-in" protest, accompanied by screaming and spilling of blood, utilized all four crosswalks of the intersection in front of the Eugene Federal Building, crossing repeatedly at the "walk" signal. [ Read More... ]

POLICE STATE 20.03.2003 08:25
New York Surveillance Camera Players map out camera locations in Portland
From the open publishing newswire: Between 11 March 2003 and 15 March 2003, Bill Brown of the New York Surveillance Camera Players was in Portland, Oregon. Brought to the "Rose City" by the independent arts group Red76, Bill began his stay by making maps of locations of surveillance cameras installed in public places. Based upon information and suggestions he received from his gracious and very generous hosts, Bill mapped out two locations: Downtown Portland and Old Town.

click here for hi-resolution version

...Bill offered a walking tour of Downtown, based upon the map he'd made. Approximately 25 people showed up and stayed with the tour for the entire time. Beginning in Pioneer Square, underneath the "sky cam" described above, the tour proceeded to Nordstrum, which is ringed on all four sides with surveillance cameras. Looking to create a little drama, Bill slapped one of the SCP's "Surveillance Camera Notices" on the sign that said "Nordstrum." From out of nowhere came a security guard -- a blond-haired woman dressed in full corporate attire -- who immediately removed the sticker and warned Bill that "there'd be trouble" if he "did that again." Three male security guards stood several feet off, uninvolved for the moment but ready to spring into action if needed. [ Full story ]

DAY OF DIRECT ACTION 20.03.2003 01:04
From the open publishing newswire: +++CALLING ALL QUEERS CALLING ALL QUEERS CALLING ALL QUEERS+++ MARCH 20, 2003 - National call to action for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community to oppose the war on Iraq. Today, March 20, 2003, queer antiwar activists call on our community to resist George Bush's war for oil and to apply pressure to the greedy corporations that built him up. The corporation who deserves most of our contempt is oil giant Halliburton, whose board Dick Cheney was a member of and who really calls the shots in Washington DC. Halliburton, through their subsidiary Kellogg, Brown, and Root (KBR), stand to make a KILLING off of the war. WE SAY STOP THE DRILLING, STOP THE KILLING!!! QUEERS SAY NO BUSINESS AS USUAL. Call, fax, and email. Think about the lives that will be lost in Iraq. Think about the dismantling of democracy here at home. Then call, fax, and email again.

Fax: 202-223-2385
Phone: 202-223-0820
email: chuck.dominy@halliburton.com [ Read More... ]

TACTICAL 20.03.2003 00:58
The beginning of the end of the Peace Movement in Portland?
From the open publishing newswire: i hope i'm wrong, but... Before the first Gulf War, in 1991, protests and civil disobedience rose around the country ...But shortly after the "war" (actually it was a one-sided slaughter) began in Iraq, the movement withered away, and went dormant. The yellow ribbons won out over the peace signs. And the war against Iraq never ended. Though 150-200,000 people died in the initial conflict, another 1,000,000+ died in the eleven years of sanctions that followed. Though some activists and groups doggedly continued to protest and educate, the mass movement was gone. Is that what will happen this time?

One reason why the mass permitted rallies might now fade out is because they never escalated, or encouraged escalation of tactics. Each one was more carefully planned than the previous one, with more "peacekeepers" and emphasis on legality. At the very least, these organizers could have been preparing people for the idea of escalation. Their heroes like Gandhi and MLK were parts of movements that used much less tame tactics, and to great effect. Rosa Parks was not following the rules. [ Read More... ]

Not the End, but the Beginning of the Peace Movement in Portland
A paragraph by paragraph (somewhat) counterpoint to 'the beginning of the end...' by observer. There's only one point on which I agree with 'observer': the peace movement shouldn't have faded after the beginning of the first Gulf War. I don't agree that this movement will die now, in fact, it's only just beginning.

The numbers at mass rallies may fade, but not because the peace movement is losing momentum. These mass rallies have served a four-fold purpose: to send a message that America does not want this war; to make us all aware, we are not alone in our feelings about this war; to educate and get connected those that come for the first two reasons; and to provide a safe venue for those at greater risk for speaking out. At each rally, organizers and groups involved got better at fulfilling that third purpose, educating and connecting. There has not been a call for escalation of tactics because this is not the place for it, children, disabled, middle-aged and older folks, people of color, immigrants, are not in a position to escalate tactics. [ Read More... ]

Peace Vigils Planned
From the open publishing newswire: There is a candlelight vigil tonight (Wed) at 8:00 pm at the Salmon St Springs at Waterfront Park sponsored by Living Earth Gatherings.

Join with fellow Portlanders at one of the many peace & prayer vigils being organized by the faith community in Portland. Complete schedule online at www.pdxpeace.org

Peace Be With Us All, especially those of our fellow human beings in Iraq.
[ Read More... ]



From the open publishing newswire: As bombs began falling in Iraq, at about 4:15PM Wednesday Eugene anti-war activists began to gather at the Federal Building at 7th and Oak Street, Eugene.

By 5:30PM about 75 persons had congregated, almost all holding signs making various anti-war statement. The signs were held toward the four lanes of rush hour traffic moving East on 7th Avenue.

Some of the signs were usual "No War" and "No Blood for Oil." But several new signs, all of them handmade, read, "STOP BUSH." And even more read, "IMPEACH BUSH."


As cars passed by, hundreds of people honked or gave the peace sign, thumbs up, or clenched first in solidarity. In the two hour period from 4:30PM to 6:30PM, less than a dozen of the cars gave a thumbs down or index finger to indicate support for the war. Expressed by rush hour hand gestures, Eugeneans polled at least 10 to 1 against this war. [ Read More... ]

RADICAL TACTICS 19.03.2003 19:06
When the U.S. attacks Iraq, and we're on the streets, BLOCK THE CORPORATE MEDIA
From the open publishing newswire: The connections between corporate media and corporate power have been well-documented, as has the increasing consolidation into fewer and fewer hands of all commercial media, including TV, radio and newsprint. In sum, corporate media is owned by or strongly connected to the military industry, and serves those masters first and foremost. "The truth" (and yes, there really is such a thing) is not their concern. It might be that a few reporters here and there actually believe they are trying to do the best thing for the world with their work and to be honest and fair, but these people are kidding themselves. Those few who do try to push the envelope have their work heavily edited or find themselves out of a job.

As the U.S. government slams a brutal attack onto Iraq, these issues are coming to the forefront. Only Fox and CNN will be allowed to broadcast coverage of "the war" and everything they broadcast will be vetted first by the military. Don't expect any truth. The lack of good coverage of peace and anti-war actions will also pervade. There's no reason to think anything else will happen. As a Florida appeals court declared in February of this year, "it is technically not against any law, rule or regulation to deliberately distort the news on television." The corporate media exists to engineer opinion in favor of ruling class elite interests. It is not our friend and never will be. It will always do more harm than good to us and the causes of justice and freedom.

Therefore, starting when we march out from Terry Shrunk Plaza on the day the attack on Iraq begins (which will be any day now), we must block the corporate media from covering us. Here are a few reasons to do this:

ANTI-WAR 19.03.2003 19:05
We Are All Coming Along
From the open publishing newswire: Recently, Americans of the pro-death persuasion have been vociferously proclaiming their support of the illegal war against Iraq. Among the most popular rejoinders utilized within this forum, the pro-death proponents tend to exclaim upon any and all attempts at intellectual interaction that "you all are coming along... "

Now I'm unclear just what exactly "you're coming along" means. Clearly, most posters to this forum are not posting from US Military Barracks in Kuwait. Thus, most posters are most definitively _not_ coming along. Nor is the draft a politically viable possibility at this point, regardless of the eminently predictable massive attrition of US forces once urban warfare begins in Baghdad. The US Marines are the only significantly capable contingent of US Military Forces that are trained or equipped to deal with Urban Warfare, and they are at best mediocre. Either tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians will be murdered, or Baghdad will become a second Battle of the Black Sea. But I digress.

Having established that most posters to the Indymedia forum are neither active military personnel, nor liable to be drafted—and likely to disregard such demands, if so drafted—it is then by simple validity test established that the majority of posters are not "coming along."
[ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR ACTION 19.03.2003 18:59
As attacks on Iraq begin, so does civil disobedience in Portland
Activists block Broadway Bridge during morning rush hour
From the open publishing newswire: This morning seven protesters armed with signs and some gusto stopped traffic on the Broadway Bridge.

The police monitor Indymedia, any attempt at direct action must be planned and discussed outside of this forum. And then discussed afterwards. This is afterwards.

This morning around 8 am seven anti-war activists carried out a demonstration against war. The goal was to disrupt commerce and stop traffic (the connection, again, between traffic and this war is that the war is for oil and the cars are major comsumption units of that oil...and cars are dangerous...) The seven protesters started on the east side of the Broadway Bridge and marched across the bridge towards the west side.

The plan was that that early morning traffic would be heading into downtown to work (meaningless jobs and that is a whole other story) and stopping them from getting to work (instead of getting home from work) seemed to be a better option. With anti war signs and determination, we made it about 3/4 across the bridge before a cop car came from the west and stopped up east-bound traffic while asking us to get onto the sidewalk.[ Read More... ]

It is incredibly easy to direct an action like this. Independant groups interested in this kind of action should talk amongst yourselves about similar actions, early morning is the best, groups as small as seven can disrupt things (remember the fedral building?, and today). And the more people the smoother things would go. THis was mostly impromptu, only planned about 18 hours before the actual event. This will work to keep the anti-war movement active in these waning days and if commerce is dirupted enough, it will make a statement.

Hope to see you in the streets. Peace.Love.

Bush Is The Real Terrorist - billboard action
I saw this the other day on 99E by 26W in Eastside Portland. No I didn't do it, I am a reporter. It disappeared shortly thereafter. [ Larger Photo ]

Civil Disobedience at the Federal Building
Peaceful protestors, including religious leaders and committed pacifists, will gather at Portland's City Hall today at noon to ring bells for peace and protest the Bush administration's war on Iraq. Many in the group may engage in acts of civil disobedience in the tradition of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

The group's goal is to model a Gandhian act of civil disobedience to inspire others in the community to engage in similar acts to resist the Bush administration's illegal and immoral war against the people of Iraq.

"As our nation prepares to launch an illegal, immoral, and unjustified war that will put millions of Iraqis at risk and endanger hundreds of thousands of U.S. servicemen and women, we stand here today to remind our leaders and fellow citizens of our noblest ideals and pledge to resist, with bodies and souls, our government's inhumane course of action," said Reverend Cecil Prescod. [ Read More... ]

LOCAL RESISTANCE 19.03.2003 16:57
Direct Action Training
From the open publishing newswire: Interested in discussing civil resistance?

Join us for a training about civil resistance and direct action.

WHEN: Saturday 22 March, 12:00 - 4:00 (bring a sack lunch)

WHERE: Augustana Lutheran Church (NE 15th Ave at Knott Street)

For more information or to let us know that you plan to attend call
503-740-8561 or email rawc@ziplip.com
[ Read More... ]

City Hall Press conference re. anti-war protests and alleged terrorist threats: Katz, Kroeker, and Giusto Spout More of the Same
From the open publishing newswire: Katz, Kroeker, and Giusto, among other officials of the Portland's 'civilian' leadership, today expressed more of the same commerce minded rhetoric we've come to expect. Absent an amusing session of musical chairs amongst the three wisemongers, today's three-o'clock press conference contained little in the way of dramatic policy shifts.

Portland Police Chief Mark Kroeker expressed concerns that commerce not be stopped in Portland as children start dying in Iraq; the people of Portland are encouraged, however, to express their constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech in more polite fashions. Chief Kroeker also expressed a willingness to entertain last minute requests for parade permits, should splinter groups wish to discuss their plans with the Portland Police Bureau.

Multnomah County Sheriff Bernie Giusto, responding to a duly seated, mainstream reporter's question regarding the lack of teeth in stepped up police presence and political prescience in prosecuting the righteous war of commerce continuance upon protesters in Portland, answered that resources and beds had already been set aside within his domain for those who wish to ignore the dire warnings of wrath and mayhem to befall any lawbreakers in the City of Roses. In other words, actual criminals have been released in order that beds be made available to jail radical anti-war protestors, should they fail to immediately obey any and all authoritarian dictators. [ Read More... ]

Early Report: City Hall News conference
From the open publishing newswire: Just in from City Hall.

4:02 PM- I have just returned to my humble adobe from the mayors news conference at city hall. I arrived a little late, and the first speaker I heard was Chief Kroeker. He was talking about "Operation Safe City" which would envolve regular police officers on extended shifts. He emphasized that the citizens right to freedom of speech would be protected, but that police would act to prevent the destruction of private property. He also emphasized that "No acts of hatred" would be tolerated, and that he was coordinating with leaders of the Muslim community so that police would be ready to respond against hate crimes against Muslims. As far as reporting suspicious behavior, Chief Kroeker, suggested... [ Read More ]

Police Bureau Policy on Antiwar Protests
Presented below is the full text of the Portland Police Bureau policy regarding the forthcoming protests planned for after the start of the war on Iraq. The policy was distributed at this afternoon's press conference at City Hall. [ Read More... ]

Original annoucement: Mayor and Police Chief holding press conference at 3:00 about Day of War
this just in...

3:00 p.m., City Hall, Tuesday, March 18:
Mayor Vera "they're not bullets, they're pellets" Katz and Police Chief Mark "give 'em medals when they shoot minorities" Kroeker will be holding a press conference today to discuss the city government's possible responses when the attack on Iraq begins and we rise up and take the streets in protest (as is our right to do).

c'mon and down and ask 'em questions! that's why they're doing this, right? to share information? as residents we have the right to know anything. of course, maybe there'll just be some brief statement and no questions 'cept from the corporate media, but it might be interesting to see. [ Read More... ]

Related: [ portland imc headline leads the news | even the mayor reads indymedia ]

SOLUTIONS 18.03.2003 10:19
In the dark days ahead may we all become Radicals
From the open publishing newswire: The coming days may be dark and sad. Already we have lost a "radical" strong woman - a heroine in Rachel Corrie. May all us "radicals" be as strong and clear. May we learn to watch each others backs. Those of us committed to peace and understanding of the web of deceit, corruption,and death that has spread around the world, know that this is the last gasp of a patriarcal war culture - the web of power.

Remember there is no shame in being a Radical.

Saul Alinsky, one of the 20th centuries most devoted grass roots organizers wrote this about Radicals in his essay "Reveille for Radicals"

America's radicals are to be found wherever and whenever America moves close to the fulfillment of its democratic dream. Whenever America's hearts are breaking, there American radicals were and are. America was begun by its radicals. America was built by its radicals. The hope and future of America lies with its radicals. [ Read More... ]

Homeland Security Notices Left at Portland Homes where Flags were Confiscated
From the open publishing newswire: Notice left at numerous Portland homes after flags have been seized from nearby flag poles and vehicles. In one incident, a man in a George W. Bush mask was spotted removing a flag on the porch outside one home's television room.
[ Downloadable PDF of notice ]

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