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Fascist 'anti-terrorism' bill to get hearing in Salem, Mon. 3/24
From the open publishing newswire: Very scary "anti-terrorism" legislation is COMING UP FOR A HEARING before the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, March 24, at 8:00 am in hearing room 343 at the State Capitol. This bill would define "terrorism" broadly enough to include almost any form of protest, with possible life sentences. It would also effectively repeal existing state laws which protect civil rights and the rights of immigrants. WE CAN STOP THIS!! COME TO SALEM MONDAY!!
[ Read More... ]

MUTUAL AID 23.03.2003 17:33
Anarchist Carpentry Collective
From the open publishing newswire: Are you interested in carpentry? Do ya Feel the need to personalize your politics? Then check this out! We're startin a capentry collective. We're gonna use dumpstered, recycled, and sustainably produced materials- to craft works that are beutiful, simple, and strong. We'll focus on using our work to empower folks to revolutionary self sufficiency- from the inside out. I've got a double car garage dedicated to this- a compound miter saw, a skill saw, a cordless drill- and some plans to build work tables/cabnets out of recylced wood and solid core doors.

Some thought's on projects: It'd be great to do stuff like build structures for dignity village- also a while back I heard that the emigrant workers that stand on a corners for work would like to find a space and build a workers hall or somthin. Maybee some labor folks would like ta help or somthin? I think we could start out building simple projects like planters and do donation/work trade for them. [ Check it out yo! ]

COMMENTARY 23.03.2003 11:58
Bush Shits On Guardsman
From the open publishing newswire: I had been 'loaned' from the senior staff and state planning officer of the Texas National Guard to the Department of the Army for a series of these special projects after angering George W. Bush by refusing to falsify readiness information and reports; confronting a fraudulent funding scheme which kept 'ghost' soldiers on the books for additional funding, and refusing to alter official personnel records [ Read More... ]

Students to stage 1-hour anti-war Die-in in South Park Blocks, Sunday at 3:00
From the open publishing newswire: This Sunday, we will be meeting downtown at the Park blocks (between Main & Park Avenues, near the Portland Art Museum) at 3:00 for an hour of silence to protest the war in Iraq. We will play dead during this time - this means it will be a peaceful protest, not a riot that may get out of hand. We don't expect any police involvement, although the cops may show up to snoop around.
[ Details ]

Day of Action: March 25
8:00am: Two marches, one leaving from the North Park Blocks. The other march from the South Park Blocks and Salmon.
12:00pm: Rally at Pioneer Square.
[ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR 23.03.2003 03:08
Peace Camp update: Homeland Security leaves it be for now; Community support still requested
From the open publishing newswire: I went downtown today for the anti-war protest and was generally pleased with the turn-out and spirit. Someone else has already written about the police and the pepperspray well here, so I won't go into it again. (By the way, when I've gotten home from actions the last couple days, there's already been lots of news about it here on IndyMedia. It's great!) While we were in that park across from the "Justice" Center, I looked over to Terry Shrunk Plaza and saw the tents of the Peace Camp there. I remember a post I'd read here earlier where they said Homeland Security wanted to kick them out so I was really happy to see that hadn't happened. I went up and talked to them to see how it was going.

And it's going well! Last night (Friday) there were four tents, but tonight there will be at least nine! Some are standard buy-'em-at-Sears tents, and some are tarps staked up. Anti-Bush signs also dotted the landscape. Several college-aged looking kids were hanging out, and one of them was being interviewed on video by someone from The Rearguard, PSU's lefty paper. [ Read More... ]

Word from the Peace Camp Kids:
Well we need your support at the adress above. Bring youyr camping gear and make it a party. There are about 20 camping out there. But we would like tons of people to come. Any time!! Also if you know of any big protest i would love to know abot them. [ Newswire Post ]

Transgendered female verbally and physically abused by police, sheriff's office
From the open publishing newswire: A transgendered female was arrested early Friday morning (3/21) at the Burnside Bridge sit in. She was trying to leave, as the police had informed people they could, but was arrested anyway. After being arrested, she was continually harassed both verbally and physically by the Portland police and sheriff's office. This is a third party eye witness account of the events that took place between her and the authorities. When police arrested protesters at the Burnside Bridge Friday morning (3/21), many levels of deception and harassment ensued. One transgendered female was singled out for unwarranted verbal and physical abuse in front of several witnesses and on multiple occasions.
[ Read More... ]

Cover up at Channel 12?
From the open publishing newswire: Channel 12 photographer thrown to the ground and arrested last night. The police accused him of grabbing them and trying to steal their bike. The reporter present said he was running behind and saw no such thing. The early live report was very supportive of the demonstration, and very critical of the police violence. By the 10pm broadcast, the entire story had disappeared! [ Read More... ]

Corporate Media: "not particularly savvy or well informed"
In all of the discussion of the local corporate media, I feel that one important point is missing: there's a reason they work for a shitty local affiliate. They're not particularly savvy or well informed. I wouldn't be surprised if their worldview comes directly from their own consumption of corporate media. In short, they believe this stuff. So what does this mean? It means that, if we keep a properly mistrustful attitude, we can manipulate them to our advantage at times. [ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR 23.03.2003 00:16
New and On-Going Portland Actions
Nightly peace vigils @ Bagdad on Hawthorne
Nightly vigils are going on outside the Bagdad theatre. The time is 7pm - 8pm. Bring candles and dress for the weather. Go represent for peace! Dozens of people have been gathering outside the Bagdad theatre with candles everynight since heavy bombing. As long as we are committing our troops to war and killing - vigils will be held.
[ Come! ]

Protest on Belmont
From the open publishing newswire: We have all been doing a great job! Now, who is interested in beginning a weekly protest on Belmont Street? I suggest that we begin next week, I will initially propose it for Thursday at 4PM, meeting in front of Stumptown Cafe. That's Thursday the 27th @ 4PM. As for what we can do, I suggest either a die in right there at the intersection, or just a March up or down Belmont Street. I think this will be sucessful because we will pick up many protesters from the Belmont area. I will not plan on being there unless I receive a large enough number of e mails, or comments. In any case, if anyone can bring a bullhorn, or instruments, or drums, please state that in the comments or emails. Kindly waiting a response.
[ Respond ]

Olympia Actions: Bridge Takeover, round-the-clock peace camp, and marches
From the open publishing newswire: Here is a brief recap of brief of the actions events that took place in Olympia this week. Some of this material was taken from posts put up on the Seattle IMC earlier this week. There is a Memorial service going on at The Evergreen State College today (started at 3pm) for Rachel Corrie. Hundreds of people are expected to attend. Tomorrow there is a 7 mile march, from leaving the college at 1pm, and making will make its way downtown to the Capitol starting at 1 pm at Red Square. A critical mass, bike ride is planned plans to leave the Olympia Transit center around 8am Monday morning, to in order to continue take the actions from this past week of war and mourning and move them into the next.

Bridge Action: Thursday morning between 9am and 10 am, six people locked down on the 4th avenue bridge, successfully disrupting traffic between the downtown and the Westside areas of Olympia for approximately 45 minutes by blocking the main arteryon the main bridge connecting the two. The cops tried using force to rip apart the protesters, with while the screams of about 40 supporters in filled the background. They officers then cut the lock boxes off with cut-off discs(?), and arrested the six protesters. Two additional people were arrested arrests occurred within the vicinity of the action,, possibly while performing support roles. The bridge was blocked for approximately 45 minutes.

Peace Encampment: A "Peace Camp," later named Camp Rachel (after murdered Olympia native and activist Rachel Corrie), started on the Capitol lawn Tuesday night and persisted with and without a permits thru Friday afternoon. The camp started with the autonomous action of five people on Tuesday 5p.m., grew to 40 by midnight that night. Organizers estimated 300 were present Friday during the day. The space was used as a gathering space, a living space, a location on a major roadway to show solidarity, and a location from where peace activists could easily lobby legislators during the day. Early Friday morning Camp Rachel found itself infested with cops who informed them that a new "law" had been passed and the camp needed to break down all its structures. This was a lie. Organizers later found, through the support of State Senator Kline, that the law only banned camping (as in sleeping) and closed tents. Organizers plan to resurrect the Peace Camp as soon as possible.
[ More Actions ]

ANTI-WAR 22.03.2003 18:32
Portland: Nonviolent protesters harrassed by police; At least three arrested
Today's march and rally- one of many this week- was angry and upset. People took to the square and the sidewalks to voice their views once again. Tempers ranged from stunned and confused to downright furious. Many slogans and chats were shouted and the cold concrete walls reverberated with the sounds of the people. A large peace sign was formed by protesters in the square, and then a large group of people started marching around the square. Police were present in large numbers. I spotted Officer Meyers and his gumshoes collecting intelligence throughout the entire occupation of Pioneer Square.

At this point, the larger part of the rally Marched away from the square and through downtown for awhile. During this march, the police were blocking traffic and following along with the march. Aside from the police riding along the side of the march, storm troopers and Officer Marty Rowley (Badge #8969) were lurking on side streets staying out of sight.

After the march went through Saturday market, it was confronted by a group of around 15-20 angry young men at the waterfront. [ Read More... ]

Reports from the street:
5:55p Police pepperspraying @SW 3rd and Yamhill - Morrison bridge now closed.
two arrests so far downtown - about an hour ago a man was arrested for standing on the corner of the sidewalk with his bike. now, at 2nd and alder someone stepped out into the street and was tackled. there have been riots cops all over the place this whole time, and vehicles from salem have been brought up.
police arrest disabled young woman despite mothers crys - 1st and yamhill, the crowd is still marching on the sidewalk and the cops who are there in massive force have arrested a young woman with a speech impediment for about the same thing as they arresting everyone else with - basically nothing. the mother was present and the police refused to release the woman into her mother's custody, but did tell the mother where her daughter was being taken, apparently.
UPDATE FROM THE STREETS 8:04pm Sat. night - 100 - 150 still going strong! bee cops have been very liberal with arrests for JAYWALKING if anyone so much as sets a foot in the street against the light. motorcycle cops following the march on the sidewalks. bee cops surroundingf on the perimeter of P square.
update from the streets 8:22pm sat. night - 30 people boarded the MAX train, now called PEACE TRAIN and headed for lloyd center. they were met by 3 police cars. they all got off and are now en-route back downtown.

War Protest in Portland [ Palestine ] March 22, 2003
From the open publishing newswire: Observations of the March 22, 2003 in Portland, Oregon Folks looked pretty bored in the few tents at the federal building. There were more rush-limbaugh types waving flags at pioneer square than protestoers. The feds program of 'fear' is working against those opposed to the war. The Hilton Hotel had 100's of cops coming going, I went inside and saw that it was donut central, they have a huge command&control center setup. The ANTI-WAR movement should be on this block since the cops have the protester's under control, its time the protestors siege the cop-shop, or should I say donut shop...

There are less than a 1 cop per 1,000 in PDX baby sitting the citizenry. These cops operate under the AUSCHWITZ principle that it only takes a few to contain the many, under fear, and terrorism. The ESSENCE OF USA government has ALWAYS been Beating, Killing, and Imprisonment. While the CITYofPDX may be Beriut/Lebanon the VANCOUVER/BEAVERTON is home of the COPS, e.g. the GESTAPO. This is where the MEDIA-ANTI-WAR should be fought. The COPS want nothing more than to contain PROTESTORS in a little area, where they can be managed, photographed, and have their personal lives destroyed [ this is what THEY did in 1991 to protestors ]. [ Newswire Article ]


On Saturday, M22, citizens of Eugene once more took to the streets to express outrage and saddness at the illicit Bush regime decision to go to war. A march from the University of Oregon preceeded a 12AM U.S. Federal Building rally drew between 500 -- 1000 anti-war protestors, plus 7 pro-war demonstrators (the Eugene Register Guard newspaper tomorrow will no doubt focus on interviews of the pro-war side, although to interview all 7 of them they would have to re-interview one who was a repeater from Thursday, March 20).

The arrival of "shock and awe" bombing, as well as the corporate media's coverage of the war, a virtual lock-step cheerleading for the 1000 missle Blitzkeig, with heavily censored anti-war news, in particular arroused anger. But also, many protestors interviewed expressed overwhelming sadness. Others, including Black Block demonstrators, discussed the need to find creative and continuing opposition to the war. Many noted the total censorship of dead and mutilated bodies on the video game "newshows", and the lack of photos of destroyed residential areas in media reports.
[ Read More... ]

EVENTS 22.03.2003 12:00
Protests & Actions Against War
Saturday 2pm Organizational Meeting From the open publishing newswire: MEETING 2PM AT PSU IN THE SMITH MEMORIAL UNION, THIRD FLOOR.
[ Read More... ]
Saturday 2pm Waterfront Park Protest
[ Read More... ]
4pm Saturday Pioneer Square Protest
[ Read More... ]
Sunday 3-4pm Play Dead Protest From the open publishing newswire: Participate in an hour of perfect silence in protest of the war in Iraq. Meet at the SW Park blocks between Main and Park Avenues. Musicians and non-musicians alike are encouraged to bring instruments to play at 4:00.
[ Read More... ]
Every Sunday 4pm Hollywood district protest From the open publishing newswire: Every Sunday and 4pm, Hollywood neighbors and and anyone else who is intereseted gather at the intersection of NE 42nd and Sandy Blvd. (near the Burger Bar) to protest the war.
[ Read More... ]
7 to 8 p.m. at 37th & Hawthorne, Candlelight Vigil From the open publishing newswire: Small group invites Bagdad Cafe/Hawthorne neighbors and friends to join ongoing sidewalk candlelight vigil. As we meet from 7 to 8 p.m. at 37th & Hawthorne, we echo Sunday night's (3/16) global vigil for peace and hope, keeping the light of reason burning. Nightly vigils will be held until further notice. Contact susipsych@yourjourneys.net for more info.
[ Read More... ]

POETRY REPORTAGE 22.03.2003 11:05
One Candle Still Burns
one candle still burns An original portland poem and report from the protest on March 20th, 2003. It captures the essence and events of the march and its aftermath in poetry. [ Read the Words... ]

One of the Second and Burnside arrestees speaks
From the open publishing newswire: 24 hours ago, the sum total of what I knew was simply that I couldn't stay home while more civilians died, especially given the privilege of being well-fed, warmly-dressed, healthy, unemployed and childless. Like many, I drifted into the student march somewhere in SW Portland about 3 pm on Thursday, 3/20/03-- and found it a focused, energetic and stirring preview of the evening to follow. I gathered and marched with the folks from Terry Schrunk Plaza around downtown.

I wasn't sure what destination I was headed for as I toured the streets. Collective purpose, okay: channel our outrage and sorrow into concrete and effective action to stop the war. My individual choice was to keep moving, even as others stopped to block traffic on Burnside & Steel bridges. But as hours passed, I gradually decided that I should, non-violently, do what I could to help the Burnside sitters stay safely in place for as long as possible. [ Read More... ]

Props to the people of 2nd and Burnside
This goes out to all the intrepid souls I spent time with last night on 2nd and Burnside. We sat through the day, through the night, we sat through the rain and the cold, we even sat down for the state sponsored censorship as they hauled us away two-by-two. We did it! And we can do it again, jail is nothing compared to the harsh reality of war in your own backyard! [ Read More... ]

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Oregon: As a native Oregonian currently studying at U.C. Berkeley, I write these thoughts on a jail wastebasket paper bag as I sit incarcerated in the Bryant St. Jail, San Fransisco -- thoughts composed with twenty-three other women ages 18 to 64, who now reflect on the grave situation in Iraq and the reasons that led each of us to disrupt "business as usual" in San Fransisco. We joined over 1500 others in arrest today.

Although we vary widely in age and background, our convictions are shared and run deep, manifested by our willingness to put our bodies on the line to freely express ourselves and assemble, and to stand in solidarity with millions of people arould the world against the war on Iraq. [ Read More... ]

M20 Day of War Protests in Portland - all indymedia stories collected

M20 ANTI-WAR PROTEST - ANALYSIS 22.03.2003 00:39
Protest is Proof of Effectiveness of Radical Approach
From the open publishing newswire: After hearing tireless complaints from liberals about radicals and direct action, after hearing insistent pleas that protests must be law abiding, after all the perjoratives about radicals, anarchists, etc, how fucking wonderful it is to see how effective direct action really is!

Portland, you've changed history.

To the liberals, peace be with you. Tonight's protests were almost entirely peaceful. If we could get the attention of the media and majority through legal protests, then that's what we should do. If we could change the government through the legal means that are supposed to be available to us, then that's what we should do.

But, we need to face the facts. We are enemies of the very system that we hope we will change. Our government is not a true democracy as few people participate in or acknowledge the responsibilities of self-governance. Our legal system is classist (lawyers cost money; bail costs money; whites are typically handed less severe sentences for the same crimes as non-whites; money promotes legislators into election). The people who flair 'freedom' and 'liberty' as American rationales for war and consensus are, very unfortunately, products of the mind-numbing, consent manufacturing machine of the corporate system. [ Read More... ]

Are you serious about the revolution?
We really need to think about creating parallel institutions to replace the essential functions provided by the government... The establishment has bitten off more than they can chew. The combination of an anti-tax attitude (thanks to right-wing talk radio) and an increased terrorist threat due to the war has created police forces whose numbers are thinned due to budget cuts and distraceed by anti-terrorism partols to the point where they are unable to control the streets if we show up in sufficient numbers.

That's good, but it also means that martial law is a very real likelihood. How do we deal with that? [ Full story ]

We Can't Stop Now
The question is though, what's next? It is obvious to me that this rally/march was so successful because of its unplanned nature. Without permits, cops don't know where we are going next. Because the march broke up into multiple 1000+ people groups, they were scrambling all over the city to protect several targets at a time. This is what we need. I highly encourage everyone to continue this disruption of the evil capitalist system, because we don't need permits, or even a designated rally. [ Read more... ]

dialogue needed on new tactics
We need to think together about what is most effective in shutting down Portland, if that is our desired action. I have some ideas for more effectively shutting down Portland, but I also want to call a brainstorming session. We need some dialogue on this!

my ideas:
More affinity groups, spread out across the city. Don't argue with the Police, leave immediately on to the next intersection you choose to block. The idea is to keep the Police running around. Some groups will in the end succeed in stopping things long enough. [ Read More... ]

What does the phrase "Diversity of Tactics" mean?
Does the idea of a diversity of tactics mean that every protest must include civil disobedience and disruption, or is mutual respect and solidarity built on respecting the chosen tactics at various events? [ Read More... ]

Suggestions offered
Hello all. Thanks to all who came to the protest on Thursday. I am a lowly supporter, but I appreciate all of you who take to the streets when I cannot. I had some suggestions for future protests which I would like to get some reactions to. I agree that stopping traffic is an effective way to get our message across, but I think that simply lying down in the middle of streets is not the most efficient way to do this. [ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR ACTION | EUGENE 21.03.2003 23:38
From the open publishing newswire: Eugene activists call for mass mobilization against war, Saturday, March 22, to counter the illicit Bush war with "shock and awe" creative non-violent resistence. [ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR 21.03.2003 22:36
PPRC march swells and marches from Pioneer Square: Kops Close Morrison Bridge and pepperspray activists
According to the call-ins today from downtown, it seems that tonite's PPRC march was around a thousand people, and that it ended up coming back to Pioneer Square. A little after 7 o'clock the march left the square, started winding around every which way and ended up going the wrong way up Broadway. The cops seemed to be trying to mobilize to stop it, and they just kept bringing more and more cops as the crowd played cat and mouse with them and sat down in the intersection of SW 4th and Stark.

At this point more cops closed in, horse cops, bike cops, robocops, "every kind of cop imaginable"...The ice cream truck was brought out to send messages to disperse to the crowd, pepperspray began to fly and people started to be arrested.

Eventually, around 8 o'clock or so, the Morrison Bridge was shut down by kops and the entire area west of the bridge was filled with kops and vehicles horses bikes and motorcycles, "every kind of kop imaginable", closing many streets... The situation seemed to have deescelated by around quarter after 8. Not sure how many have been arrested. [ Newswire post ]

Eye-witness reports from the street:
5:40 so the PPRC rally happening right now is being flanked by bike cops and they are containing people to the sidewalk. one report is that they have illegally searched a person already.
6:48 Seems peaceful so far... some folks passing around the bullhorn and "not a huge amount of cops visible in the immediate area".
7:07 It's around 7 o'clock and the crowd of a few hundred has left the square and is heading down Morrison toward the waterfront, accompanied by lots of riot cops
7:17 The PPRC march of around a thousand ended up at Pioneer Square and has now left the square and has been winding and twisting all over the place for around 20 blocks.... The cops are trying to mobilize to stop it but so far it's still moving forward and is now headed the wrong way up Broadway!
7:33 The police are closing in, and have boxed everyone in w/ horses. The ice cream truck is out, telling everyone to clear out. Tons of RoboCops. One arrest has been seen by the person calling in, and no pepperspray has been seen by the caller at this point.
7:38 from SW 4th and Washington - Tear Gas is being sprayed, arrests and pepperspray. People have been sitting down at Stark & 4th.
8:05 Kops have shut the Morrison Bridge down. tons of all different kinds are all over the place, closing many blocks downtown. All the folks at SW 4th and Stark who were sitting in the intersection are believed to have been arrested (corporate news coverage seems to confirm this-- face down and cuffed) This caller has seen 10 or so people arrested so far, has not heard bullets fired at all. The situation seems to be deescalating.

[ Pics of today's rally ]

LOCAL RESISTANCE 21.03.2003 21:47
Portland Peace Camp may be evicted.
From the open publishing newswire:
I talked with members of the Portland Peace Camp, the group of students and activists who are camping out in Terry Shrunk Plaza. They were visited today by an officer of the Department of Homeland Security who told them that the feds want them out by 9:00 AM Saturday. According to the camp, the officer first told them that the feds would "appreciate it" if the camp was cleared out by 9. Then, when pressed, he told them that 9 was, indeed, a deadline for removal. After the activists asked for his name and badge number, according to the activists the officer then began waffling on whether or not 9 was a real deadline.

They need your support! Show up at 8:30 AM tommorrow, and bring food, hugs, warm beverages, cameras, and peace.
[ Full Story ]

ANTI-WAR 21.03.2003 12:54
Let's Keep the Pressure Up! 5pm PPRC Rally Tonight
From the open publishing newswire: Let's keep the pressure up. Let's all show up at the Friday Rally, maybe turn it into a jail solidarity action. Now that the U.S. has begun its "shock and awe" bombing camapaign, we should kkep the pressure up. I know a lot of people don't like the PPRC's style, but this is the only action that is planned that I know of--let's make the most of it. [ Newswire item ]

Upcoming anti-war events: Eugene, Hood River, Monmouth, Salem and Yachats

There are many forms of protest.
Many people are referring to the PPRC march as lame. I realize that it was not action-packed, but can we please try to stay together on this? This is not a time for all of us who are against the war to disagree with each other. Some people pray; others hold vigils; some march on sidewalks; others practice civil disobedience in the streets, on bridges, and in cells. I thank all of these people, as we all have parts to play in this. As someone who has been involved in these different forms of protesting, I would like to remind people that it is all helpful in some way. So thanks to everyone who is doing something publicly - and privately, too, as we need a change in consciousness for this to stop. Let's respect and honor each other as we continue forward. [ Discuss ]

"Shock and Awe": [ 1 | 2 ]

SOLIDARITY 21.03.2003 12:53
Many protesters who were arrested last night need your support right now
From the open publishing newswire: After being arrested around 2 in the morning on the burnside and 2nd intersection, I was released today at 11:30pm, but that is just my story. Many have stayed longer, such as the critical mass members who also took a beating, and many more are upset and worn out by their arrest. I've been talking to them all night, and one thing is clear: your help is needed! Our friends are still in various jails around the city, and they need rides home as well as rides back to the various precincts tht hold their posessions. [ Read More... ]

Jail support is needed
There are people still in jail down at the justice center. Reports indicate about 20 people still in. Many are john and jane does's and a couple people are in isolation. 7 people were arrested this morning around 7am for blocking a bridge. If anyone can go down to the justice center and assist people coming out, offer food, rides to pick up belongings at other locations etc that would be great. [ Read More... ]

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