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MURDER AND MEDIA 25.03.2003 21:14
From the open publishing newswire: BBC reports Iraqi TV off the air after an E-bomb detonated in Iraq. BBC is reporting that Iraqi TV has gone off the air. More to come soon. Rumors of an E-Bomb by US-Allied forces unconfirmed BUT the Pentagon admits to halting "propaganda" transmissions. An E-Bomb hinders many different types of communication, it wasn't made clear on how. [ Read More... ]

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Help End Portland's Anti-Camping Law
From the open publishing newswire: Crossroads is conducting a drive to collect over 500 sleeping bags. Crossroads members will be handing these sleeping bags out next month as a public demonstration against Portland's anti-camping ordinance. Crossroads members are happy to pick up sleeping bags, or you can drop them off at crossroads office: 618 NW Davis or at street roots office: 1231 SW Morrison. You can call us at 503.222.5694 ext. 14. [ Read More... ]

MEDIA ANALYSIS 25.03.2003 16:11
Corporate Media Lies, Part 23: police & restraint
From the open publishing newswire: a doublespeak analysis / rant

The corporate media have been describing police during the last few days of anti-war protests (which started on Thursday, March 20) as showing "restraint" in their behavior toward individuals. I've heard otherwise well-meaning and intelligent-seeming liberal-type people repeating this lie as well, including during the PPRC rally yesterday, when the police were actually *thanked* for how they've been doing.
[ Read More... ]

[ Thoughts for Camera-blockers ]

ANTI-WAR | PRISONERS 25.03.2003 11:49
Anonymous M21 protestors released from jail, despite threats
From the open publishing newswire: When protesters were arrested early Friday morning, they were told by police than anyone who did not give their name would be kept in jail until Monday at the earliest. All anonymous people at the downtown jail were released on Friday afternoon around 5:00. Police told arestees that anyone who did not give their name would be kept in jail until Monday at the earliest. Several people who had planned to practice jail solidarity gave their names.

The last group of name-giving protesters at the downtown jail was released around 2:00 pm on Friday. By 5:00 that same day, all of the anonymous protesters in the jail were gathered up and released as well, without ever having given their identities.

Yet another example where the police lied to prisoners and jail solidarity proved its utility. [ Please spread the word ] JAIL SUPPORT 101 | PLEASE CALL JAIL SUPPORT IF YOU HAVE BEEN RELEASED

LIVING DEAD OF THE STATE 24.03.2003 23:39
Update on Proposed Oregon Fascist Legislation, SB 742

Is it Dead or Not?

Tuesday 3-25 Post: According to the 8:40 a.m report on OPB tuesday morning, there will be another hearing scheduled...that not all who signed up to speak were able to, and that there was much opposition, especially from immigrant rights advocacy groups.
From One Poster:
According to the office of Senator Ginny Burdick, SB 742 died in commitee this morning. Another blow to State Sponsored Terrorism.
From Another:Maybe they decided something after the committee hearing, but there was no overt decision by the Judiciary Committee this morning to even suggest that the bill is dead. There was a slightly amended version which remained a problem, which people were trying to discuss despite almost no one being able to get their hands on the new text. And the amended version retained the secondary section threatening Oregon's 181 laws. And the bill still existed when the Committee adjourned at around 10:15 AM or so.
Another:Senator Ginny Burdick's representative told me that nobody in the committee had any interest in even voting on this bill. The rep's words were that the bill was 'dead in committee'. She gave the impression that it was trounced, and she seemed pleased. I later heard (on OPB I believe), something to the effect that 'it would continue to be discussed and they'd have another hearing at some point.'
Another:Around 400 people showed up this morning for the public hearing. There were about 70 chairs in the hearing room which had been assigned for the hearing. There were many police in the halls and in the hearing room. We were told that the hearing room was full, and that we needed to gather around a television tuned in to FOX news in the lobby. The officer at the television said that there were "no plans" to open another hearing room, and that the government had not anticipated this large a crowd. I ran back up to the hearing room and a bunch of us walked in even as the police were trying to clear the room of those who didn't have assigned chairs, and then the police pushed us out again. After several more minutes, two other small rooms were made available for us to watch the hearing on closed-circuit television, and we were herded into these rooms. Another group of people hung around the TV in the lobby and listened to the hearing there. Mr. Minnis was in full plummage during the testimony, and viciously cross-examined each of the eight people who were allowed to speak, especially the non-lawyers. One woman really blew her definition of civil disobedience v. criminal activity(she said that civil disobedience was like driving too fast and that criminal activity would be like raping her daughter). Minnis threatened to close the hearing if people applauded for speakers, so the audience fell silent. Then he ended the meeting at 10:15 and didn't set a time to revisit the Bill.
[ Read More... ],
[ Info on the Bill ]

PEACE 24.03.2003 23:25
Portland Peace Encampment releases statement of purpose
From the open publishing newswire: "We are the Portland Peace Encampment. A diverse group of individuals building Community to demonstrate our rights as peoples to speak and gather together. We are the voices and the faces supporting non-violent resolutions in solidarity with world community. We will maintain a 24 hour presence until American bombs stop dropping."
Some special requests:
- Waterproof things (especially umbrellas), warm food, warm drinks, warm soup.
- Documentation: a loaned or donated videocamera would be an amazing gift. Or bring your own video or still camera and document yourself.
- Contact Vera Katz and other city council members and thank them kindly for allowing the Portland Peace Encampment to continue. Encourage them to go visit the campers.
- Anyone with contacts at downtown churches that may be willing to allow respite sleeping or a place to briefly warm up and catch some z's is very desired.
[ Read More... ]

Montavilla Protests
From the open publishing newswire:
Does anyone else in Montavilla want to publicly oppose the war?

I propose that we do some actions near the freeway, Stark, and/or Burnside. Ideas include die-in's at the freeway entrance/exits around 92nd and Stark, signs over the freeway ('Bring our troups home alive' comes to mind), and candlelight vigils on the sidewalks.
[ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR 24.03.2003 21:35
Billboard Enhancement on SE Hawthorne
From the open publishing newswire: Clear Channel got some help with this one.

COMMUNITY 24.03.2003 16:42
People's Food Co-op to donate 7% of Saturday's sales to local peace efforts
From the open publishing newswire: As part of the Peoples Co-op Grand Opening festivities going on all this week, Saturday will be a celebration of the seven cooperative principles. The seventh of these is "Concern for Community", and in the interest of fulfilling this principle, the staff of People's voted to donate 7% of sales that day to local peace efforts. This money will go to the McKenzie River Gathering's Peace Action Fund. [ Read More... ]

People's Co-op Grand Opening Schedule of Events, Mar 22-29
People's Food Co-op, a member-owned health food cooperative at 21st and SE Tibbetts, will be celebrating its Grand Re-opening from 3/22-3/29. The city's oldest food co-op is now two and a half times the size of the original space thanks to significant efforts by the community both physically and financially. [ Full schedule of events ]

[ Peoples Co-op ]

Friends of Sparrow announce occupation of Straw Devil timber sale
From the open publishing newswire: The forest defense community, still mourning the loss of their friend known as "Sparrow", announce the occupation of the forest at the Straw Devil Timber Sale in the Willamette National Forest near Oakridge. Two separate tree-sits were erected at the sale in old-growth trees slated to be cut and a road blockade was established.

The occupation began not only to protect the precious and rare ecosystem here, but to call attention to unprotected red tree vole nests and to defend the sacred place that Sparrow now rests in.

Sparrow, who took his own life 2 weeks ago, was a kind, gentle individual who fought hard every day to defend the ancient forests and to foster a deeper relationship with the earth. Sparrow was especially involved in surveying for rare species like the red tree vole. He spent countless hours in the forest climbing trees searching for vole nests in order to protect the interconnected web of life in ancient forest ecosystems.

Following Sparrow's death, his ashes were placed throughout the forests of Straw Devil, one of his favorite places on earth. His community vows that this forest will never be logged. It is now a sacred place.

"Sparrow will always be a part of the forest and will forever be inside each of us, affecting our thoughts and actions. Any attempts to log this forest will be akin to a declaration of war and is an audacious attempt to desecrate the sacredness of this forest," said Karla Wiley, a forest advocate and friend of Sparrow. [ Read More... ]

About Sparrow: [ Forest defense community mourns the loss of our friend Sparrow | Forest (dis)Service billboard in Eugene re-faced to memorialize Sparrow ]

[ Cascadia Forest Defenders | Straw Devil Timber Sale ]

DEBATES 24.03.2003 10:26
We & They Attitudes Will Not Bring Peace
From the open publishing newswire: Throughout history there have been to some degree, the "Downtrodden" held in place by an unfair, unjust "Ruling class." Using force to overthrow the perceived "Ruling Class" as some of you seem to be suggesting will only exacerbate the problem. Yes, there will be change; we will simply have a new "Ruling Class."
I find it interest ring that we are bantering around two main terms; Pro-War, Anti-War. Is anyone really Pro-War? As a Viet Nam vet I can assure you, that the vast majority of soldiers instructed to fight that war did not want to be there. Families of soldiers would rather have their loved ones home.

A Response From the open publishing newswire: stop assuming everyone wants peace. If there is not justice, then peace is the face of fascism. Of course the wealthy elite want you to be peaceful and never challenge their power and control. This sort of peace is an expression of fear. It is a slavery. Now before you start thinking that I am advocating violence or that it is the only way or other such rubbish, I will state that I am not. I am advocating clear thinking, and not being deluded by terms such as peace which have no solid meaning. In the completely controlled totalitarian state, there is peace, but it is a place of horror.
[ Read more... ]

MEDIA PROPAGANDA 24.03.2003 10:19
The Great Propaganda Spectacle
From the open publishing newswire: I have noticed a couple of glaring contradictions in the way the corporate mass media are covering this war. With constant repetition, they portray the missiles and bombs which are striking Baghdad as precise, satellite-guided weapons that invariably strike their targets within a few feet of intended impact, causing very few civilian casualties.

Now, it is reported that these were Iraqi missiles, but that could be more disinformation to cover up their embarrassment.
[ Read More... ]

RESISTANCE 24.03.2003 10:15
2nd And Burnside: A Jumpsuit's Account
From the open publishing newswire: When I sat down with the rest of my affinity group, something truly inspiring happened. Hundreds of people chose to stay with us, and demonstrate their support for our actions. Soon, many of them sat down, committing themselves to support us all the way to the point of getting arrested. These were people who had spontaneously decided to put themselves on the line for me and each other. I've never seen that before. And the energy in the crowd was something I've never felt before, either. It was animated by a spirit that said not "look out for number one," but instead "look out for one another." It was a spirit of solidarity and support, a spirit which dictated that we talk together, chant together, sing together, sit together, and get arrested together as equal human beings. I am not saying that it was perfect. People often acted out in unproductive ways both verbally and physically. Yet I felt like the experience was driving us, as the night wore on, towards more and more respect for one another.
[ Read More... ]

SOLIDARITY 24.03.2003 06:51
Monday March 24th Benefit For Blackthorn issue #3!
From the open publishing newswire: Monday March 24th at 7Pm we are having a benefit at 1339 NE Roselawn (between Alberts and Killingsworth) with bands: Remains of the Day, Squirrel Meat, Mustapha Mond, and Lords of Light. we have issue 3 complet but are short of funds, please come out and help us. We will have T-shirts and baked goods for sale too.
[ Read More... ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES 24.03.2003 00:18
Nordstrom fears free speech
From the open publishing newswire: Friday evening, I was in downtown Portland with two friends. On our way to dinner, we decided to take a detour to Nordstrom as part of our never-ending search for the right boots.

I was stopped at the door by someone claiming to be a Nordstrom employee, saying, "You can't wear that in here."

I was wearing my ubiquitous trench, mentioned here before, which has my favorite slogan, "Uncle Sam sent me to the Persian Gulf, and all I got was this lousy SYNDROME!"

On my way out the door, I asked if this was normal treatment for disabled veterans in their store. I was told again to leave. I left, but my two companions continued the argument. One asked for the woman's name; she refused to give it. The other asked for her employee ID, since she was wearing none. Again, she refused. I told my friends to come along. It's private property, and they have the right to refuse entry to anyone they wish.
[ Read More... ]

VIDEO RESISTANCE 24.03.2003 00:02
Callout by PDX Indy Video Collective for Day Of Bombing Video Footage
From the open publishing newswire: The pdx indy video collective would like to obtain digital copies (where possible) of video from the Day Of Bombing events starting at Terry Shrunk Plaza and through the next night (Friday). Anything from candlelight vigils to blocking of roads and bridges. Anything from I-84 and critical mass are of particular interest. We do not have much footage from friday night either.
Email: Videoresistance@ziplip.com
We will be making a video from Thursday evening and night and showing it this coming Thursday, March 27th at the Clinton Street theatre at 8pm along with a feature film by indymedia activists from Ireland on the G8 summit in Genoa.
[ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR 23.03.2003 22:44
March 23: Peace and Anti-war Events
Hillsdale peace march: Neighborhood Peace marches are another option

From the open publishing newswire: I've been doing what I can to attend the rallies downtown, but the intensity of them over the past week left me feeling tired today. As an alternative to the stress of possibly being confronted by riot police, I decided to attend the peace march starting in Hillsdale. I felt like I made my stance against war known, but in a way that was consistent with what I could do today.

Almost a dozen people attended the march. One marcher held a sign that said "Honk for Peace!". We got almost a hundred honks. At the end of the march, we did a short silent meditation and the energy I felt go around that circle was astounding. As activists and/or marchers of peace, I feel like we all need to be in those supported circles of energy. We need to be here for each other.
[ Read More... ]

Portland Die-In

I took part in the Die-In in front of the Portland Art Museum today. There were many pedestrians walking throught the park and crowds arriving and leaving the museum. I peeked and saw them standing, often for a long time, to look at us. People were visibly moved by the image of many (I don't know, 50+?) people sprawled silent and "dead" across the pavement. There were many police, who seemed to keep a polite distance. Reporters quietly watched us too. Someone brought chalk and outlined our bodies. After an hour or so, we began to get up and write messages on the bodies we left.

This felt like a really GOOD action to me, one I would like to regularly repeat. I suggest we conduct die-ins at Pioneer Square(?)and throughout the city every day. Let people really see and take in the reality of this war.
[ Read More... ]

Hollywood protest a success

around 40 people attended the protest in the hollywood neighborhood. we were on both sides of sandy at 42nd ave. we kept track of our support for awhile, and we approximated that 75% of our support was from smaller vehicles, and 25% was from trucks and suv's. a large majority of those who showed us their middle finger were men in suv's.
[ Read More... ]

CAMP 4 PEACE 23.03.2003 18:12
Peace Encampment carries on without tents; Shelters forbidden by Homeland Security
From the open publishing newswire: Around 12:45 today, the Portland Peace Encampment was told that they had to pack up all of the tents and other pieces of shelter. The officers told them that they had until 4:00 to pack everything up. This is in complete opposition to what they were first told (that they could have the camp, as long as they kept things clean and peaceful). The officer said (and this was confirmed by other officers) that they could stay there, with sleeping bags, food, etc., just no shelter. The camp decided (after three lengthy consensus debates) to pack up but stay there every night. Now they need your help more than ever. The following is a list of items they need:
Umbrellas!!!!! Rain Gear!!!!! Plastic Ponchos!!!!! Sleeping bags Dry, clean clothes (especially pants) Hot Drinks Hot food Hot Soup Candles Permanent markers Tobacco (especially American Spirit menthols!) Cardboard or carpeting to sit on Chairs Current newspapers to read Other entertainment, such as drums Non disposable cups
And FRESH BODIES!!!!! Come on down! Terry Shrunk Plaza, between City hall and the Federal Building (3rd and Madison, I think...)
[ Read More... ]

Previous stories: [ peace camp asks for help (5:48pm Sun Mar 23) | Peace Camp update: Still there despite Homeland Security Threats (2:55am Sun Mar 23) | Portland Peace Camp may be evicted (9:28pm Fri Mar 21) ]

ORGANIZE & UNITE! 23.03.2003 18:06
Neighborhood Organization
From the open publishing newswire: Let's keep this going! Neighborhood rallies/vigils as alternative to downtown police state!
The increased police presence in the downtown area has the potential to scare away demonstrators who aren't in a position to get arrested. That's what they want.
The solution to this is neighborhood organization. I see other people have already proposed a recurring event for the Belmont area and there's the nightly vigil at the Bagdad Cafe on Hawthorne. Excellent! This is the kind of organizing we need.
For starters I would suggest 6 to 8 pm, or however long it lasts, at the following locations. Please feel free to list other potential spots such as parks, plazas, churches/temples or other houses of worship, gathering places, etc. and organize for your area. This is only a starter suggestion list.

- Kenilworth Park, the amphitheater/fountain thing at Holgate & 32nd (by the upper level playground).
- Westmoreland Park, maybe the lagoon area if that's still empty, otherwise the picnic table area.
- Powell Park, the basketball court at Powell & 26th
- Laurelhurst Park -- where?
- Ladd Circle
- Eastside Esplanade at SE Salmon (under the freeway)
- Reed College Campus -- where?

Maybe bridge elves on the Holgate overpass?

[ Read More... ]

Poetry for the Revolution 23.03.2003 17:54
From the open publishing newswire: This is a lovely poem! It gave rise to my spirits. I have been a bit down lately from the violence (the person who hit the policeman with a baseball bat), the corporate media's violent attacks against our direct action, and the realization that yet again our actions are those of a relatively small isolated minority who failed to educate and mobilize those who are effected most. That said, this poem has brought me up from where were at, to thinking about how to get where we need to be.
[ Read More... ]

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