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any photos of police attack on disabled woman 3/25 3rd & morrison?
From the open publishing newswire: i am a 38 year old white woman with red hair. i am disabled and walk with a cane. i was attacked by riot police as i stood legally on the sidewalk at 3rd & morrison, across the street from the dekum building. [ Read More... ]

REWIND to 3/25: Witnesses needed
From the open publishing newswire: SUMMARY: I was arrested 3/25 @ approx. 12:40 p.m. @ SW 6th and Yamhill. Were you watching? Do you [perhaps] have photos or film of the incident?
[ Read More... ]

GENOA | MOVIE | BENEFIT 27.03.2003 12:11
Tonight: Clinton St.: The G8 footage they didn't want you to see.
BENEFIT MOVIE SHOWING FOR PORTLAND INDYMEDIA TECH PROJECT Tired of pesky "no story to tell errors"? Wish you could post your news on the first try? Come see "Berlusconi's Mousetrap," a full-length feature documentary about the G8 Summit protests in Genoa, Italy in July 2001.


"Berlusconi's Mousetrap" is compelling footage from Ireland, Global, and Italian Indymedia activists, combined with on the spot interviews, voiceover commentary and analysis from websites, that provides an in-depth, "blow by blow" retelling of the three days and poses the question - Was it all a setup?
[ Details ] PLUS FOOTAGE FROM ANTI-WAR PROTESTS AROUND PORTLAND! | Filmmaker's take on Portland

PEACE ACTION 27.03.2003 12:09
Peace Vigil
From the open publishing newswire: There is a peace vigil held every day in Corvallis. It takes place in front of the Courthouse on 4th St. in "downtown" Corvallis from 5:00 to 6:00PM. This has been a daily event since Oct. 2001. We average at least 50 every day, and many times as many as 100 gather. The protesters are a very diverse group young and old, OSU students, Corvallis High School students, veterans, activists, concerned citizens and more.[ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR PROTEST 27.03.2003 12:05
Pics: M26 Die-In at Pioneer Courthouse Square
From the open publishing newswire: Image from the die-in [ Read More... ]

Reed Library Workers Seek Union Recognition
iww.jpg From the open publishing newswire: On Monday March March 24, 2003 members of the Industrial Workers of the World-Industrial Union 620 Campus & Educational Worker's Union- working at the Reed College Library Circulation Desk requested voluntary union recognition from the Administration of the college.

After waging a campaign to get workers to sign union authorization cards, Reed IWW members working at the circulation desk attained well beyond the necessary 51% to authorize union representation in bargaining. The workers cite grievances with decision-making procedures, wages, and pay periods. The union has requested a reply from the administration by April 7th 2003. The administration has not yet responded.
[ Read More... ] iww.org

Report from Wednesday morning hearing about anti-farmworker bill
From the open publishing newswire: After a hearing this morning (Wednesday) before the Oregon House Business, Labor and Consumer Affairs Committee, HB 2351 (the racist anti-farmworker bill) has been referred to a work group chaired by Rep. Betsy Close. This is according to Matt from Rep. Diane Rosenbaum's office, who assures me that Rep. Rosenbaum is VERY much against this bill. So, this bill is not dead and has not yet been passed out of committee, which means that the committee members still need to hear from us! [ Full Story and Sample Letter... ]

[ background of this legislation | www.pcun.org ]

CIVIL RESISTANCE 27.03.2003 10:08
Workshop on civil disobedience, civil resistance, and direct action
From the open publishing newswire:

An empowering workshop on non-violent civil disobedience, civil resistance, and direct action will be held this Sunday. Topics covered in the workshop include media skills, the legal process, how to form affinity groups, and much more. We are in the process of confirming a lawyer to answer your legal questions.

[ Full Story... ]

The BOO needs our help
From the open publishing newswire: KBOO reporters are right there in the streets with us...letting the world know that we give a damn...Community radio, radical community radio trying to keep us all free and informed...KBOO needs our help! WE ARE THE MEDIA!
KBOO Non-commercial Community Radio needs your help! They are trying to raise money during their bi-annual fund raising event. Help to Ensure KBOO's Presence on the public airwaves! What would the REVOLUTION be without the BOO?
Call them now and give so we won't hurt!
[ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR ACTION 26.03.2003 21:53
Civil disobedience in olympia, washington
From the open publishing newswire: ten anti-war protesters locked down in front of the state senate temporary building for three hours on wednesday morning, the 26th.

At approximately 9:45 am this morning, Wednesday March 26, ten anti-war protesters locked down in front of the entrance to the temporary State Senate building in Olympia, Washington (the Capitol building still has damage from the earthquake in February 2001). The protesters locked their necks together with u-shaped bike locks. For the first hour of the lock down, the only witnesses were a few state troopers, 5 to 7 support people, and the various people with business on the Capitol campus. At about 10:45 am a march from the Olympia Peace Camp at Heritage Park (Camp Rachel), as well as the press, arrived at the site of the lock-down. There were about 100 people helping to support those locked down, as well as chanting and playing games like the hokey-pokey. The state troopers refused the people who were locked down water to drink and a megaphone to speak with. After two hours, at 12:45, the cops brought in an electric grinder to cut the u-locks off of the protesters' necks. The protesters were charged with disorderly conduct and failure to disperse. They were taken to the Thurston County Jail, booked, and released with $250 fines and two court dates. One protester was a juvenile and was not charged at all.

The message that the protesters used the lock down to communicate was this:

"A Manifesto on the Duty of Civil Disobedience...
[ Full Story... ]

FIRST-HAND IN IRAQ 26.03.2003 18:28
raed is back - journal from a guy living in baghdad
From the open publishing newswire: he was incommunicado for two days, but has resurfaced. 22/3 - 4:30pm (day3) half an hour ago the oil filled trenches were put on fire. First watching Al-jazeera they said that these were the places that got hit by bombs from an air raid a few miniutes earlier bit when I went up to the roof to take a look I saw that there were too many of them, we heard only three explosions. I took pictures of the nearest. My cousine came and told me he saw police cars standing by one and setting it on fire. Now you can see the columns of smoke all over the city. [ Read More... ]

F*** THE CORPORATE MEDIA 26.03.2003 17:52
Willamette Week's Nick Budnick should be charged with reckless endangerment
From the open publishing newswire: The Willamette Week set a new low for itself this week, with its cover story, "All Bets Are Off". Oh yes, I know what you're going to say -- the Willamette Week is the perennial "not-so-bad" print news source in town, and we shouldn't get on their case. If I had a nickel for every time I've heard an activist start an apologist sentence with the phrase "Compared to the Oregonian..." or "Compared to KATU...", I could've started my own print publication by now, or better yet, donated it to the Alliance so they could print weekly. But it's the truth, folks -- the Willamette Week is no better than the Oregonian, and might in fact be worse for clothing itself in such hip threads as it lies to us. Oh sure, Nick Budnick can cop an attitude that sounds like he's on "our side" even when he's being scolding but all he's doing is copping; that is, being a cop of another kind, whose actions result in a worse place for all of us to live, no matter how well-intentioned he might be. If Budnick thinks he's helping the movement for peace and justice and against war and tyranny, he's sadly deluded.

Budnick's article is full of lies and mischaracterizations throughout. Such writing is not merely inaccurate; it is dangerous. By perpetuating falsehoods about activist violence when none occured -- and under-reporting or justifying the police violence that did occur -- Budnick is helping to create a public perception in which it is okay for the police to beat, pepperspray and falsely arrest people. With his disinformation, Budnick is threatening the health, safety, and liberty of dissenters of all stripes in the area, regardless of the tactics they use. When I and other people refuse to talk to him or other corporate media people, or stand nonviolently in front of their cameras (which is a completely legal act, as proven on the 25th) it is because we see the connection between their pen and the police's baton, their ink and Rowley's pepperspray, their snideness and the city's aggression. Without the empowerment of the corporate media, governments would not be able to commit the heinous acts they do, from the bombing of babies in Baghdad to the beating of teenagers on Burnside. Budnick is complicit in these deaths and injuries for his past hack-journalism, and can be blamed in part for future violence that occurs. The "stream of whitish goo" vomit that Budnick describes as issuing from the mouth of a peppersprayed man last Thursday on the Steel Bridge came from the bile typed by Budnick in his regular WW stories. [ Read More... ]

MESSAGE FOR 'LINDA' 26.03.2003 17:50
Open Letter to City Council Members and Mayor Katz Re: Use of Pepper Spray
Dear City Council Members and Mayor Katz,

Over the past week the Portland police have used pepper spray against anti-war protestors on an almost daily basis. This is not the first time that the police have used such chemical weapons. At the rally to protest George Bush this past summer, the police pepper sprayed several small children. The question that Mayor Katz and the City Commissioners need to ask themselves is whether the use of this particular weapon is appropriate and justified against peaceful protestors.

Many people may be under the impression that pepper spray causes a minor momentary irritation of the skin. This is not the case. Having been the victim of a police pepper spray attack on March 25, I can attest to the searing pain that I experienced even twelve hours afterwards. While the chemicals only touched my hand, it felt like someone had taken a piece of cut glass and was tearing my skin off. I also witnessed several young women who had been sprayed in the eyes. Mucous streamed from their noses and mouths as their bodies reacted in convulsions to the shock of the poisonous chemicals. Their eyes were glued shut, their teeth clenched from the excruciating pain. They screamed in anguish as volunteer medics attended to them; the police stood by in riot gear and watched the pain they had just caused. Firemen arrived, and unlike the police, offered medical aid to the women. One of the women went into shock, her body violently convulsing after the trauma of the attack; she had to be taken away in an ambulance. [ Read More... ]

PEACE PARK 26.03.2003 14:35
Peace Camp Action Alert!
From the open publishing newswire: I just came from the Peace Camp where inhabitants have been asked to move their property from federal land. They now have all their stuff on the sidewalks and have been advised by homeland security that they can stay there, can stand on the grass, as long as their stuff doesn't touch the land (shoes on the lawn and sign-holding are permitted). The sidewalks are city property so the jurisdiction has been shifted to the PPB to enforce the laws (sit/lie/stand ordinance). The 15 or so determined campers show resolve and vow to stay there until they are picked up and carried away by force. This is the latest development in a situation where the rules are being changed daily. The campers were initially told by homeland security troops that they could camp with tents as long as they kept the property clean (the leave no trace philosophy that is applied to all federal lands, forests or not). But every day, the rules change.
[ How you can help ]

Peace Park Legalities. Strong Constitutional Free Speech Rights -- Some Traps
Heroic Peace Park 24 hour Vigil across from city hall has been asked to move support materials "onto the sidewalk." Harrasement? Probably. But don't block public passage on sidewalk. Leave a clear path. Otherwise authorities can get judge to evict if they can show public access is impeaded (which should be hard.)

Free speech vigils like Portland "Peace Camp" have a lot of protection under U.S. Consitution, and probably even more protection under Oregon Constitution.
[ Read More... ]

Previous stories: [ PEACE PARK LIVES! MAJOR VICTORY! SUPPORT NOW .... TARPS, BLANKETS, SCRABBLE | Portland Peace Encampment releases statement of purpose | Peace Encampment carries on without tents; Shelters forbidden by Homeland Security | peace camp asks for help | Peace Camp update: Still there despite Homeland Security Threats | Portland Peace Camp may be evicted ]

Portland Police Officer Marty Rowley defends activist from corporate media thug
From the open publishing newswire: i believe we should point it out when the portland police actually do something right. it doesn't happen too often, but here's one example. The sadistic excesses of Portland Police Officer Marty Rowley (Badge #8969) have been well-documented in this forum. The man likes to pepperspray people, and was spotted doing so during the Aug. 22, 2002, Bush Protest, and the anti-war actions on February 15, 2003 and March 15, 2003.

Yesterday, however, during the March 25 protests downtown, Officer Rowley actually did his job. An activist who was trying to protect the truth from being raped was nonviolently holding his hand in front of a corporate media lens. This activist was not touching the reporter or the camera and was fully within his legal rights when taking this action. As many people have noticed, some of the local corporate media outlets have contracted security to follow them around during protests and prevent people from asserting their rights. These hired thugs have assaulted protesters on a number of occasions, or pushed violently through crowds in the interest of getting "a good shot". Yesterday, one of these guards did the same, and was repeatedly grabbing the camera-blocking activist's arm and moving it. That, however, is not legal -- that's assault. After several repititions, Rowley stepped into the crowd, approached the thug, pointed his finger at him, and told him he had to stop.[ Read More... ]

Greg Palast is coming to PSU Sat. Apr. 5th! (6-9pm)
Award-winning BBC investigative reporter and author, Greg Palast, is stopping in Portland on April 5, 2003 on a multi-city national book tour in promotion of the U.S. Edition of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. The book, a compilation of Palast's articles for the BBC and London Observer, was released February 2003 by Plume Penguin in paperback. This new special edition is tougher, deeper, and bigger with over 100 pages of new investigative material. Topics such as who is ringing the cash register on the Orwellian USA Patriot Act, why the Bush administration is silent about Saudi support for terrorism, the real story of Iraq's nuclear program, as well as an update on Venezuela including Palast's interview with President Hugo Chavez have been added. IMC is going to have an opportunity to interview Mr. Palast and would like to include your questions. So fire away! [ Read More about Palast's Visit ] Contribute questions for IMC interview | www.gregpalast.com

ANTI-WAR ACTION 26.03.2003 11:27
Die-in on Saturday
From the open publishing newswire: Saturday - 3/29; 12:00 - 1:00pm in Pioneer Square Anyone interested in doing another "Die-in" this weekend? I'm proposing an hour before the rally in the square, so we can just join that at the end. I'm going to make a load of toe-tags (although you can wear them anywhere) based on the information here: http://www.iraqbodycount.net/bodycount.htm[ Read More... ]


Join PCUN Tomorrow Morning in defending farmworkers rights at capitol!
From the open publishing newswire: HB 2351 will have a hearing tomorrow- Wed. March 26- in Salem. This supposed "Collective Bargaining" bill for farmworkers is blantantly anti-farmworker and will only serve growers' interests. PCUN, Oregon's farmworker union, asks that supporters of farmworkers rights attend the hearing to show agribusiness that we will not accept its anti-farmworker union-busting proposal.

Join PCUN on March 26 to support farmworkers rights!
What: Hearing on anti-farmworker legislation HB 2351
Where: State Capitol in Salem, Hearing Room E
When: Wed, March 26, 8:00 AM

Background: The Oregon Farm Bureau wrote and introduced HB 2351 on March 17 in yet another attempt to establish a "collective bargaining" law for farmworkers and thus control PCUN's organizing activities. This anti-farmworker bill would severely limit the ability of farmworkers to organize or defend their rights. It includes such provisions as an anti-strike clause, outlaws secondary boycotts, and requires a mandatory waiting period before a union election, which, in agriculture, could mean that the harvest ends before an election is held. It also calls for the election of a "volunteer" Agricultural Labor Relations Board, making what should be a neutral body open to political manipulation. [ Read More... ] www.pcun.org

peacepark2.jpg From the open publishing newswire: Photo of Monday rally, Peace Park. Now going 24 hours a day, a major victory in the anti-war effort. Little Beirut (A.K.A. Portland) one of handful of cities in the country where support so high the authorities haven't dared shut it down. BUT IT NEEDS ONGOING COMMUNITY SUPPORT! REINFORCEMENTS, TARPS, BLANKETS...CERTAIN PROVISIONS...AND MOSTLY WATERPROOF MATERIALS FOR MAKING SIGNS.[ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR | POLICE BRUTALITY 25.03.2003 21:31
March 25 anti-war protests: Cops block traffic better than protesters ever could; Day-long event marked by pepperspray, arrests, beatings by police
From the open publishing newswire: Anti-war activists met at the North and South Park Blocks today for what was billed as civil disobedience. However, fewer attendees and more cops than were hoped for were present, so people decided to simply march. The North Park Blocks folks started first, up Broadway, and then the South Park Blocks folks pushed off. They met just south of Pioneer Square and marched together to City Hall.

It was slow-going the whole time, as the cops were arresting anyone who jaywalked (or who they felt was jaywalking). What was especially ironic/funny is that the cops were totally blocking most of the streets they were on. If any activist had shown up hoping to stop traffic, their goal was met by the actions of the police. The crowd saw this and more than once started chanting, "Who blocks traffic? COPS block traffic!" The spectacle the police were making of themselves was ridiculous. Perhaps it was from embarrassment of this stupidity that they cracked down on a few individuals so strongly. [ Read More... ]

KBOO reports on Tuesday morning march
KBOO reporter called in live at 9 am tuesday morning 3-25-03 and gave the following report from the street:

At 9 a.m the group that had gathered at the North Park Blocks was around 150, and was moving past the Benson up S. Broadway to meet others who are at S. Park Blocks. There is a heavy police presence, big black truccks with storm troopers hanging off the sides, motorcycle cops, bike cops. 1 arrest of a guy standing in the median waving an American Flag. Cops arresting him were confronted by protesters, but just ignored this. [ Read more... ]

10:25 am KBOO report: At 10:05 am around 50-60 protesters entered City Hall. The crowd decided to disperse peacefully and is at SW 5th and Main. Police have grabbed one protester... Plan is to reconvene today at noon.
9:57 a.m. KBOO report: Around 100 protesters are blocking the doors of city hall chanting "support our troops-- bring them home!" No report of confrontation with the approx 1 or 2 dozen cops at the scene
9:30 a.m. KBOO report: from the streets: 2 people were being arrested at SW 5th and Taylor.

Report from attorney Alan Graf, c. 10am.
Police just brutalized a young man and young woman near the MAX tracks on Taylor. The young man was standing with a sign, legally, on the sidewalk. He was jumped by two cops, who smashed his face in to the ground, then smashed his face in to the ground AGAIN. Then they pepper sprayed his face from an inch away. They jumped on a young woman and hog-tied her. Then they felt her up, extensively, on the pretense they were looking for weapons. [ Read More... ]

today's lunchtime march
What a wonderful positive peaceful protest we had today! Lots of folks were able to take a break from business as usual and converge at pioneer square at lunchtime today for the rally. After gathering we took to the sidewalks with our voices and spirit, stopping at crosswalks along the way like nice law abiding citizens of the state. Marchers did a great job of waiting and re-grouping after each crosswalk hold up so that we could stay together and not get spread out across the blocks. The best part was that large numbers of police followed along with us on the streets and blocked traffic everywhere we went! Thanks! We marched around Nordstroms and they locked their doors (yeah!), we marched by the MAX tracks and the police blocked the train (yeah!), we walked by the Morrison Bridge and riot cops shut it down (yeah!) and we did all of this without breaking any of their laws. [ Read More... ]

Protestors at their best, police at their worst this afternoon...

The marchers were at their best and the police were at their worst this afternoon. It's not just people breaking the law who are getting arrested and peppersprayed. We were peacefully marching today and the police repeatedly tried to split our group into pieces by blocking crosswalks, arresting people for getting caught a few inches from the curb when the light changed, pepperspraying groups of people standing legally on the sidewalk who were not resisting at all, merely shouting at the police to let the arrestees go. I was shoved by a riot cop while standing legally on the sidewalk witnessing these events. This was during the afternoon march...at no time did this march try to take to the street or block traffic in any way. The police violence was completely unjustifiable. [ Read More... ]

Pre-set Orders of Thin Blue Line at Today's Demo
The police actions today were not in general based on "emotion". Having paid attention at several actions in recent days, I've concluded that they are: 1. Largely pre-set prior to a rally. 2. Largely based on political strategy called by someone higher up (Where? Could be in the police department, the city administration, or even Federal Homeland security. Although the later would be illegal under Oregon 181 laws, you would have to prove it. At a streetcorner, very early in one of the marches, I heard a police brass walk up to a squad of police and say something short, then walk away. I heard exactly what he said. It was this: "O.K. No change in today's Rules of Engagement. No change in orders." He left, and the squad moved off quickly toward the mass of protestors. [ Read More... ]

Guy protesting in front of Oregonian discovers effective tactic
Portland, OR— Carrying a sign that read "War-egonian Media Puppets" I stood for three hours on the sidewalk facing the street outside the Oregonian building and 'discovered' what I believe to be an effective tactic. If hundreds of individuals were to demonstrate on multiple intersections at the same time, imagine the effect.

I counted about ten cars/ minute and about 3 pedestrians and bikes/ minute. That makes about 600 cars per hour and 180 peds and bikes. I was able to interact in some way—eye contact at least-- with the majority of them: about 2000 people. I got lots of beeps and thumbs up, a good number of fuck yous and middle fingers, and a majority of people trying hard to ignore my presence but wanting to read my sign, and people reacting like they were seeing (and maybe reading) something that they did not expect. [ Read More... ]

To anyone who saw my arrest and two others this morning...
I'd appreciate fellow activists who joined in the sidewalk march this morning to post any video footage or pictures of my arrest and two other men who were in the paddy wagon with me. Eh, just got out of jail after 10 hours in a cell for being a minor. We were near Carl's Jr. when I was targeted for banging a drumstick on a random inane objects-- I did nothing to hurt anyone, simply minded my own business ON THE SIDEWALK, when a bike-cop asked me for ID and I replied no. I quickly pulled away, grabbed onto anyone near me, but it was too late. In a matter of seconds I was thrown to the ground, kicked in the head and searched 4 times. I was also sexually harassed by one of the officers, who repeatedly touched my ass. [ Read More... ]

Call the mayors office, say police used exessive force: 503 823-4120
We've all been hearing about the people calling the mayor and saying the police should have been harder on the protesters. I say everbody who feels the police are too brutal and using exessive force against peaceful protesters should call the mayor's office and say so. (503)823-4120. [ Read More... ]

PHOTOS: [ M25 Morning Protest Pictures | Photos from Tues. Mar 25th Protest | today's rally/march/arrest fest | No Business as Usual ]

Other newswire articles: [ 12:40 p.m. - two more arrests; alleged jaywalkers near pioneer square | 12:55: Another arrest at anti-war protests | Pepperspray on 3rd and Morrison | people got pepper sprayed today | Maximum Disruption, Minimum Exposure | Anyalysis of M25 Police Tactics, suggestions | KATU TV tells (a little of) the truth... | first arrestee still mia, please call legal office | people didn't go to work today | lost backpack at the protest | Police Bias | KPTV 10 PM Newscast | Thanks to the medics! ]

[ Document + Report Police Violence ]

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