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ANTI-WAR 30.03.2003 01:27
Eugene: 150 March for More War; 20 Anti-War Volunteers Take Command
From the open publishing newswire: A pro-war rally in Eugene Saturday was greated by counter-demonstrators. The confrontation lasted from 1PM to 4PM Saturday. A handfull of Eugene Anti-War demonstrators had the good corners staked out when the right-wing march arrived. But Eugene Peace Coalition went AWOL, or perhaps sunbathing. KLCC radio would not air appeal for Anti-War presense. Makes KBOO look political...

Much to the chagrin of the imported KKK type speakers and organizers, and the canon-fodder "middle-America" trucked in from Oakridge, Veneta, and Springfield, a 30 foot banner Peace Banner had gotten to the plaza early and throughout the war rally blocked the main avenue's view of things. The black banner read, "Rachel Corrie: Courage For Peace." [ Full story ]

COMMUNITY BUILDING 30.03.2003 01:19
Anarchist Brew Bloc forming
From the open publishing newswire: Brew Bloc is the Anarchist brewing collective that has been starting up over the past couple weeks. We're a group of people who choose to remove ourselves from the capitalist system DIY style by brewing our own beer. We plan to be producing all of our ingrediants eventually. We plan to supply some beer at the revolutionary art conference/soccer. We can be contacted pdxbrewblock@lists.riseup.net [ Read More... ]

POLICE STATE / ANTI-WAR 29.03.2003 16:54
March 29 protest reports
Indymedia reporter arrested
an indymedia reporter was arrested this afternoon in downtown portland. here is a report from a phone call i had with them. the reporter was charged with a class a misdemeanor: interfering with a police officer (ORS 162.247) and obtaining content of communication (ORS 165.540). they spent two hours in a holding cell described as "very unsanitary" with blood and snot on the walls. the officer who put them in the cell was friendlier than the arresting officer and actually brought a beverage.

the reporter was released this evening, but without their video camera and cell phone. their camera is being held for "evidence" but the cell phone was listed as "missing" on the property sheet. this sucks. their arraignment is coming up april 29, @ 1:00 p.m., in westside community court (justice center courtroom #1). [ Read More... ]

Army of None: Photos

Pioneer Courthouse Square
March To the Park Blocks
South Park Blocks
'Do Not Engage, Keep Moving'
Terry Schrunk Plaza
Hit and run at Peace Camp
A report came in earlier today that a pick-up truck waving an American flag hit a peace camper. He was hit while riding his bike, and the incident was witnessed by several people. Thankfully, the peace camper did not sustain serious injuries. We've just recieved another report from the peace camp that the offending hit-and-run driver has been found by police - and let go! The police reportedly took his name, but said that they couldn't do anything about it because they did not personally witness the incident. [ Read More... ]

saturday arrests
From the open publishing newswire: Three people have been arrested so far. Two males were arrested at the sw corner of pioneer square around 1:20 another person was arrested at 10th and salmon. we have a report from the street that he was informed by the police that he was no longer allowed to be at the protest. the arresting officers were:
taylor (badge number: 37607)
elo (badge number: 35914)
if anyone knows who these people were, please call jail support: 286-2477
[ Read More... ]

two arrests at Peterson's on morrison Max line
Two arrests happened at 3:20 today, Peterson's Store between 9th and 10th on Morrison. First, there was a man who was the first to be arrested. The second, a person who was video-taping the arrest, became included when Officer Hunzeker #39600 of Central Precinct - located at 1111 s.w. 2nd, Portland, Oregon, 97204 (503) - 823 - 0097, arrested the videographer for allegedly "interfering with police". Officer Hunzeker would not allow a "release of property" to another individual upon requests. Included in the property of the second arrestee was both a video camera and several videotapes. Several citizens witnessnessed both arrests and claimed that police were arresting the videographer to "cover-up" a mis-arrest of the first to be arrested. [ Read More... ]

VIDEO FILE: Army of None Rally and March
Organized by a group calling themselves the Army of None, concerned citizens gathered at Pioneer Square on Saturday, March 29, 2003 to protest the U.S. illegal invasion of Iraq and the murder of innocent civilians. These gatherings will continue at 1:00 every Saturday at Pioneer Square. From the top steps of the Square organizers first quoted Thomas Paine. Next, after stating that the Oregon Constitution was written expressly to safeguard the civil rights of Oregonians beyond those of the U.S. Constitution, excerpts from the Oregon State Constitution were read. One excerpt stated that the citizens had the ability to determine whether the government was acting in the best interests of the people, and guaranteed them the power to do so. Following the Rally, the people marched through Portland to the South Park Blocks for an open microphone, where various citizens spoke their mind about the war in Iraq and the machinations of the Bush Administration. [ Read More... ]

Streaming video, ~8 1/2 minutes long: [ DSL/CABLE Stream | D56K Stream ]

MUTUAL AID 29.03.2003 16:44
As City wages war on protesters, the community comes together to support them and organize further resistance
I want to sponsor a peace and justice activist
I'm a middle-class person with a good career and financial obligations. As a result of the aggressive invasion of Iraq, I'm tempted to drop everything and return to my roots as a full-time activist. But I believe that offering room and board to a full time peace and justice activist is the next best thing. [ Read More... ]

How to return Critical Mass arrestees' bikes
Lots of people who were arrested yesterday during critical mass were separated from their bikes during their arrests. If you picked up anyone's bike, please contact us at Jail Support, 286-2477. We'll take a description of the bike with where it was found and attempt to get it back with it's owner. Also, if you lost your bike, call us and maybe we've heard where it is. Thanks. [ Newswire post ]

Come to Critical Mass Arraignments Monday, 2:00pm Justice Center Courtroom 4
Arraignments for the arrests from the actions yesterday, friday, 3/29 will be held on Monday, march 31st at 2:00pm at the justice center, 1120 SW 3rd avenue in courtroom four. Help us fill the courtroom with support for the approximately seventeen people who were arrested unjustly. We need to let the arrestees, many of whom will be in all weekend, know that they are not in this alone and that we are in solidarity. They are in there for us, and for the victims of this war, let's all be sure to be there for them. [ Read More... ]

peace camp is looking for donations
the peace camp is looking for cash donations to help keep itself going. the contact for this is todd, who can be reached at 971-570-7018. also people could stop by... [ Read More... ]

Do you know these officers?
So here's a list of officer names that we have so far. If you were arrested M28 and we didn't touch bases with you, feel free to add your arrresting officers name as well if you have it. Also, if you or anyone else you know was roughed up by the cops and you have a name or badge number, PLEASE post it. There was a lot of excessive force used last night, and it's time that these officers are held accountable for their actions. All this information will be forwarded to Belmont Law. They can be reached at 234-2694. [ Read More... ]

this is a callout for support of those who were arrested this weekend--everyone who has been arrested this weekend will be arraigned at the same time: monday, 2pm, courtroom 4 at the justice center. this is a callout for people to physically show up to this arraignment. let these people know that we support them! so far we are looking at around 17 arrests between friday night and saturday afternoon.
[ Read More ]

Assault across from City Hall, March 25th- Witnesses needed
I was struck by a man wearing a yellow jacket. Police refused to arrest him. He was accompanied by two other men, one of which spit on me and my companions. Please contact me if you saw this.
[ Identifying photo ]

Request for Info: Alleged Violent Arrest at SW 4th & Jefferson, Evening of March 28
What was alleged -- and several others in the crowd stated that they had witnessed it as well -- was an arrest of a woman which involved the breaking of teeth and being dragged by the hair. What I'm seeking is anyone with information relating to this alleged incident.
[ Read More... ]

Videos or eyewitness accounts of arrests are needed badly.
Many of the people who were arrest on the 28th, and the 29th as well, were taken into custody rather brutally. We are asking that anyone with video footage, still shots, or eyewittness accounts contact us or Belmont Law offices to help out the arrestees. 234-2694
[ Read More... ]

CORPORATE / POLICE STATE 29.03.2003 16:20
Portland Business Alliance driving city's anti-protester policies; Vera Katz a corporate puppet
From the open publishing newswire: While disabled people are forced onto the streets, then denied access to medication, then excluded from sitting, standing or lying anywhere, Portland Mayor Vera Katz drives the Portland economy towards catastrophe. She is dedicating millions towards supporting her business friends and attempting to deny the Constitutional Rights of her constituents. Is it worth it?

Here is a quick financial analysis of Ms. Katz's speech repression policy. At a reported cost of $200,000 per day, the city has not only worn out the police department and left them less prepared in the event of an actual crisis, but racked up a bill of around $1,800,000 after nine days, during an allegedly acute budget situation. With around 160 arrests made, not counting Friday night that comes out to $11,250 per arrest. This does not include the additional costs of prosecuting mostly minor and/or fabricated crimes in an already overburdened court system. [ Read More... ]

Portland Business Alliance Executive Kim Kimbrough apparently thinks that people driving motor vehicles have more rights than people riding bicycles, and that shoppers and diners would rather come to a downtown business district under a state of police siege, rather than to a downtown where free speech is tolerated. Katz and Kroeker agree.

For those of you who don't know, Kim Kimbrough is the hired gun heading up the Portland Business Alliance that recently got City Council to back down on the Anti-War Resolution, made all the noise about the sit-lie ordinance, and tried to get more cars and parking spaces on the bus mall. Now he's whining that people peacefully expressing their opinion about how our government is misbehaving in the Middle East are hurting downtown business. He's sort of Portland's own bush-league version of the lying, thieving corporate creeps in DC. Vera's been kissing his pimply butt a lot lately... [ Read More... ]

DIVIDED POPULATION 29.03.2003 16:16
Bellingham, WA peace activities disrupted by pro-war 'parade'
From the open publishing newswire: Report just in from my sister in Bellingham that hundreds of 18-wheelers drove through town in parade-like style to disrupt day-long peace events. Yes, they had a permit. They were extremely aggressive and intimidating, blowing their horns constantly, blocking traffic. More info to come.... I wonder if this will happen here too. [ Newswire post ]

COMMUNITY 29.03.2003 09:24
People's Food Co-op to donate 7% of Saturday's sales to local peace efforts
From the open publishing newswire: As part of the Peoples Co-op Grand Opening festivities going on all this week, Saturday will be a celebration of the seven cooperative principles. The seventh of these is "Concern for Community", and in the interest of fulfilling this principle, the staff of People's voted to donate 7% of sales that day to local peace efforts. This money will go to the McKenzie River Gathering's Peace Action Fund. [ Read More... ]

[ Peoples Co-op ]

TELLIN' IT LIKE IT IS 29.03.2003 08:05
To all policemen and women, members of the working class, suv owners, anarchists
From the open publishing newswire: When a child has been "bad" and their behavior improves in the eyes of their parents are they rewarded or found easier to oppress? It seems that the children of Portland have abusive parents who encourage violence by displaying it in the corporate media, convincing the public that we are crazed anarchist who have come to ruin their lives. This is not so.

To all policemen and women,corporate media, members of the working class, suv owners, those who support war, whose who want peace, those who support the troops: All of you have families...and I assume a majority have children...think of the times that you experienced a deep love for your child and how proud you are of them as they grow.

Now look at the children in the street, you instilled morals of love and peace in us and we may display that differently than you but our protests are not directed at hurting you. If we block traffic for a few hours (the traffic is mainly blocked by the police which the media tends to forget) you may be a bit late for American Idol but time is such a small price for life...

I feel that by excercising my freedom of speech, and my right to assembly that I am an AMERICAN...yes, me, the teenage girl clad in black, that I am excercising my rights, making me "more American" that the biggest truck with the largest flag. [ Read More... ]

F*** THE CORPORATE MEDIA 29.03.2003 00:58
The Corporate Media is Violence, because it is Money
From the open publishing newswire: This is an excerpt from the brillian work "Nonviolence and Its Violent Consequences" by William Meyers. I've noticed that some individuals posting here seem bothered by hostility towards the media. I disagree with these defenders of the media. Read this excerpt and understand why.
One common argument against more militant forms of protest and action is that these will alienate the media and the general public, "upon whose support the ultimate success of our campaign depends." While this argument is used in many contexts for many political purposes, it is especially used by Nonviolence propagandists to maintain their control of the acts of political (and environmentalist) groups.

Again, a little critical thinking will reveal that Nonviolence, by refusing to look at reality or meaningfully address grey areas, sets its hand firmly in league with Violence. The usual argument is that any violence or destruction of public property will result in negative coverage by the Press, and a negative reaction from Middle Class Americans, who vote in elections and secretly subscribe to the Jainest political principle of Nonviolence.

When you hear people make this argument, you know that their brains have been thoroughly washed. [ Read More... ]

Arrests downtown at radical feeder march and Critical Mass; Urgent help needed for jail support
A radical feeder march in the North Park Blocks was addressed by MOVE veteran Mario Africa of Philadelphia before heading out to join the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition's regular Friday march at 5pm on Friday.

A massive police presence was seen throughout downtown Portland, with cops on foot, in cars, on bikes and motorcycles, and on horseback. Within moments of the beginning of the march south from the Park Blocks, officers cornered a young woman in a crosswalk on Broadway near Burnside. It was unclear whether she was arrested or cited.

Portland police closely watched and cordoned the radical march, which kept to the sidewalks. Police blocked access to crosswalks in an attempt to split the march into smaller groups. When asked by marchers why the police were blocking the crosswalk after part of the march had gone through, one bike officer was heard saying, "We are preempting the crossing signal." [ Read More... ]

This was a fine night of demonstration, despite police aggression and abuse.
Fun had by all tonight (excepting maybe the folks who were abused by the Portland Police). A solid rejection of recent police intimidation campaigns was evident tonight, judging by the number of spirited participants that turned out to voice powerful dissent with respect to current public policy. A crowd appeared as diverse as any in recent actions, culminated in a boisterous sea of liberty this evening, and it was not without waves. [ Read More... ]

[ Photos from Critical Mass | Photo of Mario Africa Addressing Marchers at North Park Blocks ]

Reports from the streets, as action took place>
Arrest at 10th & Burnside
6:30pm: just got a report of an arrest at 10/burnside. a bicyclist was pulled off of bicycle in right lane, reportedly obeying all traffic laws. arresting srg is rothwell, and a dot number of one of motorcycles is 1813. arrestee was also searched without consent. [ Newswire post ]

Radical feeder march arrest
6:55pm: a woman was arrested around 5:30 from the radical feeder march. she was evidently roughed up a bit by the arresting officers. [ Newswire post ]

Cops f'ing with Critical Mass from get-go

Yay! 2 1/2 bridges closed!
8:34pm: A report just in from the streets: A person was going downtown to deliver blankets and sleeping bags to the peace camp, and first went to the Hawthorne Bridge to cross the river. The driver said it was closed by police, though there was no sight of protestors. The driver then went to the Morrison Bridge. It was also closed by police, and again, no obvious reason why. The driver then went to the Burnside Bridge, which was partly closed, but traffic was getting through so they were able to deliver the blankets and sleeping bags to the peace camp. [ Read More... ]

The police don't have a clue how much more commited we are than they. Their view is that they are protecting the "community from radical thugs and vandals". We know ourselves as PART of the dynamic community of Portland and the world, commited to educating a change in the consumption of resouces and the mass marketing that is desroying our world. We are out to protect ourselves ,our future, our community and our world. The police and the Mayor can only see as far as their own self-hypnotized, bought-and-paid-for, brainwashed little egos can see. They see in us freedom that can not be controlled or scared into compliance to their vision of nice little corporate citizens.
– 99th Monkey, in a comment
Critical Mass Stories, published post-ride
Critical Mass A-Z
Catching the Critical Mass after the earlier radical march and combined marches, the first thing I saw was a cop shove a rider off the bike and then try to grab him/her. Instead, the person ran (waaay faster than the cops) into a parking structure (great place to hide). A cop watched the front for a moment until his car started beeping or something, then the escapee made off in a distant direction. Then followed a few senseless arrests which totally blocked up dense streets. Dunno why they do this when they claim that they're there to clear the streets. [ Read More... ]

Critical Mass. What a mess. Seriously. The bikes had no chance.
I did some rounds and talked to a few people and then the mass pushed off, we turned west onto Burnside and we were forced into one lane. This is a relatively new tactic here in Portland, I havent been on a ride where we were forced onto one side of the street. The irony here is that the cops were in the other lane and it wasnt like they were helping anyone just giving themsleves better position. The first incident happened two blocks into it. The mass was stopped just up by Powells and because we were large a contingent turned north on 9th and went around that stoppage and came out on the other side to go east on Burnside. [ Read More... ]

In the middle of a critical mass, a girl on a green cruiser got taken down and arrested for no reason, i'd like to help her
This posting is to offer my services as a witness; I'm not even sure what street it was on, and I'm uncertain about the time as well (only that it was still daylight), but I saw a woman unnecessary arrested. I was riding with CM and all I know is that it was before the mass was splinted into oblivion. Anyway, this woman wasn't simply "arrested", she was taken out. I was riding a few feet to the left of a girl with short blondish hair and (I think) a green coat. Honestly the only solid detail is that this girl had a nice old-style, but obviously newer, shiny green cruiser bike. We had just turned down a one way from another one way, and the ever-present moto-cops approached this girl, telling her to stop. [ Read More... ]

Unjust and unwarranted (Critical Mass hasslers)
Last night I was riding my bike around downtown when an officer on a motorcycle ran down a quiet girl behind me, knocked her off her bike, jumped off of his, and proceeded to slam her to the ground and knock out some of her teeth whhen she was begged him to tell her what she had done wrong. Her pleas were drown out when more gestapo roared into the frey with their spray and their "MWA MWA" Electric Fearhorns pounding "No more liberty in this town fuckers!!! We've had enough of your freedom of expression so get the fuck down! Get off the street! Now get off the sidewalk! Now get the fuck down because you're under arrest!" And all on the steps of the courthouse and all on the courthouse camera. Do you think they'll ever release that tape to their loving public? [ Read More... ]

just released-critical mass
I was arrested at 7PM friday during critical mass on the corner of Broadway and Couch(???). I am looking for information about my bike and any witness of my arrest.
[ Full Report... ]

Compiling CM stories for KBOO - help needed
A lot happened on the ride last night. Here's what I observed and head about from others...
[ Read More... ]

Urgent help needed with jail support!
many people have been/are being arrested downtown tonight at marches and critical mass. we will need help from anybody willing to pick people up from jail upon release later tonight (we hope). also, there is currently a need for people to pick up severe pepper spray victims from the 5th and morrison area downtown. (7:25pm)please support those on the streets!!! call the number below if you are available to help out. [ Newswire post ]

jail support and ride line: 503-286-2477

update from jail support for todays actions
jail support for todays actions has started receiving calls from people who have been arrested earlier. so far we know of approximately nine men and approximately six women being held at the justice center. it looks like those who are unable to post bail over the weekend will be held until monday. we have received reports that some arrestees will be arraigned monday at 2:00, at least one we know to be in room 4, though which building it is in was not given. We will post more information here as it is made available... [ Read More... ]

Critical mass tickets
This is more a call for information than an autonomous story. i was looking for help in determining the best way to deal with a critical mass ticket. it looked as though there were huge numbers of bikers being ticketed in the first fifteen/twenty minutes and i'm sure many of them would like to know what recourse is available without taking the time of the protest lawyers and other sources that can help with the ones that found themselves in the backs of police cars. [ Read More... ]

WHO WILL TELL THE PEOPLE? 28.03.2003 18:16
pdx indymedia video showing at Clinton Street Theater a stunning success
From the open publishing newswire: Damn! The show sold out and about 50 people were turned away! I figured a lot of people would come out because video from the 3/20 Day of War protest was going to be shown, but I wasn't expecting a line that went all the way down the block and around the corner at 25th.

It was quite a scene. Fox News was there (though I don't know why -- were they expecting a bunch of people in masks or something?). People were flyering the line, collecting signatures on a Bush Impeachment petition, and announcing protests and events up near the box office. The new issue of Blackthorn, hot off the presses only hours before, was also distributed, and it looks great! Those kids do awesome work.

The first selection, about M20, was about a half hour long and the crowd loved it, cheering many times throughout. Put together from footage by 9 different video activists, it showed a lot of stuff that was never broadcast on the corporate media, because the corporate media didn't have enough cameras in enough places. This video showed that indepedent activists can do a better job of covering a story than the corporate folks because when it comes down to it, there's more of us than them, and in a very real sense we have more resources than they do! So that was very encouraging. [ Read More... ]

Monday, 3/31 @ 7:00 - It's a Beautiful Pizza
Wednesday, 4/2 -- at a new place on Alberta; details still being worked out
Friday, 4/11 @ 8:00 -- Reed College
Wednesday, 4/23 @ 8:00 -- Lewis and Clark

MUTUAL AID 28.03.2003 18:13
Report-back from the M20 arrestee support and political action forum
From the open publishing newswire: The arrestee support and political action forum at the Lucky Lab, Thursday Night March 28th hosted a rotating crowd of approximately 75 persons most of whom were detained and accused of various 'crimes' while practicing their constitutional right to free speech. The Belmont Legal support team (this is wrong but someone will correct the name) was on hand to provide information in support to accused individuals as they ponder various courses of action to protect their rights and also, in the preponderance of cases, as they continue to voice their dissent through the legal system into which they have been thrust.

Methodology was a huge question and a wide variety of options intended to protect individual rights were proffered. The general atmosphere of the room as the discussion progressed, primarily a question and answer session, was relaxed, cooperative, supportive, and intent to continue this movement of social change. Many came with friends while many came individually to find support among friends who share their convictions. [ Read More... ]

GOT YOUR BACK 28.03.2003 18:12
Message to the anti-war movement from Black Cross Health Collective
From the open publishing newswire: Thank you for being in the streets every day here in Portland. We, as first aid people and medics, will try to maintain our presence with you. You are acting as responsible citizens of the world.

We want to say a few things that we think are important. And we are speaking as Black Cross, not as individuals, and not for every street medic or first aid collective.

In the last week we have received many thanks via our website and in person for treating people. While we appreciate those sentiments, it is necessary to say that most of the medics treating people are not part of Black Cross Health Collective. We have been thanked for actions that we know members of MASHH (Medicine for Activists Seeking Health and Healing) collective, CHE (Cascadia Health Educators) and other affinity groups or individuals were responsible for. [ Read More... ]

DISCRIMINATION 28.03.2003 18:10
Transgendered Anti-war protester abused by police
From the open publishing newswire: A transgendered female participating in an anti-war protest was singled out, arrested and abused early Friday morning in Portland, Oregon. Local transgenders are upset, and demanding explanations in response to the treatment by the Portland Police and the Multnomah County Sheriff's Dept. In addition, the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (NTAC) has expressed deep concern at the initial reports of this incident. NTAC's chair, Vanessa Edwards Foster, called the news "especially troubling" and worthy of deeper investigation.

According to eyewitness reports, when police arrived at the Burnside Bridge near downtown Portland on Friday, March 21, they surrounded the crowd in full riot gear. Once in place, they announced over a loud speaker that everyone could leave, and that anyone who chose to remain would be arrested for disorderly conduct. One male -to-female transgender was singled out by authorities for what was called "unwarranted verbal and physical abuse" on multiple occasions, and in front of several witnesses. [ Read More... ]

An Alternative Type Of Protest
From the open publishing newswire: Just a little fun the midnite cardboys had tonite Well its done. We blanketed the upper south east side with anti-war protest signs. Over 100 different signs with messages from "stop the war", "No blood for oil" "Bush is a terrorist" etc. The midnite cardboys encourage all who read this to come up with their own unique forms of protest. Be creative and please tell us all about it. [ Read More... ]

The Bush Doctrine: PDX NAZI Laboratory for NEW USA Order

Gleichschal-tung - Ominous word used to describe how Nazi's took over key public institutions and media during 1933-1939. Gleichschaltung is the German word for consolidation. The Nazi regime used the word for a system of total control and coordination of all aspects of society. The government's desire for total control impelled it to be the only influence on society. This required the elimination of any other form of influence and/or opposition to Nazism. The period from 1933 to around 1937 was characterized by the systematic elimination of organizations that could influence people, such as unions and political parties. Organizations that could not be eliminated, such as the schools, were brought under direct control. The influence of the churches was also assailed. The government assumed direct control of all economic activity as well. Oppose Bush National Socialism [ Nazism ]. Stop WWIII. Oregonians Must SPEAK UP [ Stop the Bush Holocaust ]

POLICE STATE / ANTI-WAR 27.03.2003 19:02
Local Minister out of Jail
From the open publishing newswire: I was arrested on Belmont and 32nd at around 4:30 for failing to produce my ID to a police officer. The actual charge was "interfering with a peace officer." I had not jaywalked or committed any crime. I was arrested within five minutes of arriving at the excedingly calm and peaceful protest. I was released on bail at approx. 12:30. Be careful out there. But now it is late, so more information will come later. Thank you for all of your support. [ Blessings to you all... ]

Police State crosses the river: Unitarian minister arrested on SE Belmont peace march

peaceful protest in s.e. (escorted by 20 cops on bikes, at least 5 unmarked cars, one load 'o riot cops and a partridge in a pear tree....)got about 4 blocks before the 1st arrest. the intern minister of the unitarian church was stopped by the police for "jaywalking" and he refused to supply the police with i.d. so he was arrested for interfering w/ an officer. Some of you may have seen him Tues., he was wearing his ministerial gown at the rally. He has been active in most of the protests since Thurs. and has become a familiar face to pdx's finest. show your support in any way you can! peace. [ Read More... ]

belmont protesters stick to sidewalk, at least 1 arrest so far

a group of about 30 protesters was flanked with approx. 30 bike cops, 10 motorcycle cops, one suv of riot gear cops hangin off the side, at least 4 cop cars and several undercover police vehicles. the small group left and walked along belmont flanked by bicycle cops, and one man, a minister at a unitarian church, was arrested for failing to give his ID to a police officer.

most of the cops were not wearing name tags and nearly all of them refused to give their names or badge numbers when asked by the crowd.

we're living in a police state. [ Read More... ]

Photos and report of the first belmont peace demo

Belmont area residents took to the sidewalks today in order to protest the illegal terrorist acts being perpetrated by "Little Bush" against innocent civilians in Iraq. The support from passers by and motorists was overwhelmingly in support of the protest. The reaction from Portland Police Bureau was simply overwhelming!

My estimate based on photos (and I am not using some Oregonian counting method) would be that there were 50 or so protestors and up to 70 cops ... 20-30 on bikes, 10 or so on motorcycles, 20 in cruisers and at least 10 in robocop garb on the running boards. [ More Belmont Pix and Report ]

[ Thursday Belmont/Hawthorne march photos ]

ANTI-RECRUITMENT 27.03.2003 17:39
American Hero Chains Himself to Military Recruiting Center
From the open publishing newswire: Shortly after 8 o'clock Thursday morning, an unidentified antiwar activist locked himself to the front of the US military recruiting center at 1317 NE Broadway in Portland, Oregon.

Arriving just before the center was scheduled to open, the man used fifty pounds of chains to lock himself down in silent, peaceful protest against the US war on Iraq. The chains extended from the man's body to both doors of the recruiting center, preventing them from being opened. [ Read More... ]

Earlier story, as reported by KBOO
At the Recruiting Station on NE Broadway, Trout has called into KBOO at 8 am thursday 3/27 to report his own non-violent action in opposition to the war in Iraq. He has a u lock around his neck and is chained the doors to the Recruiting Center at NE 13th and Broadway, 1317 NE Broadway. He will stay locked down until he is arrested. Doors are normally opened at this recruiting station at 9 a.m.
[ Read More... ]

ANTI WAR PROTESTS 27.03.2003 17:39
Portland Black Bloc Communique - pre March 28th protest
From the open publishing newswire: Portland Black Bloc Communique - read and distribute. There should also be print copies of this floating around at tomorrows 4.30 radical feeder march. [ Read More... ]

F*** THE CORPORATE MEDIA 27.03.2003 15:29
Willamette Week story off mark; Corporate media were inciters of violence, not protesters
From the open publishing newswire: Long time activists are used to insensitivity and dishonesty from the corporate media. However, we are beginning to see a new tactic in the corporate lie arsenal. At 7pm on March 20, a knot of about half dozen gortex-clad "reporters" in bright yellow or blue jackets approached a handful of peace protesters on Burnside Street near 2nd, who had been tasked with halting the war machine before it could kill again in it's self-stated goal to "rule the world."

Confrontations between corporate media and Portland activists go back decades, but activists, "reporters" and bystanders were about to witness something new. The small group of "reporters" had prepared for this moment: knowing that activists are onto their lies and are no longer willing to be used and abused in the media to gain ratings and support inaccurate stereotypes, the "reporters" contracted hired thugs to assault and harass anyone who stood in their way.

...[I]nstead of halting at simple lies, the "reporters" gathered together and surged into the crowd, where they had been asked not to film. They became hostile and angry, and began shoving their way into people's faces anyway. When people attempted to block access of their intrusive lenses, brown-shirted thugs bolted into the crowd with the ferocity of trained attack dogs and began assaulting people.

While news helicopters circled overhead, the crowd frantically tried to fend off the battering bull dogs. [ Read More... ]

Willamette Week Article Lame
What's up with the exploitation style cover on the current Willamette Week? Why is it that neither Willy Week nor the Mercury can write articles on "Little Beirut" protestors without 'cartoonizing' them? How many articles can be written from the point of view that protestors should always expect to be cannon fodder? Can there be any articles written in these so called legitimate papers that actually question police violence? A friend noticed that Willy Week articles put down protestors when they get 'violent' and then put them down when they don't make a 'ruckus' - so what are they supposed to do? [ Read More... ]

See also: [ Willamette Week's Nick Budnick should be charged with reckless endangerment ]

WW lies and gross misrepresentations
Nick Buttlick is a corporate shill. He may think that he is honest, but he is not. He is either lying on purpose, or is himself deluded. I was not on the bridge and did not see whether people pushed against the police with the banner or not. It looks like they did in the photo. However, this does not in anyway explain the constant bias against protestors, the almost complete lack of examination of abusive and sadistic police violence (of which I personally witnessed ALOT), and the characterization of an indymedia reporter pushing a media person when I saw over and over the corporate media and their hired thugs pushing, striking and yelling at protestors and the only thing I saw protestors do is yell.

If nothing else, this illustrates the superiority of the indymedia model to corporate media. [ Read more... ]

From the open publishing newswire: I am trying to get as much information as I possibly can on Officer Krueger. He refused to give his badge number, but I am doing the best I can to make this man pay for the violence he has committed against Portland's citizens. If you have any information or stories about this man, please email me at jack_straw_pdx@hushmail.com. Thanks

Jack Straw
[ Read More... ]

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