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BECOMING THE MEDIA 01.04.2003 23:28
pdx indymedia video showing packs It's a Beautiful Pizza; Next showing is Wednesday night at Alberta Street's The Know
From the open publishing newswire: Last night, It's a Beautiful Pizza was packed to overflowing for a night of VIDEOS FROM THE RESISTANCE. Some people even stood on the sidewalk outside and watched through the windows without sound. If you hadn't gotten there by the 7:00 start time, you couldn't find anywhere to sit in the main room. Dozens of people sat on the floor and stood along the sides and in the next room. If you wanted to order pizza, you had to go down to the end of the counter by the bulletin boards and give a shout to the happily overworked staff. About 150 people altogether were there, and others left after they couldn't find any place to squeeze in.

The A22 Bush Protest video premiered to an excellent reception. People also loved "Day X", a piece about the Day of War protests in Portland. Also shown were a Cascadia Summer preview video, and a moving piece about the March 15 anti-war protests. The latter was edited around some original anti-war poetry spoken by a woman of color who was at the radical march that day. [ Read More... ]

Related posts: [ Let's Remember to Pick-up After Ourselves!! | 2nd viewing of videos of resistance????? | pdx indymedia video showing at Clinton Street Theater a stunning success ]

Wed. 4/2 - 7:00 p.m. @ The Know - 2026 NE Alberta St.
Fri. 4/11 - 8:00 p.m. @ Reed College (in Biology 18)
Mon. 4/21 - 8:00 p.m. @ Lewis & Clark College (in the Council Chamber in Templeton)

PRINT MEDIA 01.04.2003 22:14
What Does Democracy Look Like, zine about the protests, needs your words & pictures
From the open publishing newswire: We are gathering stories, comics, and photographs for a compilation about the recent anti-war demonstrations and protests. All experiences, from peaceful protests to civil disobedience and arrest stories are needed.
[ Details... ]

EXPRESSING DISSENT 01.04.2003 22:01
Anti-war protests on Belmont Street and Division Steet on Thursday
From the open publishing newswire:
Reminder about the Belmont Street anti war protest on Thursday; Once again Belmont area residents will be taking to the sidewalks this Thursday to protest that illegal and unjust war on Iraq.

Meet at Belmont and 34th at 4pm. March along Belmont to 20th, down to Hawthorne, up to 39th and back to Belmont and 34th.

Last week there were around 50 protestors and 80 cops (inclusing the ubiquitous riot truck), and one person was arrested for stepping off the sidewalk and interfering with an officer.

The public response was great, so come out this Thursday and support this neighborhood event!
[ Newswire Post... ]

Please come to a march up Division on April 3rd. Meet at 4pm at 22nd and SE Division (the empty parking lot across from the Red and Black Cafe). Come out and meet your neighbors who also want to stop this war and use the war money for schools and health care. Social change starts with building your community! Musical accompaniment is under discussion. [ Read More... ]

CHECK THE DATE 01.04.2003 20:27
Police raid supermarkets for drug paraphenelia
From the open publishing newswire: Citing the recent successes of Operation Pipe Dreams, an effort by the federal government to curtail the avaliability of drug paraphenelia, has launched into it's second stage Tuesday, as DEA agents accompanied by Portland police, raided supermarkets and confiscated their stock of canned soft drinks and beer, the cans which could potentially be used to smoke marijuana.

The latest phase of the campaign, led by US Attorney general John Ashcroft, was designed to send a clear message to would-be MacGyvers who seek to find alternative methods of drug use in the absence of traditional paraphenelia. Aluminum beverage containers of all sorts were removed from the shelves of many retailers Tuesday morning,

This operation was performed by federal agents, accompanied by the Portland Police. The department will receive federal monies for their role. "This will certainly offset some of the added costs of overtime, riot gear and pepperspray due to recent protests" said police spokesman Sgt. Brian Schmautz "Of course we wouldn't undertake such an endeavor if we didn't feel it was a noble cause" [ Read More... ]

Wal-Mart to build store on SE Hawthorne
Retail giant Wal Mart is expected to announce plans to open a Wal Mart Supercenter outlet on Hawthorne Blvd, company officials say. The proposal, which is being negotiated by Wal Mart executives and Portland city council members would entail demolition of l businesses and residences in an area bounded by Hawthorne Blvd. on the north, Harrison st. on the South, 34th avenue on the west, and 37th avenue on the east. The deal between the city of Portland and Wal Mart is expected to be finalized as early as July. Upon finalization, residents and business owners will likely be given six months to vacate. "With that scenario, we'd like to begin demolition and construction early next year, and be operational in time for the 2004 holiday season",said Wal Mart Northwestern division manager Gordon Hibbs. [ Read More... ]

NONVIOLENT TACTICS 01.04.2003 17:57
Workshop: Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Demystified
Sunday, April 13, 2003
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Midland Regional Library, Large Meeting Room
805 SE 122nd
While the institutions of violence require a person of certain age and fitness to do the work, nonviolent action can be practiced by anyone. This is a free introductory workshop on nonviolence and civil disobedience for the curious and the serious. Participants will get a taste of views of nonviolence, elements involved in civil resistance, and what it could feel like to do an action. [ Read More... ]

The American Face of Fascism 01.04.2003 16:23
Mike Hawash detained without due process
From the open publishing newswire: On Thursday morning, March 20, a long-time employee of mine, Mike (Maher) Hawash, was arrested outside Intel's Hillsboro offices and taken into custody by the FBI and members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force. We later learned he was being "detained" as a material witness. Simultaneously, FBI agents in bulletproof vests and carrying M-16s woke Mike's wife and three children in their Hillsboro home, searched it for four hours, and presented Mrs. Hawash with a grand jury subpoena.
All of the court documents in this case are sealed. Mike was held incommunicado from his wife and attorneys for several days. When they did contact him, neither he, his attorneys, nor anyone else knows why he is being detained. Mike is a long-time U.S. citizen, originally of Palestinian birth and previously of Jordanian nationality. He has been a U.S. citizen for many years, having attended college in Texas. He worked for me at Intel on and off for 10 years.
[ Read More... ]

From Anti-Capitalist to Wyoming
ILWU Local 5 Strike Fund Benefit: Rock Out to Walk Out
From the open publishing newswire: What: Strike Fund Benefit: Rock Out to Walk Out (all ages show) Where: Disjecta (116 NE Russell) When: Friday April 18th 8-midnight Who: Performances by: ConSOLIDated, Crack City Rockers, Ma Ford, The Mouse that Roared, The Incredible Kid and DJ Anjali, Pleasure Holiday, Sonsa dn Lovers, Kevin Sampsell, and Steffen Silvis How Much: $5 at the door. There will be drinks (beer, wine, soda) and food for sale
[ Read More... ]
FTAA(miami) anti-capitalist consulta
From the open publishing newswire: This is a call for an anti-capitalist coordinating/planning meeting to begin preparations for actions against the FTAA ministerial meeting being held in Miami, Florida on November 20-22, 2003. We hope that this consulta will be an opportunity to build a broad based, diverse anti-capitalist response to the ministerial. Within the framework of creative militant action we hope to create new models of resistance that strengthen and revitalize our anti-capitalist/anti-authoritarian community.
[ Read More... ]
Bush Attacking the Great Divide!
From the open publishing newswire: The Great Divide - Southern Wyoming's Vast Desert Lands The BLM's Great Divide area takes in 3.5 million acres of public land stretching across southern Wyoming, a vast and windswept landscape that includes half of the Red Desert. Wildlands with sculpted badlands, an island mountain range with untouched lodgepole pine forests, and the largest active sand dune field in North America all fall within the Great Divide. The area also holds important habitats for wild horses, elk and rare or sensitive animals such as ferruginous hawks, mountain plovers, and black-footed ferrets.
We Have a Chance to Save these Wild Wide-Open Desert Lands The Bush Administration and the BLM are revising the Great Divide's Management Plan. While the administration's goal is to ramp up drilling, they have a responsibility to protect the region's irreplaceable wildlife and landscapes. So each of us, as American citizens and partial owners of these lands, now has a job to pressure the BLM to uphold this responsibility.
[ Read More... ]
Administration gutting NF Management Act-- Comment s Due April 4!
From the open publishing newswire: This Bush Administration proposal to gut the National Forest Management Act , if implemented, will lead to the widespread removal of environmental protections, as well as severely restricting public input. The deadline for comments was extended to April 4! Sample letters can be cut and pasted-- this is really nasty-- many times they have tried to get this through over the years... Please at least email by going to the website.
[ Read More... ]

WOMEN'S RIGHTS 01.04.2003 14:43
Deceptive, Anti-Choice Legislation Passes Senate
From the open publishing newswire: this is an e-mail that was forwarded to me recently...

While America and the world are poised on the brink of war, I ask you to stay committed to protecting freedoms within our own borders. Last week's Senate vote on the so-called "partial-birth" abortion ban was clearly a direct assault on one of our most important freedoms:


The New York Times called last week's Senate vote "...a clear recognition that this was the beginning of a broader struggle, that the long-simmering abortion war was entering a new, more contentious phase." The Washington Post called the debate "pointless," and the U.S. Supreme Court struck down similar legislation not long ago. But that hasn't stopped President Bush and his anti-choice colleagues from introducing and passing deceptively-titled "partial-birth" abortion ban legislation last week. It is NOT supported by the medical community, and is unconstitutional to boot.

And guess what? With an anti-choice House set to vote on it within weeks and the President vowing to sign, it may become law.

This is just the beginning, friends. Please, do what you can to stop the Bush administration's assault on a woman's right to choose.

To read more about this latest development, please see the links below. And be sure to keep an eye out for our updates as this legislation moves through the House of Representatives.[ Read More... ]

MEMORIAL 31.03.2003 23:33
Tuesday Vigil for Mejia Poot

On the second anniversary of the police killing of Jose Mejia Poot, Latino community members are holding a memorial vigil at City Hall to remember Jose and to rally opposition against current police brutality practices. TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 4-6PM, CITY HALL (SW 4TH & JEFFERSON)
[ Full Story & Press Release... ]

BIOTECHNOLOGY 31.03.2003 19:00
shutdown the WTO and tell them no GMOs
From the open publishing newswire: Calling on all those worried about genetically modified foods, free trade, democracy, farmers rights, world hunger, the environment, and a huge range of other issues to come out to Sacramento on June 23-25, 2003 for the ministerial meeting! http://biodev.org/sacramento/

The conference in Sacramento is more than just a prelude to the WTO meeting in Cancun, it is our chance to bring biotechnology into the national spotlight, and put corporations like Monsanto on the defensive.

This meeting will have government officials, members of the WTO and corporate fatcats all getting together behind closed doors discussing our environment, our food supply and how they will turn our world into their greedy vision.

If you do not have the ability to come to Sacramento or hold a local protest, then tell Monsanto you don't want their GMOs in your diet.http://www.monsanto.com/monsanto/layout/about_us/contactus.asp
[ Read More... | contact NW RAGE for mobilization plans ]

'PRO-WAR' RALLY 31.03.2003 11:44
april fools
GET A BRAIN MORANS! From the open publishing newswire: San Francisco and elsewhere :: This idea started in SF, but can be done all over the U.S. and the world - anyone interested? Here's San Francisco's info- April Fools Day "pro-war" parade, Tuesday, April 1st, 5 pm beginning on the Polk street side stairs of San Franciscos City Hall. Please come in your best "pro-war" regalia, bearing the garb of oil barons and war mongerers, and bearing signs expressing their sympathies, ("More Blood For Oil" and "Profit Over People," etc.) The point is to make this SO over the top that it is obviously a joke. [ Read More... ]

Portland Plans

Arrestees/legal team meeting
From the open publishing newswire: Arrestees & legal team meeting NOT at Lucky Lab this Thursday. There was no group decision to meet again at the Lucky Lab, and I don't see any tactical reason to divide arrestees into "Critical Mass arrests" and "general protester arrests". We're all in the same boat politicaly and legally, and relying on the same pool of lawyers. One meeting is better than two. The rest of us arrestees and legal team will be meeting at the IWW union hall , 616 E Burnside, Thursday, April 3, at 7:00 PM. We hope to see you all there, whether you were arrested on a bike or on foot. [ Read More... ]

Plans & Needs for the forming Legal Collective

PEACECAMP 31.03.2003 09:25
Shots Fired Near Portland Peace Encampment
From the open publishing newswire: Shots were fired in the vicinity of the Portland Peace Encampment in the early morning hours approx. 1:00am 3/31/03. Portland police arrived on the scene with out being called to inquire about the incident. No one in the camp had any information on the alleged shooting.

Peace Camp is soaked this morning. Needs: Bus tickets, and, as always, coffee and cigarettes. Also needs influx of militant defenders to prevent possible eviction. [ Read More... ]

FOURTH REICH 31.03.2003 09:23
I was arrested for no reason on Saturday at Pioneer courthouse square!
Fourth Reich FlagFrom the open publishing newswire: The Portland Police department has chosen a side, and it is not ours! I went down to Pioneer courthouse square on Saturday and was a little dissapointed when I first arrived because there were only a handful of anti-war protestors and there were about a dozen or so people participating in the "die-in" in the center of the square... I noticed one of the motorcycle cops drive by with a "support your troops" sign on his bike with a couple of American flags on it. I remember thinking that it wasn't proper for a public payed employee to use public property to advocate a political position, but I didn't give it much thought after that, until later.

... I asked him what law required me to show him my id and he told me that if I didn't give him my id in three seconds, I would be arrested. I told him that I was more than willing to provide him my id if he could tell me what law said that I had to provide id. He arrested me and my friend who also did everything the officer asked except provide id. I am asking anyone who was at Pioneer courthouse square at approx. 01:20 pm and saw the events that led to our arrest to contact jailsupport and inform them of your contact information. If we don't stand together in solidarity, the cops will continue to take these sort of unwarrented actions in an effort to quell dissent. [ Read More... ]

Tuesday arrestee needs witnesses!
I was arrested at the Tuesday sidewalk march, sometime between 2 and 2:30pm, on the crosswalk at SW 3rd and Madison, about 15 minutes after the crowd was peppersprayed at 3rd and Washington, as we were going back to Terry Shrunk Plaza. I was in all black, with goggles, bandana over lower face, black bike helmet, green army backpack. If you saw me get arrested please contact me. [ Read More... ]

Vera's folly
Mayor Katz says the protests will be paid in part by reducing or eliminating Social Service programs. Did she simply "forget" that her desire to have a proffesional baseball team here would cost a lot more than people practicing free speech? [ Read More... ]

PEACE 30.03.2003 23:37
Minor Confrontation on Hillsdale Peace Walk

These aggressors are so typical of what I've seen at rallies and marches. Today at the Hollywood vigil we were greeted with 99% honks and waves and peace signs. And almost, to a person, the ones who raised the middle digit were young white males in SUVs or big pickups.
From the open publishing newswire: A couple of young men seemed to have a problem with our peaceful march today. They followed us for a while, making semi-intelligible pro-war comments through their vehicle's PA system. At one point they got out of their vehicle to confront the Peace Walkers, but had second thoughts. This was due in part to having their pictures taken by multiple photographers (see below).

Their vehicle is a late model, clean & shiny Ford Explorer. It has University of Oregon vanity plates CBGN. There's an external cell antenna and "O" decal in the rear window.

The driver was the kid in the Mariners sweatshirt. Both appeared to be of college age.

[ Here are tactical defense suggestions for peaceful demonstrators ]

Police invade Mt. Tabor neighborhood during neighborhood peace march
I was at Mt Tabor yesterday and so were SO many cops. I have never felt that strong of an out of place police presence and it didnt make me feel safer...more like invaded. I would say to every 1 person there was at least 1-2 cops. And there were probably 100-150 people there just hangin out with their dogs...this was later in the day after the initial walk I would think, but it seemed as though they were waiting for something to happen, like people speaking their minds or something. Motorcycle cops, cops in cop cars and in cop Camaros. Not only were they on the hill itself, but they were "embedded" in local driveways pulling over alot of people that were driving away from the hill.

[ Can we say "gestapo"? ]

GENETIC ENGINEERING 30.03.2003 22:32
Bill to outlaw GE labeling in Oregon - hearing this Tuesday
From the open publishing newswire: State Representative Jeff Kropf (R-Halsey), the Chair of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, has introduced legislation that would prohibit state or local labeling of Genetically Engineered food.

HB 2957 states: "A state or local governmental unit may not impose a labeling requirement for a food product unless the governmental unit determines: (1) That the reason for the labeling requirement is recognized and endorsed by the federal Food and Drug Administration; (2) The labeling requirement provides health and nutritional information that will benefit consumers; and (3) The labeling requirement is the most cost-effective method of educating consumers regarding the subject of the requirement." In other words, until the FDA decides that GE foods are unsafe, the state cannot take any measures to tell its own citizens what's in their food.

There will be a public hearing on House Bill 2957 this Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. in the HR D Room at the Capitol in Salem. Please try to attend and voice your protest over this blatant attack on your consumer rights. If you can't attend, please write, call or email Jeff Kropf and let him know how you feel.
[ Contact and more information ]

SYSTEMIC FAILURES 30.03.2003 19:19
How the Reformists attempt to liquidate the anti-war movement
From the open publishing newswire: The current efforts by the reformists to lead the antiwar movement in the direction of being election fodder for liberal-labor politicians serve two aims:

(1) it serves the career ambitions of a strata of politicians and institutions that are within (or in orbit around) the left wing of the Democratic Party, and
(2) it serves the interests of the bourgeoisie in liquidating the antiwar movement.

These two aims, of course, are not independent of one another but are bound up together with the entire history of the development of the reformist (ie: liberal and social-democratic) political trends as _instruments_ by which the bourgeoisie undermines opposition to its rule. In particular, these trends exist (and have _influence_, and are powerful in society) by virtue of their alliance (a highly subservient alliance) with the bourgeoisie. There is a "quid pro quo" here: "Do your job in undermining opposition to our rule and you will receive a share of the spoils as compensation". These spoils are frequently dispersed in the form of jobs at institutions (labor, church, charity, journalism, etc) with an agenda that is progressive--but subservient.

So what do we do? Sooner or later a section of serious activists will recognize that there are only two fundamental paths forward:

(1) becoming election fodder for the Democratic Party (or pseudo-independent parties, like Nader, the Greens, or the "Labor Party") and
(2) creating a revolutionary mass movement that is directed at eliminating the system of bourgeois rule.
[ Read More... ]

Greg Palast Coming. Air your gripes. Ask your questions. Come on down.
Award-winning BBC investigative reporter and author, Greg Palast, is stopping in Portland on [Saturday] April 5, 2003 on a multi-city national book tour in promotion of the U.S. Edition of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. The book, a compilation of Palast's articles for the BBC and London Observer, was released February 2003 by Plume Penguin in paperback. This new special edition is tougher, deeper, and bigger with over 100 pages of new investigative material. Topics such as who is ringing the cash register on the Orwellian USA Patriot Act, why the Bush administration is silent about Saudi support for terrorism, the real story of Iraq's nuclear program, as well as an update on Venezuela including Palast's interview with President Hugo Chavez have been added. IMC is going to have an opportunity to interview Mr. Palast and would like to include your questions. Among the contentions and questions posted thus far on this site:
  • [Palast]is a disingenuous muckraker and will list all the companies connected to the Bush Regime...[but] Ultimately, it is the Anglo-American Imperialist nations--America, England, Australia, and Canada--who will profit from and profiteer off of this war crime.
  • More important is the fact that this war is being fought for FUNDAMENTAL GEO-POLITICAL REASONS and not merely for war profiteering purposes. The invasion of Iraq has much more fundamental motivations behind it--namely, an attempt to impose a Pax Americana (or should I say an American Reich) on the planet... regardless of who is selected to the Presidency, there will be no fundamental change in policy.
  • See if Palast talks about the Project for a New American Century in any comprehensive fashion, for example.
  • Or the American desire to prevent the emergence of the Euro as an alternative currency for Oil.
  • The problem with Palast like most muckrackers and so-called investigative journalists is that they like to focus on individual scapegoats, personalities, or issues and refuse to question the American Empire or the capitalist system itself.
  • According to Wired News in February 2003, the Senate passed a bill by voice vote authored by Sen. Wyden (OR) defunding the Total Information Awareness agency... Why couldn't the Senate by voice vote pass a bill impeaching Junior for high crimes and misdemeanors?
  • Can you tell us about Voter News Service and VNS' executive director Ted Savaglio?
  • Do you know about ... 1992 book "Votescam: The Stealing of America" by James M. and Kenneth F. Collier. In 1970, Ken Collier was challenging long-time U.S. Representative from Florida Claude Pepper for the house seat and exposed an election fraud that's more mysterious and stranger than fiction. ( http://www.votescam.com/frame.html )
[ Read More about Palast's Visit ] Contribute questions for IMC interview | www.gregpalast.com | Palast in Eugene too!

ACTIVIST THEATRE 30.03.2003 09:51
Billionaires for War
Billionaires for BushFrom the open publishing newswire: Join Billionaires for War and help educate people about Bush's corporate agenda. Be the CEO of Halliburton or Clear Channel for a day! It'll be fun, theatrical, and you'll get to confuse the pro-war camp. Depending on how many people reply we'll try to debut at the PPRC rally on either 4/4 or 4/7. Email billionaires4warpdx@yahoo.com for more details. [ Read More... ]

PEACE CAMP 30.03.2003 03:44
Update: Pictures and report of hit and run
From the open publishing newswire: I've just come back from the Peace Camp, where I talked to folks about the hit-and-run of a peace camper named Bill. As it turns out, the same truck that was involved in the hit and run has been taunting the peace camp all day today. 911 was even called about the earlier incidents, in which the driver repeatedly drove by at high speeds and swerved into the lane next to the peace camp. Here is what the peace campers report happened in the hit and run:

At around 7:45 on Saturday evening, a large, black Ford pickup with the license plate ASV 305 again began playing games with the protesters. But this time, people were prepared with cell phones and cameras, and a peace camper named Bill stepped in to help. When Bill saw the truck approaching the camp, he blocked the lane closest to the camp so that the truck could not get near them. The truck drove past the camp in farther lane, came to a stop at the light at Madison, and proceeded to back up to the front of the camp. Bill, still on his bike, then put himself next to the truck, acting as a buffer between the truck and the campers. After a few seconds, the truck drove away, but Bill, near the front of the truck, was struck by its right front tire and knocked over. The truck then sped away.
[ Read More... ]

Previous stories about the Peace Camp: [ Hit and run at Peace Camp | Kitchen to cook meals for peace campers | peace camp is looking for donations | Peace Camp Action Alert! | Peace Park Legalities. Strong Free Speech Right U.S. / Oregon Const. Some Traps | PEACE PARK LIVES! MAJOR VICTORY! SUPPORT NOW .... TARPS, BLANKETS, SCRABBLE | Portland Peace Encampment releases statement of purpose | Peace Encampment carries on without tents; Shelters forbidden by Homeland Security | peace camp asks for help | Peace Camp update: Still there despite Homeland Security Threats | Portland Peace Camp may be evicted ]

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