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DIRECT ACTION IN D.C. 12.04.2003 08:39
Activists Shut Down Senate to Protest War Spending
From the open publishing newswire: Activists interrupted the Senate during a vote yesterday protesting the new Budget and military allocations, yelling- "Senators!! Our taxes/ are not for bombing nations/ nor foreign occupations/ to profit corporations!" and "No money for war!" The group was protesting massive military spending being passed while critical social services such as affordable housing, education, health care, and drug addiction treatment are underfunded and/or experiencing budget cuts. ¨We are concerned that corporate powers continue to control this country over the will of the people. The unjust and dangerous war in Iraq is part of an expanding corporate agenda to put profit interests over our interests as communities. Our government is not hearing us, so we have to make our voices heard. We must retake the space that is being run by dollars and greed,¨ said Chris D. (of the Ferrels) in handcuffs.
[ Full Story... ]?

ACTIVIST TRAININGS 12.04.2003 07:40
Media Island and the Olympia Community Freeskool present: The Activist Toolkit: Demonstration Workshop Series
From the open publishing newswire: We can make our demonstrations more effective by sharpening our skills as activists! For this purpose, organizers from Media Island and the Olympia Community FreeSkool have put together The Activist Toolkit: Demonstration Series. Facilitators include Black Cross (PDX), Attorney Paul Richmond (Seattle), and Olympia CopWatch (Oly). Workshops are Non-Violent Direct Action, Legal Observer, Street Medic, Critical Mass! Skillshare, and Know Your Rights!

REGISTRATION is NECESSARY for each workshop you want to attend, as space is limited. To register, go to: www.freeskoolco-op.org.
[ Full Story... ]

Saturday April 19th
Street Medic Training 9:30am-6:00pm
The Evergreen State College Longhouse

Tuesday April 22nd 6:30pm
Critical Mass! Skillshare
Le Voyeur (in the back room), 404 4th Ave Olympia, WA

Tuesday April 29th 7pm
Know Your Rights Workshop
Media Island, 816 Adams Street, Downtown Olympia, WA

[ Full Story... | ] [www.freeskoolco-op.org | www.mediaisland.org]

The Latest Police Tactic at Peace Camp
From the open publishing newswire: Cmdr Rosie Sizer of the Portland Police Bureau has told the Portland Peace Encampment that we are no longer going to be charged with Public Camping. We will now be charged under the Obstructions as Nuisances code. This will not require a 24 hour notice. She assured the Peace Camp that no action will be taken on the night of April 11th.

Cmdr Sizer stated that per legal advice from City Attorneys, Peace Camp would no longer be charged Public Camping, but will be charged with violating the Obstructions as Nuisance ordinance...(14A.50.030), available on the City web site, the City's interpretation is extremely broad and could cover any item on the sidewalk from newspaper boxes to pigeons.[ Read More... ]

Sunday, April 13th Victory Hike to Clackamas Sale
From the open publishing newswire: We recently found out that eight of Mt. Hood's most egregious "regeneration" (read clearcut) sales will be indefinitely postponed! The USFS wouldn't say the word "canceled", but they admitted that the sales were dead. In these depressing times, such good news is very welcome. Lift your spirits by joining Bark on a hike to one of the canceled sales to see what old growth we helped save from the saw. We'll also aim to check out a sale still on the chopping block to compare and contrast.

Bring food, water, snow/rain gear, and be prepared to hike off trail. Carpools leave from the Daily Grind (SE Hawthorne & 40th) promptly at 9:30 am. Please arrive by 9:15 so we can check you in, arrange rides and give a brief overview of the day's plans. [ Read More... ] www.Bark-out.org

Womyns' Action Camp, April 10-24, 2003
From the open publishing newswire:

Join us for a day, join us for two weeks...

Mazama Forest Defense recognizes the connection between all oppression and violence against the Earth and its inhabitants, including the marginalization of women. To address patriarchy inside and outside of the movement, MFD is organizing a women's action camp on the gorgeous and wild Salmon River.

The action camp will be in the Knob timber sale and will focus on substantially increasing women's forest defense skills and knowledge as well as provide a forum and safe space for us to discuss and take action against patriarchy. All women interested in forest defense, feminism or any other social justice issues are welcome.[Read More...]

download the flyer for this event, put some up in your town!
Check out our website for a schedule and ride board: www.mazamaforestdefense.org
[www.cascadiasummer.org | portland imc forest activism page

PALESTINE / ISRAEL 11.04.2003 15:27
British Activist Shot in Israel
From the open publishing newswire: Gaza City - A 21-year-old Briton was pronounced clinically dead Friday after being hit in the head and critically wounded by Israeli sniper fire in Rafah refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip, witnesses and Palestinian medical sources told AFP. A colleague who witnessed the incident said he was trying to pull two children out of danger with a group of other foreign activists and Palestinian civilians when shots were fired from an army watchtower some 100m away. "At first they were firing several metres over the children's heads but it was getting very, very dangerous so Tom went to help them. He was at ground level when they shot him directly in the head," he said, alleging the troops lowered their aim and deliberately targeted him. Thomas arrived in Rafah on Sunday after spending several days training in the West Bank, Cohen said. Before arriving in the Palestinian territories, he had been in Iraq acting as a human shield, after which he spent some time in Jordan.
[

Two other ISM activists have been killed: American ISM Activist Shot by Israeli Military and Rachel Corrie , ISM activist from Olympia

In June, the WTO returns to the U.S. for the first time since Seattle


From the open publishing newswire: JUNE 23-25, SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA


Sacramento is an important destination on the World Trade Organization's (WTO) pre-Cancun itinerary. The United States Dept. of Agriculture (USDA), USAID, and the US State Department are hosting a summit to which the Ministers of Trade, Agriculture, and Environment from 180 nations have been invited. It will take place in downtown Sacramento from June 23-25, 2003.

An "Expo On Agricultural Science and Technology" will run concurrently to showcase transnational agribusiness and biotechnology corporations and promote an industrialized, hunger inducing, agricultural model. These events are intended to build up to the WTOs September 2003 meetings in Cancun, Mexico. Agriculture is the most contentious issue inside the WTO. Neither the meeting nor the Expo are open to the general public. "This is not a public event", say EXPO organizers. A broad coalition of community organizations from Sacramento and Northern California are organizing a response to these events.

The resistant spirit of Seattle, D.C., Prague, and Quebec is alive and flows through Sacramento towards Cancun and beyond. The Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture is in the process of planning a response to both the meeting and EXPO. Events in Sacramento will include a "permitted" public demonstration and march, media events, street theatre, public education forums and literature, and non-threatening but disruptive direct actions. Our intent is to non-violently confront the powers that control our food systems with an alternative to their destructive, self-serving vision.[ Read More... ]

NON-PACIFIST ANTI-WAR 11.04.2003 00:35
Archbishop Desmond Tutu speaks in Salem, Oregon
From the open publishing newswire: Tonight I had the privilege of hearing the Most Reverend Desmond Tutu, archbishop emeritus of Cape Town, South Africa and Nobel laureate, speak at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon (http://www.willamette.edu). The archbishop spoke for more than an hour, and took about half a dozen questions afterward. He is a spry, animated man with a boyish sense of humor. Curly grey hair covers the sides of his head, the top of which gleams brownly. He is not a tall man (he appeared to have a step to stand on behind the podium, but his presence permeated the air of a packed Smith Auditorium. The audience was largely Willamette students, but there were large numbers of people from the community as well. The archbishop addressed the bulk of his comments directly to the students, though.

Archbishop Tutu began by wishing the crowd a good evening. When he was greeted with a polite silence in which breathing was audible, he laughed and said that we should try that again. The silence was then broken by much laughter. And he began again, and was this time greeted with a warm, "Good evening!" from the audience. His humor was infectious, and the audience laughed many times throughout the evening. [ Read More... ]

pdx indy newswire article about the Archbishop's April 9 visit to Portland: [ "Desmond Tutu spoke in Portland last night" ]

ANTI-WAR 10.04.2003 23:23
Belmont Peace March!
From the open publishing newswire:

The Belmont Peace March forges onward!

Today, we met for the third week at 34th and Belmont to March for Peace, which is what we did, all five of us, and two bike cops. We marched while making peace signs with our hands, receiving a significant but subdued response from the public. We will continue to March until the changes that we are asking for, that is, the end of this unjust war, manifest. This was a difficult week, as we acknowledge, that, on one hand the Iraqi people do want/need liberation from Hussein, and on the other, that many of them, are unaware of the underlying intentions behind the Bush/Blair Administration occupation. We march in the belief that change is possible through peaceful means. Today we sang anti-war songs as we marched, and even though we we're only five, we knew that everyone of you were with us in spirit, and we hope to see everyone restored, and renewed next week. [ Read More... ]

POLL ON CAPITALISM 10.04.2003 21:40
Indymedia reader poll: Does Capitalism work?
From the open publishing newswire: Does capitalism work? Obviusly it's imperfect. But socialism seems to have failed in so many countries. And of course there are many variations of socialism, communism, marxism, and capitalism. But if you had to 'vote' for socialism or capitalism which system would you vote for? [ Read and/or vote ]

Preview of what IMC'rs have said so far:
  1. Capitalism--no reason to be equally poor and miserable when we can have diversity in our levels poverty and suffering.
  2. Look around... Capitalism is responsible for what is occurring in Iraq right now, and for the police crackdown here in our city.
  3. Capitalism is the reason the forests are gone. The rich and powerful timber magnates roll into town, strip the land of all it's life and value, then roll out again and onto their next target...putting greed and profit above all else.
  4. Where has socialism failed? Socialism works FINE. There have been countries which erroneously called themselves socialism (like the USSR's state capitalism) but were not at all socialist.
  5. i prefer mercantilism, an actual free market with strict controls on corporations, wiser-use laws to reign in private interests' exploitation of the commons, and socialist components...
  6. By pitting two economic systems against each other, you are limiting our options to binary thinking (which is the basis of capitalism anyhow).
  7. We have a *socialism for the rich* already
  8. We have a sort of fascist economy here in the US at least at the big business level... That makes America a little like Mussolini's Italy with its corporatist state.
  9. Anti-capitalism is really silly if you ask me. To paraphrase Frank Zappa: "Communism will never work because people like to own stuff." That said, there's no reason why we can't socialize certain elements of the economy to ensure that everyone has the basic necessities of life.

PROTEST STRATEGY 10.04.2003 19:10
We need to adapt
From the open publishing newswire: Protests and what makes them powerfull and effective has changed in the last weeks and in order to make the best of the huge emerging anti-war movement we need to examine our stratagy,what has changed and what we need to do different.... [ Read More... ]

Time For Progressives to Look at the Map

YOUTH 10.04.2003 19:07
Youth Forum and free lunch this weekend
From the open publishing newswire: This Saturday (April 12th - 1:45pm) there will be a youth forum held at the Brentwood Darlington Community Center (7211 SE 62nd). Portland youth are asked to "Speak Your Peace". The forum is part of the Community Dialogues 2003: Livable for who? forums being sponsored by South East Uplift. Come on out and let Portland know what youth want for our city! [ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR | PRO-PEOPLE | ACTION 10.04.2003 18:13
PPRC theme Fri 5pm Apr11th : Costs of US Patriotism
From the open publishing newswire: Fully permitted / family friendly rally Pioneer Square 5pm as always. Depart Pioneer Square 5:20pm sharp marching to Peace Encampment at Terry Schrunk Plaza, then proceeding to Portland Art Museum 6pm to mount REALLY RAUCOUS razzing protest of Gala opening at Museum. State Department presents "Americana" [equivalent to display of Third Reich "official" art]. Guests Of Honor include war mongering monsters US Sen Gordon Smith and Oregon Gov Kulongoski. [ Read More... ]

PEACE CAMP 10.04.2003 18:01
Portland Peace Encampment Given 24 hours Notice by Police
From the open publishing newswire: The Portland Peace Encampment was given 24 hour notice at 1:30pm Thursdy April 10th that it was in violation of the Public Camping ordinance. All equipment, including chairs must be moved out by 1:30pm Friday. I will take this sitting down. I will also peacefully cooperate with the police if they decide to cite or arrest me. The Peace Camp requests peaceful observers and both corporate and independent media to video and witness the proceedings. According to Rozie Sizer, Commander of Portland Police Bureau Central Precinct, the Portland Peace Encampment across from Portland City Hall at SE 4th & Jefferson was notified at 1:30pm Thursday April 10th, 2003 that we were in violation of the Public Camping Ordinance. We have 24 hours to pack up everything, including chairs and [ move it out. | Friday April 11 update -- Encampment still there! ]

Day 22 - Peace Encampment | 24 hour eviction served (sort of)

Well the cameras have been around and we have cleaned up most of the plaza...WE ARE STILL HERE DAMMIT! 22 DAYS AND STILL GOING. I know for a fact that the bombs haven't stopped dropping yet. According to George Bush, Iran or Syria is next!

We need all the support possible now. Lots of people have left scared at the threat of arrest from the local police... Vera Katz is getting very miffed that the local police have yet to remove us from her park scenery and the fact that we are going nowhere. We made a commitment and we plan to stick by it! JOIN US IN OUR PROTEST! WE SHALL NOT LEAVE UNTILL THE WAR IS TRUELY OVER...(at least I will not leave...)

and as allways vegan and regular hot meals dropped off are allways a welcome sight. because we have no real storage for food anymore. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT PORTLAND! LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD AT 7:00PM AROUND CITY HALL! HONK YOUR HORNS AS LOUD AND AS LONG AS YOU CAN! [ Read More... ]

SOLIDARITY IN ACTION 10.04.2003 11:14
Tears of Inspiration from Argentina
From the open publishing newswire: Each day since I arrived in Buenos Aires, my eyes have at least once filled with tears. Tears that are not of sadness, yet neither are they reflective of an absolute or complete joy. They are complicated tears, tears of inspiration from the creation taking place all around, tears of sadness and frustration for the pain and hunger caused by the economic crisis, tears of intense contradictions, tears of a new beginning, incredulous tears, tears for the future, tears for the present. Beautiful tears. It has been difficult over these last few weeks to write of my experiences thus far. I am overwhelmed in so many ways and search for words that do not come. Many people with whom I have spoken talk of the need for a new vocabulary, a new language. I more than agree. In light of that new language being in its infancy, I will try to summarize with words a few of my experiences thus far.

Argentina right now is easily the most inspiring place I have ever been. Folks reading this remember what it feels like to participate in spokes councils before global justice mobilizations, from Seattle to Washington. Take that grain and multiply it, add people from every social, economic and political background, make it not only reactive, but pro active/creative, take the question of subject and place it in the fore, along with questions of power and autonomy. Change the subject matter from a demonstration to running a factory, or keeping a neighbor from getting evicted, to organizing against the elections, to running a collective kitchen or sometimes discussing what autonomy means or how to maintain a horizontal group, questioning power and how and where it can meet and diverge with leadership. [ Read More... ]

ANTI-WAR 09.04.2003 22:33
Code Pink is making pink splashes all over town
From the open publishing newswire: We gathered at 5pm at the busy intersection of SE Hawthorne and 12th, pink flag flying, 8 pink clad women flashing peace signs and showing banners and anti-war messages to the commuters. Several bus lines travel through that intersection, so we carried the message to lots of Tri-met riders and not a few bicyclists too. We were there for an hour and a half and were received well by most passersby. Lots of honks and waves and peace signs returned; just a few single digit waves and a couple of comments that were definitely not pink (blue air better describes it). You never know when the women of pink will appear at an intersection, mall or business near you! Look for us at the march Saturday under the pink banner. [ Report ]

About Code Pink
Women are invited, encouraged to join code pink. It's easy. Wear pink, lots of it, modified now with some black, for mourning, to the next rally and locate Code Pink's banner to march ensemble. Contact www.codepink4peace.org, for national Code Pink information. Locally (portland) subscribe to for updates and meeting announcements. [ Read More... ]

[ Code Pink is Sexist | Code Pink "invades" Washington Square | www.codepink4peace.org ]

Take-down of Saddam Statue in BaghdadÂ’s Liberation Square a CIA psy-ops farce
From the open publishing newswire: Reminiscent of the staged MOCK pro war rallies here in the United States, the CIA with their public relations giants staged a patently mock liberation rally. If it wasnÂ't so phony it would be laughable, but itÂ's disgusting - ItÂ's a lie. The CIA organized this mornings take down of the Saddam Statue in BaghdadÂ's Liberation Square as another FAKE OUT. In this city of over 5 million people about seventy of what appeared to be Iraqi dregs and delinquents and news paparazzi with Betacam crews descended on Liberation Square for another in a long line of lies, and psy-ops and disinformation, designed to fake us all out. CNN kept the camera angle close up because if they pulled too far out you noticed that there werenÂ't a whole lot of people out for this fake out, Â"liberation.Â"

About four hours before the statue was actually pulled down by a group of listless Iraqis, one of those plastic CNN news hairdos said that all the while, the images were of US tanks tearing the Saddam statues down and that it would be nice for the world to see some arabic looking people tearing down some statues so that CNN (CIA) (Bush Administration) could say, Â"I told you soÂ".

And so they brought in a column of tanks and moved in for the big publicity stunt. Not even coming close to a real occupation of the city they took this little corner and pulled out the cameras. There were more news crews in Liberation Square then Iraqi people. But hey who would even notice, right? After all, arenÂ't AmericanÂ's brains so numbed after being so systematically lied to year after year by lie after lie that in the LieWorld such publicity stunts really work, right?

Wrong. Smart people know better. [ Read More... ]

See also: [ photos from sddam statue were propaganda: they were false.
The men who tore down the statue were not locals, but men who flew in with Ahmed Chalabi! ]

PATRIARCHY 09.04.2003 22:26
Oppression of Native Woman in Canada
From the open publishing newswire: Native Youth Movement Mother and Warrior, Kanahus Pelkey (slave name: Amanda Soper)was captured on February 22nd., in Ulkatcho Territory, ìAniham Lake, BCî. Police were called in from several RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) divisions to hunt Kanahus, her baby, husband and 16 year-old sister down. They were heavily sought after leaving a Bella Coola hospital with her sisters 7 week-old baby who had passed over to the spirit world on the morning of the 22nd. As true Indians, they refused foreign doctors to take their baby, who the hospital tried to take ownership of, and wrapped the young Warrior up in his cradleboard and took him to a Sacred place in the mountains for his Ceremonial burial.

So called "british columbia" is all un-surrendered territory, which means that even under "Canadian Law" Indians own 100% of their traditional Territory (not just Reserves) in the whole Province. Treaties were never signed! [ Read More... ]

MEDIA TRAINING 09.04.2003 07:54
Media Training Tonight from 6-9 at Liberty Hall
From the open publishing newswire: This workshop is designed for activists who are interested in responding to the mass corporate media. We are going to explain different aspects of the mass media, corporate and independent. The goals are a basic understanding of the mass media, how to respond to questions you may run into on the street and what a good soundbyte sounds like. There will be roleplay and information about local coporate media ownership/connections, and local independent media sources.

Free event, but donations would be right on.

Corporate media of course will not be allowed in, independent media are invited to participate as individuals, but no story writing...
[ allbetsareoff@ziplip.com | Full Story...]

POLICE BRUTALITY 09.04.2003 00:28
Stop police brutality march
From the open publishing newswire: The police have been abusing there power during anti-war protest's and we think that we the people should take a stand. We have a right to protest. So we're putting together a NON-VIOLENT march against police brutallity on April 14th at 12:30 pm and a regroup at 5:00 pm for the people who work monday. Meet at the big park infront of justice center on 3rd and main. Thank you for your support and keep up the good fight. [ Read More... ]

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