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CIVIL RIGHTS 26.04.2003 16:17
Corvallis city council passes bill of rights resolution
From the open publishing newswire: Corvallis became the 90th local government to pass a resolution opposing the assaults on our Constitutional guarantees by the UPA, Homeland Security and post 9/11 Executive Orders.

The vote was last night (Monday, Apr 21), and it was 7-2. The Benton County Bill of Rights Defense Committee had a strong resolution written. Apparently the City Attorney wanted to weaken it. However, the resolution passed was very adequate.

Under provisions of the adopted resolution, the city manager will direct city employees to forward all requests from federal authorities such as subpoenas, court orders and warrants to the city manager's office, and the city manager will report on any such requests to the city council. [ Read More... | Hawaii First State to pass this ]?

HOMELESSNESS/HOMES 26.04.2003 10:14
From the open publishing newswire: As springtime is about new beginnings, so is Dignity Village about new ideas. The weekend of April 26 & 27 will see yet another good idea developed at the village, and this one will be another of long standing interest to the larger comunity in Portland. The new project is a prototype for urban sustainability which will surely pique the interest of citizens, designers, builders, business people, and neighborhood and city leaders. An idea long pursued but never before realized in Portland, Dignity Village is about to build a residential strawbale prototype! [ Read More... ]

ANIMAL RIGHTS | ACTION 25.04.2003 20:00
Protest at the Primate Research Center - Saturday, April 26th at 12:00
From the open publishing newswire: Word Week For Animals in Laboratories Protest at The Primate Research Center Since its doors opened in 1962, the Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONRPC) has funneled billions of our tax dollars into junk science and animal abuse. Countless primates and other animals have lived desolate, lonely lives within its walls, and no contributions to human health have come of it. Now ONRPC is attempting to get $200 million of Oregon's tobacco settlement money to expand its research facilities - don't let ONRPC waste another dime on "research" that doesn't help anyone but the so-called-scientists who profit from it! Meet us at the entrance to the lab at noon on Saturday- we have signs, or you can bring your own. The lab is located at 505 N.W. 185th Avenue, Beaverton, OR 97006. The Trimet goes right near the lab, but if you can't make it unless you can get a ride, please contact GaryKnudson@earthling.net and we'll try to hook you up. [ Read More... ] www.boycottohsu.com | www.ohsukillsprimates.com

MUTUAL AID TRAINING 25.04.2003 19:53
Rose City Copwatch Training -- this Saturday!
From the open publishing newswire: Rose City Copwatch is pleased to announce a training this Saturday. Come learn more about Copwatching and the basics of your rights & the police!

How to Copwatch: The Basics of Monitoring the Police
Portland Police have been waging a campaign of fear and intimidation against anti-war activists. One tool to counter that is 'Copwatching' -- observing the police to hold them accountable. When we understand our rights and have the confidence to exercise them, we are empowered to stand up for peace and justice.

Saturday, April 26 Noon to 3pm People's Food Co-op SE 21st & Tibbets

Space is limited. Please arrive on time.
Questions? Special needs? Contact us at info@rosecitycopwatch.org or 503-993-9464. [ newswire post... ]

LABOR 25.04.2003 16:55
Possible AMR Strike
From the open publishing newswire: American Medical Response union employees are considering a strike after an unacceptable final offer from the company in a wage & benefits dispute.

Things you haven't heard about in the mass media (yet): American Medical Response Northwest union employees (specifically EMTs, paramedics, and dispatchers) are meeting next week to vote on a strike, due to an inability to resolve a wage & benefits dispute with the company. (Note that a strike would affect ambulance service to Multnomah and Clackamas counties in Oregon, and Clark and Cowlitz counties in Washington, and as I understand it if the company defaults on those contracts they may lose them.)

The reasons for considering a strike are pretty simple. Union employees are looking for wages comparable to those earned by AMR employees elsewhere (the closest AMR division would be Northern California, i.e. Sacramento). Paramedics in Oregon start at $28,979 a year. After 12 years of working full-time, a paramedic can expect to make $40,443. Paramedics in Sacramento start at $42,400 a year currently.
[ Read More... ]

Statement by Josh Harper on FBI raid of his house
The real terrorists are the ones with blood on their hands.
The real terrorists are the ones with blood on their hands.
From the open publishing newswire: As many of you have heard by now my home was raided last Wednesday, April 23rd. The FBI have been telling reporters that it was in relation to arson, animal enterprise terrorism, interference with interstate commerce, etc, etc. I'm sure that by now the pro-drunk driving crew at Consumer Freedom are celebrating my certain demise, and HLS collaborators everywhere are picturing the day that they can happily return to making money without us pesky activists saying something about it. I can see them now, visualising the boxes and boxes of FBI loot coming out the door, cheering as they think up the next chemical to pour down a beagles throat. What they should be visualising is this-

Me not giving a fuck and continuing to fight them the same way I have since I first got involved in this campaign. [ Read More... ] Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty

CRITICAL MASS | FUN! | EVENT 25.04.2003 11:16
Critical Mass Scavenger Hunt Tonight!
From the open publishing newswire: Celebrate Spring with the First Annual Critical Mass Scavenger Hunt at NW Park & Couch (North Park Blocks) Meet at 5:30 pm -- Ride at 6. In response to the brutal treatment Critical Mass has received from the Portland Police Department, and the continuing media and police misinformation campaign against Critical Mass, the April ride has been established as a scavenger hunt. Competing teams will course through the city pursuing clues and "that Critical Mass edge" in an attempt to reach one object hidden at the ultimate hunt destination. The lucky winners will be awarded their prize at a post Critical Mass reception at a currently undisclosed location. video cameras are strongly encouraged, in order to document the festivities for future generations. [ Details... ] Previous post | photos from the ride: 1 2

Pepto Dizmal & Circus Pandamonium Tonight at Liberty Hall!
From the open publishing newswire: Pepto Dizmal & Circus Pandamonium - 7 pm at Liberty Hall - 311 N. Ivy -Portland's homegrown circuses team up to promote Cruelty-Free circus fun!
[ Read More... ] www.peptodizmal.org | portland.indymedia.org/calendar

MEDIA CRITICISM 24.04.2003 20:55
RESPONSE to WWeek Article
From the open publishing newswire: Reading the WW article this morning, the first thing i personally wish to say is that this indymedia here in portland has an excellent and diverse group of contributors. i encouraged Nick not to focus on me so much because it does a disservice to all the people who contribute. Particularly his approach of speaking only about myself and spArk and leaving everyone else as this shadow group presented as 'our clique' is insulting to the various people who contribute. They are intelligent, creative, have their own minds and make their own decisions. The people who regularly contribute to the functioning of indymedia are diverse in background, viewpoint and age and it has been an honor and a pleasure to work with them.

Nick refused to acknowledge that i am not a spokesperson for indymedia and neither is spArk. He did not mention that i asked not to have my picture taken and would have preferred they not use my picture (again) because it gives the impression that i am a spokesperson for indymedia. WW sicced two photographers on me to take a portrait photo and i refused both times. My views expressed are my own and not representative of the views of other contributors. There is no official indymedia view. All the content on the site, what is in videos and what people say on the street is the expression of an individual person. Responses: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

WTO OPPOSITION 24.04.2003 19:57
June 23-25 Sacramento CA - Resist Corporate Domination Of The World's Food Supply
From the open publishing newswire: The United States Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) and the US State Department have invited Ministers of Trade, Agriculture, and Health from 180 nations to a Ministerial Conference and Expo On Agricultural Science and Technology.

Agriculture is currently one of the most contentious issues inside the WTO where member countries can't reach an agreement, making the Sacramento Conference an important destination on the US government's pre-Cancun WTO itinerary. Sacramento is an equally important destination for anyone concerned about genetically engineered foods, the rights of small farmers, the environment and agricultural biotech companies controlling the world's food supply. It will take place in downtown Sacramento from June 23-25, 2003. Neither the Conference nor the Expo is open to the general public. In response to these closed discussions of our food supply, a broad coalition of community organizations from Northern California have come together to organize an alternative convention in the streets of Sacramento.
[ Read More... ]

There will be a portland organizing meeting for the Sacramento Agricultural Ministerial mobilization at the NW RAGE office on May 12th at 7pm at 1421 SE Stark St. [ Read More... ]

[ www.biodev.org/sacramento | www.sacramentoministerial.org | NW Rage ]

Jeffrey Free Luers Case is in Appeal Stage-Write a letter today!
Free From the open publishing newswire: Jeff was sentenced to 22.5 years for the burning of three SUVs in the summer of 2000 in Eugene, Oregon. Say what you want about the action, 23 years is an absurd sentence and is more about silencing any dissent than justice. please write a letter or email hardy.myers@doj.state.or.us [ Read More... ] www.freefreenow.org
Talking Points:
  • great care was taken to prevent injury to anyone
  • The fire was intended to damage property, and property was all that was damaged - less than $40,000 worth. While not dismissing the serious nature of the crime, enhancement to Measure 11 is unwarranted, as there were no injuries and damage was relatively minor.
  • Jeffrey was sentenced to 22 years, eight months, a sentence far greater than that faced by many offenders convicted of violent acts against individuals.
  • Jeffrey's sentence is due more to his political beliefs than to the severity of the crime.

PEACECAMP | POLICE STATE 23.04.2003 18:05
Police Raid Peace Camp Again
From the open publishing newswire: At 6am Wednesday April 23, the Portland Police raided the Portland Peace Encampment across from City Hall at SW 4th and Jefferson. Again. The police seized everything, including personal items. However, the police ignored the Bill of Rights sign. Again. Even though the police physically removed some demonstrators from chairs, no one was even cited for violating any law, nor were any grounds given for the seizure. [ Read More... ]

Ashland protesters arrested for flag burning finally released from jail
From the open publishing newswire: As previously reported on indymedia, two comrades were arrested in Ashland on April 12 after burning a U.S. flag and were charged with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. Both have been released from the Jackson County Jail, the first last Thursday, after six days in, and the second this past Monday, after 10 days in. Though they became ill in jail, both are happy to be released and are in good spirits. The community here in Ashland is very happy to see them again, and they have been warmly welcomed by old and new friends alike.

I asked our comrades how the other inmates felt about why they were in there. Most "didn't give a shit", others felt negatively, but were quite willing to discuss it in-depth, some were approving ("shit man, this country is fucked up!") and enjoyed talking about radical politics with them, and a small minority were violently against their crime and made threats. Comrade A asked (successfully) to be moved from one "8-man" cell (which in these days of budget cuts hold 10-13 inmates) to another after being explicitly threatened. Court dates for our comrades are coming up. Stay tuned to indymedia for [ updates ].

LABOR | EVENT 23.04.2003 16:00
International Labor Film Festival Starts Tonight! Hollwood Theater 7 and 9:30
From the open publishing newswire:
Portland Jobs with Justice 3rd International Film Festival:
Wednesday, April 23 at the Hollywood Theater--7 and 9:30 p.m.
Friday, April 25 at PCC Cascade Campus, Terrell Hall--7 p.m.
Thursday, May 1, Laurelhurst Theater--7 and 9:30 p.m.

Mark your calendar for the annual Portland Jobs with Justice International Labor Film Festival. Three nights of films will cover a variety of topics such as: Spanish anarchist women recalling a time when workers controlled the factories, the plight of indentured tobacco workers in Malawi, a story about how music fueled a movement when Billie Holiday took words from the poem "Strange Fruit" and turned them into an anti-lynching anthem, a documentary of the West Coast International Longshore Union and its leader Harry Bridges, Japanese railway workers and their 15-year struggle against privatization and many more stories.

The shows at the Hollywood and Laurelhurst Theaters will cost $4 or $7 for the double feature. The show at PCC Cascade is a $5 donation. [ More Info ] Jobs with Justice

OPPOSING WAR 23.04.2003 09:34
From the open publishing newswire: Benjamin Joffe-Walt, who recently returned from Iraq as a peaceworker with "Human Shields Iraq," will lecture and lead a multimedia presentation on the effects of U.S. policies and actions in Iraq, and on peace and anti-war groups in Baghdad.
[ Read More... ]

TUESDAY, APRIL 29 - Reed College
Vollum Lecture Hall, 7:00 PM

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30 - Lewis & Clark College
Olin Center Rm. 301, 4:30 PM

COMMUNITY RESOURCES 23.04.2003 09:26
From the open publishing newswire: The Friends of the Reservoirs will soon get some national media coverage of the battle over the Portland Water Bureau's Open Reservoir Replacement Project. A few weeks ago, the Friends wrote a letter to the National Trust for Historic Preservation explaining the nature of our preservation emergency. They will post a copy of this letter (attached below) on their website as a Preservation 911 alert. The alert will be on Preservation magazine's website on Tuesday, April 22 around Noon EST. They will also include a photo of the reservoirs, as well as the Friends' website address.

The Friends of the Reservoirs was formed last fall by a group of concerned citizens who oppose the reservoir project. Presently, the Friends are working on several fronts in an attempt to stop the project. One such front includes attracting greater local and national media attention to this issue.
[ Read More... ]

[ Past Feature - Hands Around The Resorvoir | AUDIO FILE: Public Meeting on Covering Mt. Tabor Reservoir | Friends of Reservoirs ]

MEDIA CONSOLIDATION 23.04.2003 08:42
Stop the FCC
From the open publishing newswire: If you believe that we need a free and independent media in the United States, we need you to send an email to Congress right now telling them so. Go to www.mediareform.net now, or stay here and let us explain.

On June 2, big money special interests and the Federal Communications Commission plan to further relax or eliminate the remaining significant media ownership laws. They call it "deregulation," but it is no such thing. It is actually "re-regulation," such that all the choice radio and TV licenses can go to fewer and fewer massive firms, and these firms can buy up far more newspapers and cable TV systems and channels than was ever possible in the past. If you like what has happened to radio since its ownership rules were scrapped in 1996, you'll love what is about to happen in the rest of the U.S. media. It can get worse. Much worse. [ Full Story... ]

http://reclaimthemedia.org/ | www.mediareform.net

PEACE | ACTION 22.04.2003 21:52
Free Peace Party! Open Mike Poetry Against War - Everyone is invited
From the open publishing newswire: Open mike Poetry Against War. Featured guests moe bowstern, anna decastro, leslie fried, walt curtis, steephen spyrit, jennifer gleach, leanne grabel and you. free of charge, but if you give a donation, you will get a free zine with poetry against war. [ Read More... ]

Every thursday from April through June - 7:00pm
at pacific switchboard
4637 n. albina street
2 blocks south of alberta & 11 blocks west of MLK

From the open publishing newswire: TONIGHT! 22 Candidates for Portland School Board will be at 501 N. Dixon at 7:00pm on Tuesday, April 22. The large salmon colored building is in the Memorial Coliseum vicinity but on the opposite side of Broadway. Please come with signs and literature you wish to hand out.

The "No Child Left Behind" Bill has created unclear Portland Public School Policies on the rights of parents and students and the practices of military recruiters within the District. [There will be questions on School District Military Recruiting Policy and each candidates position on the policy. The election of new Board members is important to change the present confused policy of the Board and instill the policy that protects student and parent rights.]

As it stands now, a recruiter has access to all students names and contact information unless the parent instructs the information may not be released by the school. The "No Child Left Behind" Bill states that no school district will receive federal funds if it does not allow this student information to be accessed by military recruiters and also the recruiters must be allowed on school grounds. [ Read More... ]

Some thoughts on Anarchy and Revolution
From the open publishing newswire: The surest way to insult an anarchist is to tell them how they'd govern. We do not seek to govern others. This is precisly why there hasn't been an anarchist revolution in this country. If you say that anyone who takes a revolutionary stand against this government is no better than a facist I'd say you activly support the genocide wreaked by the US government. And how many people wouldn't enjoy what measure of freedom they do today without the gun and the moltov? Is revolution neccisary? I'd say that even your "founders" new that when a government no longer represents the will of the people it is the right, nay the duty of those people to rise up and cast it down. When a person tells me that I souldn't stand for revolution I say, "Does this government represent you?"

From here to there: Do Anarchists have a program to stop this government and it's imperialism? I'd say that across tendancies there is a broad measure of support for a tactic or program known as the dual strategy. What is the dual strategy and how can do all that? Well, the dual stategy rests on the assertion that it's difficult to govern people who are capable of governing themselves. The us government gains it's power from it's relationship with capitalist industry. If the people were to take back the methods of production they would then be capable of abolishing the state and creating localized networks of community control. [ Read More... ]

Anarchist community support network:

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