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WORLD WAR 3 13.03.2002 21:18
Colombia - War and Killing Widen, Debate Narrows
Colombian voters went to the polls March 11th, to elect a new Congress and strongly rejected the candidates of the ruling two-party system with smaller independent parties now having a combined majority of congressional seats. Some reports see the elections as a rejection of President Pastrana, the U.S. funded "Plan Colombia", and the current full scale war on the rebels. However, the hard line rightist presidential candidate Uribe is way ahead in polls for the upcoming presidential elections.

Though "Plan Colombia" has been presented as an effort to stop the drug trade, the result has been just the opposite. U.S. military aid to fight the war on drugs has grown by a factor of ten since the mid-1990s, coca production has doubled in the same period. The illusion of Plan Colombia also becomes evident when it is revealed that efforts to 'eradicate' coca have focussed solely on the leftist FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) held territory, even though the right-wing paramilitary groups are more heavily, and directly involved in the drug trade.

The present attempt to reframe the issue from drugs to terrorism is equally suspect. According to human rights reports, these same paramilitary groups, allied with the Colombian military which receives 80% of Plan Colombia funds, are responsible for 80% of the human rights abuses taking place in Colombia.

A spokesman for the FARC spoke on Monday March 5th to 600 delegates from 21 countries in Mexico City, where he refuted widespread U.S. press reports that blamed the FARC for the assassination of a Colombian Senator. Reports now indicate that FARC was not responsible.

There are widespread reports in Colombian media of Green Berets, US elite forces, being seen in the demilitarized zone, which would be a violation of Congressional mandate on US military involvement in Colombia. Since the bombing started, there have been well over 200 bombing raids in a region with 100,000 civilians. Paramilitary groups are reported to have entered the area to hunt down 'guerrilla sympathizers'. The paramilitaries single out community leaders, human rights defenders and development workers who, in their view, are 'subversive'.

Information is sparse as communication and power lines are down, and people are afraid to talk when contacted. It is reported that a Protestant pastor who left the zone and reported that civilians were dying because the military were preventing humanitarian relief from entering the zone was murdered on his return, presumably by paramilitaries.

Excellent new article added

[ Where is the Press? | Government/ELN Cease-fire talks | Colombian Workers Demand Kidnapped Leaders Release | Let Us Not Talk Falsely Now | FARC - English | FARC - Spanish | Colombia Report | Americas.org ]

National Mobilization in DC April 19-22
[ Colombia Mobilization | Stop The War | IMF/World Bank ]


ANTI-WAR 12.03.2002 17:34
Greens denounce Bush's nuke plans
Pacific Green Party of Oregon denounces Bush's nuke plans The classified "Nuclear Posture Review", which was leaked to the LA Times last week, "orders the Pentagon to prepare contingency plans for the use of nuclear weapons" against Russia, China, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Libya. The document also recommends developing smaller scale, earth-penetrating nuclear weapons to destroy heavily fortified underground bunkers and other military targets able to resist non-nuclear attacks. If adopted, this policy would significantly lower the threshold at which the U.S. would use atomic weaponry.

The Pacific Green Party of Oregon has denounced the document, saying that it "undermines the delicate balance of international relations", "escalates already excessive levels of military spending", and "increases environmental devastation caused by the highly toxic byproducts inherent in nuclear weapons production". Sarah Charlesworth, co-chair of the Pacific Green Party, asserts that "America should adopt an international policy that emphasizes peace, sustainability, and future focus; not the shortsighted war games proposed in the Pentagon's secret report."

[ Full story | LA Times story | Pacific Green Party of Oregon | Portland Metro Chapter of the PGP ]


LABOR 11.03.2002 10:37
Oregon legislature attacks farmworkers
Oregon legislature attacks farmworkers The Oregon House and Senate have passed a bill, House Bill 4025, that would make boycotts or strikes by agricultural workers during harvest season illegal. If signed by Governor John Kitzhaber, this legislation would outlaw actions such as the PCUN-sponsored boycott against NORPAC that ended last month with an historic victory for the farmworkers. Farmworker allies are urging citizens to contact Gov. Kitzhaber and demand that he veto this bill.

HB 4025's title is "Relating to labor relations; creating new provisions; amending ORS 663.005; and declaring an emergency". An appropriate choice of words since, if passed, it truly would be an "emergency" not only for farmworkers, but for all the working people of Oregon. The bill claims to be "necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety", but in reality is yet another assault on the rights of anyone to organize and take action against injustices they face in their jobs. "When they take one of us on, they take all of us on."

According to CAUSA ("the Cause", an affiliation of about 60 organizations including PCUN), Gov. Kitzhaber is leaning towards a veto. Direct citizen involvement in the form of calls and emails could give him the push he needs to do the right thing.

POLITICS 10.03.2002 18:05
Eugene audience asks Nader, 'What about Bush?'
Consumer activist and former Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader spoke on Friday night to a packed crowd of 1200 at the University of Oregon's student union as one of the keynote speakers for the 2002 E-Law Conference in Eugene. Nader spoke for over an hour to an enthusiastic audience, shifting hats at times between the consumer advocate and political candidate. He lambasted the mainstream environmental movement and the Clinton/Gore administration, but left the current administration and the "war on terror" almost unmentioned. Many audience members wore stickers welcoming the FBI to the conference. E-Law organizers claim that as many as 200 FBI agents were among the conference attendees.


BUILDING BRIDGES 09.03.2002 18:33
Seeking Progressive Voices
A project called Progressive Voices aims to build a directory of progressive / activist organizations, particularly for the purpose of helping those in rural areas, where networking with such groups is far more difficult than in cities. The project is asking all such organizations to send contact information and a brief description. The compilation will be available in a searchable web database.

Independent Publishing
IPRC Liz-o-go

The Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) provides Portland's independent visual and literary artists with a place to meet and produce their work. Its focus in four years of existence has been on diversifying and increasing the production of unique printed material in Portland, combatting the deluge of impersonal, commercial and unbearably uninteresting publications that litter the streets.

The IPRC workspace can acommodate a variety of publication styles, from letterpress to web, and is open to the public. IPRC holds an orientation every second Thursday at the Center from 7-8 pm. Orientation is open to anyone interested and attendance is a prerequisite to use most of the equipment at the center (not the library, obviously!).

Stop by the IPRC and check out its extensive library of independent press releases. Nothing is spared in the way of creativity and content: hand painted books containing travelogs, minimalist treatises on ghosts printed on paper of varying textures and transparencies, psycho-paranoid pseudo-textbooks on global conspiracies and time-travel. Go get some ideas and make your own. It's the only way we can be heard, and be heard we must. Keep an eye out here and their website for upcoming events.

March events at IPRC: Thursday, March 14- Orientation; Wednesday, March 20- Zine Writer's Workshop; Saturday, March 23- Bookbinding Basics; Tuesday, March 26- Mimeograph Basics Workshop

The Independent Publishing Resource Center 917 SW Oak Street #218 Portland OR 97205 ph/fax 503.827.0249


HOURS Monday Noon-Midnight Tue/Wed/Thu 4-10 pm Friday CLOSED Sat/Sun Noon-6 pm

HISTORY 04.03.2002 23:11
Lesson from World War II: U.S. cover-up of its wartime activities an established tradition
Is the "war on terrorism" like World War II? The Bush administration has repeatedly roused rhetoric evocative of "the good war" when attempting to justify current policies. Comparing the September 11, 2001, attacks to Pearl Harbor and giving the alleged enemies the appellation "axis of evil" are two examples. (Germany, Japan and Italy were known as the "Axis Powers" during World War II.) Examining history, other comparisons emerge, less useful for promotional purposes: civilian deaths covered-up or underplayed, shrill patriotism draped over corporate interests, media acquiescence to the government line at the expense of factual reporting.

These last three behaviors as they were committed during World War II are exemplified in the U.S. atomic attacks on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August, 1945, shortly before the end of the war. The gruesome effects of using nuclear weapons on people were concealed by the government, but only with the cooperation of the U.S. media. The corporate-colonial motivations behind fighting a war in the Pacific against the Japanese were not discussed and are still largely unexamined. In fact, the full, true story of Hiroshima and Nagasaki—or World War II for that matter—has yet to enter mainstream American consciousness—but again, only with the cooperation of the U.S. media. This ignorance has been highly beneficial to the military-industrial complex for decades, and continues to serve it now, in the current war.

The following article, written for portland indymedia, attempts to elucidate much of this hidden history. It draws on the book, Hiroshima in America: Fifty Years in Denial, by Robert Jay Lifton and Greg Mitchell. As you read about how the government, military, and media worked hand-in-hand to cover up the truth so successfully back then, in the 1940's, give some thought to how much more tightly intertwined their networks of ownership and interests are now. Chances are, they've only gotten better at it.

"Patriotic Correctness: the Hiroshima cover-up"
[ article | political cartoon ]

Related indymedia coverage: Reports from the 2002 Hiroshima Flame Interfaith Pilgrimage at portland.indymedia.org/dharmawalk

Colorado billionaire supporting nationwide propaganda campaign

Foundation for a Better Life billboard

Philip Anschutz, who the BBC described as having "a reputation as one of the hungriest of US corporate vultures", is currently using his wealth and power to support a slick ad campaign appearing on 10,000 billboards, in hundreds of movie theaters, and on nearly a thousand TV stations across the country. The Foundation for a Better Life (FBL)—the non-profit entity that officially produces and distributes the ads—has no contact information on its website, forbetterlife.org, but a series of posts and comments to the portland indymedia open publishing newswire uncovered the connection between Anschutz and FBL:
[ original post | first follow-up | second follow-up ]

The ad campaign features billboards with words such as "Courage", "Unity", and "Compassion". Illustrating each value is a photograph of a person, an catchy, explanatory tagline, and the phrase, "Pass it on". The commercials, similarly themed, "are being seen on average over 2 million times per day on seven networks and over 900 TV stations... [and] are also being shown in all United Artists, Regal and Edwards movie theaters totaling over 6,000 screens across the country" according to FBL. The ~6,600 screens of those three chains account for nearly 20% of the U.S. total. The campaign was put together by Jay Schulberg (who created the "Got Milk?" ads), Nancy Fletcher, President and CEO of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and Gary Dixon, President of FBL. Dixon courteously declined an invitation for an interview with a portland indymedia contributor, saying that FBL would prefer to emphasize "the message and not the messenger".

While some of the individual ads—for example, a Mother Teresa billboard with the phrase, "Reaching beyond yourself"—express positive messages with which few would argue, others—like the one showing emergency workers raising the American flag in the rubble of the World Trade Center with the words, "No setback will set us back"—are transparently pro-war. Though FBL's campaign was planned before the attacks on the East Coast on September 11, 2001, it was "expanded upon" after those events. The new additions are easily identifiable.

Philip Anschutz, until recently the 16th richest person in America, and still quite wealthy, has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Republican Party and various GOP candidates in at least the last two Presidential election cycles. His oil and gas company, the Anschutz Exploration Corporation, had notoriously destructive intent against a sacred Native American site in Montana. His corporate empire includes a majority holding in Qwest Communications and ownership of several sports teams and arenas. Significantly, he also owns the United Artists, Regal and Edwards movie theater chains, where the FBL commercials are being shown. Whether or not FBL is paying for these slots is unknown. According to Outdoor Advertising Association of America, $10,000,000 worth of the cost of the billboard campaign is being donated by OAAA member companies. In other words, it is possible that this advertising blitz is costing FBL and Philip Anschutz very little money out-of-pocket.

edited billboard in portland

Some of the billboards in the Portland area have been edited, clearly by those who disagree with their message. Several posts to the newswire have suggested further billboard liberation as a means of responding to the campaign. (portland indymedia does not endorse any particular political tactic other than the legal exercise of free speech.)

Only two other media outlets seem to have revealed the FBL-Anschutz connection so far (the St. Petersburg Times in Florida and Morality in Media), but neither raised concerns about the political implications. Here at portland indymedia, the story was uncovered by several different individuals who researched and posted their findings to the open publishing newswire. This collaborative process showed that—not only can anyone become the media—but that we can also do a better job than the so-called "professionals" who were asleep at the wheel once again with an important story.

Newswire posts: [ "Foundation for a Better Life?" | "Foundation for a better life: more" | "Foundation for a better life, even more" | culture-jamming artwork: "What makes us blind" ]

Websites: [ Foundation for a Better Life | Billboard Liberation Front ]


OREGON'S ENERGY 04.03.2002 11:31
Can Enron be prevented from selling off PGE assets?
Enron has been reconsidering their proposal to sell Portland General Electric (PGE) to NW Natural. But local officials say they can not consider other options until the original proposal is dead. There are a number of ways the public could prevent control of PGE going to private entities. Currently, the State of Oregon owns the assets of PGE already, assets that have already been paid for by Oregon ratepayers. If PGE were a publicly-owned utility, the decisions of the bankruptcy court about the fate of PGE would be null and void. A much greater hope for developing sustainable energy systems for the future exists if Oregonians own these hydroelectric plants, dams and transmission lines, then if private companies are the owners.

The Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD) and Rockwood People's Utility District(RPUD) is considering the acquisition of the assets of PGE themselves, through the creation of a Public Utility District. This would mean that the $1.1 billion in debt that NW Natural or any other private buyer would take on -- in addition to the 1.5 billion this company would borrow -- would not be passed on to the ratepayers in what amounts to junk bond debt. In this scenario, rates as well as profits would be controlled by a public utility. These districts are meeting on these issues Tuesday, March 5th, at 7 p.m., at the TVWD office at 1850 SW 170th in Beaverton, and RPUD on Sandy in Gresham.

Another possible way to acquire PGE assets and keep them in the hands of Oregonians is for the city of Portland to municipalize the city energy supply. Article 11-D of the Oregon Constitution allows for this option to be enacted as well.

Testimony from citizens could influence OPUC to delay making a decision on whether to sell Oregon ratepayer assets to NW Natural until the PUD's and Water Districts have had a chance to discuss at their meetings on Tuesday, March 5th, at 7:00 p.m., whether to form a PUD and take over these assets. OPUC could instead be influenced to act in the interest of Oregonians and go to the third special legislative session and recommend that Chapter 190 of the Oregon Statutes be used to create one or more public utility districts to manage the assets of PGE/Enron.

Oregon State Reps Contact Info

For more detailed background info


ANTI-WAR 01.03.2002 21:52
Eugene, Portland citizens protest against war in Colombia
Today, about 15 people gathered at the Federal Building in downtown Eugene to protest the war in Colombia and the U.S.'s involvement in it. (For more details, see feature below, "U.S. sponsoring war in Colombia; Venezuela next?")

Reaction from passing drivers at this busy intersection was typical of previous Friday anti-war actions at the Federal Building. Many people honked, waved or peace-signed their support, a handful yelled out derisively, and most ignored it. One of the speakers at this event talked about how such public actions should only be one tactic among many for stopping unjust U.S. policies.

What is the best way for us to resist, dissent against and --ultimately -- change or abolish the system that leads to such injustice? This is a question without an easy answer, or indeed one answer. But if any tactics are going to be effective, they will need numbers more than anything else. And how can we build those?

[ Story about Eugene action, with these questions and more ]

Portland:The weekly Friday Rally was spirited in its opposition to Plan Colombia. 65 people attended the rally, marched in the streets, blocking traffic, signing loudly and handing out literature to bystanders.

[ Story about Portland action, with Photos ]


GENETIC ENGINEERING 01.03.2002 10:45
Saturday Action at Pioneer Square Starbucks


NW RAGE is joining the Organic Consumers Association along with other Fair Trade, Environmental, and food safety activists for a worldwide campaign focused on Starbucks.

They have organized an action this Saturday, March 2, 11am-1pm at the Pioneer Square Starbucks to encourage Starbucks to guarantee that their products are free of genetically engineered ingredients, and to start following through with promises to improve the wages and working conditions of the growers of coffee beans.

[ More on Newswire | NW RAGE Website | Organic Consumers Association ]


U.S. sponsoring war in Colombia; Venezuela next?
The Colombian government, with a strong push from the U.S., has called off peace efforts with leftist rebels and seriously escalated the war.

Though the Colombian people voted overwhelmingly for peace in October 1997, and in opposition to Plan Colombia in October 2001, the U.S. continues to push the plan. Now the Bush administration is weighing a proposal to declare the destruction of leftist guerrillas in the South American country an explicit goal of U.S. policy. Some senior officials are also pushing for the administration to assert, for the first time, that the Colombian rebels are a specific target of the worldwide U.S. war on terrorism.

March 4th and 5th, Mexico City, at the National Autonomous University (UNAM), the 2nd International Gathering of Solidarity, for Peace in Colombia and Latin America and in opposition to Plan Colombia will take place.
April 19th-22nd Colombia Mobilization in DC

Here in Portland, this Friday's Peace Rally at 5 p.m. in Pioneer Square will focus on Colombia and speak out on the escalation of violence, Plan Colombia, and the U.S. policy in the region. In Eugene, there will be protest against the war in Colombia at the Federal Building at 4:00.

Reports from Venezuela, indicate that the U.S. is waging a campaign to oust democratically elected President Hugo Chavez and install a puppet regime. Again, as in Afghanistan, one reason is oil. Another is that President Chavez is a vocal opponent of Plan Colombia. He also strongly criticized the US bombing in Afghanistan, calling it "fighting terror with terror".

Ecuadorian military attacks OCP pipeline resistance including thousands of striking construction workers, killing 3 children

[ Colombian Workers Strike - Demand Kidnapped Leaders Release | FARC Communique | Ecuadorian Activists Receive Death Threats For Opposing Plan Colombia | Bishops Oppose Plan Colombia | Colombian Labor Monitor | CAFTA Alert:Central American Free Trade Agreement | Narco News | ZNet - Colombia | Latin America Press ]


FOREST PRESERVATION 26.02.2002 15:41
41 Timber Sales Threaten The Gifford Pinchot National Forest
Since 1984 the Gifford Pinchot Task Force (GPTF) has been working hard to protect the forests of Southwest Washington. The GPTF is gearing up for the summer as 41 Timber Sales Threaten The Gifford Pinchot National Forest (GPNF). That's 41 ancient forest timber sales that could be logged on our public land, with over 12,000 log trucks full of 300-800 year old trees. According to the Forest Service, almost 90% of the logging on the GPNF over the next 10 years will target mature and old growth stands.

The GP Task Force is currently featuring the Goose Egg timber sale. The Goose Egg Timber Sale, south of the Indian Heaven Wilderness in the Mt. Adams Ranger District, would log 211 acres of old growth forest. A total of 297 acres would be clear-cut or thinned and an astounding 11 miles of road would be built or reconstructed. The GPTF is asking people to send in their comments to both the Forest Service and LB&R Timber Co.

[ Read More on the Newswire | Gifford Pinchot Task Force Website | Cascadia Forest Alliance Website ]

Animals lead the way in avoiding GE crops
Numerous independent reports from farmers and some researchers indicate that a variety of animals including cows, hogs, deer, racoons, and mice have all avoided or refused to eat genetically engineered (GE) crops. Reports also indicate evidence of lower weight gain in animals eating GE crops, as well as a behavioral change described as 'passive' and 'distressed'.

One report describes cows ambling through a field of GE corn and knocking down a fence in order to get to non-GE corn growing on the other side. More and more Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are being indiscriminately introduced into the environment at the behest of the corporate agricultural industry, whose bottom-line interest is profit not health. Perhaps more people need to develop the good sense that these animals are displaying and say "No" to GMO.

[ Read More on the Newswire | Mice avoid GE | Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering (NW RAGE) ]


HUMAN RIGHTS 24.02.2002 16:43
U.S. -- Rogue Nation?
Over the past few years, the US has backed away from all manner of international agreements on human rights issues, arms control and environmental standards.

In just the last week, the US announced that it considers the Geneva Conventions obsolete and that the Bush administration is no longer standing by a 24-year-old U.S. pledge not to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states.

In Iraq, the US continues to bomb the country regularly, with the latest attack this past Friday. Iraq reported a couple of civilians killed and more injured, though the frequency and criticism abroad of the attacks continues to be under-reported by US commercial media. In 2001, the US attacked Iraq over 80 times. In the past few days, papers in Japan and the UK both ran stories about US troops arriving in Iraq. In a classic case of doublespeak, Rumsfeld both refuted these stories and confirmed them. Other sources claim that US forces are building up around Iraq, and that a full scale assault will begin around end of March.

Another article, citing military documents, outlines how the US knowingly and willfully set out to "fully degrade" Iraq's water supply through targeted bombings and the sanctions imposed after the Gulf War. The documents outlined the consequences which have proved true over the past 12 years as over 1,000,000 people have died, 500,000 of them children under 5.

To purposefully contaminate the water supply of Iraq, killing so many people, is a biological attack. It is an attack that heavily targets children and the elderly and is a weapon of mass destruction. So while the US claims that Iraq is developing weapons of mass destruction, it is the US which is using them.

...And using them - 315 tons of depleted Uranium dust is left over from the US bombing of Iraq. Doctors are reporting the sort of horrific deformities (extremely graphic link) seen in Japan after the US nuclear attack there. Depleted Uranium is 60% as radioactive as regular Uranium, and the US is spreading it all over the planet with untold effect. Depleted Uranium shells were also used in Kosovo with illnesses reported and likely in Afghanistan and countries yet to be attacked. Many US soldiers, veterans of the Gulf War, are suffering from strange ailments. Imagine the conditions for people living in the lands devastated by the US spreading radioactive material across the countryside, targeting nuclear and chemical facilities which spews toxic material into the environment, and destroying the infrastructure which would give those people a chance to do cleanup.

In September, Rumsfeld prepared a briefing for the pResident that included a proposal to poison the food supply in Afghanistan.

What exactly is the definition of a 'rogue nation'?


INDYMEDIA 21.02.2002 12:10
Indymedia Caravan In South America
Beginning at the World Social Forum, a group of Indymedia volunteers from North and South America have joined together for a 35-day caravan through South America. They plan to cover many of today's most important stories including the landless movement in Brazil, the popular uprising in Argentina, water privatization in Bolivia, the war on terror in Peru and anti-FTAA protests in Equador.

[ Visit the IMC Mobile site | Visit the Global Print Archives for past stories on Bolivia, Equador etc ]

INDYMEDIA 20.02.2002 15:30
Italy Indymedia Under Attack
Italian Police, in a nationally coordinated operation, are raiding at least 4 Indymedia centers in Italy. The searches, still underway, are collecting audio and video material relating to the violent police raids and brutal attacks on people during the G8 actions in Genoa. Police are seizing computers, archives, and all of the stuff that hundreds of Italian activists need for their daily cultural and political activities.

In a Press Release, Italy Indymedia states "Italy Indymedia, a network of independent media, this morning reports a severe attack to free information. A few places have been targeted, to exercise a political pressure on a complex and manifold subject as Italy Indymedia. The material seized in Bologna, Firenze, Torino, Taranto, just like all of Indymedia stuff, is freely viewable on our website. And so are the archives of our mailing lists, of our chats, and of all our activities. Indymedia has nothing to hide."

UPDATE: The raids continue: On Thursday 21st, the offices of a lawyer in Bologna were searched.

Follow the story on Italy IMC andGlobal IMC

[ English Press Release On Italy IMC | English Press Release On Global Site | Global Newswire Article | Bologna Report | Taranto Report ]

FREEDOM OF SPEECH 20.02.2002 13:10
Artist Sues FCC Over 'Indecency Ban'
In May 2001, KBOO was fined $7000 for airing the song "Your Revolution" by Sarah Jones, an African American poet and singer. The FCC stated that the song was indecent, contained sexual references that did in fact, pander, and that the song should not have been aired before 10:00 pm. In July 2001 KBOO filed its appeal.

At the end of January 2002, the artist, Sarah Jones, in an unusual response, has filed suit against the FCC claiming they have violated her free speech rights. Sarah Jones, asked for a judgment in federal district court in Manhattan that the 1999 song, "Your Revolution", is not indecent as the agency found; for an injunction preventing the commission from enforcing the $7,000 fine against KBOO; and for a finding that the commission's ruling violated her free-speech rights.

Ms. Jones said she was surprised that her song was declared offensive because she wrote it as an attack on the degradation of women in mainstream hip-hop. "My name was hanging in the air with 'indecent' attached to it in this really problematic way, especially since my work is concerned with social justice and feminist issues," she said yesterday. "That it should be associated with sexual indecency and intending to shock is not something that I can just let sit there, partly in light of the fact that other material is played ad infinitum on mainstream radio airwaves that's really problematic. I'm not one for censorship, but let's not use a double standard that victimizes certain voices."

[ Read More on the Newswire | Lyrics to "Your Revolution" | More Info on KBOO | Sarah Jones Website | Your Revolution Is Banned Website


Freeing Your Radio
Freeing the Radio Waves

In late January 2000 the Federal Communications Commission finally did something right. After decades of near exclusive protection of the virtual real estate of America's corporations the FCC gave a little back to the people. By legally allowing the non-commercial and community use of low power FM radio service, communities could get their voices on the airwaves. The handful of pirate radio stations around the nation were testament to the strong need for this forum, and now, with the fear of persecution lifted, America has over 3000 low power FM radio stations in operation, according to the Microradio Implementation Project.

The MIP, located at 633 SW Montgomery Street in Portland, was created to help people learn how to start and run low power stations and to ensure that they know the FCC's regulations. Some of these regulations are necessary so that the bigger stations don't just press out the wavelengths in an area, and include no-conflict-of-interest and minimum-hour-per-week-brodcast clauses. Other regulations force the station to be physically centered in a community area or be not-for-profit. You can watch MIP's video (encoded with RealPlayer) at Low Power FM: The People's Voice.

Of course, some of the big stations pissed and moaned when they had to relenquish frequencies in certain areas. The National Association of Broadcasters and National Public Radio both put up fights against the growth of small stations.

This is our chance to take back one of the mediums that has been greedily sectored off and misused by corporate America. A quick listen to any large commercial FM station is the best argument for community and human-run radio. Contact the MIP for more info on how to get started up or involved at: 503-226-9036, toll free at 877-468-8884, fax 503-226-9057, or email microradioproject@earthlink.net.

WORLD SOCIAL FORUM 19.02.2002 00:10
A New World Is Possible

Many ways to fight corporate caused disorder have come to light following the World Social Forum In Brazil, after the economic collapse, citizens groups are meeting to solve problems that the current government will not. This weekend Portland held its own forum on alternatives to globalization.

Alternatives to corporatization / globalization:
[ Oregon worker-owned businesses | "De-globalization", the Vision for a New World Order is Still in its Infancy | Vandana Shiva: our vision is more powerful ]

Is another world possible? Those who were in New York to criticize the World Economic Forum, in Munich to challenge NATO and in Porto Alegre at the World Social Forum believe so. Critics of the so-called "anti-globalization" movement often say to activists, "We know what you are against, BUT WHAT ARE YOU FOR?" To help answer this question Indymedia debuts a permanent and developing feature, "Alternatives to Corporate Globalization." Post your own ideas and suggested links to the Alternatives open publishing newswire, and join us to develop the feature into an exciting and inspiring resource. Look for multilingual versions in the future.

[ Alternatives to Corporate Globalization | Alternatives newswire | www-features-ongoing list (to participate in developing the feature) ]


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