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From the open publishing newswire: **STOP CORPORATIONS FROM HIJACKING THE WORLD'S FOOD SUPPLY AND INCREASING HUNGER** JUNE 23-25, SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA Leading up to the WTO ministerial in Cancun this September, a mini-ministerial is taking place this June in Sacramento. The US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA), USAID, and the US State Department are hosting a summit to which the Ministers of Trade, Agriculture, and Environment from 180 nations have been invited. A coalition of activists and community members is making a worldwide call to action. [ Read More... ] heimdallr asks: Anyone forming affinity groups to participate in this?

POLICE STATE | RACISM 28.04.2003 16:29


From the open publishing newswire: April 28, 2003 - PORTLAND - A Hillsboro man is the latest from our area to be charged with terrorism related crimes. Mike Hawash, an independent contractor who had been working for Intel was charged this morning with conspiracy to wage war on the US and support terrorism. Hawash has been detained for more than a month. The charges against him are related to the so-called "Portland Six" terrorism case, in which several men from our area went to china in an attempt to enter Afghanistan and join with al Qaeda and the Taliban in their fight against US troops. KATU News will have more details as soon as they are available. [ Read More... ] Rally of Support for Mike Hawash -- Tues. 4/29 8:30am | Background | A Letter from Syracuse to the People of Portland | www.freemikehawash.org

Call and tell Congress that fire prevention doesn't mean clearcuts
From the open publishing newswire: Stop the passage of the McKinnis Fire Bill! -- Urgent Calls are needed to the House Resources Committee. Legislators must be made to worry about their constituents. Even if you don't vote, call and barrage their offices-- (if you have Working Assets, you get 2 calls free a day to gov't offices in D.C.) Here's why it's important to call monday thru wednesday: The House Resources Committee is scheduled to markup the McInnis (R-CO) fire bill April 30, 2003. No hearings will be held. The bill mirrors the administrative attacks on our National Forests outlined in the Bush Administration's so called "Healthy Forests Initiative" and goes a few steps further. A more complete analysis will be available on Monday. [ Read More... ]

Major provisions of the McInnis legislation include:
  • Allowing "hazardous fuels reduction" projects to occur virtually anywhere across the landscape;
  • Eliminating the "heart" of NEPA [National Environmental Policy Act] by failing to require analyses of alternatives to the agenciesÂ' proposal;
  • Limiting public participation by allowing "hazardous fuels reduction projects" to be categorically excluded and significantly limits citizensÂ' rights to appeal projects.

ACK! MAYDAY! | LABOR | SOLIDARITY | EVENT 28.04.2003 16:25
Why No IMC Mayday Coverage?
From the open publishing newswire: Why No IMC Promotion of Mayday March? Hey IMC Folks! Why no center articles about NEXT week's Mayday March. Several pdfs have been posted, articles, etc. it could use a shot in the arm... [ Read More... ] History of May Day | May Day Flier | May Day Permit? | Will there be a Maypole? | May Day - the Real Labor Day (Full) | Little Beirut release party / benefit on MayDay at Liberty Hall | Gertha asks: Does anyone know if we will be so lucky as to have the Infernal Noise Brigade down here this year?

Mime Block For May Day

Get out your black leotard and white face paint and join the revolutaionary mime block! ~ We will carry blank signs! ~ We will hand out black leftlets! ~ We will throw imaginary brick through imaginary windows! ~ [ You[r] silence is your dissent! ]

Critical Mass in Redbloc

fine, fine, the march is permitted this year. The police will be march-stepping the crowd, keeping it "safe." We can make the general march safer by meeting, grouping up in the manner that we did for the Scavenger Hunt Critical Mass of last week, and riding around the city. It's Mayday, let's celebrate it, and not by marching in a police-guided tour... but as the rabidly freedom-loving bike-archists that we all are!!! Meet at the block north of the "north park blocks" and the big elephant statue at 4pm (the permited MayDay march leaves at 4:30pm). Form riding groups of 10 to 20 riders with people that you know or recognize, and off we go! After this it is up in the air, any direction we please, perhaps looping back several times to the main march to check in and give moral support to those being herded by portland's finest. Bring noise makers!!! buckets, cans, pots and pans! bang it, ring it, yell and sing it! this is our party, [ let's make it so! ]

ANTI-GLOBALIZATION 28.04.2003 14:55
PDX Solidarity Against the G-8?
From the open publishing newswire: Is there any work being done on solidarity actions in Portland? Is there a day of action planned? If not, discussions for formation of a planning committee for actions on either June 1 or June 2, 2003, for the city of Portland. It's time to get back on track and back on point. Days of Resistance to the Gang of 8 (alias "G8"), Evian, 1-3 June 2003 "Oye! Oye! It is now certain that an international Gang of Terrorists, known as the "G8", plan to meet in the town of Evian. Some of the leaders of this Gang are already responsible for crimes against humanity defying the imagination - including the assassination of several thousand people every year in Columbia, the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children in Irak, indiscriminate bombing and nuclear pollution in Afghanistan and an ongoing genocide in Tchetchenia. The real agenda of their meeting will of course be secret, but it will certainly include the threat of the new massacres and violences necessary to maintain their control over criminal trafics in arms, oil, drugs, etc. not to mention the extortion and "protection" rackets by which they levy huge profits on all kinds of legitimate activities worldwide. [ Read More... ]

POLICE STATE | INDIA 28.04.2003 14:54
The Erosion of Civil Rights
From the open publishing newswire: The Emergency in India (1975) parallels the Patriot Act: the agenda of fear and other ways of taking away FREEDOM As we all wait for the next election, I would like to take a moment to muse over the PATRIOT ACT and another so-called state of emergency that happened in 1975. Both events began with a dubious election leaving the elected in a position that required mostly adroit but sometimes overt maneuvers to distract an uninformed and somewhat unquestioning public into believing that government actions were done in an effort to preserve the freedom of the people. Most of us are well aware of the implications of the USA PATRIOT ACT (Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism) and its progeny the Patriot Act II, but fewer of us are aware of the state of Emergency that had been declared by the Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, on June 26, 1975. Like George W. Bush, Mrs. Gandhi faced allegations of election fraud...[ Read More... ]

Reed College--Vollum Lecture Hall, 7:00 PM

Lewis & Clark College--Olin Center Rm. 301, 4:30 PM

From the open publishing newswire: Benjamin Joffe-Walt, who recently returned from Iraq as a peaceworker with "Human Shields Iraq," will lecture and lead a multimedia presentation on the effects of U.S. policies and actions in Iraq, and on peace and anti-war groups in Baghdad. Human Shields is an international anti-war group of people from around the world placing themselves in areas of importance to Iraqi civilian life such as schools, hospitals, and water treatment plants, to act as a deterrent to military attack on civilians.[ Read More... ]

Psycho Loggers Rampage Action in Downtown Eugene
From the open publishing newswire: Psycho Loggers Rampage Action in Downtown Eugene Tree-sitter vows he will remain. Loggers attack lone tree-sitter in early morning hours (6am PST). Three trees were cut down and another two left slowly to die as activist Mike McCarthey watched helplessly suspended from a traverse between the small trees he was hoping an indifferent city of Eugene would spare. The attackers threatened to shoot the sitter if he tried to retaliate in any way. Mike vows to remain in the doomed little tree... [ Read More... ]

Permaculture in the City? Is it possible?
From the open publishing newswire: Is it possible to create a permaculture village in the city? My imagination has been piqued by other conversations happening on Portland Indymedia. So I did a little investigation to see what resources are available and if anyone is moving toward a sustainable model in Portland and other communities. Here's what I found so far: First one defintion of "Permaculture: Permaculture is a practical concept which can be applied in the city, on the farm, and in the wilderness. Its principles empower people to establish highly productive environments providing for food, energy, shelter, and other material and non-material needs, including economic. Carefully observing natural patterns characteristic of a particular site, the permaculture designer gradually discerns optimal methods for integrating water catchment, human shelter, and energy systems with tree crops, edible and useful perennial plants, domestic and wild animals and aquaculture..."

I believe that it is possible to build a permaculture community in the city. The City Repair project has been working on this idea for sometime now. The City Repair Project is an organized group action in Portland that educates and inspires communities and individuals to creatively transform the places where they live. They facilitate artistic and ecologically-oriented placemaking through projects that honor the interconnection of human communities and the natural world. They will be sponsoring a Village Building Convergence in May. [ Read More... ] City Repair | Permaculture online | The Permaculture Activist newsletter | The Farm | Earth Haven Ecovillage | Ecovillages of the Earth | Anarchist Gardening and Gleaning collective mtg | >Anarchist Carpentry Collective mtg | DIGNITY VILLAGE BUILDS STRAWBALE HOUSING PROTOTYPE! | Email: PDX BREWBLOC | Email: PDX Anarchist Cooking & Baking Collective (A.C.B.C.) | Email: PDX Anarchist Carpentry Collective | Email: PDX Anarchist Gardening and Gleaning

ALTERNATIVE MEDIA | FCC 28.04.2003 00:03
KPOO FCC Hearing Audio
From the open publishing newswire: Commissioner Adelstein was interviewed by Larry Bensky on Sunday Salon. He offers his take on the Saturday hearing. These files come from KFCF.org's archive system. As such, there's a five or ten second loss of audio in the transition between the half hour segments. But other than that, the quality is high -- 40 kbps. Each file is about 8.5 megs. [ Details ]

State of Hawaii Renounces the US Patriot Act
From the open publishing newswire: Japanese Americans the first to call a spade a spade. The UPA is a white-racist tool for the suppression of non-white minorities. Maybe that's why they built all those "processing facilities" (read concentration camps) throughout America. SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION reaffirming the state of hawaii's commitment to civil liberties and the bill of rights. [ Read More... ] Commentary | Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee

LABOR 27.04.2003 10:06
From the open publishing newswire: Just before 2pm on Saturday in downtown PDX three bus loads of local janitors, union organizers and union sympathizers converged upon Pioneer Place Mall to loudly send a message to local bosses that the time has come for local janitors to be given fare wages and proper benefits; the respect and dignity of a living wage.

Waves of purple clad SEIU (Service Employees International Union) members, friends and families, exited the buses, raising proudly above their heads broom sticks and rainbow colored feather dusters, before simultaneously entering the mall from three different locations. Mall security was taken by surprise and the groups, accompanied by bucket banging and a certain mischievous drum corps entered the Mall easily and began to chant and clean!
[ Read More... ]

For more information about the SEIU Local 49 visit their website: www.seiu49.org

Comcast immediately hikes broadband cost
From the open publishing newswire: Comcast, the telecommunications giant that purchased AT&T recently and thus tookover the monopoly on cable internet access in Portland, has not wasted any time in showing the power of deregulation in the marketplace. Rates for cable internet service just jumped from 45.95 to 52.95 (55.95 if leasing their modem, which most customers are). This is a $10/month jump for most customers, a telling sign of why the battle for the hearts and minds of the FCC is so necessary right now.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has been holding public hearings all over the country in recent months, as the public wakes up to the fact that the ownership of media is perhaps the most crucial issue of our day.
[ Read More... ]

Anarchist Gardening and Gleaning collective- FIRST MEETING SUNDAY 6pm!
From the open publishing newswire: Wanna get involved in a revolutionary network committed to mutual aid? Address the probelem of hunger in local communities? Grow vital medicines? Open a free store? Start a yard garden network? Interested in learning and teaching gardening skills in a non hierarchical enviroment? Check this out!

We're gonna meet this sunday at 6pm. At the Rayond house- 3735 se raymond ST (four blocks south of holgate, one block west of 39th) this is our first mtg. We got a dumpster network- let's make a house list- check it twice- get folks fed- ya know? I got a list of local organic farms and csa's (comunity supported agriculture)- Some of them farms do work trade. Sounds like a good way ta get skills!
[ Read More... ]

From the open publishing newswire: TODAY! ONE SHOWING ONLY!
Occupied Territories: Stories from Iraq and Palestine
April 27th @ 3pm - $6
Clinton St. Theater (2522 SE Clinton St)

What you won't see on the six o'clock news. A screening of films produced on the ground in Iraq and Palestine by award winning non-profit video collective Bignoisefilms ("This is What Democracy Looks Like", "Zapatista" and "9.11" among others) and Iraqjournal.org, in collaboration with Voices in the Wilderness and Direct Action Palestine. Come down this sunday to support independent reporting from inside the anti-war movement and hear stories from inside occupied territory. All proceeds to support independent documentation and reporting on the humanitarian situation and war crimes in Iraq.
  • Also showing a sneak preview of "Martial Law", a film by PDX Indymedia Video Collective featuring footage of the police crackdown on the protest of March 25th.
  • A presentation / Q&A session will be led after the Palestine film by Peter Miller, a peace activist just back from Palestine.
  • Another slideshow presentation / Q&A session will be led after the Iraq films by Joel Preston Smith, a photojournalist and peace delegate who traveled to Iraq with Voices in the Wilderness in January and February of 2003.
[ Read More... ]

Rally for Mike Hawash, political prisoner at Sheridan Federal Prison
From the open publishing newswire: Mike Hawash might be having a hearing at the federal courthouse on April 29. No one really knows because it's a secret...

There will be a rally in Portland on Tuesday, April 29, at 8:15 AM in support of Mike Hawash, an American citizen who is being held without charges in solitary confinement at the federal prison in Sheridan, Oregon. It's been said that he might be having some sort of a hearing at the courthouse around that time.

The rally is at the Mark O. Hatfield US Courthouse(corner of SW Third and Salmon) and will begin at 8:15 AM Tuesday, April 29. [Full Story... ]

A Letter from Syracuse to the People of Portland: On Tuesday, April 29, people of the Portland area will gather peacefully in support of Mike Hawash, an American citizen who has been detained without charge since March 20. 150 years ago, people of Syracuse, New York also gathered in hopes of freeing another unjustly detained American.

On October 1, 1851, a barrel maker in Syracuse, New York -- an escaped slave named William "Jerry" Henry -- was arrested at his workplace by federal agents on a trumped-up charge of theft. Only when he was safely in chains was he told the real reason for his arrest: the Fugitive Slave Law. Under this law, those suspected of being a runaway slave could be arrested without a warrant, and could be turned over to an alleged master based on that person's word alone. A suspected runaway was entitled to no jury trial, and no testimony on his or her behalf... [Read More...]

ANTI-IMPERIALISM 27.04.2003 00:39
Showdown in Texas
From the open publishing newswire: People from across Texas and around the country will be converging in Austin May 3rd - 5th in order to take a stand against the Bush Agenda, and to demand true human security. For the past two years Americans have been bombarded with rhetoric stating that we must make war on those that threaten our country, no matter how vague or unsubstantiated the threat.

In the words of our pResident "freedom and fear are at war." All the while the threats to our nation's social institutions and overall stability have been amplified by the surge toward war, and America remains fearful of the world around us. May 3rd thousands will take to the streets of Austin to again show the president what democracy really is: the voices of the people, not the voices of the influential. [Read More...]

GOVERNMENT 26.04.2003 22:41
Critique upon hearing Dennis Kucinich speak
From the open publishing newswire: I saw Dennis Kucinich speak last night in San Francisco. These are the things that Dennis Kucinich says he has done and would like to do:

** Voted against war powers to President Bush for the Iraq crisis
** Introduced legislation to create a cabinet-level Department of Peace to address national and international conflicts with the goal of finding non-violent solutions
** Was lead plaintiff in suit against President Bush for violating Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (He said last night that he lost this law suit but learned that the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty had a stipulation that any country could withdraw with 6 months notice and that is what Bush did. But, he also learned that the WTO and NAFTA has that same 6 month stipulation and that the first thing he would do as President is give that 6 month notice that the US is withdrawing from both the WTO & NAFTA).
** Introduced legislation and world treaty to ban weapons in space
**Supports nuclear non-proliferation treaties treaties

** Works tirelessly against global warming
** Supports Kyoto Treaty and other world treaties to protect the environment
[ Read More... ]

Tell Congress that keeping healthy FORESTS, not clearcuts, prevents fire
From the open publishing newswire: Urgent Calls are needed to the House Resources Committee. Legislators must be made to worry about their constituents. Even if you don't vote, you can call and barrage their offices-- in their eyes, each call represents 100 voters' viewpoint!

The House Resources Committee is scheduled to markup the McInnis (R-CO) fire bill April 30, 2003. No hearings will be held. The bill mirrors the administrative attacks on our National Forests outlined in the Bush Administration's so called "Healthy Forests Initiative" and goes a few steps further. A more complete analysis will be available on Monday.

Especially remember to tell these folks to oppose any fire legislation that excludes environmental analysis, limits public participation and citizen's rights to appeal projects, and use of "goods for services" contracts which allow logging companies to be given trees instead of cash as payment for fuels reduction logging on public lands. [Full Story and numbers of House Resources Committee...]

portland imc forest activism page | cascadia summer site

POLICE STATE IN ASHLAND 26.04.2003 22:06
Ashland Police Department vs. Critical Mass
From the open publishing newswire: A small but lively Critical Mass hit the streets of Ashland Friday and ran into the juggernaut of the Ashland Police Department. A female cyclist was arrested and lodged at Jackson County Jail on the charges of Disorderly Conduct, Obstructing Governmental Administration, and Interfering with a Police Officer. She is being held on $11,000 bail.

The monthly celebration of bike culture and free expression that is Critical Mass took an ugly turn Friday. Angry motorists endangered the safety of the Mass on multiple occasions. At one point, an SUV driver sped into the Mass and then swerved dangerously into the center turn lane to pass the group, violating multiple traffic laws.

APD officer Terry DeSilva pursued the Mass for nearly one mile, with lights and sirens blaring, completely ignoring the motorists who endangered the bicyclists. Heading north on Walker Street, the Mass began to disperse as more police cruisers arrived on the scene. One female rider was singled out and pulled over in front of Ashland Middle School. [ Full Story... ]

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