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CORPORATE DOMINANCE 04.05.2003 18:27
Book review of Dirk Kurbjuweit's "Our Efficient Life. The Dictatorship of the Economy and its Consequences"
Los Angeles in 2019. Acid rain drips down on amorphous human multitudes from the sky-high pyramids of the Tyrell Corporation recalling the buildings of the Mayas. This view could be a model for the third phase of capitalism. The all-embracing field of conflict seems settled. Only the way the dictatorship of the economy reprograms the world seems dubious.

In any case, corporate capital has long completely penetrated the intestines of society and even dominates the core of human imagination. Nothing belongs to the person any more. Even remembrances are implanted artificially in personal consciousness. What was described by Philip K. Dick as a science-fiction dystopia assumed concrete contours at the beginning of the 21st century. In reading Dirk Kurbjuweit 's book "Our Efficient Life", one has the impression that the blade-runner existence has already become reality. Kurbjuweit's central metaphor is not the android but the McKinsey person, a prototype of the worldwide consulting agent.




During the early morning hours of 2003.05.03, the next generation of the Portland Independent Media Center was launched...

Stay tuned for details about this breaking story.


COMMUNITY BUILDING 02.05.2003 21:58
Urban Action Series @ PSU
From the open publishing newswire: STUDENTS 4 UNITY (S4U) is hosting an Urban Action Series event this May 31, Saturday from 12-4:00 pm.

Why Do U Care?
Your group is invited to represent your progressive politics in the form of a BOOTH on the park blocks. Share info on important issues, have fun, and recruit new members. We are aiming for a carnival/festival atmosphere so the only requirement is that your booth be somehow interactive: maybe people have to sign a letter to the governor, or get to hit a picture of your favorite villain with waterballoons, the sky is the limit.

What is the Urban Action Series?
In February S4U held our first UAS, which was attended by 100 community members and students. We expect at least double that attendance this time. During our first UAS we offered 8 workshops focusing on political skills and analysis (first aid for direct action, organizing for liberation, etc). Our theme is:
Expect workshops indoors and outdoors on things like political puppet making, theatre of the oppressed, free meals offered from the anarchist cooking collective, PSU and community groups will be present sharing their issues and ideas in the form of booths on the south park blocks.
[ Read More... ]

MAY DAY 02.05.2003 21:52
At the May Day 2003 march in downtown
From the open publishing newswire: I showed up at the May Day staging area (corner of NW Park and Burnside) at about 3pm. The march itself was scheduled for 4:30pm. By the time I arrived, the turnout was still quite small, probably not more than a hundred people. The first thing I noticed was a Maypole set up at the south end of the park, where about twenty people were enacting a traditional Maypole dance, as befits an event which is a combination ancient pagan folk holiday celebrating the advent of Spring, and a workers holiday celebrating the struggles of workers. The folks enacting this archaic ritual seemed a bit bemused, in a self-conscious way, but a lot of goodnatured goofiness was enjoyed by all.

A stage was set up on a rented flatbed truck at the northwest corner of the park. I didn't pay much attention to the speeches, though I caught a few snippets. There were speakers from the Carpenter's Union (who were instrumental in organizing the stage and equipment and other details of the event), the Socialist Party, and the local IWW chapter. By the time the march started, the crowd had swelled to between 500 and a thousand people. As we marched through the canyons of tall buildings downtown, the drummers acquired an impressive verve that more than made up for the relatively modest turnout. People carried banners and buttons denouncing the war and calling to defend workers rights. At one point early on the Critical Mass intersected the march, at that time pursued by a not yet too aggressive police presence.
[ Read More... ]

mayday - festive, even if it wasn't interesting
at least it was nice out. when I arrived there were already maybe a hundered people happily loitering about the north park blocs, and quickly more filtered in. the speakers went about more or less unheard by the majority of the people in the park, and some, myself included, didn't much care to hear the white men go about their schtick in front of a banner that said 'your country, your freedom, VOTE'.

soon the IWW feeder march arrives to much fanfare and much in the way of black and red balloons. seeing the black bloc gals and fellows marching with little red and black balloons serves as a highlight to the day. the march starts, and the banners upfront are made small by comparison to the looming black star carried by two poles that says 'achieve' with a circle A.
[ Read More... ]

What has happened to Indymedia and to May Day?
After yesterday'd dissapointing May Day march, I decided to see what interesting analysis I might find here on Indymedia. I expected to see some critique of the march, or at least some reporting on it. With the exception of Andy Davis' comments on the permit, and a few pictures, I found very little. Instead I saw several anti-semitic and homophobic posts, presumably from the same person. Some blather about how Jews have taken over Portland so that ugly lesbians can adopt children or some bullshit. Has Indymedia been completely taken over by right-wing trolls and their ilk? Has this little experiment in open publishing run its course? I don't know what the answer is, but if something isn't done, Indymedia will cease to be an effective tool for progressive change.

Back to May Day, what a dissapointment! One would think that getting a permit would help ensure more participation from mainstream union folks, and less participation from the police. In fact, it seemed to work the other way around. Yesterday's march had a much smaller turnout than the last two year's. Andy Davis mentioned May Day 2001, where organizers were able to force the police to have a minimal presence. This year, organizers not only retreated on the important political and tactical position of no permits, they apparently failed to get anything in return for this major concession.
[ Read More... ]

PEACE CAMP 02.05.2003 21:23
Police raid peace camp...again
From the open publishing newswire: I'm posting this on behalf of people at the peace camp. Around 3:30AM this morning, the police came by and raided the peace camp. Anything that someone couldn't carry is now sitting in the police department...including the memorial potted flowers sitting by the curb. The police have said that they won't release any of this property until the peace camp ceases to exist.

I urge you again to continue to give your support to the people at the peace camp. They have vowed to be there as long as the U.S. is occupying Iraq. It's time to take back our nation, our sidewalks, and our streets. If you haven't spent any time down there, please consider doing it. Cheerio:)
[ Read More... ]

BLOCK WATCH 02.05.2003 21:20
looking for someone wearing a brown corduroy coat on m20
From the open publishing newswire: At second and Burnside on m20, around 1 am I picked a brown corduroy coat (or possibly shirt) up off the groand to give to my friend, who was freezing. After asking around, and seeing it unclaimed, I gave it to her, and she was wearing it when she got arrested. it had perscription drugs in the right hand upper pocket, she doesn't know what kind. The police read the name out loud to her and she thinks the name was Andy something. It's late notice, but if you know whose coat that was, if it was yours (the meds too) please email her.
[ please help me! ]

DYKE PRIDE | BENEFIT 02.05.2003 19:02
From the open publishing newswire:

Rocking t-rexa and folky-punky Sarah Dougher play at RED & BLACK CAFE this Saturday!

The Lesbian Avengers invite you to a night of awesome music at the Red & Black Cafe. The show starts at 9pm, and the suggested donation is $5, of course nobody will be refused due to lack of money. Your donation helps us pay for a permit, insurance, accessibility vehicles, and supplies. The Red & Black Cafe is on SE Division & 22nd. Check it out and support the Lesbian Avengers![ Read More... ]

MAY DAY | CRITICAL MASS 02.05.2003 06:23
Critical Mass Turned Violent - By Portland Police
From the open publishing newswire: - I was under the impression that riding bikes in the street was lawful? I assumed wrong. That officer Rowley came zooming up behind us (about 40 people riding) and started laying on his horn - I looked back and recognized him - "that's the one that needs a hug" - He pulled out a red can of pepper spray and taunted folks with it - he was yelling too - but I couldn't understand what he was saying. I then asked fellow riders - "are we in trouble?". Being a single mom - and a self-employed artist - I can't - and don't want to go to jail - nor be beaten and sprayed. I was told no - just stay together and ignore them.

Well we rounded the corner - and the whole group was split into two groups. My group was told to drop the bikes and get your id ready. At this point I'm getting scared. It was as if they had swarmed in on us - and this whole time I'm having a good time and assumed I wasn't breaking the law. Officer Rowley was like a seething dog - not sure what his problem is - but he seemed to be extremely angry?? People were pushed to the ground - backpacks were RIPPED OFF OF people and their bikes - one other guy had 4 officers on him - (he was NOT resisting) - and had his forehead crack on the pavement. [Full Story...]

interesting ride this evening
I was riding with critical mass this evening when we were split into two groups. I was unfortunately a member of those singled out as an illustration of just how free we really are... This evening the critical mass ride was split into two groups by the portland police, quite violently i might add. We were then told to stay put and get our ID's ready. Some were told to sit down in the street by the police, while other officers were making sure nobody was to sit down in the street. i asked what our offense was and was ignored, the man standing next to me was asked if he had any other form of ID, when he responded no, he was violently grabbed and searched... [Read More...]

pictures of critical mass arrests When we turned left on Salmon it was so charming to see every one in the critical mass stretch out their arms in unison to make their left hand turn signals. The cops in the cruiser were not impressed. They had already flipped on their red and blue lights and siren and called for "back up". Before we crossed Tenth Avenue the cops began grabbing cyclists. I have no idea how they chose their victims. Here are some pictures of how the police handled two cyclists today: [Full Story and detailed photos... ]

MayDay Critical Mass a Success!!!
Not to disagree with any of the criticisms as to how the police attacked the Mass, I would still call the ride itself successful! We need to talk more strategy, but we always should be doing that (b/c the police certainly are!). The strategy of taking off from the main march seemed to work well, as WE RODE COP-FREE FOR OVER HALF AN HOUR!!! When I say that the ride was ÂÂ'successful,ÂÂ' I mean that we were 1. riding cop free, 2. corking at intersections and stop signs, 3. taking all lanes of traffic (in the direction of our travel, that is), 4. having fun, 5. not breathing tailpipe fumes from a dozen motorcycle cops, 6. actualizing a non-permited assembly. [ Read More... ]

pictures of permitted march | www.rivertextcom | Reports from 10th & Salmon--add yours!

MAY DAY IN OLY 01.05.2003 16:53
Olympia May Day Reports
From the open publishing newswire:
MayDay 2003 in Olympia (a real I witness account)
I walked up to the convergence around 12:34pm and saw an American flag! My first thoughts were that the fascists took over the Oly May Day. When I walked closer I saw that it was the Adbusters corporate flag—to my somewhat relief.

The crowd, or unruly mob as some will paint it, was unusually small this year. About 300 people made a quick turn towards the 4th Ave. Bridge, which is forbidden to protesters since the anti-capitalist earthquake destroyed it a couple of years ago. The Â"protest policeÂ", actually the die-hard liberals, heeded the pigÂ's advice and moved the parade the other way. The INB drummed us in a Â"nicer directionÂ". The black bock of two were thoroughly discouraged by this move.

We paraded in a snake march around Oly, stopping traffic and disrupting business as usual. We headed to the National Guard Armory by way of City Hall and Mickey DÂ's. Organizers wanted to point out the militarization of our community, and that if we ever did get out of hand, these assholes would be the first ones to try to fuck us up. Not on this day though. [Read More...]

Another Report
About halfway to the armory... I'm down below on the other side of the railroad tracks and a car honks and waves. I wave back, thinking that its someone I know, but its not. "I'm just waving at the parade." the driver of the Impala at 7th and Jefferson explains. ThatÂ's about what May Day seems to have boiled down to this year, just another parade in Olympia.

Well, maybe not "just another parade." As parades go, its certainly way down on one side of the spectrum down past the Procession of the Species and pretty far away from the Lakefair parade. But, yes May Day has become established. Now in its fourth year... [Read More...]

MayDay Violence globally--Reuters | Bush's twisted version

GEEKTIVISM 01.05.2003 15:49
PDXLUG May 06, 2003 Meeting Announcement
From the open publishing newswire: Come learn about linux with local users. PDXLUG (Portland Linux User Group) presents:
"Linux at the FireSide"
SPEAKERS: Everyone who comes
WHEN: Tuesday, May 6th, 2003, 7-? pm
WHERE: Fireside Lodge, located at 1223 SE Powell Blvd
COST: Free
[ Read More... ]

MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY 30.04.2003 23:46
From the open publishing newswire:

Love and Revolution with Anti-Capitalist Action

2:30 pm - Gathering/Speakers
4:30 pm - March
And Later [8PM] come celebrate Mayday at Liberty Hall! (311 N Ivy) --- Plus tables, food, films and revolution. Also the release party for Little Beirut three (biggest issue yet!) [ Celebrate Mayday w/the ACA! ]

Skeleton Coast
Mustapha MOnd
Chased and Smashed
and spoken word by Laurie

IWW Gives You the World

Childcare: Don't feel comfortable bringing your youngun to the march? The IWW will provide childcare at the hall (616 E Burnside) starting at 1pm.
Feeder March: Fellow and Sister Workers & Friends of the IWW are invited to march with us from the IWW Hall (616 E Burnside) at 3pm to the North Park Blocks. Red & black clothing (or your Sunday best) is encouraged.
Jail Support: Even though the march is permitted, you can't be too careful. The IWW has arrange to provide Jail Support. The phone number will be made available on the day of the march.
After March Reception: After the march, join the IWW for snacks and beverages at the Hall (616 E Burnside) starting at 7:30pm.
[ IWW's May Day plans ]

Critical Mass in Redbloc

Meet at the block north of the "north park blocks" and the big elephant statue at 4pm (the permited MayDay march leaves at 4:30pm). Form riding groups of 10 to 20 riders with people that you know or recognize, and off we go! After this it is up in the air, any direction we please, perhaps looping back several times to the main march to check in and give moral support to those being herded by portland's finest. Bring noise makers!!! buckets, cans, pots and pans! bang it, ring it, yell and sing it! this is our party, [ let's make it so! ]

May Day Radical Feeder March | Mime Block For May Day | May Day--Final Night of Labor Film Fest 7 & 9:30 at Laurelhurst Theater | GENERAL STRIKE in Bend, OR | May Day Flier May Day - the Real Labor Day (Full) | History of May Day | May Day Permit? | Will there be a Maypole? | Corporate Media: May Day Activists Apply for Permit | Color Posters at Revolutionary Worker | http://www.rwor.org/a/may1/may03-e.htm | IWW's May Day plans | let's make it so! | May Day Radical Feeder March | Mime Block For May Day | May Day--Final Night of Labor Film Fest 7 & 9:30 at Laurelhurst Theater | GENERAL STRIKE in Bend, OR | May Day Flier | May Day - the Real Labor Day (Full) | History of May Day | May Day Permit? | Will there be a Maypole? | Corporate Media: May Day Activists Apply for Permit | May Day Betrayal - There will be a permit but no May Pole | YES, THERE WILL BE A MAYPOLE! | Merry May! | You Are Being Watched! | Why I Wear a Mask | mayday (What is Mayday? It is a distress signal, a warning cry.) | the bottom line is the dollar sign | Can't get off work for the rally?

FOREST DEFENSE 30.04.2003 22:11
From the open publishing newswire: Salem, OR - The Bureau of Land Management's repeated attempts to auction the controversial Rusty Saw timber sale near Mt. Hood failed again today. For the second time, the BLM failed to attract any bidders to this proposed public lands logging operation just down the hill from the cancelled Eagle Creek timber sales in the adjacent Mt. Hood National Forest.

"This once again proves that the destructive and outdated federal timber sale program exists in a vacuum, serving only to fill the coffers of the logging bureaucracies at the BLM and Forest Service. This old-fashioned, pork-barrel program is out-of-step with current economic conditions, a changing timber industry, public opinion and the health of our forests," said Christy Anderson with the Cascadia Forest Alliance.[ Read More... ]

Contact Cascadia Forest Alliance as well as Cascadia Summer for upcoming grassroots forest activism across the region.

ARTS AND CULTURE 30.04.2003 21:11
FREE SHOW for anarchists, activists and everyone!
From the open publishing newswire:

FREE PERFORMANCE OF HAiR the 1968 tribal love rock Musical!

Thursday May 1 at 8 pm.
at the Alberta Arts Pavilion
2315 NE Alberta St.
[ Details on performances after May 1st | Listen to the report (sound: mp3 @ 0.5 megs) ]

Anarchists and Film May 2-18

The NW Film Center in Portland is hosting an "Anarchists and Film" festival, running from May 2 - 18.
Most films are being shown at the Guild Theatre, 829 SW 9th Ave. (Corner of 9th and Taylor).
I really enjoyed last year's Anarchist Film Festival, and this year ought to be just as good.
[ Read More... | Full Schedule of Films ]

Quick E-Letters Today to Stop Cat Bulldozer Sales to Israel!
From the open publishing newswire: Remember Rachel Corrie with quick emails today to newspaper (forum@pjstar.com) at Caterpillar heaquarters in Illinois. There's a call in the letters section in today's daily newspaper (Peoria Journal Star) at the headquarters of Caterpillar, Inc. to suspend Cat sales to Israel. The Chicago Indy Media site just posted a story on the issue at http://chicago.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=25436&group=webcast. Please take a minute to email the Journal Star in support of stopping Cat sales to Israel at forum@pjstar.com.

If the paper gets enough letters in support of today's call to suspend Cat sales to the IDF, then the newspaper may finally do something (like write a detailed feature article) and the company would have to respond. [ Read More... ]

Help Feed the Neglected and Abandoned Animals
From the open publishing newswire: The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota to getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on "feed an animal in need" for free. This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising. Pass it along to people you know. Thanks. [ Read More... ] www.theanimalrescuesite.com

street roots benefit
From the open publishing newswire:
What: Benefit for street roots
When: 5 p.m., May 4
Where: BerbatiÂ's Pan, 10 SW 3rd St., Portland
Bands: Jeffrey Harrison, Stars of Track and Field, Upright Dub Orchestra
21 and up, 6 bones and up at the door

Street roots is having a inaugural benefit from 5 to 10 p.m. May 4 at BerbatiÂ's Pan. All proceeds for the event will go to support street roots, PortlandÂ's only street newspaper, in fulfilling its mission as an advocate for low-income and homeless people.

Headlining the night is the Portland indy rock band Stars of Track and Field. The evening starts off with an acoustic guitar performance by singer Jeffery Harrison, and finishes with the inspired reggae sounds of the UpRight Dub Orchestra. Event-goers can throw their ticket stubs into a raffle for free street roots T-shirts and other prizes. The night also includes a silent auction. Also featured at the event will be a trailer for the upcoming documentary by Kwamba about Dignity Village. [ Read More... ]

Oregon's Money Funds Enron Operations--Keep The Power With the People!
From the open publishing newswire: Stop the Flow down the Enron Drain by creating a Public Utility District in Multnomah County!

Finally the efforts of the dedicated signature gatherers have paid off and the first leg of the struggle to rid Oregon of the Enron threat to the security of future generations has been won; Enough citizens signed up on the petitions and so,in September, we will vote to set up a Public Utility District in Multnomah County. Finally, instead of dollars for Enron's operations in criminal acts, imperialist control in US energy markets and theft of gas resources in Iraq (more substantial than oil), the people's money can go to local jobs, alternative-sustainable energy, and the securing of the economy for the long term through the formation of our own Public Utility District.

This may be the only way to work toward making sustainable energy a priority. If Multnomah County does it, other counties will follow suit. There are other counties in California who own the means of production of energy; this is always better than privatization of services used by all. Municipalization of local resources just makes sense.

We need your help in tabling, appearances at public hearings, registering voters etc. Contact Liz or visit www.oppc.net, to check scheduled events and activities, and what has gone on with this struggle up to this point. [ Read More... ] Vote Against Massive PGE Executive Bonuses | Why a People's Utility District? | Oregon Public Power Coalition Has Signatures to Qualify PUD Measure for Ballot

Anarchists Settle Oregon Department of Corrections Repression Suit


From the open publishing newswire: Salem, Oregon Â- 22 April, 2003 Â- Oregon AnarchistÂ's federal lawsuit against the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) has been settled by compromise.

Filed pro se by Anarchist prisoner Brian McCarvill, personally, and on behalf of others similarly situated, versus Ben DeHaan, Acting Director ODOC; Mike Beagen, Inspector, Security Threat Groups, ODOC; Jacy Duran, Central Mail Rule Administrator; and seven other ODOC employees, McCarvill v DeHaan et al, USDC OR, Case No. 02-1167-KI, was settled by contractual compromise on April 22, 2003. The Lawsuit alleged that the ODOC was unconstitutionally rejecting Anarchist and other publications, simply on the basis that they portrayed the Anarchist circle-A symbol, the Anarchist Black Cross symbol, the Anarchist Black Flag, and the terms Â"AnarchismÂ" and Â"AnarchistÂ", without any substantive review towards determining whether or not the rejected publications constituted an actual Â"security threatÂ" or Â"detrimentÂ" to Oregon prison facilities.

The lawsuit further alleged that Anarchists were being unconstitutionally Â"documentedÂ" (ODOCÂ's verbiage) as a Â"gangÂ" and a Â"security threat groupÂ" (STG), a documentation that allowed ODOC to characterize Anarchist symbols as Â"STG Paraphernalia.Â" The Oregon mail rule, OAR 291-131, contained a provision that allowed ODOC to reject mail and publications for displaying Â"STG Paraphernalia.Â" Plaintiff contended that ODOC had unconstitutionally constructed a shortcut Â- the simple appearance of an Anarchist symbol Â- means of rejecting mail and publications that ran afoul of even state-friendly Thornburgh v Abbott, 490 US 401 (1989). [Full Story...] [Anarchist Black Cross]

[Western Prison Project's Prisoner Support Directory and publications

POLICE STATE | RACISM 29.04.2003 17:33
Statement from Mike Hawash's supporters re the charges against him
Here are our current public statements about the charges made by the Justice Department today. Recall that the Complaint issued by the DoJ is *their* version of the story. We believe it does not accurately reflect the real story.

We continue to support Mike Hawash
We are disappointed that the U.S. Dept. of Justice has chosen to charge Mike based on such weak evidence.
Nonetheless, we are happy that Mike will be able to defend himself publicly, after this period of secret detention.
The evidence presented in the Complaint is, in our opinion, weak, and amounts to Guilt by Association.
Mike has been held for over five weeks, but there is no evidence in the Complaint that has been gathered at or since his arrest -- the government had a weak case when he was originally detained, held Mike for five weeks, and has no stronger a case now.
Mike's friends and those who know him think the idea that Mike would have fought for the Taliban or traveled to Afghanistan is absurd. Mike's concerns were for his family in America, his family in Palestine, and for his faith.
We will continue to stand by Mike, we believe in his innocence, and believe that he will ultimately be cleared of all charges

[ Full Story ] | Mike Hawash Rally Images A29 | Mike Hawash Hearing Pix | www.freemikehawash.org

HUMAN RIGHTS | WAR | BUDGETS 29.04.2003 11:49
Healthcare Fiasco
From the open publishing newswire: When this war is over Americans will crawl out from the death and destruction weÂ've committed in Iraq, and we will see that crimes have also been perpetrated right here. Our social services are defunct and people are unemployed. Our right to a free public education is in jeopardy. The idea that this government is capable of creating democracy abroad, in Iraq, and providing food and healthcare to the people there is insane. The Bush administration has proven that they are unwilling to create jobs, provide health services, or educational opportunities here.

Jack Cox is an example of one who is suffering here in our own country. Jack is a 63 year-old HIV patient. In January he suffered through pneumonia, congestive heart failure and subsequent surgery. The procedure was $100,000. He now needs $9000 in heart medication. His total drugs are $26,000 a year. He is living on Social Security, which is $600 a month. He is typical of the many senior citizens in our country who suffer from poverty and illness.

The sad fact is that these sick people without a voice may simply disappear. Many people will die without medication, counseling, or methadone. This is already happening. It is important that we gather together with friends and neighbors to pressure our government to take care of those that cannot care for themselves. This is the very definition of a civilization. Jack and others have worked on Â"Cover the Uninsured WeekÂ", and other lobbying activities to advocate for the medically needy. Many people are working together to take action to improve the current situation in healthcare. If youÂ've been affected by these cuts, please get in touch at inresponse@yahoo.com. If you are a worker in the social services industry, there are socials being held at 6 to 8 p.m. at The Cafe (614 East Burnside) April 18th, May 2nd, 16th and 30th. [ Complete Article ] www.portlandsurvival.org

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