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LOVE, ART AND REVOLUTION 07.05.2003 23:56
Seeking rebelerotica!
The knowledge in my head is only in my head. The knowledge in my body rings through my being like a tone. Steady as the percolator-drip at the Red and Black is talk of why it doesn't have to be the way it is. Over cups of coffee collectively brewed and profited from, through the internet they provide, and sunk into their soft and comfy couches, people gather, and plot the death-rattle of all injustice. That is why I thank the Red and Black.

I also thank the forests, those great breathing organisms held to life by trees. They give me wildness, awe, air, and water. I've breathed in their earthy tang. I have drunk the water from urban taps that comes filtered through their roots, and felt the difference in my body, among them, as I come alive. I have made love on the moss beneath their shade. For this, I thank and sing the praises of the body, that part that gives and receives, that, in those moments, gave me the strength to attempt the impossible, and watch it be real.

In support of, and celebration of, these places, I seek writers and poets who care more about justice than about law, more about love than about remaining in their roles, to help me raise money for the Red and Black Cafe and for Cascadia Summer. What I'm looking for are pieces that link a celebration of rebellion against injustice with a celebration of the body - in other words, rebelerotica - to be read out loud at the Red and Black on Tuesday, May 27th, at 7:30 pm. Why rebelerotica? Because revolution is about coming alive... rebelerotica@hotmail.com


SAVE THE FORESTS 07.05.2003 18:28
Olympia Enviro Conference this Weekend!
Evergreen State College, Olympia presents: Looking Ahead: Models for Protecting National Forests
Saturday May 10, 2003, Workshops, Panels and Breakout Sessions will be held.
Sunday, May 11, 2003: Optional Field Trips (Note: There are six field trips offered. Although not an official part of this conference, six environmental organizations will be leading field trips, open to interested members of the public.)


ANIMAL RIGHTS 07.05.2003 18:19
Animal Rights speaker in Eugene Thursday May 8th
Elaine Close of Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing will be speaking at U of O on Thursday May 8.

The event will be held in room 110 in the Willamette building at U of O at 7:00 Thursday evening. It will be sposored by Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. We will be discussing the human consequences of animal testing, the latest developments at the OHSU primate research center, and possible ways to confront the ongoing animal research at the University of Oregon. The talk will be free and open to everyone.


The OPB informational void and KBOO
I'm sitting here listening to KBOO, trying to call a radio show for the first time in my life. The line is busy. I'm very upset. Maybe not so articulate at the moment. Theresa Mitchell's show re NPR two weeks ago was great. Though that kind of opinion broadcast is rare. I've heard OPB called KBOO's "sister station" on a KBOO show several times; which is something I'm sure wouldn't be reciprocated on opb. In fact, I think we'd be pressed to even hear the existence of KBOO acknowledged on opb.

OPB is incredibly dangerous. Yes, it's true they do have some interesting programming, but the damage done is in their general informational tone. What they leave out, and what they assume for the listeners to be the only "true information" they do this very casually, which sets up a tone of validity without assumption of opposing fact.

read more>>

OPB: Corparate Whore or Public Sponsored... which will it be?

Everyday I watch several programs on OPB but I was wondering if someone could clarify some things about OPB for me? First of all, how can it still be called "public" when a large portion of their funding comes from corporate sponsors such as Kellogg's and ADM? Every thirty minutes at the top and the bottom of the hour they have at least 5 minutes and sometimes upwards of 10 minutes of, for lack of a better word, advertisements... Also, how could one expect OPB to do an unbiased news show about say for instance GMO corn when they get this money from Kellogg's and ADM?


DEMOCRACY 07.05.2003 10:28
"Top Republican Leaders" are coming to town...
The Western States Republican Leadership Conference (see if you can get $250 to "mingle" with the other Republicans!) will be held at Jantzen Beach Doubletree Hotel from June 12-15. "Special guests" include the a sociopathic "president" and his trophy wife, a vile man who has had 5 "minor" heart attacks and his terrifyingly pro-censorship wife, as well as all sorts of other rich white people and a few token minorities.

From 6pm - 8pm on Friday, June 13th there will apparently be a "Reception in Downtown Portland", presumably where their special guests will show up, so once more details are confirmed regarding that location and the attendees, you might feel free to head down there and shout encouraging words to Mr. Bush and his cronies...

[ Highlights from Bush's last visit to Portland, Aug. 22, 2002 ]


START SWINGING 07.05.2003 10:25
Call to form a Sexual Violence Support and ACTION network of women
This is a call to form a sexual violence suuport and ACTION network of women in Portland. This network of women would come up with constructive ways to deal and take ACTION against sexual violence within our community. Not only would we support survivors, but we would also make demands of the men we work with in the activist community. Some ideas so far:
  • to set up a hotline
  • be public about men who have hurt women
  • be a strong presence at places where women repeatedly feel uncomfortable(such as shows)
  • give women more tools to be vocal


FOREST DEFENSE 07.05.2003 10:21
Protect the Forests of the Medicine Bow Wilderness--Letters Needed by May 9th
Much of the northeastern portion of the Sierra Madre Range of the Medicine Bow National Forest has been impacted by clearcutting. But important stands of forest remain. These last stands provide habitat to rare and imperiled animals like the boreal owl, pine marten, and northern goshawk. They help to protect hillsides and water quality from erosion. And, over time, they would become part of an important forested corridor that would allow sensitive wildlife to roam freely throughout the Sierra Madre Range.

Right now, the Forest Service, under the anti-environmental Bush Administration, is under immense pressure to log as much of the Medicine Bow as quickly as possible. Only by raising our voices together again and again can this pressure be countered. Please send in a letter or email to the agency (postmarked by May 9) urging it to withdraw the proposed Blackhall / McAnulty timber sale.


ANALYSIS 07.05.2003 10:18
Emergence (After the war, what?)
In the sudden aftermath of the war, folks might find the following uplifting. It's taken from a longer talk given by Steven Miller, a high school teacher, at a LRNA forum in San Francisco on April 18.

Most of the ideas that justified capitalism in the last century are decaying and losing their social power. Nationalism is undercut by the fact that globally linked, networked corporations are now more powerful than most countries. The social privileges that racism is supposed to defend and justify are vanishing. The whole social contract of capitalism is undermined. We are now on the verge of the second American generation that will grow up poorer than their parents. The usual assumptions are becoming less tenable every day. Hence the battle for the future begins with a battle to formulate new ideas -- a new story of what's really going on.


MANUFACTURED WAR 07.05.2003 10:18
Hold Bush accountable for Iraq deception!
It is important that our senators hear from us on this issue. The Bush administration must be made to pay for the lies and deceit they perpetrated on the American public to justify their illegal war on Iraq. Write your senators now! [Below] is a letter that you can cut-and-paste to email to your senator. Preferably, you will write your own letter, in your own words, but this will serve for those that are pressed for time.

"I'm told by a person involved in the Niger caper that more than a year ago the vice president's office asked for an investigation of the uranium deal, so a former U.S. ambassador to Africa was dispatched to Niger. In February 2002, according to someone present at the meetings, that envoy reported to the C.I.A. and State Department that the information was unequivocally wrong and that the documents had been forged."

If such an allegation is true, and if the Bush administration asserted that the aforementioned evidence was true, it can mean only one of [ two things... ] Letter prompted by: New York Times article | LA Times article


WOBBLY BENEFIT! 06.05.2003 14:01
Benefit for IWW Hall
General Strike [PDX], George Mann & Julius Margolin [NYC] play a benefit for Industrial Workers of the World Hall (IWW) - 616 East Burnside St. - Tuesday May 6, 2003, 7:30 PM - Suggested Donation $5-10, All Welcome Regardless of Donation!

GENERAL STRIKE is an activist folk group formed in 1987. Joining picket lines, protests, and performing at festivals, GENERAL STRIKE carries on the Wobbly tradition in the Pacific Northwest. [ Details ]


MURDERED BY THE STATE 06.05.2003 13:51
Portland Police Kill Woman
It's time to disarm the PDX republican guard. Why do we let them wander our streets with lethal weapons strapped to their sides, to be used against us at their whim? They've been beating us, gassing us, shooting at us, arresting us without cause for months. Now, they've shot down yet another unarmed person, without cause, in the back. How many people have the PDX police killed in recent years? WHY do we continue to allow this?

This was a 21 year old young woman. Someone's daughter. This is inexcusable. As long as we allow the police to be armed with lethal weapons, they will continue to use them indiscriminantly. There's no reason why they must be carrying guns through the city. Just because we grew up with the ol'west, gunsmoke model of law and order is no reason not to seek changes. Why do we need armed forces and robocops putting us all at risk? It's time to end the occupation. [ Read More ]

A friend of mine witnessed the police shooting yesterday and was harrassed by police when she tried to report an accurate account of what happenned. She has been given info on the Oct. 22nd Coalition, and is trying to get ahold of a lawyer. [ Read More ]


LOCAL CONTROL 06.05.2003 13:47
Stop Ashcroft: Support Death with Dignity
The Ninth Circuit will consider an appeal of the decision rendered in April 2002 by Federal District Court Judge Robert E. Jones. His decision stated that Attorney General John Ashcroft couldn't overturn Oregon's Death with Dignity law. Portland Attorney and ODWD Board President Eli Stutsman represents DEA registrants, physicians and pharmacists, in the case and works closely with attorneys from the State of Oregon and Compassion In Dying who represent the state's interests and patients, respectively.

Where: Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse Steps, 1000 SW 3rd Avenue. Downtown Portland at the corner of 3rd and Salmon.
When: Wednesday, May 7, 2003. Please arrive shortly before 9 AM. The event should last approximately 1 hour.

[ Oregon Death with Dignity ]


ELECTORAL POLITICS 06.05.2003 13:40
Looking for a Candidate (for President) who is WITH Us, not Against Us
Supporting a candidate who will SLOW DOWN the pace of our demise is not only an unacceptable option, it also MAY OBSCURE the blatant offensives being committed by the current regimes - in the White House and in the global corporate's New World Order. G. W. Bush has given us nearly the best imaginable chance to show what he and his more discrete brethren-elite are up to.

Two goals stand out as priorities for the upcoming campaigns for the 2004 election, both to optimize impact on the election itself and to maximize the best residual effects beyond 2004 :

1. Expose and oppose the corporate control of the Earth and every aspect of life on it (in other words, Nurture freedom for all god's creation), and
2. Expose and depose the fascist anti-constitutional forces currently occupying the White House.

[ Related: Kucinich for President | SE Portland Howard Dean "Meetup" ]


9.11 INVESTIGATION 06.05.2003 13:37
Everything you've always wanted to know about 9/11 is 'classified' – and the Bushies want to keep it that way
How did 19 hijackers manage to decimate the Pentagon, destroy the World Trade Center, and plunge us into a war without end? That is the question we still don't have an answer to, two years after the worst terrorist attack in American history, and, if the Bush administration has anything to say about it - and they do - we won't have an answer any time soon. An 800-page report written by congressional investigators is being withheld from the American public, as Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball report in the current Newsweek, "including provocative, if unheeded warnings, given President Bush and his top advisers during the summer of 2001."

9/11 has been the rationale for a policy of perpetual war, the radical abridgement of our constitutionally-guaranteed liberties, and the barking chorus of television screamers who shout down all dissent as "treason." Yet Americans have no right to know how or why it happened.


CASTING SPELLS 06.05.2003 13:34
duck, duck, goose: a tale of spiral dancing

Through the door we flew, out onto the street
passion, joy, and meade
hollering at the night sky
our dreams and visions sped past us
because we opened the door to the other side,
we should catch up to them soon...>>


Save Portland from the corporate baseball boosters
The Oregon House is due to vote soon, perhaps today, on House Bill 3606, which, according to the bill's supporters, would all but insure the relocation of a Major League Baseball team to Portland if it passed. Unlike previous bills that attempted to use hundreds of millions of dollars of State funding to build a professional MLB stadium, this latest attempt by boosters merely requires the State to instill a "jock tax" that would hypothetically tax the hypothetical salaries of Portland baseball players and owners in order to pay off a third-party bond.

Nevertheless, even if State funds are not directly diverted by this bill, the corporate boosters seem to have a friend in Mayor Vera Katz who is eager to relive the PGE Park fiasco by aiding the boosters with City of Portland tax dollars.


Indymedia Video Showings - Wednesday 7pm
Featuring Day X - Day after Bombing, March 25th Police Violence, Tax Resistance, Bush Protest, Mayday, Peak Timber Sale and more...

Wednesday May 7th 7:00pm - The Know - 2026 NE Alberta


Critical Mass; A call to action
To all those who faithfully ride in Critical Mass; I thank you, you are all beautiful people. That said, where the hell are the rest of you cyclists? I ride everyday, for practical purposes or just for fun. I love the feeling of getting from point A to B under my own power, plus the fact it's so beneficial to my health, as well as the health of the environment. And I ride in critical mass for a number of reasons; it's partly social, CM is an eclectic mix of forward thinking individuals and just generally chill people. All ages, from most socio-economic situations, CM is cool if only for the convergence of like-minded people.

But really, Critical Mass is a statement, with many points intended.


POLICE STATE 04.05.2003 18:51
Eugene Police Illegally Raid Homes with Tank; Prompts Federal Lawsuit
The victims of an egregiously false police raid, and their attorneys, announce an impending lawsuit against the Oregon State Police, Lane County Sheriff, Eugene and Springfield Police Departments, Portland Police Bureau, Oregon National Guard and others. In the pre-dawn of October 17, 2002, approximately 50 police officers from these agencies swarmed a residential neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon, USA, armed with automatic assault rifles and accompanied by a National Guard military Light Armored Vehicle, which looks like a tank. Police claimed to be searching for a marijuana growing operation within three homes.

Two couples, Marcella Monroe/Tam Davage, and Elizabeth Redetzke/Jor Havens were awakened by "flash-bang" grenades being hurled into the back yards of their homes located in a densely populated residential neighborhood, which caused immense explosions that shook the windows of surrounding homes. Without knocking, masked and armored SWAT police smashed in the doors of three residences. Police forced the residents from their beds without clothing and placed a black hood over the head of one of the women, while police ransacked their homes for hours.

The police found no evidence of a marijuana growing operation, but, in a blatant attempt to justify this outrageous invasion, arrested and cited the individuals anyway, thereby exposing them to felony criminal charges and the possibility of having their homes forfeited under Oregon drug laws.


PEACE 04.05.2003 18:49
City turns up the heat on Portland Peace Encampment
On the evening of 5/2/03 and the early morning hours of 5/03/03 the Portland Police Department raided the Peace Encampment 3 times. (This was after the had raided on the morning of 5/02 and taken the potted plants as reported earlier. ) The first raid was about 9:00 PM. Four police cars pulled up in front of the camp with lights flashing and 6- 7 officers stood in front of their cars and ordered the 8 or so protestors to remove all their personal items. Some did so quietly and some responded quite vocally to the police. After all items were picked up the protestors sat or stood with their belongings and the police stood in front of their cars and nobody seemed to know what to do. [ Read more... | Update on peace camp ]


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