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POLICE STATE 14.05.2003 10:38
REMEMBER MAY 13, 1985!: Ramona Africa photo-interview
Commemorating the 18th anniversary of the May 13, 1985, this new photo-essay features a new interview with Ramona Africa of the MOVE organization focusing on what the corporate media hasn't told us about the May 13 FBI and City of Philadelphia bombing and murder of Africa's family in their home at 6221 Osage Ave. Also new are photos from 6221 Osage today in 2003.


IMPERIALISM 14.05.2003 10:36
War in Iraq is Yet to Come
The war is not over; it has not even begun. Iraq has been betrayed from within, the regime having cut a deal with the invaders. The resistance now remains deferred... Baghdad fell not to that weaponry but thanks to a deal that the Baathist regime made with the Americans under which it renounced the defence of the city in exchange for a whole variety of favours - to the Baathist leaders and Ministers, the military commanders including the commanders of the elite Republican Guard, possibly to Saddam himself and his family - the details of which are yet unknown but these can be easily surmised: secret transportation to safe havens, treasury chests and payoffs, and, for many, lucrative posts in the post-Saddam regime that the U.S. is now putting together. The Americans have said all along that they shall absorb much of the Baathist Party and bureaucracy in the new regime - and so it shall be.


WATCHING THE COPS 13.05.2003 16:24
Who will watch the police? People demand a fair process!
60 people met with District Attorney Mike Schrunk yesterday morning (5/12) in regards to last week's shooting of Kendra James. A wide range of community members and religious leaders shared concerns and made requests from the DA's office. The most important and consistent message is about ensuring a fair and lawful process as this case goes to the Grand Jury sometime this week. We request that respected members of the community be allowed to observe the proceedings to ensure they are fair and legitimate. For far too many reasons to be named here, we cannot trust the police to police themselves. Many of us have personally witnessed incidences where police act as though they are above the law, and they so often get away with it. Police violence against Portland's citizenry has even been repeatedly awarded (example: murder of Jose Mejia Poot) or excused (example: recent assualts at protests and elsewhere) not dealt with approriately under the laws that govern the rest of us.

We demand a legal system that is factual and fair to the victims of police violence and we demand proof of it. We are unable to have faith in a legal process based on the word of the Police Bureau alone. Since no Portland police officer has ever been indicted for a shooting in the line of duty, it will be impossible to believe that what happens behind closed doors is legitimate without a community representative that can verify the laws are upheld. In order to begin building trust and addressessing the serious problems in the system, we seek community witnesses as the tragedy of Kendra's death is investigated. No matter what the results of the Grand Jury, we know there is much to be done and that we must all work together in solidarity to make sure Kendra did not die in vain. This means our justice system and political leaders must support our requests for observers. It is not too much to ask! (Although it is unfortunately not common practice, it HAS been done before).

You are invited to get involved now! Time is short! Contact City Hall now to express your concerns and demand justice and an accountable legal process! Phone numbers and emails are available at www.ci.portland.or.us [ Read More ]


Hanford DOE Hearings tonight at 7pm
Radisson Hotel
1441 NE 2nd Ave
6pm - Prehearing meeting for activists

After previous hearings, the DOE received 4000 letters in opposition and had to rewrite the plan. Call (503) 232-0484 for more info. About 54 million gallons of high-level radioactive and chemical waste are stored in 177 underground tanks the size of three-story buildings, buried in Hanford?s central area, about 12 miles from the river. Over the years 70 of the tanks have leaked about one million gallons of waste into the soil. At least some of the leaked tank waste has reached the groundwater, which eventually flows into the Columbia River. Estimated time for the tank waste to reach the river is anywhere from 7 to 20 years to a couple generations. How badly it damages the river depends on how much gets there and when. Presently the U.S. Department of Energy does not have a plan for intercepting the waste before the waste reaches the river. DOE has been pumping liquid waste out of the leaking single shell tanks into the newer, not yet leaking, double shell tanks. [ Read More ]


POLICE STATE 13.05.2003 12:16
Open Letter To Katz and Commissioners
About 60 people met with District Attorney Mike Schrunk this morning (5/12) in regards to last week's shooting of Kendra James. A wide range of community members and religious leaders shared concerns and made requests from the DA's office. The most important and consistent message is about ensuring a fair and lawful process as this case goes to the Grand Jury sometime this week. We request that respected members of the community be allowed to observe the proceedings to ensure they are fair and legitimate. For far too many reasons to be named here, we cannot trust the police to police themselves. [ Read More ]

Take the guns away, before they kill again.

Portland Police are out of control. Shall we bury our heads in the ground and hope for the best? I used to be the person at the party, sticking up for the Man. "The police are only doing their job. They are here to help. . . blah, blah, blah." I had never looked beyond the pages of the newspaper, to see why my primarily law abiding friends feared the police. This was before being assaulted by the police at a peaceful demonstration, while trying to comply with their demands to leave the area. While nursing my wounds, I was forced to realize my stupidity, for trusting the police to respond peacefully to a peaceful situation. The police are out of control, and they have guns. [ Read More ]


FREE THE AIRWAVES 13.05.2003 12:00
Stop FCC's media deregulation
Use the Internet to educate and to help stop the FCC's plans for media consolidation! On June 2, the Federal Communications Commission intends to lift restrictions on media ownership that could allow your local newspaper, cable provider, radio stations, and TV channels all to be owned by one company.

The result could be the disappearance of the checks and balances provided by a competitive media marketplace -- and huge cutbacks in local news and reporting. Good, balanced information is the basis for our democracy. That's why we're asking that: "Congress and the FCC should stop media deregulation and work to make the media diverse, competitive, balanced, and fair."

Network news is not giving this issue a fair amount of attention because of self-interest. Many corporate media outlets have set up web sites for people to discuss their programming, products under the corporate umbrella, etc. We can flood these message boards and use their very own tools to educate the public to the dangers of media consolidation. [ Read More ]

Piratic Reaction!!

Crew desired to join together and create Pirate Media Circles to blow out Corporate Media Takeover Are you infuriated by the latest round of attacks on the public airwaves? Pissed by the heavy-handed Gestapo-like approach of the FCC? Want to do something about it? Yeah, well, me too.

Let's get together and start a pirate media circle- I'm talking radio-waves, UHF, whatever the hell we can think of. I propose a meeting of like-minded people (maybe at Red and Black so we can sniff out cops and feds) who want to do something about this hostile takeover. If they won't listen to the voice of the people we've got to make it too loud for them to ignore. I'm thinking we'll need engineers, tacticians, DJ's, VJ's, interviewers, programmers, lawyers, etc. The sooner we get started the better. Anyone who's interested either comment here or email me- I'm fully aware that the cops and/or feds will be interested in this crew so if anyone has tips or advice about how to go about dodging their dodginess, please also post here. The peoples' voices cannot be stymied! [ Read More ] [ microradio.net ]


LOVE AND RAGE 11.05.2003 23:35
Images of Vigil for Murdered Woman
I'm not much of a photographer - but here are few images I captured this evening. Brian was there - and I'm sure he will share his images soon. I was really really surprised at the LACK of turn out tonight. I guess I just assumed more people were horrified and outraged. I guess with Mother's Day and all - folks couldn't show up. At BEST there were maybe 200 folks.

background from a previous newswire article: On Monday, May 5, the Portland Police brutally shot and killed a woman in the back, following a pattern of cold-blooded behavior that has become their standard method of operation. Racism, classism, homophobia, and other forms of willful ignorance are ordinary characteristics of a department that is led by a former Los Angeles police officer, Mark Kroeker, with the approval of a pro-business, fuck-everyone-else mayor, Vera Katz. The police have been increasingly out of control, and the death of Kendra James is only the latest example. The people of Portland need to rally behind her community and against the city, demand the punishment of the guilty officers, the resignation of Chief Kroeker, and the abdication of Katz.

Photo essay for Kendra James Inner North Portland community leaders cry out for justice for a young mother killed by the police during a routine traffic stop as they offer love and prayers for her family. It was good to see that a lot of familiar faces from the downtown protests made it out to North Portland to the Kendra James vigil. I hope some of you took notes. I brought my camera, but, unfortunately, not a pen. I think that with the captions the photos communicate the emotion of this vigil. What they don't communicate is how determined the leaders of our community are to confront the city over Kendra James' death.

This is the best my memory can do: Tomorrow, Monday May 12th at 9 AM the pastors who spoke at the rally will be at Justice Center (NOT the new Hatfield building where the jail is --the older building) to meet with the District Attorney. Everyone interested in police accountability is invited to attend. (I posted this last night, but it didn't go up). State Senator Margaret Carter provided a phone number to call to demand that the officer who shot Kendra James be held accountable. Who wrote that number down? One of the pastors said "We're doing our research." And what he has found out so far is that the officer who shot Kendra James comes from a family that is very well connected to the Justice system (I can't recall the exact details).

The web site linked to below will be the best place to stay in touch with the fight for police accountability. I see that an Indy volunteer has already linked the site to Portland Indymedia and posted an invitation to ppbcomplaint.com readers to visit Indymedia. I do hope that, as horrid as this police action is, it does our bring our communities a little closer together.

Phone Number to stay updated: 503-986-1722

[ www.ppbcomplaint.com | Vigil Photo Essay | Photos from vigil | Previous stories: 1 | 2 | 3 ]


VENEZUELA COUP | FILM 11.05.2003 22:58
Sat. May 17 - Documentary: The Coup in Venezuela
Saturday, May 17, 6:00 P.M.
Portland State University
Smith Center, room 327
Suggested donation $6
(we will not turn anybody away)

"On April 12th 2002 the world awoke to the news that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had been removed from office and had been replaced by a new interim government. What had in fact taken place was the first Latin American coup of the 21st century, and the world's first media coup...."

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Presented by the Bolivarian Circle of Oregon. This film shows never before seen footage of what really happened during the coup d'etat against Venezuelan democratically elected president Hugo Chavez. A panel of discussion will follow the film. [ Whole Shebang ]


"ELECTION" POLITICS 11.05.2003 22:47
Jim Crow revived in cyberspace
You'd think that Congress and President Bush would run from imitating Florida's disastrous system. Astonishingly, Congress adopted the absurdly named "Help America Vote Act," which requires every state to replicate Florida's system of centralized, computerized voter files before the 2004 election.

The controls on the 50 secretaries of state are few -- and the temptation to purge voters of the opposition party enormous. African-Americans, whose vote concentrates in one party, are an easy and obvious target.

COMMENTARY: If the Help America Vote Act passes than all these discussion about which candidate to support will be meaningless. I hope everyone realizes this. It will be the end of what little remains of democracy in the united states. There will be no choice but revolution in one form or another or a life of slavery. I hope people are paying attention. [ Full Article ]


HUMAN & CIVIL RIGHTS 11.05.2003 16:36
Happy Mother's Day: A call to action for Oregon's Seniors
Activists across the state are invited to be trained as key support in seniors lives. The "friendly visitor" program can help keep people in their homes and bring safety support to Oregon's seniors as the cuts to services become deeper and more dangerous.

Happy Mother's day! This is a call to action to come to the aid of seniors and the disabled in your community. Many of the people we are cutting from services in this state are women. Most were mothers. Women are more likely to be living only on social security. They are more likely to have only Medicaid for medical coverage, or only medicare for long-term care. They are more likely to be the people to be most adversely affected by the recent statewide cuts to services. (That is not to say that elder men and disabled men are not also affected). Many women who are now seniors worked their whole lives and received much less pay, and now have fewer resources as elders.

The generation that is being affected by these cuts to social services is the same generation that built the infrastructure that we survive in everyday - our roads, hospitals, schools, universities. It is time for all of us to make sure they are not ill-treated. [ Read More ] [ History of Mother's Day | Mother's Day Proclamation ]


Police Send Disabled Peace Protestor to Hospital
Vigil keepers at the Portland Peace Encampment at SW 4th Avenue and Main Street across from City Hall were visited by five Portland Police Bureau officers at 8:30 in the evening on Saturday, May 10. Before they left the scene, where they came to take the few possessions of the peace campers, police had to call EMS and fire personnel to transport a man to the hospital.

Andy Seaton, a disabled peace demonstrator and contributor to Portland Indymedia that has been an integral part of the organized Encampment effort to protest peacefully against the wars of the Bush administration, refused to relinquish his folding chair when one of the officers present commanded him to do so.

Seaton, who has a documented history of back problems and was wincing in pain moments before police arrived, told officers that he needed the chair because he could not stand for long periods of time ... After being shown documentation in support of his need for a chair to sit in, three officers attempted to push Seaton out of the chair and later lifted Seaton to a near-standing position before removing the chair and letting him go. Seaton then fell back into the street and, after a few moments, asked for help in standing. [ Read More ]

Peace Encampment to Address City Council on Wednesday, May 14 at 9:30am Well before Saturday's incident involving the injury of Andy Seaton, several members of the Encampment, including Seaton, had signed up to speak before the Portland City Council at the council's weekly meeting at 9:30am on Wednesday, May 14. They intend to explain to Mayor Katz and the council why the Encampment exists. They also will ask why they have been repeatedly targeted by the Police Bureau and what it will take to end the harassment. Come show support for these determined defenders of peace and free speech!

Previous stories about the Peace Camp (most recent first): [ City turns up the heat on Portland Peace Encampment | May 4th Update on peace camp | City turns up the heat on Portland Peace Encampment | Apr 14 Police Raid Portland Peace Encampment | Peace Encampment Needs Well Rested Volunteers | The Latest Police Tactic at Peace Camp | Friday April 11 update -- Encampment still there! | Portland Peace Encampment Given 24 hours Notice by Police | Day 22 - Peace Encampment | 24 hour eviction served (sort of) | Portland Peace Encampment needs YOU! | Portland Peace Encampment Update day 19 | Photos of Closed Terry Shrunk Park | Homeland Security Evicts Portland Peace Encampment | Peace Camp still needs support | Shots Fired Near Portland Peace Encampment | Update: Pictures and report of hit and run | Hit and run at Peace Camp | Kitchen to cook meals for peace campers | peace camp is looking for donations | Peace Park Legalities. Strong Free Speech Right U.S. / Oregon Const. Some Traps | Peace Camp Action Alert! | PEACE PARK LIVES! MAJOR VICTORY! SUPPORT NOW .... TARPS, BLANKETS, SCRABBLE | Portland Peace Encampment releases statement of purpose | Peace Encampment carries on without tents; Shelters forbidden by Homeland Security | peace camp asks for help | Peace Camp update: Still there despite Homeland Security Threats | Portland Peace Camp may be evicted ]


Witness account of police over-use of force
Summary. Sunday 11 May 2003. "Police brutality" was just an abstract concept to me until I witnessed the events described below. Portland police officers hurt an unarmed, handcuffed young man. I will try to be as objective and factual as I can, but I must admit that it was an emotional set of events.

[Backstory. Apparently there was a barfight at the Rialto Poolroom Bar & Cafe that spilled out onto the street.] As I walked home, I saw at least three sets of police car lights in the distance. I was curious at the size of the response, so I went to take a closer look. When I arrived at SW 4th and Alder, there were several police cars and numerous police officers on the East side of 4th. Two young men were standing in handcuffs. One of the young men--and the most important in my recounting of events--was then made to bend over the back of a police car. The officers kept insisting that he put his head down onto the car. He was resisting slightly. Keep in mind that he was in handcuffs and surrounded by several police officers. At this point a female officer said, "I think I'm going to need a Taser." Another officer, also female, responded by coming over and then placing a Taser against the man's right calf. Not long afterward, the click-click-click sound of the Taser could be heard as I watched the officer use it against the man. He became limp for a short time after that. The officers surrounding the man proceeded to search a black backpack and his person. They "had to" apply the Taser at least once more. Then, at about 1:45am, the key event happened. [ Read More ]


SUSTAINABILITY 10.05.2003 12:04
Come to the Village Building Convergence!
The Village Building Convergence, organized by a coalition of Southeast Uplift, the City Repair Project, and other local groups, is a ten day marathon of brainstorming, discussions, and hands-on work in the neighborhoods of Southeast Portland towards actualizing a convivial, ecological vision of city life. Come get your hands dirty building authentic community and an ecological future!

Come learn about do-it-yourself park creation, natural building techniques, solar design, "intersection repair" (turning ugly intersections into village squares), and hear from many visionary activists, both local and internationally known.

[ Village Building Convergence | Photos from 19th & Washington | Photos from 9th & Ankeny | Photos from the New Day School ]


EDUCATION FUNDING 10.05.2003 12:02
Please Vote Yes on Multnomah County Measure 26-48 Submit Ballots by May 20
Measure 26-48 is a three-year, 1.25% income tax for Multnomah County residents that:

Provides Funding for Schools:

  • Restores funding towards a full school year for all students in Multnomah County public schools. Funds will be distributed fairly to all local school district on a per-pupil basis.
  • Prevents the loss of teaching positions. Without Measure 26-48, 600 teachers would be lost in Portland Public Schools alone.
  • Reduces class sizes.
  • Provides a challenging and varied curriculum to prepare students for college and the workplace.


POETRY 10.05.2003 11:59
a dragon speaks-------rebel erotica gets burned
Ooops i didn't mean ta spill joy
didn't know my greasy sex was radical
so we smiled like sunlight
danced as agless deamons
bin cought in her death grip stalked'n shamed accused
bin quetly ruined before
That was one step
This is another
What we got now isn't HAD!


Local Officials/Corporate Press Jeopardize Public Safety
Not long ago, Multnomah County Sheriff Bernie Giusto claimed that an additional 300-500 inmates would have to be released from prison if his department did not receive additional funds. However, during the recent demonstrations protesting the unjustified and illegal war on Iraq waged by former Texas Governor George W. Bush, Giusto claimed to have unlimited jail space for the protestors. Under the supervision of Police Chief Mark Kroeker, the City spent more than $1 million in overtime pay in an effort to intimidate local citizens away from exercising their constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech and assembly. Portland Mayor Vera Katz unflinchingly supported the aggressive repression of dissent, even as she received a steady stream of reports of police violence and abuse. The District Attorney appears determined to squander more resources to prosecute citizens on mostly bogus charges, in an already overburdened court system.

Along with their reputation for rude and unprofessional behavior, many Portland Police officers have a long history of using excessive force while dealing with the public. Provocation is a common police tactic used in an effort to provide justification for attacking non-violent demonstrators. When this tactic fails, as it generally does, they simply attack people outright. The Mayday celebration a couple of years back, and the August 22, 2002 visit by former Texas Governor, George W. Bush are poignant examples of this.


Portland Anti-Capitalist Action is preparing for Seattle and Sacramento demos
Portland Anti Capitalist Action (pdxaca@ziplip.com ) is talking with people and coordinating space to hold at least two meetings regarding the upcoming demonstrations in Seattle and Sacramento. We are primarily doing this to inform people about the organizing efforts going on in both towns, and to coordinate ride shares to these demos.

FROM SACRAMENTO: The reasons for shutting down the WTO and putting an end to neoliberalism are far too many to name here. So much suffering around the world has already been caused by neoliberalism, now they are trying to add even more through their agricultural agenda, and their forcing of the biotech menace upon the world. Concerned activists from northern California and around the world will gather in the streets on Sacramento and tell the biotech industry and the WTO to go to hell.

The day after the invasion of Iraq started activists shut down San Francisco. We are calling on individuals and affinity groups to stop the invasion of our food supply with a militant shut down of Sacramento for 3 days. There will be spokescouncil meetings every night from June 16th, through June 26th. Come with a plan of action and be ready for a capitalist-smashing good time. [Ed. note:".......We are a coalition of anti-authoritarian anti-capitalist individuals and affinity groups from northern california, including sacramento, organizing around the meeting.] If you want more information or to get involved email: silr@jps.net or call (916)-456-9435 Web site: biodevastation2003. [ Full article ] [ Call to Action from the Global South ]


FREE THE MEDIA! 09.05.2003 12:05
Code Pink Targets Clear Channel
Code Pink takes action against media consolidation and censorship. On Thursday, May 8th Code Pink instigated a blitz appearance in front of the Clear Channel offices on Macadam Ave. The Code Pink banner and line of pink-clad protestors caught the attention of the rush-hour commuters as well as the staff of Clear Channel. Curious staff came outside to find out what was going on. They hadn't a clue why Clear Channel was as the focus of this event! The women politely explained.

"We are here because the media consolidation that is going on (and about to increase) is of great concern to us. More media outlets in fewer and fewer hands does not bode well for a democracy. Clear Channel already owns over 1600 radio stations. The expression of diverse opinions and the addressing of community needs and concerns are forfeited under conditions of mass media consolidation. Since 9/11 Clear Channel has censored the music played over the air as well as complied with the government propaganda and the stifling of news on current events." [ Read More... ] [ Code Pink ]


Educate yourself about Cascadia's threatened forests and learn the skills to defend them
Are you tired of seeing clearcuts and hearing about the destruction of our ancient forests and wondering what you can do about it? --Come to the Timber Sale Review and find out about timber sales in our public forests and get some ideas on how you can help put an end to the controversy!

6:00-9:00 p.m.
1648 Alder St Eugene
@the Lorax Manor

read more>>
Tree Climb Training & Skill Share Saturdays - Eugene

Come learn knots and climbing skills which can be applied to endagered species canopy surveys and tree sitting. There will be other skills too: community building workshops, primitive skills, conflict and consensus, plant identification, and more. *Also get caught up on Cascadia Summer and Cascadia Forest Defender events. Ask how you can help defend our ancient forests.


a tale from a society gone mad
Everytime you drive on a road, enter a school building, visit a hospital, drink water from your faucet provided provided by a dam, you use the services provided by the elderly. Now, they are losing the last support society offered after a life of hard work and great societial support.
Ethel died last weekend. She lived by me. I tried to visit her as much as I could. She lived on social security. that's all she had...about $400 a month. She loved her apartment. She had a small garden. She started working when she was 16 years old. After she retired she volunteered for services to the elderly and ran a meal program.

She was 89 when she died. Up until a few months she had senior services. She suffered from light dementia and could not remember everything. But she could remember that the biggest fear of her life was that she would end up in a nursing home. She had a lady who came several times a week to help clean, cook meals and help her get to her doctors appointments. She was doing well.

Her senior services were cut. She hired a private pay helper. She could only afford to pay someone to shop and cook for her. The lady would not clean take her to doctor appoinments. Ethel could not afford that. She started feeling bad a month or so ago. She told everyone that she was doing fine. She was afraid to go to the doctor because she was afraid she would be put in a nursing home. Her long-time caregiver who she lost, would have been able to comfort her and would have taken her to the doctor.


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