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TAX FRAUD | ENERGY 17.05.2003 15:12
PGE Stiffs State of Oregon and IRS *AGAIN*!
F_ck Enron If you paid more than $10 in income tax to Salem last year, congratulations! You paid more tax than PGE! On May 15, 2003, Portland General Electric Co. (PGE) revealed in its 1st Quarter 10-Q Report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that PGE is again stiffing the State of Oregon and the federal government of all income tax payments.

The PGE report stated that, instead of sending any money to Oregon Department of Revenue or to IRS for the 1st Quarter of 2003, PGE sent $21 million of "income taxes" to Enron, which will not be paying any of that money to any government. PGE collected this money from Oregon electricity ratepayers. In fact, PGE is currently charging Oregon ratepayers $15.6 million for "state income taxes" and $77 million for "federal income taxes" for 2003. But PGE is not paying any of this money to the state or federal governments.

Since the Enron takeover of PGE in 1997, PGE ratepayers have now paid over $453 million to PGE to cover the alleged cost of its "federal income taxes" and over $93 million to cover the cost of its alleged "state income taxes," for a total of over $446 million. To date, there is no evidence that any of this money went to any government, except that PGE for 2002 paid $221,000 in federal income taxes in 2002 and $10 in state income taxes. For the 1st Quarter of 2003, PGE ratepayers paid to PGE $19 million for "federal income taxes" and $4 million for "state income taxes."

Let's take our electric utility away from these bastards and have an open and publically accountable People's Utility District that provides power at cost. Full details available at http://www.oppc.net. [ Read More ]


FOREST DEFENSE 17.05.2003 08:23
Cascadia Summer heats up with western regional Earth First! Rendezvous, May 23-27
This long, last weekend in May, Cascadia Summer begins! It begins wherever you are, but especially in the wild Rogue just outside the Northeast edge of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. It begins on ground that www.biscuitfire.com has proposed for salvage-scam logging. Earth First! began saving forest in the forest, with bodies and heart-minds, twenty years ago at its first national gathering, near this very spot where Cascadia Summer now begins.

Please come join with your comrades past, present and future in a truly wild, threatened and fragile place. Come only if you can respect the other humans and beings and place. Come especially if you want to defend them with others that love them as much as you do.

Stop the corporate and government profiteers from destroying the last of what is wild and free. Let Cascadia Summer begin!

[ Cascadia Summer ]


Rude Awakening Hits Portland!!! One Night Only!
It might be the end of the world... AGAIN. Who do you blame, what do you WEAR? These timely questions are answered in "Rude Awakening", an "explosive" one-act comedy written and performed by Ashland comedienne Joanie McGowan. "Rude Awakening" makes a one-night-only national tour stop at the Horner Performing Arts Center at David Douglas High School on Saturday, May 31st at 7 and 9 pm.

Inspired by our constant state of alert, Rude Awakening is a zany jaunt through preparations for Armageddon, including valuable information from the Department of Homeland Security Web site, The play is followed by an audience sing-a-long of the show's song, "We are the Solution", which will be videotaped and sent to Oregon Senators Smith and Wyden, and President Bush.

Rude Awakening has been performed in Ashland and Grants Pass, upcoming tour stops include Eugene, Salem, Roseburg, Berkeley, Seattle and Washington, DC. In response to recent school budget cuts, McGowan's play will raise money for high school theater arts programs wherever it is performed. [ Read More ]


KENDRA JAMES SHOOTING 16.05.2003 20:26
Letter to KOIN 6
I feel outraged by the fact that the family and loved ones have to see Kendra's face in the news looking like a refugee from a "COPS" repeat. To me they are trying to bias the public's opinion that Kendra was a criminal and derserved what she got.

Further I think (my personal opinion here) is that the broadcast networks, whom I now call network "shadow-casters" have not only grown way to powerful (well duh!?) but more importantly we as a the people need to be that much more assertive to them as to the fairness, balance and ojectivity that the title journalist used to imply.

These corporate shadow-casters need to be brought into the light. They are all really just and interconnected house of cards that continue to report each others stories. Once one of them has the courage to print or say the truth the others will have to follow or risk looking stupid. [ My letter to KOIN 6 follows. ]
[ 2nd Letter to KOIN 6 ]


GENETIC ENGINEERING 16.05.2003 20:02
Arrests at St. Louis Biodevastation - Call Police Chief Now
RoundUp At least 20-30 people have been arrested and we need your help. Police invaded two known movement homes this morning, apparently in "pre-emptive raids" to prevent their attendance at Sunday's demonstration against the World Agricultural Forum. Others were taken into custody while riding their bicycles to the BioDevastation gathering at Forest Park Community College, and the police have left the bicycles lying along the road. Sarah Bantz organizer for MORAGE and a speaker at the BioDevastation conference was arrested for having a container of Vitamin C capsules, which police are claiming to be an illegal drug.

Police have also entered the Randall Building, office of the Gateway Greens/Green Party USA, St. Louis IndyMedia, the Confluence newspaper, and other organizations, searching for "violations" and who knows what else. For the last two weeks, the St. Louis police have been spreading rumors of "Seattle-like violence" in order to ratchet up the levels of tension, rationalizing their procurement of riot gear and new "crowd control" weapons. [ Read More ] [ St. Louis Indymedia | biodevastation2003 ]


WHAT REALLY HAPPENED ON 9.11 16.05.2003 16:59
FTW has an ad in the Washington Post (!)
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. This is the ad of the year.. or the decade guys: Mike Ruppert placed a full page ad in this freaking newspaper!! In this ad he plugs indymedia, copvcia (of course), rightist-but-sometimes-interesting whatreallyhappened.com ..Etc,and more importantly, blows the whilste on the Reichstag Fire and on Peak Oil of Production !

Excerpt from From the Wildnerness (FTW): History was made today. FTW, thanks to a wonderful subscriber who paid for it, ran a full page ad on Page A25 of the Washington Post. I am now calling on every FTW subscriber who has asked me for so long, "What can I do?" to pick up their telephone TODAY and call every LOCAL press outlet, print or electronic in their city and tell them to look at page A-25 of today's Washington Post. These calls need to be made today. Already our web site traffic is 6x normal and the ripples are bouncing through Washington. We can use this energy if we act now. The people do have a voice, a voice that will not be as strong or as powerful in just 24 hours. Here are some quick reference numbers for important contacts but don't stop there. If you have been an FTW subscriber for even one month, you know what to do. George W. Bush announced his re-election bid today. Let's make it a day he and the administration and both political parties will never forget! Since the ad ran in Washington, saturate the local DC stations. When you make the calls always as for the news or editorial department!

WJLA TV - ABC Washington 202-364-7777 ~~ WRC TV - NBC Washington 202-885-4000 ~~ WTTG TV - Fox Washington 202-244-5151 ~~ WUSA TC - CBS Washington 202-895-5999 ~~ WTMW TV - Washington 703-528-0051 ~~ WNVT TV - Washington 703-698-9682
[ IMC Article ] [ From the Wilderness | Ad in pdf format ]


GLOBAL NEWS 16.05.2003 14:42
YellowTimes.org Reports that Fierce Fighting Continues in Eastern Congo
In the largest town in Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) (Background Report) Ituri province, Bunia, fighting continues to rage for control.

Unlike the widespread fighting during DRC's four year civil war, this appears to be largely ethnic in origin and unrelated to the issues of the civil war. Until a few days ago, the town of 300,000 had been under the control of Lendu militia but they were driven out earlier this week by a well-armed Hema militia. The Lendu and the Hema are the two main ethnic adversaries in this area.

While the United Nations Security Council continues debating how to resolve this fighting, the conflict continues unabated. Most residents have already fled the city and many of them have made it across the borders into Uganda or Burundi. Although the U.N. started an emergency debate on May 12, it is not expected that any decisions will be made for at least several days with implementation of any action to come some time after that.

[ YellowTimes.org ]


HEAVENS! 15.05.2003 23:52
Lunar Eclipse of the Full Moon in Scorpio

Isn't she lovely?


Seize the PowerMAY 15, Thursday, Public Hearing to takeover Enron-PGE by formation of a Multnomah County Public Utility District. Time: l0-:00-noon and 6:00p-8:00p [at the County Commission Bldg off of Grand on SE Hawthorne (501 SE Hawthorne). Enron has stolen $400 million in taxes from Oregon that PGE ratepayers already paid for in the electric rates. Enron owns PGE. Show up in large numbers to speak at the hearing [TONIGHT!] and vote in the fall. The signature gathering by www.oppc.net has placed the Public Utility District on the ballot. Our local utility, Portland General Electric, is now tied up in bankrupcy court since Enron owns it. It is the most valuable asset Enron has and feeds its criminal activities with $l00 of millions of dollars from PGE customers. It is time to [ get Enron out of the state. ]


TECHNOLOGY | GLOBAL SOUTH 15.05.2003 15:22
Computers to Argentina Project - This Weekend!
Indymedia somos todos.Portland's Geek Network For Social Change is working on putting together a shipment of a couple hundred computers to support their work. This is a follow-up to a shipment of 235 computers which we sent to the Ecuador Indymedia Center in November.

The Argentina indymedia center is the nexus of communication for the popular movement against neo-liberalism and the IMF. Their website gets over 25,000 page views a day. Yet they only have two computers. This shipment will help indymedia centers in Buenos Aires and Rosario, Argentina as well as other near by IMC's in Chile, Southern Brazil, Bolivia, and Uruguay. They will also be used to support other social movement groups who are on the forefront of the struggle for a better world. We will be working from Free Geek's warehouse. Anyone, regardless of experience can help! We are having work parties the weekend of the 17th & 18th from 11 to 7. Please stop by for an hour or an evening to help out. This is a huge job and we need more volunteers. [ IMC Article ]

Freegeek map
1731 SE 10th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214


Butterfly kissestoday we all wear
clothing made of rice paper
naked in Spring rain
with the sounds of birdsong, squirrel-taunting and woodpecker labor,
Eat some chocolate
Paint a self portrait
Using only finger paints
Dance in the garden
Wearing only your
Pink bunny slippers ...
this year
the anarchists
must have...
butterfly's "kisses" alone, unanalyzed,
are enough for me.
no gift from god need be explained;
[ Poems in full ]Looking from my window this morning, I saw that my petunias had bloomed in spite of the slugs...


PEACE & GLOBAL JUSTICE 15.05.2003 13:29
Starhawk! Training for Resistance
Starhawk will be in Oregon starting this weekend and for the next ten days. Starhawk has been in the frontlines of resistance for years. She was at the WTO, in the streets at the G8/Genoa, recently back from Palestine putting her life on the line. She is the author of "Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising. She will be speaking to activists as part of the Village convergence in Portland, rebuilding communities in Eugene, permaculture activism in rural Oregon and will be at the Earthfirst! gathering later in the summer.


Starhawk is one of the most respected voices in the anti-globalization movememnt. She is also respected for your work in the modern Goddess religion and earth-based spirituality movement. She organizes communities across the globe to resist facisim and the destruction of indigenious communities and earth's diverse eco-systems.

As an activist she is always in the front lines of resistance. She was at Genoa standing up against the G8. She was in DC for several large resistance actions against the present facist regime. She was part of the recent mass actions in San Francisco. She walks her talk!

She will be in Oregon for about 10 days organizing communities. If you have a chance to see her--go!

[ Full Story plus Complete Schedule of Events | Starhawk's website ]


Portland Peace Encampment speaks to City Council
On Wednesday, May 14, at 9:30 am, members of the Portland Peace Encampment went to speak before City Hall about their mission and infringements of their rights, and by extension the rights of us all. Below is a summary culled from my written notes. Thanx to all the brave souls dedicating their time and hearts to this endeavor. You did a great job at City Hall! Anyone who would like to visit and bear witness or bring coffee, signs or food is welcome. The Portland Peace Encampment plans to continue in their mission to witness and educate.

9:30a - 15 minutes allotted ~ PDX Peace Encampment speaks ~ 5 people, 3 minutes each [First speaker:] Todd - This is day 56 for the Portland Peace Encampment (PPE). PPE is here to remind people that the war really isn't over. PPE remains to inform people about the motivations and consequences of this invasion. And the death tolls. Portland Peace Encampment plans to make a weekly appearance at the city council meeting to create more of a relationship with the council and the people it represents, trying to present facts and perspectives that are missing or underrepresented in mass media. Having read the PPE mission statement, Todd requested the rest of his three minutes to talk be observed in silence. That request was honored. [ Read More ]


Public education
During the past 40 years, funding for primary education has increased dramatically, in terms of constant dollars; yet standardized testing scores show little to no improvement and sometimes even deterioration. Nor does empirical evidence show any marked signs of improvement in education. It's disingenuous to blame the tests, since other countries are able to outscore the United States, as are certain localities able to outscore the U.S. national average, without "teaching to the test."

It's not a problem of funding. It's a problem of bureaucracy at the Federal, state and district level and more importantly, it's a problem of teachers. The bureaucracy exhibited in public education is truly astonishing. The U.S. Department of Education, with a budget of $50 billion a year, gives money to states, localities and special programs in the form of grants, but does not fund education directly. But this money does not come with no strings attached. To receive it, schools must implement all manner of wild and crazy programs, such as Title 9. Take a looksie at this funding chart, plotted against reading test scores. Interesting? [ Read More ]


Dreams and Nightmares
"Humanity has always dreamt of a better world, one marked by equality, solidarity and the ability of all people to survive and develop their human potential. Today we are living through a nightmare in a new era of world domination: that of armed neoliberalism.. We oppose turning Cuba into another Iraq, and we reaffirm our solidarity with the Cuban people and their revolution."


The Village Building Convergence and The Village Experience
I have been attending the Village Building Convergence event that started this last weekend and is continuing into next weekend. It is in basic terms an exercise in building community and on a larger scale it is learning to live a life in harmony with the world we live in. This event is a powerful experience that has had an effect on me and I feel will change Portland as we know it, toward a positive direction.

During the day they have been working on projects around mainly SE Portland that include painting intersections, building benches, and erecting enclosures made of natural material. You must visit some of these sites to see the amazing work these people are doing to transform Portland. For a peek and directions to the different locations go to www.cityrepair.org . I really have only been able to attend the lectures at night because of work but I wanted to share the experiences I have had there. Friday night was the opening ceremony and I was in anticipation of what was going to occur. They started off with some music and then welcomed everyone to the event. You quickly realized that this was not a formal event but much closer to a gathering of friends.

[ Village Building Convergence ]

PHOTOS: [ 19th & Washington | 9th & Ankeny | New Day School


Stop Big Brother in Seattle-Informational and Ride Share Meeting
The Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit, aka Big Brother, is coming to Seattle June 1st-6th. Portland Anti-Capitalist Action is holding an informational and ride share meeting Saturday, May 24th, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the IWW Hall (616 E. Burnside) for those interested in going to Seattle; Little Sister is Watching Back. We will have someone from the Seattle organizing committee there to speak on the LEIU, basic information on the LEIU, and the ride share we hope to organize, housing, etc. We will also talk briefly on the WTO Sacramento ride share and other things pertaining to that. So, make it down to the IWW Hall if you can and lets fight back against the police state and corporate fascism!!!


If you are interested in going to the demonstrations, and more importantly have a vehicle and are willing to drive, or can help with train hopping info, or have a lot of money lying about to rent out vans, (basically if you have any resources to help get Portlanders to Seattle and Sacramento) PLEASE E-MAIL US PRIOR TO THE MEETING.pdxaca@ziplip.com
[ Read More... | LEIU 2003 Training Seminar Seattle | BioDevastation2003 ]


Reclaim It!
Language is limiting, it divides us, and defines us. Our culture divides us into two groups, and we are all either one or the other. There are no alternatives in our culture for people who don't fit the norm or don't want to.

One of these ways is in pronouns. Our language is divided into two genders, "male" and "female"* and through this division, anybody, any act or any expresion that is different than male or female is silenced, ignored, murdered. It's very hard to escape this division in our socialization, in our daily lives.

There have been many discusions and many arguments about pronouns. Whether or not to use them in the first place, or why. Personaly, I'm all for the idea of alternative pronouns, for my own reasons, some of which Iv'e tried to communicate, even if to just open up a discusion or start people thinking. And that still leaves questions, questions for everybody to answer for themselves. Which pronouns to use, to invent, what do they mean? What do they represent? What pronoun fits your needs? Why not use they or the persons name? The point is, if people want to have different pronouns, what do you use, what do you feel comfortable with?


OUR BIOREGION 14.05.2003 10:50
Community response needed for Willamette River clean-up
A great river that runs through our hometown has been made into a sewer. Nearly everyone who has spent time on the river is disgusted, but is any effective action being taken?

I'd be very interested in hearing from people who believe that the condition of the Willamette is a disgrace, and who are willing to organize some effective action to restore the river. Portland's sewer system frequently overflows and sends disgusting dreck into the river. Willamette River-keeper is one organization that works to attempt to restore the river. Government has clearly failed in its responsibilities to protect the watershed.


FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE 14.05.2003 10:41
Former ELF Spokesmen Form New Revolutionary Organization
PORTLAND, OR - Leslie James Pickering and Craig Rosebraugh, the former spokespersons for the North American Earth Liberation Front, announced today the formation of a new revolutionary organization in the United States called Arissa.

"Arissa is an effort at building an effective revolutionary movement in the United States," the group proclaims on its website located at http://www.arissa.org. "Until such time as a revolution occurs, the U.S. political structure will continue to inflict widespread atrocities on a domestic and international level."


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