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CITY POLITICS 21.05.2003 21:03
Mayor Katz declares May 9th an Official Oregon holiday (whatever that means) as Police Officer Day; indymedia poster remarks: "VERA IS A COLD HEARTED BITCH"
Sometimes you try to give folks the benefit of the doubt - for just being utterly fucking clueless. I NO longer give that benefit to Vera Katz. She has just announced May 9th as an Official Oregon holiday (whatever that means) as Police Officer Day. For all the fallen police officers that have died in the line of duty. Which is fine - and it's reasonable. But could her timing be any worse? Her timing is not reasonable. With the fatal shooting of Kendra James - that is MORE than questionable - how could she pull this shit now?

I just got a call from my ex-mother-in-law - who is African American - she was crying - she couldn't believe what slap in the face it is to the black community at this time. Vera could have waited for this special holiday - but it's almost as if - she is purposely trying to be hurtful - trying to rub salt in open wounds.

The Police Chief and the bitch he rode in on - NEED TO GO.


MEDIA CRITICISM 21.05.2003 00:33
analysis of tactics used by OPB in Kendra James "conclusion" story
Below is an article pulled from the OPB website, along with an analysis of their mechanisms of manipulating the information to appear factual and unbiased, when it is not. This is just one pull from the dense pile of info manipulation by opb. One of the main forms of information manipulation used by opbnpr [and there is no difference, most of opb broadcast day consists of npr] is to offer a counterpoint within one side of an argument, while completely deleting an actual opposing view. Much of how they proceed to form opinion is in what they leave out, while padding the argument to cover for the missing information.

This is exactly why opb should be seen as complicit in the bombardment of media manipulation we are experiencing from all directions. As I've said before, I firmly believe this is more dangerous than the pablum spit up by the "commercial" media, because opbnpr reaches an audience who believe they are being informed, making them less likely to question a full range of information by seeking alternative sources.


CASCADIA SUMMER 20.05.2003 22:39
Report-back from Gifford Pinchot forest defense action camp
i went out to the Cascadia Forest Alliance's action camp in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest for a couple days last week... The action camp's base was set up at the end of a narrow, rutted logging road in the southern part of the forest. Mt. Hood was visible through the trees on clear days, its snow and north-side glaciers gleaming bright. In the woods around us, woodpeckers tapped and birds sang and squirrels chattered. The sky was alternately overcast and sunny, as is typical of Cascadia at this time of year. Near the main tent, activists had set up climb lines for training purposes, and a giant Cascadia Summer banner was hung below a traverse.


GLOBAL SOLIDARITY 20.05.2003 22:36
More help needed building computers for IMCs in South America - No experience necessary
Portland's Geek Network For Social Change is working on putting together a shipment of a couple hundred computers to support their work. This is a follow-up to a shipment of 235 computers which we sent to the Ecuador Indymedia Center in November.

We will be working from Free Geek's warehouse. Anyone, regardless of experience can help! We are having work parties this weekend. On Saturday, 24th, from 2:30 to 7 and Sunday, the 25th, from 11:00 to 7:00. Please stop by for an hour or a day to help out. This is a huge job and we need more volunteers.


YOUTH/RESISTANCE 20.05.2003 14:29
Lars Larson lies to kids!
Lars spewed lies and misinformation about dissent and civil disobediance to Lake Oswego high school kids last night at a debate on the legitimacy of protest. I decided to attend this debate just in case there was an attempt to misrepresent facts surrounding the recent protests here in Portland. In that regard, Lars Larson did not disappoint.

The audience was filled almost entirely of students who had been given an assignment to rate the debate and examine the responses of each participant. The debate included several small film clips from protests of the past and present, including the civil rights era, the Viet Nam war, and even recent protests in San Francisco.

The debate format began with pre-defined questions of which each participant was given an allotted time to respond and rebut.
Lars Larson very rarely stuck to the point of the question and instead took every opportunity to bash the people of Portland who participated in the recent anti-war protests.

Among other things, Lars said......


INDYMEDIA | ORGANIZING 20.05.2003 13:08
Special indymedia pages for WTO in Sacramento and GOP Conference in Portland
Want the latest news on organizing, rideshares, and other plans for the WTO protests in Sacramento from June 20-25? Or for the Western States Republican Leadership Conference in Portland from June 12-15? Check in with portland indymedia, where announcements, ideas, and -- during the events -- people's news coverage, will be collected on special pages.

[ WTO in Sacramento | GOP Conference in Portland ]


RACIST POLICE STATE 20.05.2003 00:10
March and Rally to protest the police killing of Kendra James
There will be a MARCH AND RALLY protesting the police shooting of Kendra James and calling for police accountability.
ALBERTA PARK (NE Killingsworth at 22nd Ave)
12 NOON: Pre-March Rally
1:00 PM: MARCH!!!

[ Downloadable PDF poster for event ]

[ Previous stories: Letter to KOIN 6 | Who will watch the police? People demand a fair process! | Open Letter To Katz and Commissioners | Images of Vigil for Murdered Woman ]


FREE FREE NOW 19.05.2003 22:27
Free Jeff Luers May 2003 Update
Dear Friends of Free,

Happy belated Mayday and thank you for your support of anarchist prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers.

There have been few updates to Free's case since our last update. Free has asked that people continue to write letters and send emails to the Attorney General of Oregon, Mr. Hardy Myers about his appeal. Free's appeal was filed in January of this year and we are still waiting to hear the state's counter arguements. Every letter counts and shows the state that people are watching this case and support Jeff. For more information on his appeal, sample letters and contact information for the Attorney General, see http://www.freefreenow.org/appeal.html

There have been tons of updates to Jeff's website located at http://www.freefreenow.org.


START SWINGING 19.05.2003 16:59
Sexual Violence Support and ACTION Network
This is going to be the 2nd meeting of the Sexual Violence Support and ACTION Network that is still being put together.The focus of this one is going to be taking ACTION on ideas that were brought up at the last meeting. Some of those are: Setting up a hotline, Survivor support groups, working with various collectives in the portland area on their policies towards sexual violence and etc. The meeting is going to be at In Other Words on 3734 SE Hawthorne at 7pm.

Note:This will not be a closed meeting for the store needs to remain open for business. In addition to that, as metioned on the last flier this Network is made up of Women ONLY. In the future we would like to work with Men as well, on radical action they can take to combat sexism/sexual violence.


INDYPRODUCE 19.05.2003 12:39
Poster to portland indymedia seeks gardening advice; Readers respond
"Jake" writes: I'm starting a garden and I know what i want to grow. Does anyone have tips or hints for starting one? Thanks.

Some responses:

  • "Nothing's more spiritual or more radical than gardening! Grow your own food, and grow enough to share. Good to hear you're doing this. Sounds like you're off to a good start. And, from what I can see at least, your soil looks like good old NW soil. Compost and poo always improve it. Also, there are combinations you can plant together. Carrots, strawberries and lettuce you say? Cool. Those are all pretty easy. And carrots and lettuce take less sunlight than say, tomatoes. The best way to learn is just to do. Plant according to the seed packs if you're using seeds from packets. Experiment. Let nature do what she does, and all should work well. Don't stress."
  • Test your soil for lead! Old houses were painted with lead based paint, and unscurpulus/uninformed painters scraped it off to repaint, sending lead chips into the soil. Is the soil under an old drive way or garage? if so may be contaminiated with nasty old oil and gasoline that you can no longer smell. Just be safe if you are growing food.
  • Try to find guarenteed open pollinated, non-gmo seeds and practice seed saving to minimize future costs. Beacause there are no truth in labeling laws in this country, it's not easy to tell what is and what isn't gmo with certain companies (hint: when the name of the variety is a number and not a name, probably genetically modified).
  • Try Growing Gardens. They are a NE non-profit organization that provides free/low cost gardening workshops, classes, and tips for the community. They believe in providing help so that low income people can grow their own food. They do workshops on composting, food preserving, cooking and stuff too.


PORTLAND POLICE STATE 19.05.2003 11:09
Portland Police Pop Peace Encampment...Again
n one of the most blazen raids to date the PDX police 'raided' the PDX Peace Encampment Sunday afternoon at approximately 3:00 p.m. in broad daylight. Vigilers were sitting near-by a set of gear working on the Human Rights Art Installation when a cruiser pulled up, Office Greaves exited and immediately started to swipe food, umbrellas, one person's only pair of shoes, eating utensils, sleeping bags, and literature about the injustice that the people of Iraq are continuing to experience.


FOREST DEFENSE 19.05.2003 11:07
Help stop the misnamed "Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003"
The "Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003" (HR 1904) introduced by Representative McInnis (R-CO) will be considered on the House Floor during the week of May 12. The bill is a crass attempt to benefit logging interests in the name of public interest and represents the continuing effort to take the "public" out of public forests. The bill passed the Resources Committee on April 30 and passed the House culture Committee on May 8. We must generate as much opposition to the bill as possible before it goes to the House floor during the week of May 12th. It is likely that the Senate will look to the House in determining how it approaches the fire issue this year and if the bill passes by a large margin it is likely President Bush's Healthy Forests Initiative will become law this year.

If passed, the McInnis/Walden bill would cut the heart out of the National Environmental Protection Act -- America's Magna Carta of environmental protection -- by eliminating citizen input regarding the management of public lands and by interfering with our independent judiciary.

Worse, the "Healthy Forests Restoration Act" does nothing to protect people and communities at risk from forest fire. It serves only to harm our national forests, to undermine our environmental laws and the judicial process, and to provide new subsidies and unnecessary logging opportunities to the timber industry.

[ What you can do ]


Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) Raided in April 2003 - What Happened and What Now?
Never once did any volunteer of SHAC doubt that at some point the FBI would take keener than comfortable interest in our national efforts. Never once did we fool ourselves into believing that to the extent we have all rattled the cages of the vivisection industry there would be no consequence.

Not for one single minute did any of us hold out any faith that the federal authorities would crack down on the pervasive and twisted animal cruelty that happens everyday inside of every animal testing lab - instead of on civil dissent. We expected every single day from the start that the FBI would raid our offices and our personal lives and this is exactly what happened on April 23rd, 2003.


Get on the Bus - Portland to Sacramento
Portland activists are going down to the Sacramento trade ministerial, that is billed as the 'next Seattle.' Come to this meeting to find out what local organizers are doing. This offers the best chance to stop the madness of the powerful and to preserve what is precious. The second in a series of organizing meetings will be held in Portland this Monday at the NW RAGE office. We are intending to build a broad coalition of groups and issues to address the pressing questions of our time: food distribution, economic reform and ecosystem preservation.

Portland Anti Capitalist Action is also holding a meeting to discuss ride shares and organizing going on down in Sacramento. There is a meeting May 24th at 6 PM at the IWW Hall (614 E Burnside). We will be discussing the LEIU demonstrations, and then go into some of the Sacramento information we have been trying to collect. Any info others might have for both these events please contact us and come and share. Also if people are driving down to either of these events please get in touch.

[Biodevestation Webpage]


ANIMAL RIGHTS 18.05.2003 22:48
WildCat Haven needs help
Peeko WildCat Haven is looking for people who can dig post holes, swing a hammer and stretch wire! We are a non-profit rescue facility in Sherwood, OR and we need volunteers to help get new enclosures up. Our residents are abused and displaced captive-born wildcats, most coming from people who thought they would make good "pets." They do not make good pets. [ Read More ] [ WildCat Haven ]


PORTLAND PEACE CAMP 18.05.2003 22:31
PDX Peace Camp Request for Help
Peace Camp requests anyone with a video camera to come by the Peace Camp tonight to video/witness potential police harrassment. The level of police harrassment is increasing and the Peace Campers are feeling particularly vulnerable.


GLOBAL NEWS 18.05.2003 22:18
Uneasy Peace Holding in Congo
From YellowTimes.org: There were reports Saturday and Sunday of sporadic fighting in the city of Bunia in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) (Background Report) despite the truce reached between the Hema and Lendu on Friday. However, the peace appears to be holding. The United Nations has relocated some peacekeepers from elsewhere in the country to bolster the forces around Bunia and steps are underway for a larger contingent of troops from Bangladesh.

Residents who fled the fighting last week have begun to return to their homes.


Important Support Offered by Planned Parenthood for Emergency Contraception
This Friday, the 'City Club of Portland" held their weekly gathering. Motivated by the topic, the most central issue in our society -- women's rights and reproductive healthcare rights, I attended!! National President of Planned Parenthood, Gloria Feldt gave the talk, which can be heard online.

Planned Parenthood of Columbia/Willamette has developed a special on-line service that make "Emergency Contraception" or more commonly known as the "Night After Pill" available to anyone in the states Oregon and Washington. This service was developed because some pharmacists have chosen to refuse to fill these prescriptions.


RESISTANCE | TACTICS 17.05.2003 23:17
Those Pinks Keep Popping Up: The issues of war remain for Portland Code Pink
"Don't you bitches know the war is over!!!" (Drive-by comment.)

"We Code Pinks know it is not!"

Those dauntless Code Pink women continue to stage "blitz" appearances here, there, and all over town. Though Portland Code Pink was borne out of the national movement advocating international peace and justice, its focus during the winter was primarily to stop the invasion and bombing of Iraq. Code Pink maintained an eye-catching visibility in Portland's peace marches. Since April, the focus has expanded. Code Pinks are very concerned about: the war's aftermath, the loss of rights as a result of Patriot Act I and about the leaked Patriot Act II. And then there's the threat of media monopolies and the June 2nd ruling by the FCC on media "deregulation". The group is closely following the events as they pertain to Kendra James' death here in Portland. Many in the group want to draw attention to the Depleted Uranium nightmare in Iraq and its implications for Iraqis as well as our armed service people stationed there.

Just be with these pink ladies a while and the energy, synergy, and sense of fun are contagious.


Barnyard ruckus gives em hell
Rural Organizing ProjectThe largest gathering of progressive small town people in the history of Oregon, met today in Salem to talk to their legislators. Hundreds of rural Oregonians marched on the state Capitol to raise a ruckus about Oregon's economy, funding for human needs, loss of civil liberties and economic justice, not war. Progressive citizens of 30 of 36 rural Oregon counties met in a church for a "teach-in" and networking, then marched to the Oregon Capitol building to speak to their elected representatives. They tied white armbands on their arms, each marked with their legislative districts, to signify that Oregon is in distress!

Organized by the Rural Organizing Project (ROP), participants heard a keynote speech from Secretary of State Bill Bradbury. Bradbury said "We can't cut people off of social services and let them die. Our roads and bridges are in such disrepair, many are now dangerous to drive on. It's time to find a different way to bring economic help to this state".

Among the people who attended were citizens from Oregon's most rural and isolated counties. Steve from Baker City spoke about economic conditions of his county. "The only economic development brought to our community in the last ten years was a prison. The prison was supposed to bring new jobs, and it did bring about 120 jobs. However, it also brought some incredibly poor people to Baker City. They followed the prisoners. Our social services are being overwhelmed by the families of prisoners. The state has cut back services that we barely had to begin with. Now many store fronts are empty and people are moving away. Our schools are in danger of closing. We have 14% to 15% official unemployment rate, the towns people know it is much higher than that." [ Read More | PHOTOS ] [ Rural Organizing Project ]


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