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FOREST DEFENSE | SOLO 26.05.2003 12:08
May 30th - June 2nd Solo Action Camp
Old soul tree Friday, May 30th - Monday, June 2nd

Rides Leave Daily Grind @ 8am May 30th
Call CFA (503) 241-4879 for directions to Solo

Monday, June 2nd

Rides Leave Daily Grind @ 6 am
Call CFA (503) 241-4879 for directions to Solo

As we head into a new logging season the fight for the Solo timber sale continues. Twice now Solo has been auctioned and both times [Cascadia Forest Alliance (CFA)] joined activists from all over the region to tell potential bidders "You buy Solo, you buy us!" The first time was last July when over 100 citizens gathered to express their concern. The high bidder at that auction, Thomas Creek Lumber, was denied the contract and all other bidders declined to take the sale as well. This last Feb over 50 activists once again gathered but this time there was only one bidder... Freres Lumber. Freres Lumber Company has been around since 1922, cutting down forests to make into boards for over 80 years. The latest player in the hereditary lineup that runs the company is Robert Freres, a corporate criminal... convicted of price fixing [in the late 70's]. This is the same Freres Lumber that gave over 100,000 dollars in soft money contributions to the Republican National Committee.

The Solo sale is considered one of the most egregious timber sales on Mt. Hood. Solo will clear-cut 167 acres of old growth forests, including some of the biggest trees in the Clackamas Ranger District, and some of the oldest Pacific Yew trees in Mt. Hood National Forest. Furthermore, the sale is in the Oak Grove Watershed, one of the most threatened areas on Mt. Hood. The planned logging in the Oak Grove threatens not only bio-diversity, but water quality as well.

THIS WEEKDEND! Cascadia Forest Alliance is holding an action camp this coming weekend at the Solo. Folks will have an opportunity to learn about the Oak Grove Watershed and why this is such an important area, as well as skills ranging from how to climb to understanding forest service policy. Even more important is the Solo rally on Monday. There is a good chance that Freres Lumber could start logging on this day. It is important that we have as many people there as possible! Please join us at the Daily Grind @ 6 a.m. to carpool to Solo. If you have a car and are interested in giving rides please let us know (503-541-4879, cfa@spiritone.com ). [ Read More ] [ www.forestadvocate.org | www.bark-out.org | Bark Update on Solo | U.S. National Forest Timber Purchasers ]


Actors, Writers, Singers, Musicians, Poets: Perform in Show!
The PDX Greens are hosting a Progressive Vaudeville on June 28th which will include cabaret, stand-up corporate poetry, improv theatre, music, and much more... Take all that piss, vinegar, and cynicism and get up and make fun of the man!...Write a song, perform a monologue, read a poem, juggle chads, swallow swords, or participate in improvised theatre....It is high time that we use theatre and performance art, music and poetry as an outlet and mechanism for change in our society and entertain ourselves to boot!!


More help needed building computers for IMCs in South America - No experience necessary
Portland's Geek Network For Social Change is working on putting together a shipment of a couple hundred computers to support their work. This is a follow-up to a shipment of 235 computers which we sent to the Ecuador Indymedia Center in November.


LOVE & RESISTANCE 25.05.2003 15:53
Rebel Erotica awaits......a spoken word benefit, 7-11 pm on Tuesday, May 27th, at SE 22nd and Division. All proceeds to benefit the Red and Black Cafe and Cascadia Summer. But what is rebel erotica??? read more to explore.....

Rebel Erotica is....an invitation. i've talked about what goes on in bed, falling out of bed, against trees, underwater, with men, with wymyn, with genderqueer folk. and i've talked about what it would take to end all tyranny and begin a world of always power-with. i've spoken of these things and i've heard others speak of them. i've never talked about them in the same breath, and i've never heard form others stories, real or imagined, about how resistance and eros relate.


MAGICAL REALISM 25.05.2003 11:42
Starhawk: Day 2 - Magic, Ritual and Activism
It is the second day of my amazing journey with Starhawk. I am spending three days learning about magic, ritual and activism. I am learning the skills to bring this knowledge back to my community. This day it is all magic. Deep in the forest I join hundreds of seekers, spiritual warriors, and magic makers. We have come to align ourselves with those who would defend the earth and all it's species.

I walk down the path into the forest. It is dark.

It is just after dusk. I look up and see the outline of the last light against the trees. The forest is alive. I hear the robin and the meadowlark calling all to come to bed. I see the nighthawk slowly swirl against the last light. There are crickets, and far off along the river I hear the frog tribes calling me. The dew of the night has saturated the air. The forest is dripping and changing - they are not tears of sadness, but tears of joy.

"Why are you so joyful tonight, dear forest?" I ask. "What is here that makes you so alive and well?"

I come into a clearing and stop. I am amazed. There are hundreds of people in the clearing, so many I cannot count at one glance. There is a bonfire and the smell of the earth. People are talking in low voices as if they were in a place of sanctity. I stop under a tree and sit quietly so that I can remember this scene. I will store this scene away to call out when I forget that once, when were in ancient times, we came to the forest, the hills and the desert - all the earth to give thanks and make sacred community. These are the days of future past. This I know. The times have shifted. The world has been turned upside down and we must reach beyond what we have been told to find a way to save the earth and all it's species.


Portland Survival symbolic burial - June 12
The Portland Survival planning committee has scheduled a rally for 11-1 Thursday June 12, south Park blocks, setup starting at 9. We will have speakers, an art project, a march, symbolic "burial" of a real coffin, computers to send email to state legislators, etc. We need volunteers to help with:

-- Passing out flyers for the event.
-- Building and painting the art exhibit.
-- Setting up and tearing down.
-- Drivers to run errands.

If you can help with any of this, please leave a message at 503-235-8492. Our chairperson, Anne, will call you back. [ Read more ] [ Portland Survival ]


STOP POLICE ABUSE 24.05.2003 23:03
The Kendra James Rally: "It's not time to lighten up, it's time to tighten up."
1,400 people rallied at Alberta Park at 20th and N.E. Killingsworth on Saturday, the 24th, at noon to protest the murder of Kendra James by a Portland police officer. A speaker said: "We have gathered here because we are sick and tired of what has happened in our city. ... We want justice for everyone. We want to send a clear message; we want to change the system, our police department, and the legislature. ... We want the blessings of God to be at this rally. We are one with one voice." [ Read more... ] [ Photos of Kendra James Rally - Part I | Part II | Best signs ]

Inner NE PDX March against police violence photo essay
Hundreds of us marched today through inner NE Portland. We marched for justice for Kendra James and others local victims of police brutality. We moved west down NE Killingsworth to the NE Portland Police precinct headquarters and then turned left on MLK (Martin Luther King Blvd). As we marched down MLK we trapped dozens of cars. Horns were blaring wildly. [ Read more... ]


MAGICAL REALISM 24.05.2003 23:00
Report-back from Starhawk Training - Part 1
Starhawk is a veteran of progressive movements and deeply committed to bringing the techniques and creative power of spirituality to political activism. She travels internationally teaching magic, the tools of ritual, and the skills of activism. Starhawk has actually been in Oregon for more than a week. She was at Lost Valley education Center teaching a hands-on workshop on integrating spiritual practice into a permaculture community and was in Portland last week teaching the community about challenging the structures that create inequality and injustice asking us to remake the world.

Friday, May 23 - I attended a daylong workshop called "Vision and Action, An Activist Trainer's Training".

The workshop was for organizers; those who have had some experience with direct action and who after attending the training would be willing to go back to their communities to teach the techniques. The workshop was designed to teach how to overcome fear, develop confidences, anticipate dangers and practice responses during an action. It also covered how to develop group cohesion and skills to protect those in your affinity group.


PEACE | ARTS 24.05.2003 22:59
Portland Peace Encampment hosting an art opening
On March 20, 2003 the United States of America 'shocked and awed' Iraq in a campaign to liberate the people from the regime of Saddam Hussein. Shocking awful is the human rights violations that the USA began on that day and continues to this day against the Iraqi people. The Portland Peace Encampment (PDXPE) addresses the issue of human rights violations by maintaining a twenty-four hour vigil across the street from City Hall.

PDXPE is a place where members of the community come together and talk about what is going on in the world and how we feel about it. The core ideology that the community members of the PDXPE share is creative peaceful solutions to conflict. Our current manifestation of this creativity is the Human Rights Art Installation that will 'open' May 26, 2003 at 6:00 am. [ Read more... ]


Annual city "Ruse Festival" approaching
As you all know, our lovely waterfront park is being torn apart again. Our "friends" at Pepsi plan on sucking the pockets of our city, its people, and its environment under the cover of The Rose Festival. Once again, we will endure the mind-numbing pop/country music blaring for the benefit of drunken capitalists. Our noses will be filled with the sickly smell of frying G.M.O.'s and stale beer, not to mention the stench of capitalism at its finest...

I would like to plan daily protests at the park.


CASCADIA SUMMER 23.05.2003 09:55
New Mt. Hood Tree Sit Defending Ancient Forests at Solo Timber Sale
The Cascadia Forest Alliance today announced that it has erected a new tree sit at the controversial old growth Solo timber sale in the Mt. Hood National forest southeast of Estacada. Alliance activists maintained a treesit at Solo last summer while surveying the old growth canopy for rare species. After holding off logging last summer and discovering specimens of the extremely rare 'Oldgrowth specklebelly' lichen (pseudocyphellaria rainierensis), activists left their vigil in the trees with plans to return if necessary. Logging is once again sheduled to begin June 1 and from past experiences, activists know that the Forest Service may waive their own rules in order to allow logging earlier.

"There's so little ancient forest left, we can't continue to let greedy timber companies destroy it for short term profit," said Armillaria, a tree sitter with the Alliance. "Thousands of years of unique evolution and biodiversity are carried forward in these stands of old forest, plus they protect our drinking water and keep water cold for salmon. The Forest Service is misguided or just plain corrupt if they think a giant tree farm can replace this."

Over the winter, Thomas Creek Lumber, the original purchaser of the Solo sale, backed out of the contract amid intense protest. But in their desire to clearcut the old forests at Solo and turn the Oak Grove Fork of the Clackams River into a giant tree farm (an 'aggregate plantation of uniform age trees' in Forest Service lingo), the Forest Service held a new auction. The only bidder at the new auction was Freres Lumber, once convicted of rigging bids on public lands timber sales and fined $100,000. For their illicit behavior, Freres was also banned from buying timber sales in portions of the Willamette National Forest at one time.

Previous stories about Solo timber sale and its defense: [ 18.Nov.2001: 40 hike Solo timber sale in search of rare lichens and moss | 10.Jul.2002: New Tree Sit in Controversial Old Growth Mt. Hood Timber Sale | 30.Jul.2002: 'You buy Solo, you buy us!' - Pepper spray and arrests at the Solo timber sale auction | 31.Jul.2002: Oregonian demonizes protesters... again | 09.Sep.2002: Visit to Solo timber sale exposes Forest Service plan to destroy forests for tree plantations | 13.Nov.2002: my first visit to a tree-sit | 06.Feb.2003: In unprecedented move, Forest Service to re-auction Solo timber sale on Friday; BARK demands sale cancellation; CFA calls for protest | 07.Feb.2003: AUDIO FILE: Bark Field Trip To Solo Timber Sale | 07.Feb.2003: Solo timber sale goes to Freres Lumber; Auction protested ]


CASCADIA SUMMER 23.05.2003 00:07
As Ancient Trees Fall, Residents set up tree-sits to Protect Public Forest on Wild Klamath River Tributary
Northern California residents today set up Tree-sits in the Glassups Timber Sale in the Klamath National Forest (KNF), on the wild and scenic Salmon River. The Salmon River is the only undamed and undiverted river that feeds the Klamath River and is famous for recreation values and for being the largest Chinook Salmon tributary in the state. Tree sitters say the Glassups Timber Sale is the first of three large-scale public land timber sales that would remove much of the remaining old growth habitat for the Salmon River. Most of the remote Salmon River flows through public lands. The Knob, Meteor, and Glassups old growth Timber Sales cut within the designated Wild and Scenic River corridor and on almost every tributary of both forks of the Salmon River.

"These sales will take most of the rest of the fire resistant moist forest from around all the Salmon River towns and private properties, leaving nothing but fine fuels on steep slopes behind. If these sales all go through what will be left behind of this wild river is slash, fine fuels, landslides and dead fish. This will be at the expense of the rural tourism and fishing economies of the Salmon and Klamath Rivers, along with the wild ecosystems and rare species of the Salmon River" stated the Klamath Salmon Action Network (KSAN) spokeswoman Mary Posa.

[ Mazama Forest Defense ]


PORTLAND POLICE STATE 23.05.2003 00:01
Food Not Bombs harassed and dispersed by police
The pigs came in and kicked everybody out of waterfront park who was enjoying food not bombs, and they arrested one person. I didn't see everything, so please add or correct information I've missed. Hopefully someone else who saw more will post. Anyway, food not bombs was served today under the Burnside Bridge at Waterfront Park, and during the course of it two mounted cops kept walking nearby (maybe 3-4 times), spying on us. A police car also drove through once. Once everyone was mostly done eating, and people were starting to get things cleaned up, but most people were still hanging around, one mounted cop and three cops on foot came in and started yelling at everyone to leave. I heard one cop yell that the park was closed. People were mostly cooperating, just some folks asking questions about why they were forcing us to leave public property. After I went and got my bike, I saw that two cops had one female person pinned to the ground with her hands behind her back.

See also: "FOOD NOT BOMBS Harassed by Police"


PORTLAND POLICE STATE 22.05.2003 23:09
Activist beat up by police
Early in the hours of May 10, an activist was assaulted by two Portland police officers as he walked home alone. He was detained without reason, cuffed, peppersprayed repeatedly and roughed up. This was only the latest incident in a pattern of abuse by police toward activists that mimics the treatment people of color have gotten for much longer.


LABOR 22.05.2003 15:53
OSU grad assistants need your help
OSU graduate teaching and research assistants work 40-100 hours a week, make on average less than $12,000 per year, and recieve NO Benefits! Help us help ourselves by writing to OSU President Tim White and telling him to settle on health insurance thats affordable for OSU grad employees.

We are fighting to recieve the health benefits that Graduate Employees all over the country allready have. We have been petitioning, bargining, and been promised these benefits for over 7 years, but OSU's administration has never followed through. [ Tell OSU no more empty promises ]

[ Coalition of Graduate Employees, Local 6069 ]


RIGHTS | PROPERTY 22.05.2003 14:18
Neighbors respond to someone's questions about why they tear down flyers from utility poles
Wonder why most people dislike (by informal survery) neighborhood utility pole graffitti? Basically, most folks consider a pole covered with (mostly) expired flyers, sometimes inches deep, an eyesore. In addition, since the poles are virtually all private property (utility company), and since the paper draws the preservatives out of the wood and holds moisture in, it does indeed severly damage private property, a blatant form of vandalism. Simply walk down NW 21st, NW 23rd, or Hawthorne Blvd to witness serious exapmles of this

We have received a copy of some questions posted on a utility pole near a City Bike store. Since there was no contact information on the posting, we wonder how the originator expected to be answered (or perhaps the answers were unwanted?). Since posting answers on the pole would only add to the graffitti problem, we decided against it. We hope by responding here, whomever originated the questions will get useful and constructive information.

Previous stories: [ Jan 4, 2003: Freedom of Graffiti | Oct. 1, 2002: Punk rock telephone poles. The scourge of Portland ]


JAMMING THE SIGNALS 22.05.2003 10:22
Code Pink leads a Day of Action and Discussion Thursday May 29th!
Thursday May 29th: National Day of Protest to Stop the Media Monopoly. Code Pink Portland will lead a protest against Clear Channel once again! 4:30 pm in front of their offices at 4949 SW Macadam Avenue. Join us, tell Portland we don't want more media control and censorship a la Clear Channel!

"Who's Emma?" - Thursday, May 29th: an evening of celebration and activist networking, with readings and herstorical information about Emma Goldman. Sponsored by Code Pink . At In Other Words Women's Books and Resources, 3734 SE Hawthorne, 6:30 pm


SCREW MONSANTO 21.05.2003 21:25
Benefit for NCAP
Planet Goloka is generously hosting a benefit brunch to support the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides. Come enjoy tasty organic food and at the same time support NCAP's work to protect people and the environment by advancing alternatives to pesticides.

When: Sunday June 1st, 10am - 4 pm
Where: Planet Goloka, 679 Lincoln, Eugene

Please call (465-4555) or drop by Planet Goloka to reserve a spot for
Sunday June 1st. Space is limited so reservations are helpful, but not required.

All menu items are organic.
All proceeds go directly to NCAP.


CENSORSHIP 21.05.2003 21:19
Oregon poetry anthology censored
After weeks of editing and sending out for bids from book manufacturers, we though we had found the right company, with the right price, to print RAISING OUR VOICES: AN ANTHOLOGY OF OREGON POETS AGAINST THE WAR. We sent it off early last week, and have been waiting patiently for our blueline. Instead of a draft, today we received a package with our book in it, a returned check, and a letter from the company....

"We appreciate you sending the job materials for RAISING OUR VOICES. Unfortunately we will not be able to accept the order. After reviewing the laser copy we believe that our employees may take offense to the content of the book. We would also risk offending our customers who do not share the same point of view as portrayed in the book.

We regret any inconvenience to you and trust you will understand our decision."

This kind of censorship is of particular concern to writers and tiny publishers like us. There are only a few dozen affordable, small-run (less the 2000 copies) book manufacturers in the U.S. Our options are now one less, and our publishing schedule has been set back at least two weeks.


Three days of chemtrails over Portland reported on indymedia
As reported on 19 May on the open publishing newswire: I got up this morning to a brisk chilly wind from the North and found a bit of sun to wake up in. Happily, I saw that the ubitquitous cloud cover of recent days had passed and that today we have a beautiful blue sky with only a bit of haze around the horizon. I like the sun, and at this time of year find myself wishing that Oregon wasn't *quite* so rainy. Then I scanned eastward and saw all the chemtrails.

From a comment to the same post: I have been monitoring the chemtrails for a number of months now. A half-dozen or so jets fly over Eugene every so often, especially when the weather is warming up, and spray the fuck out of the city. Within moments their trails turn into wispy clouds which, more often than not, turn into rainclouds. It just happened today. I was at Fred Meyer in Eugene in the gardening area. I saw four jets spraying something that did not disappear but formed into a haze, I can see it out my window still. I walked home while the spraying continued. One jet in particular had a "chemtrail" that abruptly stopped and started again. Strange? These sprayings happen about once a week. Look up sometime.

Reported today (the 21st): A prediction: The trails will continue early next morning and on through the day. The white haze that today ended up in will thicken to cover the majority of the sky for the majority of the day. The spraying will continue for perhaps 72 hour total, give or take, and we will likely not see another concentrated spraying effort for several more weeks.

[ 19 May: Chemtrails & a ring around the sun over Portland -- Are people seeing them elsewhere? | 21 May: chemtrails? | 21 May: Third Day of Heavy Aerial Spraying...a Pattern? ]


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