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SPEAKING THE TRUTH 31.05.2003 14:50
it is your fear that no one will listen and the intimidation by those we allow to control our lives that strengthens the silent code, those with no voice, those at the bottom,shall remain without a voice and shall stay at the bottom. our law enforcement will only be what we want it to be when we tell the truth and nothing but the truth.
those cops who silently condone their brothers wrong doing are wrong and afraid to do the right thing. so it looks like it is all up us, "we the people" to take full responsibility as cizitens and hold our law enforcement, our government what it is suppose to be, 'our government. otherwise my friends we will all be guilty of the next cop crime.


Pigs Infested Critical Mass
Pigs attempted to pass out a full page of rules today for CM. Hundreds showed up for the ride, forced into the bicycle lane by a hoard of pigs. There was a fine mist and a sweet smell of asphalt mixed with ocean air. At least 45 pigs gathered in the Fireside parking lot at the Nort Park Blocks, and many others ran car engines on nearby streets as well over a hundred bicyclists gathered at the North Park Blocks for a bicycle ride tonight. Officer Dobson approached me when I arrived and asked, "Did you get one of these?" I asked what it was. "Just the rules that we play by, that's all." I told him to save the paper.

A man on the sidewalk asked what this was all about. "It's about people getting together and showing people in cars how much fun bicycling is," a woman next to me replied. "Who the hell is watching the street?" he asked. "I'm 65 years old. I've been in two world wars, and I know what this is. Nothin' but a Gestapo, that's what it is." [ More... ]


EVENTS 30.05.2003 17:34
Local Up-n-Coming's
KendraCommunity Television Program About the Kendra James Homicide TONIGHT! Friday, May 30, 2003 Channel 11, from 7-8:00 pm.
bikeBike Film Fest - TONIGHT Friday, May 30th, 8-10 pm (after Critical Mass) 4810 NE Garfield (a block West of MLK off Alberta)
Urban Action SeriesUrban Action Series::Saturday::May 31::PSU::South Park Blox::12 noon
spyhatOne Nation Under Surveillance: ex-fbi agents, ex-chief of police, ACLU speak out! Saturday, May 31th, 1-5 pm first united methodist church - 1838 sw jefferson
Rogue State, by William BlumThe Rearguard Presents: William Blum @ Portland State University, Smith Center, Ballroom, 3rd floor 7:00PM on Saturday May 31. $3-$5 donations but no one will be turned away. [ Rogue State, by William Blum ]
BushCheneyMonsterBush and Cheney in Portland 13 June 2003?
Gay Shame - Fight the Assimilation MonsterG A Y . S H A M E contingent in ___ Pride[?] Parade June 15th pdx [ Gay Shame - Stop the Assimilation Monster ]


FOREST DEFENSE 30.05.2003 17:33
Cascadia Summer 2003: Forest Defense Elevates to a New Level
A strategic campaign in defense of the precious forests of the entire Cascade Mountain Range and adjacent areas, the bioregion known as "Cascadia," was kicked-off yesterday with actions across the region. Just as forest destruction on public lands is on the rise, a popular movement to protect those lands is also advancing to a new level. Actions took place throughout Oregon, Washington, Northern California in the United States and in British Columbia, Canada.

The Cascadia Summer 2003 campaign is happening at a time when the Bush administration is working to decrease public participation and use the fear of forest fire as the excuse to increase commercial logging of public lands through the "Healthy Forest Restoration Act" which the U.S. House or Representatives passed on May 20. The Healthy Forest Restoration Act will increase destructive ancient forest logging while doing little to protect homes and communities from wildfire.

[ pdx indy forest defense news ]


POLITICAL PRISONERS 30.05.2003 17:23
Retaliatory Transfer of Anarchist Prison Litigator
Anarchists in Portland, Oregon have received confirmation that our comrade Brian McCarvill has been transferred from Oregon State Penitentiary.

Brian is a radical social prisoner, who was recently involved in a lawsuit against the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC), challenging their censorship and rejection of anarchist publications. The lawsuit alleged that ODOC frequently censored radical materials "simply on the basis that they portrayed the Anarchist circle-A symbol, the Anarchist Black Cross symbol, the Anarchist Black Flag, and the terms "Anarchism" and "Anarchist"[... ]" This lawsuit, McCarvill v DeHaan et al, was settled by contractual compromise on April 22, 2003.


Book published on the Earth Liberation Front
The first book to be published on the underground Earth Liberation Front (ELF) will soon be hitting the shelves of independent bookstores around the country. 'Earth Liberation Front 1997-2002,' edited by former ELF Spokesperson, Leslie James Pickering, traces the ELF's first five years of activity through communiqués, underground newspapers, interviews, testimonies and releases. This 350-page published work is the first time a complete and thorough text on the Earth Liberation Front has been made available to the public. The text includes all communiqués released by the ELF between 1997 and 2002, articles from underground newspapers on the ELF, testimonies from the February 12, 2002 House Subcommittee on Ecoterrorism, an interview with an ELF Spokesperson and much more, and is intended to leave the reader with pondering the realization that a revolution is necessary in America.


Police line consolidated at Terry Schrunk Plaza
Carrying away the barricadesYesterday at 1:30ish in the afternoon, members of the Portland peace Encampment watched with joy as the police line blocking off the grassy area was consolidated to only block off the area where the new grass is growing! I admit that I am one of the people that watched with total awe as the police line that had been standing for at least 55 days was consolidated into a smaller square! I and the other members of the PPE are now able to access the grass again! It was so much fun to go run bare foot in the grass in the hot summer sun!

One of the federal officers was really cool about the consolidation and when he showed up, he was munching on a blue popsicle and immediatly set to work taking down and moving the line. Within five minutes, another feddie showed up. This guy was pissed! He did not want to have to move the line and proceeded to flip a major attitude to the encampment!

In other news, the encampment is doing very well and an art installation has been opened up! I encourage you all to come down and see it. Also, in an off topic subject, one of my best friends was murdered a week ago today. Jessica Williams was found beaten to death under the steel bridge. A friend of mine and I set up a mini memorial to her and I would really appreciate any flowers that go out to the memorial. It is located by the rail road tracks on the Rose Garden side of the river under the steel bridge. It is posted on the foot bridge under the max tracks. [ Newswire Article ] [ Peace Gallery relief ]


RECALL | MAYORAL 30.05.2003 13:04
Recall Papers Filed Against Mayor Vera Katz For Police Violence
They're not bullets, they're pellets.Three Portland activists filed a prospective recall petition against Portland Mayor Vera Katz on Tuesday, May 27, 2003, charging that the mayor's defense of a pattern of police violence and killings is malfeasance that endangers the citizens of Portland and wastes tax dollars due to the resulting multi-million-dollar lawsuits. Additionally, they charge that police harassment of activists and African-Americans endangers all citizens by diverting resources from legitimate law-enforcement duties as neighborhood crime is increasing.

"From the incident in which the police incited a riot at a peaceful rock-band show at the X-Ray Cafe in 1992 through the May 5, 2003, police killing of Kendra James, the history of the Portland police under Mayor Vera Katz has been one of violence and wasted tax dollars," says committee petitioner Marvin Moore of North Portland. "In spite of numerous citizen complaints and lawsuits, the mayor has failed to make the police leadership rein in cops who get out of bounds. We are sickened to see the thousands of innocent citizens who have been hurt by the abuse of police violence..." [ Read More ] [ Recall Katz Campaign Scores First Victory Against Police Violence | Anti-Police Violence Mayoral Recall Campaign Seeks Volunteers ]

Recall Vera Campaign website
Organizational meeting
Monday, June 2 @ 7 p.m.
I.W.W. Union Hall
616 E. Burnside


Clear Channel Gets Another Message, Loud and....Clear
Code Pink at Clear ChannelAt 4:30 this afternoon we started gathering in front of the Clear Channel office on Macadam Avenue. It was a great turnout -- Code Pinks and Radical Cheerleaders and the general public, about 50 strong, with messages for commuters during rush hour to turn off Clear Channel stations, turn on the Dixie Chicks, and call the FCC! This was a national day of protest to stop media monopoly; similar protests took place in Washington DC, New York City, San Francisco, Phoenix, L.A. and many others.

We had good feedback from passersby, this time the ratio of waves and peace signs to single digits was about ten to one. At one point a couple of young men came out of the CC building to "interview" the protesters. Their questions were quite hostile and everyone interviewed was asked why they didn't get a job (there seems to be some general opinion that all protesters are unemployed and have nothing better to do). KBOO and Indymedia were there for coverage; and even though press releases went out to mainstream media, no one from the Oregonian or KGW was there. Hm, what a surprise. [ Read More ]


CASCADIA SUMMER 29.05.2003 11:30
Tree-feller joins forest activists in criticizing Southern Oregon timber policies
On Tuesday, May 27, nine forest activists with the help of one frustrated tree feller entered a current logging site at the MR. Wilson timber sale on land held by the Medford Bureau of Land Management. With no BLM or company security in the vicinity, the group removed a cross section from the stump of a 440-year old Douglas Fir tree cut down earlier this month by the Herbert Lumber Company. The enormous round, which weighs over 500 pounds will be on display at the Ashland Food Co-op on Thursday, May 29.

The tree-feller, who resides in Southern Oregon wishes to remain nameless out of concern for his own job security. However, he allowed the Rogue Independent Media Center to film him from behind as he worked the 36-inch chainsaw for well over an hour in order to remove an even round cross section.

When asked why he participated in the action, he said, "I am frustrated with the federal agencies working hand in hand with the big bosses to profit off the hard labor of industrial forest workers. They are pushing through plans that are not sustainable for any kind of jobs nor for the rural way of life that demands such work."

[ Rogue Valley IMC | Mazama Forest Defenders | Klamath Siskiyou Wildlands Center ]


MOVEMENT POLITICS 29.05.2003 11:21
I can't believe "peace" activists would accept awards from Chief Kroeker--any explanation?
Kroeker--who went to Israel to learn from the "experts" on counter-terrorism, and bulldozing peace activists, presented awards to three peace activists--presumably for their efforts to keep thousands of other activists in line. Other people to receive awards recently included the officers who shot Jose Mejia Poot.

I can't believe people of conscience would accept awards like this. Hopefully, they used the opportunity to speak out against police violence and the war. Otherwise, they were just used by the police as a photo-op, and as an opportunity to reward "good" protestors, while isolating the "bad" ones. What a bunch of suckers. Or maybe they have some good explanation for their decision to accept these awards, despite organizational decisions to reject them. [ Read More ] background: [ Police Award Peacekeepers/Crime Fighters (reposted from the Portand Tribune) ]

PPRC voted AGAINST the damnable Chief's Awards
PPRC voted 22-1 to reject the damn Chief's Award. Individuals, breaking ranks, shit-canning issues of solidarity, stepped forward to accept these fetid "awards."

This Friday's Rally is about Kendra James
This PPRC Friday rally is intended to promote the Salem lobbying effort announced at last week's Kendra James rally. PPRC endorsed last weekend's civil rights demonstration and worked with the Albina Ministerial Alliance Ad Hoc Committee. We also provided the Justice/Justicia signs as well as the Stop Police Abuse / Paro al Abuso Policiaco signs.

Please do come to the rally to keep the issue of Justice for Kendra James in the spotlight. Please do come to the rally to protest police abuse, institutional racism, and white privilege. Please do come to the rally to demonstrate for Change, as Pastor Tate exhorted us to do. [ Read More ]


Code Pink women strike again; Deliver a message to Clear Channel
As told by a "Fly on the Wall" who bore witness: With the FCC communications rulings just days ahead (June 2nd), and the threat of media consolidation looming, Code Pink again targeted Portland's Clear Channel headquarters, but not as marchers or sidewalk protesters this time.

A group of three Code Pinks, unable to get an interview with the station manager, obtained an interview (albeit under false pretenses) with the Sales Manager of Clear Channel (in the true style and spirit of Michael Moore). At first the questions were of a general nature, about the history of Clear Channel in Portland. The ladies listened and learned about Portland Clear Channel's 21% of the market shares (advertising) locally and its 17% listener share. Early on, the sales manager suspected the intentions of his interviewers. All parties carried on as if this were a regular ol' interview by sweet ladies (and they were sweet), who wanted to learn how those guys run our information world. Before long he asked if this "interview" had something to do with "consolidation". The women admitted, yes, that was much on their minds.

read more>>
Protest Media Monopolies with Code Pink on Thursday, May 28

Join Us!!! Code Pink of Portland is initiating an action in front of Clear Channel at 4949 S.W. Macadam Ave. at 4:30 on Thursday, May 29th, the national day of protest against the proposed FCC rulings. Stand with us, side by side, as we protest the easing of the rules of media ownership. Across the nation we must demand an open, public debate, starting in our own communities. Why the deadline on June 2nd? What's the hurry......for something so important to so many? Let's make ourselves heard. Let's demand an open debate on the future role of the media in our lives.


The Labor Theory of Female Value
The latest in a series of essays dealing with Organized Male Violence, by indymedia contributor emma goldwoman: Iraq Attack III is over (Iraq Attack I: Gulf War in 1991; Iraq Attack II: Twelve Years of Destructive Sanctions). Military occupation is underway. Iran Attack II (Iran Attack I: The CIA directed coup in 1953) looms on the Buscista (Bush style Fascism) horizon. The big ocean fish have almost died off. Kids are imprisoned in a death camp in Guantanamo Bay. The trade in sex slaves thrives. The United Nations proves again that it is the handyman of Mass Murder, as it prostrates itself at the feet of the War God whispering the prayer 'Might Makes Right! Greed is Good!'.
The fruit of war is a man grinding his heel on a woman's neck. This is the reality for the past 10,000 years. Read your history with this in mind and it all becomes clear.
Things will not get better unless we act. Now. Now is the time for a new paradigm of social change. A guide for action, for a movement. A theoretical understanding and a goal to move towards. I suggest basing the new paradigm on two basic theories:
1: The Labor Theory of Female Value
2: The Conflict Theory of Organized Male Violence

Our new goal should be this: A society where all conflict is resolved through communication rather than through Organized Male Violence (war and the legal system). Socialism and Anarchism and their less radical cousins Social Democracy and the Welfare State have failed. Why?


related discussion: [ Policy at Ireland Indymedia: Censorship or Not? | Formal Essay: Systematic Emma Goldwoman Criticism ]


ARTS | MEDIA 28.05.2003 14:02
Public showing of anti-war protest photos
Bette Lee, a longtime activist, will be showing photographs of the recent anti-war protests at the Portland Alliance office this Thursday, May 29, from 6-9 PM. as part of the "Last Thursday Art Walk" in SE Portland. Lee has been documenting "the struggle" for social justice for the last 20 years. She is considered by many as the "unofficial photographer of Portland's Left," and has volunteered for the Alliance for the past 12 years. You won't see her work in the mainstream art galleries because of the defiant political content of her images, so don't miss this opportunity. The show is free and all are welcome.

[ Photos by Bette Lee of Aug. 22 Bush Protest | code red, white and blue ]


MEA CULPA 27.05.2003 16:06
Head in the Clouds: Chemtrails and On Being Wrong (Regular indymedia poster recants)
For too long I have reported on this site what I erroneously believed were chemtrails, an aerial spraying campaign allegedly conducted by a covert military fleet of sprayers similar to the not-so covert sprayers in Columbia. I spent no small amount of my free time reading about military programs intended to gain control over the weather and writing stories about them. Many of the stories I wrote detailing the background and precedent that I believed lent evidence to such a campaign was not incorrect in itself, but one does not lead to the other. That the United States military sprayed live bacteria over Missouri (  http://gulfwarvets.com/fortlw.htm ) for example does not mean that the Air Force is spraying chemicals on a regular basis over populated areas. On the other hand, vice versa is not true, that the military is not spraying chemicals on a regular basis does not mean that they did not spray Agent Orange in Vietnam, or RoundUp in Columbia.

For an entire year I have unintentionally spread misinformation and sometimes bitter debate on this site and I therefore feel responsible for presenting the evidence that I (eventually) came across that led me to abandon my old conceptions of reality. I feel that whatever embarrassment I may have about making such a retraction is vastly outweighed by the importance I place upon (my growing understanding of) journalistic ethics and my personal sense of intellectual integrity. I also would like to muse a bit on what sort of reasoning brought me to the conclusion that such a seemingly ludicrous program was in place and perhaps laugh at myself, heartily.


CORPORATE MEDIA LIES 27.05.2003 15:31
MoveOn endorses Thursday's PDX Code Pink protest at Clear Channel
I was amazed to get a letter this morning from a national director of MoveOn about a Portland event that I had not read about here on Portland's Indymedia. However, that is only because I have not been reading the calendar where it says:

"Code Pink Portland will lead a protest against Clear Channel once again! 4:30 pm in front of their offices at 4949 SW Macadam Avenue. Join us, tell Portland we don't want more media control and censorship a la Clear Channel! Global Exchange has declared May 29th a national day of protest against media monopoly"

It says us guys are welcome at the "Pink is optional" Code Pink protest against FCC move for even MORE media monopoly. Protest takes place at the local offices of Clear Channel this Thursday (05-29-03) at 4:30 pm --- 4949 SW Macadam Avenue.


GENDER | LABELS 27.05.2003 15:28
Seeking a gender neutral pronoun
Most non-trans people haven't heard about the pronoun "ze" (mostly b/c trans people are constantly rendered invisible), but I am telling about it now, so you have no excuse. Ze is a pronoun that is non-gender specific, and is preferred by almost all of the trans people that I have met. It is not just for trannies, though. Myself and others encourage everyone to use it for everyone unless you know which pronoun someone prefers.


FILM | BENEFIT | ARGENTINA 27.05.2003 00:51
Why should I be so interested in Argentina? Come find out.
Argentina's crisis is fast emerging as a sort of economic Rorschach test, used by economists and theoreticians of all ideological persuasions to prove their point," says the Financial Times. "Opponents of the 'Washington Consensus' say Argentina's experience shows the perils of following the recipes of the IMF. Supporters of free markets say Argentina's experience shows the danger of not opening up [the economy] enough."

Perhaps the biggest challenge the global movements face now is to realize that the first round is over ... There has been a "...nearly complete collapse of the prevailing economic theory," according to economist James K. Galbraith. But the next round will be the hardest. It will involve applying our critiques and principles to our everyday lives; it will be a stage of working close to home. A stage where mass conflict on the streets is balanced (but not entirely replaced) with creating alternatives to capitalism in our neighborhoods, our towns and cities, our bioregions. This is exactly where Argentina can show us an inspiring way to move forward ... It may be absurd to think of a capitalist system without banks, but it is equally absurd to believe in the continuation of the present global system ... One day we may look back at the absurdity of the present and remember how the people of Argentina inspired us to demand the impossible, and invited us to build new worlds which spread outwards from our own neighborhoods.

In some ways, this may be your ticket to the future. Come see six short films about the economic collapse and peoples' uprising in Argentina. A co-producer of Beware the Bourgeois Block will be at Clinton St. Theatre to explain what triggered the economic crash in Argentina. After the videos, she will answer questions and relay recent news from a friend and collaborator still down in Argentina. [ Read more ] [ May 27 video showing | Que se vayan todos ]

Que Se Vayan Todos
Tuesday May 27th - 8pm
Clinton St. Theatre
2522 SE Clinton st.
$5.00 donation at the door
Proceeds to benefit independent media in the global south


June 4th: Going to Salem to Fight Police Brutality?
Stop police use of deadly force [Note to Indymedia Community: Can anyone provide more details?] Here's another way to express outrage over the police murder of Kendra James, and the associated police cover-up. At the [May 24] rally , I heard Pastor Tate ask the community to join him on June 4th in Salem. I think he said everyone would be meeting at a church around 9am -- does anyone remember which one? Anyway, just to let people know, if you can go to Salem on June 4th, please do.

Also, Senator Gordley said she plans to ask the legislature to make changes so that a police officer can no longer get away with shooting unarmed people down in the streets without consequences. [ IMC Article ] [ Kendra James Rally Images, 1 of 2 | 2 of 2 ]


Alaska Passes Anti-Patriot Act Resolution
May 23— Alaska has joined a growing national rebellion against the USA Patriot Act, voting to oppose the massive federal anti-terrorism law passed by Congress soon after Sept. 11, 2001. The state Legislature used some of the strongest language yet in passing a resolution condemning USA Patriot, following the lead of Hawaii and 112 cities, towns and counties around the country that have passed similar resolutions against the law.


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