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FAITH AND ACTION 04.06.2003 18:05
Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Active Political Resistance as an Obligation of Faith
The theologian and martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer is the highest name in Germany. As a leader of the underground Confessing Church, Bonhoeffer emphasized the nonreligious interpredtation of the Bible, religionless Christianity and the arcanum discipline.One act of obedience may be more important than a thousand sermons, he said. Bonhoeffer understood political resistance as an obligation of faith..The church could be commanded to "fall into the spokes of the wheel", not only "to bind up the victims under the wheel".


Report from "Caravan for Kendra" to Salem
I arrived late at the State Capital building today and the Caravan group from Portland was already listening to speakers. The first speaker I heard was Oregon Senator Frank Shields of Mid Multnomah County. He started out by joking about being known best as "Avel Gordly's driver." The main point of his speech was centered around how the recent budget cuts have lead to increases in human misery. He was concerned that the State of Oregon was not providing people with the basic minimum required for a civilized society.

Oregon Senator Margret Carter of District 22 then spoke. She directed our attention to the large photo that was displayed at the side of the group of speakers. The photo was of a Young Senator Mark Hatfield and another Oregon Senator signing the public accords law of 1953. Members of the NAACP were standing behind them. The public accords law allowed more open access to public areas in Oregon. She pointed out that this law had taken an ongoing battle lasting from 1919 until its signing in 1953. Included in the photograph were Sister Marie Smith, and Herman Plummer. The photograph will be hung in the State Capital building in honor of the participation of African Americans in Oregon's history. She told a story of a woman of color who worked hard in her time to make the right to vote available to her people. She made the statement that the rights of the poor in the United States are no less important than than the people of another power (implying Iraq). The crowd gave her a standing ovation.


CASCADIA SUMMER 03.06.2003 14:50
life and death in the forest (a photo essay from the clark timber sale)
in a natural forest the sharp, oppositional distinctions of human perception are blurred. the forest is so alive as one interconnected ecosystem that the "death" of one tree is not really death at all -- a tree's trunk has merely changed position by falling and is still a full participant in the life of everything around it. in this way, the very dichotomy of life vs. death comes into question, and with it all other dichotomies. when i am in the forest i can not help but to percieve the superficiality of the scientific method, the danger of the "progress" myth, and the hubris of human ego. in the forest, the oneness of everything in the universe is clear. no amount of research, observation, and quantification can come up with language that describes the forest better than "it is". until we embrace that truth within our own souls, and learn ourselves how to just "be", there is no hope for turning back the destruction of life on earth.


June 4 - Salem - Call for testimony re: Oregon's budget fiasco
Wed. June 4 as a day of public response to diminishing social programs. The legislative session is ending, but the Legislature has yet to produce a budget that preserves vital health care, education, human service and public safety programs. Time is running out. This may be the last chance to make your voice heard. Please join us for one or all of these important events. Legislators must hear from constituents, in order, to be convinced to do the right thing and preserve the kind of Oregon we want to live in. Speak up now, before it is too late!

Senate OHP Committee- Public Testimony. Wednesday, June 4, 3-6 P.M. in Hearing Room A, State Capitol. Call OHS if you would like help developing testimony.

Salem Town Hall with Senate President Peter Courtney, Senator Jackie Winters, and other Salem area Senators and Representatives. Governor Kulongoski has been invited. Wednesday, June 4, at 6 P.M. Hearing Room 50, State Capitol.

Portland Town Hall with House and Senate Democratic Leaders Kate Brown and Deborah Kafoury, Senate Ways and Means Co-Chair Kurt Schrader, Senator Avel Gordly, Senator Margaret Carter and Representative Jackie Dingfelder. Monday, June 9, 7-9 P.M. in the Grant High School Cafeteria (2245 NE 36th Ave.) Please call (503) 655-2793 if you have questions or need a ride. [ Read More ]


Wed. June 4: Kendra James: Community Call for Changes
Truth and Justice truckSenators Avel Gordly and Margaret Carter are working on legistaltion around Grand Jury reform, revising police shooting guidelines in state statutes, and economic justice issues. What was said today at a forum on police accountability was: "When a whole bunch of people of color show up at the state capitol, people notice."

Portland's African-American community is trying to mobilize a BIG crowd to be present in Salem Wednesday morning to call for changes in the system that killed Kendra James (and Jose Mejia Poot, and Byron Hammick, and so many others). We'll only be gone a half day, so rearrange your schedule if you have to, and BE THERE!!

On Wednesday morning people will be heading to Salem to call for changes to the system that came to light (again) with the death of Kendra James. Folks will be meeting in the Senate side of the state capitol at 10:30 AM on Wedneday June 4. A caravan will leave from Portland at 8:30 AM from Pastor Tate's church, Christ Memorial Church of God in Christ, 1552 N Killingsworth (just west of Interstate Ave). If you have a van or larger vehicle to help transport people please let Pastor Tate know: 503-286-9624. [ Read More ] [ BACKGROUND: The Kendra James Rally: "It's not time to lighten up, it's time to tighten up." | Who will watch the police? People demand a fair process! | Open Letter To Katz and Commissioners | Take the guns away, before they kill again. ]


Magical Action to Unbind Lady Liberty at GOP Conference: Friday June 13th
Attached is an announcement from Cascadia Magical Activists--as far as I know, this is the first event to be announced protesting the Republican Conference in Jantzen Beach. EVERYONE IS WELCOME, Pagan and Non-pagan alike. If you choose to participate in this, please be aware and respectful that this is a serious religious ceremony, based on deeply-held beliefs in the Pagan community.


LEIU | SEATTLE | POLICE STATE 03.06.2003 09:25
LEIU Seattle - Undercover Police Provoke Conflict; Legal Observer Shot and Hospitalized
LEIUAt least twelve people have been arrested following June 2 demonstrations against the LEIU conference in downtown Seattle, near where the secretive private intelligence network is holding its annual conference. In one confrontation between Seattle Police and demonstrators, National Lawyers Guild legal observer Larry Hildes was hospitalized after being shot in the back with "non-lethal" weapons. Following an early evening rally in Westlake Park, several hundred demonstrators began a nonviolent, permitted march toward the LEIU conference site, the Red Lion Hotel, where cordons of police waited in riot gear. The crowd continued to rally there with music from the Anti-Fascist Marching Band and the Infernal Noise Brigade; some burned and tore US flags. One protester climbed atop a nearby awning and attempted to burn a flag there; as he descended, other demonstrators huddled around him to protect him against identification and arrest. However, one or more of the people in this huddle turned out to be undercover police, and disorder broke out when one undercover cop reportedly provoked a fistfight while attempting to subdue the protester. The police then moved against the dispersing crowd, using pepper spray, concussion grenades, plastic clubs and guns loaded with non-lethal weapons. Several people were seriously hurt after receiving pepper spray in the face. Before being taken to the hospital, Hildes reportedly described the encounter as "the worst he had ever seen. [ Read More ] [ Seattle IMC cov'g 1, 2, 3 ] [ Photos 1, 2 ] [ Radio ]

Account from Portland Metro citizen: I just got in from Seattle. I'm too tired to make a huge report & need to get cap-stuff off me. (It burns!) People can read on Seattle IMC what came down last evening. I just want to emphasize some things. This was a PERMITTED march, supposedly, & we were told we could stay on three streets which abut the conference hotel. Yet, suddenly, with NO warning whatsover, cops attacked, with gas, cap-spray, bikes, horses, repeatedly & indiscriminately. I'll see how this gets written up, but I WAS THERE & SAW IT ALL. Cops attacked the crowd. Period. There was NO excuse. And the cops' tactics were contradictory, ineptly trying to scatter & corral people at the same time. However, cameras were everywhere, & this will be in the media, & the damn LEIU will be a secret no more. That was the goal, as it was with WTO, & we did it again. And we will do it again. And again. And again. [ Read More ]

[ BACKGROUND: A call to Action in Seattle, June 2 to 6th | Come to Seattle on J1, and shut down the Pig Conference | STOP THE LEIU | Fight the Consolidation of Police Terrorism in the US ]


CASCADIA SUMMER 02.06.2003 20:35
Giant mole digs trench in logging road at Solo timber sale; Forest defenders delighted
PORTLAND, OR--According to witnesses, a giant mole dug a trench through a logging road leading to the Solo timber sale in the Mt. Hood National Forest last night. By chance, seasonal restrictions on the Solo sale ended today, meaning that logging could have started at any time in the morning. The trench, however, would have needed to have been filled in first, which would have slowed down the commencement of logging operations.

By chance, the road was also blocked in several other places by large piles of logs and brush, also seemingly placed in such a way as to block logging equipment. Witnesses did not finger the mole for these actions, and speculated that perhaps a freak windstorm had occured during the night, or that perhaps a giant desert beaver had struck as well.


Countdown to Salem: Urgent update
no more police killing peopleWhat: Caravan to Salem Wednesday: A legislative action at the Capitol with Senator Avel Gordly and Rep. Margaret Carter regarding the police killing of Kendra James and Jejia Poot.
When: Caravan leaves at 8:30 a.m on Wednesday, June 4th. Will head back home from Salem around noon.
Where: Christ Memorial Church at 1552 N. Killingworth in Portland (near Killingsworth and Interstate Avenues).
Contact: Kate Lore at 503-228-6389, x44 or Marcia Meyers at 503-665-3957.

Please bring a camera if you can. If you're going to Salem on the 4th, and if you have access to a video camera, please consider putting together a short video of the occasion. Tell the real story! The corporate media won't. Also, the PDX video collective has completed a film of last week's rally in support of Kendra James, which we will be showing at Videos of the Resistance this wednesday at 7pm at The Know on NE 20th and Alberta. Everyone is welcome, and the show is free.

If you do put together a video about the action in Salem, and if you'd like to show it at an upcoming Resistance showing, let us know. [ Read More ]


FILM | ANIMAL RIGHTS 02.06.2003 19:04
Free screening of animal rights documentary, "The Witness" on June 4th at PSU
wolf S.E.T.A. presents "The Witness"
Wednesday, June 4th @ noon
P.S.U. Smith building room 290/2
FREE! also serving FREE vegan ice cream!

Portland State Universities S.E.T.A.(Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is showing the award winning documentary, "The Witness." "The Witness" is an inspiring documentary film about a construction contractor from a tough Brooklyn neighborhood becomming an impassioned animal activist. The L.A. Times called it, "one man's truth that cries out for mass exposure...may be the most important and persuasive film about animals ever made." Come enjoy the film with free vegan ice cream! Free and open to everyone! [ Read More ] [ Tribe of Heart's "The Witness" | Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (S.E.T.A.) ]


Salmon River Tree-Sits blocked by Feds, public land sales closed to public
treesitLaw enforcement has placed a closure order around the Salmon River Tree-sits in an attempt to starve tree siters out. The Klamath Salmon Action Network (KSAN) is planning an action camp on June 7-13 along with actions, and a closure protest to support tree-sitters. KSAN is still strong in their resolve to protect the wild public land of this free flowing tributary of the Klamath, and the species that use it.

The Salmon River is the only undammed, undiverted river that feeds the Klamath and has had three treesits blocking part of the Glassups Old Growth Timber Sale for a week and a half. The Klamath-Action Network is a group involved in the tree-sits and promises continued resistance for the Knob and Meteor Timber Sales, which are also public lands old growth sales in the Salmon River.

Columbia Helicopters, an international company that specializes in helicopter logging steep and unstable slopes, are clear-cutting and high grading native forest in the National Forest, which is why the tree-sits are there. Old growth logging destroy water quality, endangered species,and the forests natural resistance to fire. " These sales will hurt not help forest health by taking out the fire resistant old growth, leaving brush fields behind, destroying a rural town's drinking water, and endangering Klamath Salmon" stated Mari Posa, a spokes woman for the group.

Two men attempting to visit and photograph the tree-sits were detained for forty minutes Sunday by three federal agents who ticketed them. They were unaware they weren't allowed on public lands. The two men must appear in federal court in Redding on Tuesday. [ Read More ] [ http://www.mazamaforestdefense.org/ | http://www.cascadiasummer.org/ | Klamath Forest Alliance ]


MAYORAL RECALL 02.06.2003 16:45
An organizational meeting for persons interested in helping with petitioning and campaign-building will be held 7 p.m., Monday, June 2, at the I.W.W Union Hall, 616 E. Burnside, near the east end of the Burnside Bridge. We are certified to begin signature gathering and intend to use the recall to call attention to the issues of police violence and the mayor's defense of it. The Oregonian and the Tribume may attend, so we hope for a good turnout to kick off this effort. Thanks!


LABOR 02.06.2003 13:44
IWW Events!
cats Mondays 9pm-12am come learn about and fraternize with the IWW, the radical labor union Every monday 9pm-12am, come to "chin wags": social events for those in, interested in, or sympathetic with the revolutionary unionism of the IWW. located at 616 e burnside in the collectively owned and run worker's co-op cafe. cheap beer for ye with IWW red cards Monday nights come to the collectively owned and operated Cafe at 6th & E Burnside. Chin wags are nights for IWW members, sympathizers, new members, and prospective members to chat, meet, play games, drink beer, debate, and have fun generally. It is a traditional social gathering that goes way back.

Come learn or teach about the union, organizing yourself in your workplace, and revolutionary solidarity and industrial unionism. To make it jolly all around, 50 cents off on beer when you show your IWW red card. [ Read More ] [ http://www.iww.org ]

Thursday Nights: electronic music for autonomy we're starting events that attempt to set up spaces for community organizing and temporary autonomy through music and arts. thrusdays 8pm-12am at the cafe at 616 e burnside Every thursday at the worker's collectively owned and run cafe at burnside and 6th on the east side. 8pm-12am, yummy cheap microbrews, vegan/veggie food, and a lovely ambience.

The music ranges from experimental, idm, downtempo, and ambient, to drum and bass. There may be occassional live acts too. Our collective seeks to hold events that facilitate spaces of temporary autonomy direct towards community organizing/solidarity, and hopefully future semi-permanent autonomous spaces and permanent autonomy (if we're lucky). All events are free. [ Read More ] [ http://www.iww.org ]


BENEFIT 02.06.2003 13:24
Benefit Show to Send Portland Activists to Sacramento!
sheeple FRIDAY JUNE 6th - 8pm
@ the red & black cafe (22nd & SE Division)

* + special guest
$3-5 donation please

The resistant spirit of Seattle, D.C., Prague, and Quebec is alive and flows through Sacramento towards Cancun and beyond. The Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture is in the process of planning a response to both the meeting and EXPO. Events in Sacramento will include a "permitted" public demonstration and march, media events, street theatre, public education forums and literature, and non-threatening but disruptive direct actions. Our intent is to non-violently confront the powers that control our food systems with an alternative to their destructive, self-serving vision.

Portland activists are going down to the Sacramento trade ministerial, that is billed as the 'next Seattle.' This offers the best chance to stop the madness of the powerful and to preserve what is precious. [ Benefit ] [ Portland Indymedia - Going to Sacramento | Sacramento Ride Share and Organizing Meeting - Tonight | MAPS OF SACRAMENTO! ]


CRITICAL MASS | COVERAGE 01.06.2003 22:43
Critical Mass: Splintered, But Never Broken
People are moving... "We took a right-hand turn, onto a street I personally had never been on. In front of us appeared to a dead end, but as we got closer to this perceived end, we saw that it was a small grass embankment, on top of which, almost totally obscured from view on approach, was the Benson High School was track and sports field. We instantly saw a golden opportunity... " to ditch the police that is.


LABOR 01.06.2003 20:46
I.W.W. Retail Workers Unite!
We are pleased to announce the formation of an Industrial Organizing Committee of retail and general distribution workers, with the Industrial Workers of the World, Portland, Oregon.

We are representatives from several retail environments, working together to develop industry standards that we feel all owners of retail should adhere to when dealing with labor. These include, but are not limited to: developing a living wage campaign for all retail workers, securing affordable and progressive health coverage, and developing a democratic process in each of our workplaces to give greater voice and representation to 'floor' employees as well. We encourage all retail and distribution workers to get in contact with our Committee to find out what they can do to build this strategy.


SPEAKING EVENT | SOMALIA 01.06.2003 20:45
Former Prime Minister of Somalia Visits Portland
prime minister Wednesday, June 4; 2:30 - 4:00 PM
A Conversation with the Somali Community

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)
10301 NE Glisan Street, Portland
Free and open to the public

Thursday, June; Noon - 1:30 PM
Brown Bag Lunch Presentation
Marylhurst University

Commons Cafeteria
17600 Pacific Highway (Hwy. 43)
Marylhurst, OR
Free and open to the public

Thursday, June 5; 7:00 - 8:30 PM
Presentation and Forum
Portland State University

Smith Memorial Auditorium
SW Broadway and Montgomery
Free and open to the public

Former Somali Prime Minister Ali Galaydh speaks at PSU. Hear his story of rebuilding a country from ground zero and his perspectives on post-Cold War Africa, globalization, and Western influence over the continent. The Community Language and Culture Bank is honored to bring Ali Khalif Galaydh to Portland. During his three-day stay, the former Prime Minister of Somalia will meet with the local Somali community, and speak at Marylhurst University and Portland State University.

When Ali Khalif Galaydh was chosen Prime Minister of Somalia in 2000, the country had no government or rule of law—and very few resources. "We had no furniture, no stationery, no buildings. We had nothing," Galaydh told Time Europe Magazine. With little help from the international community, rebuilding Somalia after years of civil war proved daunting. Over the subsequent two years, the professor and one-time Minister of Industry put Somalia back into the international arena. His administration reopened embassies and reclaimed the nation's seats in the United Nations, the Organization of African Unity, and the Arab League. But his biggest challenges were domestic.

Come and hear Galaydh's story of rebuilding a country from ground zero and his perspectives on post-Cold War Africa, globalization, and Western influence over the continent. Email kayse@clcbank.org for more info. [ Read More ] [ Community Language & Culture Bank ]


G A Y . S H A M E contingent in ___ Pride[?] Parade June 15th pdx
Gay Shame takes on the corporate monster. GAY SHAME is the radical alternative to consumerist "pride" crap. We are committed to a queer extravaganza that brings direct action to astounding levels of theatricality in order to expose the evildoers who use the sham of gay "pride" as a cover-up for their greed and misdeeds. We seek nothing less than a new queer activism that addresses issues of race, class, gender and sexuality, to counter the self-serving "values" of the gay mainstream. We are dedicated to fighting the rabid assimilationist monster of corporate gay "pride" with a devastating mobilization of queer brilliance. GAY SHAME is a celebration of resistance: all are welcome.

I have fronted $25 fee for spot in ____[?] Pride parade June 15th and would appreciate donations to defray that cost as well as time enegy and ideas for meking signs, getting the word out, putting together some kind of flyer/handout/manifesto/whatever to explain to a media mutilated audience why Real Queers SHOULD be ashamed of The Big Sell Out - including concern for racial, economic, civil liberties, incarceration-madness etc issues.

No kiddin' : think up signs, banners and slogans and please call me anytime - and by the way, I really would like somebody else to come forward to act as leader / pointperson for this project - but whatever it takes, I am committed to ensuring that at least some kind of shout of disgust and derision SHALL BE MADE directly in the faces of the ?pride? corporate minions of June 15th 2003 in Portland Oregon. [ Read More ] [ Gay Shame SF ]


ACTIVIST VAUDEVILLE 01.06.2003 19:27
Synthesize Socio-Political Awareness, Activism and Existential Irony into Art
vaudeville sceneYour talents needed!! Promote progressive culture, be entertained, perform your art, support local business and progressive organization, drink and be merry, relax and laugh, excercise wit and humor for the sake of your friends, neigbors, and yourself at the first Progressive Vaudeville: Red and Black Cafe, USA.

The PDX Greens (a progressive electoral political party, decentralized and grassroots) is hosting the first of a series of Progressive Vaudevilles on June 27th at the Red and Black Cafe. They will include caberet, stand up comedy, spoken word, improv theatre, music, sketch comedy, and any other artistic forms that can formed into an act. It will be developed in a communal workshop improv environment where original material, based on our experiences as individuals and a community, will be created. It will be ongoing and revolving. It will be held at local progressive establishments.

Informal meetings/rehearsals Friday and Saturday June 6th and 7th. from 330 til late. Contact Chris at fiftytwoseven@yahoo.com. [ Read More ]


PRISON ACTIVISM 31.05.2003 18:13
Anarchist Prisoner Wins Lawsuit
Brian McCarvill an anarchist prisoner caged in Oregon appears to have won his landmark lawsuit against the Oregon Department of Corrections(?)

In a recent letter, Cassidy wheeler asked if it was true that Brian McCarville won his lawsuit against the Oregon Department of corrections. As some of you may realize, Brian filed suit over his mail being rejected because it displayed the circle A, mentioned the word anarchist, anarchy, etc. or was from an Anarchist identified organization. This policy is based on an administrative finding that Anarchist, anti-authoritarian Prisoner are a Security threat group (STG) i.e. criminal gang. In order to answer Cassidy's question a phone call was made to Prison Legal News. Hans confirmed that settlement negotiations were happening and it appeared a resolution was forthcoming.

While the policy remains in place, it would be legal suicide for the Department to continue rejecting mail based on the disputed criteria.

It is a significant development that this negotiation is happening for it appears the Department finally realizes it cannot defend its ridiculous assumption Anarchists are a criminal like the Aryan Brotherhood. In the near future, Prisoner will be able to receive Anarchist materials. More importantly the attempt to criminalize Anarchist, anti-authoritarian Prisoners will have been finally defeated. This opens up a myriad of possibilities including better chance for early release, lowering of custody level and greater access to institutional programs.


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