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COMMUNITY BUILDING 09.06.2003 13:47
Upcoming Events and Calls to Action


national conspiracy against critical mass?
Hey everyone, I'm from Buffalo NY, so I go to their IMC website every now and then... not as fancy or flashy as the one here in portland, but some similar things and more are happening there that I think folks here might want to know about... We often take such pride in our own city that we forget about the resistance and solidarity-building among movements struggling for change from this oppressive system that is happening in other cities on and off this continent... so here's a little from a "sister city"...


CYCLISTS' RIGHTS 09.06.2003 11:15
MAXimum zoobomb Exclusion: 20 Cyclists arrested/detained at MAX stop
Approximetly 20 bombers were arrested or detained for various Tri-Met offenses Sunday night. Citations for using the auxeriry bike space were very common the penalty being a six-month exclusion from Tri-Met.

Although a handful of bombers were ticked for riding without a ticket (or an improperly validated ticket) several bombers claimed to have been ticked for not using the bike hooks on the MAX. On a low MAX car there are 4 bike hooks and A few handicap spaces, some of which are designated "Additional Bike Parking".

Referring to the eight-man Tri-Met crackdown battalion, Mike quipped, "I was wondering when I was going to be able to use the 'Fajitias Platter' code call. Those guys made Airport security look professional and reasonable"

"Today's going to be a good day," said the 100th Monkey prior to boarding the MAX. On the whole could still agree with him. Zoobomb is one of the most successful bike organizations in the #1 bike city in America. On any given Sunday night as many as 70 bikers might meet to bomb the zoo. With those kinds of numbers you would think the MAX would be overwhelmed with bikes and bombers.


RESISTANCE | FUN 09.06.2003 09:20
Cascadia to Sacramento - Back to the Roots Roadshow
sac_mobiliization The Oxygen Collective presents: Back to the Roots Roadshow - Expressions of Resistance June 13 - 20, 2003 As momentum builds to mobilize against bio-imperialism and the WTO agenda, the Oxygen Collective will lead a caravan from near the Canadian border to the Sacramento convergence. Priscilla, the Oxygen Collective's 40-foot biodiesel bus, will help to raise energy and highlight the shadowy issues being discussed behind closed doors in Sacramento. Come help us unravel the mythology of genetic engineering, industrial agriculture and corporate globalization. Meet others in your community who are heading south for the Sacramento convergence. The Oxygen Collective will perform a colorful multi-media presentation including costumes, puppets, street theater, excerpts from the film 'Fed Up,' and music with Becky White of the Sisters of the Revolution. [ Read More ] [ WWW.SACMOBILIZATION.ORG | For more information on the Back to the Roots Roadshow, email:lesley@o2collective.org ]

Back to the Roots roadshow schedule:

13 FRIDAY - Ashland - Elks Lodge - Wide Awake Benefit and Back to the Roots kick-off, 7pm
14 SATURDAY - Eugene - Free Speech Plaza, 7:30pm - dusk
15 SUNDAY - Portland - Liberty Hall - Benefit to send street medics to Sacramento, 7pm
16 MONDAY - Seattle - TBA
17 TUESDAY - Bellingham - TBA
18 WEDNESDAY - Olympia - Heritage Park, 4pm - dusk
19 THURSDAY - Redding - Caldwell Park, 5pm - dusk
20 FRIDAY - Sacramento - 5 day Festival in the Streets!


CREATIVE RESISTANCE 09.06.2003 09:07
Pink splashes disrupt parade-goers' placid gaze
pink parade! A fleet of pink ships appears suddenly in portland rose/war fest parade; and rose festival "senior court" princesses deliver floral messages to warship visitors. "We are Portland's Peace Fleet; we say war is obsolete!" rang the chant in the early hours of Saturday morning, as faithful parade-watchers lined the streets of rose city/cum warship harbor for the annual rose/warship festival parade. Just as streets were closing in preparation for the parade, a dozen or so pink-clad activists, mostly women, appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Six of the interlopers wore cardboard boats, all bearing the logo "Portland Peace Fleet" and sporting names like "PMS Pinkafore", "SS Minnow", and "PeaceMa". The boats were steered by keels consisting of fishnet-clad legs, around whichsmall pink fish appeared to be swimming. Sails for the ships bore legents such as "We do not have Torpedo Envy," "Warship Worship is Anti-Family," "Depleted Uranium Shrunk my Ship," and so on. The pink fleet sang "There's no business like War business" and other songs, and chanted for nearly the entire parade route, meeting little resistance, some hostile chants of "support the troops" (which some of thepink boaters joined, adding "bring them home!"), some thumbs up and peace signs, but mostly somewhat bewildered and seemingly oblivious parade-watcher stares. Police at one point attempted to direct thePeace Fleet down a non-parade-route street, but their directive was ignored, with no untoward consequences... [ Read More ] [ Code Pink! ]


GENETIC ENGINEERING 09.06.2003 00:00
June 23-25 Sacramento CA - Resist Corporate Domination Of The World's Food Supply
Sacramento is an important destination for anyone concerned about genetically engineered foods, the rights of small farmers, the environment and agricultural biotech companies controlling the world's food supply. Apparently there will be no EU countries represented. Less than half the WTO member countries have accepted the invitation to attend,showing the tepid support for the U.S. corporate agenda. Activists from around the country and the world are converging to add their voices of opposition. Police presence has been heavy, with vehicles stopped and occupants questioned regularly. [ pdx indy sacramento action page | NWRAGE | we have a bus! | Why You Should Join the Mobilization to Sac | RIDE BOARD | UN Treaty Regulating Biotech Crops Ratified! | Talks Collapse to Open Europe to Biotech Food | | Heavy Police Presence in Sacto ]

ACTION PLANS REPOSTED FROM www.sacmobilization.org:

We now have a reporting number for Sacramento! Call 916-470-6961 to give live, up-to-the-minute updates for IMC volunteers to post to the New Indymedia Biotech site.



APOCALYPSO WHIMSY 08.06.2003 21:51
Progressive Vaudeville at Red & Black Wants YOU to perform!!
vaudeville act WHAT: Progressive Vaudeville, hosted by PDX Greens WHEN: June 27th, 8pm WHERE: red and black cafe - SE 22nd & Divison WHY: frivolity keeps us from taking things too seriously HOW: improv theatre, standupspokenword, cabaret, acoustic acts, sketch comedy WHO: you, me, and other people around town

Now, we are getting down to business...there are enough folks out there that have responded with resounding enthusiasm for performance art that coalesces with activist culture here in portland...well, let the show happen...the show itself will be based on informal sessions where original material will be created and discussed....brainstorming, socializing, improvising, and other forms of merriment (or languid cynicism) will commence this Saturday evening at a location very close to the red and black...if you are interested call chris at 503 233 8542 or send me an email at fiftytwoseven@yahoo.com and you will recieve more juicy details...I have heard back from several musicians, actors, spoken wordists, and singers and most of them I have never even met before...so, don't be bashful...let us come togeather, put all our differences aside, and create something that the progressive/activist community could use a little more of....humor and cameraderie [ ...hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ]


WAR & RESISTANCE | EDUCATION 08.06.2003 19:40
Is The 'Couve Hip, Or What
We're trying in Vancouver. On Thursday a few of us hung our "Pre-Emptive Peace" banner over the I-5. On Friday, several of us hooked up with the P-Sq march, as usual. On Saturday, a few held a banner, "Ford --- Driving America's Oil Addiction", at the Auto Mall, & then moved the banner to our Farmers' Market. We had a table at the Market for the coalition, Vancouver for Peace, at which we offered a petition to have Jessica Lynch-related propaganda investigated, plus papers to sign in thanks to the Baghdad hospital staff which cared for her. We had a table for Green Party of Clark County, where we championed a number of issues, including Free Palestine & anti-LEIU... At least two of us have plans to hit Sac'to. Just thought i'd post this to let Cascadia know that even an "invisible" place like the 'Couve has stuff going on. We're trying. [ Read More ]


Do You Want Revolution?
cog in the revolution THURSDAY JUNE 12th, 6:30pm

This is a call out to all Anarchist Communists in the Portland area interested in organizing our movement towards revolutionary ends. We will be discussing the formation of the Federation of Northwest Anarchist Communists (FNAC), as well as speak with guest Stanislav Versotsky from the Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists. We will discuss, answer questions, and provide literature to those interested. The General Organizing Group is intended to bring together all anarchist communists in the Portland area for discussion an action around the formation of the Federation of Northwest Anarchist Communists. The purpose of G.O.G.s (which are being organized throughout the Northwest, is to build local collectives, discuss federation business, provide local mutual aid and solidarity, and generally build the regional federation. The Founding Conference for FNAC is tentatively to be held in Portland late summer early fall.

FNAC is still in its organizing phase right now. A discussion list has been in existence for a year now, and a founding conference is tentatively set for late summer early fall. For information or to subscribe to the discussion list contact : fnac@risup.ca This is the first official meeting of the Portland General Organizing Group, part of the soon to be official Federation of Northwest Anarchist Communists. Contact Portland GOG at: pdxgog@ziplip.com [ Read More ]


WAR AND RESISTANCE 08.06.2003 18:52
2 Arrested near Navy Ships
07.Jun.2003 22:47 Two people were arrested this morning standing on the Broadway Bridge next to a sign that read "WEAPONS OF DESTRUCTION, NOTHING TO CELEBRATE". The sign, which had been hung over the railing facing the 3 US Navy ships docked downtown, was tied to the railing and had 3 foot high letters which were visible from quite far off. The police arrived within minutes and told the Amy and Josh to step back, and immediately arrested them. The charges at this point are violations of city ordinances, -erecting a structure- and something called -bridge railing-. The were held for about eight hours before being released with a court date of July 8.

Several of the police who processed them talked about the importance of war and weapons to "protect our freedom", but apparently failed to notice the irony of arresting people exercising those freedoms nearby those weapons of war. [ Read More ]


GLOBAL NEWS 07.06.2003 21:28
Congo Peace Short Lived, reports Yellow Times
TORONTO (NFTF.org) -- Within twenty-four hours of the arrival of French troops to establish a peacekeeping force, violence has once again erupted in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) (Background Report). Associated Press has reported that Bunia, the main town in Ituri province, was attacked by a group of Lendu militia early this morning. The Lendu used assault rifles, heavy machine guns, and rocket-propelled grenades in a dawn attack on positions of the Union of Congolese Patriots (UPC), a Hema group who currently controls the town. The intent of the raids appears to be to gain some ground before the international peacekeepers who will join the French arrive and begin their attempt to stabilize the area.


PRISONER SUPPORT 07.06.2003 00:00
Mutual Aid IndyVideo/pdx ACA Prisoner Support Benefit
Wednesday July 2 - PDX IndyVideo Collective and pdx Anti-Capitalist Action are having a benefit for A-Plan and the Western Prison Project @ THE KNOW- - 2022 NE Alberta- Video Showing 7:00 - 8:30pm, 3 Bands will play after that


Bring your budget concerns to Monday's Town Hall meeting
PACmonster It's time to reclaim the tax accountability issue from the so-called right wing. Lack of accountability of politicians to their constituents is a core issue of everything wrong in governments worldwide. We should not be talking about cutting OHP without scrutinizing allocations. We should not be talking about more taxes without asking our representatives to show up, Big Budget in hand. It's ludicrous for them to hold these Town Hall meetings and not expect to bring a whole lot of information to the table, including how much we pay in corporate welfare.

So, bring your favorite bad-investment examples. It's time to talk about real government accountability before they suck us all dry, while still glad-handing their way past dying people. In fact, please post your least favorite budget allocations to this article. We should do some research and possibly call our representatives and tell them to come with a budget in their hand, and the know-how to talk about it.

Information on Monday's Town Hall meeting: Portland Town Hall with House and Senate Democratic Leaders Kate Brown and Deborah Kafoury, Senate Ways and Means Co-Chair Kurt Schrader, Senator Avel Gordly, Senator Margaret Carter and Representative Jackie Dingfelder. Monday, June 9, 7-9 P.M. in the Grant High School Cafeteria (2245 NE 36th Ave.) Please call (503) 655-2793 if you have questions or need a ride. [ Read More ] [ 2003-05 Governor's Revised Budget (April 18, 2003) | Call for testimony concerning Oregon's budget fiasco | Eugene Weekly article on corporate welfare: Boondoggle ]


LABOR 06.06.2003 09:36
Vote in the House of Rep this Thursday To Eliminate Overtime Pay for Hourly Workers
Stop Attacks on Overtime Pay...The U.S. House will vote Thursday, June 5th on a bill to take away overtime pay. Call, fax or email these two members of Congress and urge them to vote against H.R. 1119 because it would mean big cuts in overtime pay. Employers shouldn't be allowed to substitute comp time for overtime pay when workers put in extra hours. This is especially true since employers would have total control over when or if workers are able to take comp time. [ IMC Article ] [ House Committee on Education and the Workforce Democratic Staff - position on HR. 1119 - "Family Time Flexibility Act" ]

Toll-free numbers for "the capitol" and all your congress-people! I just called them both, and they both work! ... If you get an "all circuits are busy" message on one, try the other!

Congressman David Wu
202-225-0855 Fax: 202-225-9497

Congressman Greg Walden
202-225-6730 Fax: 202-225-5774
E-Mail: Greg.Walden@mail.house.gov


CITY POLITICS 06.06.2003 02:02
Recall Vera Katz Committee Decides against Collaboration as BPA Goes Nutty
Chief petitioner Marvin Moore of the Recall Vera Katz Committee, which has begun gathering signatures on a recall petition against Mayor Vera Katz, had strategized that in order to establish the focus of the campaign on police violence and the need for structural change in the police department, it would be necessary for his group to file before the competing Better Portland Alliance could do so. The BPA has been claiming that Katz is not pro-business enough and that the police are not aggressive enough.

The Recall Vera Katz Committee filed its recall petition on Tuesday, May 27. Although outmaneuvered, the BPA's initial response was calm when the next morning it send out a press release announcing that it would postpone its effort and instead contact the RVKC to obtain petitions because "the desire to recall Mayor Vera Katz spans the entire political spectrum in Portland." On Friday, BPA chair Jack Peek telephoned Moore. "We could agree that subsidizing a baseball stadium is a misuse of tax dollars," said Moore, "but we disagree on his claim that the shooting of Kendra James was neither racism nor police violence. Furthermore, Moore said that Peek blamed Katz for protesters. "Just because a few commuters were delayed by peace marchers when Bush illegally invaded Iraq is a really petty reason to recall the mayor," he said.


GENETIC ENGINEERING 06.06.2003 00:20
Help Portland Activists Get On The Bus!


NW RAGE is having a benefit concert to help raise money for transportation to and housing in Sacramento for the WTO protest there June 23 to 25.

Come to the Red and Black Café at 8 p.m. this Friday, June 6th to hear Mustapha Mond, Life At These Speeds, Desert City Soundtrack, and more! Help raise money to support activists who would like to go to Sacramento but are broke! Suggested donation is $5. Funds will be used to offset the costs of van rental, gas, etc.

NW RAGE will also be hosting a sign making party Sunday, June 8. Bring cardboard, bring paint, bring markers, bring whatever you need to make awesome art! Whatever you do, bring yourself!

For more information about the WTO meeting in Sacramento and how corporations are hijacking the world's food supply, come to NW RAGE's weekly planning meetings, every Monday night at 6:30 at 1421 SE Stark, or visit the PDX Indymedia's Sacramento Action Page or the Sacramento Mobilization Web site.


HUMAN ARROGANCE 05.06.2003 13:06
Honor the lowly slugs and snails
I went out to purchase a couple of yard tools this morning. While I was standing in queue my eyes roamed to the items in the cart ahead of me. A few plants, a garden hose, a bag of "snail and slug death"... A BAG OF "SNAIL AND SLUG DEATH"!!

I wanted to scream out to the woman with the cart and ask her how she could kill these creatures, how she could use such a toxic poison on other beings and on the earth and in her yard. I had a dialogue in my head of how the conversation would go. After me asking her the question she would look at me like I was crazy or something and then verify her suspicions when noticing my "FREE TIBET" t-shirt. And then she would say, in a condescending tone: "they are eating my flowers... "


Woman cyclist hassled by cops
Yesterday, while waiting to cross the Hawthorne Bridge, I noticed a woman with a bicycle surrounded by three cops. Three cops? So I watch. I notice several bicyclists riding around in the vicinity (the southwest side of the waterfront) and I can't see any obvious reason for the cops to be citing this particular bicyclist. The woman is obviously upset, so I wait hoping she'll pass by. When she rides by I ask if she's ok and if the cops ticketed her. She tells me that she was riding along, like she always does, and then suddenly hears these guys yelling at her... When she asked what she did wrong, they told her they were going to ticket her for failing to comply with instructions. She wonders what instructions? Apparently, one of them had yelled to her to walk her bike but she didn't hear him.


A Challenge to Noam Chomsky and other 9-11 Deniers
JUNE 3. It's interesting to watch an allergy to conspiracies. Noam Chomsky was interviewed on C-SPAN for almost three hours on Sunday. He took a call from a viewer who posed several questions about 9/11.

What about the seismograph readings at Columbia which showed spikes or pulses? Did they signify bombs that had been placed in the WTC? What about the missing tons of aluminum wreckage that should have been found on the lawn of the Pentagon, but weren't? What about the contention that cell calls from the hijacked planes to families of passengers wouldn't have gotten through from the altitude at which they were supposedly made?

Chomsky, in his typical fashion, sidestepped all this by saying that he had no technical expertise. He said "information on the Internet" needed to be scrutinized carefully. Since the Internet allows anyone to print anything (unlike prestigious newspapers??), he said, skepticism is best, and he is skeptical of this sort of info re 9/11.

Chomsky, as good as he is on many subjects, always pleads ignorance whenever anyone raises the possibility of a conspiracy relative to ANY event in the world. He is making himself into a fuddy duddy.


CASCADIA SUMMER 04.06.2003 20:24
The Bear & Cub timber sales: Old growth islands surrounded by clearcuts & tree farms

The Bear and Cub timber sales threaten to take out more old growth forest in the Mt. Hood national forest. The targetted units are lonely islands of green vibrancy surrounded by a spaghetti network of roads and acres of clearcuts and plantations. I visited units of both sales this last weekend during the Cascadia Forest Alliance action camp.


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