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15.06.2013 22:03
Tree sit in Roseburg BLM : No more cuts on O and C Lands !
The new tree sit! Tree sitters, blockaders, and the support crew have found their new home near the head waters of Myrtle Creek on O&C land in the White Castle timber sale.

They are defending 77 acres of native never-before-logged forest from Variable Retention Harvest, also known as clear-cutting. As Doug Heiken of Oregon Wild describes "The White Castle project is a cynical attempt to pass off clear-cutting century-old trees as restoration. In reality, the true focus of this project is providing cheap timber to old-growth dependent logging mills at taxpayer expense."

The White Castle timber sale contains lush native and old growth trees punctuated by flowering rhododendrons, trilliums, and wild iris amongst salal and Oregon grape. It is considered habitat for 5 pairs of endangered spotted owls, three fens and rare forest wetlands.

If you want to come out to help build this occupation please contact Cascadia Forest Defenders!


May 8th - Noon to 1:30PM 07.05.2013 12:22
Salem Rally to Protect Oregon Cougars, stop inhumane bills
Come rally to protect Oregon's cougar from being killed with hounds! We are staging the rally on May 8th, noon to 1:30 on the Capitol steps and media will be there. We have posters, just need bodies!

Oregonians voted twice to end the hunting of cougar with hound dogs. We need to be assured that our vote for Measure 18 is honored before this irreplaceable resource, the cougar, disappears!

This rally is to stop the bills that ignore the voter's voice and the protecton M18 offers cougars. STOP the NRA and Safari Club (International) H.B.2624 and H.B. 2390 designed by Brian Clem, HB 3395 by Sherrie Sprenger, and Senate Bill 428! All these bills are the same! These bills allow cougars to be killed by using hound dogs. This is abusive to the dogs, the cougar and the cougar cubs! [...]

Oregon Cougar Action Team:  http://www.orecat.org/


May 10 -12 at Portland State University 03.05.2013 09:34
2013 Law and Disorder Conference
The fourth Annual Law and Disorder Conference will take place May 10th-12th, at Portland State University and will feature a panel discussion on the recent grand jury raids in the northwest.

We are excited to announce the Fourth Annual Law and Disorder Conference, May 10-12th 2013, at Portland State University. This year's conference features a special panel about grand jury resistance with members of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression and the Committee Against Political Repression. A special keynote will be given by former political prisoner Jihad Abdulmumit, co-chair for the Jericho Movement, as well as his highly acclaimed theatrical performance "Political Incarcerations". Other special presentations will be given by Sacramento Prisoner Support, David Hill (American Indian Movement), Portland Rising Tide, Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, Right 2 Survive and Portland Industrial Workers of the World, as well as many other local organizations.

L&D was founded in 2010 by members of the NW Student Coalition, a consortium of radical student groups in the Pacific Northwest from PSU, Mt. Hood Community College, Reed College and Washington State University-Vancouver in the aftermath of the police murders of Aaron Campbell and Keaton Otis in Portland and Oscar Grant in the Bay Area. The general theme of the conference has been to bridge the gap between different traditions of radical politics. The first and foremost goal has been to raise the issues of U.S.-held political prisoners, their existence contrary to denial on the part of the state, and practical discussions regarding their support and amnesty. Secondly, we engage in a critical dialogue about political repression, from the historical targeting and incarceration of activists in the FBI's counterintelligence program (COINTELPRO) in the second half of the 20th century to the most recent manifestations such as the PATRIOT ACT and Homeland Security. The third theme is the abolition of the Prison- Industrial Complex and finding community alternatives to the police.

This conference calls for people, movements, organizations and collectives to present alternative accounts to the political dimensions of civic engagement, mutual aid and revolution as they relate to economics, politics, invention, technology, work, artistic and cultural production, the body, pedagogy and social change. [...]

Website:  http://lawandisorder.wordpress.com
Facebook: Law and Disorder Conference


26.04.2013 12:10
Video: Save Salem Mail Protest - 5 Citizens Arrested 4.17.13
With the Salem Mail processing plant slated to close a protest ensured out front with speeches and chants and then the group of around 50 weaved its way to the public loading dock. This video is from that protest.

Five people were arrested for going inside with 2 banners, one banner read: Save Salem Mail.

 http://youtu.be/Ah_8JTTBp-s [42 minute video]

The announcement "before" the event is posted below:
Information about the event that was posted AFTER the event --> is below the double lines
(bottom half of this page)

"Occupation" of Salem mail facility

What: Rally, March and Civil Disobedience
When: Wednesday, April 17th, Noon - 1pm
Where: Salem Main Post Office, 1050 25th St. SE (n. of Mission)


20.04.2013 14:14
Olympia Anarchist Convergence April 20/21st

Lectures, books, and conversation.

Saturday [4.20](Workshops):  http://olympiaanarchy.noblogs.org/156-2/

Sunday [4.21](Workshops):  http://olympiaanarchy.noblogs.org/158-2/

posters/flyers:  http://olympiaanarchy.noblogs.org/postersflyers/


30.03.2013 16:02
Oregon residents Sound the Alarm on coal dust, coal export and climate change
Raging Grannies singing coal carols at the Capitol Building, Salem Columbia Riverkeeper reported on their facebook page that 425 people attended the midweek rally in Salem to stop coal export. See pictures of the rally on Demotix. You can read more about the fight to stop coal export from the Pacific Northwest at Power Past Coal.

The fight against coal export is an international one. Newcastle residents in New South Wales, Australia are fighting against the T4 coal loader being built to expand coal export from the world's biggest coal port. It is the same fight to stop King Coal in Australia and in the United States. One of the three companies keen to export coal from the Powder River basin is Ambre Energy, a Queensland based company.

This youtube video by Greenpeace USA explains the issue of coal export from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming and Montana through the Pacific Northwest and the impacts this will have: Get the Coal Energy Facts: Help Us Stop Coal Exports.

One of the speakers at the Salem rally was Dr Patrick O'Herron, Trauma and acute care surgeon, Salem Oregon, who attended the rally with several medical colleagues representing over 600 health care representatives in the Pacific north-west sounding the alarm on coal exports.

His speech, which I have transcribed. Watch the video on youtube: Sound The Alarm Rally Doctor on Coal: It Will Make You SICK!:


21.03.2013 06:51
Sea Shepherd comes to the rescue
Sea shepherd has started a coalition with Portland based ARA groups today [3/15] was the start of the "Compassion on the Columbia campaign" to save sea lions on the Columbia River.

Sea Shepherd has formed a coalition with "sea lion defense brigade" and IDA. Thankfully Sea Shepherd has arrived from out of town to provide some much needed leadership for the sea lion defenders. Since Matt Rossell has left his job at IDA and moved away there has been a minor and unorganized campaign to save the Columbia River sea lions. Both the SLDB and IDA have been nearly silent since Matt left. Now Sea Shepherd is here and they have a track record of results.

BeachCarolina link:
 link to beachcarolina.com

FaceBook link:

SeaSheperd link:


17.03.2013 18:27
Video: No Fluoride Rally- Hawthorne Bridge 3.15.13 in Portland Oregon
no fluoride rally on the Hawthorne bridge

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFbFCKDNxfY [video 38 min]

Friday in Portland Oregon



Video by Jim Lochart is posted 12.03.2013 22:42
Rally to Stop Coal Exports in Oregon on March 13!
On April 1, the state of Oregon will decide whether or not to approve the Morrow Pacific coal export project. If approved, it would be the first of five proposed coal export facilities to get a green light in the Northwest and open the flood gates for others, creating a climate nightmare. With the health, safety, and economy of dozens of communities from Montana to Oregon at stake, we are sounding the alarm to stop coal exports in the Northwest.


Salem - 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Wednesday, March 13
Front steps of the Oregon State Capitol, 900 Court St. NE, Salem, OR>

Hood River - Noon to 1:00 p.m., Wednesday, March 13
Riverside Community church, 4th and State, Hood River, OR

Transportation to Salem: PORTLAND: Meet at 10:00 a.m. at the Sierra Club office at 1821 SE Ankeny St, Portland, OR. [Map]
VANCOUVER: Meet at 9:15 a.m. at the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District Office, 1007 E Mill Plain, Vancouver Way, Vancouver, WA.

Questions: Contact Laura Stevens at laura.stevens@sierraclub.org.

Recent Salem Rally Opposing Coal

Recent Salem Rally Opposing Coal [Video posted by Jim Lockhart on 4-8-13]


27.02.2013 08:34
Action Against Extraction - Eugene [Sunday] 3/3/13
Action Against Extraction Two weekends at the end of the Social Justice, Real Justice Conference, over two hundred people marched through the streets of Eugene, demanding extractive industries and their financiers be held accountable for their crimes against the earth and its people. We know its going to take sustained, wide spread disruption of the status quo in order to win.

So this coming weekend 1 PM on Sunday 3/3 in conjunction with the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC) we are taking to the streets once again. Meet at the amphitheater in front of the Erb memorial union at the university of Oregon.

Please bring your banners, posters, voices, and fighting spirit. This is an unpermitted march.

Action Against Extraction facebook page


11.02.2013 18:57
Social Justice Real Justice Conference-Eugene-2/14-2/16
There is a social justice conference happening at the University of Oregon on the dates 2-14 thru 2-16.


Featured attendees include Cornel West, Dolores Huerta, Dead Prez, Winona LaDuke, and many more!

Info and registration at- https://sites.google.com/site/sjrj2013/

Facebook Event page- https://www.facebook.com/events/146912615455731/?fref=ts


11.02.2013 18:50
Video: Health Care for All Oregon Salem Rally 2.4.13
HCAO Around 1,0000 attend the Health Care All Oregon Salem Rally Monday 2.4.13 in Salem Oregon.

A rally with speeches, music, and Health Justice Networking Rally for HCAO.

This was filmed on the State Capital steps, the event started around 10 am:

 http://youtu.be/75M2g6iEYZ8 [full video 1hr. 25 min.]

(also) the same full video is available for downloading here:
 link to archive.org

(also) the arrival & drumming on the Capital Steps video is available here:
 http://youtu.be/4I_5dBFAlNM [video is 9min.]

Many of the rally's participants came dressed in red [some as Supreme Court justices with umbrellas]
Many participants were waving signs that read "We want health care not wealth care" and "Everybody In. Nobody Out."


05.02.2013 12:43
Fluoride Kills
fluoride the corrosive chemical hydrfluorosilicic acid spills and eats away concrete --Healthy Kid coalition claims this corrosive chemical if added to our pristine Portland water supply will prevent cavities --Not-- It appears this hydrofluorosilicic acid will eat the enamel right off your children's teeth [...]

Fluoride will erode the enamel off the teeth. High doses of fluoride will cause severe pitting and discoloration of the teeth. Systemic ingestion of fluoride because there is NO way to control the dose once fluoride (hydrofluorosilicic acid) is added into the water system leads to more people suffering from the symptoms of fluorosis.
It is the bright minds that brought us the mercury amalgams and those whom even once endorsed smoking as safe the AMA and ADA are endorsing fluoride like this (hydrofluorosilicic acid )is all the rage. Only drink too much of this fluoride kiddies and the ADA says this product will rob us all of our pearly whites, and weaken our bones. Fluoride is dangerous. It is even says so on the back of the tooth paste tube— poison --spit do not swallow—Adding fluoride (hydrofluorosilicic acid) to the public water system and claiming it is safe to drink, bathe, cook , and grow your vegetables in is asking our children and our animals to ingest high amounts of this acid. Acidity n high levels in our bodies' causes' cancer. Hello not to mention forcing huge populations of our children and their parent's pocketbooks to a life of cosmetic dentistry servitude or chemo therapy. Of course only if the child is lucky enough to have parents with money/ insurance who will be able to correct the cosmetic negative affects of fluoride. Everyone else will be destined to go through life with a cosmetically damaged smile,lower IQ and bone loss.

Watch the video below

Please learn about the negative health affects on Endangered salmon



02.02.2013 12:15
Fear Conquers All: My Afternoon with Oregonians for Immigration Reform
Rusty Fleming: Our Only Hope. Gary "Rusty" Fleming was a no-show at the Salem Public Library on Saturday January 26th, but in spite of this over 75 people turned out for the OFIR-hosted screening of his film "Drug Wars: Silver or Lead." The film is a bloody romp through the lawless world that is the US and Mexico border. The movie was written and produced by Gary "Rusty" Fleming, filmmaker and volunteer public information officer in Hudspeth County, Texas.

Oregonians for Immigration Reform are an interesting bunch of folks. Their members actively write to local publications, chastising journalists for not referring to undocumented people as "illegal-immigrants" and calling for the implementation of the highly unreliable E-verify system. Last month the Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR) released a publication entitled "The Fiscal Burden of Illegal-Aliens on Oregonians," which OFIR proudly makes references to in their endless stream of guest opinion columns and letters to the editor. The report is lousy with exaggerated numbers and fully acknowledges that it has no data on the immigration status of foreign-born students, but claims that 75% of the US-born children of undocumented immigrants will need Limited English Proficiency instruction. OFIR hasn't shut up about this report since it came out and it didn't take long to learn something about this group: they're ticked off, they're vocal, and they're scared to hell of pretty much everything. This event was no exception to the rule, and OFIR had been hyping it since December with urgency and panic in every website update, one of which insisted:

It opened with a quote that stated "The first terrorist in this country was a drug dealer, and nobody did anything about it." The film didn't go on to elaborate exactly who this first terrorist was, because we were immediately plunged into a montage with real-life footage of bodies lying in the street, SWAT teams swarming into buildings, and assorted white powders on cracked mirrors. This was interspersed with reenactments of shoot outs filmed in pick-n-pull lots where Mexican gangsters in red bandannas and white tank tops hid out amongst piles of old junky cars.[...]

"The producer of the documentary recommends that children as young as 10 should see this movie. Gangs and cartels are targeting even younger children now. Shockingly, eight year olds are the new cartel target for drug addiction. Every child is at risk." [...]


18.01.2013 08:56
Mohamed Mohamud Trial: Day 4

UPDATE: Day 5 http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/01/421437.shtml

Defense is doing serious damage to undercover FBI Agents' credibility

What is emerging from the last four days of testimony by the two undercover FBI operatives known only as "Youssef" and "Hussein" is that every single action that Mohamed Mohamud took in the furtherance of his alleged crime was taken on the explicit orders of the FBI. Mohamed's knowledge of explosives was limited to "Piccolo Pete" backyard firecrackers. Youssef gave him a hand-written shopping list of bomb components to purchase, a list that Mohamed failed to heed orders to destroy after using and which has now been duly entered into evidence.

Something else of interest in yesterday's proceedings was defense attorney Wax's effort, albeit a failed one, to convince Judge King to allow the jury to hear an "outtake" of FBI agent "Hussein" who apparently forgot to turn his wire off before using "colorful language" to express his glee at having "hooked" Mohamed following their August 19 meeting.

The defense has also begun to lay a foundation for asserting that the very idea of using Pioneer Square as the setting for an attack may have been introduced to Mohamed by the FBI agent "Youssef" during their meeting on July 30, 2010. This, by the way, would be the meeting that was not preserved on tape due to the equipment's "malfunction."

Related Previous PIMC Posts:
"Impressions of An Inexpert Witness"

"Federal "justice" center FBI Entrapment of Mohamed Mohamud"


12.01.2013 16:40
Longshore Struggle Brews on Both Coasts
Part I - It's a familiar pattern: those on top of the economic ladder enjoy massive profits, while expecting workers to sacrifice even more for the "greater good."

This storyline weaves itself into every justification for anti-worker policies. From Washington's potential Grand Bargain that would cut trillions from needed social programs, to the workplaces with their stagnating wages and declining benefits, those on top plead poverty to workers while stuffing their pockets beyond belief.

The argument is also currently being repeated by the giant multinational corporations that control the nation's shipping ports.

Fortunately, the Longshore workers are organized into powerful unions that have the ability to fight back against big business greed — something that was recently demonstrated at the port strikes in Los Angles and Long Beach, and which is now underway in the union negotiations happening at ports along the East Coast and at the ports in the Northwest. [...]

PART 2:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/01/421311.shtml

homepage:  http://workerscompass.org


11.01.2013 15:06
Kerry Cunneen subpoenaed to the NW grand jury
I have been subpoenaed to the grand jury in Seattle investigating Anarchists in the Pacific Northwest. I was called to testify on January 3rd at 9am. I did not appear before the grand jury. I will not cooperate with this grand jury nor will I in any way aid the state in its efforts to imprison people. <BR>
I stand firmly in solidarity with the actions taken against the Nakamura Federal court house during the May Day demonstration and all action taken against the state and capital towards the goal of a more liberated society. <BR>
I am in solidarity with the May Day 5, with Maddy, Matt and Kteeo, and everyone else who has met repression with resilience. To all whose solidarity has come in some form of action, it is inspiring and must continue. <BR><BR>

never surrender, <BR>
Kerry Cunneen <BR><BR>

Portland anarchist Kerry Cunneen has announced their refusal to cooperate with the grand jury investigating the May Day attack on the Nakamura federal courthouse in Seattle. Kerry's subpoena, which was delivered on December 14th, stated that they were required to appear just 5 days later on the 19th. Their lawyer successfully got the date pushed back until January 3rd, when Kerry declined to even enter the grand jury room. Kerry has stated that they will never under any circumstance cooperate with this or any state in persecuting themself or others...
From: Committee Against Political Repression <BR>
link to nopoliticalrepression.wordpress.com <BR><BR>

<B>[Related Video and Interview]</b> <A HREF=" http://youtu.be/ZLIo0K1Ez5c">http://youtu.be/ZLIo0K1Ez5c</A>
<B><FONT COLOR="#6633cc">UPDATE:</FONT>[Interview with Grand Jury Resister Kerry Cunneen] </b><br>  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/01/421507.shtml


06.01.2013 18:59
January Bark-About Winter Tracking Hike
This month Bark and Cascadia Wild are teaming up to lead a winter tracking hike in Mt. Hood National Forest. Last year volunteers from Cascadia Wild found the Sierra Nevada red fox, one of the rarest mammals in North America, on Mt Hood. Meanwhile the Forest Service decided to plan four timber sales coverings 1000s of acres right on top of this discovery.

Sunday, January 13th, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

On this hike we will learn the art of animal tracking and how to help protect our threatened local forests. Cascadia Wild is dedicated to teaching people about the natural world and inspiring personal connection to nature, while Bark is dedicated to protecting Mt. Hood National Forest. Check out www.cascadiawild.org to learn more about their work.

Carpools meet at the Hollywood Trader Joe's, 4121 NE Halsey in Portland at 9am sharp. It is across the street from the Hollywood Transit Center, near the I-84 exit 2. If you are able to drive, we greatly appreciate your contribution to helping make a successful hike. Weather is very unpredictable this time of year, so please be prepared for winter travel. If you are looking for a ride, please come prepared to reimburse your driver.

This hike is likely a snowshoe hike, so if you have a pair please bring them along. If not, Bark has a few pairs to loan out for the day. Snowshoes can also be rented at Next Adventure and (426 SE Grand) and Portland area REIs. Please contact Gradey at Bark for more information and to see if we have a pair of snowshoes for you - gradey@bark-out.org.

[Related 50 minute video:] 2011 Interview With Member of Cascadia Wild

INFO: http://www.cascadiawild.org


05.01.2013 23:27
Photos of Resistance The Chevron on the corner of MLK and NE Fremont got a little snowy this afternoon when members of various local activist groups gathered to show their support for the Wet'suwet'en Nation.

The Wet'suwet'en Nation consists of 5 clans who reside in an area located in British Columbia. They have been engaged in a fearless struggle against the Pacific Trails Pipeline, an underground pipeline system that would stretch for almost 300 miles from Summit Lake to Kitimat, British Columbia. Chevron Canada Ltd. is heavily-invested in the project, and its completion would grant them 50% of the Pacific Trail Pipelines Limited Partnership. The pipeline is proposed to transport 1,000 million cubic feet per day, about 700,000 barrels, and much like our own little Morrow Pacific Project, the natural gas would be destined for Asian markets. The project would create a direct line of access to the Spectra Energy Transmission pipeline system, resulting in a veiny bi-national network of toxic channels and conduits. The Wet'suwet'en Nation has been calling for solidarity actions from their allies in order to gain support for their movement. In response, today (01.05.2013) members of Portland Rising Tide and Community Alliance Against Coal shut down the Chevron on the Corner of NE MLK and NE Fremont with mounds of snow, while others handed out fliers and waved signs. Snowballs and fun whizzed through the air but it wasn't long until the Portland Police were called to break up the festivities. Police officers were literally knocking the snow out of protestors' hands and shoving people towards the sidewalk in an attempt to end the protest. In spite of this, group members deemed the action a success and are looking forward to continuing to support the Wet'suwet'en Nation in their struggle against the merciless pursuit of profits.


05.01.2013 23:25
Why We Defend the ILWU and All Workers
In recent weeks, a showdown has loomed on U.S. docks between the shipping bosses and port workers that has rattled the capitalist ruling class. On the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, the International Longshoreman's Association prepared to strike container shipping while the employers threatened to lock out 14,500 ILA members. On the West Coast, the grain shippers been demanding a giveback contract from the International Longshore Workers Union (ILWU), which would effectively bypass the union hiring hall, slash workers' vital safety protections and gut union power. Yet in the midst of the Northwest grain battle, an Occupy activist, Peter Little, publishes an article vociferously arguing against the call to defend the ILWU. While posing as ultra-left, this policy if actually carried out would aid the employers who are hell-bent on destroying ILWU union power on the waterfront. Blaming sellouts on the nature of unions lets the bureaucrats off the hook. We in the Internationalist Group say: All those who stand with the exploited and oppressed must come to the defense of the ILWU in this fight. And that defense includes forthrightly opposing the capitulations and betrayals by the labor bureaucracy which sells out vital union gains in the vain hope of an impossible "cooperation" with capital, endangering the workers organizations they preside over.

Read the article at the Internationalist Group website:  http://www.internationalist.org/whywedefendilwu1301.html.


04.01.2013 17:47
What Is Portland Indymedia - One Persons Perspective
A short video that describes what Portland Indymedia is all about


Video from 2008 that sill applies today

Local News Coverage - A Voice for The Voiceless

Portland Indymedia Is Where You Be The Media


28.12.2012 07:31
Video: Idle No More Flash Mob Round Dance
On December 23, 2012, a large gathering of Indigenous people and their supporters surprised Christmas shoppers at Pioneer Place Mall in Portland Oregon with a flash mob and Round Dance.

The event was held in solidarity with the Idle No More Movement and to support First Nations Elder Chief Teresa Spencer who at this writing is on the 12th day of a hunger strike to bring awareness and recognition to indigenous treaty rights to all First Nations.

This movement which began in Canada has spread world wide, Europe, the Mid East, Australia, and Mexico, as well as scores of locations in the U.S. and Canada. Although far from a complete list, this map highlights some of the teach-ins, rallies, blockades, flash mob round dances and hunger strikes that have taken place or are being planned, as well as international solidarity actions taking place on four continents.

This video is a little under 12 minutes in length and features brief interviews with two of the indigenous people attending the event. It shows about 150 Native drummers and singers as well as many people engaged in the round dance around the perimeter.

Idle No More Flash Mob Round Dance

This "Idle No More Manifesto is excerpted from the Idle No More Facebook page

Related PIMC Video Post:
As Idle no more continues to spread indigenous people reassert there rights to there land.


18.12.2012 13:20
Video: Senator Wyden - No Cuts, No Grand Bargain - Candlelight Vigil 12.10.12
Candlelight Vigil outside of Sen. Wyden's office - Monday evening in NE Portland

Filmed outside of Senator Wyden's office on Dec 10th in NE Portland around 5:30PM
I arrived when the vigil was in process.
Organized by  http://www.jwjpdx.org
The Light Brigade was there and can be seen in the end of this video.

 http://youtu.be/zzs0qkchNpw [26 minute video]


07.12.2012 07:03
Activists say NO to Ambre Energy
On Thursday, December 6th the Department of Environmental Quality held an informational meeting to hear community concerns over the Coyote Island Terminal Project (Port of Morrow).

Activists from around the Pacific Northwest gathered at the Ambridge Events Center in Portland on Thursday night to voice their opposition to the Coyote Island Terminal Project, which is spearheaded by Brisbane, Australia-based Ambre Energy. Tonight's informational meeting was hosted by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and was the third such event held in Oregon regarding the controversial coal terminal. While the project did have some supporters in attendance, a majority of the people were there to send the message that Oregon and the Pacific Northwest will not tolerate 8.8 million tons of coal slinking through its backyards each year.
If approved, the terminal would be constructed at the Port of Morrow and serve as a hub for shipping coal to the Asian-Pacific market, making it the only operational coal export terminal on the U.S. West Coast. According to Ambre Energy's website, 3.5 million metric tons of coal would be shipped each year in the first phase of the project, with that number increasing to 8.8 million tons during the second phase. The Department of Environmental Quality is responsible for reviewing the permit applications submitted for the project and will make a decision whether or not to grant Ambre Energy the right to transport metric tons of toxic crap through the region. [...]


04.12.2012 20:33
Videos: OSPIRG Resists Union Contract and Fires Organizers
Rally and Picket at the Fund for the Public Interest offices in Portland Oregon where employees have been trying to negotiate a contract for over a year. The Fund for the Public Interest does fundraising for all the state environment and PIRG (public interest research group) groups, The Human Rights Campaign, The National Environmental Law Center, Environment America, Environmental Action, and Fair Share.
OSPIRG Resists Union Contract and Fires Organizers

Also included in this report is a 40 minute Public Access program featuring a discussion with two present employees and one past employee of the Fund for Public Interest. Program discusses the situation from the perspective of the employees seeking a union contract. The union is the Communication Workers of America, local 7901.

Discussing Union Busting at the Fund for Public Interest


03.12.2012 21:58
Speak Out Against the Morrow Coal Terminal
Last week, after receiving thousands of public comments from CREDO activists in Oregon, the Department of State Lands delayed its permitting decision on the proposed Morrow Pacific coal export terminal from December until at least April ? specifically mentioning the unprecedented number of comments it had received on the application.

But while the Department of State Lands has delayed its decision, other permitting decisions continue moving forward ? and we need to maintain unrelenting pressure to oppose them.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is now considering separate air and water pollution permits the project needs to move forward. The DEQ is holding three important public hearings next week on these permits, including one in Portland.

What: Public hearing on the Morrow Pacific coal terminal
When: Thursday, December 6, 6 p.m.
Where: Ambridge Event Center, 1333 Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Portland

RSVP to testify against coal exports on Thursday in Portland.

It's vital that as many Oregonians as possible take the opportunity to testify against coal exports, and we'll send you talking points and other information to make the experience easy. But even if you don't want to testify, you can still attend Thursday's hearing to show your opposition.

If the project receives all of the permits it needs, Portland would become a big contributor to climate change and a significant link in the global dirty-energy supply chain. Coal would be shipped by rail from Montana or Wyoming to Oregon, then loaded onto barges and sent down the Columbia River to the Port of St. Helens ? before being shipped to South Korea. [...]


14.11.2012 15:20
free bus ride to seaside November 15th to save salmon
On November 15th there will be a joint meeting of Washington Fish and Wildlife and Oregon Department of Fish an Wildlife to discuss the future of the Columbia River Salmon.

If you are concerned about Salmon on the Columbia River this is the meeting to attend. There is a working group made up of the commissions of the Washington Department of fish and Wildlife and the Oregon Department of ish and Wildlife that will decide the future of Columbia River Salmon at this meeting. The meeting is in Seaside the morning of November 15th but a free bus is being provided by the stop gillnets now coalition, of which the HSUS is a part.

Here is the link to sign up:  http://stopgillnets.com/seaside/


03.11.2012 10:53
Eugene Anti-Fascists resist David Irving’s event.
On Friday, November 2nd, Eugene anti-fascists made their presence known in response to David Irving's event "Hitler and I", hosted by local fascist organizer Jimmy Marr. David Irving is recognized worldwide as a holocaust denier and fascist sympathizer, whose events are frequently held in private with strictly screened attendees. Despite our repeated attempts, we were unable to find their location. There is an equal possibility that Irving cancelled the meeting, as he is known to do when resistance is expected.

Events like this recruit people to white supremacist ideology and hate groups, and often lead to an upswing in violence against people of color, LGBTQ people, Jewish people, women, people with disabilities, the homeless, etc. Events like this also make local hate groups feel energized and empowered. It is important to confront these events to make a statement that we don't want this in Eugene.

Eugene has continually grappled with it's own racially motivated conflicts. In light of this, we believe that communities should unite in opposition when fascist organizers attempt to target sections of the population with violence and hate speech. Some critics of anti-fascists defend fascist organizing as a free speech issue. The First Amendment and related free speech laws protect citizens from state intervention, not from criticism by the public.

In response to this threat, Eugene anti-fascists held a public rally and dropped several banners to inform the public. We extend our solidarity to Portland anti-fascists and others who have opposed David Irving in their cities.


25.10.2012 07:01
Radical Mycology Convergence 2012 Port Townsend [Documentary]
The second Radical Mycology Convergence was held in Port Townsend, Washington. This volunteer-run four day event attracts mycologists and fungal enthusiasts to share skills about the benefits of fungi in terms of bioremediation and human uses. Port Townsend, WA, USA, 10/22/2012.

[video]  https://vimeo.com/52069765
[homepage]  http://alexmilantracy.com


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