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05.02.2013 12:19
The Black Panther Party’s Living Legacy --Touring Oakland and Berkeley w/ Billy X Jennings
View the embedded links and video here:


The Black Panther Party's Living Legacy --Touring Oakland and Berkeley with Billy X Jennings (Part One) By Angola 3 News

This month, over twenty students enrolled in the "Dismantling Racism" class offered by St. Catherine University in Minnesota traveled to the San Francisco Bay Area. The class focused primarily on California's prisons and what anti-prison activists are doing to challenge the human rights violations and racism endemic to California's infamous prison system.

Last week, the class was taken around on a Black Panther History Tour in Oakland and Berkeley, led by Billy X Jennings from It's AboutTime BPP Alumni & Legacy. Along with ongoing BPP history exhibits at the Alameda County Law Library in downtown Oakland and the window of Rasputin Music on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley is a new photo exhibit running until February 28, entitled Louder Than Words, at La Peña Cultural Center (3105 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley). An important friend and ally of the International Coalition to Free the Angola 3, Billy X Jennings' work was previously spotlighted in an interview with Angola 3 News, entitled We Called Ourselves the Childrenof Malcolm. [...]

The BPP's early critique of capitalism, of police brutality, of racism/exclusion in the criminal injustice system is foundational for all those of us who continue to challenge what we now call the "prison industrial complex". They were true visionaries whose call for a rainbow coalition, intersectionality and community empowerment continues to guide our work. What We Want/What We Believe - including "land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice and peace" - has not changed at all.

(Stay tuned for part two, touring Berkeley and downtown Oakland!)


12.01.2013 16:40
Longshore Struggle Brews on Both Coasts
Part I - It's a familiar pattern: those on top of the economic ladder enjoy massive profits, while expecting workers to sacrifice even more for the "greater good."

This storyline weaves itself into every justification for anti-worker policies. From Washington's potential Grand Bargain that would cut trillions from needed social programs, to the workplaces with their stagnating wages and declining benefits, those on top plead poverty to workers while stuffing their pockets beyond belief.

The argument is also currently being repeated by the giant multinational corporations that control the nation's shipping ports.

Fortunately, the Longshore workers are organized into powerful unions that have the ability to fight back against big business greed — something that was recently demonstrated at the port strikes in Los Angles and Long Beach, and which is now underway in the union negotiations happening at ports along the East Coast and at the ports in the Northwest. [...]

PART 2:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/01/421311.shtml

homepage:  http://workerscompass.org


27.09.2012 09:11
Eight People Start Indefinite Tree Sit to Stop Keystone XL
BREAKING: Eight people climbed 80 feet into trees in the path of Keystone XL construction, and pledged not to come down until the pipeline is stopped for good!

(Excerpted from the Tar Sands Blockade Website)

"Today I climbed a tree in the path of Keystone XL to demand TransCanada stop construction of this dirty and dangerous pipeline. This pipeline is a disaster for everyone it touches, from the cancer tar sands extraction is causing indigenous communities, to the water poisoned by inevitable tar sands spills, to the landowners whose land has been seized, and to everyone that will be affected by climate change," said Mary Washington, one of the Tar Sands Blockade members sitting in a tree.

This blockade is a continuation of an unprecedented summer of actions against fossil fuel infrastructure across America, from Montana to Ohio to New York. As a record heat wave baked the country, Americans stood up in unheard of numbers to oppose fossil fuels that are contributing to climate change. Join this growing movement when you sign up now to join one of our upcoming actions. If you were thinking about coming to Texas, now is the time!

homepage:  http://www.tarsandsblockade.org/tree-sit-launch/


18.08.2012 17:11
VIDEO: Free Bradley Manning Protest Ends Up At Obama HQ With 5 Arrested
StreetNews Report:

On 8/16, a well planned action took place at several army/military recruiting offices in Portland. At the end of the days actions, all groups of protesters met up at the Lloyd Center Recruiting Office for a mass protest. They marched from there across town to an Obama Campaign Training Facility where they Occupied the building and 6 persons went into the office and refused to leave.

Upon closing time of the office, the protesters would not budge and were locked in the facility by management. Portland Police were called and around a dozen cops showed up. They were advised by a liason that the protesters intended to stay until PFC Bradley Manning was released and the police stated that "that is an unreal demand". They asked if the protesters intended to be arrested (which they did) and proceeded to bring in the wagon, enter the building, and arrest 5 protesters in a peaceable manner. Prior to doing so, they made an over the mic announcement that everyone was being recorded by cameras in patrol cars.

Remaining supporters marched to the downtown Justice Center in solidarity and the people were released within two hours of being arrested. This is part of a national solidarity effort and day of action to free Private Bradley Manning.

Video Link:
Free Bradley Manning Protest - 5 Arrested Inside Obama Campaign Facility (Short)

VIDEO: Panel on Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks
Video: Stand With Bradley Manning
Bradley Manning treatment in 'flagrant violation' of military code - lawyer


14.08.2012 17:52
Animal Liberation Front Empties Fox Farm in Virginia
Thirteen foxes liberated from a fur farm in northern Virginia

From Animal Liberation Frontline

Thirteen foxes liberated from a fur farm in northern Virginia

On Saturday night, the ALF emptied a small fur farm approximately two hours from Washington DC. All 13 foxes on the farm were released. According to the communique posted by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, the ALF also damaged equipment at the farm. The farm bordered Shenandoah National Park, where the foxes returned to their natural habitat.

The fox farm raided appears to be:

D & S Fox Farm
16671 Fox Farm Ln.
Elkton VA 22827-2739
Owner: Dean Scott

The full communique reads:

"On the night of August 5, the Animal Liberation Front visited the only known fur farm in the state of Virginia, Scott Dean's D&S Fox Farm in Elkton. We opened every one of the few cages at D&S, giving thirteen beautiful foxes a chance at new lives in the nearby Shenandoah National Park. As we watched a few of them immediately scurry off to freedom, we damaged the machinery that allows Dean to continue his day-to-day operation confining and torturing these sensitive creatures. Dean, it appears that this is a hobby providing you only supplementary income - it is our commitment to free your prisoners and cost you more than you make until you shut down. To those nationwide who also seek justice for the innocent, your nearest fur farm is at most a state away. Take action for animals. -ALF"


13.08.2012 09:54
Outlaw Matriarch of the Fox Mountain Pack Ordered Dead by Feds
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service has ordered the killing of an alpha female Mexican gray wolf for crimes against the cattle industry. She is accused of being the ringleader of a six member pack that has killed four cows in southwestern New Mexico over the last several months.

Extirpated from the wild by the 1950s, reintroduced through captive breeding programs in 1998, Mexican grey wolves are far from recovered. The outlaw matriarch of the Fox Mountain Pack—last seen roaming the mountainous woodlands of the northwest portion of the Gila National Forest—is one of only 58 of her kind left in the U.S. Southwest. And though Mexican gray wolves are endangered and federally protected she is now on the federal government's hit list. There's no telling how long she and her pups can hold out in the cover of pinion and ponderosa pine or the conifers of the colder peaks of the range with a warrant out for her life. The ranchers who suffered the loss of cattle have already been reimbursed.

Will the Fox Mountain Matriarch outwit the cattle lobbyists and government assassins long enough for an injunction?

(505) 248-6920 Fish and Wildlife Services' Division of Endangered Species and Habitat Conservation in Albuquerque, New Mexico

(505) 842-3292 United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Southwest Region (this is the organization that will probably carry out the order to kill the wolf)

homepage:  link to earthfirstnews.wordpress.com


15.07.2012 12:26
Indybay Journalist Wins Payment and UCB Agreement to Change Policies, Train Officers
Covering a 2012 Occupy Oakland Covering a 2012 Occupy Oakland "Free Chris" Rally & March
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: David Morse, a veteran independent journalist and long-time member of the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center (Indybay) has settled his lawsuit over the University of California - Berkeley Police Department's (UCBPD's) improper arrest, imprisonment, and seizure of journalistic materials during a student demonstration he was covering as a journalist. In exchange for Mr. Morse's agreement to dismiss the lawsuit, the University of California Regents have paid $162,500 and have agreed to modify UCBPD policies and procedures regarding acceptable means of seeking materials from a journalist or anyone possessing materials with an intent to disseminate to the public and have also agreed to conduct extensive training sessions for UCBPD officers regarding protections for journalists under federal and state law.

Background Information:
homepage:  http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2012/07/09/18717220.php


10.07.2012 22:54
SWAT raid on organizers of Occupy Seattle & Everything For Everyone Festival
Early morning, July 10, SWAT police forced their way into the Seattle apartment of organizers from the Occupy movement. Police kicked down the front door and threw flash-bang grenades into the house.

This action targets well known activists from Occupy Seattle and the Red Spark Collective (part of the national Kasama network).
This apartment has been a hub for organizing the Everything 4 Everyone festival in August - to bring together West Coast forces for a cultural and political event building on the year of Occupy.

This from Everything4Everyone.org:
Early morning, July 10, SWAT police forced their way into the Seattle apartment of organizers from the Occupy movement. The sleeping residents scrambled to put on clothes as they were confronted automatic weapons.

The neighbor Natalio Perez heard the attack from downstairs: "Suddenly we heard the bang of their grenade, and the crashing as police entered the apartment. The crashing and stomping continued for a long time as they tore the place apart."

After the raid, the residents pored over the papers handed them by a detective. One explained: "This warrant says that they were specifically looking for 'anarchist materials' — which lays out the political police state nature of this right there. In addition they were looking for specific pieces of clothing supposedly connected with a May First incident.

This action targets well known activists from Occupy Seattle and the Red Spark Collective (part of the national Kasama network).
This apartment has been a hub for organizing the Everything 4 Everyone festival in August - to bring together West Coast forces for a cultural and political event building on the year of Occupy.



04.07.2012 16:48
ReWilding the West: Remembering Rod Coronado
Rod Coronado, who is turning 47 this year, is a Yaqui Pascua Indian, a writer and poet, a father, lover of nature and animals, a felon and eco-anarchist. He's the kind of guy that could tell you all about the native flowers growing out of the cracks in the sidewalk and how to make rudimentary bombs...

In 1995 Coronado was convicted on felony charges for an arson attack on a Michigan State University animal research facility, part of a string of facilities targeted by the ALF in their campaign duly titled "Operation Bite-Back." He was sentenced with 56 months but the damages to the fur industry were substantial. Aside from the direct impacts of the action he was imprisoned for, he has been credited for research and inspiration which lead to many more actions, freeing thousands of animals -mink, fox, coyotes -who actually have a fighting chance to re-wild themselves and survive upon release. Not to mention millions of dollars lost to economic sabotage, dealing a crippling blow to the whole industry.

Much of Rod's early actions took place just before the eruption of intense FBI hunts for "domestic eco-terrorists," a fear mongering term elevated by State and corporate media following the rise of the ELF. But in a West rapidly laid bleak with concrete, undergoing an extinction crisis and climate convulsion, overcrowded with bland, consumerist culture and the boredom of timid human engagement, Coronado stands as a figure, all the more heroic, and absolutely quintessential to the promise of a re-Wilded West.

homepage:  http://earthfirstnews.wordpress.com/


19.06.2012 16:40
National Day of Action on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
While most Americans celebrate Independence Day, trade negotiators and corporate lobbyists from throughout the Pacific Rim will be meeting in San Diego over the week of July 4th for a major trade summit aimed at rushing the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) towards completion. In San Diego and throughout the country, labor, environmental, immigrant rights, family farm and Occupy activists will be coming together to take actions that drag the TPP out of the shadows and expose it to the light of day!

In Portland, activists will be meeting at noon on July 2nd - the opening day of negotiations - at Pioneer Courthouse Square. After a brief update about the work of our allies in San Diego and across the country, we'll then march and caravan together to local branches of three of the big corporations that have been pushing the TPP: Verizon, FedEx and Wal-Mart. These corporations are among the approximately 600 that have been granted special "cleared advisor" status to review, comment upon and draft proposed TPP text, while ordinary Americans have been barred from even seeing what's been proposed in our names.

Monday, July 2 * 12:00 noon
Starting at Pioneer Courthouse Square
, Corner of SW Morrison & Broadway (near Starbucks)

Please RSVP online here!



30.05.2012 08:11
Video: Don't Privatize the Postal Service
Public Access program featuring an interview with a retired postal letter carrier, recently arrested along with nine other people protesting recent attempts to privatize the Postal Service. Program features video from the rally, march and arrests at the University Post Office in Portland Oregon on May 24, 2012.
Don't Privatize the US Postal Service

Jamie gives a clear and concise picture of what is going on and what the Postal Service could be in the future. But only if people get educated and support the efforts of those who are standing up against this privatizing scheme.

A local union is providing a speakers bureau for anyone interested in bringing this information before their organization.

Excellent background article on the effort to Privatize the Postal Service.



26.04.2012 07:27
Wells Fargo's Crimes Against Women (and Everybody Else)
I'm with Code Pink Portland and We Are Oregon. I was asked to speak at the demo on April 23 in front of Wells Fargo in San Francisco. Below is an expanded and updated version of my remarks.

I was asked to speak here on how Wells Fargo's policies affect women in particular. Before I address that issue, I should say that for the last quarter century I've been working with people who became disabled through motor vehicle accidents, on-the-job accidents, or serious illnesses. First they lost their health, then their jobs and health insurance. After they depleted their life savings, they lost their homes. Seeing one person or family go through this is pretty upsetting. Hearing the same stories for 25 years, in the so-called "richest country in the world," is enough to make my head explode.

This brings me to the issue of Wells Fargo's crimes against women. I'm sure you've heard that Wells specifically targeted black and Hispanic communities with subprime loans. Women got the same treatment. According to the Consumer Federation of America, although women and men have roughly the same credit scores, women were 32% more likely to receive subprime loans than men. This was true across the board—within every income and ethnic group. According to Maria Poblet, executive director of Causa Justa (Just Cause), the majority of foreclosures have been on female-headed households.

With all these lucrative investments, 2011 was a banner year for Wells Fargo. Yesterday, April 24, they voted to give CEO John Stumpf an annual salary of $13 million, plus additional compensation worth $7 million.



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