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portland indymedia editorial policy

Anyone can post to portland indymedia's open publishing newswire. News articles and media you upload using the publish form will appear in a few minutes on the righthand newswire on the frontpage. In the case of heavy site traffic or large media uploads, the time may be longer.

Articles posted to the site go straight to the newswire and are not passed through an editorial board or approval process. Once articles and media are on the site, they may be hidden according to the editorial policy. The content of posts is never edited though sometimes formatting is corrected (someone forgot to check html checkbox, or made html errors etc). Name removals requests can not be honored, as there is no editing or removing anything from the newswire unless it is a security concern

portland indymedia worker drones reserve the right to hide posts that:

  1. advocate criminal activity indicating a specific time, place and/or manner
  2. are duplicate posts (the most recent remaining on the newswire)
  3. are obviously libelous or slanderous
  4. interfere with the technical functionality of the website
  5. are intended to disrupt the site
  6. are empty posts (no content or gibberish)
  7. are commercial advertisements
  8. promote racism, homophobia, sexism, or other oppression against human or non-human animals.
  9. are obviously incorrect or misleading, including attempts to spread dis-information
  10. contain social sabotage of Peoples' struggles
  11. are reposted from corporate media outlets

Workerbees maintaining this website reserve the right to take any steps necessary to keep the site a useful resource for its contributors and readers.

One such example is elections coverage is moved from the front page to the sElection page. Which can be located by looking at the left hand column under "Special Coverage".

NOTE: Portland Indymedia is a place for voices that are not often heard elsewhere. It is a resource to use in order to share your local news and first hand experiences. Portland Indymedia is also about mutual aid, contributing to your community. If this is how you are using the site, welcome.

There are a lot of ways in which the world sucks right now, and that can be very discouraging. The frustration can sometimes cause us to turn on each other, if we do not stop ourselves from falling prey to the poison. But we need not fall prey to that, because we are going to win. Stay strong and focus on the world we want to create.

For an explanation of general guidelines for the creation of feature stories (center column) see the what are features? page.

Please contact the editorial listserve to call attention to newswire articles that should/could be featured or to comment about the editorial policy.

UPDATE Jan 2013: workerbee email contact is: imc-portland-requests@lists.indymedia.org & the PIMC Back-Up Email Account is pdx-imc-at-resist.ca

Articles that are hidden, whether duplicate, disruptive, advertisement etc., are collected on the compost page. The compost page is linked from the bottom of the newswire on the front page.

We do not censor, if you cant find an article or post contact the workerbee's as to why.

If you wish to contribute info to or refute info in an article you may use the "contribute to this article" link. These will appear directly below the article. To comment on the ideas in a particular post, use the "add comment to discussion" link at the bottom of that article. These will appear through a link at the bottom "view discussion from this article". The free-wheeling discussions that take place through such comments are another interactive feature of the indymedia website.

Stories contributed to this site are free for non-profit re-use. Copyleft is a central tenet of indymedia. For more information, check out www.opencontent.org. If you don't want your story to fall under copyleft, please give your copyright conditions in the summary on the publish page.

general site guidelines:
  • no articles or post can or will be edited in any way, once you publish to PIMC it is final.
  • once you publish on PIMC your article will remain forever, it cannot be removed nor edited unless the original poster can provide proof of security or safety concerns.[NO EXCEPTION]
  • please post news items only; post your comments after existing articles.
  • please post just one copy of your story. it may take a while for media to show up, so please be patient.
  • if you want to post multiple stories from other sites, please summarize and link them in one article rather than posting many articles one after the other which push other, original articles off the front page.
  • For more information on posting, see how-to publish

For more information on pdx indy, see the about portland indymedia page. For help with HTML see the HTML guide.

Please notify the collective for any outdated or broken links you find in 2013