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[update 1.8.13 The indymedia radio project is not current up and running at his time, it could be, so contact us if your interested]
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Radical Book Club Radio14:00-15:00
Putrid Pubic Petroleum Party20:00-20:30
The Naked Diablo19:00-21:00
Sex Positive19:00-20:00
Foxfire Radio20:00-22:00
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Good News Hour19:00-20:00
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Good News Hour

Punk music. Biographical info. Relevant news. Optimal audio euphoria.


Coming Soon:-)
  • Show from 05-09-2010 - Random show tonight. To include but not limited to: Television, Avail, Action Patrol, Adelitas, Comadre, Dillinger Four, Discount, Hostage Life, Submission Hold, Des Ark, Songs For Emma, The Have Nots, Jawbreaker, Amanda Woodward, Rivethead, The Rudiments. We don't talk too much. Mostly music.
  • Show from 05-02-2010 - One day after May Day show. Anarchist bands only. (except for a clip of Against Me's new album "I Was A Teenage Anarchist." Horrendously bad...) We played: Fighting Dogs, Antischism, Anima Mundi, Propagandhi, Order of the White Rose, Anti-Flag, J Church, Discount (covering Billy Bragg), Crass, Songs For Emma, Siren, Stockyard Stoics, This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb, Tragedy, Randy, Dead Kennedys, and Strike Anywhere.
  • Show from 04-11-2010 - Show of randomness. Keith's birthday! He picks most of the music for tonight's show. Here's a sampling of what was played this evening: Ampere, Dolomites, Cobra Skulls, Contra, Joe Strummer, Dead To Me, New Bruises, Discount, The Weakerthans, The Smiths (Josie's pick... Keith hates Morrisey), Killing the Dream, and more.
  • Show from 03-28-2010 - Riot Grrl show! Featuring Bikini Kill. We talked about their politics, Keith's experience interviewing Kathleen Hanna, and the initial divisiveness of the movement. Other bands: Sleater-Kinney, Spitboy, Bratmobile, Le Tigre. We hear NOFX's and J Church's take on Bikini Kill. Last songs are random picks: Discount (their song "Keith" played for sidekick Keitho) and Oswald Five-0. No show next week.
  • Show from 03-21-2010 - Featuring X Ray Spex. We talk about their politics, context, and a few other bands including the Damned, the Exploited, Wire, Buzzcocks the Avengers, the Slits, and Young Marble Giants. We get ready for next week's show! Riot grrrrl!!
  • Show from 03-14-2010 - The Taxpayers!!! are on the show. There are a lot of people in the studio tonight. Keitho has some interesting questions and we have great conversation. We also play Solidarity Pact and Stolen Parts. Check out The Taxpayers web site www.useless-state.com.
  • Show from 03-07-2010 - technical problems... hopefully we will be back
  • Show from 03-07-2010 - Featuring Strawman. Also The Gibbons, Songs For Emma, The Detonators, Pinhead Gunpowder, Leatherface, Spitboy, Cleveland Bound Death Sentence,Oswald Five-O. Slight technical difficulties turned into a great show. Keith and Josie debate The Gibbons lyrics.
  • Show from 02-28-2010 - Featuring Shotwell. also included Altaira, J church, and The Thumbs. Josie and Keith's first show!!

    Foxfire Radio

    Politically charged conversation, radical/anarcha perspective, interviews with local musicians and other people doing amazing things with their time, and plenty of music. Listen for weekly sound propogation and write to us if you have something to share and want to be on the show. "Society is like a stew; if you don't stir things up every once in a while then a layer of scum floats to the top." -edward abbey

    Sex Positive

    Radical feminist perspectives on sex, relationships, and the politics that surround intimacy. We will explore and discuss issues of sexuality and relationships in a safe and open forum with real feminist-activists. Call in your questions/comments during show time at (503) 477-6887 or e-mail us at sexpositiveriseup.net
    • Show from 03-26-2010 - Sex Work: Luna and Danielle share their experiences. interesting anecdotes. Is sex work oppressive? What bad experiences have you had? What great experiences have you had? Awesome listening.
    • Show from 03-19-2010 - Foxfire - How we got our name?!! We talk about ourselves and personal experiences with empowerment. DIY Bikini Kill, Sleater Kinney, Circle Takes the Square, Chumbawumba (they are anarchists)
    • Show from 03-12-2010 - Conflict Resolution. Rhea and Vincent are our guests. Very interesting and informative. Check here if you have a conflict and want some tips on how to approach a person or deal with your shit!
    • Show from 03-05-2010 - freegan vs vegan. a guest and beer on people. YAY freeganism
    • Show from 02-05-2010 - We played just about every song that mentions a bike that we know. What can we say, we love bicycles!
    • Show from 01-29-2010 - polyamory. !! yep it was good.
    • Show from 01-22-2010 - 2010 Olympic resistance. Guests Adam, Tyler, Ciarrai with a hoarse throat and the usual josie. Lots of information. some good music..... no metal song since ciarrai is feeling under the weather.
    • Show from 01-15-2010 - This show was about zines and a chronology of zine culture. Ari, Elena, and a very beligerent Keith were our guests. Hope you liked the chaos.
    • Show from 01-08-2010 - Lots of guests - Em, Brenna, Mary, and Katie. !! We talk about herbs and how we use them to specifically help with winter ailments. Another important point.... be careful with Lobellia, it may make you puke. (or the definition of the word "emetic")
    • Show from 12-25-2009 - We have radio story time tonight on the show. Ciarrai and Elena read from Homage to Catalonia and we play merry crassmas. Fuck the holidays.
    • Show from 12-11-2009 -
    • Show from 12-04-2009 - Grand juries - Scott Demuth, Carrie Feldman, police repression, D5 protest. - music includes crass, aus rotten, pelican, amanda woodward, dead kennedys.
    • Show from 11-30-2009 - Test
    • Show from 11-13-2009 - Our first show. We talk about Libertarians, collectives, metal and bruce springsteen.
    • Show from 03-05-2010 - We talked about masturbation, yup... The way we touch ourselves and what we like to focus on during sex. What do you like to think-feel-smell-hear when you rub one out. Give us a call and tell us about it ;-)
    • Show from 02-19-2010 - We went toy shopping as a group and had some interesting results. Check out the show let us know what you think... :-) <3
    • Show from 02-12-2010 - we talked about bizarre sex laws across the country.
    • Show from 02-05-2010 - I my...we talked about kink, consent, poly relationships and what stuff means. Listen up cause we love you....
    • Show from 01-29-2010 - We talked about sex in the news and how ridicules it all is, we also talked about porn and what we liked. What do you like let us know. Hit us up "-)
    • Show from 01-15-2010 - we discussed polyamory, sex, and love. we'll be back next week to continue this interesting discussion, hopefully with our missing cohost, ms. X!
    • Show from 01-08-2010 - New rad show with Eve, Megan, and Gauge. We talked about consent and what that even means. Check it out!
    • Show from 01-01-2010 - we talked about orgasms, ejaculation, faking and the existence or trickery of the g-spot/t-spot.
    • Show from 12-18-2009 - Eve, Victory!, Nikki Lev, and Miss X talk about master-slave relationships, BDSM, pre-programmed gender rolls and masturbation. Next week is xmas, no show:-(
    • Show from 12-11-2009 - First show of awesomeness. Talked about where we get our sexual/relationship information and why there is very little info out there that is positive.

    The Naked Diablo

    Exposing people's passions and rolling with it

    GlamArchy Now!

    The revolution will be fabulous and everybody looks better in black
    • Show from 03-18-2010 -
    • Show from 03-11-2010 -
    • Show from 03-04-2010 -
    • Show from 02-25-2010 - Once again we've out done ourselves with a crazy awesome show. Check it out
    • Show from 02-04-2010 - Didgeridoo guest pedro and tommy k synced their musical skills with a little tango.... listen in and comment on our facebook page 'naked diablo'
    • Show from 01-28-2010 - This show started off Jazzy and rocked the whole time, you should check it out
    • Show from 01-21-2010 - Once again a fun night, wish you were there... oh wait you can be just listen
    • Show from 01-14-2010 - Hanging out and making a rad show, check it out
    • Show from 01-07-2010 -
    • Show from 01-21-2010 - Why do we rock so hard, I don't know you'll have to listen and find out :-)
    • Show from 12-17-2009 - Use this one it has all the rad live performances
    • Show from 12-10-2009 - Our first show, it was great Blah blah blah
    • Show from 06-13-2008 - Pride's this weekend. We do our best to stay positive about it and end up discussing bizarre fetishes instead.
    • Show from 06-06-2008 - We're back and rambling about reformism, religion, the queer identity and the environment. And sex. Duh.
    • Show from 07-25-2006 - The Drug Show - Pinky and Topher talk about drug laws, myths, trips and play a lot of drug-themed music.
    • Show from 07-11-2006 - The Return of GlamArchy! This country needs a glitter enemia. We are the big pink fuzzy boa constrictor! In response to the recent ban on the song, we play an ungodly number of different versions of Closer.
    • Show from 05-29-2006 - The Dreck Show-We talk with Tony and Damien from Dreck magazine about x-men and harry potter slash. Dominic joins us too and we play a whole lotta techno.
    • Show from 05-22-2006 - The Good Animal Rights show: Clark and Josie talk animal rights, political prisoners and cross-solidarity struggle with Pinky and Topher.
    • Show from 05-15-2006 -
    • Show from 05-15-2006 - spirituality and liberation
    • Show from 05-08-2006 - A lot of talking and music. Cover bands, immigration and internet surfing
    • Show from 04-24-2006 - Another Casual Conversation show - Collin and Josie join Pinky and Topher to talk about the mass media and their sexual hang-ups as well as the cops, vegetarian lions, pets' reproductive rights and Jesus's loin-cloth.
    • Show from 04-17-2006 - Pro, pos and forward show! Topher is out wage slaving! but Atomic and Juha bs about philosophy and moving forward. Activist guilt and self defeat be damned. Talked about defining your own experience. Rockin independant music provided by Juha's friends a very mellow show.
    • Show from 04-10-2006 - The Casual Conversation Show - Public service announcements about gay sex, relationships, one-night stands and fucked-up sex-prohibitions. Fun music and fun chat. Enemas rehydrate!
    • Show from 04-03-2006 - The Pink Show - Linda, Janet and Mary Ann from Portland Code Pink join Topher and Pinky to talk about how the whole damn system is wrong. We talk about immigrant rights, media, community involvement and more. Contact them at civilresistpdx(at)hotmail.com or codepink.org
    • Show from 03-27-2006 - Coolindependant Hawaiin based music, HIV, HEP, Transbashing, queer republicans, republicans democrats dipshit bullshit Tpohers out but Collin guest hosts.
    • Show from 03-20-2006 - The French Show: Ooh Laa Laa, Pinky and Topher compare and contrast the riots in France with the "protests" here. We also have a call-in from the PLDN about a sit-in at Ron Wyden's office. Also the anti-gay school opening in Portland as well as abortion rights.
    • Show from 03-13-2006 - The Fitness Show: Maria of Ethel's Fitness and Collin joins Pinky and Topher in talking about fitness, mainstream misconceptions and queer body image. Check out Maria's site: etheldiesels.com
    • Show from 03-06-2006 -The 'vegan' show. Pork should only be a verb and we don't eat fish so neither should you. Seriously though, this show was a whole lotta fuckups!
    • Show from 02-27-2006 -The Pissed Off Show-Heterosexism, homophobia and some fucking punk band that makes us furious. We also rage on the PPD and the destruction of gardens in our community. Lots of guests and fun (but pissed off) music!
    • Show from 02-20-2006 - The Bullshitting Show. We talk about heterosexism and many other fine topics with awesome music
    • Show from 02-13-2006 - SCHA-WING! The Swinger Show. Ashes and Stormy join Pinky and Topher to talk about the swinging lifestyle
    • Show from 02-06-2006 - The Virgin Show. GlamArchy's debut! Porn, the internet and some good indy queer music!

    Mass Historia

    Stories from the revolution: the history of the masses

    Putrid Pubic Petroleum Party

    Experimental Quasi-Political Sound Collages
    • Show from 09-28-2008 - Our first show, we interview Wendy and Richard, survivors for the 2008 Mcain Roits in St. Paul also know as the Republican National Convention.
    • Show from 06-11-2009 -
    • Show from 06-11-2009 -
    • Show from 04-29-2009 - noise, boiz, toyz and plenty of joyz- found sounds put into no particular order at all.

    123 Who Cares?!

    An Anarchist Critique of Liberalism

    Maximum Damage

    Maximum Damage to them with Minimum Damage to us. Music and talk of Revolution
    • Show from 03-15-2010 - we address the pieing of lierre keith. we answer chomsky's question. kind of a dud, unless you like tangents.
    • Show from 03-01-2010 -
    • Show from 03-01-2010 - Tear into Pax show minus Pax. Utilitarianism destroyed. David Rovics is a better anarchist than you.
    • Show from 02-22-2010 - the i.r.s. bomber is discussed, also gary francione and other reactionary vegans get torn to shreds.
    • Show from 02-15-2010 - subcultures!!! not all bad or all good! w00t!
    • Show from 02-08-2010 - crass mechanistic materialism is the sexmagick.
    • Show from 02-01-2010 - the sea shepherd. Er, at least whale wars. a lot of tangents inc. deep ecology, vivisection, and empericism. lhc is still supa dupa fly, know what i'm sayin'?
    • Show from 01-25-2010 - we talk shit on urban scout, hipster esquire. fucking hipster fuck. we put out a bounty on information leading to the location of his bullshit fucking traps.
    • Show from 11-29-2009 -
    • Show from 07-09-2009 - we read a fan letter, we address antisemitism and holocaust denial, particularly where it intersects with the left.
    • Show from 06-12-2009 - worst show ever? you decide! pax's first dj gig.
    • Show from 04-20-2009 - religion
    • Show from 04-03-2009 - jury systems for anarchy. xdrugsandalcoholx but only for a moment. Teeth and sugar. Cheech and anarcho-chong. Relativism vs. the scientific method. xtra-anarcho
    • Show from 03-19-2009 - Talk on building anarchist movement.
    • Show from 02-18-2009 - news and updates. PETA is on blast.
    • Show from 12-29-2008 - state commies
    • Show from 12-08-2008 - greece
    • Show from 12-01-2008 - sources for inspiration. alternative media.
    • Show from 11-19-2008 - bash back! is awesome. elections generally aren't. part 2 of 3. listen, then call in next show.
    • Show from 11-14-2008 - election!!!! part 1/523
    • Show from 10-20-2008 - islamist fundamentalism, religion, John Zerzan, Tim Wise, joke raps, MUCK FCCAIN!
    • Show from 10-03-2008 - long haul update, bailouts, economic collapse, monkeys in a wheelbarrow esoterica (http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2008/10/03/article-1067297-02E2CF1E00000578-416_468x356_popup.jpg)
    • Show from 09-23-2008 - battle in seattle | obamamania revisited |
    • Show from 09-16-2008 - Liberals! liberals! liberals! and the Battle Of Seattle hits the big screen!
    • Show from 09-09-2008 - fox news sux. barack our world @ 123whocares@gmail.com
    • Show from 08-19-2008 - Cop cars burn from Kentucky to Vancouver. Vans W(A)RPED Tour Recap. Guess the music theme... win a super special prize!!!
    • Show from 07-22-2008 - Bad Religion goes prog-rock, Raise Your Voice! Democracy show part 1. Will Bush cancel the 2008 election? you decide.
    • Show from 07-14-2008 - Anarcho-capitalism, Is it all the rage? You decide. Chomsky is in, Michael Graves is out.
    • Show from 07-07-2008 - libertarianism, the election, space neanderthals. Wooooooooooooooooooooooaaaah
    • Show from 06-16-2008 - freeganism is part of the problem and jesus is your saviour. vanc <3 Limp Biscuit.
    • Show from 06-09-2008 -
    • Show from 06-09-2008 -
    • Show from 06-09-2008 - Blair Gatsby our greatest hero! 9/11 truth pwned, anti-intellectualism discussed. 4th times a charm.
    • Show from 06-06-2008 - News, Tre Arrow, plea deals. The government is killing us all. Fuck Jake the snake!
    • Show from 05-26-2008 - memorial day. corpse value discussed. fallen soldiers.
    • Show from 04-28-2008 - mayday.
    • Show from 04-21-2008 - Earth Day green capitalism. Death for no reason is murder. class interests.
    • Show from 04-14-2008 - jesus taught a lesson. wildcard show.
    • Show from 03-17-2008 - news traffic and weather, but no traffic. m15 reportback. direct action.
    • Show from 03-10-2008 - march 15th, AFI.
    • Show from 02-25-2008 - Briana waters trial recap. Green scare show. Anti-war movement with targets. Fuck franklin burgess. You're on blast, motherfucker.
    • Show from 02-18-2008 - Birthday show! News. We just chit-chat about the past for a while. Pax bores everybody.
    • Show from 02-11-2008 - news, pdxpeace, obamamania, a hint at our Easterstravaganza.
    • Show from 02-04-2008 - News, then you act as our counselers as we vent to you about the PDX peace liberals.
    • Show from 01-28-2008 - Diversity of tactics. Little debate regarding the effigy.
    • Show from 01-14-2008 - news, weather, but no traffic. Vanc's topic!!! Liberal "we're doin' the best we can" optimism. We explain the meaning behind our name.
    • Show from 01-07-2008 - news, meeting recap
    • Show from 01-02-2008 - news, RNC welcoming committee... Be there!
    • Show from 12-24-2007 - Extra Xmas Episode! Reactionaries :o(
    • Show from 12-17-2007 - News, then holidays, then camping, chit-chat. A new "on-blast" portion of the show.
    • Show from 12-10-2007 - news from around the world to your pc or linux. Anarcho-liberalism discussed... rejected. We still hate regular liberals too. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Mean-Spirited Obscenities? Email us at 123WhoCares@gmail.com
    • Show from 12-03-2007 - news, but not traffic or weather. We went to a liberal peace meeting, but weren't caught. Fuck a buncha trimet farez.
    • Show from 11-26-2007 - LLoyd Hart is ON!!!! Also news updates. This show is as serious as the last show was bad.
    • Show from 11-19-2007 - News updates, broad-based coalitions, everybody's drunk except xsaedx, Urban Scout you're on blast.
    • Show from 11-12-2007 - Listener contest's first winner. News from around the world to your PC. First-hand updates from olympia. Lloyd Hart, we accept your challenge.
    • Show from 11-05-2007 - special guest Noam Chomsky (via youtube), burnout episode. David Rovics, we challenge you to a duel. Fuck burnout.
    • Show from 10-29-2007 - special guest arturo commando. Too few microphones. so-so show.
    • Show from 10-23-2007 - Saed, Pax, Liz, & Vanc start another "prarie fire of reform"
    • Show from 10-15-2007 - the election spectacular, with a special Nu Metal intro. News about OFIR and we call out the sherwood elks lodge. Berlin's subway is two years older than New York.
    • Show from 10-08-2007 - nazi scum discussed, dismissed. torture discussed, debated.
    • Show from 10-01-2007 - we went to a stupid liberal rally and we're pissed, the nazis are coming to town and we're super pissed. The state still exists and we're freakin' out. Drunkest show yet.
    • Show from 09-24-2007 - Chasse Stuff, Green Scare Stuff, Hammerfest stuff.
    • Show from 09-10-2007 - Fuck police brutality! 9/11 iz 2m0rr0w
    • Show from 09-03-2007 - updates / talk on safer spaces / talk on snitches and security culture.
    • Show from 08-14-2007 - backup show, err, not sure. technical difficulties.
    • Show from 07-30-2007 - DISCLAIMER: sober show -- mostly a talk on post-revolutionary ambitions. A bit on music. Bono's an idiot.
    • Show from 07-23-2007 - Oaxaca info & Clean and safe / pba discussion.
    • Show from 07-09-2007 - July 4 reportback, and talk about Marxism and the ISO. commies suck, anarchists rule.
    • Show from 06-28-2007 - Fuck up show, delete me!
    • Show from 06-28-2007 - g8 reportback and minutKlan update. special-long-ass-thursday edition.
    • Show from 05-07-2007 - mayday recap show, and we answer some FAQs on anarchism. a green-red debate is narily averted.
    • Show from 04-30-2007 - group show. MAYDAY tomorrow we talk about it, important stuff. wahoooo!
    • Show from 04-23-2007 - grab bag issue with vanc saed and pax. bush knocked down the towers. mayday and unionism.
    • Show from 04-09-2007 - Easter episode... religion is analysed and patently dismissed.
    • Show from 04-02-2007 - Green capitalism... Travis is back.
    • Show from 03-26-2007 - Conspiracy theory episode, mixed with effigy news and some other random talkings. Julia, Saed, Vanc, and Pax keep you in the know as usual. Vanc doesn't eat cooked food.
    • Show from 03-19-2007 - recap from March 18th war anniversary protest. vanc comes back and julia joins us for the first time. Julia gives us a recap from the anarchist book fair.
    • Show from 03-12-2007 - Saed, Travis, and Pax jabber on for a bit, mostly about march 18th. Best show yet in paxana's opinion.
    • Show from 03-05-2007 - Wildcard show without vanc. Special guest Travis. They drink and talk about generic liberal issues.
    • Show from 02-26-2007 - Vanc, Saed, and Paxana continue the tradition of drinking and shittalking liberals. Topic: Impeachment
    • Show from 02-19-2007 - First show.... Whoooh!
    • Show from 05-06-2010 - ETERNITY
    • Show from 04-27-2010 - POLICE-
    • Show from 04-14-2010 - Bobby Seale and of course Prog rock! oh and a little H Rap Brown more later time for Nap!
    • Show from 04-01-2010 - revolutionary moment starts out as april fools HA
    • Show from 03-09-2010 - senator Joseph McCarthy
    • Show from 02-25-2010 - Timothy Leary!
    • Show from 02-04-2010 - H. RAP BROWN
    • Show from 02-02-2010 - jesus is boring
    • Show from 12-18-2009 - maximum REAGAN more JELL-O
    • Show from 12-17-2009 - a little maximum D on K boo Julie S and Me
    • Show from 12-04-2009 - WAKE UP
    • Show from 11-07-2009 - CRASS ALOT OF CRASS TALKING Oh and I read
    • Show from 09-26-2009 - 70'S
    • Show from 08-09-2009 - frank's depression
    • Show from 07-04-2009 - DE-HUMAN
    • Show from 06-28-2009 - FRED HAMPTON
    • Show from 05-25-2009 - obama BOMBS
    • Show from 05-11-2009 - the book of black magic
    • Show from 05-03-2009 - jesus wont bring you fucking candy if you pray
    • Show from 04-17-2009 - five minutes
    • Show from 04-16-2009 - one minute
    • Show from 04-07-2009 - RED ARMY FACTION interview with little background not for the novice plus I can't read-
    • Show from 02-03-2009 - FUCK OBAMA Til he SETS H.RAP BROWN, RUCHELLE MAGEE, HUGO PINELL, DAVID GILBERT, and so so so many other political prisoners free and gives them KICK ASS JOBS!
    • Show from 01-13-2009 - de-humanization
    • Show from 12-23-2008 - who knows
    • Show from 12-22-2008 - oops
    • Show from 11-11-2008 - who the FUCK knows...... more LENNY BRUCE
    • Show from 11-11-2008 - LENNY BRUCE LAST GASP
    • Show from 11-08-2008 - lenny bruce part 1
    • Show from 08-26-2008 - VOTING AND CARS AND MOVE T and D tell stories
    • Show from 08-05-2008 - how empowerment got bought and sold
    • Show from 08-05-2008 - $$$$
    • Show from 07-08-2008 - just bizarre SORRY
    • Show from 11-27-2007 - prison abolition part 2
    • Show from 11-19-2007 - prison
    • Show from 05-28-2007 - LYDIA LUNCH
    • Show from 05-28-2007 - LYDIA LUNCH PART 2
    • Show from 05-14-2007 - PUNK ROCK REVOLUTION MY STORY sober off track rambling
    • Show from 03-13-2007 - INTERVIEW WITH OSCAR
    • Show from 01-23-2007 - CANNON FODDER BY ANY OTHER NAME
    • Show from 12-21-2006 - ATTICA
    • Show from 11-21-2006 - stokely speaks
    • Show from 11-07-2006 - THE CURSE
    • Show from 10-24-2006 - Beware the enforcers of corporate greed, cause it's buy or die
    • Show from 10-17-2006 - 10/17/06 POZOR R.A.F and MUSICA
    • Show from 09-05-2006 - DO IT YOURSELF
    • Show from 08-29-2006 - WOMEN IN PRISON PART 2
    • Show from 08-22-2006 - WOMEN IN PRISON PART 1
    • Show from 08-15-2006 - WE INTERUPPT THIS PROGRAM
    • Show from 08-01-2006 - socialism W.E.B. DUBOIS yummy old folk music and Racism and male supremacy
    • Show from 07-18-2006 - WHITE NIGHT RIOTS may 21 1979 -REMEMBER HARVEY MILK-
    • Show from 07-11-2006 - maximum insanity
    • Show from 06-27-2006 - TOO MUCH STUFF
    • Show from 06-13-2006 -
    • Show from 06-13-2006 - cut to commercial
    • Show from 06-06-2006 - A SINGLE SPARK.......
    • Show from 05-30-06 - mark rudd
    • Show from 05-23-2006 - sickness and silence 10,000 different conceptions of life
    • Show from 05-19-2006 - this is a discography (mostly) of yankee wuss Enjoy it gets better
    • Show from 05-16-2006 - interview with HUEY P NEWTON
    • Show from 05-09-2006 - hands off assatta
    • Show from 05-02-2006 - may day may day capitalism put the earth on FIRE
    • Show from 04-25-2006 - SOME STEW ALBERT
    • Show from 04-18-2006 - interview
    • Show from 04-11-2006 - Huey P Newton
    • Show from 04-04-2006 - GEORGE JACKSON
    • Show from 03-28-2006 - Maybe there will be more description here?
    • Show from 03-21-2006 - hola
    • Show from 03-16-2006 - 03 16 2006
    • Show from 03-07-2006 - who knows
    • Show from 02-28-2006 - seale trial
    • Show from 02-21-06 - interview with portland panther Floyd Cruse
    • Show from 02-21-2006 - Interview with Portland Panther Floyd Cruse.
    • Show from 01-31-2006 - for STEW 1939-2006
    • Show from 01-24-2006 - yours in struggle it's too drk to read
    • Show from 01-17-2006 - / ? DIRECT ACTION GETS THE GOODS
    • Show from 01-10-2006 - The sleep over show.........and were BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Show from 01-03-2006 -
    • Show from 12-27-2005 - jail jail jail. oh I feel claustaphobic
    • Show from 12-20-2005 - dominic reads and then we all share
    • Show from 12-13-2005 - tour diary
    • Show from 12-06-2005 - whoa god and the STATE AND MRS Jergins from the draft board.
    • Show from 11-29-2005 - fuck this one NEXT
    • Show from 11-23-2005 - mo
    • Show from 11-22-2005 - The arguement show
    • Show from 11-15-2005 - The jesus and protest show.
    • Show from 11-08-2005 - The blow it all up show.......
    • Show from 11-01-2005 - humanity YES or NO?
    • Show from 10-25-2005 - Technical difficulty show
    • Show from 10-18-2005 - The sureal show
    • Show from 10-11-2005 - REAGAN IS LORD
    • Show from 10-04-2005 - OH Ya
    • Show from 09-27-2005 - Second show do I hear a third.
    • Show from 09-20-2005 - first show thanx y'all


    Bolivia indigenous news


    Gnostic Shamanism and Sardonic info peddling with Terra and CHUD.
    • Show from 12-18-2008 - This is a passing on of media -- radio & music related to the indigenous struggles in this continent you divided and gave us nick-names -- fuck that shit.
    • Show from 09-26-2008 - The Scientology Episode: Intro music by VNV Nation, Background music by Ratatat, Final Word music by Spacetime Continuum with Terrence McKenna, Outro music by VNV Nation. Have fun, regardless of what you believe. You'll be OT III for free by the end of the trip.
    • Show from 09-06-2008 - Cascadian-Air: Interview with a Portland 9/11 truth alliance. Explicit content.

    Moxie Rocks

    Moxie Rocks!

    DJ Nealie Neal Show

    spins the dopest funky vibe...
    • Show from 11-30-2006 -
    • Show from 11-30-2006 - Not sure about this show. It's been longer than i thought.Told a story about my butt and read from my up comming book of short storys "letters to my dead husband."
    • Show from 07-27-2006 - Moxie Rocks is back!
    • Show from 03-30-2006 - Ms. moxie is joined by Harvy Global, International man of mystery and rhyme.Fresh from the Iron citay. Vintage tap shoe collector.
    • Show from 03-23-2006 - mystery song,jimi Hendrix,kimya dawson,rilo kiley,Make-up,cowboy junkies,MiraH(special45),Neutral milk hotel(cover),Led Zeppelin..I am wearing my led zep. T shirt!!.Death cab for cutie,Local band-point juncture washington!,Bob Dylan,Le tigre.
    • Show from 03-16-2006 - Mrqc. oyapyo yd. odr, ruu ,cyd a pal xaoyape frg ap. ab aoodrn.
    • Show from 03-09-2006 - back after two weeks. Missed you all. Some hard,some fast,some soft some low. "somethings I just don't want to know" (Dirty three) some old, some new.
    • Show from 02-02-2006 - sick show lots of amazing music listin if you really want to know.
    • Show from 01-19-2006 - Tommy, one man band "The wanteds" stops by to seranade us with witty,honest folk pop tunes. Talk of "The wanteds" movie.Epic tour.Check out "The wanteds" sun jan.29 holocene FREE show 9pm
    • Show from 01-12-2006 - Led zep, dirty 3. bauhaus,electralane,cat power,iron and wine,ECT.. LOve moxie
    • Show from 01-06-2006 -More to say later, I'm sure.
    • Show from 12-29-2005 - jazz f-ers that's right.lovie austin,chet baker,jobim,
    • Show from 12-22-2005 -
    • Show from 12-15-2005 Show from 12-15-2005
    • Show from 12-01-2005 Show from 12-01-2005
    • Show from 11-23-2005 -HElp! help, I am choking on my technical inabilities.Still some good music though; Neutral milk hotel,smokey robinson,sebadoh,john frusciante,mountain goats and the features to name a few.
    • Show from 11-17-2005 - morning after. In so many ways. Talk about Target and what YOU can do,send a letter.Moxie played songs about love that don't suck.
    • Show from 11-10-2005 -First show. Diamond in tha rough. Dawn of a new era.
    • Show from 01-06-2008 - 100% 45's - Easy E - We Want Eazy
    • Show from 09-30-2007 - Joe Farrell- Upon this rock, Bob Thiele and his Orchestra - Mama Love, The Mystic Moods - Cosmic sea, Roy Ayers Ubiquity - papa was a Rolling Stone, Blackbyrds -Spaced Out, Donald Byrd - Wind Parade, Hank Crawford - Funky Pigeon, Dan Morehouse - Halcyon fabled Calmer of the seas,Azar Lawrence - The Awakening,
    • Show from 09-25-2007 - The Super Funky Rare Grooves Show (All Funky 45's) - Galactic LIght Orchestra - 2001, Sylvanus - Tightrope, Syl Johnson - The Love you left behind, Thomas East - Funky Music, Ron and Candy - Plastic Situation, Delores Hughes -Help Me make up my mind, Hector Records - Raw Sugar, Denise Lasalle -Keep it Coming,Zip Codes - Sweet Meat, Fatback Band - (Hey I) Feel Real Good, Dakila - Gozala, Arnie Lawrence - Slippin, Slidin, High Fly Ridin, Olatunji -Mysteries of Love, Natural Four - Its the Music, The Lockers - Stuffin The Bird, Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind the Mask.
    • Show from 09-24-2007 - Cannon Ball Adderly - Walk Tall, Mary Watkins -Witches Sabbath, Les Mcann - Harlem Buck Dance Strut,Bobby Bryant - Let the Sunshine In, James Moody-Heritage Hum, Hank Crawford - Corazon, Richard Groove Holmes -Upward Bound, Lee Morgan - Absolutions, El Chicano - Chicano Chant, Ahmad Jahmal - Extensions, Gene Ammons - Jug Eyes, Deodato - Super Strut, Eddie Palmieri - Un Dia Bonito , Lonny Liston Smith - Expansions, Les McCann - Beaux J. Poo Poo , The Zodiac Cosmic Sounds - Libra, Roy Ayers - Life is Just a Moment, Def Jef - God Made Me Funky, Deodato - september 13, Cal Tjader - Viva Cepeda, Don Sepesky - Rape of El Morro, Jade Warrior - Dragonfly Day,
    • Show from 05-06-2007 - Live in the studio with Christine from Lesbian Bed Death and Robert from Psyrupgun. Can you dig it?
    • Show from 12-19-2006 -
    • Show from 12-12-2006 - Watts Prophets - Sell your soul, JuJu -The end of the Butterfly King, Doug Carn - Search for the New Land,
    • Show from 12-05-2006 - Frank Hatchet -Al's 4/4, Walt Dickerson - Theme from Laurence of Arabia, Dizzy Gilespie - The Chains, KIng James Version - Super Strut, Thelonious Monk - Bye Ya, Monk Higgins -Libras Way, Pyramids - Black man and woman of the Nile, James Newton Past Spirtits, Arkhangelsk - Ghosts of the Old Town, Paul Rutherford - Old Moer's Almanac,Il Baricentro - Karwan, Rupert Cobbet - Bad rooster, Keno Duke - Mirage, The Three Sounds - Beautiful Friendshp,Houston Person - Pain
    • Show from 10-24-2006 - Lots of ambient mixed with the jazz
    • Show from 10-17-2006 - Errol Parker & The Contemporary Jazz Ensemble - African Samba, Haki R Madhubuti/Nation/Afrikan Liberation Art Ensemble - Rise Vision Comin, Bobby Hutcherson - The Creators, Phil Ranelin - The Time is Now, Stanton Davis' Ghetto/Mysticism - Play Sleep,Leroy Jenkins Jazz Composers Orchestra - For Players Only Part 2, Noah Howard - Dedication to Albert Ayler, Errol Parker Experience - Doodles
    • Show from 10-03-2006 -
    • Show from 09-12-2006 - Anthony Braxtion/Robert Schuman string Quartet, Shirely Scott, Oliver Lake, Milford Graves, Douglas Hill, Robert Barry & Fred Anderson, Sonny Simmons, Johnny Hammond Smith, Jimmy Lyons, Archie Shepp
    • Show from 08-22-2006 - Lonnie Liston Smith - expansions, strata Institute - Slang, Iliad - Triangulum, Don Pullen George Adams Quartet - We've been here all the time, Al Michalek Quartet - Portriat, Music Inc - Impact, Rudolph Johnson - The Second Coming
    • Show from 08-15-2006 - United Front - March in Ostinato, Fater Time - Doin It, MJQ - Visitor From Venus,Underwear - Underwear, Charles Tyler Quartet - Lucifer got uptight, Leroy Jenkins Jazz Composers Orchestra - FOr Players Only, Hubert Laws - In the Begining, Revolutionay Ensemble - March 4th, Anthony Braxton - Composition 113,
    • Show from 08-08-2006 - Alice Coltrane - Lord of Lords, Barry Walenstein - Beast Is,Philip Catherine - When It Is, The Contemporary Trumpet -Five Scenes,Don Friedman - Explorations, Frank Lowe - Future Memories, Eric Dolphy - Out to Lunch, Huey Simmons - Buring Spirits
    • Show from 07-25-2006 - alice coltrane, universal consciousness; cecil mcbee, mutima; music inc.; sunny simmons, manhattan egos; doug carn, adams apple; albert ayler, music is the healing force of the universe; anthony braxton, 3 composition of new jazz; steve lacy, the woe; phil ranelin, the time is now; prince lawsha, firebirds
    • Show from 07-18-2006 - It was smoking like an opium den
    • Show from 07-12-2006 - The first show.

    Jayson's Show and Recordings

    Various music shows, interviews, and recordings produced by Jayson

    Got Soul Radio?

    Have you ever wondered about the spiritual nature of what it is you and your neighbors do for a living? Why is it that you are drawn to a certain way of life? How do we choose to participate in our communities? With whom do you stand in solidarity? Join us as we explore the souls of great people in our community. Got Soul Radio?
    • Show from 03-11-2007 - this hurts girls (part I)
    • Show from 01-09-2007 - Deconstructing pacifism with Robert. Quotes from Derrick Jensen, Ghandi, and others.
    • Show from 12-19-2006 - Robert from Psyrupgun and Jonathan talk more about collapse and escape from slavery...
    • Show from 12-12-2006 - talking about revolution and collapse...
    • Show from 12-05-2006 - A conversation about the problem of civilization and those who are starting to talk about it, including Derrick Jensen and David Room.
    • Show from 10-17-2006 - Salmon Nation Block Party
    • Show from 09-26-2006 -
    • Show from 09-12-2006 - On September 12, 2006 I had the great privilege to interview Mr. Jerry Wennstrom, an artist, teacher and author. During our forty minute conversation, we spoke about his transformation from an artist in SoHo during the seventies, to a freeform human spirit. His choice to give up worldly possessions and destroy his artwork at the age of twentynine was inspired or guided by intuition about trusting the universe. In the course of the next twelve years, his spirit grew and blossomed as it was given new life in the sacrifice of ego.
    • Show from 07-12-2006 -
    • Show from 07-03-2006 - independence, music, conciousness, revolution
    • Show from 06-27-2006 - dope music and good talkin with Nealie Neal and Christine.
    • Show from Brock Dolman - speaking at City Repair's Village Building Convergence 6 on May 27, 2006
    • Show from 05-17-2006 - Things worth talking about and music worth listening to.
    • Show from 05-03-2006 - Eclectic Music Show: Central American music, Ethiopian urban/tribal music: Anuak toum thumb piano, Juha, The Tomato Effect, May Day and lots more!
    • Show from 04-26-2006 - Interview with Portland City Council and Voter Owned Elections candidate Amanda Fritz
    • Show from 04-25-2006 - Django and Stephane with some pdx imc newswire mixed into acid jazz.
    • Show from 04-19-2006 - The tax resisters show
    • Show from 04-12-2006 - Various eclectic music, Organic bytes, Interview with "End of Suburbia" director Greg Greene, discussion about peak oil and socio-political opportunity.
    • Show from 03-29-2006 - interview with Courtney Dillard of Oregon Center for Christian Values
    • Show from 03-15-2006 - Portland City Council candidate Chris Iverson and Multnomah County Commission candidate Xander Patterson.
    • Show from 03-07-2006 - Interview with Blair Bobier, Esq. about Election reform in Oregon. (half-hour)
    • Show from 03-05-2006 - Rabbi Dr. Michael Lerner speaks at First Congregational Church in Portland, OR
    • Show from 02-24-2006 - Susan Linn, educational psychologist and author of Consuming Kids discusses the high stakes campaigns vying for control of our young people's minds. Presented by NW Earth Institute and the Coalition for Commercial-Free Schools.
    • Show from 02-12-2006 - (Special Got Soul Radio? Edition) with Sakura Kone and Kerul Dyer from Common Ground Relief Collective in Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans, LA. This is the audio from their appearance at Talking Drum Bookstore and Reflections Coffehouse in Portland, OR.
    • Show from 02-19-06 - Another Eclectic Music Show!
    • Show from 02-12-06 - An Eclectic Music show with Organic Bytes, features part of a lovely raga too.
    • Show from 02-01-2006 - Green Party Candidates for Governor Joe Keating and Ed Winslow
    • Show from 01-29-2006 - Big Joe Williams live at Folk City 1962, Earthquake in pdx yesterday, Organic Bytes, World Can't wait - "follow us to the revolution!"
    • Show from 01-15-2006 - ALBINO! A special show featuring afrobeat and an interview with Albino! co-founder Nathan Endsley.
    • Show from 01-08-2006 - Jazz, interview with LeE from Neighborhood Public Radio, readings and commentary from the Tribune, NY Times columnist Friedman, Sacbee, and talk with Traxena about the infernal mouse and a new year.
    • Show from 11-13-2005 - Interview with Shizuko about Portland Central American Solidarity Committee. Phone interview with Amy and Danielle from the UC-IMC LPFM Barnraising. Music from Christian Doscher. Phone interview with Traxena in Mississippi.
    • Show from 11-06-05 - The Wild Salmon Show! Featuring Chris Runyard from Friends of Trees and Happy Fish Restoration Landscaping and Collin Mitchell of Save Our Wild Salmon. Then Traxena and I talk about "ownership society" and listen to Salvadoran Revolution Music.
    • Show from 10-30-2005 - nice people from the train talk about Klamath Falls and Inglewood. Speech by Venezeulan Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez at PSU 10/29/05
    • Show from 10-02-2005 - Media Responsibility in Democracy - audio from Eric Anderson, Michael Arrieta-Walden, Thom Hartmann, and us... talking about corporate media, politics and democracy or lack thereof.
    • Show from 09-25-05 - Interview with Tri-met (transit) Planning Director Ken Zatarain, a New Orleans native. We talk about the Katrina response and Portland's preparedness for disaster.
    • Show from 09-18-05 - Discussion of New Orleans levees and the Portland Build It Green Tour
    • Show from 09-11-05 - miscellaneous talk with Jonathan and Trashina about culture, youth, and the interconnected web. some free music too. unsuccesful attempt to get my mom on the phone... music from the swords, digital underground, casual dots, my bloody valentine

    Rattling The Cage

      • Show from 09-05-2007 - Topic: Feral cats- with guest Karen Kraus, executive director of the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon
      • Show from 05-02-2007 - An interview with Capt. Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and animal rights news with Matt Rossell, Sheila Goodman Brown, and Anna Lilly.
      • Show from 03-14-2007 - with Sheila Goodman Brown, Anna Lilly, and Matt Rossell. AR news and an interview with independent magazine editors Josh Hooten of Herbivore and David Hayden of No Compromise who discuss their new on-line formats, government repression, and vegan porn.
      • Show from 02/28/2007 - with Sheila Goodman Brown, Anna Lilly and Matt Rossell. AR news and Katrina follow-up interviews about the ongoing plight of homeless pets with volunteer rescuers Stephanie Wilson coordinating transports from the Biloxi/Gulfport region and Robin Beaulieu who runs ARNO, Animal Rescue New Orleans.

      Radical Book Club Radio

      Radical Literature and Discussion

      Chaotic Shark

      Terraphim and Glasses are funny. And they play good music, too!


        Event Coverage


        • NEW -
        • Show from 10-21-2011 - Occvpatriot
        • NEW -
        • Show from 10-19-2011 - Test 10-19-11
        • Show from 10-08-2011 - Coverage of 10-8-11 Occupy Portland
        • Show from 10-08-2011 - Continuing coverage from the Occupy Portland Protest. We are the mighty mighty tigers!!!
        • Show from 10-06-2011 -
        • Show from 10-06-2011 - Coverage of the Occupy Portland Protests and March
        • Show from 10-06-2011 - 2nd part of Occupy coverage
        • Show from 12-05-2009 - Coverage from the D%
        • Show from 12-05-2009 - Coverage from the D5
        • Show from 12-03-2009 - Testing
        • Show from 12-03-2009 - Test2
        • Show from 09-26-2009 -
        • Show from 08-13-2009 - Training
        • Show from 08-13-2009 - this show was no good
        • Show from 08-13-2009 - my pretend show
        • Show from 06-11-2009 -
        • Show from 05-14-2009 - dungeons and dragons TEST
        • Show from 04-01-2009 -
        • Show from 04-01-2009 - Training crap
        • Show from 09-04-2008 - RNC coverage 9-4-08 Bombs in the street oh my god
        • Show from 09-03-2008 -
        • Show from 09-02-2008 - 9/2/08 RNC coverage
        • Show from 07-28-2006 - Geek Fair July 2006 - Shift to Bikes, Worker Collectives, Wibiki, Backspace, Free Geek interviews, and music by the Eclectic Bastards.
        • Show from 05-10-2006 - Human Rights rally at INS/ICE building in NW Portland.
        • Show from 05-03-2006 - May Day 2006 - Morning speakers' rally from South Park Blocks on PSU campus with interviews before and after.
        • Show from 05-01-2006 - MAY DAY Coverage !!!!!
        • Show from 04-09-2006 - Immigration Rights! Phone calls from Dallas, TX Rally which had 200,000+ in attendance. We talk about events that have happened and arae about to happen around the country for immigration rights!
        • Show from 03-19-2006 - Anniversary of Day X, March 19 all day coverage of events happening in Portland and all over the country. Calls from New Orleans, WA, Idaho, and Raging Grannies called in from CA and Arizona. Listen in to hear about actions in response to war and oppression.
        • Show from 12-10-2005 -
        • Show from 12-10-2005 - Dec 10th coverage from actions happening in Portland and around the country. We get calls from San Antonio, Flint, Sacramento and other places around the country.
        • Show from 09-09-2005 -
        • 08-15-2005 Light It, Fight It, Log It
        • Show from 04-16-2005 - A16 2005 IMF, World Bank, NAFTA, CAFTA, AFTA, I-69 Superhighway and collective housing discussions. Music, live calls from DC, Dallas and Colombia. Tune in to hear the IMC Audio Collective talk about these global issues.
        • Show from 04-16-2005 -
        • Show from 03-19-2005 - March 19th
        • Show from 01-20-2005 - Coverage of Bush's Inauguration for a second term
        • Show from 01-08-2005 - Coverage of protest against white power organizing in the southwest Portland
        • Show from 12-03-2004 -Coverage of the AFTA trade agreement actions
        • Show from 12-02-2004 - portland indymedia radio coverage of the AFTA trade agreement actions taking place this week in Tuscon Arizona. For more information go to http://noafta.org
        • Show from 11-19-2004 - Fallujah Coverage: Analysis and demonstration coverage
        • Show from 11-06-2004 - Post Election Actions
        • Show from 11-03-2004 - Post Election Coverage
        • Show from 11-02-2004 - Election Coverage
        • Show from 10-08-2004 - Coverage of the Presidential Debates in St. Louis MO 2004
        • Show from 09-02-2004 - RNC Coverage:
        • Show from 09-01-2004 - RNC Coverage:
        • Show from 08-31-2004 - RNC Coverage: Day of action
        • Show from 08-29-2004 - RNC Coverage:
        • Show from 08-28-2004 - RNC Coverage:
        • Show from 08-27-2004 - RNC Coverage: Critical Mass
        • Show from 08-26-2004 - RNC Coverage: DNC to RNC march reaches NYC
        • Show from 03-20-2004 - Interviews and coverage at march against Iraq war a year after it started



        • Show from 01-12-2007 - Jerry Mander presents the groundbreaking book, Paradigm Wars: Indigenous Peoples' Resistance to Globalization, which he co-edited with Victoria Tauli-Corpuz. From Powell's City of Books - January 9th, 2007 (80 minutes with Q/A)
        • Show from 08-13-2006 - Part 2 of 2 Aug. 8 2006 -A panel with representatives of OSPIRG, the Oregon Environmental Council, Sierra Club, Oregon Interfaith Global Warming Campaign and the Oregon AFL-CIO discuss progress, priorities and strategies to address global warming and speed the transition to a clean energy economy. Questions inculde weather modification, overpopulation education, building code and solar installations, Columbia River Bridge Crossing...
        • Show from 08-11-2006 - Part 1 of 2 Aug. 8 2006 -Earl Blumenauer speech on state and national politics around global warming and clean energy. Then a panel with representatives of OSPIRG, the Oregon Environmental Council, Sierra Club, Oregon Interfaith Global Warming Campaign and the Oregon AFL-CIO discuss progress, priorities and strategies to address global warming and speed the transition to a clean energy economy.
        • Show from 07-12-2006 - Kevin Danaher speaks at 2006 Oregon Country Fair
        • Show from 05-29-2006 - Starhawk
        • Show from 05-28-2006 - Jensina Larsen, founder of World Pulse Magazine speaks in Portland, OR at City Repair's Village Building Convergence6 on May 24, 2006.
        • Show from 05-25-2006 - Author David C. Korten speaks at PSU - World Collapse or the Great Turning: Individual and Collective Acts for Global Sustainability
        • Show from Malik Rahim 05-19-2006 - Opening Speaker at City Repair's Village Building Convergence 6 in Portland, OR
        • Show from 04-28-2006 - Alison Weir is a journalist and executive director of If Americans Knew http://www.ifamericansknew.org
        • Show from 04-12-2006 - Richard Louv: keynote speech at the Coalition for Livable Future's 4th Annual Regional Livability Summit on Tuesday April 11, 2006
        • Show from 03-21-2006 - Luis Primo is a member of National Workers Union (UNT) of Venezuela. This event was sponsored by PCASC
        • Elbert "Big Man" Howard a Black Panther speaks about Attica Splitting the Sky - speaks at Reed College 9-9-2005 on the 34th anniversary of the Attica Uprising.
        • Ruppert on Peak Oil 06/02/2005 Peak Oil, 911, Q&A
        • Ward Churchill - Q&A with Audience - Ward speaks at Reed College about his contraversial essay he wrote after 9/11 and he also addresses the indigenous alternative.
        • Brian Tokar - Speech about G.E. foods on the heels of the Tillamook Dairy's decision to not use any milk from farmers that use RBGH.
        • Kathryn Farr - Local Portland author and retired professor of sociolgy at PSU, Kathryn Farr, gave a talk at In Other Words Bookstore on the global sex trafficking industry.
        • Juliet Schor - Juliet Schor, author of Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture, speaks at the at Westminster Presbyterian Church.
        • Recruitment - Military recruitment in high schools.
        • No Starbucks - A number of people speak at a No Starbucks in Seven Corners Rally.
        • Craig Holdbridge - A lecture from Craig Holdbridge who gives an overview of genetic engineering & food and what is next.
        • Bobby Seale - Bobby Seale from The Black Panthers speaks at PSU.
        • AMA-Kendra - Report to the community about the Kendra James incident and other issues from the findings of the Albina Ministerial Alliance.
        • Cynthia McKenney - A speech from former Georgia Congress member Cynthia McKenney about The War Abroad and The War at Home.


        Critical Mass Radio Network

        • Show from 09-02-2008 -
        • Show from 09-30-2007 - We live in a time of much challenges with our world leaders and continuous misrepresentation of the human spirit. Now is the time to bring forth change through art music hard work and love. Jazz Jihad is a radio show that interprets this emotion through music. A mix of music from the past to the present that opens our hearts and minds. From Spiritual Jazz, Astral Funk, Afro Juju, Eclectic World flavors and more. Enjoy and let your body and soul inspire the human race.
        • Show from 09-06-2006 - Part 1 of 2 - City of Portland's Peak Oil Task Force meeting from September 6, 2006 includes updates from Food & Agriculture and Transportation and Land Use sub-groups.
        • Show from 09-06-2006 - Part 2 of 2 - City of Portland, Oregon Peak Oil Task Force meeting from September 6, 2006 features continued report from Transportation & Land Use sub-group as well as a discussion about introducing the topic of Peak Oil to industry expert interviewees.
        • Show from 04-12-2006 - Portland Peak Oil workshop discussion from the Powershift Conference at PSU on April 8, 2006
        • Show from 03-07-2006 - Hundreds of farmers are fighting for their lives in Daechuri, South Korea against US imperialistic military base expansion. Please listen and take action!
        • Show from 10-28-2005 -
        • Interview with Sharpie from Baghdad 10-27-2005 - Brian Conley - from www.aliveinbaghdad.org - live interview from Baghdad, Iraq
        • Show from 09-11-2005 - miscellaneous talk with Jonathan and Trashina about culture, youth, and the interconnected web. some free music too. unsuccesful attempt to get my mom on the phone... music from the swords, digital underground, casual dots, my bloody valentine
        • Show from 08-25-2005 - Interview with performer that attended the Utah event that was raided by swat teams and police on Aug 20, 2005. MY FIRST SHOW!!!!
        • Show from 05-09-2005 - More Crap!
        • Show from 05-07-2005 - Just some music while I work
        • Show from 04-08-2005 - Jen Plays her songs www.jenambrose.com and talks about her motivations
        • Show from 10-29-2005 -
        • Show from 10-29-2005 -
        • Show from 06-24-2005 - Sex industry, sex trafficking, local and global issues!
        • Show from 05-27-2005 - Youth Rights! Youth Unite!
        • Show from 04-29-2005 - MayDay Mommas! We talk with working moms in the studio, tune in to hear what it's like and more!
        • Show from 03-25-2005 - We talk with individuals with family and friends in the military, deployed in Iraq and Afganhistan. We also talk about post traumtic stress disorder, the broken system, supporting soldiers abroad and returning home. Tune in for another engaging show on war and peace.
        • Show from 02-25-2005 - PDX IMC Collective talks about war, housing and homelessness with local portland activists. Timely and engaging, please tune in!
        • Show from 12-31-2004 - The year in review
        • Show from 11-26-2004 - Buy Nothing Day coverage
        • Show from 09-24-2004 - We discuse media consolidation on Critical Mass Radio Network


        Arturo Commando

        The ArturoCommando Show is a warm mess of noodles on your face, while at the same time about ten kittens lick your bare feet. Its walking down a rural road under Autumn trees with leaves displaying their brilliant colors and your dressed like a taco with a boom box on your shoulder blasting your favorite song. No, no its even better. Its getting to have sex with that person you always had a crush on, in a giant swimming pool filled with jello, while ferocious prehistoric animals circle in rage with fire all around. Ya its like that, and its gooooooood.

        Evolution Radio

        They've got "Revolution Radio", we've got Evolution Radio. A rock'n'roll show, with the occasional curveball to keep us on our toes. Radio how we always dreamed it should be...
        • Show from 09-19-2006 - well well this is what it is like to do radio again.....
        • Show from 03-03-2006 - ELBERT (BIG MAN) HOWARD INTERVIEW- a very personal interview that looks at the Black Panther Party from Big Man's eyes.
        • Show from 11-20-2005 - Lots of people show up and we talk about stuff and things. Animal rights was a topic. Then this guy says Gresham get off your ass. Moxie was there.
        • Show from 11-13-2005 - We discuss the new movie "Wal-Mart The High Cost Of Low Price." http://www.tvshows.de/alf/images/ep-006/22.jpg
        • Show from 11-06-2005 - Solo show with some bad music and commontary on recent events.
        • Show from 10-30-2005 - Arturo's not here please leave a message
        • Show from 10-23-2005 - I hate moving.......liberal guilt works.
        • Show from 10-16-2005 - Arturo is hungover and plays some music and talks with Traxena.
        • Show from 10-02-2005 - Vomit is your friend.
        • Show from 09-25-2005 - The crocodile and sponge show, and some bullshit about peak oil.
        • Show from 09-18-2005 - Blank comes back from New Orleans and tells us first hand what he saw. We also talk about revolution and play bad music.
        • Show from 09-11-2005 - Arturo hungout by himself then people showed up and we had fun.
        • Show from 09-09-2005 - Elbert "Big Man" Howard interview
        • Show from 09-04-2005 - Discussion of hurrican Katrina and the New Orleans disaster. Also Andre joins the conversation.
        • Show from 08-28-2005 - Akha activist Matthew McDaniel, from Salem talked with us about his human rights activism in SE Asia.
        • Show from 08-21-2005 - Nerdcore rap and discussion of the fall of life as we know it
        • Show from 07-31-2005 - We eat then talk about tunnels and PDX IMC.
        • Show from 07-24-2005 - Arturo and Bastard talk about autonomy and community.
        • Show from 07-20-2005 - Back from a long break........Bastard and I go on a ttttrrrriipp then talk about Nuclear war.
        • Show from 06-22-2005 - Arturo Commando show on the road in Texas hanging out on Free Radio Dallas with Adam.
        • Show from 06-08-2005 - Great work story, talk of the world running out of fish and burnt out activist.
        • Show from 06-01-2005 - Users guide to the Arturo Commando Show.........we also play music and discuss news.
        • Show from 05-25-2005 - Good discussion about torture, anarchism and other random stuff
        • Show from 05-18-2005 - Update on Haliburton protest in Houston and talk about Wal-mart shareholders meeting. Ended with the coolest thing we ever dumpstered.
        • Show from 05-11-2005 - arturo is late so others take over
        • Show from 05-04-2005 - Arturo Commando takes control of the Arturo Commando show!
        • Show from 04-27-2005 - Hot, warm and pretty close to nothing.
        • Show from 04-20-2005 - Travis from Subversive-Means(at)riseup.net hangs out and we compare corporate job stories.
        • Show from 04-13-2005 - Blank talks about his new show and then we talk politics and sing
        • Show from 04-06-2005 - Random jokes and reading of news with Arturo and Reptile
        • Show from 03-30-2005 - We talk about militant history in America and how it relates to today.
        • Show from 03-23-2005 - Adam from Dallas visits and we show him how not to do radio. Oh and we have live coverage of the riseup of the Taco Liberation Army in downtown Portland.
        • Show from 03-09-2005 - Stuff and people but I forgot their names.
        • Show from 03-02-2005 -
        • Show from 02-16-2005 -
        • Show from 02-09-2005 -
        • Show from 02-02-2005 -
        • Show from 01-26-2005 - Overview of what happened on J20 in Austin, San Diego, and Portland
        • Show from 01-19-2005 - just playing music
        • Show from 01-05-2005 - Predictions of the new year with a voice of reason.
        • Show from 12-29-2004 - All the evildoers hangout and talk.
        • Show from 12-22-2004 -
        • Show from 12-15-2004 - Talk with Justin about his trip to England and a mystery phone call.
        • Show from 11-24-2004 - Conversations in Chinese and interview with Free Radio Dallas
        • Show from 11-10-2004 - Bastard takes over my show.
        • Show from 11-01-2004 - The Uncle Melee show
        • Show from 10-18-2004 - Hanging out with Melee then a lot of people show up and get into heavy politics.
        • Show from 10-16-2004 -
        • Show from 10-06-2004 - Arturo solo spinning music and philosophy
        • Show from 09-28-2004 - fun in the studio and interview with radio free santa cruz.
        • Show from 09-21-2004 - Discussion of random topics as well as sexism but in need of a woman's view.
        • Show from 09-15-2004 - Hanging out with Justin shooting the shit in a down mood.
        • Show from 09-05-2004 - We talk about our experiences with RNC
        • Show from 08-17-2004 - How to annoy your local rightwing radio show.....
        • Show from 08-11-2004 - Talking about RNC in NYC on IMC and just being weird
        • Show from 08-04-2004 - beer and lots of friends........the penny bounced 7 times
        • Show from 07-28-2004 - ramble......short
        • Show from 07-14-2004 - Oregon Country Fair reveiw and embarassing stories.
        • Show from 07-06-2004 - talk about the media and fun
        • Show from 06-30-2004 - Discussion of Fahrenheit 9/11 & headless boy .
        • Show from 06-23-2004 - hear the story.
        • Show from 06-16-2004 - Traxena talks about bio devastation action and the falls asleep.
        • Show from 06-09-2004 - arturo just sitting around eating with friend
        • Show from 06-02-2004 - listen and win......oh and show arturo your ass
        • Show from 05-26-2004 - Were you arrested on Dec. 1 in Seattle (1999)?
        • Show from 05-19-2004 - Hanging out with Bastad chewin the fat
        • Show from 05-06-2004 - I'm back..... Bastard Mike D and Arturo talk about war and media.
        • Show from 04-08-2004 - Talk about the use of tax money for a radical infrastructure and talk of building a revolutionary consciousness.
        • Show from 04-01-2004 -
        • Show from 03-18-2004 - Creating our own worlds through our minds
        • Show from 03-04-2004 -
        • Show from 02-26-2004 - Guest from Michigan IMC
        • Show from 02-19-2004
        • Show from 02-05-2004
        • Show from 01-15-2004 - Ok this is good evidence that we might be college radio.
        • Show from 01-01-2004 - Talk of the New Year to come and election predictions.
        • Show from 12-18-2003
        • Show from 12-11-2003
        • Show from 12-04-2003
        • Show from 11-12-2003
        • Show from 11-06-2003
        • Show from 10-30-2003
        • Show from 10-23-2003
        • Show from 10-16-2003
        • Show from 10-09-2003
        • Show from 10-03-2003 Hangout with the video collective and CCTG.org interview.
        • Show from 09-25-2003
        • Show from 09-19-2003
        • Show from 09-12-2003
        • Show from 09-10-2003
        • Show from 08-28-2003 - Story of Arcuro Tammando, talk of Bush protest and remembering video games from the 80's.
        • Show from 08-14-2003
        • Show from 08-08-2003
        • Show from 07-25-2003
        • Show from 07-17-2003
        • Show from 07-10-2003
        • Show from 07-02-2003 - Garden talk with Emily then Bastard and I talk about language and cops.
        • Show from 06-19-2003 - A little news then Bastard and I share secrets about the music we like.
        • Show from 06-12-2003 - Lost, find me.
        • Show from 06-04-2003 - Playing with toys and reading stories.
        • Show from 05-28-2003 - The psychedelic show which turns into a long discussion of capitalism.
        • Show from 04-02-2005 - miranda july, mary timony, okkervil river, and more. ian mackaye compares ted nugent to the ramones. visit rockmamafilms.com and help them out with money or time in the production of their film "Rock'n'Roll Mamas".
        • Show from 03-09-2005 - Listen to the new Evens record in its entirety! Also, a preview of the Decemberists' upcoming record, Calvin Johnson, The La's, C Average, Wilco, and of course Sleater-Kinney. And there's more!
        • Show from 03-02-2005 - comment coming soon.
        • Show from 02-16-2005 - comment coming soon.
        • Show from 02-07-2005 - comment coming soon.
        • Show from 02-04-2005 - comment coming soon.
        • Show from 01-30-2005 - BLACK MARKET RADIO bears its ugly teeth with THE PALESTINE REPORT, RIOT FOLK, a few PDX bands, heavens to betsy, and other good music. Late night radio, the night of the iraqi elections, and peace seems so far away...
        • Show from 01-26-2005 - saul williams, immortal technique, etta james, the pretenders, mose allison and more...
        • Show from 01-19-2005 - Bush is silent for once, the sound of bombs, the talking heads, and some french pop music. 65 degrees in the middle of january, BLACK MARKET RADIO.
        • Show from 01-05-2005 - music will save the world.
        • Show from 12-29-2004 - four geezers from shepherds bush attempt rock music.
        • Show from 12-15-2004 - team dresch, buzzcocks, the clash and more!
        • Show from 12-08-2004 - evolution radio is back with all new music!
        • Show from 10-13-2004 - last show before justin leaves for london.
        • Show from 09-15-2004 - fugazi, pj harvey and more!
        • Show from 09-05-2004 - once again sarah dougher rocks my world!
        • Show from 08-25-2004 - butchies, hovercraft, decemberists and more!
        • Show from 08-21-2004 - EVOLUTION vs. R O B O T!!!
        • Show from 08-19-2004 - patti smith, excuse 17, sarah dougher...
        • Show from 08-11-2004 - justin and glasses like minor threat.
        • Show from 08-04-2004 - billy bragg + wilco sing guthrie and more!
        • Show from 07-28-2004 - no dice. PDX rocks!
        • Show from 07-21-2004 - TWO DAYS IN A ROW OF EVOLUTION RADIO! BONUS SESSION...for testing purposes only!!!
        • Show from 07-20-2004 - the gossip, cadallaca, sleater-kinney!!!
        • Show from 06-30-2004 - sonic youth, casual dots and more!
        • Show from 06-05-2004 - experimental evolution.
        • Show from 05-29-2004 - bob marley & some bands that don't like bush.
        • Show from 04-15-2004 - slant 6 and other dischord bands.
        • Show from 04-09-2004 - sleater-kinney: one of the greatest rock bands ever!
        • Show from 03-18-2004 - stereolab and more!
        • Show from 03-04-2004 - tom waits and more!
        • Show from 02-26-2004 - jack irons rules the drumkit!
        • Show from 02-05-2004 - minor threat, shudder to think, and a whole lotta zeke!
        • Show from 01-29-2004 - elliott smith, pavement & more...
        • Show from 01-15-2004
        • Show from 01-09-2004 - justin is really, really drunk!
        • Show from 12-18-2003 - x, velevet underground, more...
        • Show from 12-11-2003
        • Show from 12-04-2003
        • Show from 11-06-2003 - the first official evolution radio!
        • Show From 10-30-2003
        • Show From 10-23-2003
        • Show From 10-16-2003
        • Show From 10-09-2003
        • Show From 09-25-2003
        • Show From 09-12-2003
        • Show From 08-06-2003
        • Show From 07-29-2003
        • Show From 07-23-2003
        • Anti Independance Day

        Joe Ball

        A music show. Soul, Acid Jazz, Hip Hop.

        Convince the Liberal

        Spencer is waiting for you to convince him. Send him an AIM instant message and try yourself.


        Underground poetry, music, and F*R*E*E*S*T*Y*L*E

        RAGE Radio

        Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering Radio
        • Show from 12-29-2005 - Contajus doin' a show after being in the bay area
        • Show from 12-29-2005 - Contajus doin a show with new cd Atlasphere
        • Show from 07-12-2005 - Miriam from Black Sauce Possum playing quitar and singing in English and Spanish]
        • Show from 06-14-2005 - straight out scribes
        • Show from 06-07-2005 - special guest Jalin live guitar and vocals
        • Show from 05-31-2005 - loose screw,cai ep 2,def sentence, wise proof; poetry by contajus
        • Show from 05-24-2005 - Timothy is the classical guitar player who explains unpleasant political circumstances through his music. Local Artist
        • Show from 05-17-2005 - Songs from ERica Badu, and poetry from Contajus And special guest Noah Mickens with found sound percussion
        • Show from 05-10-2005 -
        • Show from 05-03-2005 - Tracks off of the Just released DEf Sentence Books to Prisoners Hip Hop Comp. and Riot Folk's Beyond the Ballot Cds
        • Show from 04-26-2005 - Jeff playedd dij. Rob played flute, guitar, and poem.
        • Show from 04-19-2005 - We listened to the Collaberative Arts Insurgency off of cd, and heard live poetry and experimental music by contajus
        • Show from 04-12-2005 - On the first show we talk about local poetry.
        • Show from 03-27-2005 - Jennifer and Jim discuss biopharm rice, Syngenta contamination, why Monsanto sucks, and some good news, too!

        8 Track Jones

        A music show: Hip Hop.

        Southern Comfort Hour

        Yee Haw! Ya'll will love it. Your two down home hosts talk about everything life, sexuality, gender, while drinking down a bottle of the good stuff.

        Radio Contra

        A show celebrating local artists and musicians. We talk, play records, have interviews and live bands. PDX rocks!

        Radio Kaos

        PDX web radio's newest addition! Music and discussion.
        • Show from 04-30-2005 - we play random music that we've heard before and local music that is new to the studio...traxena's alone and playing what she wants to hear!
        • Show from 04-22-2005 - Rexella plays the IWW Hall. The interview is here!
        • Show from 04-13-2005 - The Shins, Chris Gabriel, Quasi, Pink Martini, Cat Power, Santotzin, Heatmiser, Manic D, and more!
        • Show from 03-16-2005 - Local band Riot Cop plays live in the studio and talks with us a bit. The interview is here!
        • Show from 03-02-2005 - comment coming soon.
        • Show from 02-16-2005 - comment coming soon.
        • Show from 02-10-2005 - comment coming soon.
        • Show from 02-09-2005 - comment coming soon.
        • Show from 01-05-2005 - comment coming soon.
        • Show from 12-29-2004 - We play a variety of music.
        • Show from 12-22-2004 - Who cares its music.
        • Show from 12-15-2004 - We play music off of Justin's computer and report on the recumbent gang across the street.
        • Show from 12-01-2004 - All hip hop show
        • Show from 11-24-2004 - arturo and the gang amuse themselves to death
        • Show from 11-17-2004 - Otto from the Freelance Terrorists hijacks the show and plays what he wants
        • Show from 11-10-2004 - Arturo runs his patented "chop shop radio" style.
        • Show from 10-18-2004 - we experiment with folk music
        • Show from 10-13-2004 - live show....the eclectic bastards live in the studio...you won't hear this anywhere else!!!
        • Show from 10-06-2004 - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
        • Show from 09-28-2004 - Arturo and Traxena talked about Free Radio Santa Cruz and we play loco music!
        • Show from 09-21-2004 - Interview with Otto from Freelance Terrorists.
        • Show from 09-15-2004 - Played lots of new music.
        • Show from 09-05-2004 - good music shitty dj....ARTURO
        • Show from 08-25-2004 -
        • Show from 08-17-2004 - Traxena spins music and Arturo complains
        • Show from 08-11-2004 - Arturo spins music and Justin drinks wine
        • Show from 08-04-2004 - and more!!!
        • Show from 07-28-2004 - local portland band MINMAE drops by the studio!
        • Show from 07-21-2004 - more music...rage report...somerset meadows...green circles...naked todd...everyday prophets!!!
        • Show from 07-13-2004 - radio contra #2: commando sounds off, and we play a few songs from local bands...more music next time...we promise!!!
        • Show from 07-06-2004 - pdx local music...radio contra!!!
        • Show from 10-19-2004
        • Show from 09-28-2004
        • Show from 09-21-2004
        • Show from 09-14-2004
        • Show from 09-05-2004
        • Show from 08-23-2004 - but good music to pass the time. WORST SHOW EVER!!!
        • Show from 08-16-2004 - fun time for all! Special bonus: X-tra-long episode!
        • Show from 08-09-2004 - then we found this 1 button...Me and Glasses fiddleround... *BONUS!* 20 x-tra minutes!
        • Show from 08-03-2004 - Scottish Gaelic Punk Rock "Mill h-Uile Rud" and no other imporant topics.
        • Show from 07-27-2004 - BS and my 22 b-day show!
        • Show from 07-20-2004 - Day 1 of Radio Kaos, pdx indymedia's newest show!!!

        S H A R K vs R O B O T

        Today Glasses probably screws up... Tomorrow, Who knows.

        On The Air

        A series of interviews on a variety of important subjects
        • Show from 08-19-2004 -
        • Show from 08-11-2004 - hear glasses fuck up exactly one thousand times... enjoy!
        • Show from 08-05-2004 - who wins? you decide... this is our newest show...eat up...
        • Show from 05-06-2007 - circasd.org - Boredom Patrol - Clown Army - NoBorder Camp Nov. 2007
        • Show from 03-27-2005 -
        • Show from 01-24-2005 -
        • Show from 01-05-2005 -
        • Show from 11-11-2004 - Matt Rossell from In Defense of Animals on the issue of foie gras.
        • Show from 10-27-2004 - Mark Lakeman, well known for his work in City Repair, who ran for City Commissioner in the Spring primary for Randy Leonard's seat (coming in second), appeared on portland indymedia web radio today to talk about all the local initiatives appearing on the Oregon ballot this cycle. Measures 31-38 were discussed, as well as the Portland Mercury's bizarre (or was it?) endorsement of Francesconi for Mayor.
        • Show from 10-16-2004 - Interview with Peter Phillips from Project Censored.
        • Show from 03-19-2004 - Phone interview from New Hampshire with Republican presidential candidate John Buchanan.

        The Z Files

        Not Gay Like Happy

        Heterosexism sucks. Queer marketing strategies suck. The gender binary system sucks. Queer assimilation sucks. Will and Grace sucks. Bigoted preachers from the mid-west suck. Gay Fuel sucks. This is why I'm not gay like happy but queer like fuck you. I play queer music and talk about anti-capitalist, anti-assimilationist queer issues and sometimes I find something postitive to discuss. Have a lovely day.
        • Show from 09-19-2004 - examples of what it all means today as we resist oppression while building community.
        • Show from 09-08-2004 - The Z Files: This is the first show on resistance. It is about the ways people all over the world resist and support each other in their resistance of oppression. It is about music and other programing that supports resistance. The Z files is about what has been lost to our culture - the ways we have always resisted facisim and oppression. From the depths of the Volunteers for America we are alive and well in Cascadia. Join us.
        • Show from 05-15-2005 - Topher plays some Scream Club, promotes this year's Alterna-pride and talks about the consequences of working near the gay ghetto.
        • Show from 04-24-2005 - Topher is back after a long hiatus, really rusty, talking about queers in Nazi Germany and queers in activism, music inspired by Goth Nite. xo.
        • Show from 02-01-2005 - Seperatism, tokenism, the queer movement and clubby music.
        • Show from 01-11-2005 - Topher discusses upcoming events and the Matthew Limon case.
        • Show from 12-12-2004 - Topher and Arturo talk about hard to find music, Nazis and organizational strategies while spinning Lesbians on Ecstasy.
        • Show from 12-05-2004 - Queers in the mainstream media and how it relates to queer assimilation.
        • Show from 11-21-2004 - Topher talks about queer teen suicide and how we're all responsible.
        • Show from 11-07-2004 - Topher swears that this is his last show discussing gay marriage. Some difficulties at the beginning getting the music to play. Listen beyond the first 10 minutes. It gets better!!!
        • Show from 10-24-2004 -
        • Show from 10-10-2004 - Topher.........
        • Show from 10-03-2004 - Topher challenges the importance of gay marriage.
        • Show from 09-26-2004 - Topher and Ashes discuss censorship of queer media by pre-Stonewall distributors as well as present day censorship perpetuated by parents and the school system.
        • Show from 09-08-2004 - Topher rambles about separatism and gender identity with V! and Secret.
        • Show from 09-05-2004 - Racism and nail polish over several good PBRs.
        • Show from 08-22-2004 - First Show

        Feminist Front Radio

        Feminist Front Radio

        Trash Talk

        A show about Dumpster Diving, Composting and all things Trash.
        • Show from 01-24-2006 - A very special TrashTalk guest talks about her travels, projects and experiences in Central America.
        • Show from 01-17-2006 - Got Trash? Soul Talk! Very special combo show, audio from MLK, Sharif Abdullah, Angela Davis and others, music, spoken word, tune in!
        • Show from 12-31-2005 - Last live show of 2005, 12 months of protests in Portland and around the world, music for babies and breakups!
        • Show from 12-20-2005 - Work Trash! Phone call from NYC re: transit strike, free stuff at work, and good music.
        • Show from 12-06-2005 - We talk with Taylor and Lori Ann from NWRAGE about WTO, GE crops, and travels in Argentina.
        • Show from 11-29-2005 - We play traditional and contemporary Native American music. We talk to Pinky in Chicago and discuss the White Earth struggle against GE rice, racism and other related topics.
        • Show from 11-22-2005 - Turkey Talk! All about turkeys, chickens and why veg for the holidays, for life. We play great music, some tunes about animals, some not. Have a meat free thursday, everyday.
        • Show from 11-08-2005 - Grab a paintbrush for more mural talk! Tune in for a discussion about the mural scene in Portland with Ping, a muralist in Portland and Joanne, an activist from Portland Mural Defense.
        • Show from 11-01-2005 - Co-hosting the show with Moxie, we play music and talk about babies, breeding and diapers.
        • Show from 10-25-2005 - Murals! From Venezuela to Portland and back.
        • Show from 09-24-2004 - We discuss media consolidation on the Critical Mass Radio Network
        • Show from 07-06-2004 - Talk with a forest activist about being in jail
        • Show from 03-18-2004 - Trash to Treasure: Depressing show so we read kids stories
        • Show from 03-04-2004 - Bastards Birthday and trash news.
        • Show from 02-26-2004 - Fish, Trash and Dams
        • Show from 02-12-2004 - Computer Trash: Free Geek interview
        • Show from 01-29-2004 - Nuclear Trash: Paige Knight from Hanford Watch.
        • Show from 01-22-2004 - Trash to Gas: Biodiesel discussion with Loren from the Go Biodiesel co-op.
        • Show from 12-18-2003 - Interview with Food Not Bombs
        • Show from 12-16-2003 - Trashing Animal Testing: Interview with Matt Rosell from In Defense of Animals.
        • Show from 12-11-2003 - Discussion on the U.S. medical model, while I hobble around on crutches
        • Show from 11-06-2003 - The New York trash show
        • Show from 10-30-2003 - Descussion with guests about dumpster diving in Arizona and New Mexico
        • Show from 10-23-2003 - Beg, Borrow, or Steal: Other creative ways to not pay for things
        • Show from 10-16-2003 - Interview with Detritus, a long time dumpster diver
        • Show from 10-09-2003 - Conversations about dumpster diving
        • Show from 10-03-2003 - Introduction to Trash Talk, the first show

        Death-Defying Machine

        Radio Subvertista

        Hosted by Trin Kiger of the Subvertical Action Netwerk, w/guests, discussions and analysis of current events about Cascadia, interesting music, and some other not so serious things to talk about which seek to turn the world on its head.
        • Show from 12-26-2004 - With Alexa and Sunflower and folks off the street
        • Show from 09-28-2004 - Test run with Shok.

        Radio Cacophony

        Experimental and Electronic Music

        Rabid Rabbit Radio

        Animal Rights.
        • Show from 10-11-2006 - RADIO CACOPHONY - with LIVE STUDIO GUEST [Cult of Zir] (myspace.com/cultofzir) and DJ Ogo Eion playing artists from the upcoming CACOPHONY (cacophonypdx.org) event on FRIDAY the THIRTEENTH of this INFERNAL OCTOBER.
        • Show from 08-02-2006 - It Came From The 5toned Age (DJ Bors Son & DJ Ogo Eion)
        • Show from 06-28-2006 - Psychedelic Cerebellum Cafe (Breakfast Served All Day) [DJ Ogo Eion / DJ Absoludicrous / DJ Meidja]
        • Show from 06-21-2006 - Clip Pop BZZZZZT! W/ DJ Ogo Eion and guest DJ Bors Son
        • Show from 06-07-2006 - Techedelic Folksplosion w/ DJ Ogo Eion / DJ Absoludicrous / DJ Meidja
        • Show from 05-31-2006 - Climbing out of the Water (w/ guest DJ Francis Magpie)
        • Show from 05-17-2006 - Laight Nite Lisineng four teh Kronicklie Bephudled (w/ guest DJ Miedjha)
        • Show from 05-03-2006 - Black Metal Overload w/ DJ Bors Son plays Dead Raven Choir's Cask Strength Black Metal
        • Show from 04-26-2006 - Late Night Listening for the Chronicly Befuddled (w/ guest DJ Miedjha)
        • Show from 04-19-2006 - Black Metal Warriors combat the Noise Folk. (w/ guest DJ Bors Son & resident DJ 0011001000110011)
        • Show from 04-12-2006 - Black Metal Overload (guest DJ Bors Son) w/ Noisy Interludes (resident DJ Ogo Eion)
        • Show from 03-29-2006 - broken instrumental nostalgia consumed by whales.
        • Show from 03-15-2006 - Strange folk drift amidst cavernous rumblings.
        • Show from 03-08-2006 - Folk songs for darkened carnivales.
        • Show from 03-01-2006 - the sound of binary stars dying in a vacant expanse.
        • Show from 01-25-2006 - old man on the mountain hops the last train out west
        • Show from 10-21-2007 - Last show.
        • Show from 02-14-2007 - 13 AR punk songs dedicated to the Portland Foie Gras protesters.
        • Show from 02-07-2007 -
        • Show from 01-24-2007 - Punk rock and (A)nimal rights updates from the animal rights front. Guest hosts pAx and J.
        • Show from 01-10-2007 - Sheila Goodman Brown & Matt Rossell cohost the show with a 1/2 hour of current AR news, then I come in with around 30 min of hard AR music. I will name all the bands next show, since I forgot the playlist, oops.
        • Show from 12-20-2006 - New format- Except for special guests and guesthosts this show will be AR music only, enjoy, and keep up the fight!
        • Show from 12-05-2006 -Guest hosts: Sheila Goodman Brown & Matt Rossell discussing AR news and the Portland Fur Campaign + The song - Cows with Guns!.
        • Show from 11-15-2006 - Animal rights music show #2 + Talk about the AETA.
        • Show from 11-08-2006 - Two special guests- VeganSyd & Brandi talk animal rights and veganism. Strong debate on freeganism included.
        • Show from 10-25-2006 - Animal rights music show #1 - Not for the fainthearted!
        • Show from 10-11-2006 - Freeform show - I finally get a letter back from the MLB on nylon microfibers!
        • Show from 09-27-2006 - Interview with Matt Rossell from NW In Defence of Animals.
        • Show from 09-20-2006 - The animal rights victories in 2oo6 show.
        • Show from 09-13-2006 - Local animal rights events & some music thrown in too.
        • Show from 08-30-2006 - A little music and a lot of talk about animal rights.
        • Show from 08-16-2006 - Mad cow, microfibers and more!
        • Show from 07-26-2006 - New Format. 1 hour = Less Music = More Animal Rights talk
        • Show from 07-19-2006 First solo show with your host Clark. Animal rights talk with some music thrown in for good measure.
        • Show from 06-28-2006 - Crazy talk with Josie about animal rights and current events.
        • Show from 06-21-2006 - First show. Clark, Josie and Bastard talk animal rights and other news.

        Conciencia Rockera con Milton

        This is space for to communicate and reflect of social fight. At the same time it is a cultural tool based in ethic principles of human beings fomenting thoughts that generate the change of articles of incorporation.We undestand that only open and clear communication will create cultural action. CONCIENCIA ROCKERA THE REALITY OF OUR PLANET AND OUR OWN REALITY DOES NOT SHUT UP.

        Conciencia Rockera con Alfredo

        es un espacio de comunicacion y de repercucion de luchas sociales al mismo tiempo una herramienta cultural basada en en los principios eticos del ser humano fomentando pensamientos que generen el cambio social. Entendemos que solo con comunicacion abierta y clara habra accion cultural y comunitaria. CONCIENCIA ROCKERA NO CALLA LA REALIDAD DE NUESTRO PLANETA Y DE NUESTRA PROPIA REALIDAD.
        • Show from 01-04-2007 - cuarta y ultima parte de memorias de la insurrecion zapatista, musica mezclada de rock de aquellos meses (13 anos)
        • Show from 12-14-2006 - Milton habla delos antecedents historicos del levantamiento de armas del Ejercito Zapatista de liberacion nacional (EZLN)
        • Show from 12-07-2006 -
        • Show from 12-07-2006 - Angel y Milton hablan sobre musica y situaciones de latinoamerica
        • Show from 11-16-2006 - en vivo con oaxaquenos Milton y su colectivo
        • Show from 11-09-2006 - En que se parece Oaxaca del 2006 con Chiapas de 1994?What is the differences?similars betwwen This two mexicans states?
        • Show from 11-02-2006 -
        • Show from 10-26-2006 - Ivonne Rivero y Milton analizan y cuestionan al situacion electoral asi como las resoluciones del gabinete del alcalde de Portland y difunden sus opiniones. ivonnerivero@hotmail.com
        • Show from 10-19-2006 - primera hora musical, segunda hora con Maribel del comite latino pCASC, tel.503 261 3371
        • Show from 10-05-2006 - Entrevista con Muralista Mexicano Hector Hernandez, temas: muralismo, arte visual y participacion comunitaria. www.hectorhh.com
        • Show from 09-21-2006 - tres temas partipativos de nuestra sociedad.Adicciones...Reforma migratoria...apoyo a movilizaciones pacificstas con un chingo de optimisno
        • Show from 09-14-2006 - Como los paises "independientes" latinoamericanos dependen todavia en lo economico, politico, social, cultural y hasta deportivo...
        • Show from 09-07-2006 - Milton, Erica, Flavio y Gloria refuerzan temas actuales de la semana y su repercusion en Mexico.Efemerides de Chile , Movilizacion local de organizaciones no gubernamentales, compromisos del pueblo, saludos, cotorreo, musica , documental de Milton, escribe a miltonjesusanchez@hotmail.com para criticas y opiniones del programa, saludos a Radio planton de oaxaca.
        • Show from 08-31-2006 - Milton, Erica, Gloria y Flavio, temas tratados en este programa problematica en Oaxaca, marcha en Portland, educacion en ambos paises EU / Mexico, migracion
        • Show from 08-17-2006 - generos de informacion con Gloria y Milton.
        • Show from 08-10-2006 -
        • Show from 08-10-2006 - Milton Y Erica informan lo suceddido recientemente en los estados del sur de Mexico, comparten con Andres Contreras el lenguaje popular con buenas y malas palabras .Milton and Erica inform about whats going on at south of Mexico, they share popular language with good and bad words.----miltonjesusanchez@hotmail.com------
        • Show from 07-27-2006 -
        • Show from 07-20-2006 -
        • Show from 09-08-2006 - productores todos,voces todos,con un solo objetivo manifestarnos contra las politicas neoliberales mediante la musica y el arte.
        • Show from 08-25-2006 -
        • Show from 08-04-2006 -
        • Show from 07-21-2006 -
        • Show from 07-14-2006 -
        • Show from 07-13-2006 - Milton talks about women's rights with Erica - Milton habla de los derechos de la mujer con Erica
        • Show from 07-07-2006 -
        • Show from 07-06-2006 - Presentacion del programa. Introduction to the show.
        • Show from 06-30-2006 -

        Circle A Radio

        • Show from 08-07-2005 - Historic conversation between civil rights activist Mabel Williams and former Black Panther Party member Kathleen Cleaver. Discussion about the Robert William's book "Negroes with Guns and the decision to take the civil rights movement to a non-pacifist level. Original recording of a forum in Oakland, California by the Freedom Archives.
        • Show from 07-20-2005 - Discussion of UN role in Haiti and the recent UN/US backed massacre of civilians in the pro-Lavalas community of Cite Soleil.
        • Show from 07-06-2005 - Discussion of Jorge Estevez (Taino) and Bahe Katenay (Dine'h) about the US government's "paper genocide" of Indigenous populations.
        • Show from 06-15-2005 - Recording of Ward Churchill's lecture given at Reed College.
        • Show from 05-25-2005 - Aaron Glantz, a correspondent for Free Speech Radio News (FSRN) and author of "How America Lost Iraq" discusses his experiences as an "un-embedded" reporter with an anti-occupation analysis.
        • Show from 05-18-2005 - Discussion includes the effect of neo-liberal globalization on the people of El Salvador and the organizing happening to combat it. A history of resistance from archbishop Romero to the continued fighting of the FARC.
        • Show from 05-04-2005 - This program highlights the increased militarization of the U.S./Mexico border and asks the question "Is the U.S. safer?" guests include Ernesto Aguillar from Houston Anarchist People of Color, Mark Potak of the Southern Poverty Law Center to discuss Jim Gilchrist and The Minuteman Project in southern Arizona, and Jose Martis from Tucson based Derechos Humanos
        • Show from 04-20-2005 - Discussions of post September 11th laws used to repress Muslim Americans illegally. Guests include a representative from the Blue Triangle Network an advocacy group which works to disseminate information about attacks against Muslim Americans within the United States and the wife of Pakistani man targeted and who now faces deportation or 30 years in prison.
        • Show from 04-06-2005 - Interview with Judith Arcana, local writer, activist, and member of Jane: the Chicago abortion service which performed abortions before the Roe vs. Wade decision legalized abortion in 1973.
        • Show from 03-16-2005 - Interview with New York attorney Lynn Stewart who is currently facing federal conspiracy charges for "assisting a terrorist".
        • Show from 02-02-2005 - Special coverage of CIA involvement in the international drug trade. Excerpts from interviews with Gary Webb, author of Dark Alliance discussing how crack cocaine was introduced to low-income African American communities in the early 1980s as a way to fund covert actions by the Contras in Central America. Discussions with Portland residents about the effects the crack epedimic had on their lives and the lives of others in their communities.
        • Show from 01-19-2005 - Interviews with bike commuters who have been injured due to the carelessness of car drivers. Produced by Erin Yanke and Don Godwin.
        • Show from 12-15-2004 - Neocolonization. Featured corporations: Peabody Coal co., G.E. and Haliburton. Interviews with members of Dine'h Nation, Students for a Free Tibet, and the Sweetwater Alliance.
        • Show from 12-08-2004 - Pearl Harbor Day special. Interviews with Japanese Americans who were interned after the bombing of Pearl Harbor - discussion of parallels between this historic human rights nightmare and the current internment and profiling of Arab Americans post 9/11.
        • Show from 10-20-2004 - Kerry Apocalypse: Born of pre-election hysteria, Circle A Radio creates a "War of the Worlds" style radio drama to illustrate our collective disgust in the two party system.
        • Show from 09-09-2004 - Splitting the Sky tells the story of his involvement on the Attica prison uprising.
        • Show from 09-01-2004 - Interviews with Dine'h elders living on Big Mountain AZ who are currently resisting relocation from.
        • Show from 06-16-2004 - Circle A Radio talks with Ramona Africa and Kevin Price, of the International Concerned Friends and Family of Mumia Abu Jamal, and Claude Marks of the Freedom Archives, on the day of action and solidarity for political prisoner, Jeffrey "Free" Luers.
        • Show from 06-02-2004 - Voices from Palestine. Israeli forces intensify their demolition of homes along the Egyptian border. The death toll climbs. Is the whole world watching silently?
        • Show from 05-19-2004 - Malcolm X Birthday Tribute, with excerpts from his speeches, music, and commentary.
        • Show from 04-07-2004 - Discussion and community response to the recent murder of James Jahar Perez by Officer Jason Sery of the Portland Police.
        • Show from 03-17-2004 - Ray/Delta, the concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where the US government is currently detaining Arab men and boys. Interview with Dick Sakouri, a Japanese American who was detained during World War 2.
        • Show from 01-07-2004 - Interviews with east coast Anarchist People of Color (APOC), and Ernesto Aguilar of Houston Texas APOC.
        • Show from 11-12-2003 - Writer/Historian Christian Parenti discusses his new book The Soft Cage, the history of surveillence in the US.
        • Show from 10-29-2003 - The popular uprising in Bolivia against resource exploitation, the forces of neo-liberalism and the ouster of President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada - Bilingual programing-
        • Show from 07-09-2003 - "The Troubles"- The story of police repression in Portland and what the community did about it; produced by Erin Yanke.

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