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Indy TV is currently not happening due to lack of interested volunteers. If you are interested in starting this back up, that would be great! Contact us!

Broadcast Schedule of Upcoming Shows:

  • Show #11
  • Monday September 13, 6:30pm, ch 23
  • Thursday Night September 17, midnight, ch 22
  • Friday September 17, 9:00pm, ch 11

Portland Indymedia is breaking new ground as we continue to reclaim the media, this time through TV. This weekly show will cover local, national, and international news stories from a perspective that the corporate media has done its best to spin, censor, and bury.

While incorporating familiar elements - newscasters, street reporters, and commentary - Indymedia news will go a step farther to challenge the paradigm of TV news as a one-way channel of ideas. Viewers will be encouraged to think critically about the issues, examine the ways the mainstream media crafts "our reality," and look at how and why the corporate media maintains an audience of passive and disengaged spectators.

If you've trashed your evil box or don't have cable, fear not, Indymedia news will soon be available for download online.

There are ample ways you can contribute to the show, whether it be through stories, set-design, street reporting, graphics editing, production crew, and so-on. If you'd like to get involved just email imc-portland-requests@lists.indymedia.org with your info and interests. - this page was updated on 1/8/13