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How can I contribute to or volunteer with portland indymedia\?

The best way to learn about how you can get involved and support portland indymedia is to read the volunteer page and then start contributing content to the pdximc projects.

How can I contact portland indymedia\?

Current contact information is maintained on the contact page. You can also contact portland indymedia in person by attending a general meeting.

When and where are the general meetings\?

Meeting times and locations are now being posted to the "Indymedia Events" column near the top of the front page and can also be found on the general meetings page.

How can I learn more about portland indymedia\?

The most obvious way is to just read the site. Some information about portland indymedia can be found on the about page.

How can I learn more about indymedia in general\? [links updated in 2015]

The best way to understand and learn about indymedia is to read the sites; nothing else will convey what indymedia is more than that. The global independent media center has a page about indymedia as well as a multi-lingual list of frequently asked questions about indymedia. Please note that this information may not be relevant to nor representative of portland indymedia.

Why does portland indymedia organize the list of imc's differently than most other imc's

For information and discussion about the regional organization of the "cities list" on the portland indymedia website read the following articles: Portland Indymedia Introduces New Cities List, just noticed the revamp of the IMC world list along bioregional lines, thanks!, and Don't Give Me No Lip, "What's wrong with Mimicking Corporate Media".


What is portland indymedia's editorial policy\?

Our editorial policy is outlined on the "editorial policy page".

How can I get my work published to the site\?

Take a look at the "how to publish" page for a step-by-step explanation of the publishing process.

If made a mistake in my post, or changed my mind can I or a workerbee correct the mistake\?

Sorry no editing is allowed to posts once they are posted, for the historical integrity of the website nothing is ever changed or corrected once it is online.[in some cases for security reason this may not always apply]

How can I get my work featured in the center column\?

Review the "article selection" section of the "what are features\?" page and then submit material that is consistent with those guidelines.


How can I make portland indymedia my start page or add a portland indymedia search to my Firefox search box\?

Instructions are given in the article Want To Make PDX IMC Your Home Page\?

Why does the newswire sometimes appear off the right side of the screen\?

This behavior seems to be a bug that occurs on browsers using older versions of the Gecko layout engine (Netscape, Mozilla) http://www.mozilla.org/projects/distros.html" target="\_blank">others). Hitting "Reload" or "Refresh" when this happens usually causes the page to be layed out correctly. It is corrected in the latest version of Firefox

Why am I having trouble uploading a pdf\?

This is a bug caused by the mime-type settings in Firefox and perhaps other browsers. There is a solution being worked on at this time. In the meantime one can use another browser to upload or alter the mime-type configuration of the browser (by editing mimeTypes.rdf and adding an entry for application/pdf).