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20.09.2011 08:17
Labor/Antiwar Folksinger George Mann at Red and Black Cafe September 25
Poster for Concert NYC-based George Mann brings a new concert program, "200 Years of Struggle in Song," to The Red and Black Cafe with special guests Jay Russo from "General Strike" and Rose Darke on Fiddle!

Sunday, September 25 at the RED and BLACK Cafe
400 SE 12th Avenue
7:00 PM

With special appearances by Rose Darke and Jay Russo

George created and produced the "Hail to the Thief!" anti-Bush CD series, which featured such folk legends as Tom Paxton, Utah Phillips, Billy Bragg and Magpie, and his work with veterans, unions and anti-war groups has kept him on the front lines for 20 years. He produced a new compilation CD, "Until You Come Home: Songs for Veterans and their Kin" and his latest solo CD, "Songs for Jules and Bruce," was released last year. George will present a program of song and narrative, "200 Years of Struggle in Song," in the first hour, and sing many songs from the catalogue of folk and labor music in this concert. Come on down!

On the Web:
homepage:  http://www.georgemann.org


19.07.2011 07:37
2011 Portland Anarchist Bookfair
Portland Anarchist Bookfair The 2011 Portland Anarchist Bookfair is happening on July 23rd and 24th at Portland State University. It will be hosted by Students for Unity and be completely free.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, being a vendor, or volunteering please e-mail us at pdxanarchistbookfair@gmail.com.

address: 1825 SW Broadway Portland OR 97201

Schedule and List of Vendors


19.07.2011 07:34
IWW Benefit, Thursday July 21st @ Alberta Rose Theatre
A benefit show for the local chapter of the Industrial Workers of the
World. The show will have Chris Chandler and Paul Benoit, doing songs,
stories and poems.

Thursday, July 21st, 8 pm (doors open at 7)
Alberta Rose Theatre
3000 NE Alberta St.
Portland, Oregon


04.07.2011 11:28
BMedia and friends Variety Show #3: Earth Day Inc.
EPISODE #3 of B Media's monthly variety show was inspired by GREEN CAPITALISM and connects indigenous and environmental struggles at Hood River, the Bank of America's financing of the Alberta Tar Sands, City Repair's Earth Day festival, the economic justice rally in solidarity with Wisconsin, and ties it together with Slingshot's radical history of April (the cruelest month), an unexpected visit by a cadre of Unemployed Superheros... and YouTube cat videos.

View episode here  http://blip.tv/bmediacollective/variety-tree-earth-day-inc-5288049

This episode explores the connections between environment destruction and the economic and cultural systems that enable it. Movements and actions by groups like Rising Tide North America, City Repair, the PDX Climate Justice Coalition and the alternatives they advocate for are contrast with the banking system and unchecked capitalism, the increasing atomization of American life, and the Tea party. Our goal was to highlight the people doing important work in our communities, and single out the elements distracting us from that work on a daily basis.


21.05.2011 11:50
Event: Fifth Annual Social Uprising Resistance & Grassroots Encouragement Film Festival
Event: The Fifth Annual International Social Uprising Resistance & Grassroots Encouragement Film Festival is taking place now! It runs from May 17th through May 23rd, 2011. Admission is free and snacks are free... because everything in the world should be free!

Mission Statement: Peace, Equality and Solidarity. Although political protests give us the opportunity to unite our thoughts in opposition to the route which our governments are taking us, many of us all over the world have come to the realization that the lack of peace in the world and the problems that we see increasing every day have a foundation deeper than the Republicans, the Democrats, or a few select multinational corporations. What we face are institutionalized problems, problems which can only be confronted at the root, researched and solved by imaginative and broad based, non-violent social movements - not ballot boxes.

Please visit:  http://www.WeSurge.org and click on "Calendar of Events (Downloadable)." Love and Solidarity!


23.04.2011 11:26
a visionary's report: Art Succeeds Aiding Forest Resurgence
value of understanding and listening even to knee-jerk reaction practices Art applied informally and as part of meaningful communities (becoming and already existing) succeeds in stopping Loggers and other implementing professionals in their proverbial tracks, while inspiring evolutionary ways of relating to re-enchantifying forests and their multiversity of gifts!

Local loggers at a forest near you were literally and figuratively stopped in their tracks of late thanks to steps taken by locals in bringing their creative intelligence away from coralled locales and back out into indepth relevance.


17.11.2010 15:35
Call For Artists
CRIMINALES TODOS is a travelling community art exhibit aiming to inspire an ongoing dialogue and examination of the social, political and cultural issues related to the criminalization of communities of color. From post-Civil War vagrancy laws targeting newly freed African Americans in the South, to police rounding up Japanese Americans and sending them to internment camps during WWII, to SB1070 targeting Latinos in Arizona; the history of police targeting communities of color has deep roots in American history.

Criminales Todos
A Community Art Exhibit
December 10th -17th, 2010
Opening Reception: Dec. 10, 2010
Launch Pad Gallery: 534 SE Oak Street, Portland, OR 97214
Submissions Deadline: Dec. 1, 2010

In times of increased police surveillance, tightened border control and the implementation of anti-immigrant and racist laws across the country, we encourage artists to engage in a conversation about the devastating repercussions of policing and the militarization in our local communities.

Artists of all backgrounds are invited. Our aim is to create a space for conversation against the long standing practices of repression, and the impact of unjust and discriminatory practices. The exhibit is a platform from which to explore the marginalization of communities of color, and how to build solidarity and resistance to discrimination and oppression. Please join us.

Related topics include, but are not limited to:
- Effects of local enforcement programs in our local communities.
- Personal and/or collective experiences with detention and deportation systems.
- Racial profiling and institutionalized racism.
- Intersection of criminalization of resident communities of color and newly arrived immigrants.
- Anti-immigrant sentiment.
- Historical and contemporary forms of popular resistance to human rights abuses.

[H]omepage:  http://criminalestodos.tumblr.com/


09.07.2010 16:26
star e rose cafe needs your talents!
star e rose were looking for bands, artists, performers and resources.
Star E rose cafe is looking for some great talents to come play at the cafe. Were looking for bands, circus freaks, belly dancers, acrobats, artists anyone who can make a crowd happy. were open to new ideas and concepts. were looking for folks who are energetic and excited about performing in a place that is known for its offbeat attitude and unwillingness to conform to the norm. Were unable to pay you but in exchange we will try and draw a crowd and give you a beer and a bite to eat and we will support you in all your artistic endeavors. were a struggling locally owned and now wORKERS COOPERATIVE business on a street that once catered to circus folks and art freaks but is now struggling amongst the growing gentrification.

we've been around for almost 15 years and we've refused to change and become just another cafe in a city of cafes. if you want to be a part of community space , a safe space, a space that wants YOU to be you then email us and we will get you on our stage !



09.07.2010 16:23
Mississippi Street Fair Saturday July 10
Mississippi Street Fair is the largest street fair in Portland and benefits local schools. Attractions include over 30 acts on four stages; the "Local Brew Garden" with 7 craft breweries; over 100 Street Fair Vendors presented by Dreamer's Marketplace; "Whole Foods Local Bites" Pavillion; and Grandfather's Rib-Off Competition. Special attractions for kids include: "High Noon Parade", The Boise-Eliot Kids Corner, and kid music programming presented by Legacy Emanuel Hospital & The Children's Hospital at Emanuel.



15.06.2010 08:03
COMMUNE is a film about Olympia, Washington, and was a gift to the denizens of that small city. It's a street-level exploration of the Olympia social commons?a shifting space that erupts on street corners and bubbles up from an underground well of potential. Through casual interviews with strangers, the film dives into the depths of desire and unveils new uses of the spaces Olympians all share. It was meant to be a looking glass, a lens, and a thief's gaze directed at Olympia's own terrible community.

A terrible community constitutes itself in opposition to an opponent and, in that opposition, closes in on itself and begins to rot. Olympia, once home to ELF cells, the diffuse network of Port Militarization Resistance, and a broad community of anarchists, has become little more than a stale, dusty closet, a cafe-to-show circuit, a green-washed, gentrifying haven of the left. In short, a terrible community. COMMUNE exposes that Olympia runs business as usual despite its high activist-per-capita ratio and radical reputation. But the film also reveals the existence of different communes, spreading on their own, outside of anarchist or radical circles.


20.04.2010 07:15
benefit for books to prisoners Friday night
books to prisoners Hello,

There is a benefit for Portland books to prisoners this Friday at the red and black cafe. The taxpayers and Lee Corey Oswald are playing. There may be a surprise band or two as well. The fun starts at 6:30 pm. Donations appreciated. the red and black cafe is located at 400 Southeast 12th Avenue. no one turned away for lack of funds.




11.03.2010 11:31
FREE Film Night - March 11 - Eugene
Civil Liberties Defense Center's FREE Film Nights

2nd Thursday of each month @ 7 pm
@ WestTown Community Center @ 275 W. 8th (next to WOW Hall)

Monthly civil rights films this month:
Black Panthers

For more information, go to  http://www.cldc.org.


01.01.2010 19:21
Tomorrow, Liberty Hall's last show
ROUGH schedule, there may end up being more acts playing, and times are not precise.

1. Lindsey Walker 5:00
2. Scum Grease 5:45
3. Nun Chuksky 6:30
4. The Hand that Bleeds 7:15
5. Fogatron 8:00
6. Boot City Blood Sox 8:45
7. Honduran 9:30
8. Riot Cop 10:15
9. White Fang 11:00
10. A Coin in the Coffer 11:45
11. David Rovics 12:30
12. Brenna Sahatjian from Riot Folk 1:15

This is a fundraiser to pay the last of our expenses, so donations are encouraged.
phone: 503-249-8888
address: 311 N Ivy St (1 block South of Fremont, 2 blocks West of Vancouver)


14.11.2009 20:25
VIDEO: Bike For Art

He's just an ordinary, out-of-shape individual and he left home without a dime in his pocket
This week Terry is riding through Olympia and Tacoma on his way to Seattle. He is depending on community members and organizations to meet all of his needs for food, shelter, and cappuccino. He is also asking for five million dollars in donations along the way.
Besides being the overweight, amateur cyclist, Terry is a community member with twenty years experience in community building. He has a professional background in writing and film. And he is spreading a message of community action and solidarity. He has made a commitment to ride around the country until he raises five million dollars.


10.10.2009 11:18
Red and Black Cafe 9th Birthday Bash!
Come party down with the Red and Black Cafe as we celebrate our ninth year as a radical / community space. There will be live music by:

Tansy & Tarweed (jazz / punk inspired anarcho-folk)
Slow Teeth (raucous vaudevillian folk)
Disemballerina (cello, guitar and viola doom, epic and beautiful)
The Dapper Cadavers (PDX favorite, punk-tinged old time)

In addition we will have TWO TYPES of kombucha on tap for sale, courtesy of local business Herbucha, as well as beer on tap. There will also be rad t-shirts, buttons and posters for sale, and literature / info tables by some local activist groups.

The event will be held at LIBERTY HALL on [Thursday} October 15th. It will all start around 7pm. Liberty Hall's address is: 311 N. Ivy Street.



17.08.2009 03:53
Police Harass Saturday Market Artist, Threaten to confiscate Work
639794-3-cinders Yesterday (Sunday Aug.9th) my friend Audrey stopped by my house with a story. She told me that police had approached her & told her that she was NO LONGER allowed to sell her artwork at Saterday Market because she didn't have a "permit". Even though she had been selling artwork at Sat.Market for years with NO problems or complaints, all of a sudden cops were taking it upon themselves to enforce this "permit" rule. She said that all the other people selling art/creative works as well as street entertainers were given the same warning for not having permits.

The Portland Office of Transportation (1120 SW 5th Ave 503 823-7002) is the govt. agency which issues permits for street vendors. Audrey said she tried applying for a formal permit long ago. But apparently, the POT does NOT issue permits to sell ARTWORK. They do issue permits to sell flowers & umbrellas... but not artwork. Nonetheless, Sat.Market has welcomed artists to sell their works with or without a permit for years. Only yesterday have the police started issuing warning papers to people for not having permits. Eventhough POT seemingly does not issue permits to sell art, cops were threatening artists that they would confiscate their work & fine them if they did not "comply".


27.04.2009 22:52
Oly Celebrares Earth Day
Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh MY paraded through the streets of Olympia on Saturday in celebration of earth day. Dressed in bright costumes or carrying batik windsocks, roller skating or dancing to the samba beat, they delighted all who lined the streets along the parade route.

The Procession of the Species is an annual event in Olympia. Volunteers assemble in March to begin working on the event. A studio is available for people to make costumes and create floats. Others plan their dance routines and practice every week for 2 months. It is a joyous celebration of creativity.


02.04.2009 12:34
Red & Black Cafe - April Communique
Greetings, Comrades! This is the fourth intentional communication from the Booking Committee at the Red and Black Café! After a long, hectic March full of schizophrenic weather, we approach April with some weariness. There are still some fantastic things happening, though, so please check out the full list of events and come out!


04.03.2009 07:29
Red and Black Cafe Communique - March
March is upon us, comrades! There are many exciting things happening this month at the Red and Black; in particular, there are several benefits happening for people that really need your support. Show some solidarity and come out! Please note that all events start at 7pm unless otherwise noted. Also, not every event is listed here - consult the calendar for a complete list!



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