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From urban neighborhoods destroyed by freeway projects to pristine wilderness torn up for highways to the tons of pollution spewed into the air, the effect of automania on the earth and life has been deadly over the last century. Over 40,000 people are killed each year in auto accidents in the United States, and wars are fought for control of oil, massacring countless more. Additionally, the car-centered suburban lifestyle is a form of social control in which close community has been replaced by lonely individualism and people are penned into TV-molded alienation where they are brainwashed into what to think and believe. Corporations profit and people lose. Clearly, something needs to change.

arte y cultura | las bicicletas y medios de transporte 08-Jun-2014 11:06

Pedalpalooza Starts Now!

From the open publishing newswire: 3+ weeks of bikey fun. With 274 different events, most organized by individuals, bikers of all persuasions are likely to find many events of interest. Nearly all events are free.

Free fun and bikes in the streets!

The Pedalpalooza kick off ride is 6pm afternoon at Col. Summers Park. Hundreds of other great rides all starting today and culminating on June 28th with The Bike Fair.

"THE TRUTH IS, you never really know how a Pedalpalooza ride is going to play out. Sure, people will be shivering and halfway drunk at the World Naked Bike Ride, and there will be more than one Aladdin Sane costume at the Bowie vs. Prince Ride. But part of the fun of Pedalpalooza is that the tenor of these parades can vary from year to year. at the entirely pleasant, tuxedoed leader of last year's Champagne Ride) will unceremoniously pedal away from Gold Dust Meridian without you." - Bike edition from the current Portland Mercury, which also includes the print calendar.

Many Pedalpalooza rides will address freedom, justice, equality, spirituality, and humanity such as Saturday's World Naked Bike ride, the Bizarro 122nd Ride, June 9th's Gentrification Tour and more. Every ride declares that the public street belongs to the people by creating a critical mass of non-motorized human beings. Find the ride(s) that are right for you and if it's not there create your own and post it to the Shift2Bikes calendar.

Three cheers and see you in the street!

homepage: homepage:  http://pedalpalooza.org/
address: address: SE 20th and Belmont


las bicicletas y medios de transporte | el poder de las corporaciones 24-Apr-2014 20:58

TriMet's Double-Standards

From the open publishing newswire: I realize this may not be the place, But I feel I have little other choice but to put TriMet on Blast. Anyone who still insists that this is the "best" public transit agency in America either owns stock with them, are paid to propagate such LIES, or are simply lying to themselves!

How [else] can I address an issue concerning TriMet?

On Tuesday March 25th 2013 I attempted to purchase a 7-day pass from a ticket machine at Pioneer Square. I was paying with cash. But the machine suddenly canceled the transaction without giving me my money back. It did NOT give me my pass, either. I had no choice but to ride home illegally on an expired pass that night (we all know how much TriMet despises fare cheats).

I contacted TriMet the following day and told them what happened. Several days later they sent me a letter telling me that a "reconciliation" had been performed on that machine, but they claimed there was no excess currency and thus, would not reimburse me. I called their CS again and it turns out they had gotten the date wrong. I gave them the correct date on which the incident had occurred and was told I would be contacted. I was not. After waiting patiently for more than a week, I called them back again. I was told the same thing and that I would not be reimbursed my $26, nor given a pass.

The so-called "customer service" rep. I spoke to on the phone "suggested" that next time,[...]


tácticas de la resistencia | las bicicletas y medios de transporte 21-Aug-2013 07:17

Ride ODOT to Barbur to OHSU 6:00PM - 8/21

From the open publishing newswire: Tell ODOT not to leave us for dead on Barbur Blvd. Enough is enough.

Friends of Barbur, a grassroots group working to make SW Barbur Blvd a safer place to drive, bike, and live, is doing what it can to support Henry Schmidt, the 20-year-old Lewis and Clark College student was hit and left for dead while walking his bike on Barbur early Friday morning.

Friends of Barbur has also announced a bike ride to visit Henry Schmidt in the hospital. He was left for dead Friday after being hit by car on Barbur Blvd.

The ride will meet tomorrow (Wednesday, 8/21) in front of the Oregon Department of Transportation Region 1 headquarters (123 NW Flanders) at 6:00 pm, and will ride on Barbur to OHSU. Friends of Barbur volunteer Kiel Johnson is leading the ride. You can follow him via Twitter @go_by_bike for the location of the ride and/or to join the group en route to the hospital.

homepage:  link to bikeportland.org


tácticas de la resistencia | las bicicletas y medios de transporte | el legado 21-May-2012 06:45

Video: Brian Willson - Speaks at Occupy Portland - May 9 2012 Blood on the Tracks

Brian Willson - Occupy Portland May 9 2012 From the open publishing newswire: Brian spoke in the St Francis church dinning hall for Occupy Portland on May 9, 2012. The discussion was about a variety of topics, from "occupy movement, war, protesting, obedience, imperialism, anarchism and community" The video covers experiences from a vast array of different actions and insights into making change from Brians opinion.

The topic of "Vertical Power Structures' is explained and encouraged by Brian, and he shares with the group why and how it correlates with the movement. There is also a Q and A in the last half of the video with the audiance.

More Information on Brians book [Blood On The Tracks]

(video 1 hour 40 minutes)

homepage: www.joeanybody.com


las bicicletas y medios de transporte 19-May-2012 12:32

Vigil for 28 year old cyclist Kathryn Rickson in Portland

From the open publishing newswire: A vigil was held at the site of a fatal accident involving an eighteen wheeler truck and bicyclist Kathryn Rickson at SW 3rd and Madison Ave. Portland, OR, USA, 05/18/2012.

Related Video Post from Kathryn's Vigil: VIDEO: Bike Memorial for Karyn Rickson


las bicicletas y medios de transporte 05-Apr-2012 07:55

'Occupy Trimet' protest in defense of Portland's public transportation

From the open publishing newswire: An 'Occupy Trimet' protest was held in Pioneer Square as part of a national day of action in defence of public transportation at a time when fare rises and cuts to services are being drafted. Portland, OR, 04/04/2012.

Related Info:
Related Post:


las bicicletas y medios de transporte 04-Dec-2011 20:33

Photos From Portland Re-Occu-Fest March

From the open publishing newswire: A few photos of today's Re-Occu-Fest March, starting at Salmon Springs Fountain, winding through downtown Portland and finishing up at Shemanski Park.... The March began much later than scheduled, and left Salmon Springs in high spirits with no law enforcement in sight. I don't think that the march stuck with the advertised route, possibly because of the late start.

The crowd marched along the river and then headed into downtown Portland with the bike swarm in the lead. Though they immediately took to the streets, the marchers were extremely respectful of buses and the Max train, which, unfortunately, forced a break in the march at several occasions. There was absolutely no police in attendance, at least within sight of the March.

The energy remained high and gathered momentum as they walked up the hill to Shemanski Park, where folks spread out, some setting up tables and tents. It was only here at the Park that law enforcement showed their faces. Salmon and Park re-re-occupied at 11:19PM
LINKS - from Occupy Portland Dec 3 Action; Occupy Portland is in Shemansky Plaza Park on SW Main street
Utube video -Occupy Portland protestor is taken from the City Hall ledge by authorities


las bicicletas y medios de transporte 09-Nov-2011 11:55

11.11.11-Occupy Your Bicycle & Ride to the G.A.

From the open publishing newswire: 5:45 this Friday afternoon we'll be rolling from Col. Summers park to the Occupy Portland General Assembly. G.A. is the soul and brains of the movement. It's the best way to learn more and about what's going on.

Bring warm clothes and a cushion (newspapers also work for sitting). You are encouraged to decorate with American flags in honor of Veterans Day and to help remind folks that human power and citizen involvement/protest are patriotic actions.

If there is time before assembly (and the mood strikes) let's sing some songs of freedom and protest. Bring a guitar or other musical instrument.


Hope to see you there.


las bicicletas y medios de transporte 05-Sep-2010 08:34

Video: Portland Bus Rally Report Back

From the open publishing newswire: This is a short interview with Martha Perez who is a Portland Activist. She gives a report back on the recent Bus Rally protest that happened in Portland on 9.1.10[.]

Martha was at an anti torture protest in front of Pioneer Courthouse when I ran into her on September 2 2010[.] She explains about the protest that happened yesterday regarding Tri Met raising fares and cutting services[.] The protest started at Pioneer Courthouse Square and walked to City Hall on 4th street[.]

There is more info on this topic at www.opalpdx.org

[Pics] [Video] [Report]


las bicicletas y medios de transporte | el gobierno 20-Jul-2010 16:11

VIDEO: Sharing Public Sidewalks Advisory Committee Meeting 7.12.10

Sidewalk Advisory Committee Meeting 7.12.10 From the open publishing newswire: The monthly sidewalk sharing advisory committee meeting is open to the public every 1st Monday{.} This meeting was filmed on July 12 2010 in The Portland Building, (2nd Monday due to Holiday){.} It is an open public meeting hosted by Commissioner Fritz office{.} The topics were the camping laws, arrests and citation regarding the sidewalk sharing laws, and private security, their training and their policies being used in Portland{.}


tácticas de la resistencia | las bicicletas y medios de transporte | la justicia económica 09-Apr-2010 07:23

Transit Riders Union Protests At Wed Trimet Austerity Cuts Hearing

From the open publishing newswire: 21 people commented at two nights of hearings re the proposed TriMet fare hike and bus cuts to up to 60 routes. TRU urges the TriMet board to defeat both proposals from staff, come up with alternate funding, and TRU calls for the TriMet board to be elected (not appointed by Oregon's govenor, which is currently the case).
At the Wednesday austerity cuts and fare hike hearing held by TriMet, Transit Riders Union came out opposing both the five cents a ride fare hike and proposed bus and MAX cuts. 17 people talked at this hearing held at the Portland Building in downtown Portland, all opposing the cuts and fare hike. A hearing the night before at Clackamas Community College drew 4 people who made comments. A third hearing is tonight at a location that TriMet was very unclear about -- the TriMet official told us that the location is close to the 15 bus and to MAX by Mall 205, at Academy School, but he wasn't exactly sure how to get there, etc.


las bicicletas y medios de transporte 27-Feb-2010 13:56


From the open publishing newswire: Bob Williams, along with another Portland, Oregon, TriMet transit agency board member, quit this week in the face of recent protests and pickets over austerity measures by this $2.5 billion transit agency -- including gutting downtown Portland's so-called free zone, 'Fareless Square.'


las bicicletas y medios de transporte | los servicios sociales 03-Dec-2009 19:27

Building A "Failed State": Trimet Shows How

From the open publishing newswire: Our public agencies and officials are hard at work building a "failed state." I would define a "failed state" as one that does not meet the minimum requirements for attaining a measure of public legitimacy based on serving broad social needs. Such a state can only maintain authority through brute force. A state will "fail" once it stops serving the needs of a critical mass of its citizens.


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