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01.12.2009 23:45
Union Reps & Transit Activists Unite Wed Night At PSU
Two members of the ATU (TriMet drivers union) and Lynn Lehrbach (with the Teamsters in Portland, and a TriMet board member) are expected to attend and talk at this Wednesday night's 6 p.m. Transit Rider Union meeting, on Saving Fareless Square coalition and direct action organizing. 1,500 transit riders have signed petitions to Save Fareless Square, and despite Lynn (on the TriMet board) voting with us, TriMet continues to ignore democracy, the public interest, clean air, global warming, oil wars, and transit equity.


20.11.2009 16:15
Statement from a portion of the Citybikes Board
A statement expressing our reaction and process regarding the Tim Calvert/ Valdas Anelauskas situation.
Making consensus decisions on immeasurably difficult issues is not something that comes easily to our cooperative. Members of the coop have been working from June until now, and this is what we wish to express.


14.11.2009 20:25
VIDEO: Bike For Art

He's just an ordinary, out-of-shape individual and he left home without a dime in his pocket
This week Terry is riding through Olympia and Tacoma on his way to Seattle. He is depending on community members and organizations to meet all of his needs for food, shelter, and cappuccino. He is also asking for five million dollars in donations along the way.
Besides being the overweight, amateur cyclist, Terry is a community member with twenty years experience in community building. He has a professional background in writing and film. And he is spreading a message of community action and solidarity. He has made a commitment to ride around the country until he raises five million dollars.


09.09.2009 17:57
Benefit for cyclist hospitalized in crash!
This Friday 9/11 at Circadia 4705 NE Columbia! Starts 9 pm

Come support Dan, Sarah, and their 3 yr old daughter Birdy. Dan was involved in a severe bike accident with another cyclist that was drunk. The handlebars crushed his face and shattered every bone. He lost his entire body volume of blood. He will need multiple extensive reconstructive surgeries. This is further complicated by the fact that he has a heart problem and his medication that he needs to live makes him bleed excessively, adding to both his risk under anesthesia and his hospital length of stay.

Dan & Sarah moved from Portland recently to Nebraska in search of work and a career opportunity for Dan. He had just secured his dream job, as Sarah got laid off. Things were looking up and it seemed the move was worth the struggle after all. Then as they were riding their bikes on an evening outing tragedy struck. Fortunately, he has medical benefits but they only cover so much. He did not have any sick/vacation pay. Money will be miserably tight for them over the next several months, possibly years.

So come have a good time and give til it hurts :)
Bands & details at:  http://twitpic.com/gxxsy


22.06.2009 07:27
Stumptown Joustdown
The Stumptown Joustdown is one of those events in Portland that make this such an amazing city. Today I made my way over to Col. Summers Park in SE Portland with my brother Andrew to take in the action.

Portland's bike culture did not disappoint. The Stumptown Joustdown is absolutely insane. Competitors speed their bicycles, chariots and other wheeled craft straight at each other while wielding a jousting pole with which to pummel their opponent, hopefully to the ground. The action was fast and the impacts spectacular. There is no way I would compete in this event. My hats off to those that picked up the joust and competed today. We saw bicycles, mini bikes, a bride/groom match and chariots but had to leave before the open class. Thanks Portland.. you weirdo. ~H


17.06.2009 13:02
Report on Hella fun Pedalpalooza / Portland Rising Tide no I-5 Expansion Ride!
Post Ride Banner Drop on N. Mississippi "Twelve Lanes? That's Insane!" chanted 70 Portlanders as they rallied at Mississippi Avenue, just south of Mason Avenue Sunday evening. The rally was accompanied by a mobile bike-carted sound system, live musicians, and a huge banner unfurled from the roof of a nearby construction site reading "More Lanes=More Cars=More Climate Change. No CRC!" The protest followed a "Pedalpalooza" bike ride earlier in the afternoon - organized by Portland Rising Tide which toured areas of North Portland impacted by the current Columbia River Crossing (CRC) proposal, talking to neighborhood activists opposed to the project.


21.02.2009 11:23
Fareless Square Changes Proposed
TriMet's commissioned report on Fareless Square modification options has been released, and times have been set for Open House events seeking public comments. Download the full report here:  link to www.trimet.org

Open House Meeting times: Wednesday, February 25, 2009, 4-7 p.m.

Portland Building, Room C [,] 1120 SW 5th Ave.[,] Portland, OR 97204

[Many more meeting times in the "READ MORE" Link]


21.02.2009 11:06
bike guerilla gardening
Start: 02/26/2009 - 4:33 p.m., Timezone: Etc/GMT-8 , Location: sustain ability now, call 15034384093. (2nd floor city repair 3125 e. burnside)

guerilla gardening bike "hit and run" squad.[:] unofficial spring is almost here. why not help start some raised beds and plant some seeds and transplants? we will be skill sharing, each one teach one, various permaculture knowledge. if you know alot thats great, if your thumb is black thats great too, we'll make it green, and cruising portland sowing seeds, and throwing seedballs. we will also have mushrooms to grow. prepare to ride, weather permitting at a medium-gentle pace. taking time to stop and plant some roses.

Suggested Materials: something to plant, something to dig with, something to plant in, soome water to drink, something vegan to share and eat.


21.12.2008 02:12
about the buses
'll just call this the Great BP Blow of '08. 'Cause believe it or not, this cold weather is brought in by excessive retained solar energy, which will doubtless bring us more yet, knocking dents in our global-warming civilization. If the ice storm follows as predicted (a big if), we could call it the Fina Freeze. And so forth.

In any event, the fact that the Pacific has teased us so, has worn out the Tri-Met bus service. Days of driving with tire chains in expectation of --well, of today's phenomenon-- has overtaxed the mechanics, who have had to maintain chain repair/removal/installation stations in four locations constantly. Their fatigue is tremendous, and they are running out of chains as the bare asphalt tore them to pieces. They look like coal miners after a double shift. I feel so sorry for them.


24.07.2008 16:19
SE Portland biker in Coma from collision
On Monday, July 14th 2008 Karl Hugo was in a serious bicycle collision with a truck in the intersection of SE 50th and Lincoln, a well traveled bike route for SE Portland cyclists. Karl was taken to the Intensive Care Unit at the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in SW Portland where he arrived in a coma, with one collapsed lung, and severe trauma to the Thalamus region of his brain.


TRANSPORTATION 29.06.2008 15:54
Alberta Last Thursday Street Fair "guerrilla" street closure
jpg Last Thursday on Alberta, attendees discovered that the usual street fair there had become a temporary carfree district. But definitely not on the initiative of city officials...

More pictures here


11.06.2008 10:53
Cyclist Tased tonight, 9:30ish, on SE 7th
My friend just called saying that she was stopped by a copcar for riding her bike without lights. She was pulled over around SE 7th and Morrison. As they were writing her a ticket another biker was biking North on 7th. They used him as an example how bikers cannot be seen without lights. So the cops told the other cyclist to stop and when he did not stop quickly enough/was confused why they were telling him to stop, they ran after him, pulled him off his bike, threw him against a nearby wall and tased him multiple times. When my friend called I could hear him screaming in the background and the cops yelling at him.

One commenter says: "I'm pretty sure I heard somebody talking about this experience on the bus late this evening, at least it was somebody with a similar story, he was like talking to somebody on a cell phone or something & said the paramedics had a hell of a time carving the taser barb out of his chest. Said he was charged with assaulting an officer for touching the motherfucker's boot while he was writhing around on the ground screaming. Sounded like a really fucked up event, yet another example of how tasers are just torture toys for sadists.."


12.03.2008 08:08
Police admit fault in killing 2 California cyclists, no drug test, no answers given yet
Police in California report that an officer accidentally crossed the median and killed 2 cyclists Sunday March 9, 2008. A 3rd cyclist was seriously injured. An initial news report stating the "The group collided with the deputy's car" has been corrected. Despite this one correction the news media are not reporting if the officer was given a medical/blood test.


12.03.2008 08:06
Eugene Police Randomly Assult Naked Bike Ride of 100
During a mass Naked Bike Ride at 7:30 PM Saturday in Eugene officers harrased the procession and "attempted to arrest" some of the participants. Early evening event "protesting oil dependency and celebrating human body" was assulted Saturday. The local newspaper reports that as cyclists wended, "...down Charnelton, one officer stopped his car in the middle of the intersection, got out and ordered the cyclists to stop and women to put their tops on."

Several additional police and police vehicals showed up to act as voyeurs. "Most of the riders kept going, but when an officer grabbed one of hem, an angry group of naked bicyclists surrounded the officer, shouting and chanting for him to let the biker go." The officer released the cyclist free, but then, "grabbed the rear rack of another rider's bike." A policeman tackled Cassandra Hurd, a 21 year old Eugene student wearing only panties, to the ground. "Another officer trained his Taser on a naked man, who approached the scene.

The other cyclists chanted, "Leave her alone! Leave her alone!" After the brief assult, the policeman released her, without charge, and the riders continued. "We attempted to make arrests but the crowd turned on the two officers... they elected to disengage before someone got hurt." Eugene police Lt. Rich Stronach told the press later, covering the department's rear.


28.02.2008 07:58
Leap Day Actions in Portland
This leap day *February 29* imagine everyone who feels smothered living a mediocre life within the current insane system rising up to resist in whatever way they can. Take leap day off work and live life like it really mattered. Spend the day as a free and whole being. Maybe that means spending time alone, or maybe it means with friends, or with your whole block, or even the whole city. Maybe it means tearing down the forces that seek to force you back to work and back onto you knees on March 1. Maybe living free for a day means spending the day creating new structures, new ideas, new forms of cooperation and a whole new reality which make you happier and freer. You don't have to wait for tomorrow, and you don't have to ask anyone for permission.

We are going to meet at Critical Mass at 5:30pm under the West Side of the Burnside bridge. Then ride round and round, where the action stops nobody knows.


11.02.2008 07:59
Wanna Ride Your Bike and Deliver Valentines?
Siren Nation is a local non-profit that produces a music and arts festival in November (www.sirennation.org for details). We have put on a fundraiser, taking orders for Valentines (card + vegan chocolate) to be delivered around town by bike.

We got so many orders! Yay, awesome for our fundraising, but we need help!! We got so many Valentine Bike-o-Gram orders that we need help delivering them! This week is your chance to costume up and ride your bike, delivering love notes!

Can you help us? Email  valentinebybike@yahoo.com and let me know the days and times you're available this week (mon-thurs), Thank you!!



05.02.2008 18:43
Action Needed! Save $24 Million for City of Portland Bike Plan
Parked cars often cut in front of bikes in paths, even when they see them first. Recently, the Portland City Council passed a resolution to approve $450 million dollars to fix bridges and streets throughout the city. Rolled into that plan was about an additional $24 million for bike safety and bike boulevards.

Most notably for cyclists, it would fund:
* 114-miles of new low-traffic Bicycle Boulevards
* Safer Routes to Schools for elementary and middle school kids
* Safety improvements to dangerous intersections
* New sidewalks
* SmartTrips programs that promote sustainable transportation options

It was an ambitious and forward reaching bike strategy for our city. It passed and then the Oregon Petroleum Association got involved. The plan was then blocked. This is where you come in...


04.02.2008 16:05
Critical Mass has fun and stops by the auto show
This last Fridays Critical Mass , a monthly bicycle ride with a history of police harassment resulting in no fun and small turn outs, starts out with 60 plus riders, a human pyramid, a bitchen sound system, and pays a visit to the auto show.

We made it to the auto show and grouped up outside the main door. A good sized banner was unfolded and held up for all to see that were making their way into the auto show. People laid on their backs and made like they were pedaling.


27.01.2008 12:00
Bicycle-based Urban Farming event, Jan. 30th
As Peak-Oil and economic change begin to affect the growing and distribution of food, new approaches that are more sustainable and locally-based seem likely to emerge.

Some readers of this site might know me from when I worked at People's Co-op, or was an Indymedia activist. These days I've become what I guess you'd call an "urban farmer". I garden a set of plots around the City of Roses, mostly in Southeast. Lacking both a driver's license and a desire to drive, I do most traveling, harvesting, hauling, etc., by bicycle. Occasionally, I'll get help from a friend with a truck to move a tiller or something, but that's not too common. I am supporting myself this way by using the CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) model. So far I've been in no danger of becoming money-rich, and I've really been enjoying the endeavor!

I will be having an event about the urban farming I've been doing. Attendees will be treated to a slide show of bounty and be made privy to the details of running a business like this, from property-acquisition to planning & planting, financial budgeting and harvesting & processing.

Wed., Jan. 30th, 7-9 pm
People's Food Co-op
3029 SE 21st Ave. (1 block north of Powell)


09.01.2008 15:16
Trimet wants to whittle away Fareless Square
One of the premier amenities that distinguishes Portland as a uniquely urbane American city is under a new attack. Trimet wants to restrict the hours of Fareless Square to between 7am and 7pm. Voice your opinion at upcoming public hearings on January 16, 2008. The first hearing will take place 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. at Liberty Center in the Lloyd District; the second hearing will occur from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. in the Portland Building downtown.

Here is a link to more information.


03.12.2007 00:10
The Bike Farm - New PDX Bike Co-op
The Bicycle Farm is a non-profit learning space run by volunteers who believe that bicycles are an ideal (and fun!) mode of transportation. Our mission is to promote the bicycle as a fun, safe, and accessible form of transportation, to foster healthy urban communities, and to provide a welcoming space to learn about building maintaining, and riding bicycles.

The Bike Farm is entirely volunteer-based, with core members and volunteers, both of whom can earn privileges based on time and commitment.


A modest proposal: Towards a eugenic theory of traffic safety
Let's be honest about our society's unwritten moral calculus on traffic safety.


07.08.2007 12:12
Portland Pedal Power bicycle delivery service
Every Wednesday from 2pm till 7 pm, we are offering a free bicycle delivery service from People's Food Co-op and Community Farmer's Market. We also have free bike and walking maps available.

We are conducting a pilot project in cooperation with People's Food Co-op to offer bicycle delivery services to all who arrive to shop by foot, bus or bike. Come do your shopping and we will pedal your groceries home for you! It is free within the following boundaries: SE Holgate to SE Hawthorne and SE 39th to the Willamette River.

Why are we doing this? We are committed to our community and the Earth we share! We see the Portland community as leaders in the use of bicycles as a great way to move people and our stuff. We want to play an important role in the growth of sustainable transportation.

Please call our voice mail service at or find us at People's Farmers Market every Wednesday from 2 - 7pm starting Wednesday August 1st. People's is located at 3029 SE 21st Avenue, Portland, OR 97202.



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