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29.06.2012 08:17
Using the TPP to Renegotiate and Expand NAFTA
"Trade deals such as NAFTA and now the TPP are being used to smuggle through a new set of transnational corporate rights, trapping nations in a web of treaties that further trump their own laws. All too often, these agreements fail to deliver on the promise of prosperity and only serve to accelerate the path towards economic enslavement. Globalization has meant sacrificing self-sufficiency and sovereignty for foreign dependency which is a sure path to world government."

Both Canada and Mexico have been invited to join the U.S., along with other countries already engaged in negotiations which will deepen trade and economic ties within the Asia-Pacific region. Such a deal would surpass NAFTA in size and scope. The U.S. led talks which have been criticized for their secretive nature, could be used to update aspects of existing trade pacts among member nations. This would provide the perfect opportunity for a backdoor renegotiation of NAFTA without officially having to open it back up.



19.06.2012 16:40
National Day of Action on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
While most Americans celebrate Independence Day, trade negotiators and corporate lobbyists from throughout the Pacific Rim will be meeting in San Diego over the week of July 4th for a major trade summit aimed at rushing the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) towards completion. In San Diego and throughout the country, labor, environmental, immigrant rights, family farm and Occupy activists will be coming together to take actions that drag the TPP out of the shadows and expose it to the light of day!

In Portland, activists will be meeting at noon on July 2nd - the opening day of negotiations - at Pioneer Courthouse Square. After a brief update about the work of our allies in San Diego and across the country, we'll then march and caravan together to local branches of three of the big corporations that have been pushing the TPP: Verizon, FedEx and Wal-Mart. These corporations are among the approximately 600 that have been granted special "cleared advisor" status to review, comment upon and draft proposed TPP text, while ordinary Americans have been barred from even seeing what's been proposed in our names.

Monday, July 2 * 12:00 noon
Starting at Pioneer Courthouse Square
, Corner of SW Morrison & Broadway (near Starbucks)

Please RSVP online here!



07.06.2012 08:33
Protect Columbia River from Liquified Natural Gas
Oregon Liquified Natural Gas to Hold Open House About LNG Export Plans

Hello Everyone: As we've anticipated for some time, Oregon Liquified Natural Gas is ramping up its promotion of a plan to export LNG through Oregon. Oregon LNG refers to its project as "bi-directional," but we all know that Oregon LNG's new proposal is a clear bait-and-switch. In 2004, Oregon LNG argued that Oregon needed to import LNG from overseas. Now, Oregon LNG intends to export huge volumes of natural gas to Asian markets through rural Warrenton, Oregon, and our Columbia River.

On Tuesday, June 12th, Oregon LNG plans to hold an Open House in Warrenton, Oregon to discuss its plans. This Open House is not a FERC hearing. FERC does not plan to attend. Rather, Oregon LNG will likely use this Open House to promote its terminal and pipeline in one-on-one conversations with attendees. We encourage people to attend, to wear your red "NO LNG" shirt, to ask tough questions about LNG exports, and to inform your neighbors and friends about the threat that Oregon LNG poses to Clatsop County. Together, we can send a strong message that the people of Clatsop County, who successfully defeated Bradwood LNG, are ready and willing to fight Oregon LNG's export proposal.

What: Oregon LNG Open House
When: Tuesday, June 12th, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Gateway Masonic Lodge #175, 66 SW 4th Avenue, Warrenton, Oregon
Who: Oregon LNG is holding this Open House. It is not a formal hearing or a FERC event.

Why: We should attend to be a visible presence of opposition. Oregon LNG is trying to pull a quick bait-and-switch and flip its project from import to export. While the Open House is being orchestrated by Oregon LNG, we can use the opportunity to talk to our friends, neighbors and attendees to get more people informed and engaged.

Looking Ahead: Columbia Riverkeeper and Columbia-Pacific Common Sense will be holding our own informational meetings in late June, once we have more tangible information about Oregon LNG's new proposal. Stay tuned for more information about our event.

Posted at Censored News


04.06.2012 18:17
No Oak Grove Walmart!!!
Portland Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," this evening will feature a discussion with citizens who are opposing a Walmart grocery store at the previous location of GI Joe's on McLoughlin Blvd.
List of 15 more stores currently planned for the greater Portland area.

Watch the 58 minute video from "A Growing Concern" [Program features three guests]

NOGWAL: No Oak Grove Walmart

NOGWAL: A community-wide effort to build a better Oak Grove. We are your neighbors who say, No Walmart! Not here. Not now. We love Oak Grove and the vision of the MAP* plan that our community has developed over the last three years.

Our concern stems from what we have learned about the effects Walmart makes on local communities, their labor practices, their gender discrimination, ruthless business practices, their environmental policies - and their disregard for the plans our community developed over the last three years.

homepage: www.nogwal.org


07.04.2012 10:39
2012 Mountain Justice Summer Action Camp May 18-25
Come to Appalachia and become part of the movement to end MTR Coal Mining, protect communities and the environment, and build a sustainable new economy. Learn about Mountain Top Removal Coal Mining and become part of the movement to stop it! A week long program of education, entertainment, and action! Registration will be online shortly and registration is required to attend.

May 18- May 25, 2012



02.04.2012 16:28
Chase Bank Attacked In Woostock
During the final hour of April Fool's Day, a small group busted all of the front windows out of a Chase bank in the Woodstock area. We want to make it clear we do not glamorize or romanticize our actions over anyone else's actions. Nevertheless, we encourage other people to make visible the conflict with capitalism in whatever manner they see fit. Manifesting a clear conflict that is not constrained to legal methods is important and necessary for not letting the anti-capitalist sentiment subside in Portland. We applaud all of the actions that have happened against banks, especially the actions prior to February 29.

We send our greetings to the comrades in the SF Commune, our comrades in Barcelona, and every one who is stuck in prison.


28.03.2012 07:59
Video: Local Coalition Protests Decision Regarding Public's Water.
Proposed location of Nestle' on Columbia Gorge near Cascade Locks At a press conference today, [3/27/12] Bark and Food and Water Watch, members of the Keep Nestle Out of the Gorge Coalition, announced that they are appealing the Oregon Water Resources Department's (OWRD) approval of permit applications that move Nestle' one key step closer to bottling Oregon's water.

Press Conference: Coalition Protests Decision Transferring Public Water to Nestle Waters North America



01.03.2012 07:30
Venezuela: worker-president of ALCASA removed
*On Saturday, February 25, Venezuelan vice-president announced the
dismissal of Elio Sayago, worker-president of the state-owned aluminum
smelter ALCASA, and his replacement by Angel Marcano. This decision
represents an assault of the bureaucracy within the Bolivarian revolution against workers' control and has caused outrage amongst revolutionary activists in Guayana and throughout Venezuela.*

*It is not by chance that this decision has been taken just as president Chavez, who appointed Elio Sayago as worker-president of ALCASA, had left the country for Cuba for medical reasons. *



01.03.2012 06:11
VIDEO: Peace House and Friends - protest ALEC in NE PDX on F29
Some really peaceful activist got followed around by the police as they stopped at 5 corporation that are tied to ALEC: Taco Bell, McDonald's, Walgreen's, ATT and Bank of America.

I filmed these clips with a cell phone and also filmed this with a video camera


Peace House and Friends F29 - Cleaning up ALEC in NE Portland 2.29.12
(Full video is 1hr 28 min)

homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com


01.03.2012 05:49
are you ready for martial law?
The NDAA will take effect on March 3, 2012. This is the gravest threat to the freedom of all Americans since the emergency laws during the U.S. Civil War. The Constitutional right to trial and the end of a century old law banning the use of the military on U.S. soil will come to an end on March 3, 2012. The president has awarded the military extraordinary powers to detain US citizens without trial! This is just one of many new laws, regulations and plans being rushed into being by the Obama administration. Not only did he sign the NDAA giving the military the right to arrest any one even Americans and hold them without trial he opened U.S. air space to police drones in mid- January, allowing New York City, Houston and Los Angeles to watch the pubic in a host of new ways. Obama is offering large grants to all local police departments to buy their own fleet of drones.

 link to gaian-mind.org


26.02.2012 07:05
Report Back From Bradley Manning's Arraignment
Yesterday's [2/23/12] arraignment for Bradley Manning lasted a little under an hour, as expected. Replacing the Investigating Officer from the Article 32 hearing is military judge Denise Lind. After members of the prosecution and defense declared their certifications and qualifications, the judge addressed Pfc. Manning directly, asking if he understood that a military counsel is available to him at no cost, or a civilian counsel is available at no cost to the government. "Yes, your honor," Manning replied. She then asked who he wished to represent him, and he replied that he wanted to keep Mr. Coombs and the rest of the defense team with him.

Then the prosecution and defense were allowed to question the judge. The prosecution declined, but Coombs stood for the defense. He asked her what prior knowledge she had of Manning's case. She responded, "I knew there was a case, that it involved classified information. I knew the case involved someone named Pfc. Manning." First, the judge mentioned the defense's proposal to compel discovery and deposition. What came after that was revealing. There had been a series of email communications between the court, the prosecution and the defense team as part of the RCM-802 process.



20.02.2012 08:17
Video: Rehire Ryan - A rally outside of New Season Market on 2.14.12.
Rehire Ryan Over 100 people gathered on valentines day outside of the NS Market on SE Division in Portland Or to stand in solidarity and for the just rehiring of a worker - labor activist (Ryan Gaughan) who was fired for a petty issue. Ryan was involved with organizing for workers rights, safety and labor issues at New Seasons where he was employed. He recently had been participating in "coffee talks" where management and workers discuss common important work issues together. Ryan was terminated [for what appears obvious to anyone who looks into this,] for his strong involvement in organizing at his job site, where he has worked at for over 9 years {7 years at this store on Division that terminated him.} Ryan, the community New Seasons customers, friends and labor activists are all asking management to give him his job back.


19.02.2012 09:57
Stop the Coal Train Banner Drop
Today at approximately 1:30 PM, members of No Coal Eugene dropped a banner reading "STOP THE COAL TRAIN" from the parking garage on 10th and Oak in Eugene, Oregon. This action was done in solidarity with Rocky Mountain Powershift and to bring attention to the coal trains proposed to run through Eugene.

In October 2011, the Port of Coos Bay signed a contract with an anonymous company to ship coal out of the harbor. Coal will be coming from the Powder River Basin in Montana through several cities, including Eugene, to be exported out of Coos Bay to Asian markets. An estimated 15,000 tons of uncovered coal will be on every train. The Sightline Institute estimates that 500 lbs to a ton of coal can escape from a single loaded car. With one or two trains coming through Eugene everyday, Eugenians will be inhaling an unsafe amount of coal dust.
No Coal Eugene is in opposition to the coal trains for three reasons:



10.01.2012 06:48
Portland City Council Voting on Corporate Pershonhood Resolution
With input from many groups including Common Cause Oregon, Occupy Portland, Move to Amend, and Portland Alliance from Democracy, the resolution outlines key legal points and highlights public opposition to Citizens United
This Thursday (January 12) at 2:00 pm the Portland City Council will be voting on a resolution urging the Oregon congressional delegation to amend the U.S. Constitution to address corporate personhood and reverse the Citizens United decision.

read it here

Please plan to join us in the Council Chambers at City Hall at 1221 SW 4th Avenue (between 4th and 5th Avenue and Madison and Jefferson, enter on 4th Ave side) at 2:00 pm.

Can't make it on Thursday? Contact City Hall to express your support for this important resolution. Phone numbers and emails for members of the City Council.

Reportback - Resolution Passed!


09.01.2012 08:10
Obama Approves GE Corn: Agent Orange Herbicide Ingredient Would be Widely Used
WISCONSIN - January 4 - Over the holidays, the United States Department of Agriculture announced its approval of a novel strain of genetically engineered corn, developed by Monsanto, purportedly being "drought tolerant."

Despite receiving nearly 45,000 public comments in opposition to this particular genetically engineered (GE) corn variety (and only 23 comments in favor), the Obama administration gave Monsanto the green light to release its newest GE corn variety freely into the environment and American food supply, without any governmental oversight or safety tracking.


[ Related: Bt Crops Failures & Hazards
| Super-Rice without GM ]


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