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09.12.2011 23:16
A 15 minute video from the press announcement outside of the World Trade building on 2nd street. A half dozen speakers talk about the upcoming West Coast Port Closing on Monday 12/12/11. Members of the press and community attended this, and one police officer.

Occupy Portland: West Coast Port Shut Down on 12-12-11

This was recorded on 12/9/11 "Press Announcement for WEST COAST PORT BLOCKADES in Portland Oregon ((( i )))

@occupytheport http://westcoastportshutdown.org/


17.11.2011 08:47
8AM protest - jobs rally - Steel Bridge - Today
A protest November 17 east side of steel bridge 8 in the morning

8 am -Thursday

east side of steel bridge
police have bridge closed to everyone but the Max this morning
can they do that?

This is a Jobs With Justice event:

[The Steel Bridge, like so much of our infrastructure, is structurally deficient and in need of repair. This is work that needs doing, even while thousands in Portland are unemployed! Bridges like this one are symbols of politicians failure to pass a jobs bill or do anything to help the 99%, while the richest 1% keep getting richer.]


16.11.2011 07:26
Photos and comments of Occupy Portland, Nov. 12-13
The class war by the 1% against the Occupy movement is in full throttle. Last night, cops raided OWS at Liberty Plaza without warning, attacking protestors with pepper spray and batons. Two days ago (Nov. 13), facing a similar eviction threat from Mayor Adams, it was Occupy Portland in the crosshairs. Other Occupy camps have been brutally attacked in Oakland, Berkeley, Denver, Chapel Hill, and elsewhere. Even as they dismantle the camps, we are not giving up the fight.

But, as we, the 99% know, this movement is too big and significant to fail. Even as they dismantle the camps, we are not going to give up the fight. That night on Nov. 13, the words "We the People have the power" came alive in the streets of Portland. We collectively experienced what power we can have when we stand together and overcome our fears. The call has been shouted out and heard everywhere from Portland to NYC, "Occupy under attack, What do we do? Stand up, fight back!" They can never destroy Occupy/us, as long as this spirit of resistance stays alive!


20.08.2011 10:12
Back to School? Don't Be A Target for the Military!
Under the No Child Left Behind Act, schools receiving federal funding MUST release students' personal information to military recruiters if they are to continue to receive funding. Students may opt-out of this military database at the beginning of the school year. "They'll know where you live.... They'll have your phone number.... They'll come to your door ... if you let them. Military recruiters, by strict authority of the No Child Left Behind Act, must be given the names, addresses and phone numbers of all high school students each year. Want to keep your privacy? You can be removed from the list of names by 'opting-out.'" The Full Picture, San Francisco, California

The September, 2009 article in MOTHER JONES by David Goodman, entitled, "A Few Kids?," deals with the heavy military recruitment of at-risk (low-income and/or minority and/or less academic) youth and the insidious invasion of student privacy under the No Child Left Behind Act and JAMRS (consumer) database maintained by the Pentagon. See www.motherjones.com/politics/2009/09/few-good-kids

* Students must opt-out EVERY YEAR.
* Traditionally, the deadline for opting-out for the year is October 1.
* Students do NOT require parental or guardian consent to opt-out.
* Every high school students' personal information is being released to the military -- not just that of juniors and seniors!
* Girls are NOT exempt from this provision.

Helpful Websites


11.07.2011 08:16
Interview with a Young Greek Communist
The following is an interview with Melina, a twenty-one year old member of the KOE's youth organization (KOE, pronounced "Koy" on the streets of Greece, stands for Communist Organization of Greece). Melina comes from Patras, a city with an occupied square simlar to that of Athens. Patras is also home to great polarization around the question of immigrants in Greece.

 link to thefirecollective.org


10.05.2011 22:31
Food Sovereignty Tour + Agroecology Short Course in Venezuela - July 10-22
You are invited to participate in a study tour to study food sovereignty, social movements and social change in Venezuela, July 10 to 22. The tour will examine issues of land reform, urbanization issues, rural development and food sovereignty within a dynamic political context. Venezuela is an outstanding example of a country that strives to ensure its citizens' right to food while bolstering its domestic agriculture sector, with an emphasis on organic practices and agroecology. We will also explore other areas of social transformation, including education, healthcare, and direct citizen participation in the political process.

We will start and end in Caracas: Tentative Itinerary. We will visit the states of Portuguesa, Barinas, Lara and Amazon. Activities will include visits to social programs, farms, community sites, and media outlets (with opportunities for radio and TV appearances); meetings with farmers, community leaders, and government officials; and trips to beaches, parks, and other sites of interest.

Cost to participate in the delegation: $1,100 - This covers 11 full days

Food Sovereignty, Social Movements and Social Change
July 10 to 22, 2011
Please register asap!

Article by Christina Schiavoni and William Camacaro
More Information


29.04.2011 10:44
You Don't Use A Microscope To Find The Cow That's Left The Barn
It's time to put the discussion of our national priorities and federal budget on track and that will require some perspective.
Witnessing the drama unfold as to whether the government will shut down or whether Congress will break the current gridlock is like watching clowns at a circus engaged in a water balloon fight.

Michele Bachmann actually said something useful in an interview I watched today on MSNBC. [...]

The Tea Party claims its candidates were charged by those who elected them to cut $100 billion from current fiscal year spending. Somehow that has been reduced to $61 billion and now the debate is where the reductions should be made. Republicans have made it clear they are across the board for cutting anything which is beneficial to middle and working class citizens. I won't bother even going into all of the programs they have demonized over the years and have on their hit list. Everyone already knows.

The point is that in the two weeks Congress has been bickering over the $61 billion, the country has borrowed three times that just to keep afloat. Let me add that in those two weeks $48 billion of that total borrowing was just interest, i. e. debt service on the debt.

Something is seriously wrong here.


19.04.2011 15:40
Photographs from Portland Rising Event
Photographs from the Portland Rising rally and march, Saturday, April 16, 2011. Well organized, well attended and well spoken, the event demands change and, most importantly, vows to continue the struggle.
The event began at Pioneer Courthouse Square, and after about 45 minutes of remarks, marched through downtown Portland, stopping at U.S. Bank and the Hilton Hotel, eventually gathering together at Tery Schrunk Plaza for a few more remarks. At U.S. bank, the Portland Rising march was joined by a smaller group coming from a separate but related event, the Climate Justice Rally.

Speakers were passionate and articulate. Besides the excellent speech by Mahlon Mitchell, President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wiscoinsin, a high point was a series of 1 minute or so speeches from about 10 workers of various occupations and nationalities. Each gave a poignant snap shot of life in their world and stressed the need for all people to work together against the growing right wing attacks on unions, the poor and the middle class.

As usual the signs added a creative element to the event, and without uttering a word, said it all.


Rortland Rising Rally & March: Report Back 14.04.2011 16:48
Joining the call for "Good Jobs for All" are public and private sector workers from nine local unions who are supporting each others drive for a decent contract.
br> When: April 16, 2011 at 12:00 noon.
Where: Pioneer Courthouse Square, at the corner of SW 6th and Morrison
Special Guest Speaker: Mahlon Mitchell, President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin

On April 16, 2011, hundreds of community members from all walks of life will join together in downtown Portland to call for "Good Jobs for All" and for Congress to protect the safety net including Social Security and Medicare. Joining the call for "Good Jobs for All" are public and private sector workers from nine local unions who are supporting each other's drive for a decent contract. The march and rally will be in the spirit of Wisconsin - family friendly and strong in spirit with excellent visuals.

Appearing direct from the front lines of the battle in Madison, will be Mahlon Mitchell, President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin. When talking about why he led the firefighters into the capitol to protest Scott Walker's attacks on working people, Mitchell explained, "When firefighters see an emergency, we respond."

With millions of Americans unemployed, underemployed and underpaid, the need for a national public works program to put people back to work is becoming increasingly apparent. There is a growing demand for federal programs that will serve to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by using energy efficiency programs and technologies and expansion of public transportation systems. At the same time communities are recognizing the need to protect vulnerable families from homelessness, hunger and other symptoms of poverty by strengthening rather than cutting programs such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).


Reports Back Links

Photos posted by: Bette Lee

Photos and post by: Jim Lockhart

Video posted by: Joe Anybody


07.04.2011 08:10
Video: Keep Dr. King's Dream Alive - Portland Rally - 4.4.11
Labor, unions, workers, civil rights advocates, and citizens of Portland filled the Directors Square park [in the rain] to hear speeches, music, and rally cries for economy justice, as well as to acknowledge Martin Luther Kings dedicated work. Dr King died on this day 43 years ago. I would say the rally had around 200 people estimated in attendance. [no corporate media visible / no surprise]

Apr 04, 2011 05:30 PM
Director Park
SW 9th Ave & SW Yamhill St, Portland

April 4 marks the 43rd anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who was assassinated while in Memphis to support a strike of city sanitation workers. Those public workers went on to win recognition of their union, along with economic justice and respect. But today, the rights for which they and Dr. King struggled are under attack.

[4 videos were recorded from this event]


27.02.2011 11:31
850 Rally in Portland in Solidarity with Wisconsin
Despite the bitter cold (at least by Pacific NW standards), hundreds rallied and marched in downtown Portland on Friday.

Portland joined in with the labor uprising sweeping the country. At a rally organized in two days, about 850 people came together to stand in solidarity with public employees in Wisconsin and across the country. Yesterday, over 100,000 took to the streets in Wisconsin, while solidarity rallies happened in every state in he country.

Photos here:  http://www.jwjpdx.org/photo-gallery/wisconsin-solidarity-rallies

Video here:  http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1757722457433

weak KATU story here:  http://www.katu.com/news/local/116960688.html
(even though counter-protestors weren't there, KATU sought out some right-wing tea partier for comment--ever see them do that when it's the other way around?)

Want to find out about more actions like this? Get on the JwJ list:  http://www.jwjpdx.org/join-us


26.02.2011 20:08
Photos -Solidarity with Wisconsin Rally in Salem today
There were Solidarity with Wisconsin rally's across the country today....

In spite of the very cold weather, it was a good turn out in Salem Oregon.


14.02.2011 21:57
Janus Protest continues
Janus protest continues into its second week, going strong

Workers stood in front of Janus Youth Programs, at 707 NE Couch, from 9am to 11am, again today, starting off a second week of picketing. About 12 workers held sign, passed out fliers, sang classic labor songs and chanted -- "1, 2, 3, 4, we won't take this any more, 5, 6, 7, 8, we don't want to arbitrate." Workers at Streetlight/Porchlight and Harry's Mother shelters are being told by Janus management that they will not have their IWW union labor contracts signed unless they give up their demand to keep their peer review panel in cases where workers are fired and contest that firing. These panels have been in place for a decade, and have never cost Janus any money. In their place, Janus is proposing binding arbitration, which could easily cost $1500 a day, money that neither the volunteer-run IWW union nor the workers have. Workers see this as a way for management to pressure them into accepting either a fair wage or a fair contract, and workers are demanding both. The small pay raise Janus is offering is contingent on the workers giving up their demand to keep their peer review panel. Workers chanted, "Every day til we get our way!" and plan to stand every morning of each workday in front of Janus until their demands are met.

[Related Video on Protest]


03.02.2011 11:27
I defeated a collector
The collector threatening your paycheck may not actually own the debt; and you can fight back
You can beat the Man, and keep your money. And you should, because destroying bottom-feeder capitalism benefits everyone.

Here is information that will help you to decide whether to take on a bottom-feeder in court. I did, and the case was called: Equable Ascent Financial, LLC vs. Theresa Mitchell Multnomah County Court Case no. 100404905. The outcome of this case was plaintiff-requested dismissal, or in other words, they gave up!

Like a lot of lapsed debtors, I feared I might not qualify under the new bankruptcy laws, and I knew I didn't have money up front for a bankruptcy lawyer. [...]

In Oregon the amount under $10,000 automatically goes to arbitration unless either party objects in writing. So I objected, but my objection mysteriously was delayed by Clerk office. I really had to wonder. Use certified/notarized mail for all Clerk transactions in Multnomah County. There was a $500 fee for arbitration but I applied for waiver/deferral.

As soon as I filed all fees and papers, I received notice of dismissal from the Arbitration atty ---within 2 hours; and I have to ask, how was that done so quickly, unless the Arbitration attorney is in constant contact, and perhaps cahoots with the collector? But this is the bottom line: I won, and you can win, and you should fight the bottom feeders, because--I cannot emphasize this enough--THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO YOUR MONEY!!

new bankruptcy laws:  http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/article-30040.html The old credit compact worked out profitably for the big banks this way: You were offered unsecured loans with your credit cards, the bank backed the purchases via fractional reserve banking, which is to say they essentially created the money from nothing, and you paid the money back . Should you fail to pay, credit agencies were notified, and you suffered a loss of credit rating if you defaulted.


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