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Gender & Sexuality

Articles that pertain to gender and sexuality issues and ideas including, but not limited to, gay, lesbian, bi, transgender, androgeny, women's rights, monogamy, polyamory, swingin', continence, and patriarchy can be found here.

el desarrollo comunitario | el género y la sexualidad | los servicios sociales 29-Apr-2018 23:36

Restaurants for Raphael House - May 16th

From the open publishing newswire: Dine out for a cause on Wednesday, May 16th and support Raphael House of Portland's life-saving domestic violence shelter and prevention programs!

More than 45 local restaurants have pledged a portion of their day's proceeds to help adults and children escaping partner violence. You can make a difference simply by enjoying a meal - or several - at any participating eatery in Portland, Lake Oswego, and Beaverton.


anti-racismo | el género y la sexualidad 29-Jun-2017 15:20

White LGBT Solidarity with Black Power: No Pride in Genocide! June 29 @ 8:00 PM

From the open publishing newswire: This project of the "Unity Through Reparations" campaign will feature speaker Gazi Kodzo of the African People's Socialist Party! Tune in to learn why it is crucial for LGBT white people to unite in principled solidarity with Black Power and African liberation! You can watch via livestream or register @ Anymeeting: tinyurl.com/NoPrideInGenocide

 link to www.uhurusolidarity.org


el género y la sexualidad | el labor 06-Feb-2016 09:56

Video: Portland Labor Defend Abortion Rights Rally

From the open publishing newswire: On Sunday, January 17, a group of 50 union activists in the Portland area picketed a "youth rally" held by Oregon Right to Life, an anti-abortion group that held a day of action nationally to "mourn" the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and attack women's right to abortion.
With a banner calling on labor to defend abortion rights, Class Struggle Workers - Portland led a determined picket with members of at least seven local unions as well as solidarity and leftist groups.

See the video: https://youtu.be/2\_ZrBPvulb8
homepage: http://www.internationalist.org


tácticas de la resistencia | el género y la sexualidad | immigration 06-Aug-2015 11:29

Trans and/or Women's Action Camp Blocks Seattle Street to Call for Justice for Immigrants

From the open publishing newswire: Today the Trans and/or Women's Action Camp (TWAC) blocked a road in downtown Seattle in solidarity with the Northwest Detention Center Resistance and Not1More movement! The action was in opposition to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the GEO group corporation that operates private prisons and detention centers for profit.

Seattle, WA- "Trans and/or Women's Action Camp (TWAC)" in solidarity with NWDC Resistance and the Not1More movement to end detentions and deportations, today did a civil disobedience action to bring attention to the ICE presence in downtown Seattle. TWAC called attention to ICE, located on 1000 Second Ave where they have a large presence and headquarters, and their local quota that guarantees a minimum of 800 beds to be filled at the immigration jail in Tacoma (aka Northwest Detention Center) operated by Geo group corporation. [...]

TWAC brought attention to the inhumane treatment of transgender detainees at all detention facilities, including the one located in Tacoma as well as the inhumane treatment of all other detainees.



los medios de comunicación alternativos | el género y la sexualidad 03-Feb-2014 22:05

Video: History of the Gay Press in Portland

From the open publishing newswire: History of the Gay Press in Portland.
Sharing their memories Rupert Kinnard & Renee LaChance both tell of their struggles with being editors and graphic journalist with the gay press in its early days in the Portland area.
Presented by History of Social Justice Organizing on 1.23.14

The History of the Gay Press in Portland

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kaUcgQ5hyk [Video 1hour 18 minutes]

Also available to watch & download on Archive dot org:


Positive coverage of LGBT issues and events was non-existent in Portland's mass media until 1970 when the alternative paper, Willamette Bridge, began printing some articles. The next year, Oregon's first specifically gay newspaper, The Fountain, was launched. Some Portland LGBT publications that followed included NW Gay Review, the Oregon Gay Rights Report, The Northwest Fountain, Cascade Voice, Rag Times, Just Out, Lavender Network and PQ Monthly. These publications and others helped organize Portland-area LGBT people in their attempts to build community, gain equality, counter anti-gay political measures, and respond to AIDS.

All our panelists were involved in one or more of the above publications.

Rupert Kinnard's extensive career in publication design began with Just Out as one of the original staff members where he helped the publication win the National Gay Press Association award for best overall design in 1983. In 1996, while working as art director for the Skanner, Rupert won an award for best graphic and typographical excellence by the West Coast Black Journalist Association.

Renee LaChance covered lesbian events as the women's editor for The Northwest Fountain and served as the editor of The Cascade Voice and was co-founder and publisher of Just Out. Pride Northwest has presented her with two awards: the 2000 Spirit of Pride Award and the Pioneer Award both for her work with Just Out.


el género y la sexualidad 14-Jul-2013 02:42

National Day of Action for Abortion Rights- PDX

From the open publishing newswire:
Rally for Abortion rights in solidarity with the women of Texas
Pioneer Square - Portland

The nation stands at the edge of a historic reversal. Hard won gains of the women's rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s are about to be turned back with devastating results for women across the country. Abortion, already a barely accessible right for most women, is now being made extinct as conservative politicians attempt to press their advantage in certain states in an opportunistic fashion.

But the problem we face is deeper. In Texas, the legislature has used every legal (and some illegal) trick in the book to make sure that the pro-choice majority is not heard. The current legislation under consideration represents some of the most draconian limits on abortion rights ever. And instead of allowing normal democratic procedures to resolve the issue, the legislature has relied on a rigged process to force the bill through. A few examples are worth mention: every procedural objection that was made to Wendy Davis's historic filibuster; the refusal to hold state-wide hearings to allow affected communities to testify about the consequences of the legislation; the intentional misreporting of how many people testified in opposition to the legislation; the years of gerrymandering which make it nearly impossible for the legislature to reflect the real wishes of the population; the organizing of "special sessions" to push through legislation.

The current legislation is too important to allow these deficits in the democratic process to go unchallenged. The bills in Texas would close down the overwhelming majority of clinics which provide abortions and thereby eliminate all of the ancillary services those clinics also provide -STD testing, family planning, health care. That some of these clinics are also the only places where low-income, people of color, and LGBTQ individuals are able to get health services means that this legislation will disproportionately impact the most vulnerable members of society.


January 24 at 7:00 pm 12-Jan-2013 16:57

Panel on the origins of the Portland Women’s Movement January 24th

From the open publishing newswire: Please join us for The Portland Women's Movement, Part I: Origins, History of Social Justice Organizing's first program for 2013. The panel will feature Maureen Gray Hudson, Kathleen Saadat and Susan Stoner. Sandy Polishuk will moderate.

Find us in room 328 Smith Center at Portland State University, 1825 SW Broadway on Thursday, January 24 at 7pm. The program will be free as usual.

History of Social Justice Organizing is an ongoing series of presentations by activists and scholars on a wide variety of social justice organizing both in Portland and elsewhere. A program of Occupy History

Find upcoming programs at historyofsocialjustice.wordpress.com and


tácticas de la resistencia | el género y la sexualidad 15-Jun-2012 17:26

Occupy the Pride!

From the open publishing newswire: Several alternative-Pride autonomous actions are planned worldwide and in Portland over the weekend to counter the commercialization and usurpation of the annual Stonewall memorial by the corporate interests.

Occupy The Pride worldwide call to action - local events

Saturday, June 16, 1 p.m.-2:30 p.m.: Pride sign-making picnic at the Couch Park (find us near the Couch Park sign at the southeastern corner of the park), NW Glisan Street at NW 19th Avenue. Make signs for Dyke March and/or Occupride. Some cardboards and markers provided; bring anything else you may need.

Sunday, June 17, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.: Occupy The Pride Portland - Parade-Watching Picnic and Community Outreach Action at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park between Ash and Pine Streets (on the open parkland between the Pride NW festival and Saturday Market). This is mostly for visibility and presence. We engage in conversation only when people approach us. Bring your favorite Occupy signs or banners, musical instruments, games, picnic stuff to share, etc.

Saturday, June 23, 3 p.m.-6 p.m.: Occupy The Pride Portland - Summer Solstice Community Assembly at Ladd Circle, SE Ladd Avenue at Harrison Street (in the middle of the Ladd's Addition between Hawthorne and Division). Network, connect and organize for future actions in a less confrontational setting as we also celebrate the arrival of summer! We also thought this would be a great idea as many people could not make it to the Sunday, June 17 Occupride due to other involvements. Moving the main Occupride action to another day would ensure a bigger turnout.

Saturday, July 7, Occupy The Pride Vancouver, Washington (maybe) at Esther Short Park, this would be a low-key visibility and dialogue action like the one on June 17 in Portland.

Other events and actions: [...]


el género y la sexualidad 02-Feb-2012 06:40

Almost There -- Marriage Equality In Wa State

From the open publishing newswire: Next: The House
It's almost too good to be true.

Tonight [Feb 1, 2012] the Washington Senate, on a bipartisan 28-21 vote, passed a marriage equality bill -- the first time in Washington history that an equality bill has passed in either chamber of the legislature.

Our efforts are working, creating real changes in Washington's marriage policy -- and it's all due to you, and thousands of other Washingtonians who care deeply about equality. We're hearing that all the calls and emails to the Capitol are changing minds. But, while this is a historic victory, it's far from the end of the road. The next step toward getting equality signed into law is a vote on the House floor, which may come as early as next week. And it's tempting to celebrate after such an important victory, but we just don't have the luxury. If marriage equality is going to be a reality in Washington, we're going to need to keep pushing, and keep speaking out.

We can't let up. Not yet.

Washington United for Marriage


anti-racismo | el género y la sexualidad 20-Oct-2011 07:59

Mars Hill Mega-Church Welcome Wagon

Mars Hill From the open publishing newswire: On Sunday October 16th, a group of 20-30 antifascists and allies gathered at SE 32nd Avenue and Taylor Street to oppose the opening of Mars Hill's Portland branch. Demonstrators carried banners with statements of support for the LGBTQ community and maintained a presence in front of the church throughout the service. As church attendees exited the building, demonstrators held a dance party with the aid of a portable sound system and chanted, "Homophobes get out of here! Pro-Choice! Pro-Queer!"

Mars Hill is a misogynistic, homophobic, evangelical megachurch founded by Mark Driscoll in Seattle, Washington. His tiny flock first met in his living room in 1996 and swelled to a membership of 1,000 by 2003. It now boasts 12 branches in four states. The original Seattle branch alone was reported to have an attendance of 3,500 people per week in 2006, and numbers have grown since then. There are congregations of Mars Hill specifically devoted to "converting" queer people, encouraging them to suppress their sexuality and live a straight lifestyle. The newest church outpost here in Portland aims to change the sinful ways of the Rose City: namely the city's Left-wing, feminist, and pro-queer culture.

Full article is available at: rosecityantifa<dot>org

We are always interested in any and all information on fascist and racist organizing in our community. Contact us!
Email: fight_them_back@riseup<dot>net or Voicemail: 971.533.7832
homepage:  http://rosecityantifa.org


tácticas de la resistencia | el género y la sexualidad 15-Oct-2011 12:01

Call to Action: In Opposition of Mars Hill, Anti-Gay Megachurch

From the open publishing newswire: Last month Mars Hill--an evangelical megachurch with nine branches in Washington and one in New Mexico--postponed its first public meeting after a dance-in and kiss-in was organized by LGBTQ folks in Portland to protest the church's hateful message equating homosexuality with cancer. Mars Hill claimed the postponement was a result of parking concerns due to the Belmont Street Fair scheduled to take place the same day.

Let's show them they won't have a free pass to spread bigotry and hatred here in Portland! Spread the word!


el género y la sexualidad | la salud 22-Feb-2011 06:48

Portland Walk for Choice 2011

From the open publishing newswire: On [Saturday] February 26th, from noon to 3pm, there will be a Walk for Choice in support of women's rights Join us to help stop the national assault on women's rights and women's reproductive health. You have a voice, WALK FOR CHOICE!

Walk for Choice 2011 was created directly in response to the events in Congress surrounding H.R. 3. Women and allies around the world will peacefully protest against limiting a woman's right to choose and the right to have a safe, legal abortion. Abortion is a legal procedure that saves the lives of 70,000 women each year.Walk for Choice will take place in multiple cities on February 26th, 2011. The official Walk for Choice website is walkforchoice.tumblr.com.

Walk for Choice PDX is a peaceful walk in support of women's and men's access to reproductive rights. While this event is short-notice, we can still make an impact. Your attendance is greatly appreciated!

We will meet at a central location at 12:00 and walk until 3:00. Exact location and route to be announced closer to date of walk.
homepage:  link to www.facebook.com


el género y la sexualidad | el estado policial y las cárceles 23-Jan-2011 21:00

Blow Pony April 2009 Gay Bashing Case Botched By DA Office Incompetence/Negligence

From the open publishing newswire: The verdict for the trial of a gay bashing on Wed was a huge disappointment in a long line of disappointments. City officials have been telling the queer community that if we want something done about gay bashings we must report. This case, in particular was brought up in a press conference with the mayor. Airick Heater (the victim & well known local DJ for Blow Pony) was encouraged to prosecute. This trial was to showcase the effectiveness of reporting hate crimes in Portland. I think you'll have a clear opinion on that after reading what happened.


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