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29.11.2010 17:58
Victory for Sea Lions of the Columbia River
After a year of deliberation, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled to block the National Marine Fisheries Service's killing of federally protected sea lions on the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington. In Defense of Animals (IDA) and the Sea Lion Defense Brigade (SLDB) have campaigned against the state-sanctioned sea lion killing for more than three years, and congratulate the prevailing plaintiffs, The Humane Society of the United States, Wild Fish Conservancy and two private citizens.

The court said the government failed to meet the requirements of the Marine Mammal Protection Act and cannot justify killing protected pinnipeds. The sea lion predation of .04 to 4.2 percent of the spring salmon run at the Bonneville Dam could not be considered a "significant negative impact" when the same agencies allow fisherman to take up to 17 percent of the returning fish.

"This is a huge victory for sea lions and salmon. We are relieved to see an end to the unethical, politically motivated killing of native, protected sea lions," said IDA's Northwest Director Matt Rossell. "We hope these agencies will now address the human-caused threats to salmon recovery - over-fishing, introduction of non-native fish, dams and habitat destruction."

Since the lethal removal program began in 2008, IDA and the SLDB have worked to protect the sea lions in the Columbia River and hold agencies accountable to the public for this controversial program. Activists organized dozens of demonstrations, met with government officials, and rallied on the steps of the Oregon capital. IDA fought a court battle to free one sea lion named "Willy," who was misidentified by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and wrongfully removed from the river.


23.10.2010 12:36
Photos of Obama protest on 10-20
Photos of the hardy 50+ who bravely stood their ground against over 100 right-wing Tea Party or re-packaged Americans For Prosperity protestors and over 5,000 Obama supporters. Also photos of the right wingers to show how utterly confused and misled they are, in spite of their real anger/grievances. Sometimes, you don't know whether to laugh or weep! What will it take for ordinary Americans to wake up and stop being conned/manipulated by the elites and their pundits.

Well, there were over 5,000 Obama supporters, 100 right wing Tea Party/Americans for Prosperity, and 50 of us at the protest two days ago when Obama came to town to stump for Kitzhaber. But the progressive activists from Veterans for Peace, PCASC, SUPER, ISO, immigrant rights groups and others bravely stood their ground in spite of their small numbers, and did their best to get their message out. No more wars and occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Pakistan, no more corporate giveaways and bailouts, Money for jobs and education, and no more voting for the two-party con men, Democrats and Republicans, soaking in corporate money and corruption. If we want real change, we've got to do it ourselves, not depend on politicians, leaders and cheerleaders. Look at what the French students and workers are doing right now to fight back against the cutbacks and attacks on them by the ruling elites. Strike, Blockade, Sabotage! Enough said!

[Related PIMC video post]


23.10.2010 12:34
Oregon doctors support Measure 74
Solicitation for support of Oregon's Measure 74 (medical marijuana dispensary regulation) Happy Friday, Beaver Staters! What are your weekend plans? How about voting YES on Measure 74 and submitting those ballots! Many leading Oregonians have spoken out in support of Measure 74, including several physicians. Doctors Frances J. Storrs, Peter Goodwin, Glenn M. Gordon, John Pearson, Nancy Crumpacker, Philip Newman, Susan Katz, and James P. Scott all agree that "Measure 74 will enhance the care and well-being of thousands of seriously ill patients. It will reduce pain and suffering and improve quality of life."

In effect, Measure 74 will provide both doctors and patients better information and better treatment options. It is crucial that we pass this compassionate measure in Oregon. The most important thing you can do now is VOTE! If you are registered to vote and have not yet received your ballot, call your county elections office right away. Please voice your support for Measure 74 in any way you can -- forward this message to a friend or two or post about it on your social networking sites. Have a great weekend, and remember to VOTE YES on 74!


Marijuana Policy Project


23.10.2010 12:29
Portland Lecture with Campaign Finance Reform Expert and Founder of Fix Congress First
Lawrence Lessig, founder of Fix Congress First, professor at Harvard Law School, and acclaimed campaign finance expert, is coming to Portland next week.

Lawrence Lessig, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Fix Congress First is currently the Director of the Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics, and a Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. Prior to returning to Harvard, he was a professor at Stanford Law School, where he founded the school's Center for Internet and Society, and at the University of Chicago. He clerked for Judge Richard Posner on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and Justice Antonin Scalia on the United States Supreme Court. His current academic work on "institutional corruption" (relationships that are legal, even currently ethical, but that weaken public trust in our institutions) led to his founding of Fix Congress First in April, 2008. Additionally, he has worked as a columnist for Wired, Red Herring, The Industry Standard and The Huffington Post.

Thursday, October 28th, First Unitarian Church (1011 SW 13th Avenue) in Portland. Doors open at 6:30pm and the event begins at 6:45pm. Sliding scale entrance fee $5-$25 (nobody will be turned away for lack of funds)

*Proceeds will benefit the Voter-Owned Elections (Yes on 26-108) campaign and are not tax deductible for income purposes


19.10.2010 15:19
We could learn a lot from Chile
Responding to disaster runs much more smoothly when done in the light of day. Like most people, I was riveted and inspired by the joyous rescue of the 33 Chilean miners yesterday. Yet I couldn't help but make some comparisons ... why didn't we have these guys cap the oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico? Chile did everything right that the U.S. did wrong when it came to addressing disaster.

First of all, they accepted outside help. They had several contingency plans and there was actually a friendly competition between different firms as to who could drill the escape route first. This was all done in the light of day instead of like how BP did everything, including somehow enlisting the U.S. Coast Guard, to chase away anyone who might be so curious as to know what the hell they were doing to fix one of the worst environmental catastrophes in history.

In recent months, Chile has been exemplary in showing the importance of good preparation. Remember the earthquake they had earlier this year? It measured 8.8 on the Richter scale, 501 times stronger than the quake that devastated Haiti. Yet Haiti lost a quarter million people while Chile's death toll was in the hundreds. That shows how important building codes are. That's why you regulate companies instead of having them write the rule books for you. BP pretty much wrote their own regulations. See where that got us?



03.10.2010 15:22
Is THIS, then, what democracy looks like?
Water cannons move in Some authors and even grassroots activists sometimes mention the European model as a way forward, into a smoother running capitalist society. An example this week is Steven Hill's "Dispatches from Europe".

But the argument against their pro-European positions is remarkable simple:

People here in Europe spend their days fighting against government policies favoring industry and elites, just the same way people everywhere else in the world do. Cars burn, factories are occupied, cops crack skulls.

There is nothing progressive or democratic about Europe. The vestiges of progressive labor laws and social safety nets are the result of CENTURIES of workers struggling at the grassroots level. They have absolutely nothing to do with Europe as a whole, or European bureaucrats in Brussels.



11.08.2010 23:26
On September 1, 2010, TriMet, according to one source a $2.5 billion transit agency, is set to cutback on 60 bus routes and implement a five cents per ride fare hike. One transit group has set a 'wake' of sorts, mourning the loss and fare hike, for AFTER the austerity measures occur. Transit Riders Union is organizing NOW against the cuts and the fare hike.

TriMet's unelected board of directors voted 6-1 (Lynn Lehrbach with the Teamsters voted no) to implement the Sept. 1, 2010 five cents a ride fare hike. The unelected TriMet board also voted to cut back on 60 bus routes Sept. 1. This will be the third round of service cuts and second fare hike in the past two years. New TriMet board president Rick Van Beveren has voted for all five 'transit shock doctrine' austerity cuts and fare hikes.

So far, TRU has held one picket at Portland Business Alliance to protest TriMet cuts and fare hikes. PBA pushed for the elimination of Fareless Square, year after year (along with sit-lie 1 amd 2). PBA just donated $5,000 to the campaign of Tom Hughes for Metro president, and Hughes has been endorsed by the Tribune and the Oregonian. A new, appointed-in-secret member of the TriMet board is Steve Clark, president of the Portland Tribune.

Come help transit riders and organizers stop the cuts and the fare hike!


20.07.2010 16:11
VIDEO: Sharing Public Sidewalks Advisory Committee Meeting 7.12.10
Sidewalk Advisory Committee Meeting 7.12.10 The monthly sidewalk sharing advisory committee meeting is open to the public every 1st Monday{.} This meeting was filmed on July 12 2010 in The Portland Building, (2nd Monday due to Holiday){.} It is an open public meeting hosted by Commissioner Fritz office{.} The topics were the camping laws, arrests and citation regarding the sidewalk sharing laws, and private security, their training and their policies being used in Portland{.}


20.07.2010 16:07
Lone Vet Report
I just love this photo, thanks Joe-Anybody SO WHAT IS THIS RULE WE ARE SO PISSED AT? March 24, 2010 Roll call number 186 in the House (Blumenauer voted yes to 4899) Question On Passage: H R 4899 Making emergency supplemental appropriations for disaster relief and summer jobs for fiscal year ending September 30, 2010, and for other purposes Ayes: 239 (Democrat: 234; Republican: 5) Nays: 175 (Democrat: 8; Republican: 167) Abstained: 14 (Democrat: 10; Republican: 4) Result: Bill Passed

In the Senate{.} H.R.4899: Making supplemental appropriations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2010, and for other purpose{...} May 27, 2010 Roll call number 176 in the Senate Question On Passage of the Bill (H.R. 4899, As Amended) Ayes: 67 (Democrat: 53; Republican: 12; Other: 2) Nays: 28 (Democrat: 2; Republican: 26) Abstained: 5 (Democrat: 2; Republican: 3) Required percentage of 'Aye' votes: 1/2 (50%) Percentage of 'aye' votes: 67% Result: Bill Passed

This is where the Senate passed amendments to make this bill into a Supplemental for the War/Occupation of Afghanistan, (Obama's Surge.) The Bill HR 4899 is now a way for the President to get his blood money, but there are problems in the House, some "Anti-War Dems" do not want to vote for a war supplemental, but could be bought off with some social programs. The GOP will vote for more killings but not for more social programs; the Bill HR 4899 could fail.


15.06.2010 08:00
There are oil spill nets still needed that would contain the spill and keep the currents underwater from picking up the oil and sloshing it all over the place.. the fact is, there were containment nets needed for the "exxon valdez " , "selendang ayu", "cougar ace",and "cosco busan, and the "f/v baranof and the tug "pathfinder' and the "dubai star" . These nets that would have been effective in heading off disasterous impacts have STILL NOT BEEN MADE!


09.05.2010 10:35
Sit Lie - PDX Sidewalk Use
After hearing from the variety of concerned groups and citizens (Sisters of the Road, Portland Human Rights Commission, Portland Copwatch, ACLU, downtown construction workers, preachers, media activists, political activists, homeless folks and people with a home) all encouraging the city to NOT ...pass this sidewalk law... they did so anyway

And just so you know[.] Only 2 spoke in favor, and the city council reports that they are all fine with their compassionate, thoughtful concern fro the poor and homeless when they voted FOR THIS LAW. To me it seemed their minds were made up, and rather than postpone (or just scrap the whole thing)[.] It appeared to me they used the meeting to prop up their position of backing the PBA as they pat their own backs while telling the room they ..."really do care"[.] Shameful Outcome! How soon before the first lawsuit is my question?


27.04.2010 00:00
Rally for Oregon Jobs
Recently, Congressman Kurt Schrader said he wants to expand Free Trade Agreements to new contries - the same type of agreements that have cost Oregon thousands of jobs. He told the "Oregonian" that he is unwilling to continue unemployment benefits for people who can't find work.

Please join with Jobs with Justice, the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign, Union of Unemployed and others to demand jobs and unemployment benefits for those that have lost their jobs to the Republican/Banker/Wall Street economic collapse.

Rally for Oregon Jobs
Thursday, April 22 - 12 noon
Congressman Schraders's Office
8th & Main - Oregon City, OR


08.04.2010 13:13
The Coming Internet Protection Racket or Rentier Digital Capitalism
Without Common Carrier status, predatory companies like Comcast will inevitably start demanding a take of any profitable new economic activity dependent on the Internet. They will be able to use the threat of arbitrary service disruption to make demands on independent businesses. They will also start offering "tiered" services, where access to various protocols will be dependent on paying for special "elite" or "gold" subscriber status. Running a website will be out of the question without paying an assortment of special fees, split among a consortium of business interests and justified by appealing to precedents like HDTV and "Trusted Platform Computing." There will be legal and antitrust wrangling over the matter, but how effective has that been recently against digital age would-be monopolists? (Think Microsoft.)
Read  http://www.eff.org/testyourisp for a little preview of what is in store as Comcast starts rolling out new packet control techniques.


05.04.2010 18:13
Paul Wolfowitz At Lewis & Clark TONIGHT
One of the worst criminals in these dis-united states has been invited to speak tonight at Lewis & Clark College. Instead of rotting away in a jail cell, this neocon thug was asked to participate in Lewis & Clark's 48th Annual International Affairs Symposium. It seems only fair that we the people show up tonight to protest Lewis and Clark's stupidity and criminality (yes, criminality!) by inviting this warmongering scum to their campus!


05.04.2010 14:28
We Need To Support Net Neutrality
Comcast, AT&T and Verizon have deployed hundreds of lobbyists in a final push to kill the open Internet. Their goal: Take control of Internet content away from Internet users. Their tactic: Tell outrageous lies about Net Neutrality ? which is the only thing stopping them from interfering with your online experience. Free Press and our allies in the Save the Internet Coalition are gathering hundreds of thousands of signatures to show the FCC that Internet users -- and not corporations -- should control the Internet.

You now have four days left to convince the FCC that these companies are wrong.

Debunk Their Junk; Demand Net Neutrality.


22.02.2010 07:09
Lone Vet Report and Karl Rove
Portland, Oregon Tells Karl Rove To Go To Jail.

The World Affairs Council of Oregon arranged a debate between Karl Rove and Dr, Howard Dean on the 10th day of February 2010 in Portland, Oregon. Almost 100 protestors, most outside and some inside brought the message to Karl Rove that he should be before a judge and not making millions of dollars on a speaking tour with Dean. There were many who also had a message to Dr. Howard Dean, "You are enabling this man to become rich, and you must stop it now."

Outside there were representatives from Veterans for Peace, Code Pink, the Pissed Off Grannies, Individuals for Justice, and other groups. Inside there were about a half dozen members of Individuals for Justice who pooled their money to buy a $47 ticket, (each) and confront the man we call traitor. One by one we stood up and yelled from the balconies...




09.02.2010 09:05
At its regular meeting tonight, the PPS Board will vote on whether to accept Resolution 4214, a $320,000 revenue contract for the StarBase program, an educational program funded by the Department of Defense. Students in Starbase get 25 hours of so-called science, math and technology instruction at local military bases. A growing number of Portland parents and community members strongly oppose the StarBase program, because it is used as a recruitment tool by the military and heavily targets low-income youth. They are urging the Board to vote down this contract.

"We oppose the militarization of our children through a science curriculum," says Jessica Applegate, mother of two PPS students. "This program is funded out of the Department of Defense recruitment budget and takes place on military bases."

UPDATE: The StarBase discussion has apparently been pulled from tonight's School Board agenda. The discussion is being postponed till the next School Board meeting on February 22 or March 8.

You will be kept informed.

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26.01.2010 16:06
Forty activists and homeless people from Portland joined newly-formed WRAP (Western Regional Advocacy Project) protest in San Franciso for march down Market Street for housing rights and against 'crimes of status' with target of Nancy Pelosi's office. Organizers also helped with a picket in Ashland against US Bank over 66/67, and a forum on housing politics with JwJ/OA.
On January 20, 2010, the one year anniversary of Obama's Inauguration, hundreds of West Coast activists and poor people pooled their protesting energy in San Francisco and marched down Market Street in the rain to Nancy Pelosi's office, advocating for more housing funding and civil rights. WRAP, Western Regional Advocacy Project, with members from Sisters of the Road and Street Roots in Portland, endorsed by PSU Progressive Student Union, Tenant Rights Project and Transit Riders Union (among others) in Portland, and including groups from San Francisco and Los Angeles, like LA CAN -- organized this protest, with the theme "Housekeys Not Handcuffs."


15.01.2010 19:45
Southeast Oregon Plans a Coyote Killing Derby this Weekend
"That a state government agency would foster such a puerile, violent form of entertainment is morally unacceptable, and the logic behind it is nonsense. No one has undertaken a scientific study on the effects of the random killing of coyotes. In fact, as coyotes flee human threat, they regroup and reproduce, without the natural selection and competition of a large community of coyotes."

Beginning this weekend, hunters in southeast Oregon will host a killing derby, where "as many coyotes as possible" will be killed for prizes such as rifles, binoculars and scopes.

According to a 13 January Big Game Hunt notice, the derby will run from 16 January through the 17th throughout Lake, Malheur, Harney, and Klamath counties. The event will be headquartered in Silver Lake, Oregon, where the final winners will be determined.


07.12.2009 16:00
Open Letter to the Governor concerning OHSU's treatment of Women
This is a call for informed consent reform and the criminal prosecution of medical staff who participate in the "medical rape" of patients. ALL Oregon Rape victims are directed to OHSU for rape exams, even if they live hours away. Many simply accept the emergency care at their local hospital and go home. Women who are raped and make a mistake of going to OHSU, may suffer a second rape. Now I know folks do not like to call any sort of "medical care" rape, but times are changing and the laws need to change with them. Raped women who do not want to suffer a rape kit, or not with males present are forced, rather than accommodated, that is by any reasonable woman standard a second rape. OHSU may call the police, as if they have the right to give them permission to violate a patient's rights, or they may just sedate her and move forward. Now one might say, they need to catch the rapist, but OHSU has another, perhaps more influential motive for this second rape.


02.12.2009 22:14
VIDEO: Honduras PCASC Press Release is greeted by Homeland Security
 No to the fraudulent elections in Honduras A small group speaks to the independent press in front of the Federal Building regarding the recent fraudulent elections in Honduras. In solidarity with the people of Honduras who are under media suppression as well as the silencing of their democratic opposition voices in Honduras with out fear of being killed.
About a dozen people on Monday 11.30.09 gathered in front of the Federal Building in Portland Oregon to publicly make a statement against the illegal elections in Honduras. PCASC (Portland Central America Solidarity Committee) and others stood outside and delivered two speeches asking for solidarity and respect for human rights as well as demanding justice and to reinstate President Zelaya and to denounce the fraudulent elections in Honduras.


01.12.2009 23:45
Union Reps & Transit Activists Unite Wed Night At PSU
Two members of the ATU (TriMet drivers union) and Lynn Lehrbach (with the Teamsters in Portland, and a TriMet board member) are expected to attend and talk at this Wednesday night's 6 p.m. Transit Rider Union meeting, on Saving Fareless Square coalition and direct action organizing. 1,500 transit riders have signed petitions to Save Fareless Square, and despite Lynn (on the TriMet board) voting with us, TriMet continues to ignore democracy, the public interest, clean air, global warming, oil wars, and transit equity.


01.12.2009 23:37
"Where's Molly?", A Story About Institutionalization Of People With DD
The Fairview Training Center was once known as the "Oregon State Institution for the Feeble-Minded." It was established in 1908 and housed thousands of residents with disabilities for close to a century. During that time, these residents suffered from inadequate staffing, poor training, serious health hazards, restraints, forced sterilization, rape, torture and neglect. Many of the residents were brought to the Center as small children and lived their entire lives in the confines of this prison masking as a hospital.


20.11.2009 15:41
Fur Trapping Season Starts December 1st
Oregon fur trapping begins 12/1 and runs through 3/15. During the '08-'09 season, 765 active trappers (out of 1133 licensed) killed 19,148 animals using leg-hold traps, neck snares and Conibear traps. In calendar '08, the APHIS (Dept. of Agriculture) killed 8,342 animals using the same plus leg snares (mostly on bears), cages and gas canisters (mostly M44). Nearly all these animals suffered a protracted and torturous death.
While the relentless slaughter by the US Government can only be stopped at the federal level, fur trapping in Oregon can be stopped by its citizens.


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