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Updated 2/20/2013

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increased FBI harassment & Grand Jury investigations:

Rebeccah Rubin taken into custody at Canadian border 2012

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* Walter Bond
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* Marie Mason

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District of Oregon Sentencing Hearings Report-Backs:

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(Cooperating Defendants)
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Green Scare Background:
Since December 7th 2005, several activists have been arrested across the US in a series of coordinated raids by federal marshals. Several have also served with subpoenas to appear before Grand Juries in Eugene and Denver. Two of these served were later arrested in Medford, Oregon, and released on bail. One of these released has been giving up information about two more environmentalists who were arrested in Olympia, charged with involvement in an arson, and who have both been denied bail as a direct result of this person informing, bringing the total arrests to ten of the thirteen named in the indictment. A fourteenth person was indicted and arrested in Seattle in March, and has been released pending trial.

According to the Dept of Justice at their January 20th press conference, these arrests & subpoenas are part of a nation-wide effort to target activists in the US under new domestic terrorism legislation, although in reality, the word "terrorism" is not mentioned once in the 83-page indictment.

Many of those who were arrested have cooperated with authorities to lessen their prison terms. One activist has died in jail. All of the remaining non-cooperating activists have pled guilty, and all except the activist turned informant, Jacob Ferguson, are now facing long sentences with possible terrorism enhancements added on. The charges are in relation to a string of actions which took place between 1997 and 2001, actions that were claimed by the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front. [Initial Report | Jeff Luers' March 2006 Dispatch]

Police Informants gave information about some of the people taken into custody during this sweep, most notably, Jake the Snake. Ferguson's informing work to the FBI has been made publicly available, in the form of the actual arrest and search warrant request submitted December 7th, 2005.

Dec 22, 2005 one of the originally indicted activists was found dead in his cell. The authorities claim it was a suicide. Bill Rodgers, 40, was a long-time community activist from Arizona where he ran the 'Catalyst Infoshop' bookstore out of his home. For more information or to see how you can support Bill's life work see: www.supportbill.org. [FSRN Audio Interview about Bill with his friend and supporter]

Details & updates on those targetted in the Dec 7th FBI Sweep


SHAC 7 Convicted!:

On March 2, the Bush administration dealt yet another blow to the First Amendment, as the SHAC 7 were found guilty of multiple federal felonies for advocating the closure of the notorious animal-testing lab Huntington Life Sciences by running a website educating people about animal abuses, publishing a newsletter, speaking at events, and publicizing protests. Now, six activists face years in federal prison. All six are currently under house arrest while awaiting sentencing in September; The SHAC7 Support Committee and attorneys are planning to appeal.
[Josh Harper interview on Vegan Freak Radio | Josh Harper online video: "Refusing To Be Silent"]

Auburn Activist Arrests
Friday, January 13, a planted FBI infiltrator named Anna, was responsible for the arrest of three people in Auburn, California. These three are accused of being an ELF cell and planning to damage a cellphone tower, a power plant and a US Forest Service facility. Eric McDavid, has requested prisoner support. The families of Eric and Lauren have been able to hire private attorneys, but that was not the case with Zachary. Lauren was released on bail, and as of May 30th, is reportedly cooperating with authorities. As of July 20, Zachary Jensen has also become an Informant.


Support has been withdrawn for the following co-defendants, after it has come to light that these people have decided to cooperate with the FBI by giving information on other activists, in exchange for the possibility of reduced sentences: Stan Meyerhoff, Kevin Tubbs, Lauren Weiner, Chelsea Dawn Gerlach, Suzanne Savoie, Kendall Tankersley, Darren Thurston, and Zachary Jensen. Jennifer Kolar of Seattle has also been giving information leading to the arrest of at least one of these activists. Lacey Phillabaum is also providing testimony against others.

los derechos de los animales | green scare | prisons & prisoners 06-Sep-2014 09:07

In the Face of Repression-- Organizing in Spite of the Surveillance State

From the open publishing newswire: September 6, 12:00pm

Portland State University
Smith Memorial Student Union
Room 296/8

The AETA labels animal activists as terrorists and is one of the most unconstitutional laws since COINTELPRO. In response to new indictments under the AETA, The National Weekend of Action Against the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) has been called as a show of solidarity, to increase the visibility of ongoing counter-intelligence, and to encourage activists to organize and resist in the face of repression.


green scare | prisons & prisoners 25-Aug-2014 11:16

In the Face of Repression-- Organizing in Spite of the Surveillance State

From the open publishing newswire: In the Face of Repression // Organizing in Spite of the Surveillance State

September 6, 12:00pm

Portland State University
Smith Memorial Student Union
Room 296/8

The AETA labels animal activists as terrorists and is one of the most unconstitutional laws since COINTELPRO. In response to new indictments under the AETA, The National Weekend of Action Against the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) has been called as a show of solidarity, to increase the visibility of ongoing counter-intelligence, and to encourage activists to organize and resist in the face of repression.

In Portland, a coalition of groups are coordinating an afternoon of presenters and panels to discuss the AETA, and to use it as a platform to connect the more expansive processes and histories of repression that are incurred by systematically marginalized, colonized, frontlines, and resistance communities. We want animal and earth liberation activists to understand that all captivity must be ended. It is important to underscore the reality that many communities are always under state repression, not just so-called "activists" communities. It is imperative to stress the need for communities to show solidarity with each other to increase capacity and resilience against surveillance, state violence, and the prison industry. We must reject the misconception that prison or surveillance serve any sort of positive function and instead recognize repression for what it really is: a process engrained into colonial-capitalist society. [...]

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/890626027634210/


green scare | prisons & prisoners 21-Oct-2013 22:53

Move Marie! Call-in Monday, Oct. 21 and Write-in Friday, Oct. 25

From the open publishing newswire: Please call the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) on Monday, Oct 21 and write a letter on Friday, October 25 to ask that Marie Mason be moved out of the restricted unit of Carswell prison and that it be shut down. [...]


Please help get Marie Mason moved out of FMC Carswell by writing a letter to the Bureau of Prisons Director. We are asking as many people as possible to write letters and organize letter writing events so that we can show the BOP just how many people recognize her position as unjust, and support the idea of her being moved into a general population unit closer to her family.

Below is the address to send all letters to, and a sample letter. Please remain firm but polite in your communications with the BOP.

Charles E. Samuels, Jr. , Director,
Federal Bureau of Prisons,
320 First St., NW,
Washington, DC 20534

Dear Director Samuels:

I write on behalf of Marie Mason #04672-061, who is currently incarcerated in a special isolation unit at FMC Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas.


Marie has never violated any prison rules and is obviously being targeted for her political beliefs. We demand that she be removed from this restrictive unit and transferred to a federal prison near her family and friends.

homepage:  http://www.movemarie.com


green scare 07-Jun-2012 08:25

Grand jury cooperator in San Francisco

From the open publishing newswire: Active grand jury in San Francisco. At least 4 have been subpoenaed, with one known cooperator. Otessa Crandell has cooperated with the most recent grand jury witch-hunt, claiming to investigate an arson in Santa Cruz, CA that was never claimed by underground groups. The grand jury in reality is just harrassing local vegans. She doesn't deny her cooperation. She claims that she gave them nothing of substance, and they just asked about phone numbers from her cell phone call logs. It's unknown what they actually asked, and how this information will be used the federal prosecutors.

Cooperating with the FBI, in their guilt by association witch-hunts, is unacceptable. We need to support grand jury resistors, unify them, and help them resist together. Let's organize events that de-mystify the grand jury process.


green scare 05-Jun-2012 06:55

June 11 Circus in Eugene

From the open publishing newswire: Int'l Day of Solidarity with Ecoprisoners Eric McDavid and Marie Mason

On June 11 (at 11 am) we are going to hold a circus at the new federal courthouse in Eugene to mock the federal courts, to show that, "If justice is a circus, all of us are clowns." There will be jugglers, fire-breathers, stilts, music, lots of clowns and other performers. Come dressed as a clown judge or a clown cop!

BACKGROUND: June 11th began as an international day of solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoner Jeff "Free" Luers in 2004. At the time, Jeff was serving 22+ years. After years of struggle, Jeff and his legal team won a reduction in his sentence and he was released from prison in December 2009. But in the years intervening Jeff's arrest and release, the FBI had carried out a series of indictments and arrests in an attempt to devastate the radical environmental and anarchist communities.

Two of the people caught up in this maelstrom of repression were Eric McDavid and Marie Mason... Marie Mason and Eric McDavid share the unfortunate distinction of having the longest standing sentences of any environmental prisoners in the United States. Please join us in an international day of solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, and other long-term anarchist prisoners on every June 11th.

Free Marie and Eric! Free all prisoners!
homepage:  http://june11.org


green scare 04-Jun-2012 18:19

Never Alone Tour for Eric McDavid, Marie Mason & long-term anarchist prisoners (VIDEO)

Never Alone From the open publishing newswire: This past April we were able to meet up with the folks doing the 'Never Alone tour for Eric McDavid, Marie Mason & long-term anarchist prisoners'. We were really excited about this tour, as we believe prisoner solidarity and support should be the core of any movement of resistance. Since we like to film and make videos for all of you to watch, share and use as a resource, we offered to film the Eugene, OR tour stop for them so it could be put online. Here is a little background info explaining what the tour is about.


This tour is part of the collaboration for International Day of Solidarity for Long-term Anarchist Prisoners, June 11.




green scare 07-Mar-2012 08:23

New Filings on Frank Ambrose's Docket

From the open publishing newswire: After a long period of inactivity, 10 sealed documents have recently been filed on Frank Ambrose's docket. On Dec 21, 2 motions from the AUSA, on Dec 22 an order, on Jan 12 an AUSA motion, on Jan 12 an AUSA document, and on Jan 17 an order. Then, on March 2, a sealed motion and 2 sealed documents; and on March 5th a sealed order. Frank Ambrose is an activist turned informant who provided the government with information against Marie Mason and others.


These sudden secret filings on the docket of a confirmed informant are cause for concern, though it is unclear what to make of it. What is disturbing is that this is occurring in the context of continuing prosecutions in the Midwest. The most recent of these was against David Agranoff, who agreed "to cooperate by attempting to provide substantial assistance to the government."

 link to www.greenisthenewred.com



green scare | el estado policial y las cárceles 31-Aug-2011 12:57

Civil Liberties Defense Center's Local Harvest Feast Sept. 1

From the open publishing newswire: CLDC's 2nd Annual Local Harvest Feast and auction at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum near Eugene

Mt. Pisgah Arboretum 5:30-9:30 pm on September 1, 2011.

Join us for a locally grown, yummy, four-course dinner prepared by C. Ashley Hawkins including music, socializing, appetizers, luscious drinks, followed by dinner, more music and a silent and live auction.

Featured Speaker: George A. Kimbrell, Senior Attorney, Center for Food Safety; Music by Sol de los Andes

All proceeds go to benefit the work of CLDC!

RSVP @ 541-687-9180 or www.cldc.org


green scare 11-Jul-2011 08:25

The Limitations of the Earth Liberation Front

From the open publishing newswire: Environmentalism is the defining issue of our times. The ecological crisis is touching all of our lives. The environmental movement is engaged in a life-or-death struggle with the forces of industry; at stake is the planet that gives us life.

Sycophantic environmentalists regularly dismiss the ELF as "ineffective" in the capitalist press. An odd invective indeed given that if we have different goals we are going to have different ideas of what "effective" means... The first guideline is "to inflict maximum economic damage to those who profit from the destruction and exploitation of the environment." This is the essence of ELF strategy, to force their targets to perform a cost benefit analysis, in which the target arrives at the decision that they should stop what they are doing because it is more expensive to continue than it would be profitable.

The ELF's greatest strength is that it cannot be physically destroyed, in past years the US government has had a certain amount of success in finding and imprisoning ELF soldiers. But ultimately it doesn't matter if they catch all members of the ELF because the group is not so much an organization as it is the living embodiment of an idea (the use of sabotage in defense of the Earth) and ideas cannot be jailed or killed.


green scare 09-Jul-2011 09:44

ALF / ELF Fugitive Justin Solondz Arrested

From the open publishing newswire: After three years in a Chinese jail, Justin Solondz is taken into US custody Justin Solondz spent years on the run before being arrested in China three years ago. This week, years in a Chinese jail, he was deported and taken into US custody at a Chicago airport. He is being charged with a role in two actions: the 2001 University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture arson (claimed by the Earth Liberation Front), and the arson and attempted animal release at the 2001 Litchfield Wild Horse and Burro Corral in Susanville, California (claimed by the Animal Liberation Front).

Recently, Solondz's former girlfriend, Briana Waters, entered into a plea deal in which she agreed to testify against Solondz at his upcoming trial. A search for his name on the BOP Inmate Locator did not give any results, and his current jail address is not known. With several cooperating witnesses, he faces a hard legal battle ahead. I will be posting his jail address as soon as it is available. For now, give your silent support to the three remaining fugitives from this FBI sweep dubbed the "Green Scare case". They are somewhere out there tonight, continuing to be hunted as "terrorists" by the FBI. - Peter Young



los derechos de los animales | green scare 30-Jun-2011 11:13

Lead informant in ALF / ELF Cases Sentenced to 5 Years

From the open publishing newswire: Infamous snitch Jacob Ferguson arrested on drug charges, sent to prison

p>From Voice of the Voiceless

Infamous snitch Jacob Ferguson arrested on drug charges, sent to prison

The man who wore a wire for the FBI and sent over a dozen people to prison for ALF / ELF actions is himself now going to prison. Jacob Ferguson was sentenced this week to 5 years for ?manufacturing, possessing and selling heroin?, according to court records.

Ferguson rose to infamy after becoming the lead informant in the ?Operation Backfire? FBI sweep. The arrests led to prison sentences for over a dozen people on arson charges for ALF / ELF actions going back almost 10 years. Three of those charged ? Joe Dibee, Josephine Sunshine Overaker, and Rebecca Rubin ? are still on the run.

His role in over a dozen arsons claimed by the Animal Liberation Front / Earth Liberation Front made him a valuable asset for the FBI. When he secretly began cooperating with the government in 2004 to send many of his former friends to prison, he accepted a plea bargain which called probation only and no prison time.

That ended this week when a recent drug bust finally led Ferguson to prison. He is also expected to receive a federal prison sentence in addition to his 5 year state sentence.

Ferguson sent people to prison for the following ALF actions (in addition to numerous other ALF / ELF actions):


green scare 16-Jun-2011 08:48

Better This World @ Clinton Street Theater ~ June 17-23

From the open publishing newswire: "better this world" documentary puts focus on government use of informants post-9/11; award-winning film has its portland premiere at the clinton st. theater. The premiere comes just after Congress passed an extension of the Patriot Act on May 26.

Synopsis: The story of Bradley Crowder and David McKay, accused of intending to firebomb the 2008 Republican National Convention, is a tale of idealism, loyalty, crime and betrayal. Better This World follows the radicalization of these boyhood friends from Midland, Texas, under a revolutionary activist. The results: eight homemade bombs, multiple domestic terrorism charges and an entrapment defense hinging on a controversial FBI informant. The film goes to the heart of the war on terror and political dissent in post-9/11 America.

Screening times:
June 17 - 24th
7 & 9 PM

Tickets:  http://www.clintonsttheater.com/
trailer:  http://www.betterthisworld.com


green scare 15-Jun-2011 13:22

Briana Waters is Cooperating with the State

From the open publishing newswire: Briana Waters accepted a plea bargain today, June 14th, which requires her full and complete cooperation with the state. It reads, in part, "Defendant shall cooperate completely and truthfully with law enforcement authorities in the investigation and prosecution of other individuals involved in criminal activity. Such cooperation shall include, but not be limited to, complete and truthful statements to law enforcement officers, as well as complete and truthful testimony if called as a witness before a grand jury, or at any state or federal trial, retrial, or other judicial proceedings. Defendant acknowledges that this obligation to cooperate shall continue after Defendant has entered guilty pleas and sentence has been imposed..." The plea agreement later states, "Defendant agrees that Defendant's sentencing date may be delayed based on the United States' need for Defendant's continued cooperation..."

The "Statement of Facts" in the plea agreement implicates other people in the actions to which she is pleading guilty. This includes Justin Solondz (who is currently awaiting trial), Rebecca Rubin and Joseph Dibee (who have not been captured).

Plea Agreement


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