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15.02.2012 08:25
Anti-press release: Investigation of Portland Squat Evictions

An offensive division of eviction defense league is investigating the arrest of 5 squatters at vacant homes in Portland, OR on Feb 10th and 13th, 2012.

This counter-investigation has concluded the homes evicted were occupied in an effort to secure safer shelter. In the words of the evicted, the homes were "a better chance of survival." Evidence to the contrary does not support a claim that the homes were occupied to "victimize" the property owner, as stated by the Portland Police Bureau's weak investigation. The police make an injurious leap when referring to occupying as a form "victimizing" of the property owner. The elitist investigation was written to the advantage of capital, and victimizes and criminalizes the squatting. This mis-information would blame all those affected by the accumulation of capital, assisting the interests of property-owners at the expense of the houseless. Shelter is necessary for survival and needs no permission. Yet survival, unpermitted, is called the victimization of the rich. That is the downside-up perspective of Portland Police Bureau.

The counter-investigation has also noted that the motivation to "victimize" a property owner is highly unlikely and poorly constructed. [...]


05.02.2012 08:22
Breaking News: Right 2 Dream 2 - City Hall Protest
right to dream too This was the 2.1.12 PIMC Breaking News posts, for the protest at City Hall, for the Right 2 Dream 2 fines to be waived / stopped

>> News post 3.
Right 2 Dream 2 Protest: Cell phone video clips [12] from some of speeches are Here

>> News post 2.
Over 100 supporters show up on city hall steps. Speakers rally for one hour. A few cops outside watching. 50+ then go inside to the weekly city hall meeting.

>> News post 1.
Right 2 Dream 2 - Protest on steps of Portland City Hall 8:30- 9:30 AM Wave The Fines

Videos from protest at city hall


18.01.2012 08:00
Action Alert: Waive the Fines on Right 2 Dream Too!
The City says Right 2 Dream Too (R2DToo) must comply with Recreational Campground Ordinances or pay a $641.30 fine every month. R2DToo is NOT a recreational campground. It provides emergency shelter for dozens of people every night (at no cost to the City).

Three ways YOU can help:
1. Take ONE MINUTE to contact Commissioner Dan Saltzman.
Tell him you support Right 2 Dream Too. Waive the fines. Lift the camping ban.
E-mail: dan@portlandoregon.gov
Telephone: (503) 823-4151

2. Take ONE HOUR and join R2DToo on
Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
City Hall, S.W. Fourth and Madison Avenues, Portland

3. Keep this thought for the rest of your life:

[ Related: Street Roots coverage, Nov 2011 | Right2Survive coverage Oct 2011 ]


18.01.2012 07:33
VIDEO: Sleep is a Human Right - Metal at City Hall Homeless Vigil 1.5.12
I stop by the vigil for Houseless folks that is going on 24-7 in front of Portland City Hall. Here is a short video/conversation I had with "Metal" who was sitting at the vigil table. This was filmed around noon on Thursday 1.5.11. in front of Portland City Hall.

[13:44 minute video clip]

Metal tells me what is happening with regards to this vigil for houseless people outside of city halls front doors. He tells me about his involvement the vigil, which began after Occupy Portland protesters was evicted from the parks across the street. The most current post on this topic about the City Hall Vigil is on FB and can be found on this link

homepage: www.joeanybody.com


20.12.2011 08:19
Support Portland's Sleeping Bag Drive!!
With over 1,700 people in Portland living without shelter (2011 Street Count), sleeping bags provide crucial protection from discomfort, illness and death.

The Sleeping Bag Drive is now an ongoing organization, and Portland's houseless population need your help!

The Red & Black & Laughing Horse Book collectives have teamed up to collect sleeping bags and donations (which will go directly towards sleeping bags as well as weatherproof tarps to protect from the weather) to be distributed in the local area.

With so many Portlanders living without adequate shelter and vulnerable to the dangerous, harsh winter conditions sleeping near our homes and businesses, it's our duty to provide what resources we have to assist those in need.

Visit www.sleepingbagdrive.com to donate online now, or drop off new or clean sleeping bags at one of the following locations in Portland:

The Red & Black
400 SE 12th Ave
Open 10AM-10PM
(503) 231-3899

Laughing Horse Books
12 NE 10th Ave
Open Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM
(503) 236-2893 (volunteer run, please call for availability)


07.12.2011 06:20
Video: Press Conference - Portland National Day of Action to Resist Foreclosure
Press Conference held in North East Portland as part of a National Day of Action to Resist Foreclosure.

The event was organized by We Are Oregon; Speakers include two homeowners whose families are facing eviction; a representative from Occupy Portland; a Catholic priest from a neighborhood church; and a neighbor of the family where the Conference was being held.

Video: Portland Oregon National Day of Action to Resist Foreclosure


02.12.2011 06:28
"A New Aggressive Movement": The Founding and Defense of the Santa Cruz Social Center
occupy everything There were no broken windows. So that particular liberal defense is off the table. Those who have decided to side with the state instead of this new and radical social movement will find that it is now their illusions that have been shattered. The conditions of social life in Santa Cruz involve a visible homeless population, and they have not been absent at Occupy Santa Cruz... It's easy for the media to dismiss occupations as a collection of bums, but the truth is that the homeless need a place to sleep; and now, with chilly nights and fierce winds, the activists at the occupation, like the homeless every year, need more than tents.

This morning a comrade stood on the roof of the new occupation looking out for police, who he had seen hovering around the encampment at City Hall. He doubted that they would make a scene in daylight. "Downtown business is too important." But every indication is that they will return at night, in greater number and with more instruments of violence. They will return to literally do the bidding of Wells Fargo, draining public funds to pay for repression, adding to the $13 million spent in other cities.

Occupy a building near you.

[Related: Building Occupied in Santa Cruz! Riot Cops held off! - From Indybay ]


01.12.2011 08:03
Cool Volunteer Opportunity Sat Dec 3rd- helping folks facing foreclosure
this [is] from Oregon Opportunity Network, a group that works to establish and maintain decent affordable housing. Sounds fun, easy, and meaningful.

"Hello Portland-area Oregon ON community, NeighborWorks America is looking for about 80 volunteers to help staff an important family foreclosure-prevention event happening in Portland on Saturday, December 3. They are a great, effective organization so we are helping them get the word out. If you're feeling thankful for a warm roof over your head this rainy week, please consider grabbing your senior/student/community/church/business group and joining them (individual volunteers are welcome too of course)! They are holding this event in conjunction with the U.S. Treasury, HUD, Fannie Mae, and major lenders. Homeowners in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure can meet with their servicer and/or a housing counselor in an attempt to resolve their issues. They hope to see at least 500 families."

NeighborWorks America

oregonon.org calendar of local events in Oregon and Washington


14.10.2011 14:33
Right 2 Dream Too opens space for locals on World Homeless Day
R2DToo is a new Oregon non-profit organization supported by members of Right 2 Survive. Today a space was opened up on N.W. 4th and Burnside in downtown to provide a safe place for those that need it. Portland, OR, USA, 10/10/2011.

Ibrahim Mubarak, co-founder of Right 2 Survive, Dignity Village and Board Member of R2DToo, says "This is a direct result of the government's failure to admit that we have a housing problem in this country - not only has the government failed to admit it, it has failed to act on it." The housing crisis that has come to national attention since 2008 has deeper roots in the refusal of the Federal government to recognize housing as a human right. As long as this remains the case, homelessness will not end and we must explore alternative, cost-effective pathways for those who lack housing or who current programs, for a variety of reasons, do not serve. R2DToo hopes its space and the programs it develops will serve as a model for addressing the unmet needs of thousands of Portlanders and will inspire others in possession of empty lots or buildings to consider creating similar spaces."


09.10.2011 00:37
Another - Portland Occupation
R2D2 - Ibrahim Mubarak NEW HOMELESS CAMP - R2D2

Today, Saturday, the 8th of October, a new organization is taking physical form. The Right to Dream Too (R2D2) movement is a houseless camp being set up in the heart of downtown Portland next to the China Town's entrance.

The first task is constructing barrier walls around property that has been donated by two Portland landowners to this group. According to the group's spokesperson, Ibrahim Mubarak, "Right now we're on Fourth and NW Burnside, downtown Portland. We have acquired some land from some gracious landowners and we are building a fence so that people who normally would not get a good night's rest, or midday's rest, can come here and rest. And when I say people, I mean houseless people. The fence will keep people safe while they sleep."

Going on to explain the meaning behind the name of this new group, Ibrahim states, "This is called 'Right to Dream Too' because you know about the American Dream, when they tell you that you have to go to college, get married, have 2.5 children, buy a house with a wife, picket fence, and a dog. That's somebody else's dream. They're not allowing other people to dream, meaning that if you're not sleeping, you're not dreaming. So we're allowing people to rest so that they can dream, so we're calling this R2D2, Right to Dream Too, so that everybody will have a right to dream."

R2D2 is currently completing its press release. The release and more information about this action can be found at the Right 2 Survive PDX website: right2survive.wordpress.com.

RELATED POST: Right 2 Dream Too opens space for locals on World Homeless Day [w/pics]


04.05.2011 16:18
Eugene Food not Bombs 5/6/ Kesey square
Eugene food not bombs will be serving food at Kesey square (intersection of Broadway and Willamette st) at 2:00 p.m on Friday, May 6th. We plan to do this weekly. We could really use some help getting donations/dumpstering, etc. Our first event may be small, but we are committed to getting the ball rolling and having this on a consistent basis.

Contact us for organizing information or general questions. See you out there!


02.01.2011 08:35
Video: Police Fire Medical - helping the homeless - Portland 12.19.10
homeless in portland A short film of a man who appears to be homeless, who was soon surrounded by police, fire and Chiers detox workers. I video taped the interaction. This was in filmed in downtown Portland, near Pioneer Square.

It does seem like a lot of city agencies were involved, but the man was not hurt, nor arrested, and he ended up getting some shelter services. It looks like someone may of even gave him something to eat.

At the end of the video: I ask one of the cops what happened, he takes a long look at my press pass and then briefly explains.

homepage:  http://www.joe-anybody.com


12.12.2010 08:27
Sleeping Bag Drive!
sleeping bag drive Help out a Portlander in need this holiday season!!
Freezing, rainy weather has hit, and over a thousand fellow Portlanders need your help! For those sleeping on the streets and without shelter, a sleeping bag can be the difference between life and death. So far, we've gone out on our bicycles and given out over 25 sleeping bags, along with some warm food and other supplies. While great thanks goes out to those who have helped out, WE NEED A LOT MORE DONATIONS!

This is your chance to help out someone in need this holiday season. Please donate online at www.Sleepingbagdrive.com or drop off new or clean sleeping bags at Laughing Horse Books, Red & Black Cafe, Microcosm Publishing, or Alberta Co-op Grocery. PLEASE DONATE TODAY!!

homepage:  http://www.sleepingbagdrive.com
phone: (480) 363-5470


05.11.2010 07:42
Sleeping Bag Drive!!
Laughing Horse Books, Red & Black Cafe, and Microcosm Publishing are hosting a sleeping bag drive to assist those who are homeless through the winter. Please donate today!!

Cold, rainy weather has arrived, with temperatures expected to dip below freezing by Thanksgiving. Each sleeping bag is someone's home this winter and essential to survival in the Oregon winter, protecting against discomfort, illness, and even death.

Over two thousand people are living either on the streets, camping, or in a car- with thousands more living without permanent housing or other conditions (Oregon Housing/Community Service).

Laughing Horse Books, Red & Black Café, and Microcosm Publishing have teamed up to collect sleeping bags and donations (which will go directly towards sleeping bags as well as weatherproof tarps to protect from the weather), to be distributed in the local area. With many homeless vulnerable to the dangerous, harsh winter sleeping in and around St. Francis Park and adjacent to our businesses, we are compelled to provide what resources we have to assist those in need.

Sleeping Bags will be picked up from each location on November 19th.

Please visit WWW.SLEEPINGBAGDRIVE.COM to donate, add your business/organization as a sleeping bag collection-point, or for more information.. or drop off new or clean bags (preferably low-temperature capable/below freezing..) to Laughing Horse Books, Red & Black Cafe, or Microcosm Publishing. Thanks for the support!!


13.10.2010 14:10
Occupy, Resist, Produce
Protesters take over empty Tenderloin building, in San Francisco.

By Mike Aldax
October 11, 2010

"Protesters squatting in a vacant Tenderloin residential hotel may have set up blockades to thwart invading cops, police said.

More than a dozen police officers stormed the building at 587 Eddy St. Monday in an attempt to flush out an unknown number of homeless advocates who broke into the building Sunday and have refused to leave.

But as of noon, cops said they struggled to make contact with the protesters. Officers dealt with a number of obstacles and blockades that may have been intentionally placed inside the building, police spokesman Sgt. Mike Andraychak said. The activists occupied the building, formerly the Leslie Hotel, as part of the first World Homeless Day. A rally for World Homeless Day was held in Civic Center Sunday.

Miguel Carrera, a spokesman for the activist group, Creative Housing Liberation, said there were 18 people inside the building, and that they would remain there until police remove them.

Officers planned to go room-to-room in all six floors of the building. They hoped to boot out trespassers and also scan for any damage the activists may have caused, Andraychak said. Police shut down streets surrounding the building due to the operation. Muni had to reroute the 31-Balboa bus line due to the street closure. (And the 19 Polk). Cops have been on scene since Sunday around 5 p.m., after a citizen called 911 to report that around 50 people were blocking traffic in front of the vacant building.

The activists say it is a crime that there are more vacant housing units in San Francisco than homeless people. They claimed in a press release that there were between 6,000 and 15,000 homeless people in The City last year, and that more than 36,000 units are currently vacant.


25.09.2010 18:56
Video: Sharing Sidewalk Committee Meeting 9.13.10
This video is of the monthly (open to the public) meeting that discusses the sidewalk management plan. Usually held on the first Monday of the month, and usually held at the Portland Building.

The video is about an hour and a half long (I missed the first 5 minutes)


In this meeting, there was discussions about ticketing people who are not sitting in the correct place on the sidewalk.
A businessman who was welcoming some out of out of town associates reported; that they were hassled and bothered by panhandlers and wouldn't want to come back. (?)
The ACLU spokes-lady then spoke in return, stating all the out of town business folks crowd the sidewalks with suit cases and groups unloading cars (double parked) making traveling on the sidewalk difficult. It was a nice counter point to show how they too need to be polite and share the sidewalks.

Some stats were read by the police on the number of citations and warnings, details were discussed.
The committee asked that weather information could be documented (included) on the ticket report.

It seemed to me that the most ticket writers were police on bikes and the horses.


11.09.2010 12:01
Camp Phoenix Rising Faces Eviction Again
The city wants to shut us down. Depending on what happens after today, Phoenix Rising could be no more if the police have their way. Please come out to the site around 10 am to get more info about strategy and hear the full story about what we're up against. We need your help more now than ever!


23.05.2010 14:17
Sit-Out Against The Sit-Lie Sidewalk Ordinances, 5/26
There is a Sit-Out planned against the new Sit-Lie Ordinances that further criminalize Portland's homeless population. We are targeting the Portland Business Alliance because they are the biggest proponent of the ordinance, claiming sitting or lying homeless people interfere with business and prevent potential customers from entering their businesses.

The sit-out will take place at 7AM-9AM at the Portland Business Alliance located on SW 2nd and Market.
We are starting EARLY at 7 AM!!


09.05.2010 10:38
Right to Survive May Day Demonstration Video
A short video of May Day's Right to Survive action, including interviews explaining the event. Enjoy!

[Click the Read More link below for links to the video]


09.05.2010 10:35
Sit Lie - PDX Sidewalk Use
After hearing from the variety of concerned groups and citizens (Sisters of the Road, Portland Human Rights Commission, Portland Copwatch, ACLU, downtown construction workers, preachers, media activists, political activists, homeless folks and people with a home) all encouraging the city to NOT ...pass this sidewalk law... they did so anyway

And just so you know[.] Only 2 spoke in favor, and the city council reports that they are all fine with their compassionate, thoughtful concern fro the poor and homeless when they voted FOR THIS LAW. To me it seemed their minds were made up, and rather than postpone (or just scrap the whole thing)[.] It appeared to me they used the meeting to prop up their position of backing the PBA as they pat their own backs while telling the room they ..."really do care"[.] Shameful Outcome! How soon before the first lawsuit is my question?


28.04.2010 16:13
Sisters Of The Road Calls for Solidarity TOMORROW, 04.29, to Oppose New Sit-Lie Law!!
Thursday, April 29 at Noon meet at Sisters for a quick rally and then parade through Old Town spreadin the message that SIDEWALKS ARE FOR EVERYONE and celebrating our community! At 1:30 pm, we sign up to testify against the Sidewalk management Ordinance at City Hall and then pack the council chambers at 2 pm!


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