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02.09.2011 07:29
Brain Willson Blood On the Tracks
BMedia is close to finishing our 4th Variety Show and would like to release this short piece that will be in the next episode as a kind of "sneak preview".

Anti-war vet Brian Willson introduces his new book "Blood On the Tracks", a memoir of his fascinating life so far. Brian talks about his experiences in Vietnam, solidarity with the Central American revolutions in the 80s, and the meaning behind the title of his book. For info on the book tour visit www.bloodonthetracks.info.

Watch the video here.



20.08.2011 10:12
Back to School? Don't Be A Target for the Military!
Under the No Child Left Behind Act, schools receiving federal funding MUST release students' personal information to military recruiters if they are to continue to receive funding. Students may opt-out of this military database at the beginning of the school year. "They'll know where you live.... They'll have your phone number.... They'll come to your door ... if you let them. Military recruiters, by strict authority of the No Child Left Behind Act, must be given the names, addresses and phone numbers of all high school students each year. Want to keep your privacy? You can be removed from the list of names by 'opting-out.'" The Full Picture, San Francisco, California

The September, 2009 article in MOTHER JONES by David Goodman, entitled, "A Few Kids?," deals with the heavy military recruitment of at-risk (low-income and/or minority and/or less academic) youth and the insidious invasion of student privacy under the No Child Left Behind Act and JAMRS (consumer) database maintained by the Pentagon. See www.motherjones.com/politics/2009/09/few-good-kids

* Students must opt-out EVERY YEAR.
* Traditionally, the deadline for opting-out for the year is October 1.
* Students do NOT require parental or guardian consent to opt-out.
* Every high school students' personal information is being released to the military -- not just that of juniors and seniors!
* Girls are NOT exempt from this provision.

Helpful Websites


15.08.2011 08:43
Portland Says: Bring Our War $$ Home!
End the Occupation in Iraq! Several local peace groups have gotten together to ask City Council to
pass a resolution calling on Congress to "Bring our war $$ home." The original idea grew from grassroots movements in Maine and elsewhere, that culminated in the passage of a resolution by the US Conference of Mayors in June, which Portland's Mayor, Sam Adams, supported. (The resolution was introduced by Eugene, OR Mayor Kitty Piercy.) We launched this effort at the Hiroshima Day event on August 7 and hope to get Council to pass a resolution by early October. This is the most recent part of our ongoing Campaign to Bring the Troops Home.


Peace and Justice Works
Iraq Affinity Group
(503) 236-3065

Please take one or more of these steps to help:


11.08.2011 09:52
Lone Vet Report
Mt. Tabor Reservoirs News from Portland, Oregon -- We are in the streets in Portland, Oregon. There are small demonstrations in a number of places on Fridays and Saturdays and sometimes during the week. We stand the watch for all those who can't or are too fearful to hold a sign saying something about War and Peace.

Most protest/vigils are quiet but a few are noisy, to the annoyance of the business community. One protest on the Hawthorne Bridge now has a running battle with a restaurant that complains because we ring cow bells and the management of the restaurant does not want their outside customers disturbed while drinking and eating. I wonder what these people do with their heads when they hear that we are bombing over six countries and murdering civilians at alarming rates. How do they sleep at night knowing that America is the arms dealer of the world. We sell to anyone who has the money to buy war planes, tanks or ships. Sometimes we have a special sale on Wednesdays, buy one war plane, get your choice of free bombs or rockets. Is it not special that we rank number one in killing children and 34th in successful *child births?

Overview of Current Issues City Hall has been presented with lately | Amanda Fritz' response to Lone Vet's letter about covering the Reservoirs | Friends of Reservoirs


06.08.2011 14:01
Veterans for Peace National Convention PUBLIC events Aug. 3-7 in Portland, OR
Veterans for Peace National Convention 2011 Free public events including films, an art exhibit and rally and presentation are part of Veterans for Peace National Convention being held at Portland State University Wed. Aug. 3rd- Sun. Aug. 7th.
2011 Veterans for Peace National Convention

As part of the Veterans for Peace and concurrent Iraq Veterans Against the War National Conventions being held in Portland from August 3rd through 7th, there are public events that are open to the public. Events and films listed below are free except were noted. Donations welcome.

For more information go to www.veteransforpeace.org and look under convention public events.

video coverage info at:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2011/08/409645.shtml


06.08.2011 12:43
Cynthia McKinney in Vancouver, B.C. Tuesday 8/9: Report from Libya
A special public event and discussion with Cynthia McKinney, former US Congresswoman for 6 times and Green Party Presidential candidate in 2008. Currently Cynthia is on a 19 city tour across the US, which includes a lone stop in Canada, in Vancouver, to talk about her recent fact finding mission to Libya on the impacts of the US/Canada/NATO War in Libya and Africa. The 19 city tour is organized by the International Action Center ~ IAC ( www.iacenter.org ), with collaboration of Mobilization Against War & Occupation (MAWO) in Vancouver.

TUESDAY August 9 @ 7:00pm
Vancouver Heritage Hall
3102 Main St. (at 15th Ave.)
[Vancouver, B.C. - CANADA]

MAWO ~ Mobilization Against War & Occupation
P 604-322-1764 || F 604-322-1763


19.07.2011 07:30
"Grounds For Resistance" Portland Premier
In November 2008, a group of U.S. Veterans opened Coffee Strong, a coffee shop located outside the gates of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington. Inspired by the Vietnam-era G.I. coffee house movement, Coffee Strong provides a safe space where service members, military families, and Veterans can drink coffee and discuss issues, such as their experiences of war, deployment concerns, the hardships of life in the military, and veteran benefits. At the center of the film are the men and women whose experiences in the military and war compel them to commit themselves to help others who are serving or have served in the past. The film examines each one's stories from their decisions to join the military, their experiences of war, and their motivations for devoting themselves to Coffee Strong. It explores how their relationships with one another and their activists efforts to make a more peaceful and just world help them cope with their own experiences.

The film will be showing once at the Clinton Street Theater (2522 Southeast Clinton Street, Portland) on July 21st at 6pm. Following the showing of the film, the filmmaker Lisa Gilman and members of Coffee Strong will answer questions about the film.


21.06.2011 07:26
Brian Willson "Blood on the Tracks"
Blood on the Tracks is Brian Wilson's new book.
He is starting his New Book Tour in Portland and the date is June 24 at 7pm

The next morning he is leaving PDX on his hand powered bike.

In 2009 I video taped Brian, the video clips are here.
Brian's book tour blog and more info can be found here:

Come on out and help peace activist Brian Willson launch his new book, published by PM Press:

7:00 pm Friday, June 24, 2011
 link to www.archive.org


04.06.2011 11:23
Video: Portland Commemorates Memorial Day 2011
veterans for peace Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72 commemorates Memorial Day 2011 with a ceremony at the Memorial Coliseum Korean War Wall and then marches to the Peace Memorial Park for a closing ceremony.

This is the sixth year that Veterans for Peace has been providing an alternative, peace oriented way to commemorate Memorial Day and honor those who have given their lives for their country.

Memorial Day 2011



29.04.2011 12:05
Eva Golinger - WikiLeaks Analysis and more - May 6 in Portland - From Caracas to Cascadia
eva golinger, foreign policy adviser to the venezuelan government
attorney and best-selling author,
comes to portland may 6, discusses wikileaks
(1 min video)

Author and adviser to the Venezuelan government Eva Golinger will stop in Portland on May 6 as part of her US tour. The First Unitarian Church at 1011 SW 13th Ave. will host her appearance, beginning at 7 p.m. She will talk about her gleanings from the 250,000 diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks.

Her discoveries include how the US government financed opposition media in Venezuela and how, for years, the US State Department and aid agencies have tried to develop youth opposition in Cuba and Venezuela to provoke "regime change."

The Portland Central America Solidarity Committee has been the principal organizer for the Golinger's US tour, which will start in New York and wind up in Los Angeles. [...]



12.04.2011 18:12
Coffee Strong Benefit At Red & Black Cafe This Friday
Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) will be presenting a benefit for Coffee Strong, a G.I. Coffee House outside of Fort Lewis in Washington State. There will be a short documentary, discussion and live music. All donations go to Coffee Strong.

Red & Black Cafe, 400 S.E. 12th Avenue, Portland
Starts at 7:00 p.m.


22.03.2011 18:09
Photos/Report of Free Bradley Manning Direct Action
Today, shortly after noon, Malcolm Chaddock, a member of Veterans for Peace, imprisoned himself in a cell outside Pioneer Courthouse Square in a direct action to raise public awareness of the torture and solitary confinement of Bradley Manning, accused of leaking government documents to Wikileaks.

[...] While he stood inside his "prison cell," protestors held signs with the names of the "Real Criminals:" CIA, FBI, UN, Halliburton, KBR, Bush, Obama, Cheney, Rice, Hillary Clinton, General James Amos, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Others also accused "Capitalism, US Empire, Corporate America, Shell Oil and Blackwater" as the real criminals.

Related post & video by Jim Lockhart:
Related Video by dcimc:
Related video by Joe Anybody


21.03.2011 03:37
Civil Resistance in Support of Bradley Manning - Monday 3.21.11 Noon Solidarity Call Out
Portland, OR March 21, 2011 An act of civil resistance to demand the freedom of Bradley Manning will take place near Pioneer Square on March 21, 2011. The Protest Rally is meeting at Directors Park at noon.

Civil Resistance in Support of Bradley Manning

Portland, OR - March 21, 2011 - An act of civil resistance to demand the freedom of Bradley Manning will take place near Pioneer Square on March 21, 2011 at noon. Meeting place is Directors Park located on: 9th and SW Taylor

Google Map

Bradley Manning, alleged WikiLeaks whistleblower, is being held under brutal conditions, accused of exposing war crimes. Amnesty International has described his solitary confinement at Quantico as "unnecessarily harsh and punitive" and "... appeared to breach the USA's human rights obligations."

As people of conscience in Portland we object to his treatment, which includes forced nudity and twenty-three hour a day solitary confinement. President Obama has repeatedly said that torture would not be tolerated under his administration, but he ignores requests for humane treatment for Manning.


21.03.2011 03:13
Video: M19.2011-Military Madness Robs Us All
Portland Rally at Pioneer Square and March through Portland commemorating 8 years in Iraq, and protesting the ongoing wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan and now Libya. But this is only the tip of the iceberg of our love affair with Empire, war and death.
How Is The War Economy Working Out For You?

"According to the Defense Department's annual "Base Structure Report" for fiscal year 2003, which itemizes foreign and domestic U.S. military real estate, the Pentagon currently owns or rents 702 overseas bases in about 130 countries and has another 6,000 bases in the United States and its territories."
"The military high command deploys to our overseas bases some 253,288 uniformed personnel, plus an equal number of dependents and Department of Defense civilian officials, and employs an additional 44,446 locally hired foreigners. The Pentagon claims that these bases contain 44,870 barracks, hangars, hospitals, and other buildings, which it owns, and that it leases 4,844 more." Common Dreams

These are just examples of the War Economy of the United States. It reaches into the very heart of our country and exudes from every pore. In order to dominate the planet and insure our security, the U.S. allocates 59% of it's discretionary budget to the Military(Department of Defense, War, Veterans Affairs and Nuclear Weapons Programs.
Such expenditures constantly demand cuts in funding for education, health care and other social service programs, as evidenced, for example, by recent Republican attempted cuts to Planned Parenthood and National Public Radio.

Master of Ceremonies for the event was Mark Knudson, senior pastor at Augustana Lutheran Church in Portland. He gave a few brief introductory comments and introduced four speakers: Ray Harris, President of Oregon Iraq Vetrans Against the War; Will Seaman, member of various Portland groups and speaking for Community Meida in general and KBOO 90.7 Radio in particular; Barbara Dudley, former director of Greenpeace USA and currently active with the Working Family Party of Oregon; and Francisco Lopez, Oregon CAUSA.

Related Video / Pictures by Navy Dad
Pictures Posted by joyofresistance
Related Videos Posted by Joe Anybody


19.03.2011 11:07
PROTEST * TODAY: 8 years in Iraq "How is the WAR ECONOMY working for you?"
USA - OUT NOW Today is the anniversary (protest) of 8 years in Iraq by the US military
And that means its 9 years in Afghanistan

Portland PROTEST:
Sat 3.19.11 - Pioneer Square
Gathering at --> 12:30 <--
Rally at 1:00PM
March at 1:30PM


The protest rally and march starts at 12:30 in Pioneer Square (Saturday 3/19)
SW 6th and Yamhill (downtown)
Gathering with music

The rally starts at 1PM
The March is at 1:30
Google Map:  http://tinyurl.com/4boobjf

This Portland anti war march and rally is to mark the 8th year of the 2003 invasion in Iraq


13.03.2011 10:52
Student Walk Out - Wisconsin Solidarity Rally - Portland, OR

Video of the Student walkout in Portland on Friday 11th March 2011.

VIDEO Link 1 \ VIDEO Link 2 \ VIDEO Link 3

Report Back


21.02.2011 10:19
Video: joe anybody protesting at Peace Of The Action in Washington DC 2010
I went to DC in March 2010 This is some video footage that ended up being "out takes" Here are some of those clips, compiled in one 20 minute video. This was filmed as I was at The Peace Of The Action anti-war-peace camp ...which is where this video starts out. (side note) Cindy Sheehan and fellow POTA acrivist were arrested earlier that wekend

20 min video from DC in March 2010

More information from my trip Here:

More of my videos from POTA Here:
homepage:  http://www.joeanybody.com


07.02.2011 12:22
Good Old US of A
Dead Iraqi Child, tell her you are just too busy. Suppose you had a country that invades other countries because they think they may be in some danger. This strong country just happens to be the biggest arms dealer in the world, the runner up not even close. This country has over 800 military bases, (maybe as many as 1000) around the world and 0 foreign bases on its territory. This is a rich country that got its start by slaughtering the inhabitants and taking control of the vast lands. This country tortures its prisoners, jails more citizens per capita than any other nation. This country will lock up those who cry for peace but honor those who lie, cheat and try to destroy all its freedoms. This country makes millionaires out of scoundrels and liars and the press is bought and paid for. The leaders say that we must go to war but stay back in their air conditioned halls of government and watch as millions of poor people are murdered or injured beyond belief. This country is not Germany of the 1930s or the U.S.S.R. of the 60s; not even Italy of the 20s; this is the United States of America of 2011. My country! I did not serve in the US Navy for this!

The people of the United States approved the "State of the Union" address by Obama a few weeks ago by a margin of 92% to 8%--I was stunned. These are just words that have already been forgotten, what the hell is the matter with our progressives in this country?

Gitmo is still open, DOD is considering pushing the withdrawal dates back in Iraq, we are still killing women and children in Afghanistan and now Pakistan. People are losing their homes at alarming rates, unemployment is at 9-26% depending on who you are and where you live. We are out of money in Oregon and will cut vital services to our schools and our most vulnerable citizens and say, "We just don't have the money."

The cost of our occupations and war for Portland is over 1.4 BILLION dollars, the cost for Oregon is over 9 BILLION dollars, yet not one politician has pointed this out during any budget discussions. We should have a counter in front of our City Hall telling people how much we are wasting supporting this corrupt empire; maybe people will begin to understand why we are going broke.


22.01.2011 16:09
Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) is sponsoring the third annual Greenfield Peace Writing Contest. This contest is named for Del Greenfield,PSR's first Executive Director. Please help spread the word about this contest to the Oregon high school juniors and seniors in your communities.


Open to 11th and 12th graders in Oregon high schools.

Submission of an original piece of fiction, poem or essay (maximum 600 words) reflecting on the following question:


Submissions accepted until February 15, 2011.

First prize: $1,000
Second prize: $750
Third prize: $500

[  link to www.psr.org ]


02.01.2011 09:04
Veterans for Peace Forum and B Media Collective
Monthly Public Access program, "Veterans for Peace Forum," hosted by VFP,Chapter 72 member and Vietnam veteran, Dan Shea.
Veterans for Peace Forum airs live on the fourth Saturday of every month from 7:00 - 8:00 on channel 11, featuring interviews and discussions regarding community efforts to end war.

The November program featured two members of the Portland B Media Collective. The guests discussed projects in the local area as well as their experiences in Venezuela, providing a few video clips of their work.

This program is produced through the facilities of Metro East Community Media by Kellie La Bonty.

VFP Forum Featuring B Media


16.12.2010 11:13
The Largest Food Not Bombs ever! Discussion & Thoughts.
The 2010 Hempstead Food Share Bonanza was the largest Food Not Bombs ever and the largest vegan Thanksgiving ever! On that day over 30,000 pounds of food was shared with thousands of people, and Long Island Food Not Bombs followed this with nearly a dozen consecutive Thanksgiving events throughout the rest of the week, sharing a total of nearly 55,000 pounds of groceries in 5 days!

For more information, pictures, videos and to share your thoughts please check out Long Island Food Not Bombs

The 2010 Hempstead Food Share Bonanza was the largest Food Not Bombs ever and the largest vegan Thanksgiving ever! On that day over 30,000 pounds of food was shared with thousands of people, and Long Island Food Not Bombs followed this with nearly a dozen consecutive Thanksgiving events throughout the rest of the week, sharing a total of nearly 55,000 pounds of groceries in 5 days! It was solidarity, it was incredible and it was inspiring. So we invite you to learn more about what happened, watch videos, see photos, read thoughts, see our special thanks, check out media coverage and share your thoughts. What the 2010 Thanksgiving Bonanza Looked Like: At 1:30pm a caravan of nearly 40 vehicles overflowing with groceries, hot vegan meals, clothing, books and other goodies pulled into the Hempstead Train Station parking lot and was greeted by hundreds of excited community members.

A line of vehicles stretched across the quarter mile lot. One car at a time would pull up, hundreds of volunteers would help unload it, that car would pull away, another would pull up in its place and the unloading process would start all over again. After about 45 minutes of this we were ready to begin [cont...]



03.12.2010 12:07
Wikileaks: A "Teachable Moment" for Anarchists
As anarchists, we often say that the freedoms in bourgeois society are a sham. Most of the time, non-anarchists can easily just laugh this off as the delusions of nutty radicals. Not so much right now. Not when "democracy" after "democracy" is chasing their site out of their borders, for doing nothing more than non-violently refusing to stay silent while the worlds' elites conspire to kill, torture, and oppress.

Not when Julian Assange is being dragged into what is a quite obviously dragged into a politically-motivated trial. Not when Assange will probably end up being killed in the next year. Not when both "left" and "right" governments are cooperating in the effort to muzzle Wikileaks. It's the bourgeois concept of freedom: we'll let you have freedoms only so long as you agree not to use them for anything truly meaningful. Then we'll revoke them from you. Are these the hallmarks of the sort of system that can be changed peacefully and non-disruptively from within? It is, I think, an ideal time to make these points to our friends who are not currently radicals.

Missing Wikileaks? [link] | WikiLeaks Mirrors =>leaks.be | wikileaks.at | wikileaks.de|| wikileaks.pl | wikileaks.eu| wikileaks.fi| wikileaks.2600.com | wikileaks.indymedia.org


13.11.2010 19:26
Condi Rice: No Show In Portland Oregon VICTORY?

We just got word that the "Queen of Terror **codoleeza rice has, at the last minute, canceled her appearance at the Downtown Portland Hilton. There has been no reason given for the abrupt cancellation, but we will be there to protest her book being displayed and a DVD presentation by this war criminal. We should celebrate the fact that she is not coming to contaminate our good city. We still will meet at 0900 and maybe have signs that ask where is condi, we heard a rumor she might be hiding in cheney's bunker?

Come and celebrate the fact that she will not enter our city

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
**Will not capitalize due to disrespect and/or disgust!

PIMC video coverage:


12.11.2010 13:11
Concert Tonight Honoring Veterans and Raising Awareness about PTSD
Veterans for Peace Chapter 72 and a host of other anti-war organizations present folksinger George Mann in Concert, with special guests, at Urban Grind NE, 7 - 9 PM on Friday, November 12

Concert Honoring Veterans "UNTIL YOU COME HOME" George Mann in concert with Mic Crenshaw & Jana Losey, Adam Carpinelli to open plus VFP's own Grant Remington and other special guest musicians See a prescreening of a documentary film of the project that inspired the CD "Until You Come Home" - Director Kim Shelton's new film "Voices of Vets" soon to be released

Suggested donation $5 to $10 no one turned away
Beer, Wine, Coffee, & Food available for purchase
Sponsors: Education WithOut Borders, The Welcome Home Project, Veterans for Peace 72 Iraq Veterans Against the War-Oregon, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, Social and Environmental Justice Club of Washington State University Vancouver, Portland Recruiter Watch, Oregon Jericho, NW Student Coalition and Community Alternatives to the Police



12.11.2010 11:47
Veterans for Peace Armistice Day commemoration
Veterans for Peace gathered in Pioneer Courthouse Square to commemorate the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany at Compi?gne in France. At 11:11am a two minute silence was held. Portland, OR, USA, 11/11/2010.

BR>On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month the armistice on the Western Front came into effect, although hostilities continued in the Russian Empire and parts of the Ottoman Empire.

The veterans today spoke out against wars in general with focus particularly on Vietnam. Mike Hastie, a U.S. Army medic serving in Vietnam between 1970 and 1971 stated that, "as a veteran, I am constantly reminded that war is beyond evil, and that 58,000 American soldiers did not die for some glorious act called freedom."

Continuing to focus on the horrors he was involved in he claims that, "Vietnam's pain and suffering as a country is far beyond anything that has ever been experienced in American history. Since the end of Word War II, the U.S. has bombed 28 countries. Lying is the most powerful weapon in war. I did not serve in Vietnam for the cause of freedom, I served Big Business in America for the cause of profit."

PIMC Related Video/Post link


17.10.2010 10:52
Video and Report Back: October 9, 2010 Rally, March and Teach-In
Video and report back from the Portland Rally, March and Teach on October 9, 2010, commemorating the 9th year of the war and occupation in Afghanistan.

[Video:] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTuuDDD9cA8

Report Back by Peace and Justice Works
Thanks to all the hearty individuals who braved the rain and rallied in the South Park Blocks on Saturday, marching over an hour to our teach-in at PSU! I counted about 100 people in the park and between 100-150 marching down the park blocks, toward the waterfront, and back up Broadway. It was a spirited crowd who didn't let a little "Oregon sunshine" get in the way of getting out the message "Money for Jobs and Education, Not War and Occupation!"

The march went by a surprising number of pedestrians given the inclement weather. The No War Drum Corps kept a steady and upbeat pace as the "End Wars" banner made the 30-plus-block trek, stopping at the World Trade Center to denounce Wall Street's war on workers and the Oregonian building to call for "no more lies!"

[Related Videos on PIMC here]


10.10.2010 14:47
Mavi Marmara and Piracy
Mavi Marmara We must do more, "If Not Now, When?

Ken O'Keefe And The Night of Terror
PSU, Portland, Oregon

I went to a lecture by Ken O'Keefe, at PSU on Friday night, October 8th and was stunned to find a person struggling with many of the same concepts of non-violent action as I have for over forty years. I was tired and going to things is getting harder, but I wanted to make sure he was greeted with the respect and support for the work he does for all of us. He is one of my heroes!

There were over a hundred people in attendance and there was standing room only as I arrived a few minutes late, (taking Public Transportation is getting less and less reliable.) I was happy to see many people I knew and Joe-Anybody was there with his video equipment so you will be able to see the lecture in its entirety; it was great!

The presentation gave us some feeling for what it was like during the assault on the flotilla that tried to bring aide to people who are dying from minor illnesses because of our blockade of Gaza. Yes, I know that I said "Our" because I mean that we, the United States, allow this madness to continue; day after day.

Ken O'Keefe, from my perspective, was telling us we have the responsibility; not our politicians or leaders, it is us!

[PIMC Link: Video of Event]


08.10.2010 12:39
Saturday, October 9 (Tomorrow)

Afghanistan: Nine Years Later --
"Money for Jobs and Education, Not for War and Occupation!"
South Park Blocks (Market and Clay)

11:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. -- Rally (meet at South Park Blocks, between Market and Clay)
11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. -- March
1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. -- Teach-in (at Portland State University, Smith Hall)

We demand:
End the Occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq!
Stop Funding Israeli Apartheid: Equal Rights for Palestinians!
No War on Iran or Pakistan: Stop Drone Bombings!
Stop Scapegoating Arabs, Muslims and Immigrants!
Hands Off Latin America!

For more information, please contact Peace & Justice Works
((503) 236-3065 or  http://www.pjw.info

[VIDEO'S from event on this PIMC related link]  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2010/10/402982.shtml


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