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REMEMBRANCE 10.01.2004 22:54
We Laughed at Danger (and Broke All the Rules)


Memorial piece for Jordan Feder, who died immediately following the Miami police state. A beautiful piece written by a friend and fellow fighter.

It is November 23, 2003. At around 11 p.m. we load into our van, ready to leave Johnston Memorial Hospital in Smithfield, North Carolina and head back north. Morninglory turns to us. Jordan wanted her to tell us that he loves us all and that he never would have traded this for anything.

We are leaving Jordan behind in North Carolina. When we arrived at the hospital his fever was 103.7? F and his hands were going numb. The doctors said it was the flu and gave him something to bring down his temperature. We decided it would be best if he spent the night with a person we know in Raleigh. Allie and Madmartigan, our medics, will be staying with him.

Rewind a bit. Start somewhere else.


[In Loving Memory Of...]


THE CULTURE OF MAKE BELIEVE... 09.01.2004 09:19
Derrick Jensen Speaking in Portland January 10, 2004

The First Unitarian Church, 1211 SW Main

Suggested donation $2-$10
All Profits go to KBOO and The Cascadia Forest Alliance

Activist and award winning author of: A Language Older Than Words, The Culture of Make Believe, Listening To the Land, Railroads and Clearcuts

And just released:
Strangely Like War: the Global Assault on Forests
Walking on Water: Reading, Writing, and Revolution
The Other Side of Darkness

"We are members of the most destructive culture ever to exist. Our assault on the natural world, on indigenous and other cultures, on women, on children, on all of us through the possibility of nuclear suicide and other means--all these are unprecedented in their magnitude and ferocity. Why do we act as we do? What are sane and effective responses to outrageously destructive behavior? What will it take for us to stop the horrors that characterize our way of being? My work and life revolve around these questions." - Derrick Jensen

homepage: www.derrickjensen.org

Random thoughts after hearing Derrick Jensen's lecture


RACISM 06.01.2004 21:52
History flashback: Nurse Corinne Leornard and Huey P. Newton, Oct. 28 1967
Just for kicks I thought it might be fun, and educational to do some un-Eracism. This post is a transcript of Nurse Leornards statements as the appear in a long out of print book titled FREE HUEY.

Nurse corrine leornard was in charge of the emergency room in kaiser hospital. In the hours before sunrise on october 28 1967, nurse leonards duty station was a desk near the emergency entrance. Shortly after 5:30 am she heard a car drive up, doors open and then slam shut. Then she heard a car drive off, making sounds as if it had a cracked muffler.

Then she heard moaning and groaning. Someone was saying, "I want to see a doctor". A young man came in. In the doorway stood HUEY NEWTON. He staggered in and came close to nurse Leonards desk. "I want to see a doctor right now", he said. "I've been shot in the stomach".

Nurse Leonard did nothing. Neither did she say anything. She merley looked up at NEWTON. NEWTON went on. "As you can see i'm bleeding to death." Nurse Leonard thought he was belligerent. This attitude annoyed her, so she continued her silence. Finally NEWTON blurted out, " God dammit, get a doctor out here right now".

Incidently this months Black Panther Party history class lecture will be on this incidend, as well as the trial, and also the FREE HUEY movement. This nifty FREE SCHOOL class takes place the last saturday of every month from 7 to 9pm at laughing horse books.


U.S. IMPERIALISM 01.01.2004 14:12
Cuba Update!
Cuba is on the verge of modernity--but not if GW can help it In October, Bush announced that his administration was looking into "bringing democracy to Cuba." He also announced a tightening of restrictions for American travelers going to Cuba, to stop money, tourists, or business from going to Cuba. He claims that any money that goes to Cuba ends up in Castro's hands, but just as in the case of Iraq, the economic sanctions that have been in place in Cuba since Eisenhower was president have only starved and crippled the people of that country.

Yet, Cuba has survived.

A big part of that reason is that the entire world ignores Americas embargo, and trades freely with Cuba. The rest of the world, and now even senators and congressman, are seeing more clearly how the policy on Cuba is ridiculous and failed.

My interest in Cuba comes from reading Chomsky, but also I had a friend from Cuba. She had really mixed feelings about Cuba, and Castro. She was glad to be out of there, but she also couldn't understand America's intense focus on that country. I'm sure alot of Cuban-Americans feel the same way, but Bush and Colin Powell would have you believe that all Cubans are "freedom loving exiles who love America and hate Castro with a passion." It's just not true.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3212821.stm | http://whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2003/10/20031010-2.html | a Russian view of America's policy Lonely Planet Article


LEGACIES 31.12.2003 23:07
In Rememberance
Its my time to remember the casualty's of our times in 2003
  1. Rachel Corrie was a 23-years old peace and justice activist from Olympia, WA. She was killed on March 16, 2003, In Palestine.
  2. A whole lot of inocent collateral casualties-thousands who were born in the wrong geography.
  3. Kendra James:
    The Associated Press
    5/5/03 3:21 PM PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- Police fatally shot a woman Monday who climbed into the driver's seat of a detained car and tried to drive away, police spokesman Sgt. Brain Schmautz said. Police pulled over the car, which had three people in it, around 3 a.m. Monday and detained the car's driver. The woman, 21-year-old Kendra Sarie James of Portland, climbed into the driver's seat from the back seat, Schmautz said. Officers used a stun gun and fired a shot from a service revolver, he said. Three officers were on the scene at the time, he said. It was unclear why the officers stopped the car. Schmautz did not return repeated calls for additional comment. The officer who fired his revolver is a two-year veteran, Schmautz said. Police have not released the identities of the officer who fired the shots, pending further investigation.
  4. Thousands of US Casualties in the occupation and invasion of a at least 2 nations.
  5. Nations with citizens kept in the dark via major media dissinformation.
  6. More than 40 million people are infected with HIV and 3 million have died in 2003 of AIDS.
  7. Hanford activist Dick Belsey died 12-27-03
  8. Millions of plants and animals needlessly killed in 2003. Many species moved on to the threatened or endangered list.


LEGACIES 28.12.2003 07:27
Hanford activist Dick Belsey died
Dick Belsey worked on cleaning up Hanford -- the largest nuclear waste dump in the Western Hemisphere -- for many years. After his death last month Hanford activists wrote about their memories of Dick on the Hanford email list. This is worth reading for what it says about what it means to be an activist. -- L.P.


Save Tibet.. Why??
Tibetan Sand Mandala at Portland Library "Free Tibet" is a cause that has risen on the world stage to the level of the Nobel Peace prize for the Dalai Lama in 1989. For most who know their plight of human annihilation and cultural desecration by the Chinese over the past 50 years, the soul of Tibet is embodied in the Dalai Lama. Every Tibetan seems to contain a portion of that soul.

Why will the concept of saving Tibet not stop nagging at the collective conscience? A Tibetan monk, when asked what he thought was in it for those in the West who were trying to help Tibet, said there is nothing in it for us, except that it is right.

China is the greatest threat to the future of the West

A Brief History: Beginning in 1949 and in a violent and escalated invasion in 1956, the Communist China created by Mao Zedong invaded and subsequently occupied the country of Tibet. For China this was the gain of land mass roughly equal to the size of Europe.

With its continued occupation of Tibet, Communist China works to wipe out the culture of Tibet. Communist Chinese have destroyed all but 13 of the 6000 monasteries that made up the higher education and university system of Tibet. In the process, China took centuries old artifacts from the monasteries and placed many of them for sale on the lucrative international art market. Thousands of Tibetans die while performing forced labor.

financed by Western Investment and consumer spending, China's dictatorships are rising as dangerous economic and military powers. Tibet's history reveals an important perspective on the nautre of China's leadership. Tibetans understand the nature of China's dictators... The Tibetan's experience offers insight into the nature of future leadership in China Read More>>>

[ Interview With a Tibetan Llama | www.tibetanphotoproject.com/ | From a Tibetan in Exile ]


11.12.2003 23:07
Craig Beneville's Quiet Thunder
Nature lost a warrior. Earth First! lost a hero. I lost a friend. We all gained perspective. Last week, Craig Beneville accidentally fell to his death from an Ancient Tree in a grove itself slated for death by the Bureau of Land Management's tireless efforts to, as they themselves put it, "implement the Clinton Northwest Forest Plan."

Y'all remember the 1994 Forest Plan? The Big Greens said this, "our greatest victory," had ended Ancient Forest logging and saved the forests, the spotted owls and other species that depend on it.

Well, of course, it did none of that. That's why Craig was risking and giving it all in the canopy that fateful day...

One of the requirements of the Forest Plan is that the agencies involved have to do biological surveys of species dependent on the forests before any logging can take place. Of course, the agencies have botched it. Lawsuits have been won forcing them to comply. Even then, they have always come up short. So, folks like Craig and Mick have been climbing the trees looking for active nests of the Red Tree Vole, a rodent that spends almost its entire life living hundreds of feet up in the tree tops and is a major food source for the endangered Northern spotted owls--the Indicator Species for the health of this majestic ecosystem. It was while conducting this worthy work that the accident took place...

To find out more information on Craig's work and how you can help end Ancient Forest logging, contact James johnston at: jdj@efn.org

Full Story at Counterpunch.org | Fall of a Forest Defender: The Exemplary Life of Craig Beneville


GENOCIDE 28.11.2003 17:22
Saturday, Sand Creek Remembrance Day in Olympia
On Saturday, Olympians will commemerate the Sand Creek Massacre with an afternoon of prayer, atonement, and information sharing about the past and present struggles of indigenous peoples on this continent.

In celebration of Union military victories, President Lincoln in 1863 declared the last Thursday of November would be an annual day of national thanksgiving. On Thursday, November 24, 1864, Colonel John Chivington of the Colordado Volunteers celebrated second annual Thanksgiving holiday by marching his troops out of Denver headed for Sand Creek. Black Kettle's band of Cheyenne, having earlier surendered to, and allied themselves with, the US Army, were camped by the Army's instruction at Sand Creek. Most of the young men of the band were out on a buffalo hunt. Seeing the soldiers, Black Kettle raised up the American Flag given to him by the soldiers at Fort Lyon as a gesture of good faith. Along with it, he raised a white flag, and he gathered his family around him. Chivington and his soldiers attacked and murdered Black Kettle and about 150 members of his band in cold blood that morning. Afterwards Chivington's soldiers cut off the women's genitals and used them to decorate thier hats and their saddle horns. They scalped and mutilate every single person who was killed.

We feel that this event is more representative of the nature of the interaction between the indigenous people of this continent and the Europeans who invaded it, than is the glib, myopic Thanksgiving story of Indians and pligrims sharing a meal. We feel that if the people of this continent are ever to build for themselves a just future that it must begin by accurately understanding and accepting responsibility for the past. As such, we propose the abandonment of the Thanksgiving holiday and replacing it with Sand Creek Remembrance day. We feel that the European invasion of this continent deserves to be remembered with prayer and fasting and work to build a better future and not with glutony, self congratulation, and white children dressed up as "Indians" using paper head dresses.

Toward this end, we are organizing an afternoon of prayer, atonement, and information sharing about the past and present struggles facing indigenous people on this continent. It will be held in Sylvester park in Olympia from 12 to 3 on Saturday, November 29. Please join us

National Day of Mourning in Massachusetts


INDIGENOUS ISSUES 27.11.2003 10:58
Thanksgiving: A Native American View
I celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving.

This may surprise those people who wonder what Native Americans think of this official U.S. celebration of the survival of early arrivals in a European invasion that culminated in the death of 10 to 30 million native people. Thanksgiving to me has never been about Pilgrims. When I was six, my mother, a woman of the Dineh nation, told my sister and me not to sing "Land of the Pilgrim's pride" in "America the Beautiful." Our people, she said, had been here much longer and taken much better care of the land. We were to sing "Land of the Indian's pride" instead.

I was proud to sing the new lyrics in school, but I sang softly. It was enough for me to know the difference. At six, I felt I had learned something very important. As a child of a Native American family, you are part of a very select group of survivors, and I learned that my family possessed some "inside" knowledge of what really happened when those poor, tired masses came to our homes.


LIBERATION THEOLOGY 05.11.2003 05:56
Living Wisely in the Midst of the Absurd
"In the past decades, I have often been annoyed that Europeans, particularly intellectuals, have said that we Latin Americans are too optimistic.. We started from the hope: If Nicaragua won, El Salvador will win.. The horizon was clear and open.. The consequence of the globalization of the free market reduce us to silence. Still I will not surrender to pessimism since that means dying."


LEARNING OUR LEGACIES 07.10.2003 09:43
Weatherman Underground should be a feature on Indy Media!
A movie about an activist group that is peaceful for seven years then turns to violence seen from its inception, told by the peopel that were in it, and they look back and reflect on it today. There isn't a better lesson for Indy Media enthusiasts. The force of Peace, Love and Understanding generate Wisdom in your actions.

"If a picture speaks a thousand words, The Weather Underground speaks volumes. Using historic footage with present day interviews, the director tells a part of the compelling story that is late sixties and early seventies New Left politics.

It's entertaining, educational, and very reflexive for what is happening in the streets today. But it's not free and it's not on the internet, so most of you wiley pirates and ninjas who need to see it (my opinion) probably won't bother. That said I think you should, so here are my reasons why...

  1. The folks in the film resort to the violence that is sometimes flirted with on this site. It gives a real face to the hypotheticals that are so easily tossed around cyberland.
  2. Three members of the group die trying to build a bomb. The director interviews some of the other Weathermen about this tragedy. Their reactions are genuine and considered.
  3. There's great footage from the anti-war demonstrations during the Vietnam War. It puts the current actions into perspective and shows the naked hand of police violence again and again. There's also a great scene of an un-arrest. Very cool!
  4. Weather Underground members on film today are true pioneers. They went there and back. They learned their personal lessons and political lessons. They have a story to tell. Listen.

So scrape together the $7.00 and go to Cinema 21 (616 NW 21st Street). It plays only through this Thursday and the show times are 7:00pm and 9:00pm. You don't have to see it three times or anything like that. J Just go see it once and expect to learn a little something. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to the movement. Oh, and have fun!"

"Violence is a natural result of oppression and injustice. Abolitionist Frederick Douglass believed that when an escaped slave used force to prevent a slave-catcher from forcibly returning him to bondage, he or she was helping to lift slaves up from both their physical and mental bondage. It was the persistent lack of resistance in the face of unremitting oppression that had the most morally degrading influence on the oppressed"


FAITH | WORKS 26.09.2003 00:16
Dorothee Soelle, liberation theologian: 1929-2003
Even in her death, Dorothee Soelle has, again, given us a push. We have had a lot of exchanges among ourselves in our community about what we learned from her as a theologian and as a woman about her straight way of thinking, about her cheeky sense of humor, about her religious devotion, about her sense of resistance and conscientious objection. And we also have spoken about the new "mansions" that her speaking and writing have created. We will miss Dorothee Soelle, the prophet, the voice for the voiceless of our time.

Dorothee Soelle was our ally, here, at the Bread and Roses community. As one of the few liberation theologians working in the First World, the Catholic Worker roots of our movement were well known to her and they were valuable.


The Educational System Was Designed to Keep Us Uneducated and Docile
It's no secret that the US educational system doesn't do a very good job. Like clockwork, studies show that America's schoolkids lag behind their peers in pretty much every industrialized nation. We hear shocking statistics about the percentage of high-school seniors who can't find the US on an unmarked map of the world or who don't know who Abraham Lincoln was.

Fingers are pointed at various aspects of the schooling system?overcrowded classrooms, lack of funding, teachers who can't pass competency exams in their fields, etc. But these are just secondary problems. Even if they were cleared up, schools would still suck. Why? Because they were designed to.


LIBERATION THEOLOGY 28.06.2003 17:52
Transcendence and the Lord's Supper
"What is common to us ecumenically - faith in God's good creation, orientation in the disadvantaged, the losers as God's beloved children, discipleship of Christ in a difficult and confusing world and the spirit that helps us - all this is infinitely greater and more important than what separates us in our understanding of the Bible, the sacraments and the office. The separation was long overcome for us in the praxis of faith and action. Liberating theology is not only catholic or protestant." Translated from the German


SAC REPORTS 21.06.2003 06:53
Sunrise in Sacramento
On Friday at sunrise on June 20th a Native American prayer circle was held on the south steps of the California State capitol. It was held as part of the protest of the WTO Ministrial meetings. The circle was held to bring attention to the need to protect American Indian Sacred places in California.


LEGACIES 21.04.2003 13:03
Obituary - Craig T. Miller
From the open publishing newswire: Craig T. Miller of Eugene OR (who has written for Portland Independent Media Center under the pen name "Sumold Gote") died 9 April 2003 of a pulmonary embolism. He was 46. He worked at a mental health hospital for children in San Diego for five years, and four years in the mental health profession in Eugene. He worked as the chief executive officer of Riff Raff Recordings and the Oregon Independent News Center.

He was given a "wolf meditating with a monkeywrench in its mouth" from the Earth First Journal (page 32 Litha June-July 2002 issue) for spending Earth Day morning 2002 sitting beneath the tail rotor of a helicopter interrupted in its mission to spray local clearcuts with herbicides. [ Read More... ]

COMMUNITY EVENTS 20.04.2003 14:20
Portland Area Upcoming Events
From the open publishing newswire and portland imc calendar of events:
6:30 pm Lesbian and Gay Immigration Rights Task Force Legal Clinic to educate and inform people affected by discriminatory immigration laws about their opportunities for legal immigration There will be a presentation, social time and free consultations with immigration lawyers. [Details...]
6:30pm A Dialogue on the Middle East - First United Methodist Church, 1838 SW Jefferson, Room 202
A Dialogue on the Middle East: The Kurdish Perspective. Come and learn more about Kurds and Kurdistan. [ Calendar post... | www.orpeace.org ]
7 pm Benefit for anti war arrestees
funds raised go towards the legal costs and lawyers for those arrested during the Anti War demonstrations here in Portland. [ Details... ]
7 pm Free Peace Party! Open Mike Poetry Against War Every Thursday from April thru June! Open mike Poetry Against War. Featured guests moe bowstern, anna decastro, leslie fried, walt curtis, steephen spyrit, jennifer gleach, leanne grabel and you. free of charge, but if you give a donation, you will get a free zine with poetry against war. Details

FRIDAY 4/25:
4 pm ART=PEACE ACTION - Pioneer Courthouse Square. "Mourning" The third installment in OPI'S "DEAD-IN"... [ calendar post... ]
5:30 pm Celebrate Spring with the First Annual Critical Mass Scavenger Hunt - NW Park & Couch (North Park Blocks)
In response to the brutal treatment Critical Mass has received from the Portland Police Department, and the continuing media and police misinformation campaign against Critical Mass, the April ride has been established as a scavenger hunt. [Details..]
6:30 pm Rachel Corrie: Honor Rachel on the 40th day after her martyrdom
NW Cultural Center 1819 NW Everett. Commemorate her life and commitment to justice and the Palestinian People.[ Details... | Flyer]

7 pm Pepto Dizmal & Circus Pandamonium - Liberty Hall 311 N. Ivy -
Portland's homegrown circuses team up to promote Cruelty-Free circus fun! [ Details ...]

MEMORIAL 04.04.2003 20:32
April 4th, anniversary of Dr. King's assassination & riverside speech
From the open publishing newswire: Dr. King was murdered exactly one year after giving the following speech, calling on an expansion to the civil rights movement to include the poor and oppressed in the world. He criticized the Gov't, and was murdered for it. And no wonder. This man was the biggest threat to the forces of darkness we've seen in decades.

The Inner Truth by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Riverside Church, New York City, April 4th, 1967.
He was murdered on April 4th, 1968.

"A time comes when silence is betrayal..."A true revolution of values will lay hand on the world order and say of war,'This way of settling differences is not just.' A nation that continues year and year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death...This call for a worldwide fellowship that lifts neighborly concern beyond one's tribe, race, class, and nation is in reality a call for an all-embracing and unconditional love for all mankind. We can no longer afford to worship the God of hate or bow before the altar of retaliation." [ Dr. King's Speech... ]

MEMORIAL 31.03.2003 23:33
Tuesday Vigil for Mejia Poot

On the second anniversary of the police killing of Jose Mejia Poot, Latino community members are holding a memorial vigil at City Hall to remember Jose and to rally opposition against current police brutality practices. TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 4-6PM, CITY HALL (SW 4TH & JEFFERSON)
[ Full Story & Press Release... ]

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