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25.01.2006 07:14
Betting On Biscuit
Cascadia Wildlands Project It's rare to find two diametrically opposed sides using the same exact posterchild to support their views. However, that's essentially what's developed over the past few years as the logging industry have locked horns with conservation groups and scientists in a battle over so-called "healthy forests" policy and the future of America's public lands following wildfires.

Natural fires have been an important part of the Siskiyou Wild Rivers area for thousands of years. The fire-enriched Siskiyou region has more conifer species than any other temperate-zone forest in the world, and has been identified by scientists as one of the most important ecosystems on planet. In other words, not exactly the ideal place for industrial logging of ancient forest reserves and roadless wildlands.

Unfortunately, listening to some people, you'd be led to believe that the 2002 Biscuit Fire laid waste to everything in its path. While referred to repeatedly by the logging industry and their supporters as catastrophic, devastating and unnatural, the reality is that 84% of the Biscuit Fire area was either unburned, or burned at low to moderate intensity.

Yet, this reality hasn't prevented Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR) - who incidentally has received $643,363 in campaign contributions from the logging industry during his senate career and was one of the major supporters of the so-called "Healthy Forest Restoration Act" - from declaring in a recent opinion piece that "Today, nearly half the Siskiyou National Forest remains a charred moonscape."

www.nativeforest.org | Cascadia Wildlands Project | Oxygen Collective Background | OSU Study says Salvage Logging at Biscuit Harmed Forests | video


23.01.2006 21:16
What does Indigenous Power in Bolivia Look Like ? Check This Out !!!
We all know that Evo Morales, Aymara Indian who is the son of a shepherd who grew up in an adobe home in the frigid highlands, was just signed in as President of Bolivia !!! But, WHAT DOES THAT LOOK LIKE ???

"In the Congress, Mr. Morales asked for a moment of silence for Inca martyrs, for the Argentine guerrilla Che Guevara, who died in a failed effort to start a revolution here in 1967, and "the millions of humans who have fallen in all of Latin America."

"I want to say to you, my Indian brothers concentrated here in Bolivia, that the 500-year campaign of resistance has not been in vain," Mr. Morales said moments after being sworn in. "This democratic, cultural fight is part of the fight of our ancestors, it is the continuity of the fight of Tupac Katari, it is a continuity of the fight of Che Guevara."

With a speech ebullient and emotional, announcing that the days are numbered for the neoliberal policies are going to be over. Evo asked that the Bolivians make sure that he does not retreat or become to slow in implementing this change. "The triump of December 18th is not a triumph for Evo Morales, it is a triumph for all Bolivian, it is a triumph for democracy, it is a triumph for the expression of a democratic and cultural revolution in Bolivia."


16.01.2006 06:26
MLK March and Rally 2006
2005 MLK March across Burnside Bridge If you're looking for a way to celebrate and make a difference ? a day "on" instead of a day "off" ? this Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, join us for our 14th annual march and rally. It promises to be a beautiful celebration of non-violence and the positive impact it can have on the world.

The theme for this year's event is "MLK Every Day: Traveling the Road of Change Through Nonviolence." Our plans for the day include closing the caf? down at 1pm so everyone--staff, customers, and friends--can participate. We'll gather in front of the caf? between 2 and 3, making and passing out signs and getting organized. The march begins at 3pm.

St. Mary's Academy is our destination. St. Mary's address is 1615 SW 5th Ave. The rally, which begins at 4pm, will include a student essay, speakers, a Master of Ceremonies from the Sisters' community, music, and fun! Keynote speaker, Sharif Abdullah, will inspire to use non-violence to create a world that works for all. Also speaking will be Jeri Sundvall, founder of the Environmental Justice Action Group, a grassroots organization dedicated to developing and utilizing community-based leadership in people of color and low-income communities to address the issues of health, safety and environmental justice.

I still believe | Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon MLK Jr Remembrance Events | Links to Text and Audio of some MLK speeches | KBOO programming all day & Radio4all MLK broadcast


05.01.2006 20:36
Bye Bye From the Hippielawyer
alan graf Hey you all-- This is my last night in Portland, Oregon (at least living here) after being here for seventeen years. Its been one strange trip for sure. So--my parting words--ahem--no drum roll, no woids of wisdom--but some evening thoughts.

I read with interest recently some of the stuff from Jeff Luers who is a passionate thoughtful fellow and I have to agree with a lot of what he said in terms of the emergency nature of what confronts us ANd the needed real long term committment from activists to make the necessary changes.

We are at the brink of destroying the planet as we know it-environmentally we are rapidly poisoning the nest. Civil liberties are becoming distant history, economic equality a myth... This city has a lot going for it. I see people trash KBOO and it looks to me like its the fundamentalists spurting their venom on whoever and whatever disagree with them. My way or the highway. Fundamentalism, whether its left or right--is wrong and destructive.

Exposure and transparency linked to truth and accuracy unbridled by fundamentalism are powerful allies. This world will go on with us or without us. The human race is ugly and beautiful all at the same time. It has its evil side and it writes poetry and dances. But the forest is pure and the moon shines on us tonight with hope in her eye.

I love Portland and all the great people here and will miss you all so much. Regards Alan Graf--da hippielawyer

Read More [ http://www.hippielawyer.com ]


24.12.2005 16:22
Tribute to Avalon

Avalon, gentle elf
caring spirit caught in the tumult
of these interesting times
hearing wild earth's cries
your eyes sparked
with the magic of her songs...

Caught, they thought they could
entrap you, silence your spirit,
but they knew you not -

Avalon, gentle elf,
we see you still
smiling in the swirling night's starry skies
in the spark of fire
in wild nature's eyes
as she comes up, again,
ever batting last...


Full Poem >>


12.11.2005 03:17
Armistice Day with Vets for Peace
Members of Veterans for Peace commonly observe federal holidays among themselves, but this time were joined by approximately 60 others: friends, students, other activists, and strangers passing by, who were encouraged at the end to sign on to a movement to ask Governor Ted Kulongoski to recognize "Armistice Day" in 2006.

A pair of empty combat boots, worn but highly shined, stood at attention in the middle of the circle at 11:11 AM as the veterans opened with a two-minute silence followed by the playing of "Taps". In this wide circle, veterans and non-veterans alike were then invited to step into the center to share their thoughts and feelings on this day of remembrance in an open forum.

Grant Remington, President of Veterans for Peace Chapter 72, started out by reminding the assembled circle of the origins of Armistice Day, and its significant ties to remembrance and peace. Quoting President Dwight Eisenhower in 1954, people were reminded to "reconsecrate ourselves to the task of promoting an enduring peace."


12.11.2005 02:56
GhostCycle.org: Raising Vehicle Driver Awareness
GhostCycle #39 in Lower Queen Anne in Seattle

Walking down the street a few months back, I noticed a visibly mangled bicycle with white-washed and twisted tires and frame, chained to a lamppost with the sign, "Ghostcycle.org #39" hanging on it. Curious, I went to GhostCycle.org and found it is a "bike accident awareness" organization. GhostCycle is a Seattle project that could be mimicked in any city. The group solicits stories online from bicyclists who have had accidents revolving around interactions with cars on Seattle streets, primarily. The site tells the story of a bicyclist's accident, and then a memorial broken bike is placed on the spot of the accident. The bikes are painted an eerie white, and the tires are contorted and completely painted white, too, which really works well for a "ghostly" effect.

bike sadness adds: There have been about nine or ten Ghost Bike memorials put up in the last few weeks in Portland. Yes, there is one at NE Sandy & 37th. Yes, there is a plan to replace the SW Broadway memorial, though memorials downtown probably won't fare well. Coming soon: ghostcyclepdx.org, with photos and info on all the local memorials plus features for reporting crashes, dangerous intersections, etc.


06.11.2005 11:08
Hanford Clean-Up to be Cut $340 Million
Computer graphic of leaking underground nuclear waste tanks Congressional budget negotiators and the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE) have agreed to a massive cut of $340 million in funding for cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in 2006. Over a million gallons of High-Level Nuclear Waste have leaked from tanks at Hanford and another million gallons was deliberately dumped in the soil. Contamination has spread faster than previously believed and
is moving towards the Columbia River.

"Every year of delay increases the spread of contamination and the risk to thesafety of clenaup workers and the public," said Gerald Pollet, Executive Director of Heart of America Northwest. "The federal Energy Department's priority is to push to use Hanford as a national radioactive and toxic waste dump, rather than fund cleanup and safety. The massive budget cuts show why Washington's voters were wise to pass Initiative 297 one year ago to require cleanup before more waste can be dumped,"

Funding cuts will likely delay: retrieval of High-Level Nuclear Waste from tanks which have leaked over a million gallons of waste; safety for workers and characterizing leaks around those tanks; cleanup of massive sol contamination spreading from unlined burial grounds and liquid waste discharge sites; and, halt work to cleanup safety risks at the Plutonium Finishing Plant.



26.10.2005 12:59
Rosa Parks, Misremembered
rosa parks Rosa Parks died yesterday at age 92. Over the days to come, we'll hear a lot of very-much deserved prasie for Parks' refusal to abide bigotry and her courage in the service of a cause. Unfortunately, we'll also hear a new round of recitations of the stubborn myth that Parks was an anonymous, apolitical woman who spontaneously refused to yield to authority and in so doing inspired a movement.

The truth, as Aldon Morris wrote in his book The Origins of the Civil Rights Movement, is that a decade earlier in the 1940s Mrs. Parks had refused several times to comply with segregation rules on the buses. In the early 1940s Mrs. Parks was ejected from a bus for failing to comply. The very same bus driver who ejected her that time was the one who had her arrested on December 1, 1955...She began serving as secretary for the local NAACP in 1943 and still held that post when arrested in 1955...In the early 1940s Mrs. Parks organized the local NAACP Youth Council...During the 1950s the youth in this organization attempted to borrow books from a white library. They also took rides and sat in the front seats of segregated buses, then returned to the Youth Council to discuss their acts of defiance with Mrs. Parks.

This history is not hidden. But the Times' obituary describes Parks' arrest nonetheless as an event which "turned a very private woman into a reluctant symbol and torchbearer..." Parks was certainly reluctant to see too personal valoration of her as heroine distract from the broader movement. But she was not private about her politics. And her refusal to give up her bus seat was nothing new for her. As she would later tell an interviewer, "My resistance to being mistreated on the buses and anywhere else was just a regular thing with me and not just that day."

Tribute To Rosa on her 89th Birthday | The World Needs More Revolutionaries Like Rosa Parks! | Chicago NLG Rosa Parks Memorial Page


30.09.2005 20:43
House Approves Bill Gutting Endangered Species Act!
Sierra Club Press Release: Congress Takes First Step Toward Gutting Endangered Species Act; Rep. Pombo's Legislation Would Turn Back 30 Years of Successful Stewardship

Washington, D.C. -- Congress took the first step today toward gutting the 30-year old Endangered Species Act, America's safety net for fish and wildlife at the edge of extinction, voting 229 to 193 for legislation crafted by House Resources Chairman Richard Pombo (R-CA). The bill eliminates habitat protection measures for fish and wildlife facing extinction, creates an exemption for the approval of potentially dangerous pesticides and establishes a new entitlement program for developers and polluters by requiring the federal government to pay developers, the oil industry and polluters to avoid destroying the habitat of publicly owned fish and wildlife.. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), implementation of the Pombo legislation will cost the U.S. taxpayer $2.7 billion over the next five years.

This attempt to rewrite the landmark law is just the latest attempt by Rep. Pombo to undermine America's bedrock environmental protections. In addition to his assault on the Endangered Species Act, he's also working to weaken the National Environmental Policy Act, and pushing controversial measures to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and off America's coasts, and sell off National Parks to private interests.

Related: kboo - 0930 am 'we're not making this up' news | Maxxam/Pacific Lumber Slapped with Logging Violation Notice


24.09.2005 15:43
Klamath River film night Sunday Sep 25: Free the Klamath, bring down the dams
Klamath River Tribes Protest in Scotland Come see "Salmon on the Backs of Buffalo" and other films on the Klamath Salmon and dams including a new video featuring underwater footage of the Klamath Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead and Lamprey. Native Speakers will share their environmental justice stories along with how to get involved with the struggle to force Portland-based Pacific Power (a subsidiary of Scottish Power) to take down the Klamath dams that now block hundreds of miles of fish habitat, and how to insure there will never again be a massive fish kill like the one that killed over 60,000 adult salmon in 2002.

Many of us from the Klamath River and other areas in Southern Oregon are coming to Portland on the Oxygen Collective bio-diesel bus because Pacific Power's headquarters is located in Portland. And we hope to drum up support to stop Pacific Power from killing more fish. We want to bring the salmon home to the upper Klamath Basin. Rides are available from Happy Camp, Ashland, and Eugene on the Oxygen Collective bus. There will also be a discussion on future protests in Portland to support the people and the animals of the Klamath River Portland Contact Number: (503) 493-7495 Other contact number 541 951-0126



07.09.2005 22:38
34th Anniversary of Attica rebellion and massacre
Friday September 9th on the 34th anniversary of the 5 day Attica rebellion and massacre. Attica survivor SPLITTING THE SKY will tell his story, as well as Black Panther Elbert Howard who was invited into the prison by the prisoners to help negotiate a settlement.

We will also be showing the buried 1973 Cinda Firestone film, ATTICA.
If you have any questions about the capitalist, imperialist genocide commited legally again and again under the stealth and safety of our fascist and racist constitution and government, the buried history of what happened to the oppressed slaves of Attica is an important place study and understand.

7pm at Vollum Lecture Hall REED College 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd! $2 to $6 sliding scale


anti-imperialist | anti-racist resistance 28.07.2005 06:09
The million-dollar woman: Cuba refuses to hand over Assata Shakur
Not a terrorist but a target.

While the corporate media portrayed the Black Panthers as violent, police forces were under orders to shoot Black Panther Party leaders without provocation. 39 members of the Black Panther Party were murdered. Those who survived attempted murder by the police were subsequently framed up as the aggressors. Others were framed-up for crimes they simply were not even near including recently exonerated Geronimo ji Jaga (formerly Pratt), who did decades of hard prison time for a murder U.S. courts now even recognize he did not commit.

Assata Shakur was also a target of this political repression and was taken as a political prisoner by the U.S. government. It was with the help of the revolutionary direct action of her comrades that Assata Shakur was liberated from bondage and gained her freedom in exile in revolutionary Cuba. Today, despite pressure from the United States, Cuba remains committed to Assata Shakur's freedom.

Liberation News also supports Assata Shakur and demands that the U.S. government keep their blood stained hands off of her and off of the Cuban Revolution, while demanding Assata Shakur's right to return from exile without a continuation of political persecution.

The Jericho Movement to grant amnesty to all Political Prisoners | More about Assata


24.07.2005 03:13
Legendary Forest Activist Joan Norman Passes On
joan norman I haven't an idea about how to say this. Joan Norman died today. She was killed instantly in a head on car wreck.

Joan was in the process of moving to Brookings. After having been on a waiting list for two years to get her apartment - a move she wanted primarily for health reasons - the place had just come through and today was moving day. Details are sketchy yet, but apparently she was headed back to the Illinois Valley with her nephew, who is banged up some, but O.K. We don't know yet about the people in the other car. Apparently this happened near Twin Pines, is that still in Calif? More details will be reported later.

[ Interview with Joan Norman, one of the participants: "Tell them to come with Fire in their Bellies" (14 Mar 2005) | more stories about Joan ]


23.05.2005 22:17
Cascadia's unique linguistic legacy
cascadia When I lived in Eastern Europe as well as in southern Asia my accent was always a question that came up. In Eastern Europe this often came up when Europeans needed a tutor in English. They wanted British speakers for passing grammar tests, but wanted "Americans" for conversational English. American accents were en vogue. One friend of mine one evening at a restaruant asked me in a thick sounding British accent "ok what kind of accent do I have American or Brit?" I replied "You have a British accent" in which he responded "Bloody hell!" Another friend from Britain (who loved harassing Americans for their accents) was once in a conversation with me when i pointed out that in a BCC production on the history of English mentioned that the Pacific NorthWest accent was the closing "living" pronounciation to original Shakespearean English. Tim's comeback (with what to me sounded more like an Irish accent) to that was with a huge grin on his face was "that is because your people have not evolved".

But meeting other Europeans back then who had English teachers from Boston and Texas could not figure out my accent. Which was ok with me since I often tried to pass myself off as a Scandinavian or German. Even years ago in Portland friends that were not originally from Cascadia would often say "you are European right? German or some Slav?" I would find it to be a compliment at frist because generally I can not stand most American accents (especially southern, Texan or the nasally urban east). Sorry if I insulted anyone about that.


18.05.2005 09:15
MOVE 20 years later: A Perspective from a Portlander
May 13, 1985 marked the 20th anniversary of the bombing of the MOVE organization's house by the city of Philadelphia. MOVE is a naturalist revolutionary organization that believes in the connection of all living things. They believe, quite simply, in life. And in 1985, Philadelphia obliterated life. They dropped a military-issue C-4 cannister onto the house, which set the house on fire. The police pumped hundreds of rounds of ammunition into the house. 11 people, including 5 children, were murdered. In addition, 60 houses in the surrounding black working class West Philly neighborhood burned too, and the fire department, which was on the scene, sat and did nothing, until the houses were ash. Over 250 people were left homeless.

The only adult survivor of the fire, Ramona Africa, still bears the scars from the city's "final solution" to MOVE. She also bears the scars of 7 years of incarceration from charges resulting from this bombing. Her crime? She survived.

related: DC IMC Feature I Audio report | May 14th Demonstration in Philadelphia | Phillyblog entry about MOVE bombing | NY Times Article from 1985 about the bombing | Another perspective on MOVE from a former member


16.03.2005 20:03
Remembering Rachel
Are you gonna let Rachel Corrie down by using hate tactics? On March 16, 2003, two years ago today, Rachel Corrie was crushed and killed under an American-made bulldozer operated by the Israeli governement. This tragic event took place less than a week before the first bombs fell on the City of Bagdad. Indeed, some regard Rachel as the first casualty of that war.

Amnesty International is calling on Condolezza Rice for a State Department investigation but as yet Rice has not acted. Tommorow the Corries' attorney will be contacting US DOJ officials in this regard. They are also suing the State of Israel and Catepillar, manufacturer of the bulldozer that was used to kill Rachel.

[ Interviews About the Life and Death of Rachel Corrie and Pal Solidarity | Remembrance: Rachel Corrie 1979-2003 | previous posts about Rachel Corrie ]


inspirational 24.02.2005 17:34
RIOT FOLK in Portland, Feb 25th and 27th!
RIOT FOLK is an anti-profit, radical folk music collective participating in and supporting movements for social, economic and ecological liberation. As part of our "bi-coastal solidarity tour," Riotfolks Anna Roland, Brenna Sahatjian, Ethan Miller & Kate Boverman will be playing in Portland, Feb.25th at In Other Words Books (7pm), and Feb.27th at the IWW Hall (7pm).

This February, Riot Folk is embarking on a solidarity tour-- sharing radical folk music, inspiring movements, and raising funds for kick-ass grassroots organizations around the country. 4 Riotfolks on the East coast, 4 in the Northwest. Our show at In Other Words Books (3734 SE Hawthorne) will benefit the In Other Words womyn's book store collective, and will also include fiery spoken-word performance by Contajus. The show at the IWW Hall (616 E.Burnside) will benefit the Portland IWW and the Back to Back Cafe. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds, but donations are greatly appreciated for both shows!

For more info, check out www.riotfolk.org


29.01.2005 12:37
Discussion on Ageism
It may just look like an angry rant to you, but this is something that is making me sick. I have no opinion until I am 18. The people that need an education can't vote to have an education because we are to young. How is my life decided from someone else with out my consent. I am 15 and am waiting until the government allows me to have a voice.


14.01.2005 06:14
Appalachia Apocalypse: A Call for Action
Most Americans have never heard the words "mountain top removal." It's the dirty little secret that our government wants to keep hidden from the eyes of America and the world. The people of Appalachia need your help. Our homeland is being turned into a sacrifice zone for cheap electricity. There is a not only a dreadful ecological toll to Mountain Range Removal--but it has a human face as well. This is a call to action.


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