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17.08.2006 00:54
15 august 2006 - palestine journal

to me this picture has come to symbolize the war between israel and lebanon it was taken within the first two days of the war.... way back on july 14th or so, when people were fleeing for their lives from the hundreds of missiles raining down on southern lebanon.... and the people in northern israel were beginning to hunker down in shelters as hezbollah fired rockets in their direction....

the little girl, half-buried in rubble, was in one of the many vehicles of lebanese people fleeing north which were hit by the supposedly 'precision-guided' israeli missiles. her face, covered in dirt, is peaceful. in death, she can have, perhaps, what she never had in life: peace.


palestine journal - August 4

the war drags on........ I didn't realize how war-hungry israelis could be, til this whole thing started..... wherever I look, there is that blood-lust in the eyes of the israelis....... smugly satisfied that their army has killed 50 times more lebanese civilians than hezbollah has killed israelis. and hungry for more. as if all jewish people who have ever been killed throughout history will be avenged if they can just be allowed to wipe out lebanon, once and for all.

(i've been reading a book of testimonies from former israeli soldiers who have served in the occupied palestinian territories, called 'breaking the silence'. here's one testimony, about a 'revenge killing' in the west bank. to me the most striking thing is where the soldier says, "It was... really... I really enjoyed it. It was the first time (in my experience) that we were in an 'advance... storm...' situation, like in our training exercises. And we acted flawlessly. We performed superbly.", while describing a brutal attack on two unarmed, middle-aged Palestinian Authority police.)



10.08.2006 02:02
"I Didn’t Want to Remember" -- Reflections on Nagasaki
Nagasaki days after US Atomic Bombing on August 9, 1945 "It was kind of awesome to be there," are the words Joseph Mrosko of Pana, Illinois used to describe his tour of duty in Nagasaki, Japan at the end of World War II. Mrosko's job was to photographically record the results of the second atomic blast directed on the Japanese. Today, August 9, marks the anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing.

Owner of a well-established photographic studio in Pana, Mrosko, 59, had been a 2nd Marine Division combat photographer in the Pacific theater before being sent to Nagasaki within two months of the Japanese surrender.

commemorating august 6th


03.08.2006 15:40
Murray Bookchin, visionary social theorist, dies at 85
Murray Bookchin Murray Bookchin, the visionary and often iconoclastic social theorist and activist, died during the early morning of Sunday, July 30th in his home in Burlington, Vermont. During a prolific career of writing, teaching and political activism that spanned half a century, Bookchin forged a new anti-authoritarian outlook rooted in ecology, dialectical philosophy and left libertarianism.

During the 1950s and '60s, Bookchin built upon the legacies of utopian social philosophy and critical theory, challenging the primacy of Marxism on the left and linking contemporary ecological and urban crises to problems of capital and social hierarchy in general. Beginning in the mid-sixties, he pioneered a new political and philosophical synthesis?termed social ecology?that sought to reclaim local political power, by means of direct popular democracy, against the consolidation and increasing centralization of the nation state. [ Anarchism Past & Present ]


02.08.2006 00:31
palestine journal: 2 august

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Here is a journal sent from Hanady Salman, editor of the Lebanese paper As-Safir.....
I feel I could have written it myself.
"We write the news while crying", she says.
hey, aren't we reporters supposed to be able to 'separate themselves' from their story....de-personalize it? I mean, we're supposed to be 'objective', "not take sides"....

somehow though.....we just can't keep from crying.


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25.07.2006 03:03
It's been a year: Joan Norman
joan norman July 23, 2005 Joan Norman was killed in Southern Oregon in a car accident. I was lucky enough to meet her and talk to her. I was inspired by what she had to say. I miss her. She made me feel like I was part of a community again. We shared a passion for the wild places. I would go there in a minute except I know that that is not what I am to do now. I have to stay with the human community, what's left of if and try to teach peace and resistance.

I would not matter if I went to the forest...the loggers and others would come there and cut it down around me. The warming of the earth from man's pollution will start fires that will come to my place under the trees. My heart would break. It's better to stand in the middle of the war of man and resist. And, help others the best I can.


02.07.2006 07:00
Rob Los Ricos Greets Supporters After Seven Years Behind Bars
On Saturday, Rob "Los Ricos" Thaxton spoke face to face with his supporters for the first time since being released from Oregon State Penitentiary on Thursday, June 29.

Rob greeted those gathered at Portland's Laughing Horse Books with individual hellos and handshakes, stating repeatedly how overwhelmed and happy he felt to be released. He spent most of the evening taking questions from supporters, who mostly wanted to hear about his day-to-day life behind bars. Rob said he spent most of his time writing letters. "It helped me remember who I was," he said. "It saved my life."

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06.06.2006 02:48
Remembering Tiananmen-6/4/89

It's been so long ago and yet still I weep when spring turns to summer, remembering their young hopeful faces...

In 1988 I was in Beijing for 23 hours on the way home from a PSU study-trip in another part of China. My classmate/traveling partner and I visited the Temple of Heaven and met a Beijing University student who wanted to practice her English. I will always wonder if she was one of those who marched to the square a year later, their wills in their pockets.

We also managed in those short hours to squeeze in a quick trip across one corner of the vast expanse of Tiananmen Square, then we crossed the broad boulevard in front of the Forbidden City and hiked back to our hotel, stopping at a freeway overpass for sodas bought from a street vendor. [ read more ]

100 Protesters Massacred: This Day In History: Remembering Tiananman Square

During the time I had today to write up a short piece commemorating the massacre at Tienanmen Square I had an opportunity to interview several Chinese citizens attending college at the University of California. To my shock and dismay, they expressed little interest in their own tradition of resistance and seemed only too happy to forget the past.

In marked contrast to contemporary students in Europe,the Middle East,South America, the US, and even other parts of Asia, they were distinctly apathetic. One student who gave her name only as "Wei Wei" even stated that she felt she was "not qualified to have an opinion because [I am] too young."She would not state her age, but appeared to be in her early twenties. I wonder how many would say "I am too old?" [ read more ]


03.06.2006 02:10
Esequiel Hernandez, Jr.
Esequiel Hernandez, Jr. Residents of Haditha, Iraq claim USA Marines murdered civilians there in November, 2005, investigation pending.

Residents of Redford, Texas claim USA Marines murdered an American civilian on USA soil in May, 1997, investigation closed, murderers free to kill again. "Team 7 was driven back to Marfa, put in a motel room, given a six-pack of beer, and told to write statements."

When Esequiel Hernandez Jr. died in 1997, he became the first American killed at home by U.S. troops since the massacre at Kent State University in 1970. This is his story.


01.06.2006 02:47
Another Vietnam
If you woke up to the Washington Post on Aug 5, 1964, you would have read in big bold letters, "American Planes Hit North Vietnam After Second Attack on Our Destroyers; Move Taken to Halt New Aggression." We now know there was no second attack, just as we now know there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

At the end of 1964, three years after the war had officially begun on Dec 11, 1961, 216 American soldiers were killed in Vietnam. At the end of 1965, that number rose to 1,926. Today in Washington DC there's a wall with over fifty eight thousand names on it. Perhaps there's a few names you know. A generation later, as of Feb 7th '05, almost 2 years into the current war, 1,448 American soldiers have been shipped out Bagdad in a box.


03.05.2006 00:33
John Kenneth Galbraith dead at 97
Liberal economist and activist, John Kenneth Galbraith, died Saturday night in Boston at the age of 97. The liberal PhD in Economics and author of more than a dozen books on sociology, economics, and relevant history has his obituary from the Associated Press listed below. However, the story does not fully pay tribute to his liberal credentials in life, so I've taken some time to pay respects and hopefully inspire Indymedia readers who are unfamiliar with his work to read some of his books.


28.04.2006 08:57
Cascadians Will Soon Hoist 'The Doug'
Collin's Cascadian Flag or Doug In the following weeks, at least 13 individuals who hail the Pacific Northwest (both "American" and "Canadian") as their home, will be hoisting a new flag that has a new message: consciousness.

Western expansion, capitalism, excessive consumption, globalization, Manifest Destiny, American Imperialism, whatever you want to call it, it has to end, or it will end on its own abruptly and harmfully. The Earth cannot handle it anymore, yet sadly, the current deliberation on the War on Terrorism, 9/11, Peak Oil, and Gas Prices is not encouraging peace, love and happiness, but is instead encouraging continual war, a blaming game where someone or something is responsible for all the world's fixable problems. As many continue down an unforgiving path, others continue building a new road.

The Doug Flag is not like any other flag. It is about a connection and a willingness to fight in the name of the land even against all odds. It is democracy and ending oligarchy. It is the end of aristocracy and believing that all men and women are created equal. It is about taking your time, enjoying nature and drinking good beer. It is about white men finally listening to the indigenous populations. It is about communicating with people you wouldn't usually communicate with. The Doug Flag is Cascadia and now it is time to hoist one of your own.

other recent cascadia stories: Where is the Anarchist Postal Service? Cascadia needs a Bioregional Communication Network (4.28.06) | Cascadia GovSim (4.28.06) | Rise Up Cascadia! (4.27.06) | totem poles as memes of social change (4.21.06) | Cascadia similarities fading? (4.05.06) | Cascadian Independence and the Greens? a discussion for Cascadians. (2.12.06) | Cascadia For the Rest of Us (1.31.06) | Memetic Cascadia (1.21.06)


27.04.2006 15:07
just saw Sophie Scholl film
it was so good. i think anyone who may have to face the insanity of the current regime should have this film in their experience.
This film follows closly the last days of anti-nazi activist Sophie Scholl from her distributing of antiwar pamphlets at her school to her arrest, interrigation, trial, and death sentince. The film was closely based on interview and trail transcripts and it is amazing to hear the words of this woman who spoke truth to power in the epitome of bad settings- the center of Nazi Germany during the war.

She was so brillient and what she said hit me really hard. i think about my friends who are doing actions in Palestine, or who were beaten in Genoa, or imprisoned in Miami, or shot at in New Orleans, and this story somehow makes me feel strong. or maybe a better way of putting it is that i am reminded that strengh comes from something deeper: awareness of the world larger then these political situations. i would highly recommend seeing this film. it will only be playing in portland for a few days.


27.04.2006 15:04
Chew On This DVDS (Reasons to Go Veg)
I have many, many, many Chew On This DVDS, along with the High Fives and Stage Dives DVD for teenagers. If any activists feel like they'd like to have some to pass out or leave around in public places, just say so and I"ll bring them to the next fur protest.


14.04.2006 02:02
The Universe is a Communist Plot
With Whom should good, God-fearing Americans take up their protests??

Ever since the Big Bang, Someone out there has been up to no good! The entire universe is now an endless succession of FREE LUNCHES that must have American Conservatives seeing RED!!! No wonder they're working overtime to rectify the situation.

The Idea of the Basic Income Guarantee (Think BIG)

A guaranteed minimum income could be seen as a constgitutional right like the franchise and equal protection bfore the law. This 1986 essay shows us the alternative to the dystopia of permanent war. I apologize for the translation errors. Translation is teamwork.


13.04.2006 08:39
Organizer on death row to be executed
Hasan Shakur now Hasan Shakur has organized concerts, organizations, events and put out newsletters from a death row cell dealing with liberation of black people and all people. Now the state of Texas has set his execute date for April 27, to silence his voice.

Working with the Human Rights Coalition, a prisoner family organizing project headquartered out of Philadelphia, I have had the amazing opportunity and honor to meet Hasan Shakur, aka Derrick Frazier ##999284. Hasan sits on the advisory council, the governing board of HRC. He also sits on Texas' death row, and has been there for all of his adult life. As I got to know Hasan, I was blown away by the work and commitment this brotha did. From a cell in one of Texas' most notorious units, without access to phone calls or human contact, he has been able to organize fundraising concerts to stop violence in the communities on the outside. He is able to put out a newsletter about prison issues more consistently than most organizations in the "free" world are able to.

And now the state is saying that Hasan's time is up. It does not care that Hasan was barely older than a teenager when the state decried he should die. It does not care that he was represented by ineffective counsel who was later disbarred, who did nothing to rebut the state's case against him, to prove his character and show any mitigating circumstances.

Please write and call the governor and ask for a stay of execution. Go to Hasan's website www.hasanshakur.com. Sign the petition to save his life at www.hasanshakur.com.


13.04.2006 08:33
New article by Jeff Free Luers - on state repression
artwork by Breakfast By now everyone knows about the arrests and indictments handed down to 11 people charged with ELF actions. The SHAC 7 have been convicted on all counts for maintaining a website. Rod Coronado has been arrested for explaining how he committed his arsons. Activists have been arrested in Sacramento charged with thought crime. Not to mention the various Grand Jury investigations around the country.

Like it or not, the radical movement has found itself in the middle of a war. The ELF, ALF, anarchists and other radicals have been declared the number one threat to the state. The FBI devotes more time and energy to activists than it does Al-Qaeda.

For every article I write, I wonder if this will be the one that lands me back in the hole. The FBI, in connection with the Oregon Department of Corrections, reviews all my outgoing mail. Some of my mail has been censored and not allowed to go out at all. I am banned from meeting with the media. None of those who were arrested are allowed to contact me, or allowed to be contacted by me.

I'm beginning to feel a lot more like a P.O.W. than a political prisoner.

"This is a state of emergency. Not only our success, but also our existence depends on your actions. The police state is here. Everything we've long feared is coming to pass. This isn't someone else's fight anymore, it's yours. What are you going to do about it?"

Organize an event for the International Weekend of Resistance Against the Green Scare! June 9-11, 2006 | http://www.freefreenow.org


27.02.2006 05:19
Suburban Washington turns against the war and the regime
While on a quick trip, I happened to pass through Camas, Washington, for the first time ever. I was happily surprised at the sight of a half dozen protesters on a busy corner there. They were bearing signs calling to impeach Bush, and Stop the War NOW!


24.02.2006 15:18
interview with portland panther Floyd Cruse

last night on maximum damage- we interviewed the former minister of information of the portland chapter of the black panther party Floyd Cruse. It is archived on portland web radio maximum damage under the date 2/21/06. We discuss many topics from direct action to post traumatic stress disorder. Floyd rocks and I hope you enjoy hearing our discussion.
[ listen | comment ]

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13.02.2006 19:35
This tree is on the Scott River, a tributary to the Klamath that is for sale The Bush administration shocked Americans this week by proposing to sell of 200,000 acres of public lands to pay for rural schools in his budget. The Klamath National Forest would be the hardest hit in the national with about 50 square miles to be sold from the Klamath River. Under Bush's plan, the Forest Service would sell 200,000 acres of public lands, including 85,465 acres in California.

Shockingly, more than a third of California's acreage would come from the Klamath National Forest.

This plan calls for halving the amount of money going to rural communities under the County Payments program, and re-linking the money to logging on public lands. The Bush proposal calls for selling off approximately $800 million worth of America's forestlands-lands that were set aside as a legacy for our children and grandchildren.

Please take a few moments to write or email your Senators and tell them that you oppose the Bush administration's cynical plan which will destroy the County Payments program, create more conflict in rural communities over logging and sell off America's public lands. Also please write letters to the editors in your local area about this tragic selling of our National Heritage.

homepage:  http://kswild.org
phone: 541 951-0126


31.01.2006 02:20
Yippie, Stew Albert: RIP

Stew Albert, a leading member of the "Youth International Party" (Yippie!,) an unindicted co-conspirator in the infamous Chicago 1968 "Conspiracy Trial," an instigator of People's Park and so much more - died today.

Albert had incurable and inoperable liver cancer, but his belief in a better world and his unfaltering activism, kept him busy until the very last moments of his life. On January 30, 2003, the following notice was posted on his weblog: [ http://stewa.blogspot.com ]

>> Day in the Life: Stew died today, January 30, 2003 at 3:20 a.m, age 66. Peacefully, in his sleep, surrounded by Judy, Jessica and his many friends. Funeral services this Wednesday, Feb. 1 at Havurah Shalom in Portland. More will be posted.<< [ read more ]

just a personal hero.

Stew passed away early this morning after a heroic battle with liver cancer. A service will be held on Wednesday, February 1, at 1:00 at the Havurah Shalom at 825 NW 18th Ave in Portland, Oregon . Some of his last words were that "his politics had not changed". Rememberances can be sent to Planned Parenthood in Portland or the Rosenberg Fund for Children. [ read more ]

Revolutionary activist and YIPPIE founder STEW ALBERT 1939-2006

He threw and burned money at the new york stock exchange, he levatated the pentagon,he fought in the streets of chicago during the 68 democractic convention, he helped build people's park, he was beaten, he did time,and then he ran for SHERRIF against evil frank madigan in 1970 and almost won. He and other YIPPIES made ties and helped organize with groups such as S.D.S, S.N.C.C.,the black panthers, the young lords,the G.L.F., the weathermen and others. He was a true servant to the PEOPLE and a good friend, til the end. Stew died early monday morning after fighting a brave battle with liver cancer.

His will be an immense loss to all who knew him and all who didn't get a chance. The service will be on Wednesday, February 1, at 1:00 at the Havurah Shalom synagog at 825 NW 18th Ave in Portland, Oregon [ read more ]


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