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04.06.2010 16:56
Red and Black Cafe asks cop to leave, mainstream media and boot-lickers throw a fit
Red and Black Worker-Owned Cafe For reasons unknown, former marine, Iraq-war veteran, current police officer, James Crooker went to the Red and Black worker-owned cafe in south east Portland and ordered coffee. He was given his coffee in a to-go cup and asked to leave due to the fact that cops make many people uncomfortable. This entirely reasonable act done out of concern for the well-being of other patrons has wrinkled the noses of Portland's cop-supporter community.

The corporate media has jumped all over this not-very-exciting incident and loonies have been making anonymous threatening comments on blogs and what-not. Now is the time for all of us who have been supported by the Red and Black to show our support and solidarity as our friends and comrades come under attack.

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Divided & Conquered
Red & Black in corporate media??


27.04.2010 01:32
Oregonians' Bias Coverage on Confederate Bed Store/EyeSore
Dixie Mattress Co., the bed store with the two confederate flags out front located on the 3300 block of SE Belmont, has been bought & sold. The new owners have yet to be identified, & their plans for the long shuttered store-front are as yet unknown. The Oregonian had an article about this in yesterdays' edition, Friday April 23, 2010 Metro section page B3. The article, as typical for the corperate, slowly dying paper, was extremely bias to the point of obscene. In 2008 a decent citizen took it upon him/herself to cover up the two conferderate/klan flags with decals of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Many of you may recall this


01.04.2010 12:37
Fight the Corporate Media!
Now's the time to get our side of the story out! Folks we must begin printing thousands of our communiqués getting the word out about this past week of amazing community resistance to the brutal police force. Anyone can write a communiqué about their experience, thoughts and perspectives. Its easy!It doesn't have to be the most beautiful or length piece either. It can be a simple note that takes two minutes to write. The important thing is that you get your thoughts on paper and personally hand them out to another human being.


01.03.2010 12:35
About Portland Indymedia
Portland Indy Media - IMC Victory! Portland IMC is a multimedia news service with a social justice focus. It is part of the international network, "Independent Media Center", also known as "Indymedia" or "IMC" for short. The mission of Portland Indymedia volunteers is to empower everyone to be the media by providing and maintaining the tools & audience using an anarchist model of organization. Portland Indymedia encourages and PULLS content from local, first-hand experiences through OPEN publishing. Instead of pushing content like traditional media. In other words, we provide direct access to media.

Once upon a time, a few years before the invention of blogs and Twitter and social networking sites, Indymedia revolutionized the way media is made. Back then when corporations & powerful institutions, like the IMF, wanted to black out insurrections and dissenting voices it was relatively easy to do so. They had exclusive influence on the media. Then here came this wild idea. This Open publishing program, written in fancy new code that enabled comments to articles! The news content was USER driven. And...

Click here for the video of this speech and others from the E-law direct action panel


24.01.2010 00:00
Cascadia to Caracas Report Back at Red n Black 1.24.10
Cascadia to Caracas Report Back Starts at 6:00 PM Sunday 1.24.10


.Video 1 introduction of delegation arriving at peace rally in Caracas
.Video 2 various scenes, bus, community council, media, protest march, street interviews
.Discussion on community councils and media in Venezuela
.Video 3 media in Caracas
.US intervention in Latin America discussion
.Video 4 Iraq Veterans speak on Telesur TV in Caracas
.Discussion on Military base buildup
.Video 5 Peace Rally in Caracas

Location: Red n Black Café
map:  http://tiny.cc/b8hBl

homepage:  http://www.pdxvenezuela.org


01.12.2009 23:21
Cop Killings and Reasons
Now, I'm not advocating the killing of any police officers. I don't condone what happened to those four officers in Tacoma. I'm sure they all had families who are missing them, and it's sad that this happened. But I've got to say, I think I understand it. And I'm not so sure I could hold the person who shot them accountable for the killing. If I were on the jury, I think I would be very hard pressed to do anything but acquit him. Why? Is that really a question?


f*ck the corporate media 24.09.2009 09:34
Willamette Week Smears Rose City Antifa, Excuses Local Bigots
Rose City Antifa It's hard to know where to begin responding to an article as unethical and error-ridden as James Pitkin's recent Willamette Week story, "Anti-Fascist Front." As an organization committed to opposing racism and organized bigotry, Rose City Antifa's biggest concern is Pitkin's use of his position in the press to silence and trivialize the struggle of people of color, sexual minorities, Jewish communities, and others who are frequent targets of oppressive ideologies. Pitkin defends white supremacists and militant Jew-haters in his story. This article is a result of Willamette Week's willful ignorance of the far Right, and its inability to recognize fascists and anti-Semites unless they come dressed in swastika armbands or Klan robes.

Pitkin contributes to a culture of silence around issues of oppression and racial intimidation in our city, indicating that anti-racists are the bigger problem. To support this idea, he mischaracterizes our organization from the article's start to its finish, going so far as to claim that we refused to grant an interview. What he neglects to mention is that while in dialogue with Willamette Week editor Mark Zusman, we consented to do an interview on the condition that the Willamette Week correct factual errors on their website relating to Rose City Antifa, which they failed to do before our scheduled interview, therefore forcing us to cancel.

We have never had confidence in Pitkin's journalistic skills or professional ethics. It was clear by his earlier authorship of an opinion piece against Rose City Antifa ("Rogue of the Week" article of July 15) that Pitkin had compromised his ability to report news accurately and without bias. Our organization has talked with ethical journalists in the past, and is willing to do so in the future.

Related: Appendix: Willamette Week / Rose City Antifa correspondence | "Anti-Fascist Front" article in WW biased and selective



13.08.2009 10:10
Solidarity from Cascadia to Caracas Event: Videos from the Front Lines
Cascadia to Caracas Flyer A peace & media delegation with Central America is having a celebration & fundraiser video and speakers and music event. August 15 at 4 pm - Everyone is invited. The featured video by Joe Anybody covers topics about recent anti war activism and human rights issues in the Cascadia region. The event is a fundraiser to send a Peace & Media Delegation on Venezuela on September 3. It is open to the public and is free to all with donations greatly appreciated but not necessary. It is being held at the Portland Art Museums in the Mark Building, in the Miller Gallery off to the right from the Lobby. Stop in to help show support for Portland's Independent Media grassroots efforts and to build solidarity in the peace & justice movement.


12.01.2009 18:45
Police Shine Spotlight On Joe Anybody Camera
Under The Burnside Bridge 1.9.09 While filming under the bridge, the police attempt to block my view
(PS I was also informed a police sweep would be happening on Saturday night)
I went to see if the homeless people under the Burnside Bridge in Portland Oregon were getting hassled for being "homeless" I seen a man getting arrested so I started filming from 50 yards away. As I filmed one officer in a car started shining his spot light to block me from filming. What I don't like is I just won a tort claim against the city police for taking my camera and for ticketing me for "filming them" ... I won my case  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2008/12/383132.shtml ... I can film... anyone can film the police in public[.] I also won 100 bucks ... a small fee that I attached to say I want policy change not money. One month latter the police are trying to block me again. I don't like this nor think it is appropriate. In good faith I didn't sue them for big dollars ...and yet they still play their "cover up games" ... This begs the question just what "Are the Portland Police Trying to Hide?" This was filmed on 1.9.09. I was informed by people under the bridge that the police that arrested the man, said they would be back tomorrow 1.10.09 to "sweep the homeless" from under the bridge...
<a href=" http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2009/01/384752.shtml"> See the video </a>


21.12.2008 13:07
In Support of the So-Called "Somali Pirates"
The recent shrill cry from the corporate media for Somali blood has moved me to put a few points of reason into writing. I am referring to the recent condemnations of the so-called "Somali Pirates" that have been appearing in the press.

The first important point to consider is that the "ransom"* money that the Somali Pirates are collecting is supporting impoverished Somali communities and feeding malnourished children. For these impoverished people, their government and the international community has allowed them to go starving, but the "pirates" provide for their needs by redistributing some of the wealth from those who have too much to those who have too little and no time to wait.


28.10.2008 09:03
CCSO and Sandy PD: Another cover-up by the good old boys in blue
While I am grateful to have the local community newspapers because they have devoted more than just a few words to this issue as the Boregonian did, I must again take exception to the tone and lack of meaningful substance these articles nonetheless show.

A "voluminous," 500+ page report from the Clackamas County sheriff was released last Friday (October 17th) detailing "the sexual habits of a 14-year seasoned deputy who served the Mt. Hood Corridor communities." This is the report on the probe that led to Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputy Brandon Claggett resigning.

One article, the one I will critique here, states that the "report on that probe answered the questions that local residents have been asking..."

Sorry, but I beg to differ.

The report may indeed have answered the questions we've been asking, but I'm sorry, this article on the report does not.


11.10.2008 08:54
OPB Supports Foi Gras!!! Please call them to tell them what you think about that.
[Tonight], OPB is going to air an episode of Rick Steve's Europe, in which Rick "visits a goose farm" and eats foie gras. Now, it does not surprise me that a classist ass like Rick Steves would support horrific animal cruelty, but it does surprise me that OPB would support such a thing. I am horrified.

Please contact OPB to let them know what happens to geese whose bellies are force fed until their livers explode. Tell them how cruel this practice is, and how unbelievable it is that OPB would support such a thing. And if you are an OPB member, please cancel your membership and tell them why. Cascadia does not support cruelty against animals.


01.10.2008 07:52
Fred Meyer and Hate-Mongering in the Oregonian
Here is the email I just sent Fred Meyer: You heavily advertise in the Oregonian, a Portland daily paper. On 9-28-08, the publisher of the Oregonian distributed with the paper a DVD titled 'Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West.' This DVD is generally regarded to be a bigoted and untruthful piece of hate-mongering, designed to inflame public opinion against Muslims world-wide. Less that a week after this disk was distributed in Dayton, Ohio, unknown persons attacked an Islamic community center by releasing noxious vapors, burning to the eyes and nose, into the child care room.


29.09.2008 12:59
Portland Indymedia Presents: Videos From The Resistance
Oct 27th @ PSU Food For Thought Cafe 4pm: As a special treat, Indymedia and Glass Bead Media folks are working serious overtime under intensely oppressive conditions in St Paul right now to bring you a documentary about the recent RNC protests. Hopefully we will have Alex Lilly and others to present their experiences along with this video.

If you or someone you know have submissions for Videos From The Resistance you can email victory(at)riseup.net for requirements and other details or come to the next Portland Indymedia General Meeting Saturdays 5pm(check website http://portland.indymedia.org for location details).


06.09.2008 17:40
Portland Grassroots Media Camp Schedule Finalized
The Portland Grassroots Media Camp is a weekend of hands-on skill shares, media workshops, presentations, discussions and gatherings aimed to empower people with tools and skills to express themselves. The camp is open to anyone, emphasizing the inclusion of those who are traditionally excluded from media representation, creation and production.


06.09.2008 12:01
RNC 008 Ushers in New Role for New Media
The New Media As of tonight, dozens of journalists have been arrested while observing street action this week in downtown St. Paul, host city of the RNC. Some were arrested pre-emptively and still sit in jail. Along with the most showcased arrests, that of Amy Goodman and two DN! producers, are those of reporters with community news sites and independent media of all stripes.

New journalists must not only be the eyes and ears for the public, sometimes they must also protect the public, as was the situation over and over again in St. Paul.

Here's just one example: [...]


30.07.2008 11:55
Portland Indymedia General Meeting!
Portland Independent Media will be having an open general meeting at It's a Beautiful Pizza (3342 SE Belmont) on Saturday August 2nd at 5pm. All are welcomed and encouraged to attend. This meeting is for people with general concerns or ideas regarding the website, print, radio, television, video or other.

Indymedia strives to be all-inclusive so please be mindful and respectful of other people's age, race, gender, sexual orientation, class and abilities. Thank you.

Don't hate the media.
Become the media!


29.07.2008 09:47
Oregonian's concept of the free speech
As sad as this is for Oregon Oregonian doesn't have much reputation for integrity or much else for that matter. Fish wrapper some call it.

Here is an example de jour, this time on what they consider acceptable speech.

There was a minor domestic dispute in Hillsboro last Friday, that, as is the habit of many police departments in this country was turned in major blood bath by the local cops. The whole sorry affair was dutifully reported by the Oregonian..


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