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Winston Churchill famously said, "first we shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us". Indeed, the 'built environment' -- the collection of structures, streets and open spaces that makes up our cities, towns, and suburbs -- affects each of us deeply. It makes a difference who constructs what where, how many 'empty' lots are left empty, and which business moves in down the street.

This section is for posts about zoning, planning, gentrification, sprawl, neighborhood association goings-on, urban growth boundaries, the effects of Measure 37, anti-Walmart and Starbucks campaigns, and anything else dealing with life not-in-the-country. It's also the place to post small local news that doesn't fit any of the grander categories. For example: interesting weather, non-political community events, star-gazing anamolies, etc.

anti-racismo | neighborhood news 08-Sep-2016 07:45

Hate Crime In Gresham,OR

From the open publishing newswire: Many people have been gleefully egging on a race war this year, especially in wake of recent events. Clearly, some of these so-called "race warriors" can't wait, though.

Larnell Malik Bruce had recently moved in with family in Gresham,OR. Bruce was at a 7-Eleven store on 188th and E. Burnside close to midnight on Wednesday August 10th 2016. He was reportedly charging his phone and talking with a friend. It was at this moment that Bruce was attacked by two white supremacist thugs without provocation. The two pieces of white trash were later identified as 38 year old Russell Courtier and his girlfriend/whore 35 year old Colleen Hunt. Bruce was standing outside the convenience store when the two white thugs drove up in a 1991 Jeep Wrangler. According to witnesses, within seconds a fist fight had broken out between the two men, with Hunt egging her boyfriend on. At one point, [...]


el labor | neighborhood news 07-Jun-2015 08:30

Food Front Cooperative Grocery Workers Vote Again To Unionize

From the open publishing newswire: On June 2, 2015, Food Front Cooperative Grocery Workers voted to rejoin United Food and Commmercial Workers Union, Local 555.
After a 6 month organizing effort, Food Front Cooperative Grocery workers voted to rejoin UFCW, Local 555. Out of a possible 91workers eligible to vote, 75 workers voted and 64 workers voted for the union. An over 80 per cent voter turn out resulted in a 85 per cent union vote.

Food Front workers had previously been a union shop for a ten year time period. In August of 2007, Food Front workers voted to decertify and ended their association with UFCW. The discussion that appeared on Portland Indy Media about the decertification is archived at:

The unionization effort follows a controversial 7 months for the cooperative which began last November with the public airing of staff discontents in the Northwest Examiner neighborhood newspaper.  http://nwexaminer.com/co-op-crash

The subsequent coop owners concerns about the financial stability of the coop, led to the resignation of the Board of Directors chair person, the retirement of the general manager, and the use of an interim general manager from the National Cooperative Grocer consulting group. [...]

"The bottom line is that we wish to be respected, heard, treated equally and most of all supported," said Kira Davis, a store worker. "I believe that creating our union can help strengthen us. As a union, we will empower everyone through education, communication and action."


el desarrollo comunitario | neighborhood news 09-Feb-2015 18:55

Volunteer Opportunity: Become a PFTP Ambassador!

From the open publishing newswire: Join Portland Fruit Tree Project in preventing waste, building community, and making fresh fruit available to neighbors in need...

If you believe that everyone should have equal access to healthful food, if you believe in the power of community, enjoy talking with people and want to help promote the work of Portland Fruit Tree Project, outreach events are a great way to volunteer!.

PFTP Ambassador Overview:
PFTP Ambassadors will play a vital role in connecting community members with Portland Fruit Tree Project. Ambassadors will help spread the word about PFTP's mission, programs, and ways to get involved. This will be done primarily through info booths at community events. Good communication skills and enthusiasm are essential to this position. This will be a great opportunity to meet new people, gain experience in community outreach, and help Portland Fruit Tree Project grow and thrive!

PFTP Ambassador Responsibilities:
Attend the 2015 Ambassador Orientation on Wednesday, March 25th from 6-7:30pm If you are not able to attend, we may be able to make alternate arrangements. Represent PFTP for at least 4 community outreach events this year Attend one harvesting party at the beginning of the harvesting season (June-July) Assist in set-up and take-down of PFTP tables and outreach materials at events Assist in transport of materials to and from outreach events

To Apply:
Request an application by calling 503-284-6106, or send an email to ximena@portlandfruit.org, with 'PFTP Ambassador Application Request' in the subject line. We'll send you an application right away! The application deadline is Saturday February 28th.


el imperialismo y la guerra | neighborhood news 03-Sep-2013 16:47

10th Annual Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair

From the open publishing newswire: The 10th annual Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair will showcase the hard work and creative spirit of individuals, social justice groups, peace organizations, faith communities, performers, artists, businesses, and environmental activists who are making the world a better place.

The Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair builds community among the grassroots peace and justice groups in Southwest Washington. We highlight our common goals of peace and justice at home, our community, and the world. The fair helps each of us find further ways of dedicating our lives to peace and justice.

Saturday 9/7/13
8th and Columbia St.
Vancouver, Washington
9am to 4pm - Admission is free!


el gobierno | neighborhood news 13-Aug-2013 01:57

Save Portlands Open Reservoirs - Friday Vigils Start

From the open publishing newswire: Friday Vigils to Save Portland Open reservoirs starts on the Hawthorne Bridge every Friday at 4:00 PM

"Today [Friday] we will be back on the Hawthorne Bridge, Westside at 1st and Madison. We will have signs talking about the covering of the reservoirs and the rate increases etc. We should be there about 4:00 PM until about 5:15 PM, this wimp wears out fast on the bridge, but we make some noise and try to have fun. All are welcome and the only rule is be proud of what you put on your sign; no other rules. If you get a chance stop and say hello to a person who is living on the street, they are having a tough time and could use some cheer; just say Hi."

Video: Vigil Announcement | Individuals For Justce

Related Feature: report from this old vet


tácticas de la resistencia | neighborhood news 29-Jul-2013 11:52

Camp Cascadia's Ongoing Fight to Defend Bull Run

From the open publishing newswire: On the evening of July 26, 2013, Camp Cascadia - the ongoing Friday night occupation of Mt. Tabor - hosted a public occupation of Mt. Tabor, in the name of fighting EPA Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2). Frequent honks and screams of "Thank yoooooooooouuuuu!!!" from passing cars proved to be a supportive, albeit disruptive, occurrence. Though occasionally drowned out by well-intended but bro-ish hoots and hollers emanating from 60th Avenue, the 35 citizens who attended the occupation discussed a wide array of issues.


neighborhood news | la sustentación 26-Jul-2013 00:30

Occupy Mt. Tabor - The Battle For Bull Run Continues

From the open publishing newswire:

FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2013 FROM 5-11PM
SE Hawthorne Blvd & SE 60th Ave
SE Reservoir Loop Dr. - Portland

A Public Occupation of Mt. Tabor (Camp Cascadia)

Camp Cascadia assembles every Friday at 5:00pm and disbands at 10:59pm until our one simple demand is met: Mayor Charlie Hales, formally ask Senator Merkly and Representative Blumenauer to petition the EPA, on behalf of our city, for the LT2 Waiver.

As the people from Portland, who live here and who love this place and our beautiful city, we ask all who attend this public demonstration to respect Mt. Tabor and the surrounding land. This is our commons.


el desarrollo comunitario | neighborhood news 08-May-2013 17:19

Become a Tree Scout with Portland Fruit Tree Project!

From the open publishing newswire: Announcement of a community volunteer opportunity
Volunteer opportunity: Become a Tree Scout with Portland Fruit Tree Project!

As a Tree Scout volunteer, you will help to find and register fruit trees in your neighborhood whose fruit might otherwise go to waste. Tree scouts serve as a vital liaison between PFTP and tree owners, helping us to connect with people that want to share their bounty with the community. It's a fun way to meet neighbors and help make locally grown produce available to all. Good record-keeping and reporting are essential to this position. All the necessary materials and information will be provided. You can expect to spend approximately 2 hours per week (on average) on this volunteer position, which begins June 22nd and goes through October.

Click here for more information on this position and how to apply:

homepage:  http://www.portlandfruit.org


tácticas de la resistencia | neighborhood news 16-Oct-2012 06:53

VIDEO: Another Portland Resident Faces Eviction From Her Home By Mortgage Brokers 10/14

From the open publishing newswire: Yesterday over four dozen community supporters led by Portland Solidarity Network activists advanced upon a house owned by Patricia Williams and her husband to bring attention to another case of banks trying to evict homeowners and pocket revenue.

StreetNews Report:

On Sunday a surprise solidarity event took place in southeast Portland. Yet one more desparate family came forward to the community with their story of being wrongly evicted from their home. Portland Solidarity Network, Occupy Portland members, and community neighbors met with upstanding citizens Patricia Williams and her husband at Raymond City Park to hear her story and bring some support. She addressed the crowd of 50+ people and told them of how she has been ordered to evict by a judge in favor of her mortgage brokerage firm. Williams and her husband have lived in their home for some time, paying off eight years in good faith on their mortgage and they believe the eviction is unfair. Dealing with sickness and financial problems, the couple say they are staying right where they are. Supporters signed a large banner and a neighbor gave a great speech, saying that the couple is well respected within the community where they live. Just like Alicia Jackson and Annette Steele, this woman and her family will not be moved.

Video Link:

Patricia Williams Will Not Be Moved!


la falta de vivienda | neighborhood news 20-Dec-2011 08:19

Support Portland's Sleeping Bag Drive!!

From the open publishing newswire: With over 1,700 people in Portland living without shelter (2011 Street Count), sleeping bags provide crucial protection from discomfort, illness and death.

The Sleeping Bag Drive is now an ongoing organization, and Portland's houseless population need your help!

The Red & Black & Laughing Horse Book collectives have teamed up to collect sleeping bags and donations (which will go directly towards sleeping bags as well as weatherproof tarps to protect from the weather) to be distributed in the local area.

With so many Portlanders living without adequate shelter and vulnerable to the dangerous, harsh winter conditions sleeping near our homes and businesses, it's our duty to provide what resources we have to assist those in need.

Visit www.sleepingbagdrive.com to donate online now, or drop off new or clean sleeping bags at one of the following locations in Portland:

The Red & Black
400 SE 12th Ave
Open 10AM-10PM
(503) 231-3899

Laughing Horse Books
12 NE 10th Ave
Open Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM
(503) 236-2893 (volunteer run, please call for availability)


los derechos de los animales | neighborhood news 16-Jun-2010 13:00

Party for the Dogs! A Benefit for Ananda Farm Sanctuary

From the open publishing newswire: What: Benefit to raise money for the animals of Ananda Farm Sanctuary
When: Thursday, June 17, 7pm to 10pm
Where: Sweetpea Vegan Baking Co. located at 1205 SE Stark st
Why: To raise money for the animals, and to have a great time!

Sweet Pea is putting on a fabulous benefit to raise money to help with vetting costs for the rescue dogs of Ananda Farm Sanctuary. Ananda saved a group of dogs last month who were on death row in Los Angeles. Each of them came in with some very serious health issues, and would have been put down in the shelter had Ananda not stepped up to save them.


la salud | neighborhood news 17-Oct-2009 10:17

12 Arrested at Regence Sit-in!

From the open publishing newswire: Healthcare activists and their supporters, take over the campus of Regence-Bluecross, in an attempt to meet with their CEO, and have demands heard, but are denied justice, and refused entry.

This is Martha Perez, reporting to you live from SW Portland, where about 50 healthcare advocates are gathered for a non-violent, peaceful sit-in, rally and march around the campus of Regence Bluecross, home to one of the largest healthcare insurers in Oregon state. I am being told the building now is in lock-down, and will remain so, for the time being, in response to this latest action.


neighborhood news | la sustentación 25-Aug-2009 13:23

Urban Farm Store Commodifies Movement

The store.... From the open publishing newswire: With a designer chicken in a circle and someone who clearly does his own media work the urban farm store is here. Great place for a bunch of hype. Overpriced chicks, feed, and 275$ for a chicken coop!!! I'm not kidding. No selection of seeds. Many good, solid glossy books on the subject of gardening. Go to the library for info, and buy "gardening west of the cascades" ANYWHERE ELSE.

"The backyard food and chicken raising craze has many societal and public policy implications for Portland. Explore them with the man at the center of the local chicken and homegrown food scene, Robert Litt, owner of Urban Farm Store." Local chicken and homegrown food scene? What? And my guy is claiming to be at the center of it? Excuse me?

My big problem with the commodification of this movement is that food has gotten incredibly spendy. I do not want anyone to be turned off from growing food because they only have access to overpriced goods. The Urban Farm store is taking advantage of peoples ignorance in prices, and selling an image to yuppies. A very clean, upper middle class image.


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