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21.04.2009 22:16
Andrej Grubacic speaking in Portland?
Is Andrej Grubacic speaking in Portland? It's up to you[?] I just wanted to let people know that Andrej Grubacic who co-wrote Wobblies and Zapatistas with Staughton Lynd is coming up to the northwest for a speaking tour May 10-15. He will talk about anarchism in the 21st century - a way forward and will share some of his personal experiences with organizing with the Belgrade Libertarian Group in Yugoslavia and in the US and elsewhere as an anarchist. Of course, he will also talk about his book a little. He told me that he would really, really like to speak in Portland and is interested in speaking there on Sunday May 10th.


14.04.2009 10:49
Radical Cartography Book Reading & Dicussion
Join Lize Mogel and Cara Baldwin for a discussion on the intersection between radical artistic practice, cartography and activism.


03.10.2008 10:34
Self Determination & Community Rights Defense In Oaxaca & Beyond
Simón Sedillo is a community based human rights film-maker whose work has centered on placing skills, cameras and editing equipment in the hands of communities in resistance so that they may be able to document their own histories and human rights situation. Sedillo has spent the last 6 years documenting and teaching community based video documentation in indigenous communities in Oaxaca, in immigrant communities in the US, and with youth of color across the US.

Today Sedillo shares some experiences and perspective for international audiences in the US and Europe, on the local and global implications of the Oaxacan people's struggle. Through lectures, workshops, and screenings Sedillo helps open a powerful space for dialogue on the effects of neoliberalism on indigenous communities in Oaxaca, immigrant communities around the world, and communities of color in the US. Through collaborative media projects, Sedillo's work has contributed to a growing network of community based media activism whose primary objective is to share, teach, and learn from one another, about popular community based resistance and the collective construction of horizontal networks of popular power.

Sedillo is currently on tour screening short film segments from oaxaca and presenting workshops on the following topics.

-Neoliberalism 101
-From Militarism to Paramilitarism
-Mesoamerican Indigenous Principles of Unity and Resistance
-Challenging International Solidarity: Alternative Media, Human Right's, and Self-determination
-The commodification of sustainability and resistance
-The Fight for Community Rights
-Bringing it home: The effects of the neoliberal political economy on immigrant communities, and communities of color in the US

@ Liberty Hall 311 N Ivy Oct 5th 7pm

@ PSU Smith Center building Food For Thought Cafe (in basement)
Oct 6th 7pm


26.08.2008 05:33
DNC protests in Denver - mass arrests
DNC pepperspray Spoke with a friend in Denver on Sunday afternoon who said that people had been peppersprayed and that things were getting a little more intense. I searched and searched mainstream media and alternative media that day to find news of this... never found a goddamned thing anywhwere... But there is now some coverage of Monday's events at comeuptodenver.org - click on the button that says "new" next to "NEWS" at the top of the site.

Here is their latest press release ... including a somewhat interesting bias against anarchist protesters' right to free assembly and speech here... Also Colorado Indymedia is providing coverage - this press release was reposted to that site as well, - so if anyone wants to comment on this press release, that might be a good place to do so, where it will get more attention. [ Full Press Release ]

Eyewitness Audio Interview on KHOW.com | Democracy Now DNC Coverage 8-26-08 | SDS ongoing coverage

Asheville, NC: Democratic Party Headquarters Trashed in Opposition to Oil Drilling and War

Last night, on the eve of the Democratic National Convention, we trashed the Democratic Party Headquarters in Asheville, NC. We dumped several gallons of used motor oil onto their front porch and painted, "No war, No warming, No Drilling" on their walls.

We took this action to express our outrage at the Democrats pandering to the oil companies. Instead of looking for real solutions to global warming, the Democratic party, including the head honcho himself, Barack Obama, is pushing to open up more of our fragile coastal ecosystems to oil drilling. If this plan is allowed to go forward thousands of miles of coastline could be devastated by this toxic industry. All the while, greenhouse gas emissions will escalate, and our Earth's climate will teeter closer to the tipping point.

Meanwhile the Democrats continue to fully support the war on terror. While making half hearted gestures about ending the Iraq war, they have remained unabashed supporter of the war in Afghanistan. One recent highlight of this "just" war was the massacre of over 90 civilians at a wedding last week. Democrats, may the ghost of these innocents haunt you for the rest of your lives.

This action was taken in solidarity with all those in the streets of Denver, and people around the world who refuse to be silent.
[ Read More ]


09.08.2008 15:02
Radical History Series at Laughing Horse Books
A new weekly event, at Laughing Horse Books! Radical History Series


* 8/12: P.-J. Proudhon and "Property is theft!" (Theme and Variations)
A survey of the uses to which Proudhon put his famous phrase.
* 8/19: Panarchy and Pantarchy: Hierarchy in a free society
P. E. Depuydt and Stephen Pearl Andrews push the envelope of anarchy.
* 8/26: Anarchists as Inventors:
From desk-top publishing 1830-style to the Lysander Spooner's "elastic bottom."


02.05.2008 05:02
Something smells different in Cuba
Something smells different in Cuba
author: Movimiento Libertario Cubano

With respect to the situation in Cuba these past few weeks, the Cuban Libertarian Movement - MLC (affinity group of Cuban anarchists in exile) speaks up to answer the unknowns and the challenges facing Cuban society. Ours is the voice of uncompromising commitment to freedom, equality and solidarity that has always been the sound of the Cuban anarchists. Something smells different in Cuba, yes; but not enough to harbor too many illusions about the strategy for change that seems to guide the steps of the fossilized "vanguard". In our view, the current flexibility is due to certain basic political and economic reasons.

The first thing we have to say is that self-management is not a cosmetic nor a band aid but rather an integral conception totally against private or state capitalism; an idea that rivals any other model of production, distribution and trade and which exists as a whole, without impediments or caveats, only as much as it can be generalized to all spheres of society. In short, self-management can not be understood as a test tube baby, as some practice worthy only of minimalist and isolated experimentation but as a model for relations between free, equal beings in solidarity, capable of deciding, individually and collectively, the affairs of their lives. Self-management is not a decoration but a principle, is not a model for the occasion but a liberating and revolutionary project by which people can re-invent Cuban society.

Cuban Libertarian Movement - May 2008


23.04.2008 05:38
Building a Popular Anarchism in Ireland
Andrew Flood is an active anarchist organizer and writer, with twenty years experience in Ireland, most of that time as a member of the Workers Solidarity Movement. More recently, he has been become a member of the Northeast Federation of Anarchist Communists and is a founder member of Common Cause, Ontario

His publishing record includes well over one hundred articles, translated into over nine languages, chapters published in three books, and articles in seven English language anti-authoritarian magazines and newspapers.

As well as numerous events in Ireland he has been the speaker at meetings in Britain, Italy, Canada, the Czech Republic and the USA and attended conferences in the Netherlands, France, Spain and Mexico. The tour is sponsored by Class Action Alliance, a new organization being built in Washington and Oregon which identifies with the specific international anarchist traditions recognizing four main tenets of anarchist organization. The core of these traditions are the need for anarchist political organizations that seek to develop theoretical unity, tactical unity, collective action and discipline, and federalism. We are loosely based on the Anarkismo editorial statement

[Portland:] Saturday, May 3rd at 3pm,
Portland State University, Smith Building, Cascade Room 236

[Eugene:] Sunday, May 4th at 7pm
Apocalypse on Broadway, 2100 W. Broadway


Related: 22 more US dates for Irish Anarchism tour


04.03.2008 20:37
Venezuela 2008: A libertarian proposal for the current situation
El Libertario # 52 * The Collective Editorship of El Libertario, www.nodo50.org/ellibertario, expounds its vision of which path to follow in the current situation in Venezuela, summed up in the slogan, "Against the (B)oligarchy, demagoguery and corruption: Autonomous struggle of the underdogs!

Positive transformations in society are produced by the actions of popular movements and not by governments. As has been clearly illustrated in the case of Venezuela, as well in other parts of Latin America, the will for change of the majority has been channelled and co-opted by a new bureaucracy which tries, by all available means, to tighten its grip on power.


26.12.2007 15:34
International Anarchist Conspiracy Communique # 0
The International Anarchist Conspiracy (IAC) is a fictitious organization. The IAC does not exist in the real world. The IAC only exists in the virtual world known as the internet. The virtual world of the internet is not the real world. The internet is a part of the spectacle controlled by this system, the spectacle which keeps people detached from reality. If people are detached from reality, they cannot understand it well enough to know how to act in it. The function of the fictitious organization known as the IAC is to reveal the wide variety of control mechanisms keeping people shackled to the illusions spawned by those in power. The fictitious organization known as the IAC has attempted to accomplish this in many ways and for many reasons....


22.12.2007 14:10
Review of Derrick Jensen's Q&A in Portland
Derrick Jensen Walking into the Disjecta, one could not help but feeling somewhat uncomfortable in the dark cold empty warehouse located underneath the Burnside bridge. But given the dire circumstances of the planet and the "times", it was also somewhat appropriate even in the holiday season. Looking out the west windows of the building, you could see the skate park under the bridge and hear the buzz of traffic. Despite asking $15 to $18 a head , a crowd of approximately 100 people filled one side of the warehouse. A representative for Disjecta informed everyone that this would be the last event at the warehouse and that we were really not supposed to be there and were essentially "squatting" on the property.


13.11.2007 06:00
Venezuela: Will Reforms take away what's been gained through the struggle?
venezuela Once again we must consider the dilemma of whether to participate or not in the electoral contest (referendum), this time with the difference that it is not a case of choosing a candidate but rather constitutional norms for the government of collective life. In addition to this is the clear opportunism by which, bypassing proper electoral norms, the Government conducts its 'Yes' campaign, forcing the support of public sector employees and everyone else who is dependant on public finance... We believe that with or without voters the Reform will be passed. However through abstention and the absence of the electorate it is possible to make it illegitimate, even when it is legal. Faced with this panorama, those of us who don't renounce liberty and social justice must prepare ourselves to confront a general increase of coercion and collective control... we know that we are not faced with the military government of Myanmar but rather an expression of neo-militarism as an efficient model for maintaining the despotic domination of Venezuelan society, in the service of, we repeat, the global energy market.


Venezuela's revolution for humanity

Comrades from Venezuela, you are the continuators of the Cuban Revolution ... you are giving the small, besieged island the reward it deserves, you are giving our Fidel, ill though he may be, the reward he deserves. The streets of Caracas should shake with the cry of "Socialism YES, capitalism NO!" Let the goals of these reforms be clear to everyone. Let the traitors, the rats and the fence-sitters come out. There were traitors and renegades in Lenin's Russia, in China, and also here in Cuba.

That's why the rallying cry is "Yes to the socialist revolution". We in Cuba were shouting it to imperialism a mere two years after the triumph [in 1959]: "That's what the United States can't forgive, that we've made a socialist revolution right under their nose", said Fidel in front of an impassioned crowd [in 1961]. A few hours later there was the Bay of Pigs [US-backed invasion of Cuba], and a few more hours after that we kicked them out

The continuity of this revolution of Fidel and Che Guevara relies on the Venezuelan revolutionaries. Let the "Yes" to the reform of the 69 articles in the constitution become a "Yes" to the socialist revolution! Every factory, school and revolutionary household in Venezuela must stay awake. Let's all unite against those who think it's possible to snatch the dream of a Bolivarian Venezuela out of the world's hands.



01.11.2007 14:26
A Cry To You & The American People – by a local radical
Well here we are boys and girls. Still stuck in the same rut. Generation after generation. We have won some battles and lost some battles throughout history. But we are still losing this war, miserably I must say. The Empire is still growing. The Constitution is only alive in our hearts, not in practice. We have not achieved real change. I fear the climax of our situation, Americas, and the rest of the world... is rushing up beneath us, and its going to hit us like an explosion of a volcano and shock like an earthquake.

So I am here to discuss two main points. Two points that I think are most important to us in this era of, one may call, depending on your view points - a new world order. So please, think about these following words and leave your thoughts and comments. I only ask that we keep this civil amongst us, no bickering and arguing and trash talking opinions and ideas. Let's look at this from an educated/learning point of view. I am here to talk about problems and solutions among "the movement" and this country.


11.09.2007 10:49
Unlocking The Darkness
In 2004, in Olympia, a few people materialized into a crowd, bolt cutters at their side. The fence was cut and pulled down. Beyond the fence lay a load of Strykers, ready to aid in the murdering of Iraqi's. Ready to barrel down streets, firing into houses and crowds, turning people into meat. Ready to run over children. The fence came down and then a few people ran forward, into the police. Those few people were taken down. The crowd remained where it was, standing behind an imaginary line. In 2006, in Olympia, the fence came down again. A few people ran in and were taken by the pigs. Others sat down down and went through agony while they were being arrested. The night before a fight to take down the fence lasted hours, numerous people disabled by pepper spray. Just as they did in 2004, the Strykers left Olympia for Iraq. The poor suckers stuck in them were torn to pieces. In 2007 a liberal, pacifist group began heavily pushing its agenda on those who did not wish to conform to it. When the Strykers came through Tacoma the response was minimal for the first week. People who did not want to sit idly by as the Strykers rolled through the port struggled to organize a large response on Friday night. Surrounded by hundreds of riot cops, the fence came down. Numerous people were shot with rubber bullets. The crowd left and headed towards one of the police blockades. Half the group pushed forward, on the verge of overtaking a police cruiser and pushing the line back. The other half sat down. Sang "Give Peace A Chance." And went through agony. Enveloped in tear gas, shot with rubber bullets, beaten with clubs, those following non-violent principles allowed themselves to be brutalized. Some people said we provoked the police, that our violence created violence. On Monday night no one pushed against the police. That night the police shot and gassed a completely non-violent crowd.
In Tacoma, in 2007, people were struggling against each other more than working together. It takes the willingness of multiple parties to cooperate. We have been willing in the past and we will be willing in the future. But other people have not, time and time again. The Strykers went right through the port. There was no chance of stopping them then, but a lot of the people there were not even trying. Do we want to stop the things we say we want to stop?


04.09.2007 12:43
Riot Manifesto (IAC)
Instructions for a riot(Black Block).

I: The Black Block is not a group. The Black Block is a tactic. Not a group. We understand the appeal of identifying with what you believe in and finding some solace in a world bent on its own destruction. On the street however, the color Black is there for your protection and to aid you in your quest of attacking the capitalist system, authority, hierarchies and control.

The state supplicating media has played a large role in spreading the myth that the Black Block is a tightly run group similar to the IAC. It is not. The first step you must take is to eradicate the last remnants of that tired illusion. Once that has been done, the true beauty of the magical Black Block can become clear.


02.07.2007 23:08
Guilty Until Proven Innocent in Multnomah County
My partner sold her property in Multnomah County in June, 2004 and moved in with me in Washington County.

Recently, she received a letter from Multnomah County requesting that she provide "proof" she was not a resident in 2005. This got my dander up - what if every government organization chased you around with this kind of crap when you moved? I sent them a letter that said that if my partner had been a resident in 2005, she would have paid her taxes (which is true); and that here in these United States, we don't have to prove our innocence and we don't have to show the government our papers.

Now they have sent a tax bill for 2005. It's completely bogus, of course; neither of us was a resident of Multnomah County in 2005, not for even a single day, not in any way, shape or form, through presence, property ownership, or any other conceivable definition.


07.01.2007 01:29
the super happy anarcho fun pages [number 8]
the 8th issue of The Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages, a free seasonal comics zine, has been released, to much fanfare and rejoicement.

Including an introduction to the gift economy, critiques of capitalism, communism, and pretty much everything that comes across our path. The Super Happy Anarcho Fun Pages can be downloaded freely from our website,  http://www.tangledwilderness.org and printed out and enjoyed and distributed.


04.12.2006 03:35
Derrick Jensen: The Lost Star Wars Script
I went to see Star Wars when I was in high school, which seems about the right time to see it. I liked it a lot. I wasn't one of those people who saw it a hundred times or anything. I wasn't that much of a nerd. Besides, I was too busy playing Dungeons and Dragons. I saw it again recently. It's not so good as I remember. In fact it's pretty bad. The characters are flat, the dialog hokey, the acting nondescript. But I still loved the ending, where Luke remembers to "use the force" to blow up the Death Star. For those of you who may have forgotten, the Death Star (according to the official Star Wars website) "was the code name of an unspeakably powerful and horrific weapon developed by the Empire. The immense space station carried a weapon capable of destroying entire planets. The Death Star was to be an instrument of terror, meant to cow treasonous worlds with the threat of annihilation. While the massive station is evidence of the evil that was the Galactic Empire, it was also proof of the New Order's greatest weakness-the belief that technology and terror were superior to the will of oppressed beings fighting for freedom." That's all pretty interesting stuff, and of course applicable to the discussion at hand: civilization as Death Star.


Speakers 15.11.2006 16:34
JOHN ROSS speaks this friday at laughing horse books
This FRIDAY at 7pm ANARCHIST author JOHN ROSS will speak at laughing horse books (12 ne 10th 503-236-2893) He is the author of MURDERED by CAPITALISM and his NEW rad book ZAPATISTA'S making another world possible- chronicles of resistance 200-2006!

I have seen him speak before and it was AWESOME.


06.11.2006 21:31
Last minute thoughts on Oregon's elections and ballot measures

I've done a lot of thinking about the ballot measures and some of the races in this election and I wanted to share some of those thoughts. A lot of people have voted by now but some people are still trying to figure out what the results of some of the ballot measures could be. I can't claim to be right in my analysis but hopefully it will provide some food for thought.


related: [ A response from Oregon's Secretary of State's office to a question of election fraud | Vote Yes on Measures 46 and 47 | Sierra Club Ballot Measure Endorsements and Election Reminder | Small Business Association Endorses Campaign Finance Reform Measures 46 and 47 ]

discussion: [ Leslie Roberts or Charles Henderson for Judge? | Payne or Albrecht for Judge | Cogen or Frederick | Standard Election Woes: Help Us Out ]

oregon elections 2006


19.10.2006 02:06
Challenge At High Noon
"Come out; come out Mr. Smith---wherever you are." I just listened to you talk about what a disaster it would be if we leave Iraq. Mr. Smith, our Senator from the great state of Oregon likes to tell people he is a republican moderate. He is just another Cheney/Bush Bitch.

Mr. Smith has voted with the pretender to the Presidency on every important decision that has caused all of us such pain, my tears are now just water for outrage.

Come out Mr. Smith, you have had people arrested who have gone to your office. Their crime of trying to deliver a petition to an elected official is now unlawful behavior. You hide in your glass tower called the WTO building hoping no one will notice how much of a coward you are---come out Mr. Smith.


11.10.2006 02:17
Christie Schaefer, Write-In Candidate State Senate Dist. 19
C M Schaefer-SEP Write-In candidate State Senate Dist. 19 The most frequently asked questions about this campaign begin with "Why?" Why are we doing what we are? Why was I trying to get on the ballot? Why not just vote for a Democrat and hope for the best? Why a write-in campaign?

We are doing what we are doing- engaging in a write-in campaign in Oregon- to broaden the debate on such issues as the Iraq War, funding for schools, funding for health care, the erosion of democratic rights. All of these are issues which affect us on a daily basis and which have far-reaching consequences. We are doing it as a write-in campaing because, though we petitioned tirelessly, we did not, thanks in great part to HB 2614, passed by Democrats and Republicans in the State Legislature, get onto the ballot.


19.09.2006 02:45
Kevin Zeese: “It’s Time to Try Diplomacy in Middle East!”
Kevin Zeeese at the Palestine Center Since the end of WWII, the U.S. policy in the Middle East has created only "more anger-more hatred for our county," said Kevin Zeese. Speaking on 09/13/06, at the Palestine Center, in D.C., Zeese ripped the Bush-Cheney Gang for giving Israel the "green light" to terrorize Lebanon for 33-days. Zeese also took it to task for abandoning the Palestinians and for its hostile attitude towards Iran. "It's time to try diplomacy in the Middle East," he said.


11.08.2006 04:07
Neocons’ Middle East Scheme Is Backfiring
Back in 1996, a clique of Neocons, led by Richard Perle, concocted a scheme for Israel to "destabilize" the Middle East. The Palestinians were to be crushed and Iraq and Lebanon balkanized. The U.S. and UK were conned into doing the Neocons' dirty work in Iraq. Now, Hezbollah fighters have tossed a huge wrench into the not-so-clever plot. Instead of Israel becoming "safer," the Neocons have put its citizens at risk and its army in danger of defeat.


03.08.2006 15:40
Murray Bookchin, visionary social theorist, dies at 85
Murray Bookchin Murray Bookchin, the visionary and often iconoclastic social theorist and activist, died during the early morning of Sunday, July 30th in his home in Burlington, Vermont. During a prolific career of writing, teaching and political activism that spanned half a century, Bookchin forged a new anti-authoritarian outlook rooted in ecology, dialectical philosophy and left libertarianism.

During the 1950s and '60s, Bookchin built upon the legacies of utopian social philosophy and critical theory, challenging the primacy of Marxism on the left and linking contemporary ecological and urban crises to problems of capital and social hierarchy in general. Beginning in the mid-sixties, he pioneered a new political and philosophical synthesis?termed social ecology?that sought to reclaim local political power, by means of direct popular democracy, against the consolidation and increasing centralization of the nation state. [ Anarchism Past & Present ]


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