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el desarrollo comunitario | el género y la sexualidad | los servicios sociales 29-Apr-2018 23:36

Restaurants for Raphael House - May 16th

From the open publishing newswire: Dine out for a cause on Wednesday, May 16th and support Raphael House of Portland's life-saving domestic violence shelter and prevention programs!

More than 45 local restaurants have pledged a portion of their day's proceeds to help adults and children escaping partner violence. You can make a difference simply by enjoying a meal - or several - at any participating eatery in Portland, Lake Oswego, and Beaverton.


el gobierno | los servicios sociales 12-Aug-2017 23:13

Ways out of the Affordable Housing Crisis

From the open publishing newswire: We are children of darkness and/or victims of state failure and market failure. Shriveling the financial sector and expanding the public sector are lessons from the 2008 financial meltdown. All personal and corporate success is based on state investments in schools, libraries, hospitals, roads, airwaves, food safety, and water quality. This letter was sent on July 21, 2017 with no response.

Dear Mayor Wheeler and Portland Commissioners,
Someone on Oregonlive.com said Portland rents have doubled in the last 5 years. To me, this is prima facia evidence we are children of darkness. Is there a right to turn housing into a speculative pot of gold? [...]

The state should protect the social peace. Nevertheless, the neoliberal regime only protects owners and capital. I am translating a German article from Freitag.de that grapples with the rising rents in Berlin and ways out of the crisis.


la educación | prisons & prisoners | los servicios sociales 17-Mar-2015 21:02

Volunteer with Portland Books to Prisoners!

From the open publishing newswire: Books to Prisoners is needing a few more volunteers! Help inspire and educate our brothers and sisters behind bars!
Portland Books to Prisoners is an all volunteer group meeting twice a month for "mailing nights". We could use some volunteers to help with answering letters, filling orders, wrapping packages and sending them out (U.S. postal service). Any kind of fund-raising ideas are also appreciated, as are tax-deductible donations, and book donations--mostly paperbacks as hardback are expensive to mail out. Paperback dictionaries are always a big request. We are also open to being in a new space if anyone knows of a space we could use that is close-in east side (dry basement or garage, church basement, etc.)

The next mailing night is this Wednesday, March 18th from 5:30-8:00!

WHAT: B2P mailing nights
WHERE: in the basement of the Red and Black Cafe (400 S.E. 12th, and Oak) come through the gate around back--look for the sign...
WHEN: First and third Wednesdays of every month
Contact: (503) 249-6343 for more info.


la falta de vivienda | los servicios sociales 21-Feb-2015 12:08

Portland's First Renters Assembl;y

From the open publishing newswire: Ani and Lyn talk w/ Tori Abernathy and Nick Caleb about the upcoming Portland Renters Assembly
We are pleased to have The First Portland Renters' Assembly organizer, art worker and activist Tori Abernathy, plus Nick Caleb, former city council candidate, professor of government and speaker at this event. Check details of this event out at FB [Tiny URL link to FB page] Listen and join the discussion on KBOO, Friday morning 8-9 AM

The Portland Renters' Assembly is a gathering of people united by the burden of rent. The housing struggle in Portland, much like activism of our time at large, often operates in a state of emergency. There is a need to stand behind those facing foreclosure, eviction, renoviction, homelessness, and rents rising well beyond livability. It is time for these concerns to stand in solidarity with the basic injustice underlying the concept of 'rent' itself. Come and share your experience as a renter or with rent-related issues, learn about the history of rent and tenant struggles, and share resources for moving forward together.
We just know listeners, that you've got stories and questions for our guests! Call in at 503-321-8187.

Portland's First Renters Assembly 232 SE Oak St - February 24, 2015 7PM to February 26, 2015 10PM

Housing as a Human Right by Arnold Kunzli, emeritus Swiss professor, in 2003:


el desarrollo comunitario | la falta de vivienda | los servicios sociales 03-Feb-2014 22:02

VIDEO: Exploring the Sanctuary Concept

From the open publishing newswire: Thanks for this Jeremy and Brent, and best of luck in Santa Cruz!

watch the incredible 27 min video focusing on Eugene, Right2Dream in Portland and Santa Cruz, Jan 6, 2014,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBWhgjXrKaY

Santa Cruzan Brent Adams and I explore various styles of homeless encampments along the West Coast of the US.

For more information on what Brent is proposing for Santa Cruz, check here:

Follow opportunity village at


el desarrollo comunitario | los servicios sociales 02-Dec-2013 12:55


From the open publishing newswire:


Between the cuts to Housing Assistance and SNAP (food stamp) benefits, many, many families are struggling right now just to make ends meet and the holidays will be financially-stressful and bleak for their children. Sisters of the Road will be hosting a Family Community/Kids' Day on Wednesday, December 18. They would appreciate help in providing toys and children's outerwear at this event.

Items Sought: UNWRAPPED NEW toys and stocking stuffers; GENTLY-USED OR NEW children's outerwear donations (ages 2 - 12) -- gloves, hats, scarves, jackets, wool socks, etc. Ages: Suitable for ages 2 - 12

Time Period for Acceptance of Donations: Tuesday, December 3, through the afternoon of Tuesday, December 17

Drop-Off Locations:
Between 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. at Sisters of the Road Cafe, 133 N.W. Sixth Avenue (corner of N.W. Sixth and Davis).
Ask for Catherine. If Catherine is unavailable, other staff can assist
Between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. -- Sisters of the Road Administrative Office, 518 N.W. Davis (between Davis and Broadway)

The donations are being collected for distribution at a Family Community/Kids' Day Party to be held at Sisters of the Road Cafe on Wednesday, December 18, between 10:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.



los servicios sociales 30-Jun-2013 21:12

Portland’s Austerity Resistance Movement Sparks Changes to City

From the open publishing newswire: On June 20, Oregon's Portland City Council unanimously voted to approve a budget that had been one of the most grassroots-contested examples of austerity in recent memory.

Weeks earlier, in a vote to approve the framework of this budget on May 29, the City Council's long-maintained show of consensus was broken when Commissioner Amanda Fritz voted "No." (More on her vote later). However, by the final budget vote last Thursday she had been compelled to change her mind.

How has the 2013 budget developed? When the Portland Budget process began several months ago, newly elected Mayor Charlie Hales announced a $25 million deficit in the city's General Fund. Each bureau was told to submit budgets with 10 percent cuts, signaling Hales's determination to oversee mass lay-offs and the slashing or elimination of essential programs that many Portlanders have come to rely on.


So what worked in Portland to move things towards a better outcome? For starters, Mayor Hales and the City Council's pursuit of austerity was met with a public outpouring of opposition at public budget hearings. The resistance culminated on April 11 when over 400 protesting participants surprised the City Council and overwhelmed their staff. Attending were members of the Metropolitan Youth Commission, Laborers International Local 483, Portland Community College, Friends of Trees, Portland Safety Net, SUN Schools, Eastside Action Plan, Elders in Action, AFSCME Local 189, and numerous others. They stunned the City Council with emotional and at times confrontational testimony. Many dressed in red to show solidarity and carried an array of signs in defense of threatened social programs.

Also attending were [...]

Homepage:  http://workerscompass.org/


los servicios sociales 20-Apr-2013 15:10

Opposition Grows Fierce to Austerity Cuts in Portland

From the open publishing newswire: On April 11 over 400 people packed the third public Portland Budget Hearing, which was organized by the City of Portland and which left many spilling out beyond the room where the hearing took place. More importantly, for the City Council there was an unexpected critical outpouring from the vast majority who attended. For the first time, the City Council and Mayor Charlie Hales began to lose control over their attempts to sell austerity.
This was in sharp contrast to business as usual. Portland budget hearings are generally tightly controlled, polite affairs. What are the reasons for this movement towards a more charged polarized event? [...]

Those attending the public hearing on April 11 included representatives from the Metropolitan Youth Commission, Laborers International Local 483, Portland Community College, Portland Safety Net, SUN Schools, Eastside Action Plan, Elders in Action, AFSCME Local 189, and numerous others. They came with prepared testimonial statements, t-shirts and signs defending the programs they need.

Also attending were members of Jobs with Justice, the People's Budget Project, and the Solidarity Against Austerity Committee (SAAC). These groups saw the hearing as an opportunity to begin building unity among Portland's working class communities to oppose all cuts.

Pulling this off required that attendees knew the moment they walked in that the hearing was not going to be business as usual, and that a collective approach towards defending all the programs facing cuts was to be encouraged. A colorful banner over the doors to the hearing room read, "Communities United To Stop Cuts!" [..]


la justicia económica | los servicios sociales 05-Feb-2013 12:34

Bust the bus drivers!

From the open publishing newswire: Look for more "let's you and him fight" from Trimet. Why play along?
Trimet is a top-heavy bureaucracy with some expensive habits. It has 161 managers, believe it or not. Yep, lil' ol Trimet. Fifty-five of those managers get over $100K. Many of them get a lot more--like a quarter million per year.

Bus service has been cut back to pay for this army of overseers, and to fund $9 million in remodeling and new furniture. The top three floors of the Center Garage building, at 4012 SE 17th, stand empty. Apparently they were not good enough for the managerial class. Meanwhile the new buses are getting a cosmetic retrofit to look like Max trains; that will cost $2 million.

For the last several years, we bus drivers have been told we want too much. We have agreed to freeze our wages for many years now, on the proviso that our retirees continue to get the health benefits we fought for. We are concerned about their health; bus driving will kill from stress. I can't count the number of times I've heard that So-and-So retired, only to die within months. [...]

I'm grateful to have a good job, grateful to the public for supporting us, and looking forward to seeing my passengers on my next shift. In this, I am like most drivers. Some of us are grouches, and I'm sorry about that. But I have a suggestion for the public: Next time you're asked to bust the bus drivers, or for that matter any worker, ask yourself: Am I helping the ruling class in a race to the bottom?


tácticas de la resistencia | los servicios sociales 14-Nov-2012 17:20

VIDEO: Veterans Day Rally Against Postal Service Cuts 11/12

From the open publishing newswire: A group of over a hundred protesters gathered in Portland's living room yesterday to rally and march to stop cuts to public services and the Post Office in rememberance of Veterans Day.
StreetNews Report:

Veterans and Portland activists from multiple organizations such as Portland Jobs With Justice, Veterans For Peace, and Communities & Postal Workers United held a large successful rally in Pioneer Square before marching in numbers over 100 to the Portland World Trade Center building to protest cuts to the Postal Service as well as deficiencies that US veterans are facing today, such as their homelessness and a lack of adequete jobs and benefits. Jamie Partridge from CPWU once again led the chants and took the reigns in organizing the event. Portlanders ended the great rally by singing along to "God Bless America" in an emotional ending. Thanks to all the great people who came out, and thanks to all our veterans and public service employees.

Video Link:

Veterans Day Post Office Rally & March In Portland


tácticas de la resistencia | los servicios sociales 25-Aug-2012 11:54

VIDEO: Cascadia Welcomes Post-Master General Patrick Donahoe With Protest (Report-Back)

From the open publishing newswire: What a nice morning welcome for PMG Pat Donahoe, who is closing post offices, cutting workers, and shaving away at weekday mail delivery. Jamie Partridge, lead organizer of the rally, recieved the support of Portland Jobs With Justice as well as many community members. Local media surprisingly covered it, and word is that Donahoe heard the message from inside.

StreetNews Report:

Patrick Donahoe, the Post Master General, made a visit to the Vancouver, WA Hilton Hotel today (8/21) to attend a Postal Carrier Convention and meet with the public. A Portland "Save Americas Postal Service" organization called Portland Communities and Postal Workers United had planned for his visit, and welcomed him with a protest. Donahoe, being head of the US Postal Service, has implemented deep cuts and closures to postal services and communities across the nation are standing up to it.

Video Link:

Cascadia Welcomes Post-Master General Patrick Donahoe With Protest

tácticas de la resistencia | los servicios sociales 26-Feb-2011 20:15

VIDEO: Worker/IWW picket continues at Janus Youth Program

From the open publishing newswire: The struggle continues...

February 24th, 2011-- Workers from Janus Youth Program, a frontline organization helping at risk youth, continue picketing their workplace after management made the decision to move to an expensive and undemocratic arbitration process for dispute resolution.

Link to 2:30 min VIDEO:  http://bmediacollective.org/?p=537


homepage:  http://www.bmediacollective.org

la falta de vivienda | los servicios sociales 05-Nov-2010 07:42

Sleeping Bag Drive!!

From the open publishing newswire: Laughing Horse Books, Red & Black Cafe, and Microcosm Publishing are hosting a sleeping bag drive to assist those who are homeless through the winter. Please donate today!!

Cold, rainy weather has arrived, with temperatures expected to dip below freezing by Thanksgiving. Each sleeping bag is someone's home this winter and essential to survival in the Oregon winter, protecting against discomfort, illness, and even death.

Over two thousand people are living either on the streets, camping, or in a car- with thousands more living without permanent housing or other conditions (Oregon Housing/Community Service).

Laughing Horse Books, Red & Black Café, and Microcosm Publishing have teamed up to collect sleeping bags and donations (which will go directly towards sleeping bags as well as weatherproof tarps to protect from the weather), to be distributed in the local area. With many homeless vulnerable to the dangerous, harsh winter sleeping in and around St. Francis Park and adjacent to our businesses, we are compelled to provide what resources we have to assist those in need.

Sleeping Bags will be picked up from each location on November 19th.

Please visit WWW.SLEEPINGBAGDRIVE.COM to donate, add your business/organization as a sleeping bag collection-point, or for more information.. or drop off new or clean bags (preferably low-temperature capable/below freezing..) to Laughing Horse Books, Red & Black Cafe, or Microcosm Publishing. Thanks for the support!!


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