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Just Say No To Sprawlmarts

Communities Fighting Walmart:

For more information about sprawlmarts read the wikipedia entry for Big-box store.

el poder de las corporaciones | no new sprawlmarts 20-Jul-2012 07:05

Video: No Oak Grove Walmart Rally

From the open publishing newswire: Rally protesting a proposed Walmart on the site of the old G.I. Joe's on McLoughlin Blvd. in Oak Grove. About 100 people attended the event organized by the local citizens group,No Oak Gove Walmart (NOGWal) Rally

No Oak Grove Walmart Rally
Video is about 13 minutes in length.

The rally featured a few brief speakers before lining up along McLoughlin Boulevard with signs and passionate enthusiasm.
During the hour they were greeted by numerous honks from passing motorist, indicating that Walmart propaganda has possibly ran it's course.

Walmart is seeking to establish 17 new stores in the Portland/Vancouver area. The rally details the many reasons why this is a bad idea, on McLoughlin Blvd., or anywhere else.

Speakers included two members of the organizing group; a member of the UFCW Union, Local 555; Kate Lore, Social Justice Pastor from the Portland First Unitarian Church; Steve Novick, Portland City Commissioner; and Jefferson Smith, candidate for Portland mayor.


el poder de las corporaciones | el gobierno | neighborhood news | no new sprawlmarts | la sustentación 13-Feb-2008 11:03

Another Fox Tower? Appeal Wed. 2 PM

From the open publishing newswire: The public is invited to comment at the hearing in the Council Chambers, 4th and Madison at 2 PM, Wednesday. Comments can also be e-mailed to Karla Moore-Love, Council Clerk  kmoore-love@ci.portland.or.us or given or mailed to her at 1221 SW 4th, Rm. 140, Portland 97204.

This is your opportunity to tell the Council what you think of more high-rise development, gentrification, and construction downtown. Moyer's architect is talking in the press like a planning Czar. He says he can put skyscrapers anywhere downtown using FAR stratagems if zoning does not allow, as with Moyer Tower. The Block-5 area has been a construction-sacrifice zone too often through the years :1997-2000, 2006-2008, and, if Moyer gets his way, it will be so again 2008-2011.

"What market collapse?" say developers, who claim they're building "ten years into the future" and for "an exclusive market." What do you say to the makeover of your city for the benefit of some hypothetical upscale market from out of town? Moyer Tower stands for all of that and more of that.


neighborhood news | no new sprawlmarts 20-Mar-2007 20:52

Gresham First: Wal-Mart decision & volunteer meeting THIS WEEK!

walmart hearing notice From the open publishing newswire: After over two years of debate, the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals is expected to rule Thursday, March 22 on the Wal-Mart Supercenter proposed for southwest Gresham. Opponents will meet Thursday night at 7pm to discuss the decision and next steps.

Wal-Mart's proposal to build a Super-Center in southwest Gresham was denied by a Hearings Officer November 2006, and that decision was appealed to the Oregon State Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA). The LUBA ruling is due March 22, 2007.



el poder de las corporaciones | no new sprawlmarts 18-Feb-2007 23:53

Walmart Alert

From the open publishing newswire: Walmart is setting there sights on property just north of Vancouver,WA.

There are already three Walmarts in Vancouver. In my opinion, that's three to many. The sight is located off of 134th street just east of I-205. That's just 3 miles or so north of an existing walmart that is located off of Highway 99. It seems that the nieghborhood isn't in favor of a walmart being built here but the corporations money may trump the desire of people who live here. Hopefully it doesn't get built. Boycott Walmart and let them know they are not welcome here. I'm trying to do a paper on this but without a bias. If anyone has any leads or suggestions, I would like to hear them.



no new sprawlmarts 15-Feb-2007 21:21

Rally for a Sweatshop Free PDX

From the open publishing newswire: Come hear Wal-Mart sweatshop workers from India and Colombia, Oregon's Labor Commissioner Dan Gardner, and a Portland fire fighter speak on why Portland should rid sweatshops from city contracts and become sweatfree now.

Monday, February 19th (President's Day)
In front of City Hall

(1221 SW 4th Ave, between Madison and Jefferson Streets)

Background on the campaign: The goal of the sweatfree campaign is to end taxpayer subsidies of human rights abuses. The City of Portland purchases goods from companies known to have partnered with subcontractors accused of labor rights violations. The Sweatfree Coalition is working to pass a sweatfree ordinance that upholds local and international labor laws and respects the dignity of all workers.

Printable Flyer


neighborhood news | no new sprawlmarts 18-Jan-2007 16:43

Tigard residents organize against Wal-Mart

From the open publishing newswire: Many residents of Tigard were alarmed this week after receiving anonymous survey calls designed to test attitudes about retail choice in the area, and to question their support for a new 24-hour "super store". For most participants, there was no doubt who was behind the calls.

To combat pressure from neighbors, Wal-Mart often keeps projects a secret as long as possible, limiting neighbors' time to organize opposition. Once a project is announced, the company works hard to find supporters. In Cedar Mill, Wal-Mart sent thousands of postcards asking neighbors to testify in support of the new store, or send written comments to local leaders.

A phone poll may be the newest way for Wal-Mart to identify local supporters, and this week's survey has neighbors worried that an official proposal could be coming soon.


no new sprawlmarts 13-Dec-2006 01:37

Take a stand against proposed big-box development across from Madison HS!

From the open publishing newswire: TIRED OF BIG BOX STORES DESTROYING PORTLAND NEIGHBORHOODS AND SMALL BUSINESSES? Let's take a stand together.

The Save Madison South Committee has just formed as an opposition response to the proposed 240,000 sq ft big-box store on the land located at NE 82nd and Siskiyou (old driving range and landfill that has a current zoning of 60,000 sq ft - the neighborhood does not oppose development of that size). The proposal is for a REGIONAL auto-centric shopping center that will pull traffic from all across northeast Portland and Vancouver, WA to this already congested location. Word is that the permit application will probably be going into the Portland Planning Bureau in the next 30-45 days.


no new sprawlmarts 08-Aug-2006 02:27

Mayor Acknowledges Concerns of Tigard First

From the open publishing newswire: We've got their attention! Tigard Mayor Craig Dirksen addressed the possibility of Wal-Mart coming to Tigard in the August City Newsletter. While the Mayor is correct in stating that an application will be approved or denied based on the merits of the land use application, we are confident that sufficient concerns exist to deny a SuperCenter in the Tigard Triangle. Until the existing traffic problems are solved, the local roads cannot handle another big-box store in the area.

Tigard First is committed to helping residents stay involved in the growth of our City, and to encourage development that enhances our community. Revitalization of downtown is key to Tigard's livability and protecting that vision is a main goal of our group. Additionally, there is evidence that Wal-Mart contributes to crime, repeatedly violate environmental regulations, and damage local business. City officials should be concerned about locating a Wal-Mart just 1/4 mile from the heart of Tigard. There is also a significant wetland located on the site, one of the rapidly vanishing natural areas left in the City.


tácticas de la resistencia | el poder de las corporaciones | no new sprawlmarts 04-May-2006 14:43

Zapatistas vs Walmart!

Zapatistas en el barco "la Solidaridad" From the open publishing newswire: The fight against the environmental and social destruction promoted by Walmart is not just in the United States! The events of this week, a violent police crackdown on peaceful demonstrators in the heart of the country, have electrified people throughout Mexico. A Zapatista solidarity call for the people of Texcoco and San Salvador Atenco should resonate loudly with the people of Portland.

[Links: Alerta Roja General por represión en Atenco | Mexico: The Conflict in San Salvador Atenco | Rebellion in San Salvador Atenco: One, Two, Many Chiapases | Narconews article on Zapatista "Red Alert" |Virtual Sit-In]


el poder de las corporaciones | neighborhood news | no new sprawlmarts 13-Mar-2006 02:02

Cedar Mill Wal-Mart Hearing Dates SET!

From the open publishing newswire:

For nearly a year, the group Save Cedar Mill has been fighting against a proposed Wal-Mart in our community. We have held rallies, held signs to raise awareness, raised thousands of dollars to finance independant surveys of traffic and community impact, written hundreds of letters, and now, we hope to pack full the Beaverton Council Chambers to show popular opposition to the proposed store. Here is an email sent around by the group leader, Steve Kaufman. [ read more ]

[ Dont let a 14 acre community farm in South Central LA turn into a Wal-Mart warehouse! | no new sprawlmarts | www.savecedarmill.com ]

tácticas de la resistencia | el labor | no new sprawlmarts 06-Feb-2006 02:54

Stop Cornelius Walmart!

From the open publishing newswire: The Cornelius City Council will decide Monday night whether or not to allow Walmart in town. People interested in stopping this Walmart are encouraged to come to this council meeting, Monday, February 6th, 7PM at the Public Service building, 1310 N. Adair St, Cornelius.

The City of Cornelius Planning Commission has already approved Walmart's design application for an 193,000 sq. ft. Supercenter next to Adair Street (TV Hwy); the only thing left now is whether the City Council will approve a ~3 acre zone change from residential to commercial. A 'no' vote on the zone change will stop Walmart's current plan. Your presence and especially your testamonies can help stop Cornelius stop Walmart.

The reasons to oppose Walmart are varied. To many, they are obvious.


el poder de las corporaciones | neighborhood news | no new sprawlmarts 14-Sep-2005 15:39

Wal-Mart, Corporate Citizen

From the open publishing newswire:

Attention Please... Wal-Mart is coming. Their sights are set on Portland, and they want you to save money soon! Location scouts are considering sites in SE Portland, Beaverton, and Gresham, and your neighborhood may be the next place to save.

When Wal-Mart opens, they will contribute many things to our community. They will create jobs, pay taxes, provide affordable products to Portland, and maybe even build a traffic-light or sidewalk.

Wall Mart employs an army of handsome consultants and lobbyists to repeat these high points at every possible opportunity. Nobody can argue with the benefits of Wal-Mart, they really do all the things they say. Their colors are also red, white, and blue.

However, if you look just a little bit deeper--say, the last two paragraphs of most major media stories about Wal-Mart--the value of their community contribution vanishes. [ read more >> ]

[ no new sprawlmarts ]

tácticas de la resistencia | el labor | no new sprawlmarts 10-Jul-2005 23:45

Union Women Take Over Wal-Mart

The No War Drum Corps joined us in front of the store From the open publishing newswire: About 40 women (and a few men) took over Wal-Mart for a brief time this afternoon [Sat. 7/9] to dramatize the unfair working conditions at Wal-Mart stores and at the sweatshops where Wal-Mart gets much of its goods.

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