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The portland indymedia video collective has been extremely active in documenting events in the cascadia bioregion. Videos have traditionally been complied, edited, and then shown in public venues around portland. One of the most popular requents has been for these videos to be placed online for download. Since portland indymedia does not have the resources to host these videos this page presents the links that can be used to download these videos from peer-to-peer networks. To learn how to download and watch these videos please refer to the online video guide. All video files presented here are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

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Fuck The Corporate Media May 2004

a21 bush protests | los medios de comunicación alternativos | críticas de los medios de comunicación Length:

"Fuck The Corporate Media" analyzes the tactics, both subtle and blatant, employed by the corporate media to control your mind. This video covers just one day in the lies of the corporate media. See for yourself how they sell us out in this startling comparison between what really happened on August 21st, 2003 in Portland, Oregon, and what they say about what happened. Fuck the corporate media!
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Standard Quality:vftr_fuckthecorporatemedia_320k_vp3.avi46.3 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_fuckthecorporatemedia_1.5m_vp3.avi225.9 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Solidarity Benefit for Tre Arrow April 2004

la defensa de los bosques | prisons & prisoners Length:

On April 13th, 2004, forest defender Tre Arrow was arrested in Canada. The FBI and the timber industry have attempted to brand Tre an "eco-terrorist," whatever that is. If he's extradited to the U.S., he could be tried under the USA PATRIOT act, and in that event he could face up to 80 years behind bars. But the people of Cascadia stand with Tre. We know who the real eco-terrorists are. The real terrorists are those who are razing the forests and burning down the planet, not those who are trying to stop them. People from Portland to British Columbia and beyond stand in solidarity with Tre and with all forest defenders. This short video covers just one of the many events going on all over Cascadia to raise awareness and to free Tre Arrow.

Standard Quality:vftr_trearrowbenefit_320k_vp3.avi14.2 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_trearrowbenefit_1.5m_vp3.avi69.8 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
The Price Of Consumption January 2004

los derechos de los animales | la defensa de los bosques | el imperialismo y la guerra Length:

This film draws the connection between products being consumed and the consequences of the extreme consumption patterns occuring in every day american life. This is a semi-experimental piece(not your typical Videos From The Resistance video) using almost all "found footage" that really brings these consequences to life and is set to a soundtrack of emotional melodramatic gothic piano. Be warned it contains graphic images and might make you cry.
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Standard Quality:vftr_priceofconsumption_sq.avi10.2 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_priceofconsumption_hq.avi47.7 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Misunderstandings January 2004

arte y cultura | la fe y la spiritualidad | el imperialismo y la guerra Length:

Who really speaks for God? Does anyone? How can we all be so confused? "Misunderstandings" is a cathartic exploration of the tension and the irony that arise when political ideology and self-interest are mistaken for the Word of God. Using the ravings of a group of bible-thumping patriots, combined with original and found footage from various sources, this video exposes the realm of damage and confusion that erupts from misunderstandings about God and country.
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Standard Quality:vftr_misunderstandings_320k_vp3.avi9.4 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_misunderstandings_1.5m_vp3.avi45.3 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
A Call to Media Arms November 2003

tácticas de la resistencia | los medios de comunicación alternativos Length:

A two minute introduction to the global indymedia movement, featuring footage of resistance in the Cascadian bioregion. Exposes the lies of corporate media, and the empowering promise of the indymedia rebellion. If you don't become a media activist after seeing this, you must be in a coma!
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Standard Quality:vftr_acalltomediaarms_sq.avi4.7 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_acalltomediaarms_hq.avi22.6 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Killer-Coke: Corporate Crimes in Colombia October 2003

anti-racismo | el poder de las corporaciones | los derechos humanos y civiles | el labor Length:

If you missed Juan Carlos Galvis' recent talk in Portland, watch this video to learn about Coca-Cola's crimes in Colombia and throughout the world. Find out why an international campaign has been launched to boycott Coke products. And learn what you can do to help!
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Standard Quality:vftr_killercoke_320k_vp3.avi33.9 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_killercoke_1.5m_vp3.avi123.6 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
DIY Dumpstering 102 September 2003

el desarrollo comunitario | la educación | la falta de vivienda | la sustentación Length:

Dumpstering 102 builds on the basic skills learned in 101. This time, we go after food, and we find it. Lots and lots of great appetizing food from the bins of capitalism's underbelly. Feeding the revolution without compromise is easier (and tastier) than you might think. Learn why gloves are a good thing, how to breach dumpster security, and how to live like a king from the unwitting largesse of a greedy and wasteful society.
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Standard Quality:vftr_diydumpstering102_320k_vp3.avi28.9 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_diydumpstering102_1.5m_vp3.avi110.6 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
DIY Dumpstering 101 September 2003

el desarrollo comunitario | la educación | la falta de vivienda | la sustentación Length:

One thing about rampant consumerism: It breeds unimaginable waste. Taking more than you need and never being satisfied are symptoms of the disease known as The American Way of Life. We can do better. Learn to reclaim some of that waste and live more sustainably in DIY dumpstering 101 and 102. Dumpstering 101 is the first of the DIY series, in which The Portland Indymedia Video Collective goes in search of video supplies. Along the way, they find lots of great stuff and meet some interesting people. 101 covers the basics, including dumpster etiquette, beginning dumpster security, and basic food safety tips. (For more on food, though, see 102.)
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Standard Quality:vftr_diydumpstering101_320k_vp3.avi40.9 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_diydumpstering101_1.5m_vp3.avi149.7 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
A Million Dollars Later August 2003

a21 bush protests | tácticas de la resistencia | el estado policial y las cárceles Length:

A unique take on Bush's August 21, 2003, fund raising trip to the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., this video isn't just another document of another local protest. With a montage of video and interviews from the Seattle and Portland Bush protests, this film illustrates a brief but penetrating analysis of the Bush nightmare by William Rivers Pitt. "A million dollars Later" exposes the A21 conspiracy by the Portland police to take vengeance on peace encampment activists. "A Million Dollars Later" is not focused on what happened to a few white radicals in Portland; it is a film about how fascism can happen here. And it's a film about fighting back.
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Standard Quality:vftr_amilliondollarslater_sq.avi48.5 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_amilliondollarslater_hq.avi231.7 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Cops of the World June 2003

el imperialismo y la guerra | el estado policial y las cárceles | wto sacramento Length:

Music video style examination of increasing police state both in the United States, against protesters, and abroad, against populations. Features the music of Ryan Harvey, as performed during the June 2003 anti-WTO protests in Sacramento, California.
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Standard Quality:vftr_copsoftheworld_sq.avi11.9 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_copsoftheworld_hq.avi57.1 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Rise Up Between The Lines June 2003

tácticas de la resistencia | los derechos humanos y civiles | el estado policial y las cárceles | wto sacramento Length:

Is "fighting terror" newspeak for suppressing dissent? Presented in this video is an analysis of a speech delivered by Bush Jr. with highlights of the numerous violations of civil rights and outright brutality perpetrated by the police in Sacramento, California during the protests of the WTO Agricultural Ministerial. As Bush says, "The world changed on September the 11th... and it's very important that the American people understand the change -- we are now a battleground."
Related Stories: [ "Rise Up Between The Lines" Video Online | b&w photos of sacramento wto protest | Sacramento WTO June 22-23, 2003 | Pictures: Tuesday's Rally At the Community Garden | Images from the Streets of Sacramento 6/23 | Activists bid farewell to Sacramento Police | Police Harrassment- Profiling ]

Standard Quality:vftr_riseupbetweenthelines_sq.avi16.5 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_riseupbetweenthelines_hq.avi76.4 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Petty Fascism 101 June 2003

tácticas de la resistencia | los derechos humanos y civiles | el estado policial y las cárceles | wto sacramento Length:

In the days before the WTO Agricultural Ministerial in Sacramento, California the city council adopted an "emergency ordinance" in secret that, among other things, criminalized the possession of bandanas. In what has become a standard practice of the militarized police in the United States this ordinance was used as an excuse to arrest media activists and those engaged in activist support (such as providing food and medical treatment). In this video a media activist targetted by the police under this ordinance discusses tactics employed by the police and by protesters.
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Standard Quality:vftr_pettyfascism101_sq.avi19.7 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_pettyfascism101_hq.avi94.8 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Holding Up that BloodStained Banner May 2003

anti-racismo | la fe y la spiritualidad | el estado policial y las cárceles Length:

Following the brutal shooting of Kendra James -- a woman of color -- by the police in Portland, Oregon, the people of the city -- black, white and Latino -- march through the streets in protest. This moving piece is full of song and spirit, and reveals the promise of a better world that could emerge from our current repression.
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Standard Quality:vftr_bloodstainedbanner_sq.avi46.0 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_bloodstainedbanner_hq.avi221.5 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Li2U News March 2003

críticas de los medios de comunicación | el estado policial y las cárceles | la semana de los bombardeos en Irak Length:

During street protests after the U.S. government's invasion of Iraq in March 2003, police in Portland, Oregon, became brutal in their treatment of activists on the street. Furious about the unfair, pro-cop, pro-violence coverage of these events by the local corporate media, media activists put together a video showing the real story and gave it to the corporate media. Corporate media was very selective in what it chose to air, however, and this video exposes how they still told lies even when given the truth in a clear, easily presentable form. Corporate media is beyond redemption.
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Standard Quality:vftr_li2unews_sq.avi12.6 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_li2unews_hq.avi53.7 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Martial Law March 2003

tácticas de la resistencia | el imperialismo y la guerra | el estado policial y las cárceles | la semana de los bombardeos en Irak Length:

In the early days of the US invasion of Iraq the people of Portland, Oregon repeatedly took to the streets to express their grievances with the policies of their government. Despite the protests being peaceful and law-abiding police brutality and repression increased against those who chose to exercise their first amendment rights. In the wake of these events, several federal civil rights lawsuits were filed against the city.
Related Stories: [ "Martial Law" March 25, 2003 Video Online | Lawsuit Against City: Update | Press Release Announcing New Law Suits Against the City of Portland | Police Pepperspray Torture | Police Sadism ]

Standard Quality:vftr_martiallaw_sq.avi14.1 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_martiallaw_hq.avi68.4 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Day X March 2003

tácticas de la resistencia | el imperialismo y la guerra | 20 de marzo, 2003, inicio de la guerra en Irak | el estado policial y las cárceles Length:

When the U.S. military invaded Iraq on March 20, direct action and civil disobedience erupted all around the country. In Portland, Oregon, crowds of people tried to "shut down the city" and managed to block three interstate highways and as many bridges, as well as occupy a major intersection until far into the night. Police were brutal in their response. Independent videographers outnumbered corporate cameramen by a large margin, and this documentary is the best coverage of the night of resistance.
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Standard Quality:vftr_dayx_sq.avi73.6 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_dayx_hq.avi378.2 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
The Writing on the Wall March 2003

tácticas de la resistencia | el imperialismo y la guerra | 15 de marzo, día de acción Length:

The fifth of the "big" peace rallies in Portland, Oregon. Radicals try to take over one of the major bridges downtown and are attacked with pepperspray.

Standard Quality:vftr_thewritingonthewall_sq.avi29.3 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_thewritingonthewall_hq.avi143.2 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Lockdown For Peace March 2003

tácticas de la resistencia | el imperialismo y la guerra | 15 de marzo, día de acción Length:

On the eve of the March invasion of Iraq by the United States, a small group of activists commit civil disobedience in the Federal Building in Portland, Oregon. This video documents their nonviolent resistance, and also the alarming attitudes of Federal Protection officers about basic liberties and the nature of democracy.
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Standard Quality:vftr_lockdownforpeace_sq.avi14.5 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_lockdownforpeace_hq.avi69.7 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Cascadia Summer (short version) February 2003

tácticas de la resistencia | la defensa de los bosques Length:

The Cascadia Summer video is a poetic call to action to defend the last old growth forests within the United States over the summer of 2003 in the pacific northwest. Drawing upon the last 10 years of forest video, set to music with commentary, showing before, during, and after the cutting this video highlights various tactics used to defend forests successfully and mentions the challenges that are currently being faced in attempts to preserve the last of the ancient forests.

Standard Quality:vftr_cascadiasummershort_320k_vp3.avi10.4 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_cascadiasummershort_1.5m_vp3.avi57.1 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Student Strike and March February 2003

tácticas de la resistencia | la educación | el gobierno | los jovenes Length:

Students around the city of Portland, Oregon, stage a walk-out and unpermitted march through downtown to protest budget cuts to education. See them take over the lobby of City Hall, forcing the mayor to come down and speak to them.
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Standard Quality:vftr_studentstrike_sq.avi27.7 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_studentstrike_hq.avi134.5 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Student Protest at the Capital Building January 2003

tácticas de la resistencia | la educación | el gobierno | los jovenes Length:

Students converge on the state capitol building of Oregon to protest budget cuts to education. Some visit elect representatives (including the Governor) to lobby politely. Others take over the rotunda to dance, chant and send a message to the state's legislators.
Related Stories: [ Photos from the student action in Salem to demand school funding | Voices of Youth in Protest: Save our schools! | Rally To Save Our Schools! Brought to you by the Student Activist Alliance ]

Standard Quality:vftr_studentprotest_sq.avi38.9 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_studentprotest_hq.avi187.0 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
J18 Anti-War Protest January 2003

tácticas de la resistencia | el imperialismo y la guerra Length:

The third of the "big" peace marches in Portland, Oregon. Flag burning, chalk graffitti, George Bush with a missile phallus, and NO boring speakers.
Related Stories: [ J18: Take Action for Peace and Justice STOP THE WAR abroad and at home ]

Standard Quality:vftr_j18antiwarprotest_sq.avi17.7 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_j18antiwarprotest_hq.avi84.7 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Wilson High Sleep-In January 2003

tácticas de la resistencia | la educación | los jovenes Length:

Students in Portland, Oregon, hold a protest over-night in their school to protest budget cuts.
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Standard Quality:vftr_wilsonhighsleepin_sq.avi14.0 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_wilsonhighsleepin_hq.avi67.8 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Lincoln High Sleep-In January 2003

tácticas de la resistencia | la educación | los jovenes Length:

Over two hundred students in Portland, Oregon hold a protest over-night in one of Portland's eleven high schools to protest state budget cuts to the public school system.
Related Stories: [ Lincoln High School students stage overnight sleep-in to protest budget cuts ]

Standard Quality:vftr_lincolnhighsleepin_sq.avi14.6 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_lincolnhighsleepin_hq.avi69.8 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Exorcism of the Executive Branch November 2002

la fe y la spiritualidad | el gobierno | el imperialismo y la guerra Length:

Local religious leaders in Portland, Oregon hold a public ceremony called "the rite of social exorcism" to exorcise evil from the executive branch of the federal government. A creative and inspirational event contrasted with the stale rhetoric of fear and terror uttered by Bush II and events within the city. "War, greed, mass consumption, destruction of life and the excuse that 'I'm just doing my job' are all symptoms of a deeper deception influenced by these deadened spirits."
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Standard Quality:vftr_federalexorcism_sq.avi31.7 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_federalexorcism_hq.avi154.5 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
A Tale of Two Marches November 2002

tácticas de la resistencia | el imperialismo y la guerra | la teoría política Length:

The second of the "big" peace rallies in Portland, Oregon, was marred by the mainstream organizers' refusal to help a minor who is unjustly arrested by police. This was the beginning of a split between "radicals" and "liberals" in the area.
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Standard Quality:vftr_ataleof2marches_sq.avi43.2 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_ataleof2marches_hq.avi203.4 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
The FrankenWedding October 2002

el poder de las corporaciones | el medioambiente | la modificación genética de los alimentos | la salud Length:

what happens when your friendly neighborhood chain store falls into bed with a giant biotech firm and doesn't want to tell you about it? weird things indeed. "frankenwedding" covers the marriage between betty, the biotech ear of corn, and safeway ceo steven burd. presiding over the ceremony is the bizarre cast of characters including the monstrous monsanto. (you remember monsanto: they brought you the atomic bomb, round up, and now unsafe and untested genetically engineered ingredients at your local safeway store.)
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Standard Quality:vftr_frankenwedding_320k_vp3.avi35.3 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_frankenwedding_1.5m_vp3.avi171.8 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
Not in our name... again October 2002

tácticas de la resistencia | el imperialismo y la guerra Length:

Not In Our Name - The first of the "big" peace rallies in Portland, Oregon, during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.
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Standard Quality:vftr_notinournameagain_sq.avi9.4 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_notinournameagain_hq.avi44.8 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
A30 Critical Mass August 2002

22 de agosto-protesta en contra del Bush | tácticas de la resistencia | las bicicletas y medios de transporte | los derechos humanos y civiles | el estado policial y las cárceles Length:

A week after the A22 Bush protest Critical Mass took to the streets as it does on the last Friday of every month in Portland, Oregon. In the wake of the Bush protest the police decided to crack down hard on the bicyclists using random arrests and physical violence.
Related Stories: [ Jail writings from AUG30th 2002 critcal mass VICTIM | A30 Critical Mass Video | A30 Critical Mass Police Riot, collected posts ]

Standard Quality:vftr_a30criticalmass_320k_vp3.avi19.8 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_a30criticalmass_1.5m_vp3.avi99.0 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
A22 Bush Protest August 2002

22 de agosto-protesta en contra del Bush | tácticas de la resistencia | la defensa de los bosques | el imperialismo y la guerra | el estado policial y las cárceles Length:

On August 22nd, 2002, the people of Cascadia came to the streets of Portland, Oregon, in the first post-9/11 protest against the illegal bush regime. People still believed in the US constitution back then, so they brought their children to an event that was supposed to have been a non-violent expression of their right to dissent. Although the crowd was peaceful, they were met by phalanxes of armed riot police, snipers crouching on rooftops, and helicopter gun ships threatening from the sky. To their horror, they and their children were assaulted, beaten, arrested and attacked with chemical weapons. Even the most entrenched liberal came to realize it was the end of democracy in America. Riot porn to write home about.
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Standard Quality:vftr_a22bushprotest_320k_vp3.avi72.4 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_a22bushprotest_1.5m_vp3.avi343.7 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k